BU Previews Upcoming Elections in Barbados: Will It Be An Election About Leadership, Economic Issues or Both?

The upcoming general elections are constitutionally due in 2008. The recent turn of events may force the Prime Minister Prime Minister, O$A to very well consider fully utilizing the time available to stem a resurging DLP if we react to word on the streets or read behind the numbers of the recent CADRES poll. It is a common saying that one year is a long time in politics. If we consider that the DLP was in turmoil only a short time ago; we all remember the Mascoll and Thompson affair. We should also remember that Mascoll had his difficulty trying to solidify his position as leader when he first took over the reigns of the DLP party. The many problems which the DLP faced seemed distant now.

I think we all agree that a resurging DLP brings strength and confidence to a democracy which has been seriously challenged not only by the internal conflict ~Mascoll and Thompson affair~but we have the strategy of Prime Minister Arthur which has been dubbed “the politics of inclusion”. At BU we would be interested to find any articles or journals which have studied this strategy – one fully embraced by Prime Minister Arthur. Can we describe the many DLPites who crossed the floor as brazenly opportunistic or is it simply a case of the “grasshoppers” exercising their democratic right to join a political party of their choice? This writer is of the view that many of todays politicians are generally willing to associate with any party which will result is improve personal gain; and it straddles both parties. If one listens to the masses there is almost a resignation to the fact that either party will manifest this behaviour and this is the dilemma for the Barbados electorate.

David J. H Thompson MP As a result of a seemingly helpless electorate in recent times there have been calls for integrity legislation to be introduced to Barbados. One gets the impression that the cry is for such legislation to address the habits of politicians only. Of course we know that for this legislation to be effective it must cover the respective arms within our system of government. Do we have the will so to do?

In the coming weeks we will be focusing on what we think needs to be done to move Barbados forward as a nation. We will hopefully receive ideas from Barbadians and interested parties who litter the Diaspora. Barbadians must start to believe that by speaking out by using the avenues available to them that they can make a difference. What we know is that there is a status quo which currently is well entrenched in Barbados which needs to be revamped or dismantled; a future generation is depending on us!

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  1. Hello. I’d like to make a comment, as this is a very nice place to make suggestions.

    Many of us feel abandoned by the politicians. Our health has been neglected; and our local environments have been destroyed. We do not like the way Barbados is starting to look, to develop willy-nilly; no plan for protecting the citizen or the environment.

    Connected ones ignore the rules completely.

    In the face of the highest income to government over the past years since VAT, it managed to still overspend. In fact to such an extent, and in such a wanton way, that it has squandered the chance to make the country great.

    Now we will have to undergo austerity. Why? This should never have happened, because with proper, prudent, and most of all balanced, management we would be fine.

    “Squandermania”, the buzzword that brought the BLP to power over DLP, has been taken to new heights by the same BLP. It is the perennial problem of the man who burnt the forest to keep his huge house warm, and still in the end, he ran out of wood to burn.

    We cannot go further in bigging up our economy. We now must live within our means.

    We have watched hundreds of millions go to waste… absolute waste… in many cases where the evident logical motivation could well partially be one of robbing the treasury.

    We have watched triple digit inflation make the shopper cry out in disbelief and despair.

    I was a huge fan of the BLP; I simply cannot understand.

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