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  1. I know James Paul as a competent, hard working, results oriented man. His exposure as CEO of the BAS should stand him in good stead. I don’t know anything about Gooding-Edghill but I think that to beat Paul he needs to be a hard worker as well as to have a strong national swing behind him. Hopefully the BU family will learn a lot more about these two with inputs from the regulars and new posters.

  2. Methinks that a victory of 25 votes in a traditional BLP constituency, coupled with the BAS saga, coupled with the Eager 11 saga, coupled with a lack of a ministry coupled with the “independent” messages which he publshes puts Paul in a slightly worrisome state. NOt having the “correct” party machinery behind him as well won’t be good. His only hope of having a “safe” victory would be to get the endorsement of Rommel Marshall… While we wait for that I’ll go look out the windows for the flying pigs.

    Advantage – BLP by a nose.


    The DLP brought Barbados to its economic and political knees starting in 1986 with the RICHIE HAYNES BACKRAISE BUDGET and give-aways that the Bree St. John led BLP had indicated the country could not afford.
    By 1988 , Barrow was. Sandiford stuttered and Richie Haynes Bolted. The Budget of 1988 was described by Richie Haynes as A BACKSTREET ABORTION. In the 1991 election campaign at Eastmond Corner, Sandiford declared that the economy was batting like Sir Garfield Sobers, two weeks later gave away 33 million dollars to retired civil servants who disposed of the money on consumer durables and the country was pushed into a hole further with the 8 % salary
    cut. Many persons lost ‘things’ in the most sordid and darkest period of our recent history. Man I could go on but I dont have to justify anything . To France wid you and your crap.We made a mistake in 2008 due to lies and deceit from the DLP and voted against a wonderful party and Government. We will correct this whenever ‘Mr. SLOTHFUL’ call elections. Simple !


  4. So far the BLP is continuing to outmanoeuvre the DLP on candidate visibility. The latest is Gooding-Edghill who has head of the BEC finds himself in a good place to dictate a kind of narrative which will connect to the interest of Barbadians; individuals and businesses alike.

  5. David what outmanoeuvere what! James Paul is doing an otstanding job at BAS, he’s become a major national figure tackling tough issues which affect real peoples lives i.e FOOD!.
    Agrofest his brainchild has captured public imagination. Edgehill’s visibility is low, hob nobbing with the minority business elite.
    Paul takes this one.

  6. Ian Gooding Edghill is a visionary who understands what it takes to create opportunity for average people; he has been doing it for the last 25 years. He has been active in community enrichment from his teenage life. It was my pleasure to walk the St Michael West Central with him 2 years ago. Where did this lack of visibility came from ask the residence? If you do not know please do not enter the fry! Ian will win for the people!

  7. The choose are enormous, the stakes are high! Recent independent polling done by Mr. Peter Wickham for St Michael West Central shows Ian Gooding Edghill with an 18 point lead over James Paul. This is a 21st century run campaign David, this seat is decided, please add one more to the BLP column. However, this campaign will not be complacent, we certainly understand the need to continue to fight for every single vote.

    • @Rick

      Wickham went public on radio last week to advise that he has not been contracted to do any constituency polling.

  8. David
    Quite honest with you, I don’t care who wins that seat, but I must draw this to your attention and all the others, both B and D. No matter how popular a candidate is nationally, it is HIS constituentcy that is responsible for putting him/her back into the House.

  9. David you telling us Rick came here full of lies.
    Well for that alone Gooding should get beat by Paul.
    Paul desrves the seat he’s working hard for his constituents.

  10. David isn’t Cardes a Professional Consulting Firm? Do I need to expound further? This is the 21st century, why don’t you think that any person running for political office in the Western Hemisphere with the necessary means would not seek a professional analysis of their constituents. Why would Peter Wickham go around Barbados polling individual constituencies if his services have not been retain? No lies here Pompey just facts!!!

  11. What has James Paul done for the people of St.Michael West Central? For those of us that dont watch the CBC evening news, we cant remember what he looks like. I need to someone to tell me a minimum of five things he has done for the constituency since being elected!

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