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Adrian Loveridge Column – Sleight Promotion

Delivering consistently good customer service, across the board, has for a long time has been one of the greatest and contentious challenges on Barbados.  And even if locals have been conditioned to accepting the many failings, our visitors are starting to rebel, contending whether increasingly high prices, are indeed offering actual value-for-money or justifying the prices charged. While running a

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Pay the Ransom

I visited the Bahamas to examine the damage from Hurricane Dorian. When I returned, I received a message from Flow to pay my phone bill. They said that I owed $383. Using Internet Banking, I paid $400 – then Flow blocked me from making calls from my cell phone. After three days of inconvenience, I called Flow. They said that

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Important Message for CEO of LIAT – It is Christmas for Crissakes!!!

Submitted by Hotelier Adrian Loveridge ———- Original Message ———- From: andrew oneill <xxxxxxxxxx@hotmail.com> To: “xxxxxxxsxs@caribsurf.com” Date: December 23, 2019 at 8:57 AM Subject: Liat problem My Loveridge, dear sir I am a huge fan of your column.  I recently had a problem with Liat and am not sure what to do. My mother in law in visiting for Ukraine she

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The Legacy Curse of Slavery

By now, it should be evident to everyone, that the long-line, long-wait, high-tax method of managing Barbados has not changed.   There is one notable exception. As a semi-frequent traveller, I would rate my recent GAIA arrival experiences as the best of all countries to which I have ever travelled.  On my most recent flight, I was out of the

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Adrian Loveridge Column – Welcome to Barbados Mr and Mrs Tourist

Returning recently to Barbados on a British Airways flight, landing early from a near freezing Gatwick Airport, it was a real treat to clear entry formalities using the automated passport kiosks in seconds. Then being finally processed by a warm welcoming female Immigration officer. With only cabin baggage, passing through the red channel was just as trouble free, with time

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Too Much Kung Fu

I recently examined category 5 hurricane damage in the worst affected Bahamian islands.  As usual, it was the simple things that caused unnecessary building failures.  I plan to publish our findings, for the benefit of home-owners, in a subsequent article. To visit the Bahamian islands and return home, I had to go through airport security eight times.  After the collapse

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