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  1. This shall be a good one…..Coverley $345,000 lower income houses being built by private capital …..with not many lower incomers in that bracket…a Rice Bowen lickup over some dubious contracts pin-a-lings…Indar Weir this is your chance to lick cork ….. the offerings look too sweet..when hearings bout contract- witches holes… such kite tails that don’t really need a travel agent’s license to easily haul down

  2. @onions
    Indar Weir doesn’t have the engine or the gas to railroad Lashley. It will take an “October surprise” of immense magnitude to even begin to stand a chance. (and this is possible if rumours have any validity to them).

  3. As i heard him referred to somewhere on this blog once, “Under Weir” is going to get some hot lashes in this race. Michael Lashley is the easily the best Minister of Housing this country has had in the last 20 years- Hands Down! He knows the constituency and has been working at the community level with many schools and groups not recently but for many years. Consistently a high performer and a lightweight non performer like Weir should stick very close to his travel business as he will still need it after the election because it is the only job he will have.
    Advantage – Lashley – He has earned the respect of Barbadians from both parties with his tenacity and hard work.

  4. poor choice. mrl lashley can relax even in the face of discontent against the party and help the other belegured candidates by expostulating on his successes in housing.

  5. Success in housing …hmmmm…for real now balance….how many lower incomers could afford a $ 346,000 Coverley house…..man I thought we had dismissed that argument eva sense ?….What is left standing is $ 83,000 14ft Triangles…called starter houses…..I don’t think you would take roost in ona those ? I will try to see if i can research a pic of one of these ” isosceles “in the interest of the blog …deal ?

  6. Observing,
    Do you have any idea why a man who used to be in your face everyday telling Barbadians “We have to clean up the mess the BLP left behind, clean up the mess”…………………… why you cant hear or see him? Maybe he now has mess to clean up! Last week was the first time in weeks I heard a word out of him and at that he was acting for the AG.

    The DLP has built houses but how many are occupied? How many have been sold? Dont you know that many are not sold because they are not value for money? Yes, he may very well win back as money will be no problem for him!

  7. Again;

    To be fair re. the Coverley Houses. I visited the Coverley Villages and, If I had the money, I would buy one tomorrow as a cosy retirement home where one could relax and have all the necessary amenities nearby. The entire package, which isn’t the house alone, but the amenities and quality of the finishes, project a seemingly upper scale impression of the development when one actually visits, not just look at them from the Highway. The houses vary from 280 ish thousand to 350 ish thousands and so cannot be classified as lower income by any means. Their main drawback is the apparent closeness of the homes but anyone who has lived in North America in similarly designed graduate student accomodations or medium scale retirement villages would have little difficulty in adjusting to the villages at Coverly.

    Now as far as the possible infelicities in the arrangements re, financing etc, is concerned, that is another matter and is probably fair comment, but re. the housing itself and the ambience of the overall development, I feel the typical negative comments a la fowl coops, etc. is unfair.

  8. the DLP has to be careful here. Their “success” for this term was almost entirely rested on housing’s shoulders. A prick in the housing balloon’s integrity could very well sink a few others and damage the party’s national boats going into an election. Unbelievably, the party’s fortunes are tied to Lashley’s fortunes.

  9. money or money , mr lashley will win back because unlike the previous holder of the seat, mr lashley has energetically asserted himself in the constituency and is readily accessible to all constituents. he has to be given credit for that. it would be an almost insurmountable task now to convince the general public that mr lashley’s his purported housing successes are myhtical.

  10. @ Observing
    A prick in the housing balloon’s integrity could very well sink a few others and damage the party’s national boats going into an election
    What also will be a ‘licker’ is the behind the scene twines behind acquiring some of these houses…..just hollarin what I hear…

  11. Even though Lashley have lost much popularity, he should still win that seat. the man he is running against is not well known and this is what’s in Lashley’s favour. however, he has become very arrogant, he is not a man who stands by his promises, plus he has a very staunch BLP supporter/canvasser as his friend/relative/bodyguard, and many of his supporters are mad about that.

  12. @ Check-it Out

    “To be fair re. the Coverley Houses. I visited the Coverley Villages and, If I had the money, I would buy one tomorrow as a cosy retirement home where one could relax and have all the necessary amenities nearby.”

    I would advise you to not do such. Those houses and the ones in this video are indicative of our shortsighted approach to housing. Here it is we have a rapidly aging population and neither of these projects provide houses that are wheelchair accessible–neither inside nor outside. Stupse.

  13. Dear current and prospective MPs for St. Philip North, St. Philip South

    The fishermen who ply their trade from the various beaches in the area have been asking about the status of the Fishing Agreement with Trinidad. It seems as if they are the only ones who are being constantly caught, imprisoned, fined and have their catches (and livelihoods how they providde for their families) whenever they drift in to the Tobago sweet spot to get the flying fish that we bajans love so dearly. Things have gotten even more dread since the flying fish have become scarce and the guys are going further to catch them.Will the fish market at Skeete’s Bay be given to Paul Doyle to construct a restaurant and build expensive condos? Where will the fishermen from the area land their catches? Will they have to land at Oistins or Bridgetown when that takes extra diesel which is now more expensive for them to buy

  14. Man Lashley…..you like you don;t really want that seat….If it were me ..that Chicken Barn outlet would have had to be opening in my constituency. Wait St.Philip people don’t like BBQ chicken or what. ?….I guess you believe Cheffete good enuf for them……Chickey the best on the island

  15. BTW
    Nabody aint talk bout Sunday’s parlance…..Cappy bring down the house..Wood…hard as leather…sticking eva…IT WAS A GOOD ONE…700 strong….the best part it did only a SPOT MEETING…..
    Chk the BAYland this Sunday….it gine B a riot !


  16. http://bajan.wordpress.com/2013/01/02/the-violet-beckles-affair-separating-fact-from-fiction-part-i/#commentsAUD


  17. mr michael lashley, now ur the new minister of transport what will be done about the transport authority board, the pirate on the route of barbados , the river van stand parking . the taxi stand in broad st, wearing of uniform for psv, ect, ect


    Final results:David @ well you can see that the numbers are wrong.On tv the same night before the vote was done, THE NUMBERS was much more ,It seems they want to make all other Parties look weaker in vote totals .Its a dam shame they and even the NATION NEWS with their final numbers in the special 2dollor print , did not even get the numbers right well after the election, MORE FRAUD

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