Was the CCJ Wrong about Guyana?

The following pieces of documentation will be of interest to members of the BU family who are keenly following events unfolding in Guyana.
Was the CCJ wrong in its recent judgement?

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gecom letter to CRO

Letter to Guyana’s Chief Election Officer from GECOM and his replyOffice of CEOoffice of ceo 2

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  1. APNU+AFC is heir to the long tradition of election-rigging by the People’s National Congress (PNC.) PNC has never won an election in Guyana without rigging it. Historically, the US and UK have assisted them, but this time around, the PNC is on its own.

    • Has there ever been a non controversial election in Guyana? Although this one seems to have grabbed top billing.

  2. A radical and violent minority in Guyana has been terrorizing the majority for decades. I´m not talking about black and Indians, I am talking about dictatorship and democracy.

    Barrow let Burnham carry on in Guyana, Burnham let Guyana Jones carry on his mass murder. It’s time to take down all Barrow monuments.

    Caribbean lives matter!

  3. In Barbados, as in South Africa, we need a truth commission to investigate the political connections between Barrow and Burnham and, if necessary, deny Barrow national hero status.

    Unlike Barrow, our Most Honourable Prime Minister does not suck up to Burnham’s pupils. What a difference, what a noble spirit!

  4. All irrelevant. The glimmer of hope thar Guyana would rise from the ashes to become a golden land has fizzled because of greedy donkey politicians, ingrained racial tensions and treachery.

    We may wish that court decisions would lead to a fair approach, but the reality is that as long as it is run by donkeys there will be no progress.

    Court case is irrelevant, the mindset of these people says it all.

    The only thing to come out of the oil discovery will be wealthy politicians.

    The mass of people of Guyana, black, indian or chinese, will see none of it.

  5. David

    With due respect and thanks, yours is the wrong question.

    The more precise question, especially within the context and recent political history of Barbados, is whether Fruendel Jerome Stuart was right about the Caribbean Court of Injustice.

    As you of all people will recall this writer has demanded that FJS and his accomplices be brought to a popular bar for the crimes committed against the state.

    However, that orientation does not and should not place limitations on us when an opportunity arises to judge or revisit a hotly debated political issue in the last general elections in Barbados.

    Again we ask, was Fruendel Jerome Stuart right about the likes of Saunders et al, as they sit in their ivory towers at the CCJ, pretending to be independent arbiters of law when in fact they are no less political and therefore ‘influenced’ by economic, class and other concerns as everybody else.

    In the case of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana we see unruly children playing with the fire of a race war. And we know with certainty that when such hot battles begin these same unenlightened children will then pretend that they had nothing to do with such violence as if legal violence is not of and in itself their preferred warfare typology,

  6. We also worry why the CCJ believes it has a duty to interfere in party political matters when for decades the privy council, the body which ostensibly it pretends to be mimicking, has demurred on all such matters.

    Was FJS right?

  7. To update the blog ………………..
    The Chairperson of the Elections Commission has subsequently replied to the Chief Election Officer (CEO) doubling down on her first letter.
    This means she continues to insist that the CEO breaks the laws of Guyana in order to follow the irrational mandates of the CCJ.
    Where is the great Sir William Skinner with his zone of peace rhetoric. This is no less than legal warfarism declared against Guyana a ‘sovereign’ country.

  8. @ Pacha
    My position is clear and has been for over fifty years. I hold firm that as poorly or badly the black managerial political class has done in the region, it is not in the interest of black people to give political power to any other racial group.
    The recent history of Trinidad and Tobago , under both Panday and then Pamela Persad-Bissessar bear out my point. They both immediately and openly practiced racism against the blacks. Under Jagan and then Jagdeo , the same thing happened in Guyana. It is one of the realities of these two countries that we have to face and hopefully expunge. You will note that in Barbados, where the whites do not control the political power, they control the black politicians. You will note how Mottley publicly went after Czar Mark Maloney when she was in opposition but now eats out of the palm of his hands.
    You have made the mistake of believing because I am a devout regionalist that I am either ignorant or intellectually incapable of understanding certain realities.

  9. Guyana is failing as a growth driver for the region. The country will sink into agony and civil war. The country’s coloured peoples are not mentally ready for emancipation.

    It would therefore be best to return them to the status of apprentices and leave the oil to the Americans and British.

    What a difference to Barbados which rose above the white peoples in the Corona crisis through excellent crisis management.

  10. Pacha…only this morning i was wondering about Guyana’s republic status and was told that they are sovereign which means they do not have to listen to the CCJs judgement….that is why i don’t get involved in politics…period……everybody got their own agendas and it has nothing to do with the interests and welfare of the population, particularly Guyana’s African descended population, they are very vulnerable, do not know their human rights and are at extreme risk from racists like that known lowlife jagdoe..

  11. We all know Guyana is cursed. The coloured people there will soon be slaughtering each other like animals. As usual, the High White Lords from the North will have to clean up the mess afterwards.

    God obviously wants it that way. Emancipation did not work for them. Why?

    They tell the following story in Guyana: In 1978, not all of Guyana Jones’ disciples died in the mass murder in the jungle. Many survived. So Burnham soldiers had to clean up the mess. They call it Jim Jones´s curse.

    The rest you can figure out for yourself.

    p.s. Baron Lovenfield submitted Lord Mingo´s rigged numbers this morning again. There is NO way out. Guyana is cursed.

  12. David
    You would now know that the CEO;s reply to Gecom has the APNU coalition winning. That letter which you have posted immediately above amounts to this result. The PPP and their financial backers are baulling fuh murder.

  13. Told you so. Guyana is cursed. They alreay prepare their guns to kill each other. There is NO way out. The radical and violent minority won´t hand power over.

    The best thing would be for foreign oil companies to stop their production and CARICOM to move its headquarters to Barbados or Jamaica.

    Get out of this shithole! The sooner the better.

    I will gladly bring Pacha and WARU to Guyana personally. So you can see what happens when savages are left to their fate.

  14. @ David July 11, 2020 2:19 PM

    You know very well who is 100% informed here. That is why I predict the following: at best, we will soon have a bloody civil war, so that CARICOM, the oil industry and all other foreigners will soon be out of this hellhole. All foreigners in Guyana deserve a hazard pay and compensation for pain and suffering for every month in this hellhole.

    When God created hell, He took Guyana as His model.

  15. David
    Yes, but even more interesting are the threats of violence constantly issued by the PPP and there are no responses by their backers, including Mugabe.

    Afro-Guyanese are not like the docile Bajans. Be careful.

    More so, that essentially Black governments and regional institutions would do so much to disempower Black Guyanese is not dissimilar to what they do all the time in places like Barbados.

    • Wasn’t there a call for Mottley to butt out? The decision must be supported in law then deal with the shake out.

  16. @ Pachamama July 11, 2020 2:56 PM

    “Afro-Guyanese are not like the docile Bajans. Be careful.”

    We know that when they cleaned up the mess from Jim Jones. Ask yourself why nearly nobody survived despite the relatively low toxicity of the drink in Jonestown.

    There are good reasons why the police in the USA and UK are so harsh on Guyanese migrants. They are simply very dangerous. We must clearly shift the line between unjustified police violence and justified self-protection.

  17. The Guyanese are also known to be a major security problem in Barbados. I hope Mia Mottley finally draws the right conclusion from the violent nature of these savages and expels them.

    Barbadian lives matter!

  18. “Afro-Guyanese are not like the docile Bajans. Be careful.

    More so, that essentially Black governments and regional institutions would do so much to disempower Black Guyanese is not dissimilar to what they do all the time in places like Barbados.”

    tell them again Pacha….the Black Guyanese are not having any of it this time, especially from these racist black face slave master wannabes…from islands like Barbados that treat their majority black population like slaves, rob them, keep them undereducated, pretend they are better than them and then got the nerve to come out begging the same people for votes around election time,, but i wish them luck come 2023….ticktock.

  19. Sir William
    The people who used to viciously critique the ‘political-managerial class’ are now prominent members of said class. We suggest Ralph Gonzales and George Belle as such but of course there are many, many more.

    We have not made any mistake or underestimation of your powers of discernment, Just wanted to get your position on record.

  20. WARU

    Black people in Barbados and most places tend to play shy when circumstances require an open position of ‘race first’. Seems all other people can so assert, but Afrikan peoples. This foolishness has to stop.

    Their resources belong to them. And ours are always to to given to them.

    This writer knows with certainty that Black people in Guyana have both the will and the means to defend themselves from illegal attempts to make them again slaves of the Hindu-fascism regime of Jagdeo and the PPP

  21. Wunna realize dat de only people accused uh stealing de election was yu black “brudders”? Stupse. De reason nuttin ever changes? Racist whites and Indians and reverse racist blacks like yu idiots. Yu gine really prostitute yuselves to dese frauds just because dem Black like yu and me. Real fvcking shyte.

  22. “Seems all other people can so assert, but Afrikan peoples. This foolishness has to stop.”

    Pacha..as you know we have been trying for years to show Bajans that their attitudes and servile, docile behaviors that they were socialized to practice against themselves for the past 150 years is destructive and spells DOOM for their future generations, that they cannot leave the island in that state of modern day slave mentality that their no good leaders maintained for their own benefit and as they are desperately trying to continue since they noticed that the people ARE WAKING UP……in this 21st century and going forward…..we have tried to wake them up …some have woken but from the fowl slaves on BU …it is clear that even after years, it’s a work in progress still….because we WANT THEM ALL AWAKE…most of them need to take their heads out of that fraud ass bible…the church of UK has been recently telling them ON FACEBOOK that jesus is a fraudulent construct, as we know it is colonial construct to enslave their asses, but will they even believe that now, the brainwash seems final for many of them and they will go to their graves just as they were bred and created to be …mindless, mindwashed, and helpless mentally.

    it’s quite telling that the African descended in Barbados can attack and destroy each other, but no one else….that’s the depth of their mental destruction..

    The bawling will now start in Guyana and if jagdoe tries to perpetrate violence to disrupt the society i sincerely hope they arrest him, put him in a cage and feed that racist only bread and water for 30 years…..


    “GEORGETOWN – The Chief Elections Officer, Keith Lowenfield presented a report to the chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), retired justice Claudette Singh, showing a victory for the ruling coalition, A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) in the disputed March 2 regional and general election.

    Lowenfield who had earlier missed the 11 a.m. (local time) deadline given to him by Singh, in his new report, put the valid votes as 475 118, giving the coalition 236 777 and the main opposition People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) 229 330.keith-lowenfield

    As a result, he has assigned coalition, 32 seats in the 65 member Parliament, 31 to the PPP/C and one seat to three of the smaller opposition parties.”

  23. De only people dat does say “race first” is racists. Wunna is as much a part uh de problem as de white people yuh like to cuss

  24. Granger might still be gracious toward Mia, but the black population she tried to set up is less forgiving, she would be advised to stay her ass out of Guyana and deal with insolvent Barbados, mind her own business and get the slave society theme for her own people out of her head…..before she gets a REAL surprise…

  25. Pacha …and as ya can see we gotta leave cousin Elizabeth’s slaves for her, they are her design and creation, i don’t own any slaves and am not trying to save anyone’s slaves and possessions, that was never my goal.., she can have them, there must be a sacrifice…and they have already volunteered themselves…

    the ones who are deserving will awake as many have already, the rest are just fodder and no one can allow them to stop the flow….some are always left behind….so that others can move forward..

  26. @ Pacha
    Note that as soon as Comrade George Bell joined the BLP/DLP crowd his brother Francis became a judge.
    As for Comrade Gonzalves he has joined the pussyists.
    Things get curiouser and curiouser.
    Alice in Wonderland

  27. @CrusoeJuly 11, 2020 2:59 AM “The mass of people of Guyana, black, indian or chinese, will see none of it.”

    True, true, true.

  28. @TronJuly 11, 2020 1:18 PM ” the High White Lords from the North will have to clean up the mess afterwards… In 1978, not all of Guyana Jones’ disciples died in the mass murder.”

    But Jim Jones was one of the MALE “HIGH WHITE LORDS OF THE NORTH” was he not?

    And how did that work out?

  29. @William SkinnerJuly 11, 2020 6:28 PM “…he has joined the pussyists.”

    What is a pussyists?

  30. @ Cuhdear Bajan
    It’s local talk describing a man who has demonstrated a serious relentless passion in the quest for a certain part of the female’s anatomy. In some islands it is called the cat . Village ram is synonymous.

  31. July 12, 2020


    Today, Guyana’s Chief Elections Officer, Mr. Keith Lowenfield, submitted the elections results to the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM). The lawful process, as promulgated in Section (96) the Laws of Guyana Chapter 1:03 – The Representation of the People Act, must ensue with dispatch to being this election impasse to an end.

    The Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID) has noted with much concern and utter dismay, the bellicose rhetoric by politicians and bureaucrats from the United States, Britain, Canada and the European Union, as well as the Organization of American States (OAS), on Guyana’s elections dispute. Instead of helping to foster a resolution, these parties have adopted an overtly partisan posture in support of the opposition People’s Progressive Party, which is a criminal organization, and are deliberately dividing Guyanese and exacerbating racial hostilities.

    These foreign state and non-state actors have been issuing instructions to Guyanese government officials and members of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), which are reminiscent of slave master commands to slaves on plantations during slavery. Slavery was abolished hundreds of years ago. Guyana is not a plantation. It is a sovereign nation. Guyanese should therefore reject these paternalistic lecturers from Western states whose streets are currently engulfed with violent protests because of undemocratic practices and injustices against citizens of color.

    Everyone is aware that the opposition People’s Progressive Party (PPP) has spent billions of Guyana dollars lobbying foreign governments and international organizations to force GECOM and the Chief Elections Officer (CEO) to count fraudulently cast ballots, obtained through voter impersonation, to secure a victory for the PPP. The OAS has even demonstrated the absurdity of jointly calling for the removal of the nation’s CEO. This is an invasion of Guyana’s sovereignty. Clearly, the OAS is acting as a mouthpiece for the PPP at the urging of high priced Washington lobbyist. Such a move could have serious consequences; including unrest, which PPP members have been inciting from day one.

    The desires of the international community and the Chairman of GECOM cannot supplant the constitution and extant elections laws. Article 162(1)(b) of the constitution compels GECOM to take any action that as appears necessary to ensure impartiality and fairness of elections, and compliance with the constitution and all other elections laws. It is pursuant to this provision, and Section 22 of the Election Law Amendment Act, that the Chairman of GECOM enacted the recount process to address irregularities and alleged fraud in the Region 4 elections results.

    Now GECOM Chairman, Justice Claudette Singh, is refusing to fix additional irregularities, thousands of fraudulent ballots and flagrant voter impersonation and fraud discovered during the said recount. Consequently, Justice Singh has instructed the CEO to knowingly declare fraudulent results that do not reflect the will of the people, which the CEO has refused to do. Both Article 177 (2) of the Guyana constitution and Section (96) of the Laws of Guyana – Representation of the People Act, mandates that the Chairman shall only use the CEO’s report to declare the elections results.

    This impasse exists precisely because of the intransigence and indecisiveness of the Chairman of GECOM. It should be obvious to her by now that regardless of her obdurate refusal to address the PPP fraudulent ballots, the country will not accept her desire to count fraudulent ballots to appease the PPP and their international partners.

    Article 162 of the constitution grants GECOM broad, discretionary powers to ensure the fairness of elections. Justice Singh must stop deceiving the nation and reject fraudulent ballots as provided for in Article 162. Anything less will produce fraudulent results and prolong the impasse. The CEO has submitted his report. It is time to bring the elections to a close. The Chairman must declare the results submitted by the CEO, in accordance with Section (96) of the Representation of the People Act.

    Richard Millington, Esq.

    Director of Communications

    Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID)

  32. We now see that the leading regional prostitute has joined his other co-conspirators in suggesting to the APNU-AFC that they concede.
    Beckles is the very political prostitute a number of old women warned this writer he would be 40 years ago.
    Once Beckles comes on the scene we know the machinations of the money hounds, as he is, operating in the background.
    Unless, we can devise mechanisms to eliminate the mindset he and his ilk represent, this region is dead.

  33. @ Tron July 11, 2020 3:12 PM
    “The Guyanese are also known to be a major security problem in Barbados. I hope Mia Mottley finally draws the right conclusion from the violent nature of these savages and expels them.”

    I take exception to the above statement. My dad was not a security problem. You are trying to denigrate all Guyanese.

  34. @ Pacha
    I wrote a few days ago that Beckles was an intellectual mercenary from the time he said that the NDP was breaking up the work of the BLP and DLP. That was before the NDP had even produced a manifesto.
    He was then being considered as a future leader of the DLP. As the DLP faltered , he later aligned himself with Arthur, as Arthur’s star rose.
    I have not even mentioned how after getting on the anti-Barbados Mutual train; he used the genuine fighters in that battle and then brilliantly carved his way into the good books of the traditional corporate elite.
    All the historians who toiled in the vineyards while Beckles was up in England, were scorned and Beckles became larger than life. Our first historian pop star. Like I was told by a female extremely gifted in public relations: “Hillary looks good in jeans.“
    Nothing beats the ability to manipulate the media. Hillary has perfected the art. There is nothing that he has said in the last thirty odd years that I was not told, as a teenager. I heard from others who were around long before he came and completely dominated the scene along with starry eyed followers who obviously fell for his guile.

  35. Pacha…dont know if u.have any sources but UNCONFIRMED talk is that the despicably racist jagdoe found himself in a mess with contraband in another country.

    Still not officially confirmed.

  36. All I am thinking is that these Guyanese fools are blowing their chance become what they always should have been. There is more than enough for all of them if they would put aside their animosity and distrust.

    After the way we treated them they should be preparing to laugh at us but apparently they prefer to mess up each other.

  37. I have not been following the Guyana situation and was hoping to get good analysis from the writings of Dr Beckles.

    “I join with the current and past Heads of CARICOM, the Honourable Ralph Gonsalves and the Honourable Mia Mottley respectively, and with the former Prime Minister of Barbados, the Honourable Owen Arthur, in calling for the official embrace of the evidentiary truth of the election.”

    In summary “I agree with Bob”..
    Poor me must ask the question “WTF did Bob say? Who won? should all votes count, even those of the dead?”

  38. Barbados had 180 years of control from England and the religious leadership of Quakers before Guyana even became a part of the British Empire.

    Trinidad likewise.

    There are also differences between Trinidad and Guyana.

    One was controlled out of France and the other out of Holland with differing religious influences.

    Both became valuable to England because of the abundance of land and water to grow sugar.

    Neither had enough labour to survive emancipation so other completely different sources of labour were found in India, and China a reflection of the Raj and the increasing power of England at the time in China.

    CARICOM integration will never work because we are all of completely differing experiences.

    We just think different, act different and are different.

    Guess the powers that be can force it to be so.

  39. @ws
    I thought you had been advised it was Sir Hillary.
    I also see the back scratching has extended to both Sagicor chair and CEO who were the recipients of honorary doctorates, from UWI, and the latter also made a “Professor of Practice” at the same institution.

  40. Barbados had 180 years of control from England and the religious leadership of Quakers before Guyana even became a part of the British Empire….(Quote)

    More fiction.

  41. Sand Fly
    Now I am in trouble. Given that it is coming from you, I should probably listen to him, but I do not get his point.
    Saw this word today..
    Maskhole…an ahole who think that they don’t need to wear a mask because the rest of us do…

    🙂 what do you call someone who takes people down a rabbit hole every day 🙂
    I was told it is not a sand fly
    I was told it is not Charles Herbert.

  42. Hal AustinJuly 12, 2020 12:25 PM

    Barbados had 180 years of control from England and the religious leadership of Quakers before Guyana even became a part of the British Empire….(Quote)

    More fiction.


    What are you quibbling about?

  43. “The first European to discover Guiana was Sir Walter Raleigh, an English explorer. The Dutch were the first Europeans to settle there, starting in the early 17th century, when they founded the colonies of Essequibo and Berbice, adding Demerara in the mid-18th century. In 1796, Great Britain took over these three colonies during hostilities with the French, who had occupied the Netherlands. Britain returned control to the Batavian Republic in 1802 but captured the colonies a year later during the Napoleonic Wars. The colonies were officially ceded to the United Kingdom in 1814 and consolidated into a single colony in 1831. The colony’s capital was at Georgetown (known as Stabroek prior to 1812).”

  44. Should the situation in Guyana turn into a hot conflict the rules of war would mean that people like Mia Mottley, Ralph Gonzales, Hilary Beckles et al could be targets.

    These are the regional actors who are fanning the flames of conflict in Georgetown.

    Given these circumstances a deadly military strike against the actors named above is justified.

  45. “In 1621 the government of the Netherlands gave the newly formed Dutch West India Company complete control over the trading post on the Essequibo. This Dutch commercial concern administered the colony, known as Essequibo, for more than 170 years. “

  46. Guyana and Trinidad only became a part of the British Empire because the collapse of the economy of St. Domingue in the early 1790’s, made the price of sugar treble and fortunes were there to be made..

    It thus made financial sense to exploit the windfall.

    French Capital moved to La Louisiane and Cuba to rebuild its sugar output.

    St. Domingue/Haiti then languished as no one wanted to invest in an unstable country where yellow fever was rampant and had killed of 10’s of thousands of French Soldiers and a couple of hundred thousand inhabitants.

    Barbados was a pinprick where sugar output was concerned.

  47. Apparently Granger has things under control…

    still getting UNCONFIRMED reports that piece of filth jagdoe was held in Trinidad with gold and money…..he is the weakest link in Guyana and it is well known…

  48. Guyana would do well to stay away from the leaders in the Caricom group who do not mean the African descended population well, even though the populations who ELECTED THEM are all Black……..the same populations in the Caribbean have to keep their eyes peeled on them so they do not end up victimized and kept in bondage because of these evil, deceitful clowns…

  49. Better to return to the british courts !! I’t would be better to be under the boot of whites than indians!

  50. Indians, back up their racism with money, but, africans back up their anti-racism with prayers to jesus and allah

  51. We see a pattern in the whole region: a violent minority, which is on the lowest level of civilisation, wants to rig elections.

    It is therefore no wonder that Trinidad continues to imprison all its citizens and does not allow entry. So they keep election observers away in August.

  52. You need to stop spreading lies and misinformation…Rowley specifically requested observers to be on the ground for Trinidad’s election…..all over social and other medias just last week.

  53. https://www.nationnews.com/nationnews/news/246640/oas-supports-respect-results-guyana-recount

    I never once heard Beckles call for the dismantling of the toxic and cancerous government CORRUPTION, nor have i ever seen him actively DISMANTLING the structures of racism, apartheid, discrimination, exploitation, oppression and all the evil crimes of thievery committed against his Black people in Barbados by ministers, lawyers and minorities, but he is in another article minding Guyana’s business as though he has some right…mind ya business and work on ridding the island of all the parasites, racists and thieves instead..

    If OAS can RESPECT the recount and final outcome, so should everyone else.

  54. ..Tron…it’s the same poverty just like DBLP caused enabled and condoned generationally in Barbados, through exploitation, racism, oppression and thefts, the only reason it’s more noticeable is because Guyana i believe has at least a 900,000 populaton and is much larger than UK in area…so yes, the poverty will be stark and in your face…but poverty is poverty…no matter the level…and yall need to mind your own dirty business, Guyana has resources, oil, yall don’t even have water…a basic necessity…Guyana has rivers….mind your business.

    Did anyone think they would ever live to see this day..

    “Like the country it serves, the U.S. military is fighting an internal battle against racism, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley said Thursday, but old names and symbols of that enemy are present and strong enough to sow division.

    “Divisiveness leads to defeat,” Milley told the House Armed Services Committee.

    “There is no place in our armed forces … for symbols of racism, bias or discrimination.”

    The Civil War was an “act of treason,” he said. The south’s military leaders betrayed their nation profoundly, and still, many military installations bear their names, according to Milley.

    “It was an act of treason at the time against the union, against the stars and stripes, against the U.S. Constitution, and those officers turned their back on their oath.”

  55. WARU,

    Lovenfield is now to present the election results for the third time.

    For all neutral observers it is crystal clear that the native peoples in Guyana cannot govern themselves. It is time to give the oil wells away to the Americans and Europeans, because they alone know how to exploit raw materials skilfully. Let the native peoples of Guyana pursue their tribal feuds. The most important thing is that the oil supply of the north is secured. The rest doesn´t really matter.

  56. The Indigenous African must be aware of workers’ rights at all times, especially in vulnerable societies in the Caribbean/Americas where greedy exploiters and oppressors calling themselves employers still carry a colonial slave master mentality and lurk to take advantage.of and rob helpless victims, while the local leaders enable and collude with these crimes against those who are unable to fight back. I remember when some Vincentians were brought into the island to work construction for the lowlife likes of Bjerkham and Tempro etc, the usual minority racists, parasites and thieves, they were mistreated so badly, slave like treatment, that they had to go to the newpapers, expose it, and beg to be returned to St. Vincent, Ms. Fighting Imperialism aka Mia, said nothing about that when she whirlwind herself up to the ILO telling lies. Even worse, they allow Bajan workers to go to certain countries and work under horrible conditions, then boast how well their seasonal slave like worker programs are going. Frauds.

    ▼Article XXVII. Labor rights
    1. Indigenous peoples and individuals have the rights and guarantees recognized in national and international labor law. States shall take all special measures necessary to prevent, punish and remedy any discrimination against indigenous peoples and individuals. 2. States, in conjunction with indigenous peoples, shall adopt immediate and effective measures to eliminate exploitative labor practices with regard to indigenous peoples, in particular, indigenous children, women and elderly persons.

    Where indigenous peoples are not effectively protected by the laws applicable to workers in general, States, in conjunction with indigenous peoples, shall adopt all necessary measures to: a. protect indigenous workers and employees in relation to hiring under fair and equal conditions in both formal and informal employment; b. establish, apply, or improve labor inspection and the enforcement of rules with particular attention to, inter alia, regions, companies, and labor activities in which indigenous workers or employees participate; c. establish, apply, or enforce laws so that both female and male indigenous workers: i. enjoy equal opportunities and treatment in all terms, conditions, and benefits of employment, including training and capacity building, under national and international law; ii. enjoy the right of association, the right to form trade unions and participate in trade union activities, and the right to collective bargaining with employers through representatives of their own choosing or through workers’ organizations, including traditional authorities;

    iii. iv. v. are not subject to discrimination or harassment on the basis of, inter alia, race, sex, origin, or indigenous identity; are not subject to coercive hiring systems, including debt servitude or any other form of forced or compulsory labor, regardless of whether the labor arrangement arises from law, custom, or an individual or collective arrangement, in which case the labor arrangement shall be deemed absolutely null and void; are not forced to work in conditions that endanger their health and personal safety; and are protected from work that does not conform to occupational health and safety standards;
    vi. receive full and effective legal protection, without discrimination, when they provide their services as seasonal, occasional, or migrant workers, as well as when they are hired by employers, such that they receive the benefits of national laws and practices, which shall be in accordance with international human rights laws and standards for this category of workers; d. ensure that indigenous workers and their employers are informed of the rights of indigenous workers under national law and international and indigenous standards, and of the remedies and actions available to them to protect those rights. 4. States shall take measures to promote employment of indigenous individuals.

  57. Yep, now the little minority racists, exploiters,, oppressers and thieves in Barbados and their sidekicks in the parliament and bar association …ARE TRULY FAMOUS worldwide…..suck on that…

  58. Lol. I was looking for somewhere to put this. Those who have read it dont think that Mia’s big brain…ah did not say intelligent…plan has already fallen apart..

    “A friend just sent me a copy of this article from the Times newspaper.

    “Barbados may not be a dream ticket after all
    July 12 2020, 6.00pm

    The prime minister of Barbados, Mia Amor Mottley, issued an invitation to the world, offering year-long visas to the many millions who have discovered that no one really needs them to be physically in the office. Last year 2.4 million visitors spent £872 million in Barbados, 40 per cent of the island’s GDP. She wants to turbocharge those numbers. Anyone who can work remotely, she said, is welcome to do so from the comfort of a beachside villa. And with just 98 Covid-19 cases and seven deaths, you can leave your mask in London or Los Angeles; the only second wave you need to worry about is the one that comes with a surfboard. Best of all, Mottley implied, the Barbados government will throw in 3,000 hours of sunshine annually — for free!
    By offering her “welcome visas”, Ms Mottley threatens to upend orthodox thinking about the most sensitive topic in the world — immigration. For almost a century, migrants have flooded from poor countries such as Italy and Ireland to North America; the poor and huddled masses have swept from the south across the Mediterranean and across the Balkans to western Europe. Immigration policy has been all about defending the borders of Europe and North America. Yet while this weekend the UK announced a £700 million plan to close the UK’s doors to immigration, Barbados is throwing the gates open. Ms Mottley clearly believes that Covid-19 and the digital revolution could both reverse the tide and transform the narrative.
    Before we get carried away, let me enter a note of scepticism about Barbadian claims. West Indians, like everyone else, have their own vanities and prejudices, mostly about each other. The Guyanese consider themselves the smartest, best educated people in the region; everyone else thinks of us as manipulative, devious and all too ready to resort to the dark arts of Obeah to get our way. Trinidadians present themselves as carnival charmers, full of ready wit and joie de vivre; others paint them as party-mad scammers who never know when to shut up. And I won’t even start on the Jamaicans, since I know what’s good for my health.
    But a special obloquy is reserved for the Bajans (of whom there are several on both sides of my family). Their self-regard is legendary. Anthony Trollope wrote of their plantocracy that “no people ever praised themselves so constantly”. The travel writer Patrick Leigh Fermor said that the island “reflects most faithfully the intellectual values and prejudices of a golf club in Outer London”. It won’t surprise anybody in the Caribbean that “Little England” thinks that its offer is irresistible.
    Yet there is definitely something in the sales talk. Barbados has been politically stable since 1625, and its per capita income is consistently higher than all its neighbours. Ms Mottley is the first leader anywhere to acknowledge that the Fourth Industrial Revolution could free us from the constraints of geography; lockdown may be the wormhole that pulls the workplace into a new future. Politically, her scheme could be an ingenious antidote to the national populism sweeping the globe. The Caribbean, where almost everyone’s ancestors hail from somewhere else, is the ideal laboratory to find a formula that neutralises the corrosive pull of tribe and nation. It is one of the few places on earth where no one needs to feel like or look like a stranger.
    There will, of course, be a price to pay. You can drive around the island in a third of the time it takes to fly from Gatwick; nearly 300,000 residents squeeze into a space roughly the size of the Isle of Wight, which claims less than half the population resident on “Bimshire”. It is already prohibitively expensive to live on its glamorous Caribbean-facing western shores. Another bunch of tech-savvy hipsters could turn the island into a high-tech San Francisco, where property prices averaged over £1 million last year, and beggars slept in the streets by the thousand.
    The woke generation would also be disappointed by the fact that across the Caribbean social attitudes are distinctly conservative. The God of the Old Testament is in evidence everywhere, and every English-speaking Caribbean nation outlaws homosexuality, with punishments up to life imprisonment still on several statute books.
    Of course, the place is stuffed with billionaires and rich entertainers, but it isn’t all rum and Coca-Cola for those who “come from foreign”. The “redlegs” of Barbados’s eastern coast are the descendants of some 50,000 or so Catholics shipped out by Oliver Cromwell to the West Indies as indentured servants — slaves, to all intents and purposes — during the conquest of Ireland. The sun is not kind to red-haired, pale-skinned Celts, hence the nickname. They are now an elderly, interbred, poverty-stricken community, largely looked down upon by their neighbours.
    So before you start packing the laptop and sarong, grooving along to “woah, we’re going to Barbados”, think long and hard. What today looks like a straightforward full toss could turn out to be a googly.”

  59. “Anthony Trollope wrote of their plantocracy that “no people ever praised themselves so constantly”. The travel writer Patrick Leigh Fermor said that the island “reflects most faithfully the intellectual values and prejudices of a golf club in Outer London”. It won’t surprise anybody in the Caribbean that “Little England” thinks that its offer is irresistible.”

    how many times have we told them that they nauseatingly over self prasie themselves….self praise is not praise, always pimping for credit is tacky…so we done know where the black population got their lack of self confidence from and are always looking for praise and credit, a learned behavior from slave masters…ugly.

  60. Cutting and pasting crap can be very boring. Cutting and pasting crap from Trevor Philips is even worse. Look at what he says about Guyanese.
    Very strange man.

  61. Hal,

    Those who challenge our leader Mia Mottley should look at Guyana. People there even cannot count to 65. For them, the majority of 65 is not 33, but 34. Even Chris Sinckler is brighter than that.

    There is no Barbadian condition, but surely a specific Guyanese condition.

  62. John @11:26 a.m. IS A LIAR!!! WTF do you mean there was not “enough labour” after emancipation ????? Where did all the SKILLED,formerly enslaved africans disappear to…Mars??? Europeans (English, French, Dutch etc) purposefully brought racist indians, with their racist anti-african religion (Brahminism/Hinduism), to the caribbean and elsewhere to avoid paying their former enslaved JUST wages and to undercut their economic upward mobility!!…A maliciously racist act!This is documented history! Those plantation owners knew that Brahminism (Hinduism) teaches its devotees to despise and black skin and African facial features! Brahminism inspires the relentless pursuit of the enslavement of african people…while feigning victimhood! Also, indians were meant to be a “buffer” race between africans and europeans…which they are.There was no “shortage” of labour, that is all propagandist, racist indian lies!!!!

  63. Felicia,

    Your white masters from Great Britain have done a great job on you. They trained you well. LOL.

    Don’t you know that the US supports one party in Guyana and the British support the other party? This creates maximum chaos and weakens the negotiating position of the Guyanese. So the Americans and the British pay less for the oil.

    Guyana will still be a poor hellhole in 10 or 100 years, because the population is tearing each other apart like dogs.

  64. “Cutting and pasting crap can be very boring.”

    typing useless shite is even worse…try contributing something useful instead of the constant whining like a little bi*ch.

    “to the caribbean and elsewhere to avoid paying their former enslaved JUST wages and to undercut their economic upward mobility!!”

    still happening today, especially in Barbados where those thieving racist minorities descendants of UKs rejects sabotage with the help of the dummies in the parliament any upward mobility and the wealth of the majority, stealing their money and any opportunities from generations of the young…..it was malicious and it’s still happening.

    we know who the culprits are, now to get rid of them..

  65. The civil war has begun. The Americans and Canadians announce first sanctions.

    The savages set fire to the prison, military installations and to a building of the election commission. Soon the city center of Georgetown will be on fire. Let us wait and see when the first car bombs go off.

    If Mia Mottley is smart, she will lure CARICOM headquarters to Barbados to strengthen our economy.

  66. Bachelor’s degree never existed
    Staff Reporter
    By Staff Reporter
    July 17, 2020

    Dear Editor

    I AM neither a supporter of the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) nor A Partnership for National Unity + Alliance For Change (APNU+AFC) coalition, so my writing is neutral.

    It is shocking beyond disbelief how the media has sanitised the issue of the “dr” Irfaan Ali’s phony education. Phony “dr” Ali is unqualified to be President of Guyana.
    Please publish the address and phone number of the West Demerara College, date it was established, date, if it was closed, and accreditation. Without proper accreditation, the institution would be considered as a “diploma mill.” If it is still in operation, please list a few of the degrees being offered. Contact information of colleges/universities is public information. Certainly, a lot of Guyanese, including myself (although I was educated in the US) would like to get a degree from this phantom college. I have asked several people for the information but nothing has been forthcoming, including one media outlet which is pro-PPP.

    Guyana loves to compare itself with America and clearly the US Ambassador, Sarah-Ann Lynch, has been meddling in local affairs which is not the duty of a foreign service officer. Lynch and the squad (Canadian Chatterjee, British Quinn), should be ashamed of themselves of being “dr” Ali and the PPP’s lackeys. Lynch, of most people, should have expounded on the phony “dr” Ali’s qualifications. Since Guyana’s politicians love to compare themselves with the United States, Lynch knows the adverse ramifications if a politician, or for that matter, any public official being caught with phony educational credentials: their political careers would be doomed, Yet Lynch has accepted this fake “dr” Ali and failed to speak one word about his phony education. Get real Sarah-Ann Lynch, speak on this phantom West Demerara College or stop running your mouth about Guyana’s political affairs and exit the country. We don’t need you here to be a biased supporter of a phony “dr”.
    It’s clearly illegal for “dr” Ali to call himself a “Dr” because the bachelor’s degree never existed. In the United States, it is highly illegal for someone to present a fake degree and that is exactly what Irfaan Ali has done, supported by the squad from the ABC countries.

    Obtaining a phony bachelor’s degree from the West Demerara College that doesn’t exist certainly invalidates the master and doctorate of the phony “dr” Ali. Hence, it could say much for University of the West Indies as just as bad. It appears as though once a person has a position, title and could pay for the degree, they get it. Bravo to you phony degree holders. Irfaan Ali, with his phony degrees, is not qualified to be President.

    The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) between 1980 and 1991 in the United States, Operation Dipscam, yield more than 20 convictions and more than 12,500 fake graduates including government officials were identified. Surely, Ambassador Lynch must be aware of this, yet she is complicit with “dr” Irfaan Ali’s phony degree from the West Demerara College.

    P. Haniff

    Published in the Guyana Chronicle

  67. The people who have ultimate disrespect for the African race

    In my column of Monday, May 25, 2020 under the title: “The APNU+AFC losing the battle because of their insults,” I wrote the following – “Here is what one of Guyana’s most prominent diaspora supporter of APNU told me on Thursday night. There will be no sanctions against Guyana should the Granger government remain in power because the congressional Black caucus in the US will not allow it. Here is my take on how they will stop it.”
    The Congressional Black Caucus has 59 members. These are people who have dedicated their lives and politics to the entitlement of Black people in America. These are people whose lives are under scrutiny because once they falter the white right-wing press, the white dominated Republican Party and the Trump Government will immediately try to dirty them.
    Three times since the attempts to rig the election, beginning with Mingo’s public statistical masturbation, Guyanese- American citizens went to the Black Caucus to support rigged elections in Guyana. On each occasion, they were diplomatically informed that the issue will be looked into.
    On all three occasions, these usual suspects (all of us in Guyana know who these worms and rats are), deceived the members of the Black Caucus whose support they requested. These rats and worms are stupid to the point that they are not fit to even be seen talking to the Black Caucus.
    The era in which you can live in England and fool people living there about your devious tales in Guyana is long gone. We live in a world where in London when you tell Mary that her friend Margaret Jones is lying about domestic abuse, all Mary has to do is type on her keyboard while on the internet and the following line, “Margaret Jones in Guyana accuses her husband of domestic abuse” appears.
    That search will reveal several items where it will show stories of how abusive Jones’ husband is. So what did these gutter rats tell the Black Caucus? Here it is and herein lies the disrespect these African Guyanese surrogates have for the African race. They told the people that a Black party is under siege in Guyana where an Indian party, Indian money and an American lobbying firm rigged the 2020 election to deny Black Guyanese their entitlements in Guyana.
    Contemptuous of the intelligence of the Black Caucus, these powerful congress people went and did their research. And guess what? They came across statements by people they know intimately and who are their friends. And who are these people? Some very big names in the African race – Former Barbados Prime Minister, Owen Arthur; former Jamaican Prime Minister, Bruce Golding; current Trinidadian Prime Minister, Keith Rowley; current Barbados Prime Minister, Mia Mottley; former Attorney-General in the British government, and current Secretary-General of the Commonwealth, Baroness Scotland.
    The rats and worms failed and never returned to see the Black Caucus. The American legislators knew they were deceived. But more importantly, the Black Caucus read the condescending, abusive and defaming descriptions that were heaped upon these gigantic Caribbean figures.
    These rats and worms were willing and nasty enough to see damage come to the credibility of the Black Caucus because there was no PPP conspiracy in the 2020 election. The Black Caucus was given evidence that Mingo, Lowenfield, and David Granger and his acolytes in the PNC, AFC and WPA were attempting to rig the Guyana election since March.
    Imagine the embarrassment when members of the Black Caucus went to their fellow Democratic legislators and the Democratic Senators and request that they protect the Granger presidency from PPP riggers only to find out that it is Granger and his acolytes that are rigging the elections and for four months have defied the world.
    We aren’t hearing anything about the Black Caucus. The worms and rats are parading in front of the world cussing down past and present CARICOM leaders, cussing down the Caribbean Court of Justice jurists, cussing down the diplomatic envoys in Guyana from the ABC countries and the EU but there is not even one rat or worm that is quoting a member of the Black Caucus that is in support of Granger or Harmon. Harmon is rumoured to be an American citizen and is supposed to have given up his American citizenship but to date there is no proof available that he did so.
    So I end with my quote from my May column. The Black Caucus was supposed to stop sanctions. These African Guyanese really think the African race consist of stupid people so they can fool them. But then again, they are fooling their own African brethren here in Guyana.


  68. Election Riggers to be informed of visa revocation – US Ambassador

    The US Embassy informed the press yesterday that those persons found to be undermining democracy in Guyana, and those who are complicit, will be informed that their visas have been revoked, and that they will not be allowed to travel to the United States of America.
    US Ambassador to Guyana, Sarah-Ann Lynch, hosted a virtual press briefing yesterday to discuss the announcement of those sanctions by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo the day before, which form part of an “initial tranche of visa restrictions”. Pompeo demanded that President David Granger step aside, as his coalition has actively been supporting the frustration of a declaration of the results of the transparent recount process.
    The Ambassador gave few details of the sanctions being imposed, pointing to US privacy laws preventing her from doing so.
    “Visa records are confidential under US law; so we are not able to identify the individuals or provide details on any individual visa case.”

    She would not say how many persons are involved or what categories they fit under, only that the restrictions have already begun and that such action is long overdue. The Consular Affairs section of the US Embassy, Kaieteur News understands, will be reaching out to the offenders to notify them.
    Kaieteur News understands too that in excess of 50 persons have been targeted with visa restrictions so far, including Government ministers, APNU+AFC officials, GECOM officers, judicial officers, coalition financiers and even media operatives.


  69. Trump and Pompeo????????


    But they don’t have any shame?????

  70. Donna,

    It is an illusion to believe that one party or ethnic group in Guyana is better than another. Violence is part of their national DNA and not limited to a certain group of people.

    It would be best if Barbados issued a permanent travel warning for Guyana.

  71. Dominic Gaskin makes final appeal to APNU+AFC: `You are losing political ground. You cannot win this battle. Find a way out today’.

    The statement that follows was issued tonight by former Business Minister and member of the AFC, Dominic Gaskin on his Facebook page.

    It is no secret that the PPP and the PNC rely heavily on the Indo- and Afro-Guyanese populations respectively for their electoral votes. I tend to shy away from race issues because I believe that the process of enlightenment is an intergenerational one in which our actions speak louder than our words. Having said this I feel compelled, as the proud son of a black man, to comment on the future of Afro-Guyanese political leadership, in the context of the current situation.

    I find it regrettable that the younger generation of Afro-Guyanese politicians, should they choose to further their political careers within APNU or the AFC, will be saddled with the consequences of what has taken place over the last four months. This year, I have seen many bright shining young stars from all the political parties, and it is my sincere belief that those in the APNU+AFC camp will pay the heaviest price for what has occurred. While I hope that this does not happen, I cannot ignore the PNC’s prolonged stint in opposition post-1992.

    To my colleagues in the Coalition I make one final appeal. You are losing political ground. You cannot win this battle. Find a way out today. It will be easier than trying to do so tomorrow. And for God’s sake stop abusing everyone who dares to suggest that you lost the election. There is not a shred of evidence to suggest otherwise.


  72. Guyana says no to VOA relay to Venezuela

    …Gov’t turns down US request to use its frequency to broadcast in Venezuela

    THE Government of Guyana has turned down a request by the United States Government to relay Voice of America content to Venezuela utilising one of this country’s medium wave towers.
    Guyana Chronicle was told that the request was made through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which, in turn, channelled the request to the Ministry of Public Telecommunications. Guyana Chronicle was able to obtain a copy of the memo from the Foreign Affairs Ministry to the Ministry of Public Telecommunications.

    The memo by the Foreign Affairs Ministry said that it wished to bring to the attention of the Ministry of Public Telecommunications a request made by the US Government Broadcasting Board of Governors for one of Guyana’s medium wave towers to be used to reach populations in Venezuela. “The US Broadcasting Board relayed that their technical team has informed them that Guyana has four Medium Wave allocations registered. They are 1010kHz, 7000Khz; 760kHz and 560kHz,” the memo from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Ministry of Telecommunications read.

    It added: “In this regard, the broadcasting team would like to know if the following would be possible: Would the 560kHz station lease any time to VOA? Would Guyana be open to issuing a licence to VOA to put a new signal on MW, either on an existing allocated frequency or a new one? If so, could the power be increased to 50 kw, either on an existing frequency or a new one?

    In an invited comment Director of Communications at the Ministry of the Presidency, Ariana Gordon, said the government’s position is that “Given the length of an unpoliced western border, the influx of refugees, the unsettled territorial question and the public health risks, it would not be in our national interest to do anything to contribute to destabilising relations at this time.”



    Only recount figures can be used for elections declaration – Chief Justice

    Validity of Recount Order
    …10 ROs’ declaration set aside, CEO cannot be “lone ranger”
    …CEO’s, AG’s arguments “hopelessly flawed” – CJ rules
    Chief Justice Roxane George on Monday ruled that Order 60 (the recount order) which establishes how the national elections recount process should unfold that was challenged by APNU/AFC supporter, Misenga Jones, was in fact properly constructed.

    Res judicata
    Res judicata is a legal principle that speaks to ensuring finality in litigation. The doctrine of res judicata applies where a matter has been adjudicated on by a competent court so that the matter cannot be re-litigated. In its literal sense, the term means that a matter has already been finally settled by judicial decision and is not subject to further appeal. Justice George on Monday said that in order for the doctrine to be applicable, three essential conditions must be satisfied: 1) there must be an earlier decision covering the issue; 2) there must be a final decision on the merits of that issue, and 3) the earlier suit must involve the same parties or parties in privity with the original parties. She added that once satisfied, the principle bars the same parties from litigating on the same claim or any other claim arising from the same transaction or subject-matter that was or could have been raised in the first suit. Thus is precluded continued litigation between the same parties in respect of essentially the same cause of action. The concomitant waste of judicial resources is avoided.
    Based on the plethora of reliefs sought by Jones and her Counsels, most of whom were in the composition of both Eslyn David and Ulita Moore’s cases, the CJ was asked to determine whether the case was res judicata.


  74. Lowenfield served with court notice of fraud charges

    The Chief Elections Officer (CEO) Keith Lowenfield was moments ago served with court notice of his charge after evading Court Marshals for over three weeks.
    Opposition People’s Progressive Party (PPP) member Desmond Morian and The New Movement Party (TNM) executive Dr. Daniel Josh Kanhai filed the private criminal charges against Lowenfield which include the Conspiracy to Commit a Felony, and Misconduct in Public Office.
    “Mr. Lowenfield,” Kanhai said “has been evading the summons but fortunately, after careful planning and strategy, he was served at GECOM Secretariat’s office.”
    The CEO is expected to be present in Court tomorrow morning, July 24th, 2020, at 9:00hrs to face the charges brought before him.
    “Justice must prevail so that the will of the Guyanese people be respected,” Kanhai added.


  75. Lowenfield placed on $450,000 bail for fraud charges

    Chief Elections Officer Keith Lowenfield made his first court appearance at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court, earlier this morning, in relation to the private criminal charges filed against him.

    Lowenfield was slapped with three private criminal charges regarding conspiracy to commit fraud and breach of trust in public office. They were filed by private citizens Josh Kanhai and Desmond Morian.

    He was granted bail in the sum of $450,000; $150,000 on each charge.

    The CEO is being represented by Attorneys Nigel Hughes and Senior Counsel Neil Boston.

    The embattled CEO is expected to make his next court appearance on August 14.

    Kanhai, a member of The New Movement (TNM) party, filed a charge claiming that Lowenfield between March 5 and June 23, 2020, conspired with person(s) unknown to commit the common law offence of fraud when he submitted his Election Report dated June 23 which included figures that altered the results of the elections.

    Meanwhile, Morian is contending that Lowenfield, while performing his duties as CEO of GECOM, ascertained the results of the March 2 elections “knowing the said results to be false”, the said wilful misconduct amounting to a breach of the public’s trust in the office of the CEO.

    Morian subsequently filed a third charge contending that Lowenfield conspired with person or persons unknown to use Returning Officer Clairmont Mingo’s fraudulent figures to prepare a report that was submitted to GECOM Chairperson, Retired Justice Claudette Singh, back in March.

    The national recount exercise shows that the PPP/C won the elections with 233,336 votes. But Lowenfield has repeatedly refused to submit his final elections report with those figures.


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