Who is LIAT Majority Shareholder_ Antigua or Barbados

Submitted as a comment to Adrian Loveridge Column – Keep Working it blog by Artax.

It seems as though talks between the governments of Barbados and Antigua & Barbuda relative to the sale Barbados’ shares in LIAT have recommenced.


After all the “back and forth,” … and the government of Antigua securing a US$15.8M loan from the Venezuela ALBA Bank to invest in LIAT we haven’t heard anything from Tourism Minister Kerry Symmonds as it relates to this issue or what is government’s short-term or long-term position on the airline.

I’m wondering why, as the majority shareholder, the government of Barbados is allowing Antigua’s PM Gaston Browne to take the lead on issues relating to the restructuring and recapitalization of LIAT?

And, so far, Chairman of the shareholder governments, SVG’s PM Ralph Gonsalves, has remained extremely silent on these developments…… and we haven’t heard anything from the other shareholders as well.

Mia Mottley should realize she or any member of her administration does not own the 49.4 shareholdings in LIAT … they are owned by the Barbadian tax payers. As such, she is obligated to inform Barbadians about any new developments relating to the airline.

Prime Minister Mottley and Minister Kerri Symmonds Continue to FAIL a Poor Black man

Where and to Whom in Barbados can a Barbadian Black man from the blue collar working class (now an old age pensioner) complain to and seek redress from, pertaining to illegal actions by a White British ex-pat who in 2002 created a private road across, within and along a watercourse bed.

Even if such actions were carried-out with permission from the then BLP Minister of MTW, the procedures were still wrongful and illegal to effectively block an essential part of a watercourse. This means that the Minister of MTW, would have had to an abetor to an obvious violation of the Barbados “Prevention of Floods Act Cap 235”. Due to the fact, that the private road created the conditions that caused recurring rainfall run-off to redirect from an original course to my home, caused damages to my property and forced me to make some changes to prevent rainfall run-off from entering my home which is situated South-West of the illegally altered watercourse. From 2004 all of my legitimate Complaints and pleas to Officials at MTW&M for a remedy to the created at risk flooding situation are still persistently disregarded not only by prolonged inaction to remedying, also the relentless discriminatory manner that showed favouritism towards the White Ex-pat.

BLP, and DLP Government Ministers at the Ministry of Transport, Works and maintenance (MTW&M) who are entrusted with the authority under the “Prevention of Floods Act Cap 235” as it pertains to watercourses – Top Public Servants at MTW&M in general who never ever showed the courtesy of acknowledging a letter of complaint far less responding, and in particular MTW&M Chief Technical Officers who are entrusted with responsibility for the correct functioning of watercourses.

The named persons below have contributed to relentless discrimination against this Barbadian Black man exposed to the risk of flooding situation   by Top Technical Officers, CTOs Frank Thornhill, and Nash Lovell. The Present Deputy CTO Philip Tudor, who would have acted as CTO at times, and CTO Cheryl Bennett-Inniss. The Ministers, Hon. Gline Clarke, John Boyce, Michael Lashley. The present Hon Minister Dr. William Duguid The Top Public servants, PS Bruce Alleyne, and  acting PS Simone Rudder. The present PS Mark Cummins.

MTW CTO Frank Thornhill and Deputy CTO Philip Tudor to whom I complained and pleaded over the years, acknowledged and stated that the private road is the cause of at risk flooding. They confirmed the road contravened the “Prevention Of Floods Act Cap 235”. The CTO is entrusted with the duty to carry-out the necessary flood work to remedy such at risk flooding situations. That said, CTO and Deputy CTO, Officially verbally pledged to remove the boulders and restore the watercourse. Yet those two top Technical Officers reneged on their pledges to carry-out the functions of their responsibility clearly stipulated by the “Prevention Of Floods Act Cap 235”.

After enduring, all the unfairness and discrimination against this Black community by the last DLP government,  I was looking forward to the new seemingly improved BLP government to do the right thing. Before the 2018 General Election, I sent an email to MP. Symmonds reminding him of the worsening situation at the watercourse, that email was copied to non other than the now, Hon. Prime Minister, Mia Amor Mottley who quickly replied. She asked for more information on the matter, (which was forwarded) and made promises to address the at risk flooding situation if successful at the polls. She also asked to support Kerrie. MP Kerrie Symmonds response to the email was to contact me. He visited and made overworked promises, that he is “still trying” to get a remedy to the watercourse. He reinforced that promise with another visit to inform me that he and Mia visited where the watercourse is altered and they agreed to prioritize the fixing of the flooding situation if successful in wining the Government. He also used that 5 yearly visit to promised other Residents affected by the at risk flooding in Clarkes Road.

One year after the BLP 30-0 victory at the polls, the Hon. Kerrie Symmonds clearly resumed his purported representation of the Black Residents of Clarke’s Road. When I called upon the Hon Minister, the Minister stated he is “still trying” to get the much needed remedying to the watercourse. When reminded that he was seeking a remedy from 2006, Minister Symmonds took cover by stating that Barbados is financially embarrassed, the public Officers are not well equipped, and “if I continue my agitation in public”, it will not advance a remedy, he said, it actually makes it harder for him to get Public Officers to work towards remedying the watercourse.

How much equipping the Public Officers need “other than integrity”.  The CTO of MTW&M is entrusted with the legal responsibility to carry-out, authorize the Deputy CTO or Officers to Carry-out the functions of the clearly spelled-out stipulations of “The prevention Of Floods Act Cap 235”, pertaining to the White British Ex-pat clear contravened actions, that altered, and placed the private road across, within and along a watercourse in 2002.

The Hon. Prime Minister, Mia Amor Mottley, seems not to have the need now to show the respect of replying to this Barbadian Black man, as she did before the 2018 general Election, far less intervening.

 Alden Blackman

Resident of Clarke’s Road, St. James.

To Help a BLACKman of the Soil, but MONEY Prevails Overall

Submitted by SSS

Alden Blackman has been pleading for 15 years for help involving flooding in his native home village in Barbados known as Clarke’s Gap. The story can be found on Barbados Underground, where Mr Blackman has provided a detail account of the events leading up to the floods that threatens his property.

What should be of interest to readers, but well known to almost every Barbadian, is that as long as you are wealthy in Barbados, you are entitled to certain privileges, freedoms, exemption from penalties, and even special treatment in matters related to the law. That is because the law that is practice in Barbados is a big respecter of persons.

This is a known fact because stealing has two different classifications depending on what status you hold in the land of the cou cou and flying fish. For example, a lawyer stealing thousands of dollars of his client’s money is treated differently then a government clerical officer who steals a similar amount. One would be given a private hearing and told to get a lawyer or a simple slap on the wrist penalty outside of court proceedings, while the other would face the courts of Barbados, charged for theft and face possible incarceration. Depending on who you are again, you can go for years without paying millions in taxes and do not have to worry about prosecution, period, whereas a normal citizen owing a few hundred in taxes would not be so fortunate.

This is the Barbados that many Barbadians have come to know for its shenanigans and double standards. That is why we have to wonder why successive governments in the form of BLP and DLP have not lend ear to Mr Alden Blackman’s plea.

Could it be that deals where struck and money passed permitting this rich woman to do as she please in a known water course that the locals in Clarke’s Gap know far better than she? Could it be that the reason why Mr Blackman has not seen resolve or aid in this matter is because he is average in status and have no bargaining power the likes of which money in Barbados provides?

What is clear in this matter is that Alden Blackman is suffering as a son of the rock , while a non native of the rock is living in comfort and without fear after permitted to build an access road that is diverting the natural flow of water in the water course towards his property.

The matter should draw the attention of the newly elected BLP party Prime Minister, Mia Mottley because it was under BLP leadership that this matter was birthed. A son is asking for your help, Ms Prime Minister. Its been 15 years and a few elections later and still no redress to this matter. The same way how the elected Prime Minister can change the constitution to get her friends into senate positions in the government, grant tax amnesty to those owing millions in taxes without penalty, and refusing to conduct investigations into a DLP she described as operating in the shade and under cloak, she can now show Barbados that her interest also lies in helping out the common man.

The ball is in your court Ms Mottley. Help one! While you are contemplating if you should help this small fella or not, look into the charge that senior civil servants are coercing clients into paying cash sums for expediting paper work and the granting of permissions. I will implore any Barbadian who have proof of this to come forward with it.

So what will you do Prime Minister Mottley? Remember that you were up in arms over the Mark Maloney Coverly obstacle that you rightfully removed. Let us see if you will do the same to help Mr Alden Blackman versus the rich white who is using the permissions given to her to do as she likes. #WhataboutAldenBlackman?

Is Chief Town Planner Blocking BLACKman’s Fight for Justice @Clarke’s Road?

One comment posted to the Nation newspaper Online edition (see below) summarizes the plight of Arden Blackman from Clark’s Road, St. James. The story of Arden Blackman has been ventilated on Barbados Underground, Facebook and there was a piece done by Roy Morris before he was fired by the Nation newspaper.

It boggles the mind that a government elected to serve its citizens would allow an ex-pat by the name of Pat Brayshaw to break the law with the potential to cause harm to residents of the blue collar district of Clarke’s Road.

The blogmaster is tempted to include what quickly comes to mind- if this had occurred in Fort George or one of the built up neighbourhoods the member of parliament would have intervened to expedite the matter in 2003/4 when it first surfaced.   There was a time a more militant blogmaster would have pulled the race card by asking why a White foreign woman is allowed to brazenly break the law in a majority Black Rh country.

The comment below appears to have been posted to Nation news by Phillip Tudor a senior official at the Ministry of Transport. The time has come to give Mr. Blackman some justice Town Planner Browne, Kerri Symmonds and local authorities. If what is posted is the reason that prevented the closure of this matter, we weep for our country.


Remembering What Politicians Do

What about the law suits?

What about the law suits?

Are we not a little ticked off at the lack of respect elected politicians and others have for us, the electorate? Why do many of us allow political partisanship to influence good reason and in the process give politicians especially a free pass.

BU recalls when the Eager 11 story broke a few government members of parliament claim the article damaged their reputation and promised to sue the Nation newspaper. To quote Minister David Estwick, “this is innuendo and is defamatory in law. Pleased be advised that I have given my lawyers the instruction to see that my integrity in public and private advocation remains untarnished and unsullied”. Dr. Estwick went on to indicate there are one or two other members who have been implied to be part of that 11 who will take similar action.

What happened Dr. David Estwick?

In the build up to the last general election there was the hot issue of the Democratic Labour Party accusing the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) of  retrenching “10,000’’ public servants if they were voted to office. In response Opposition Leader at the time threatened to sue Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler.

What happened Owen Arthur?

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Kerri Symmonds the Lawmaker and Lawbreaker

Submitted by Douglas
Click to read Kerri Symmonds Non-Payment Road Tax document

Click to read Kerri Symmonds Non-Payment Road Tax document

It is becoming clearer with each passing day what the people rejected in 2008 and why they further rejected them in 2013, the Barbadian voters are not idiots, they knew then that Arthur and Mottley could not last, they also knew that Mottley and Maria Agard could not last, they knew then that Mottley and Payne,  could not last, they knew then that Mottley and Marshall  could not last, they knew then that Mottley and Toppin  could not last, they knew then that Mottley and her CLONE Symmonds could not last.

It is also very clear to see that when they marched in white it was for other reasons than avoiding the Municipal Waste Tax, it is now clear to see that Symmonds was also marching to avoid paying the car tax for the big ride he owns and drives on Barbadian roads everyday but refuses to pay  road tax. He can now add to his wide beating, theft from Boolani and driving a vehicle on Barbadian roads without paying road tax. 

Now to the spineless and politically neutered and politically void Kerrie Symmonds, a young guy who once aspired for great things in the political world but has fallen well short of any standing. He most recently displayed a show of political immaturity when on a Sunday he stated publicly that he was not a clone of Mottley, and to represent his constituents he would not speak on a Mottley platform, however, a few short days later he forgot his constituents to favour Mottley in a march, guess his constituents did not then matter.

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Owen Arthur ‘Hits’ Mia Mottley, Again – Clyde Mascoll, Clear Heir Apparent, With Kerrie Symmonds as Placeholder

Submitted by Pachamama
Will Clyde Mascoll take the spoils?

Will Clyde Mascoll take the spoils?

The Nation Newspaper today carries the essential components of an internal party memorandum from Owen Seymour Arthur (OSA) to Kerrie Symmonds. A memo which is reported to have expressed a ‘lack of confidence’ in Mia Amor Mottley (MAM) as leader of the Barbados Labour Party (BLP), the official  opposition, in the Parliament of Barbados. This comes after last fortnight’s revelations that the same OSA had called a significant policy initiative by MAM as a ‘gimmick’.  Indeed, these are amongst the most sever blows that have ever been delivered to any political leader in the history of Barbadian politics. Maybe in the history of Christendom.

Arthur’s animus towards Mottley is now clearly too deep for this party to present any semblance of a united front against a weakened Democratic Labour Party (DLP), far less play a larger role in helping the country to navigate the presently deep and widening economic circumstances. These public disclosures are indeed the tip of the iceberg of the deeply negative personal relationship between Arthur and Mottley that have built up over several years. Arthur has also expressed disappointment about the circumstances which led to Mottley’s most recent elevation to the leadership of the BLP, as happened after the elections.

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Symmonds Comment Shows Gross Disrespect to Muslims

Submitted by Douglas
Kerri Symmonds, MP

Kerri Symmonds, MP

Dear David please permit me some space on your site to make a few comments with regard to something that I feel strongly about.

I recently listened to the debate about the funding of the QEH and I heard the Minister of Health announced the arrival very shortly of new ambulances coming from The United Arab Emirates which I thought was wonderful. These ambulances are gifts to the people of Barbados by the government and people of The United Arab Emirates. Sadly  while listening to the reply from Opposition MP Symmonds, I must say it is not often that I pay attention to Symmonds because I have long held the view that he has no spine and he stands for nothing and will fall for anything, be that as I may, I subjected myself to his presentation which in my view was despicable coming from someone who has been around politics awhile and therefore should know better.

Good judgement is not one of his strong points if we are to judge his actions two days before elections in January of 2008 when he found it possible to take money from a Doctor Boolani to regularise an immigration matter that he did not fulfil and he never returned the money. The copy of the Affidavit is attached as proof that he received funds and of his vicious and brutal attack on his wife for which she had to seek the protection of the Courts of Barbados.

Symmonds file #1
Symmonds file #2
Symmonds file #3

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Pathetic Opposition

Caswell Franklyn, Head of Unity Workers Union

Caswell Franklyn, Head of Unity Workers Union

Politics in Barbados seem to have hit an all time low: the ruling party is under severe scrutiny because of its mismanagement of the economy, but the other side is apparently moving under the radar escaping any meaningful examination of its performance. In my opinion, the Opposition, as presently constituted, is fast becoming an ineffective laughingstock.

Recently, the media carried a story to the effect that Kerrie Symmonds was “elevated” to some non-existent post of “Leader of Opposition Business” in the House of Assembly. Political analyst and commentators quickly waded in on the merits and implications of the appointment, without first considering that there is no such post. The political leader of the minority party in the House becomes Opposition Leader or if you like, the leader of opposition business. One section of the media reported that members on the Government side laughed when the announcement was made. That alone should have given the Opposition pause since this otherwise clueless Government thought that it was funny.

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Kerri Symmonds Should Have Been Yesterday’s Man

Ram_BoolaniUnderstandably the focus on BU and the wider public has been on the government and its travails managing the economy, or should we suggest the society. It is only fair however that from time to time we peep into the world of the Mia Mottley (MAM) lead opposition. After all the opposition is the government in waiting and therefore deserves our attention.

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Mia’s War With Her Demons Versus Arthur’s Stealth And Precision Of Attack

Submitted by Douglas
Mia Mottley's swearing in as leader of the Opposition at Government House with Arthur and Payne in February 2013

Mia Mottley’s swearing in as leader of the Opposition at Government House with Arthur and Payne in February 2013

In recent times, the government of the day has come under the lens of the Mia led faction of the Opposition Party. However, her efforts at stamping her leadership has been undermined from the word get go .Mia’s gusto and zeal has ignited only a part of her team.  The George Payne and Arthur faction have remained faithful to the No support Mia policy.

Word reaching this side of the fence, after rubbing shoulders with those in Opposition is that Arthur has renewed his vows to ensure that the Mia’s reign is shorter than it was on the last occasion. Arthur is so worked up about Mia’s leadership that he has decided to keep busy by making public statements and appearances. While not speaking to the issue of leadership in public he makes no bones about in conversation to those who will listen. He actual uses the ‘H word’ to describe her.

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Understanding The Appointment Of Kerrie Symmonds To The Barbados Senate

Senator Kerrie Symmonds

The recent announcement of the reappointment of Kerrie Symmonds as a government Senator surprised BU. While there has been a lot of debate about the non-reappointment of former Senators Elizabeth Thompson and Arthur Holder, our surprise has more to do with the reason why Symmonds resigned last year. Symmonds was involved in a widely publicized marital dispute. BU posted on the matter at the time to join local media which reported on a protection order being filed to keep Kerri at bay [it is our understanding his divorce is at the advance stage].

Symmonds widely reported to have resigned contradicts rumblings which suggest that former leader of the opposition Mia Mottley pressured him to resign. Perhaps the e-letter authored by his father Dru Symmonds currently making the rounds in cyberspace gives weight to the view Kerrie was pushed.

The concern which BU has about the Symmonds appointment to the Upper House has more to do with the obligation of public officials to be transparent when dealing with the public. It is BU’s understanding the request for a Protection Order from the court stemmed from the tyres and car seats of the vehicle owned by his wife Andrea being slashed. As human beings we maybe able to empathized with Symmonds at his actions in a failing relationship. People handle problems in different ways.

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