PPP Government Using Ethnic Politics In Diplomatic Accreditation Process

Submitted by Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy

Donald Ramotar, President of Guyana

The New York based Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID) is blasting Guyana’s  PPP government’s clandestine efforts to force Italy to revoke the appointment of Attorney at law Nigel Hughes as its Honorary Consul in Guyana.   The CGID condemnation is the latest salvo fired at the Guyana government which this week found itself embroiled in an odious diplomatic fiasco regarding Italy’s top envoy in Guyana.

Italian government officials disclosed that Guyana’s ambassador to Venezuela, Geoffrey Da Silva earlier this week demanded of the Italian Ambassador to Venezuela that the Italian Government immediately remove Hughes’ appointment.

“The persecution and victimization of Nigel Hughes is part of the PPP’s ongoing design of ‘ethnic cleansing.’ They continue to attempt to exercise ethnic dominance over Guyana. Their intent is to cutoff Afro-Guyanese from participating in Guyana’s polity,” the institute said in a statement Wednesday.

Attorney at law Nigel Hughes

Hughes was recently elected chairman of the parliamentary opposition party – Alliance for Change (AFC), replacing current Speaker of Parliament Raphael Trotman. The combined parliamentary opposition constitutes the majority in Parliament. He has been severely critical of the PPP government’s handling of the Linden crisis where Police shot and killed three residents protesting a three hundred percent increase in electricity tariffs.

Italian officials said Da Silva informed their Ambassador in Venezuela that the PPP government of Guyana would not accredit or recognize Nigel Hughes as Honorary Italian Consul to Guyana since as he is now Chairman of the AFC.

Hughes says he has been acting as Honorary Consul for Italy for in excess of eighteen months and that the government has overlooked his accreditation. He observed that his application for accreditation as Honorary Consul for Italy was submitted at the same time as the application for accreditation of the Honorary Consul for Finland Mr. Abdool, more than eighteen months ago.

Abdool is an East Indian. East Indians are the support base of the ruling PPP. Abdool’s accreditation as Honorary Consul for Finland was approved within six weeks of submission while Hughes’ application has been disregarded months before he became chair or the AFC.

CGID President Rickford Burke said Hughes’ case is one of “racial and political victimization by a PPP ethnocracy” which acts as if they own Guyana. He accused President Donald Ramotar of “advancing his predecessor, Bharrat Jagdeo’s, malicious ethnic and political persecutions of Afro- Guyanese.”

Burke said that the Guyana government is embarrassing itself in the eyes of the world as its nefarious motivations are obvious. He contended that former Minister of Trade and Industry Maniram Persaud functioned as Consul for the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago while serving as a Minister of the said PPP government. It is preposterous that what’s good for East Indian Maniram Persaud of the PPP is bad for Afro-Guyanese Nigel Hughes of the AFC! Is the PPP fostering a society of double standards and racial supremacy?” he asked.

“Frankly the leaders off the PPP ethnocracy have one objective; that is to shut out Guyanese black from every aspect of national life. They want to ethnically occupy every inch of political space in the country and relegate blacks to second-class citizens. Their underlying philosophy is ruthless bigotry,” Burke posited.

Hughes released a statement today which quoted a former consul as saying of the PPP government “They don’t even have the pride in themselves to offer a credible excuse. This poor country will have a hard time surviving the next few years. They don’t realize that having quality people in these positions is to their advantage. They feel that they are denying you something when in fact you are the one who is giving at no cost but a big advantage to them.”

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