Racism: Time Bomb Continues to Tick

Submitted by Pachamama (as a comment)

There is a political project being planned in Guyana by the Hindu-fascist PPP .of Jagdeo, aimed at covering up its racist conduct.

The PPP wants to dismiss 300 workers from the water authority,, the overwhelming majority of whom are Black.. They seek to replace them with Indians as they have a history of doing and have done since de rasssoul assholes in Caricom interfered in the elections to favour them.

To cover their apartheid policies the PPP is raising the spectre of Rodney as a distraction as they seek to combat complains about their behaviours, as made to the United Nations.

The argument to be made by the PPP is that the UN complaints are invalid because Walter Rodney, an Afro-Guyanese, is being lifted up. However, Black people in Guyana never had much love for Walter Rodney. They generally thought that he was an asshole, puffed up with a sense that he was the brightest man in the world.

Wrong on both counts.

As a youngster Walter Rodney was second to none in this writer”s estimation. However, his family is in no position to ask the PPP government of Guyana to rewrite the clear and true history of the circumstances surrounding his death.

The truth is settled knowledge. Rodney was trying to overthrow the government of Forbes Burnham and was plotting with a military man who was making a bomb with shrapnel intended to wreak substantial collateral damage.

Having arranged to test the bomb against the outer wall of the central prison complex it ended up in his, Rodney’s, lap and detonated, seemingly prematurely or at the betrayal of the military Confederates in this coup. Burnham had nothing to do with these events but currently this schema by the PPP could also cause a fissure within the opposition APNU coalition which comprises Burnham’s party and Rodney’s party.

About this plot to overthrow Burnham, Dr. David Hinds, a WPA member of Rodney’s party, at the time, spent years in jail and has since confirmed these events. Another senior member, of the WPA, we seem to remember his name as Roopnarine, we think, wrote a book detailing events much as we’ve tried to broadly outline.

This writer accepts the mantel of lacking hope in anything officialdom says to us. Doubled with experience of evaluating such plots, our central position is always to assume that everything is a fecking lie until proven otherwise.

David, your Caricom leaders, and the Caribbean, have no ideas about the demons they have let loose in Guyana. We trust that should the worse happen those same interfering misleaders will be military targets.

Circumstances Change; Values Shouldn’t

Life is a funny thing and politics particularly so.

At the end of WWII and at the dawn of internal self-government in the West Indies, the region was rather taken with the idea of a federation, uniting the British colonies. Noticeably absent from the ultimately ill-fated Federation was British Guiana. Cheddi Jagan and company felt that joining the Federation would lease their power to others in the Caribbean, who were black, which would, to them, be disadvantageous to and unpopular with Indo-Guyanese.

In the early 60s, bowing to American pressure to prevent another ‘Cuba’ in the Caribbean, the British contrived the proportional representation system for general elections, which resulted in the electoral weakening of the Marxist Jagan’s PPP, and allowing Forbes Burnham and his PNC to ascend to government, in the early years propped up by the conservative and American-supported d’Aguiar and his United Force.

The present political situation unfolding in Guyana, therefore, is pregnant with irony. Today, the PPP welcome, with open arms, the sentiment, judgements, and interventions by regional heads, courts and other prominent persons. Now, too, the Americans and British, among other international actors, are telling Burnham’s political progeny in the APNU+AFC that it is time to go, to make way for Jagan’s successors in the PPP/C.

Politics truly is a funny thing.

When I reflected upon these shifting political sands, I recalled the sentiment of our own Prime Minister Mottley in an interview with Canada’s CBC News. In defending Barbados’ support for Canada’s bid for the then-vacant temporary seat on the UN Security Council, she said that Barbados does not permanent friends, but we have permanent values. This recognizes that states, organizations and people change over time in character and complexion and that it is folly to bind yourself completely to an entity for eternity. Rather, your support for an individual or an entity should be predicated upon their adherence to important values. In my view, that is not only a sound guiding principle for foreign policy, but it would serve individuals well also.

It is regrettable, therefore, that some in Guyana and elsewhere in the region would support in one way or another the machinations of APNU. That support represents an abandonment of basic values of integrity and fairness. Let us be clear, in its fourth month, the Guyana electoral saga has absolutely nothing to do with party, policy or personality. The time to litigate whether the PPP or APNU would make a better government is long past. To discuss the racialisation of Guyanese politics or whether a PPP government would be good for Afro-Guyanese is undoubtedly irrelevant. The only relevant consideration at this late hour is the winner of the recount exercise, and there is a near-universal consensus that that is the PPP/C and that GECOM must be allowed finally to declare that incontrovertible fact.

Is the fact that the fraudsters look like you sufficient grounds to abandon your values, I wonder? A person is little more than a fallen leaf in the autumn without holding fast to certain basic mores. Prominent among those are the same integrity and fairness. Most of life is comprised of a great deal of uncertainty and ‘grey areas’. Sometimes, however, an incident is so clear that there can be no room for debate; there is only one correct reaction. In this instance, that is absolute abhorrence at what is being perpetrated by APNU and their sycophants.

Circumstances change as they clearly have done since the 1960s. Sometimes questionable motivations for some geopolitical manoeuvrings aside, what must not change is our individual commitment to guiding principles. Yesterday, the PPP might have been wrong and tomorrow they may be. However, today, it is APNU at fault and it is against that kind of anti-democratic despotism that we must all fight. Therein lies the broader lesson. No matter the rapid change in the direction of the winds, or the shifting sands of political positions or the changed tunes of various actors, in all of that ready chaos which life and politics serves up, if an individual holds firm to basic principles, you will always be on the right side of history, in the end.

Was the CCJ Wrong about Guyana?

The following pieces of documentation will be of interest to members of the BU family who are keenly following events unfolding in Guyana.
Was the CCJ wrong in its recent judgement?

Credit: Pachamama

gecom letter to CRO

Letter to Guyana’s Chief Election Officer from GECOM and his replyOffice of CEOoffice of ceo 2

Owen Arthur Slammed for Comments on Guyana Elections Results

Submitted by Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID)


Former Prime Minister of Barbados Owen Arthur, Chairman of the Commonwealth Observer Mission

On Thursday Mr. Clairmont Mingo, the Returning officer of Election District 4 – Demerara/Mahaica, declared the much anticipated election results for his District. The results established that incumbent APNU+AFC coalition won the March 2, 2020 general elections. Earlier in the day the opposition PPP released a document with purported results showing a PPP victory, bearing inflated votes for that party in  polling stations within Region/District 4. Upon closer examination, the document was dated February 29, 2020, an indication that it was generated in some form two days before the March 2, 2020 elections. When citizens began questioning the date of the document on social media, it was pulled and the date changed to March 5, 2020 and republished.  

Screenshot 2020-03-06 at 17.50.12

The declaration had been previously disrupted multiple times by a mob of PPP executives and other known street thugs who, armed with guns, under the cover of dark night stormed the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) District 4 office demanding access to GECOM’s computer equipment. Later in the day said individuals kicked down the door to the Chairman of the Guyana Election Commission (GECOM), Justice Claudette Singh. The presence of violated the Laws of Guyana Chapter 1:03 (91). CGID is appalled that the Guyana Police Force allowed this invasion of GECOM’s office to occur. Overseas observers have failed to condemn this hooliganism and lawlessness from the PPP. Some observers, including James Carter III from the Carter Center, appear to be coordinating with the PPP.    

In response to the District 4 declaration, Mr. Owen Arthur, former Prime Minister of Barbados, who is Chairman of the Commonwealth Observer Mission falsely stated that the “tabulation of the final election results has not yet been completed and verified according to the established procedures and relevant legal and statutory provisions.” Mr. Arthur is obviously uninformed of the laws of Guyana and the constitutional powers of GECOM. This statement is consistent with PPP talking point.  CGID questions Mr. Arthur’s objectivity. He is a longtime associate of Bharrat Jagdeo who should never have been accredited by the Commonwealth.

Mr. Arthur and his team cannot dictate to GECOM or interfere with its work. He and his team are departing from an observer mission to intruding and interfering in Guyana’s electoral process in favor of the PPP. Guyana’s elections laws mandate a specific procedure for challenging actions and declarations of GECOM. That process does not entail complaints to and coercive missives from observers. It requires the filing of an elections petition in the court.

CGID notes that in 1997 the PPP government used the exact process to declare the elections results. In that election, then PPP hacks at GECOM secretly declared and certified the PPP winner, and secretly swore in Mrs. Janet Jagan as President. When a marshal of the Supreme Court attempted to serve Mrs. Jagan with an injunction from then Chief Justice Desiree Bernard, Mrs. Jagan threw the court order to the ground and proceeded to be sworn in. PPP leaders, including Bharrat Jagdeo, argued then that the courts cannot interfere with GECOM and its processes.

CGID therefore asks, if GECOM in 1997 could have declared results in favor of the PPP without a specific public verification procedure, what prevents GECOM from doing so in 2020? If the courts had no power to interfere in GECOM processes in 1997, why the PPP is seeking the intervention of the court in GECOM’s processes in 2020.

Calls for Investigation into Election Violence in Guyana

Submitted by Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID)

On Election Day, Monday, March 2, 2020, operatives of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) allegedly attempted to commit election fraud and violence. This attempt to engender destabilization was foiled. Moreover, twelve PPP mercenaries were arrested in the Alberttwown, Georgetown near polling stations at the St. Ambrose Primary School.

Guyana Police Force has confirmed receiving reports that the men allegedly colluded with an agent of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) to steal Statements of Poll (SOP) from polling stations at St. Amborose Primary School. A SOP is the official record which states total votes cast in favor of the parties contesting the election.In the 1997 election, PPP agents were accused of changing vote tallies on SOPs. This triggered an international Commission of Inquiry. The 1997 elections results were subsequently vitiated due to constitutional breaches by then Supreme Court Justice Claudette Singh, who now heads the Elections Commission.

The men were caught with guns, ammunition and bulletproof vests, and were traveling in vehicles with fake license plates. The arms, ammunition and a vehicle were seized by Police. PPP agents accosted, harassed and intimidated voters in some areas. They allegedly followed voters, took their photographs and video taped their movement to and from polling stations. These are known voter suppression tactics. The Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID) condemns these illegal acts and calls for a comprehensive, criminal investigation of PPP’s Election Day activities.

Surveillance video captured the twelve men, who Police detained, at different times in the company of senior PPP officials on Monday in the vicinity of polling stations around Georgetown.  This development is worrisome and reminiscent of the past. On April 9, 2001, eyewitnesses informed Police that they saw a security personnel located at the top floor, rear exit of Freedom House, the PPP’s Robb Street, Georgetown, headquarters, fire into a crowd of protesters, killing 43 year-old Donna McKinnon. No one was charged for McKinnon’s murder.

Meanwhile, Guyanese law enforcement and Immigration officials Monday allegedly detained and deported Brent Kartcher, a 73 year old Texas oil executive, Libyan national Marwan Al-Ayed and Vadim Kyrillov from Austria. The trio arrived in Guyana last Saturday in a private jet. They were taken into custody at the Georgetown Marriott Hotel where several PPP operative and expatriates have been frequenting for meetings.

CGID appeals for calm in the face of obvious incitement of violence and calls on the Guyana Police Force to take swift action against breaches of the peace, security and the law.

Guyana, Spawned by Racism


Commentary by Rickford Burke

What has the PPP done for Guyana other than spawn racism, civil war, decadence, carnage, corruption, death squads, a narco-state and Roger Khan? 
The PPP was formed in 1950. The party won the elections in 1953 during British rule but was promptly removed from office by the British  government because of its radical, communist ideology and bad governance. Elections were held again in 1957. The PPP won. Shortly thereafter the party experienced a racial split.  Afro-Guyanese accused PPP leaders of neglecting their interests and left the party. The PPP narrowly won the subsequent 1961 elections. However, its racist and discriminatory politics led to racial violence and civil war in Guyana. This is know as the 1964 disturbances or civil war. The party lost the 1964 elections to a coalition of the People’s National Congress and United Force.
After a 28 year hiatus or banishment in the political wilderness, the PPP won the 1992 elections. Again racial tensions and violence ensued because of the PPP’s doctrine of racial triumphalism. Crime and corruption plagued Guyana. The PPP government was involved with death squads. A United Nations investigation verified that they were complicit with the murder of over 400 Afro-Guyanese citizens. The international community estimated that Bharrat Jagdeo’s PPP regime stole over US$20 billion from the treasury. International corruption watchdog, Transparency International, ranked Jagdeo’s PPP regime as one of the most corrupt governments in the world.
The PPP government became ensconced with drug lords including Roger Khan and murder for hire drug gangs. They enabled Khan and his gangs to import drugs from Columbia, Venezuela and other parts of South America, which they shipped to the United States, Europe and the Caribbean with impunity and assistance from PPP government officials. Just like that, the PPP turned Guyana in a narco-state and international drug transshipment center. Functionally the PPP drove Guyana into failed statehood.
Amidst this crescendo of decadence, carnage and national implosion, Bharrat Jagdeo and his PPP government were working give away part of Essequibo to Venezuela to settle the border dispute. We are still to find out if they were to derive financial gain from this give away of our country to our enemy. The nation gasped and breathed a collective sigh of relief and elation when the people voted the PPP out of government on May 11, 2015, and bit them good riddance!
The most objective of analysts will conclude, as is patently obvious, that historically, every instance of PPP governance of Guyana has been catastrophic for our nation. From radical communist policies that led to its expulsion from office, apartheid, racism and civil war; to torture and genocide against blacks, monumental corruption and state capture,  destruction  and conversion of Guyana to a narco-state and eventually failed statehood. All the PPP has left is its tattered, sordid history of atrocities and murder, corruption and destruction.
I challenge anyone to examine Guyana’s contemporary history and inform the Guyanese people what the PPP has done to advance Guyana’s development; particularly during its last 23 years in government. Its single accomplishment is building the Berbice River Bridge, with a 1940s design. They structured this bridge project expressly to curtail commerce in New Amsterdam for the benefit of its ethnic base on the Corentyne. They had the audacity to construct this bridge with money from the National Insurance Scheme (NIS) pension funds of hard working Guyanese taxpayers, but which they disguised as private investment. This criminal rape and a rip-off of hard working Guyanese could have only been perfected by con artists at Freedom House.  It is no wonder, therefore, that the PPP presidential in on trail for 19 fraud charges in connection with another fraud scheme.
Pregnant with unrestrained avarice and greed, the Freedom House mafia is now acting like a bull in a China shop to once again corruptly wrest the governance of our country away from the people. They are desperate to get their dirty hands on Guyana’s oil money. We Guyanese; especially our youth, must build a resistance. Stop these thieves from grabbing our oil money. Repel this evil force that spits fires of hate, bigotry and destruction. Resist this same evil force that drove our nation into civil war in 1963. Every youth, who wants to Guyana develop and not destroyed, must join the resistance against the evil PPP.
We must be organized to win. This is why everyone must register and everyone must vote. Voting is the weapon an indomitable generation used to defeat the evil force that caused the 1964 civil war. Voting is the weapon we used to defeat this evil force in 2015.  Voting must be our weapon of choice to defeat the PPP in 2020. The resistance begins anew. Rise up and register. Rise up and vote. Our lives, our country depend on it!

Crime Will Destabilize Guyana if Modern Laws and Crime Fighting Measures are not Implemented Soon

Press Release submitted by Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID)

NEW YORK: The Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID) is concerned about the inability of Guyana’s law enforcement authorities to arrest violent crime. Murders, shootings, armed robberies; domestic violence, rape, car-jacking, felonious assaults and other serious crimes are pervasive.  Sections of the population live in fear. Guyanese abroad fear being robbed when visiting Guyana. Pervasive violent crime prompted the US State Department on November 25, 2017, to warn US citizens to “Exercise increased caution in Guyana due to crime. Violent crime, such as armed robbery and murder, is common.  Local police lack the resources to respond effectively to serious criminal incidents.”

The brazen robbery and shooting to death of America Street money-changer, Shawn Nurse (aka “Fabulous”), on the morning of Sunday, February 4, 2018, while doing business in the busy Georgetown commercial district, and other murders, demonstrate that criminals are unafraid to strike at any time. Their bravery is driven by an insufficient deployment of security assets in strategic areas of Guyana.   Daily press reports of overseas visitors or senior citizens, business owners and ordinary citizens being robbed at gunpoint and/or killed are damaging to Guyana’s image. It will also hinder Guyana’s nascent ecotourism industry and deters foreign investment.

Currently, residents in the hinterland/forest communities are being terrorized by the murderous, Venezuelan gang, ‘Sindicato’.  Villagers, gold miners and business owners in Hosororo, White Water and communities in the Amakuru River, in Region One, and Arau, Mango Landing and surrounding Amerindian communities in Region Seven, have detailed ordeals of Venezuelan gang members crossing the border into Guyana unrestricted. They engage in shoot-outs, demand taxes, cash, gold, house hold items and store inventories, with impunity.

The gang has ostensibly slaughtered several Guyanese miners working in border areas in Venezuela. In January, they reportedly beheaded a young Guyanese miner. The killing was photographed, videotaped and allegedly released on social media. To date the Guyana government has not announced an investigation of these murders or warned Guyanese about the dangers of crossing the border. Residents report no increased security or capture of gang members to restore public safety.  The borders remain, open, lawless and dangerous.

In an interview today with veteran Caribbean journalist, Tony Best, CGID President Rickford Burke, said crime fighting measures by the coalition government have been inadequate or ineffective. He added that for a government that is dominated by former security officials, its dismal record on security as well as the lack of accountability for the numerous public safety failures, is astounding and unfortunate. Burke said that “while the Guyanese society is advancing, the nation’s security infrastructure; including laws, assets, resources and the criminal justice system, remained relatively stagnant and antiquated.” He posited that “these are challenging times for Guyana. High levels of crime and the Venezuela border dispute pose significant threats to stability and national security. Simultaneous with these threats to national security is increased world focus on Guyana. Our international profile has been elevated because of imminent oil production. Hence, while the border issue is being addressed at the International Court of Justice (ICJ), the government needs to aggressively tackle crime which has had a destabilizing effect.”

“Apart from recruiting, training and deploying thousands more law enforcement and defense officers, the government also needs to acquire about 1000% additional security resources and assets. The national treasury cannot be the only funding source for such acquisitions. The government has to be able to mobilize resources from the international community and sympathetic countries. Our diplomats around the world should be tasked with this responsibility,” the CGID head said.

He also called for Guyana’s criminal codes to be updated and existing penalties severely toughened to protect the nation from modern crimes and new criminal techniques. “Security services must dramatically increase patrols on the border and coastal waterways; as well as in the city and other population centers throughout the country. These and other measures will give citizens confidence that the government is competent and deserving of their support,” Burke asserted.




CONTACT: Richard Millington, Director of Communications

Email: caribbeaninstitute@gmail.com

Guyana, the NEW Frontier

Submitted by The Mahogany Coconut Group

A decade ago, many Guyanese living in the Diaspora, would have been negative about returning home. They feared mostly the racial and political tensions. Some sought to live in other Caribbean islands and were often accused of accepting lower wages than the workers in those countries. In many ways, Guyana had become the butt of many “island jokes” about its weak currency and shortage of consumer goods, taken for granted throughout the region.

Those travelling to Guyana on vacations and business often were amazed that Guyanese themselves, were so negative about such a bountiful land with natural resources not found in any other country in the region. They also marvelled at the gracious manner of the Guyanese people, even in the toughest of times. The Guyanese are known for their excellent cuisine and their incredible crafts people. They have long established themselves as intellectual giants in the region, by having Caribbean thinkers such as Walter Rodney. On the cricket field they can claim such icons as Clive Lloyd and Lance Gibbs among others. In both the pre-and post-independence eras, they have given the region politicians such as Cheddi Jagan and Forbes Burnham, whose political battles are still studied by engaging university students and political historians.

Ironically, it was these battles that eventually burst the socio-economic seams of Guyana and threw it into a social, economic and political turmoil for over three decades, causing the migration of thousands of citizens, seeking stability elsewhere. This movement resulted in some of its better educated and skilled citizens causing a technical and academic brain drain, that is now hopefully being impeded by a more settled political environment and recent discoveries of oil and other resources, that most observers believe, will push Guyana to the top of the CARICOM “best” off countries, in the very near future.

It is widely known that even during the very testing period, there was considerable trading between Guyanese and other Caribbean business persons. These small business persons traded in: gold, fisheries lumber and fruits. Pine apples, shrimp and green heart wood and buildings(houses) were often imported from Guyana and the quality of these products guaranteed them a ready market. Guyanese are therefore considered to be extremely skilful business people and this talent to survive during the now fading tough period, will be most useful as their country continues to improve. It was a classical example of Caribbean people’s resourcefulness despite the failings of the floundering collective political managerial class.

We therefore welcome the changing fortunes of this magnificent country. With most other economies gasping for air and many heading to international loan sharks such as the IMF, Guyana may be the only real frontier for those who want to remain in the region. At the 1986 CARICOM Heads of Government Conference Errol Barrow declared that, “We are a family of islands nestling closely under the shelter of the great Cooperative Republic of Guyana. And this fact of regional togetherness is lived everyday by ordinary West Indian men and women.”

His words might just be proven more profound than he ever imagined.

William Skinner, Communication Officer, Mahogany Coconut Group. 1/16/18

Romotar Led PPP/C Booted Out of Office

David Granger - Guyana's President elect

David Granger – Guyana’s President elect

Regional politicians were quick to call on former Prime Minister Denzil Douglas of St. Kitts and Nevis to jump ship when the results were obviously being suppressed. Did we hear a similar clamour directed at Romotar in the wake of the confusion in Guyana? The Caricom Secretariat is located in Georgetown for those who look to symbolic arguments.

Based on the latest news coming out of Guyana the National Unity and Alliance for Change Coalition (APNU+AFC) edged the Romotar led PPP/C by 5,493 votes and therefore ended 23 years in office.

We pray for sanity to take root.

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Team Guyana USA Soccer League Urges Guyanese Soccer Players and Fans to Boycott Caribbean Cup Inc, Soccer Tournaments


BROOKLYN: Team Guyana USA Soccer League announces its complete withdrawal from Caribbean Cup Inc., (CCI) as well as from its tournaments, structure and activities. This action is in protest of overt discrimination against, and abuse of, Guyanese players and management. Team Guyana will no longer participate in CCI’s annual soccer tournaments at the Thomas Jefferson High School Field at Flatlands Avenue and Essex Street, Brooklyn.

Consequently, we call on all Guyanese soccer players and fans to, henceforth, boycott all Caribbean Cup tournaments and games, until another transparent, fair and professional tournament is established, which the League can sanction.

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Guyanese anti-PPP Government Activist Courtney Crum-Ewing Assassinated

Submitted by Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID)

Courtney Crum-Ewing

Courtney Crum-Ewing

NEW YORK: The Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID) condemns the assassination of well known Guyanese anti-PPP government activist, former Guyana Defense Force Officer Courtney Crum-Ewing, while campaign against Guyana’s ruling People’s Progressive Party (PPP).

CGID expresses outrage at the unrelenting killing, with impunity, of PPP opponents, solely because of their anti-government activism. Almost all of these murders are unsolved. The refusal of the Guyana Police Force (GPF) to seriously investigate these murders is a repudiation of justice and a mockery of the rule of law.

Mr. Crum-Ewing’s assassination is reminiscent of the assassination of journalist Ronald Waddell, who was killed by a death squad allegedly operated by then PPP Cabinet Minister Ronald Gajraj and Roger Khan – now convicted and imprisoned in the United States.

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Afro-Guyanese Blocked by PPP from being Elected President

Submitted by Rickford Burke
Bisram’s diatribe amplifies the PPP’s tactics to block an Afro-Guyanese from being elected President

Vishnu Bisram, a Queens based pseudo pollster, in a letter published in the Guyana Times on March 1, 2015, alleged that I’m a racist because I established that his party – the PPP, traditionally practices racism against Afro-Guyanese but pretends to love us at election time.  If he thinks that condemning the PPP’s oppression of black people in Guyana makes me a racist, then so be it. I wear that label as a badge of honor.

Bisram said my assertion that when President Cheddie Jagan died, Prime Minister Sam Hinds, an Afro-Guyanese, was eviscerated to allow a none-black to take over the presidency, is a fabrication.  He also claimed that Mrs. Harper’s selection as the PPP’s prime ministerial candidate demonstrates the PPP’s “multiracial politics.”

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Guyana’s PPP Selects Afro-Guyanese Elizabeth Harper as a Candidate in Upcoming General Elections


Elizabeth Harper

Elizabeth Harper

Selection of Elisabeth Harper cannot conceal racism and corruption in the PPP’s DNA

Guyana’s ruling People’s Progressive Party’s (PPP) seems to have come down with schizophrenia over the merger of Guyana’s two main opposition parties, the APNU and AFC, and is in panic.  The two opposition parties formed a coalition and will contest the May 11, 2015 general elections as a single party.

The PPP’s panic is not misplaced. The coalition portends an end of the racist and corrupt PPP regime. Combined, the APNU and AFC garnered a majority of votes in the last general elections held in 2011.  Consequently they captured control of the Parliament, rendering the PPP a minority government.

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Nigel Hughes Ideal Man to Lead Coalition Against PPP

Submitted by Rickford Burke

The Guyanese nation now ponders the election of a new leader and government to chart a new course for our country.

Our nation needs a rebirth. It has been perennially plagued by racial strife; social and economic stagnation; morally and intellectually bankrupt governance; abject criminality; unparalleled PPP corruption and political decay.

Now is the time to unshackle our country from the morass engendered by the discredited PPP leadership.

To accomplish this, we need a new leader with a bold new vision to transform our society and inspire the current generation of young Guyanese, who long for advancement, prosperity and a better way of life. We need a new leader who can unleash our developmental potential and propel the nation toward the path of modernity.

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Guyana: A Promise of Elections

Guyana Trades Union Congress, Press Statement (December 7, 2014)


President Romotar

The GTUC calls on political parties, civil society and every Guyanese to hold President Ramotar accountable for respecting the nation’s institutions and the will of the people.

The problem that confronts Guyana is good governance. The manner in which Parliament has been prorogued and the continuation of this proclamation on the promise that elections will be held next year is a reflection that the Executive has no regard for Constitution and the will of the people.

What President Ramotar has done by saying to the nation that there will be elections next year must be seen as a deceptive act to remove the pressure on him to lift the prorogation. The offer for elections does not absolve the President from the violation of the spirit and intent of the Constitution in his application of prorogation Article 70 (1).

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Call for Sanctions to be Imposed on Guyana

NY Caribbean body urges US to condemn PPP dictatorship in Guyana and impose sanctions, Says political crisis presages violence and threatens US national security interests

Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID)

Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID)

NEW YORK: The New York Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID) on Wednesday wrote to the White House and to US Secretary of State John Kerry calling on the Obama administration to condemn “the arbitrary and undemocratic suspension of Guyana’s Parliament by Guyana’s President Donald Ramotar.

The letter from CGID President, Rickford Burke, urged that sanctions be imposed on members of the ruling People’s Progressive Party (PPP) ‘ethnocracy.’ President Ramotar on November 10, abruptly prorogued Parliament to circumvent the passage of a no-confidence vote against his government. The motion was tabled by the opposition Parliamentary majority and was barreling through the House. Its passage was all but certain.

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Guyana Acting Foreign Minister Priya Manickchand Booed While Delivering Speech at Outgoing US Ambassador Reception on 4 July

Statement Issued by the Guyana Trades Union Congress

Ms. Pryia Manickchand attacks USA Ambassador Brent Hardt

Acting Foreign Affairs Minister Ms. Pryia Manickchand attacks USA Ambassador Brent Hardt

The Guyana Trades Union Congress (GTUC) having followed the differences between the Government of Guyana through acting Foreign Affairs Minister, Ms. Pryia Manickchand and the USA through Ambassador Brent Hardt sees this as another mark in the degenerating quality of governance the society has been witnessing from the PPP. The ambassador has dealt with the issue and the Government of Guyana has made its position known. The GTUC is encouraged by those who sought to distance themselves from the Government’s conduct.

Going forward the People of Guyana are urged to resist the temptation to view the USA/Guyana experience as a one-shot incident requiring outrage only to revert into apathy on holding the government accountable to act in the manner that holds proud the values, aspirations and institutions of this beautiful country and its people. It is said a people get the government they deserve. Less this society forget the relationship with the PPP and USA has over the years been frosty, influenced by the PPP’s desire for political power and not necessarily the interest of the people and nation state. The PPP still holds in acrimony the USA for what they think is the denial of their ‘right’ to govern for years, even as they sought the USA intervention to influence a change in the country’s electoral policy that saw their return to the seat of government.

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Walter Rodney Commission of Inquiry Matter

Lawyers representing the Guyana Trades Union Congress at the Walter Rodney Commission have submitted a ’request for particulars and directions’.

The late Walter Rodney

The late Walter Rodney

As you know I continue to represent the Guyana Trades Union Congress in this Inquiry. I have some concerns and I believe they should be articulated very early in the process so that the appropriate information could be collected and brought to the Commission and appropriate notice provided to the respective entities.

The Terms of Reference specifically calls for the Commission to look into the conduct and professionalism (or the lack thereof) of state actors from the Guyana Police Force, the Guyana Defence Force, the Guyana National Service, the Guyana People’s Militia, there is no state counsel representing any of the joint services or are there any counsel representing the state. While the Commission has reminded us at the commencement of the Commission of Inquiry that potential witnesses “have nothing to fear from testifying. No prosecution can follow from your testimony”, it does not follow that civil proceedings cannot be initiated and/or international proceedings. See, for example, Canada’s Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act ( S.C. 2000, c. 24) and Song Dae Ri (Re) 2003 CarswellNat 4527; (2004) 36 Imm. L.R. (3d) 203.

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Guyana Trades Union Congress Independence Message

Submitted by Guyana Trades Union Congress

Happy Independence Day - 26 May 2014!

Happy Independence Day – 26 May 2014!

Guyanese mark another milestone in our political independence. This should be a major landmark in removing the shackles of domination in our pursuit for self-determination. A nation initially formed through the subjugation of some of its peoples, we must take seriously our quest to forge a nation’s might soul, construct a nation’s frame, where freedom remains our everlasting goal, courage and truth our aim.

GTUC urges the people of this nation to remain unyielding in our quest for peace, like ancient heroes brave, to strive and strive and never cease, with strength beyond the slave. To remember that peace forms the foundation for equality, justice and fair play.

In 2014 and onwards, independence must not only be marked by merrymaking, flowery speeches or regrets, but more importantly a recommitment to renew the conviction of our ability to hold high the torch bequeathed us.

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Submitted by Guyana Trades Union Congress Press Statement May 9, 2014

target set by GuySuCo is way below capacity and investment

...target set by GuySuCo is way below capacity and investment…

The GTUC in taking note of GuySuCo’s announcement it has surpassed production target advises the nation there is nothing to celebrate. The target set by GuySuCo is way below capacity and investment of billions of dollars of taxpayers’ money in the form of loans and grants. Surpassing a five-figure target when the industry has historically produced at six-figure levels is the waving of a white flag that the industry is in distress and requires salvaging. The nation ought not be fooled by the publicly stunt aimed at hoodwinking the citizens/workers that the industry is turning around. When taking into consideration that the market availability allows GuySuCo to sell all the sugar it has the capacity to produce, yet at the same time targets are set far below its capacity, is a reflection of management deficiencies. It exemplifies the failure to pull all the factors of production together which will cause the company to deliver at its optimum based on the existing market conditions.

The failure of the government to present a plan for the industry’s development, seeking to escape accountability when called upon to justify the $6B taxpayers’ bailout by turning it into a divisive political issue may have influenced the National Assembly to shelve its responsibility to the nation and act in accord with government. The opposition must return to its watchdog/oversight role and keep its foot on the pedal to salvage the industry and protect the livelihood of those to be affected.

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Fake Poll Exposes Another Level of Jagdeo/PPP Corruption

Submitted by Guyana Trades Union Congress (Press Release)

President Donald Ramotar(l) and former President Bharrat Jagdeo(r)

President Donald Ramotar(l) and former President Bharrat Jagdeo(r)

Recent reports in the Kaieteur News “Ramotar demotes Chronicle Editor after ‘Jagdeo’ story,” (22/3/2014), Guyana Times, “Jagdeo most formidable candidate –combined Opposition poll,” (20/3/2014) and Guyana Chronicle “Jagdeo favoured as PPP/C presidential candidate” (21/3/2014) confirms the disservice being done to this society by those misusing the fourth estate (media) in the façade for power grab. The GTUC is concerned about the level of misrepresentation and the implications it has for distorting public perception of understanding.

This society is being bombarded with fake polls, including the infamous NACTA poll, as a new weapon of the PPP that was good for President Ramator until the same weapon was turned against him. GTUC notes the president’s haste to act on this matter and calls on him to address the management of the State-owned media not only for self-serving reason but for the national good. The haste to address acts to preserve self-interest is contrary to action for the national good which the president can be very slothful about. This rapid reaction sends a signal that weren’t there negative reference to/implication for him, or his position personally threatened, this abuse of the state media would have been ignored.

GTUC is further concerned this Opinion Poll seems to have been conjured in some dark dungeon of Mr. Jagdeo and his cohorts corrupt minds and first published in the Guyana Times as a means of establishing face validity. The combined political opposition reportedly denied knowledge of commissioning this poll, which is contrary to the attribution given by the Times and Chronicle. The nation must now ask what ‘opposition’ solicited this poll and on whose interest it was commissioned, along with the methodology used. That this Poll’s coverage first appeared in the Guyana Times and storyline/plot later regurgitated in the Guyana Chronicle speaks to the misuse and abuse of the state media apparatus to positively rebrand Mr. Jagdeo’s despotic presidency, and foist on this nation its worst leader in history as more favourable in the public than other potential leaders.

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GTUC’s Statement of Critchlow’s Subvention

Submitted by Guyana Trades Union Congress (Press Release)

Critchlow Labour College

Critchlow Labour College

The decision by the National Assembly to approve the restoration of a historical government of Guyana subvention granted to the Critchlow Labour College (CLC) is nothing more than a PPP orchestrated public relations stunt bringing shame and disrepute to the National Assembly. The vote taken by the Assembly brings to bear the level of lawlessness that our country has sunk when the highest decision making forum of the land where laws are made and respected can be used to encourage violation of the Constitution and bylaws of the CLC and disregard for the right to Freedom of association enshrined in the Constitution.

In principle the GTUC appreciates the motion brought by AFC MP Trevor William, college alumni. The GTUC recalls being approached on more than one occasion by representatives of the APNU who wanted us to make a deal to have FITUG on the college’s board in return for the grant. It was made crystal clear the GTUC would not be Advancing Rights and the Rule of Law at the national level and at the same compromise these universal  principles in our organisations. It is clear that some decisions in the House are being made absent an understanding of the issues, role and responsibilities of the MPs and the laws that should be guiding their actions.

The college, a private institution is owned by the GTUC and both are governed by their own laws guided by the national laws. For the Assembly to arbitrarily take a decision to impose a new management structure on the college is a usurpation of the by-laws of these institutions and a matter no law-abiding citizen should countenance, much less be voted on in the Assembly. When it comes to the determination of composition of boards, the Assembly should address this on state boards such as NICIL and NCN. The college’s board has two representatives from the government- one from the Ministry of Education and one from the Ministry of Labour. The vote taken by the National Assembly now adds four government controlled FITUG members making government’s influence six against the GTUC’s four, on a college owned by the GTUC. The GTUC is not prepared to sell its rights to the government or to any other.

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Caribbean Action Task Force Requires Status Report from Guyana Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism Bill

Submitted by Guyana Trades Union Congress (Press Release)

Donald Ramotar, President of Guyana

Donald Ramotar, President of Guyana

Now that Mr. Roger Hernandez, the Caribbean Action Task Force’s (CFATF) representative, has visited Guyana and interacted with some stakeholders on the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) Bill, the principal actors and nation are asked to pay heed to the crucial areas. Mr. Hernandez said CFATF requires a Report on Guyana’s progress by 28th February. He further stated Guyana will not be automatically removed from CFATF’s Watchlist (Blacklist) even if the bill is passed and, earlier informed that from experience the minimal period for removal is approximately two years. He communicated clearly- “You require implementation; it is not just passing the law. It is about implementing the law.”

The National Assembly meets on 27th February. The Bill is attracting the draftsman’s attention, and it is highly improbable it can be debated and assented to by 28th February. CFATF will be aware of this. Progress is being made and CFAFT’s review date for Guyana is May 2014. The areas raised by CFATF regarding amendments to the principal Act and present Bill and need for conformity should be noted. This nation should pay heed Hernandez’s expressed concern is that amendment (s) should not risk being CFATF non-complaint. Guyana is capable of achieving this without comprising our Constitution and desire for good governance by realising a fool proof Act and Bill that would ensure adherence, proper policing and accountability by those tasked with implementation. In principle this position is not dissimilar to CFATF’s interest and here is where heads must come together.

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Ruling by Guyana’s Chief Justice Baring the Parliament from Amending the Budget Violates the Constitution

Rickford Burke

Rickford Burke

Last Thursday Guyana’s Chief Justice Ian Chang ruled that the Parliament cannot cut a budget presented by the government because the Guyana Constitution mandated the “government” to present the budget to the Parliament. Guyana has a minority government. The opposition has a majority of seats in Parliament. The government has been attempting to delegitimize the Parliament by using the courts to emasculate its powers. Consequently it is mired in ongoing conservancy with the Parliamentary majority and Speaker.

The Chief Justice sites Article 171 (2) (a) (ii) and Article 218 of the Constitution as the raison d’etre of his decision. Article 171: “(2) states that Except on the recommendation or with the consent of the Cabinet signified by a Minister, the Assembly shall not –– (a) proceed upon any Bill (including any amendment to a Bill) which, in the opinion of the person presiding, makes provision for any of the following purposes –– (ii) for imposing any charge upon the Consolidated Fund or any other public fund of Guyana or for altering any such charge otherwise than by reducing it;…” The latter provision dismantles a main pillar of Justice Chang’s argument. It explicitly grants exclusive authority to the National Assembly to reduce (or cut) estimates of expenditures to be charged to the Consolidated or any other “Public” Fund.

Article 218: (ii) states that “When the estimates of expenditure (other than expenditure charged upon the Consolidated Fund by this Constitution or any Act of Parliament) have been approved by the Assembly a Bill, to be known as an Appropriation Bill, shall be introduced in the Assembly, providing for the issue from the Consolidated Fund of the sums necessary to meet that expenditure and the appropriation of those sums for the purposes specified therein.”

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The O.R.Tambo Award and Forbes Burnham

Submitted by Lincoln Lewis, General Secretary Guyana Trades Union Congress

Submitted by Lincoln Lewis, General Secretary Guyana Trades Union Congress

As a people, we have a choice to make. And to this end the GTUC will be dispatching messages to the South Africa government and the trade union community, reminding them of the workers’ commitment and contributions to the apartheid struggle, making known our support for the O.R.Tambo award to Forbes Burnham, and expressing our concern that they have allowed an issue of national character to be hijacked by red-herring and egos. We are going to be making it known that those against the award are not speaking for us.

It is known that Guyana’s support for the struggle against apartheid and injustices in South Africa was one of national character, led and articulated by Forbes Burnham and the government of the People’s National Congress.  Regardless of one’s political persuasion and differences on issues and positions taken by Burnham, the position taken by him to bring about justice and fair play in South Africa was correct and we all must acknowledge that his leadership on this issue, on behalf of the people, must be correctly written and acknowledged in the annals of history. This issue speaks to our strength of character as people, who saw that injustice in Southern African translated to injustice in Guyana and every part of the world and to this end we fought it.

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The Guyana Trades Union Congress’ position on the Linden Commission of Inquiry

Submitted by Lincoln Lewis, General Secretary Guyana Trades Union Congress

Submitted by Lincoln Lewis, General Secretary Guyana Trades Union Congress

Consistent with the Terms of Reference the Report by the Linden Commission of Inquiry is an achievement for all Guyana – see Linden Commission of Inquiry Report. This report exposes the underbelly of the beast seeking to consume law and order in the society and rob the people of the needed security and protection to peacefully co-exist and go about their daily business. A report that says: 1) “the police were responsible for the shooting to death of the three persons as well as the injuries caused to several other persons at Linden on July 18, 2012;” 2) “an examination of the relevant evidence reveals that ASP Todd and Constable Rodney were the only police ranks who discharged shots from shotguns;” 3) ‘00’ buckshot cartridges were used on the unarmed demonstrators and the “use of the ‘00’ in the circumstances would not have been reasonable but would constitute excessive force;” 4) “The use of such lethal force was not justified in the circumstances.” 5) “Even though Mr. Todd using the ‘shotgun…discharged a round into the ground to take off the velocity, to scare and chase the protesters who were gathered’ this was fraught with danger. Discharging a shotgun is hardly the way to ‘scare’ persons and ought never to have been used in the circumstances;”

6) “the policy on the use of force should be reviewed and done urgently.[…] in order to adopt international best practices;” 7) “entries in the [Arms Book] cannot be relied on as there were numerous irregularities evident therein;” 8) “it must be noted that the Chairman of the Complaints Authority has made several requests for independent investigators to be made available  to that body but to no avail;  9) “Some of the procedures for engagement of the police before carrying out operations appear to be very militaristic and aspects of their standard operational procedures support that position;” and 10) “recommend the government  urgently implements the ‘Human Rights Standards and Practice for the Police’ as developed by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights,” is not a report to be treated with disdain or disregard.

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Lawsuit Against NEWGYUMEDIA.COM and Other Media Houses

Submitted by the Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID)

Rickford Burke, CGID President

Rickford Burke, CGID President

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK: President of the Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID) Rickford Burke is slapping libel and defamation lawsuits against the Guyana Chronicle newspapers and National Commutations Network (NCN) Television, entities of Guyana’s ruling People’s Progressive Party (PPP) government. A defamation suit is also being filed against PPP website Newguymedia.com. The legal action stems from publication of false and slanderous allegations that Burke was arrested in New York for identity theft, when he was in fact the victim of identity theft. Burke has retained prominent Guyanese Attorney Nigel Hughes.

The Institute’s Director of Commutations Jevon Suralie in a statement Thursday described the articles as “fabricated sleaze” and said the Chronicle newspaper and NCN TV were “utensils of filth and racist PPP propaganda.” Pointing to false and malicious comments from President Donald Ramotar’s communications officer, Suralie accused Guyana’s Office of the President of peddling smear. He noted that the president’s communications officer has been charged with assault and investigated for alleged child rape and contended that “It’s ironic he would indulge in defamation of this sort. It is also inconceivable that President Donald Ramotar would allow his office to operate as “cesspool for slander” he added.

Related document: – (Summons)

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Barbados Murder Investigation Points to a Police Cover-up – CGID

Submitted by Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID)

Dead: Clinton Norton

New York’s Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID) Monday accused the Barbados Police Force of covering up the apparent murder of Clinton Norton, a born Barbadian of Guyanese and Barbadian parentage. Norton died under suspicious circumstances in Bridgetown, Barbados on September 3, 2012.

The institute’s President Rickford Burke last week wrote Barbadian Prime Minister Freundel Stuart asking for  an independent and fair review of the Police investigation of Norton’s death “so as to ensure justice for the family.”

Burke Monday said Barbados Police has misled the public about the facts of the case and therefore his organization felt constrained to release further information to support its contention of a possible Police cover-up. CGID, which has made human rights a corner-stone of its mission, simultaneously released several photographs of Norton’s battered body which bore marks of violence; including what appear to be burns, lacerations and bruises. It said the photographs establish that he was either beaten or tortured to death as the wounds could not have been self-inflected.

The following links lead to gruesome pictures of Clinton Norton’s badly mutilated dead body. Reader discretion is advised:

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Caribbean Democracy Organization Blasts Barbados Police: Prime Minister Stuart Asked To Review Police Involvement In Murder Investigation

CGID President Rickford Burke

The New York based Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID) yesterday slammed Barbados’ Police investigation of the death of Clinton Norton. A Barbadian of Guyanese and Barbadian parentage, Norton died under suspicious circumstances in Bridgetown, Barbados on September 3, 2012.

Hinting at a cover-up or possible Police misconduct, CGID’s President Rickford Burke in a letter to Barbadian Prime Minister Freundel Stuart called for “an independent and fair inquiry into Norton’s death; possible Police misconduct and involvement and the partiality of the investigation.”

Norton’s body was found inside a Liquidation Center on September 3rd.  Workers said they saw blood on the floor when they opened the building and called Police who merely responded, took a report and left. Workers reportedly stumbled upon Norton’s body amidst a pile of plywood and dust, during a search of the building after Police left. The body had several apparent cigarette burns, laceration, wounds and bruises, which CGID said suggest he was either in a struggle or was severely beaten or tortured.

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PPP Government Using Ethnic Politics In Diplomatic Accreditation Process

Submitted by Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy

Donald Ramotar, President of Guyana

The New York based Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID) is blasting Guyana’s  PPP government’s clandestine efforts to force Italy to revoke the appointment of Attorney at law Nigel Hughes as its Honorary Consul in Guyana.   The CGID condemnation is the latest salvo fired at the Guyana government which this week found itself embroiled in an odious diplomatic fiasco regarding Italy’s top envoy in Guyana.

Italian government officials disclosed that Guyana’s ambassador to Venezuela, Geoffrey Da Silva earlier this week demanded of the Italian Ambassador to Venezuela that the Italian Government immediately remove Hughes’ appointment.

“The persecution and victimization of Nigel Hughes is part of the PPP’s ongoing design of ‘ethnic cleansing.’ They continue to attempt to exercise ethnic dominance over Guyana. Their intent is to cutoff Afro-Guyanese from participating in Guyana’s polity,” the institute said in a statement Wednesday.

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Call For Lindeners to Reject Cecil Kennard

Rickford Burke, President, Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID)

Dear Editor:

I’m appalled that Guyana’s opposition politicians have agreed for former Chancellor of Guyana’s Judiciary and current Chairman of the Police Complaints Authority, Justice Cecil Kennard, to serve on the Linden Commission of Inquiry. It appears that his selection by the PPP may be in contemplation of naming him Chairman of the commission. This selection is unacceptable.

Many of us believe Justice Kennard was a partisan PPP enforcer in the Judiciary. His involvement in what is believed to be a diabolical and dastardly plan to swear in Mrs. Janet Jagan as President in 1997, while votes were literally still being counted and before a final and gazetted declaration of the general elections results rightly provoked serious and justifiable questions about his partisan politics and integrity.

No one was oblivious of the fact that Mr. Kannard installed Mrs. Jagan as President under grave controversy because he was fully aware that the constitution proscribes inquiry into the installation of a President, once the oath has been administered and signed, except via an election petition. Hence, his conduct in my opinion was an impeachable abuse of power.

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Freddie’s Worst Nightmare …I will take a brain scan this week

Freddie Kissoon, JOURNALIST

BU has a lot of admiration for Freddie Kissoon. If one has to define a Caribbean journalist this man is over-qualified. We reproduce his recent column for the family.

August 19, 2012 | By KNews | Filed Under Features / Columnists, Freddie Kissoon

My security situation has become so bad I think it may be wise not to state on what day this week, I will visit the hospital to take a brain scan. Gerhard Ramsaroop insists that as early as possible I should take a brain scan. I didn’t think of it until Gerhard kept telling me to check for blood clots. My attacker did concentrate on my head and dealt me several cuffs right on my skull. I will take that test this week.

Life is really unpredictable. I got attacked on Thursday morning and just days before, on Sunday, August 12, my column was titled, “I am pleading with my country to protect me.” This was after I received a letter from Mr. Khurshid Sattaur requesting that I pay taxes on money I earn from writing these columns. How ironic life can be. You make a plea for help and days after you are victimized again.

Interestingly, someone came up to me the Monday morning and reminded me that in that very Sunday column I omitted details of some other events connected with the violations of my rights. It was unbelievable that I could have left out some interesting dimensions of what is taking place with me in my country. Juan Edghill ( I will never, ever recognize him as a Bishop of any church) filed an affidavit in court a few months ago asking a High Court judge to commit me to prison for contempt of court.

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Guyana Opposition Urged to Reject Terms of Reference of the Commission of Inquiry Into Police Killings in Linden

Submitted by the Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID)

President Donald Ramotar

The Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID) fully supports the AFC’s complete and unequivocal rejection of the PPP’s second proposed term of reference for the commission of inquiry into the Police killings of the three Lindeners.

This additional term proposes to inquire “into the role and involvement” of  “other forces” in organising, mobilising and promoting the protest actions from their commencement and immediately after the shooting on July 18th 2012.”

This is a back-door attempt by the PPP regime to investigate organizers of the protests, who broke no law and committed no crime. The only crimes committed were the murder and unlawful shooting of unarmed, innocent citizens by Police officers.

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Call On Blacks In Guyana’s PPP Cabinet to Condemn Linden Police Killings

Submitted by Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy

Prime Minister Samuel Hinds

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK: In the wake of last week’s Guyana Police shooting to death of three African-Guyanese protesters and wounding of thirty others in the mining town of Linden, the Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID), says it is “dismayed” by the “deafening silence” from African-Guyanese members of Guyana’s People’s Progressive Party (PPP) government and has called on them to condemn the killings.

“I’m dismayed and frankly disgusted that African-Guyanese members of the PPP Cabinet have remained silent in light of the unjustifiable shootings and killings of African-Guyanese. This is a stunning lack of dignity and value for human life. Apparently, compassion for the lives of their fellow Afro-Guyanese citizens and a sense of common decency are is too much to ask of these PPP members. They seem so struck by the ‘Stockholm’ or house-slave” syndrome that they have lost their sense of identity,” CGID President Rickford Burke said Thursday.

Burke’s fire was directed at Prime Minister Samuel Hinds, Public Service Minister Dr. Jennifer Westford, Human Services Minister Jennifer Webster, Public Works Minister Robeson Benn, Cabinet Secretary Dr. Roger Luncheon, junior Finance Minister Juan Edghill, and junior Local Government Minister Norman Whittaker, the African-Guyanese members of President Donald Ramotar’s cabinet.

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Calls For Inquiry Guyana Police Killings

Submitted by Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID)

Guyana Police Commissioner Leroy Brummell

NEW YORK: The New York based Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID) has strongly condemned Wednesday’s Police shooting to death of three unarmed protestors in Guyana’s mining town of Linden. The three were part of a large demonstration protesting a 50% increase in electricity rates.

Protestors reportedly blocked the Wismar Bridge which facilitates vehicular traffic to and from the country’s vast and natural resources rich hinterland region. This prompted riot police sent in from Georgetown to fire teargas and rubber bullets. Protestors responded by throwing stones and teargas canisters back at police who responded with live rounds, killing three and wounding dozens.

Calling for a Commission of Inquiry into the shooting, the institute labeled Guyana’s People’s Progressive Party (PPP) government “a communist, Indian-dominated ethnocracy, which views the inalienable and constitutional rights of African-Guyanese to protest as subversive.” It said historically the PPP has acted to crush such dissent.”

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Lobby To Recall Guyana’s Consul General to New York

Rickford Burke, President, Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID)

The New York based Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID) and Guyanese New Yorkers are disappointed in the poor performance of Guyana’s Consul General to New York, Brentnol Evans. Except for the ruling People’s Progressive Party’s (PPP) political base in Queens, Mr. Evans appears to be “alien” to the wider Guyanese community. His representation has been mediocre, unabashedly partisan and an embarrassment to Guyana. We therefore demand that he be recalled by the Guyana government.

I enjoy good relations with Mr. Evans and regret having to take a stand against him. But I believe the interest of the Guyanese community must transcend personal relationships.”

It is a national ignominy for the PPP government to have retained Mr. Evans in the position of Consul General in New York for nineteen years. A 19 year diplomatic posting is unprecedented, absurd and unethical. No country retains a diplomat at post this long as it will undoubtedly compromise that individual’s judgment, ethics and competency. Mr. Evans’ cavalier approach to executing his responsibilities; ridiculously extensive tenure; unwarranted partisanship and mediocre representation have relegated Guyana to a laughing stock in New York’s diplomatic community.

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Decision By Guyana’s Chief Justice To Block Guyana’s DPP From Charging Police Commissioner Green With Rape Condemned By CGID

Submitted by CGID President Rickford Burke

Guyana's Chief Justice Ian Chang

I strongly condemn the decision of Guyana’s chief justice Ian Chang which enjoined Guyana’s DPP from charging police commissioner Henry Green with rape. The chief justice ruled that there was an insufficiency of evidence for the DPP to base her decision to prefer rape charges against Green.

From his ruling, one can reasonably presume that justice Chang  believes the constitution also invests him with the powers of the DPP or that he thought he was actually trying the case. Neither is true!

I have never seen such misguided, irresponsible judicial over reach anywhere in the Commonwealth Jurisprudence. This decision is gravely repugnant to the constitution and has far reaching, deleterious effects on the criminal justice system, as it effectively alters the constitution.

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Drill Darcy Drill

Minister of State in the Prime Minister's Office, Senator Darcy Boyce

Successive governments in Barbados have been reluctant to engage the people in dialogue, whether about projects on the go or general information. If one did not know better the belief that MPs are the masters and the people the servants would gain currency. Unlike the British system which has  ‘Question Time’ – a system which affords members of parliament the opportunity  to ask government ministers questions in public – Barbadians have to rely on the minister or Prime Minister to cough up information when he or she feel so inclined. The foregoing takes into consideration the system of government we practice is modelled after the Westminster System.

BU selects one issue to illustrate the point. After the Hague Tribunal ruled in the Barbados/Trinidad Maritime dispute in 2006, the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) decided to move full steam ahead with an Offshore Exploration and Production Program. About 70,000 square kilometres were divided into stripes and several oil drilling companies were invited to bid for the rights to explore in the deep waters  off the Northeast coast of Barbados. The rest as they say is history.

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Need to Ensure Consensus Candidate For Speaker Of Guyana’s National Assembly

By Lincoln Lewis, General Secretary Guyana Trades Union Congress

GTUC calls on combined opposition to eschew personalities and embrace acceptable principles in arriving at consensus candidate for Speaker of the National Assembly

On November 28 Guyanese went to the polls and voted to change the way business is conducted in this country. The majority have reposed their confidence in the opposition for the beginning of a new political culture towards the creation of a just society and this opportunity to make a difference must not be squandered.

The GTUC having followed the public discourse in arriving at an appropriate person to support for the Speakership has recognized the opposition departure from fundamental principles to create cohesiveness in arriving at a consensus candidate. The nation is seeing a rallying around personalities rather than principles agreed upon by the parties and this stands the chance of derailing the entire process.

Based on the plurality of the opposition seats in parliament, it is expected that the Speaker of the House would be an opposition consensus candidate who can rise above the partisan flair to put Guyana first. Therefore, it is imperative that this first act of opposition collaboration be successful and amicably resolved without public rancour, or fanning of each group’s sentiments to create animosity; for even as this is done it gives other forces an avenue to fan the flames of mistrust and capitalize on the animosity being created.

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Guyana’s Police Commissioner Henry Green Is Facing Rape Allegations

Submitted by the Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID)


Guyana’s Police Commissioner Henry Green

The Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID) is calling for the removal of Guyana’s Police Commissioner Henry Green to facilitate a thorough and unbiased investigation into allegations he violently raped and falsely imprisoned a thirty-four year old mother of two at gun-point. The woman, the wife of a Guyana Defense Force officer, said the incident occurred at Secret Villa guesthouse, for which she said Green had keys to a room.

CGID President Rickford Burke said in a statement Wednesday that “Although Mr. Green himself as Police Commissioner has countenanced the abridgement of many a citizen’s right to natural justice, as well as egregious violations of human rights, he is entitled to due process and a presumption of innocence until convicted in a court of law.”

Burke however posited that the Institute’s call for Green’s removal is in no way a rush to judgment on the rape allegations. “This position is not a rush to judgment but was informed by a distressing accumulation of red flags including substantiated allegations of other criminal and unethical conduct; a determination by the US government that Commissioner Green ostensibly has criminal associations with and may have benefited from narcotics traffickers; the revocation of his US visa; the unchecked political bias of the Police under his leadership and their systemic failures to adequately fight crime,” he noted.

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Human Rights Protection Guaranteed By Inclusion Rather Than Exclusion

By Lincoln Lewis, General Secretary Guyana Trades Union Congress

The self-serving anti-progressive agenda of government must stop and fundamental human rights must be respected through urgent constitutional change geared towards guaranteeing inclusion rather than exclusion. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on December 10th 1948 is perhaps the single most important universal standard for the safety and security of humankind regardless of race, colour, class, creed, religious, political, or other fundamental differences. The continuous violation of these freedoms, as witnessed in Guyana has produced a state of hopelessness and willful systemic deprivation of those who are perceived not to be supportive of the status quo and not belonging to the same group.

The nation of Guyana was founded on the motto “One People, One Nation, One Destiny” by earlier, progressive thinkers and leaders who recognized that together we can build a united Guyana where all are treated equally, for all are one and there truly is no division that surmounts that which binds us as a people dependent on each other for individual and group survival. As we move further away from the ideal of One People, One Nation, One Destiny, and grow apart, as we fail to embrace these simple tenets and give them meaning and life, we are witnessing exponential increasing evidence of human rights violation, of good governance and nation building.

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Guyana President Donald Ramotar Called On To Denounce Police Barbarity

Submitted by Lincoln Lewis, General Secretary, Guyana Trades Union Congress

Attorney James Bond shows the injuries he sustained - stabroeknews.com

December 6, 2011 is another dark day in the history of this country and coming less than a week after Mr. Donald Ramotar promised this nation “peace and unity.”  Peace and unity are premised on justice and injustice anywhere poses a threat to peace and unity every where. The police shooting of persons engaged in peaceful social action is not where the people of this country desire to go or should be going. This action is a reminiscent of the May 1999 shooting of unarmed striking public servants in front of John Fernandes wharf.

There is an inhumane, naked intolerance for dissent and the rights of citizens of this country.  Guyana is not moving forward but sits in the abyss of socio-economic and political decay caused by human greed, repressive management and an outdated political system unsuited to our need for peaceful co-existence and development.

The United Nations Secretary-General noted in his 2003 Report on strengthening the role of the United Nations in promoting free and fair elections that, “experience has also shown that, just as the price of exclusion is often violence, the benefit of political inclusion is a much better prospect of stability.” This nation desires stability which can only be achieved through political justice since politics is about people, their well-being, and their development.

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Calls For Government Of National Unity In Guyana, Constitutional Reforms To Prohibit Abuse Of power And Guarantee Minority Rights

Submitted by Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy

President-elect Donald Ramotar

The New York based Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID) is calling for a government of national unity in Guyana and has said the declaration of the preliminary results of the November 28, 2011 general elections will abate angst in the population, which was precipitated by an inordinate three-day delay in announcing the results.  The institute has labeled the Chairman of the Elections Commission and the Chief Election Officer “disgracefully incompetent.”

Yesterday Guyana’s Chief Elections Officer Gocool Boodoo declared that the major opposition APNU garnered 139,678 votes or 40.8% of the vote – 26 seats in parliament;  AFC 35,333, 10.3 % of the vote – 7 seats in Parliament and the incumbent PPP -166,340, 48.6 % of the vote  – 32 seats. TUF got 855 votes and no seat in Parliament.

The ruling PPP won the Presidency based on the plurality of the vote – 48.6% but lost its parliamentary majority after losing 4 seats in the election. It faces a historic and bleak situation of a minority government, returning with only 32 seats, while the opposition APNU and AFC have 33 seats combined.

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Delayed 2011 Guyana Election Results

Lincoln Lewis, General Secretary Guyana Trades Union Congress

GTUC calls on GECOM and Dr. Steve Surujbally to hasten the release of the total results for the 2011 elections concluded more than 36 hours ago. The delayed release mars any perception that the poll could be considered successfully conducted, since the process of elections is not concluded until the results are finalized and published. The current delay already gives rise to the perception that there is compromise in the integrity of the count which is a significant part of the process. This is highly unacceptable and places the integrity of the ballot into serious question at this time. Electors must be given all assurances that the end results will be valid. It is important that they maintain calm and peace even as they maintain vigilance.

In a country with 475 000 registered voters, this delay is incongruous and cause for the rising tension that is permeating the post election atmosphere. The successful turnout that has been referred to by observers as “record high” is a sign that the Guyanese people in 2011 have given prominence to their right to vote. They should not be denied timely results of their efforts nor should there be any appearance that the pending results are anything less than credible, transparent and a reflection of their will. Results of approximately 35% of the total votes cast after more than 36 hours close of poll is not sufficient to make an assumption of the end results and may only give rise to skewed results that will create undue concern among the already pensive electorate.

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Delay In Announcement Of Guyana General Elections Results Blasted By CGID

Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission, Dr Steve Surujbally

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK:  The New York based Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID) has slammed the failure of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) to announce preliminary results of yesterday’s general elections in the South American republic as “disgraceful and unacceptable incompetence which all Guyanese must reject.”

In a statement released Tuesday, CGID President Rickford Burke said “It is a shame and disgrace that after all these years of trial and error, and hundreds of millions of dollars in foreign aid, technical support and assistance for capacity building from the international community, the Guyana Elections Commission cannot devise an effective system to transmit results from outlying regions to its headquarters in Georgetown, so as to advise the public of at least preliminary results of an election within a reasonable period after the close of poll.”

Burke, a New York based Guyanese national and former special assistant to the late President of Guyana, Hugh Desmond Hoyte, posited that Guyana only has 470,000 registered voters, and that “election cycle after election cycle, the commission has failed miserably to get this right. The stunning incompetence of the elections commission in this regard is an eyesore to the world and a national ignominy which the Guyanese people must reject out of hand.”

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Guyana General Election 2011 – The Dawn Of A New Era

Lincoln Lewis, General Secretary Guyana Trades Union Congress - Guyana Trades Union Congress Press Statement November 24, 2011

November 28th must be the dawn of a new era. This nation has suffered too much and the people severely deprived for us to continue business as usual. It is time to rebuild our society on the foundation that holds all, bar none, accountable to upholding rights and laws which are essential ingredients to peaceful co-existence, holistic development, and maintaining the sovereignty of our nation state.

The GTUC does not support the call to have November 28th (election day) declared a national holiday. The culture in this society is one where whenever there is a public holiday public transportation draws to a halt. A sizeable portion of this society depends on public transportation to get to the polls and to encourage or make November 28th a holiday would be another attempt to subvert the right of citizens to cast their ballot. The issue of voting is a right in contrast to governance which is a privilege and this right must be zealously protected and let the process start now. Every one needs to vote and be allowed the unhindered opportunity to vote to elect the person(s) to advance their interests and protect their gains. To vote is to bring benefit to your livelihood, community and country. To not vote is to give away your right in determining who manage your affairs and in so doing you have also given away your right to speak about the shortcomings and abuses of those who are foisted on you, since voting is a right and everyone needs to protect this right by turning out in their numbers on the date and within the stipulated time to cast their ballot in determining their future. It is also the first step in participating in decision making as it relates to self and community and must be taken seriously.

The responsibility of law and order in this society, and more so internal security, is vested in the Guyana Police Force and any attempt during the election period by the Private Sector to get involved in any aspect of the police operation is interference in the work of those vested with the legitimate responsibility for law and order. For we take note of their offer to the police of transportation and whatever else is needed, but while this sounds good, most important to us must be, “is it right?” This nation must evolve from accepting what sounds nice to embracing what is right.

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An Open Letter To My Fellow GUYANESE

I support the APNU because it is the only party that will set Guyana on a path to development and modernity – I therefore urge all voters; particularly my family and friends, and all the youth of Guyana, to vote for the APNU on election-day – November 28, 2011

CGID President Rickford Burke

I emphatically endorse the “A Partnership for National Unity” (APNU) and the candidature of Mr. David Granger for President and Dr. Rupert Roopnaraine for Prime Minister.  I urge all voters; particularly my family and friends, and all the youth of Guyana, to vote for the APNU on election-day – November 28.

The PPP has turned Guyana into a crime-ridden, narco-state that is floundering in 20th century perils of economic and social stagnation, underdevelopment, infrastructural collapse, ethnic and political polarization and corruption at the highest levels of government. Clearly, they have set us back 20 years.

I have endorsed the APNU because now is the time for change. Change the PPP to move Guyana forward, as one people with one destiny. Change the PPP to realize a bold, new vision for national harmony, security, and economic and social development. Change the PPP to reset our nation on a path to modernity. Only the APNU can meet this challenge to provide “A Better Life for All Guyanese.”

Representing the widest possible cross-section of citizens, APNU comprises ten political parties and civil society organizations. It’s multi-ethnic, multi-cultural leadership and support-base are a genuine reflection of the full mosaic of Guyanese society. Thus, it is uniquely suited to be entrusted with the future of Guyana.

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Jagdeo and the PPP Mafia Sold-out Guyana’s Security Apparatus To Criminals

By Richard Millington, Research Assistant – George Washington University Law School


Outgoing President, Bharrat Jagdeo

Details are emerging about the contempt US government officials developed for Guyana’s President, Bharrat Jagdeo. Apart from his obvious criminal associations, officials were incensed by Jagdeo’s People’s Progressive Party (PPP) government’s 2006 audacious attempt to use US law enforcement to emasculate the role of then Police Commissioner, Winston Felix. “They aggressively employed draconian measures to undermine Mr. Felix to protect their criminal axis and sought our assistance to enable that subversion,” a US diplomat contends.

Jagdeo’s alleged criminal associations are so far-reaching and alarming that it motivated a senior official of the Colin Powell State Department (DOS) to regard him as a “Mafia” Head of State. Then US Ambassador to Guyana, Ronald Bullen, in a 2006 cable to DOS stated that Guyana was believed to be “a narco-state” and that “If Guyana is a narco-state, then Khan is its leader” – An indication that Jagdeo was compromised and had surrendered governance of the country to Khan’s criminal enterprise.

Felix drew the ire of Jagdeo over his aggressive pursuit of drug lords connected to Jagdeo’s ruling PPP, including now convicted criminal and accused murderer Roger Khan. Currently serving a 15 year sentence in the US for exporting and distributing narcotics in the US, Khan was Jagdeo’s ally and financier of the PPP. The Guyanese President has condemned his arrested in Surinam and extradited to the US, via Trinidad and Tobago, as “another US “rendition.”

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Wife And Son Of Guyana’s Prime Minister Potentially Face Arrest In The US For Child Abduction

Submitted by Rickford Burke


Yvonne Hinds, wife of Guyana's Prime Minister Samuel Hinds

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA: Yvonne Hinds, the wife of Guyana’s Prime Minister Samuel Hinds, and their son Nikolai potentially face arrest for abduction and contempt of court whenever they return to the United States, if they fail to produce Nikolai’s US born son in a Pennsylvania Appeals court next week.

Yvonne and Nikolai Hinds, both of whom reside in Guyana, are accused of violating a Superior court order staying a Family court ruling that awarded them custody of three year-old Marcus Hinds. The Family Court order of October 31 also directed the Child’s mother, Elizabeth Hinds, to hand the child over to the father and grandmother in court following a custody hearing.

The Superior Court stay returned the situation to its “status quo ante” pending the outcome of the appeal. Consequently, the child should have been returned to the custody of  his natural born mother immediately upon issuance of the stay

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Guyana’s Outgoing President Bharrat Jagdeo Accused Of Inciting Racial Violence

Submitted by CGID President Rickford Burke

Guyana's outgoing President Bharrat Jagdeo in a rambling tirade

NEW YORK: The Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID) Sunday launched a scathing condemnation of Guyana’s outgoing president, Bharrat Jagdeo. Accusing the Guyanese leader of stoking racial fears to incite violence and civil conflict as a campaign tactic in the run up to the November 28, general elections, the group charged that Jagdeo violated newly enacted “anti-incitement” laws.

Jagdeo triggered a deluge of outrage Saturday night when at a PPP rally at Bartica, a town in Essequibo county, he railed that if elected the opposition APNU coalition would give criminals guns to kill residents. Bartica is the hub of the gold and diamond mining community and gateway to Guyana’s natural resource-rich interior. The town, an APNU monopoly, suffered a robbery/massacre on February 17, 2008, which claimed twelve lives.

Exploiting the security angst of citizens, Jagdeo speculated that if the opposition wins the November 28 general election criminals would be armed with weapons from security forces. “You have had some theft of weapons from the army in the past but if they were to get into power… they will get the weapons to give to the bandits…“They have a track-record of supporting criminal gangs like those that killed 12 persons in Bartica on February 17, 2008.”

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