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Crime Will Destabilize Guyana if Modern Laws and Crime Fighting Measures are not Implemented Soon

NEW YORK: The Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID) is concerned about the inability of Guyana’s law enforcement authorities to arrest violent crime. Murders, shootings, armed robberies; domestic violence, rape, car-jacking, felonious assaults and other serious crimes are pervasive.  Sections of the population live in fear. Guyanese abroad fear being robbed when visiting Guyana. Pervasive […]

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Guyana, the NEW Frontier

Submitted by The Mahogany Coconut Group A decade ago, many Guyanese living in the Diaspora, would have been negative about returning home. They feared mostly the racial and political tensions. Some sought to live in other Caribbean islands and were often accused of accepting lower wages than the workers in those countries. In many ways, […]

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Romotar Led PPP/C Booted Out of Office

Regional politicians were quick to call on former Prime Minister Denzil Douglas of St. Kitts and Nevis to jump ship when the results were obviously being suppressed. Did we hear a similar clamour directed at Romotar in the wake of the confusion in Guyana? The Caricom Secretariat is located in Georgetown for those who look […]

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Team Guyana USA Soccer League Urges Guyanese Soccer Players and Fans to Boycott Caribbean Cup Inc, Soccer Tournaments

Submitted by the GUYANA USA SOCCER LEAGUE INC BROOKLYN: Team Guyana USA Soccer League announces its complete withdrawal from Caribbean Cup Inc., (CCI) as well as from its tournaments, structure and activities. This action is in protest of overt discrimination against, and abuse of, Guyanese players and management. Team Guyana will no longer participate in […]

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Guyanese anti-PPP Government Activist Courtney Crum-Ewing Assassinated

Submitted by Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID)

NEW YORK: The Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID) condemns the assassination of well known Guyanese anti-PPP government activist, former Guyana Defense Force Officer Courtney Crum-Ewing, while campaign against Guyana’s ruling People’s Progressive Party (PPP).

CGID expresses outrage at the unrelenting killing, with impunity, of PPP opponents, solely because of their anti-government activism. Almost all of these murders are unsolved. The refusal of the Guyana Police Force (GPF) to seriously investigate these murders is a repudiation of justice and a mockery of the rule of law.

Mr. Crum-Ewing’s assassination is reminiscent of the assassination of journalist Ronald Waddell, who was killed by a death squad allegedly operated by then PPP Cabinet Minister Ronald Gajraj and Roger Khan – now convicted and imprisoned in the United States. 

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Afro-Guyanese Blocked by PPP from being Elected President

Submitted by Rickford Burke
Bisram’s diatribe amplifies the PPP’s tactics to block an Afro-Guyanese from being elected President

Vishnu Bisram, a Queens based pseudo pollster, in a letter published in the Guyana Times on March 1, 2015, alleged that I’m a racist because I established that his party – the PPP, traditionally practices racism against Afro-Guyanese but pretends to love us at election time. If he thinks that condemning the PPP’s oppression of black people in Guyana makes me a racist, then so be it. I wear that label as a badge of honor.

Bisram said my assertion that when President Cheddie Jagan died, Prime Minister Sam Hinds, an Afro-Guyanese, was eviscerated to allow a none-black to take over the presidency, is a fabrication. He also claimed that Mrs. Harper’s selection as the PPP’s prime ministerial candidate demonstrates the PPP’s “multiracial politics.”

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Guyana’s PPP Selects Afro-Guyanese Elizabeth Harper as a Candidate in Upcoming General Elections


Selection of Elisabeth Harper cannot conceal racism and corruption in the PPP’s DNA

Guyana’s ruling People’s Progressive Party’s (PPP) seems to have come down with schizophrenia over the merger of Guyana’s two main opposition parties, the APNU and AFC, and is in panic.  The two opposition parties formed a coalition and will contest the May 11, 2015 general elections as a single party.

The PPP’s panic is not misplaced. The coalition portends an end of the racist and corrupt PPP regime. Combined, the APNU and AFC garnered a majority of votes in the last general elections held in 2011.  Consequently they captured control of the Parliament, rendering the PPP a minority government.

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Nigel Hughes Ideal Man to Lead Coalition Against PPP

Submitted by Rickford Burke

The Guyanese nation now ponders the election of a new leader and government to chart a new course for our country.

Our nation needs a rebirth. It has been perennially plagued by racial strife; social and economic stagnation; morally and intellectually bankrupt governance; abject criminality; unparalleled PPP corruption and political decay.

Now is the time to unshackle our country from the morass engendered by the discredited PPP leadership.

To accomplish this, we need a new leader with a bold new vision to transform our society and inspire the current generation of young Guyanese, who long for advancement, prosperity and a better way of life. We need a new leader who can unleash our developmental potential and propel the nation toward the path of modernity. 

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Guyana: A Promise of Elections

Guyana Trades Union Congress, Press Statement (December 7, 2014) The GTUC calls on political parties, civil society and every Guyanese to hold President Ramotar accountable for respecting the nation’s institutions and the will of the people. The problem that confronts Guyana is good governance. The manner in which Parliament has been prorogued and the continuation […]

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Call for Sanctions to be Imposed on Guyana

NY Caribbean body urges US to condemn PPP dictatorship in Guyana and impose sanctions, Says political crisis presages violence and threatens US national security interests NEW YORK: The New York Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID) on Wednesday wrote to the White House and to US Secretary of State John Kerry calling on the Obama […]

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Guyana Acting Foreign Minister Priya Manickchand Booed While Delivering Speech at Outgoing US Ambassador Reception on 4 July

Statement Issued by the Guyana Trades Union Congress The Guyana Trades Union Congress (GTUC) having followed the differences between the Government of Guyana through acting Foreign Affairs Minister, Ms. Pryia Manickchand and the USA through Ambassador Brent Hardt sees this as another mark in the degenerating quality of governance the society has been witnessing from […]

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Walter Rodney Commission of Inquiry Matter

Lawyers representing the Guyana Trades Union Congress at the Walter Rodney Commission have submitted a ’request for particulars and directions’. As you know I continue to represent the Guyana Trades Union Congress in this Inquiry. I have some concerns and I believe they should be articulated very early in the process so that the appropriate […]

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Guyana Trades Union Congress Independence Message

Submitted by Guyana Trades Union Congress Guyanese mark another milestone in our political independence. This should be a major landmark in removing the shackles of domination in our pursuit for self-determination. A nation initially formed through the subjugation of some of its peoples, we must take seriously our quest to forge a nation’s might soul, […]

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Submitted by Guyana Trades Union Congress Press Statement May 9, 2014 The GTUC in taking note of GuySuCo’s announcement it has surpassed production target advises the nation there is nothing to celebrate. The target set by GuySuCo is way below capacity and investment of billions of dollars of taxpayers’ money in the form of loans […]

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Fake Poll Exposes Another Level of Jagdeo/PPP Corruption

Submitted by Guyana Trades Union Congress (Press Release) Recent reports in the Kaieteur News “Ramotar demotes Chronicle Editor after ‘Jagdeo’ story,” (22/3/2014), Guyana Times, “Jagdeo most formidable candidate –combined Opposition poll,” (20/3/2014) and Guyana Chronicle “Jagdeo favoured as PPP/C presidential candidate” (21/3/2014) confirms the disservice being done to this society by those misusing the fourth […]

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GTUC’s Statement of Critchlow’s Subvention

Submitted by Guyana Trades Union Congress (Press Release) The decision by the National Assembly to approve the restoration of a historical government of Guyana subvention granted to the Critchlow Labour College (CLC) is nothing more than a PPP orchestrated public relations stunt bringing shame and disrepute to the National Assembly. The vote taken by the […]

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Caribbean Action Task Force Requires Status Report from Guyana Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism Bill

Submitted by Guyana Trades Union Congress (Press Release) Now that Mr. Roger Hernandez, the Caribbean Action Task Force’s (CFATF) representative, has visited Guyana and interacted with some stakeholders on the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) Bill, the principal actors and nation are asked to pay heed to the crucial areas. Mr. […]

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Ruling by Guyana’s Chief Justice Baring the Parliament from Amending the Budget Violates the Constitution

Last Thursday Guyana’s Chief Justice Ian Chang ruled that the Parliament cannot cut a budget presented by the government because the Guyana Constitution mandated the “government” to present the budget to the Parliament. Guyana has a minority government. The opposition has a majority of seats in Parliament. The government has been attempting to delegitimize the […]

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