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The Jeff Cumberbatch Column – Bearing False Witness

Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour– Exodus 20:16 And so, the seemingly daily revelations continue. Sometimes, against the most unlikely perpetrators, if one were to judge from their current image as it is portrayed on the screen, big or small, or in other public media. I am referring of course to the […]

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Anal Adored by the Sexes

The hushed issue of using the anus to extract sexual pleasure continues to hold interest for many. The expected reaction to this revelation will be one of alarm followed by condemnation by those whose heads are planted in the sand. But navigate to any reputable website offering insight into the issue and the message will […]

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Protection from Pornography Needed

Pornography is now easily available to all school children who have access to a tablet or a smart phone. It is facilitated by persons who allow unrestricted access to the Internet in their homes or at the many Wi-Fi hotspots around Barbados. So let me share a solution; but first, let me describe the problem. […]

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Submitted by Keep It Real   (and clean) I am waiting with bated breath to see a page-one comment from either the Publisher or the Editor in Chief of the Nation newspaper denouncing, in the strongest possible terms, its own journalistic faux-pas     (I am being kind) committed in today’s Sun on Saturday. None of us, not […]

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Sexual Performance Aids

Submitted by Charles Knighton The back page of the October 27 Saturday Sun featured the article “Sex high” which asserts that “Barbadian men, both young and old, are popping pills daily to get an erection and to enhance their sexual performance.” However, the esoteric nature of the popular brand names such as Black Mountain Ants, […]

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Housework By Men Leads To Good Sex!

Submitted by islandgal246 A 2003 study by Scott Coltrane, a sociology professor at the University of California, Riverside, linked fathers’ housework to more feelings of warmth and affection in their wives. And a survey of 288 husbands, reported in Neil Chethik’s 2006 book “VoiceMale,” linked a wife’s satisfaction with the division of household duties with […]

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Woman Travelling On Business Injured While Having Sex In Motel Is Denied Compensation

Submitted by Sargeant It’s a long weekend and people will be making merry in the streets and between the sheets. Speaking of sheets here is a fascinating case and since BU is home to many legal experts – some with formal training and the majority trained at the “school of hard knocks”- I thought that […]

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Has The DPP Made It Open Season On Women Who Refuse Sex?

Submitted by Peltdownman In what is a quite unbelievable development for a country that aspires to be “developed”, the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) has stated that because a woman refused sex to a man who was virtually blackmailing her, she was, in fact, “provoking” him and his subsequent act of beating her to death […]

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Making a Deal with the Devil: “The Spirit of Hophni and Phineas” – Prosperity Preachers, Self-Proclaimed Prophets, Sexual Deviants and the Proliferation of Religious Scandals in the Modern Church – Part II

Submitted by Terence Blackett The prophets lie and the priest takes bribes and the people like it so – Jeremiah 5:30   The Moral Failures of the Ancient World destroyed by a Flood were as follows: • Preoccupation with physical appetites (Luke 17:27) • Rapid advances in technology (Gen. 4:22) • Uniformitarian philosophies (Heb. 11:7; […]

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Making A Deal With The Devil: “The Spirit of Hophni And Phineas” – Prosperity Preachers, Self-Proclaimed Prophets, Sexual Deviants And The Proliferation Of Religious Scandals In The Modern Church

Submitted by Terence Blackett       The prophets lie and the priest takes bribes and the people like it so – Jeremiah 5:30 No man can “TRULY” judge another man – no matter what the circumstances. Yet we’re admonished by the Word that we shall judge (fallen) ‘angels’. So what is the context here? […]

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Is There Link Between Moral Deflation And Rise In Use Of Sexual Enhancers?

As if non and communicable diseases were not inflicting enough of a dent on our national budget, we are now told to watch-out for another malady to add to the list. Word on the ground supported by media reports paints a sad story that many of our young males are going to the grave in […]

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Prime Minister Owen Arthur and Dr. Carol Jacobs Should Resign~Both Have Failed Barbados In The Fight Against The Spread Of HIV/AIDS

THE DESIRE for “bling” and showy possessions are the two main factors driving the precocious sexual activity among secondary and tertiary school students. Behaviour change consultant to the National HIV/AIDS Commission, Marilyn Sealy, disclosed this and other findings at the commission’s research symposium yesterday at Hilton Barbados. From a three-year study that examined the theme, […]

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