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The following is a Press Release received from Global Network for Cultural DevelopmentBarbados Underground

On 1st May, 2022 representatives from the Global Network for Cultural Development, Praise Academy for Dance, Orgasmik Intelligence, Politically In-correct, Operation Safe Space, Spiritually Aware Group, We the Forgotten Women, Barbados Youth Action Programme, Full Moon Goddess Circle, Sulam Construction & Property Management Services, Omololu The Children’s Foundation and women from all cross sections of the society and the Barbadian diaspora met to discuss strategies on how to assist in eliminating the systemic abuse of youth in the Barbadian society.

This group of organizations and passionate individuals will continue to network and collaborate on several initiatives that support the safety and holistic wellbeing of the wards of the State who are housed at the Government Industrial School (GIS).   Preliminary    initiatives are scheduled to occur in this month of May (designated as Child’s Month) and various short to long term strategies will be implemented until the current structures that enable the aforementioned abuse are dismantled.

The problem of systemic abuse in Barbados started during slavery and still exists today in the form of sexual, physical, and emotional abuse, that impact generations of families. On one side of the coin, abuse occurs in the home that is often perpetrated by a relative on women, young girls, and young boys.  On the other side of the coin, abuse is inflicted on minors, who are wards of the State in government run institutions.  The situation at GIS and Dodds has sparked outrage from as far back as forty-two years and because no fundamental changes have been made to this penal system for juveniles, the outrage continues today, in 2022.

We have compiled a short-term plan and we are launching our events with a Silent Prayer Walk on Mother’s Day, Sunday 8th May. We have already requested the necessary permit to do so and are awaiting word from the authorities. The Prayer Walk starts at 6 am on Black Rock Main Road near its junction with Dodson Land and Griffith Lane and is to continue along Black Rock Main Road to its junction with Wavell Avenue and return. Our medium-term effort will target the structural changes through legislation and institutional practices as well as pushing for accountability in crimes against minors.

Our long-term plan is to, through advocacy and strategic action, usher in a juvenile correctional system that is humane and underpinned by the principles of child justice. Our network of organizations in the Third Sector have and will continue to build their capacity to create programmes and deliver training to staff and care-givers of all government-run juvenile penal institutions and any other facility in need of it. We are adamant that any work with the nation’s children aimed at correcting behavior must honour their sense of dignity and self-worth. Mindful of the honourable intentions of this government we anticipate that they will be willing to engage us and make use of the wealth of knowledge and experience that we are gathering in this umbrella body of network of organizations.

Our initiatives and advocacy also need the women of Barbados who have been the backbone of this society since the 17th Century to stand up for this transformation. We also need to have the support of the good men and the youth to let it be known that we expect better of our government for all our people.

Our success depends on the public of Barbados to prevent a situation that is still unfolding from ever occurring again where minors without a voice have nowhere to run, no one to talk to and feel that the only way out of an abusive situation is suicide. Though we cannot put ourselves in their shoes we can become their voice across this nation and beyond.

To the girls of GIS, we want you to know that we have not forgotten you. Our Prayer is that you are the last group of girls on this island that experience these atrocities at the hands of the State.

Women in Action


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163 thoughts on “Walk to #Saveourgirls

  1. “When I first came on this blog it was to defend childhood vaccinations against another blogger [now deceased] who was suggesting that Barbados run a research program by denying vaccines to a control group of children to see what would happen. ”

    …..the blog is still filled with such dangerous people even after that evil minded suggestion…

  2. ““GIS Ward on Suicide Watch Escapes from Psychiatric Hospital””

    all of this is aimed at distracting people, those children should not be housed in government facilities…

    .problem for the culprits is…it’s not enough of a distraction to distract people from WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON…from which there is NO ESCAPE form those trying to grasp at any available straw to cover their tracks……give it up, IT’S DONE…


    I would bet anything that the love of your youth, the good lady who raised your boys to adulthood is also a hero. Just because you and she don’t ‘gree anymore that doesn’t mean that you can’t give her props for being an excellent mother. And how do I know that she is an excellent mother? You’ve told us multiple time that your sons have turned out well. The good men she has raised is all the evidence we need.

  4. @William Skinner May 8, 2022 10:32 PM “… have never been victimised…”

    I have never been victimised either, and that is mainly because I have never expected anything from the political class of which you have been a prominent member. Man even when the MP’s pass and see me getting my hands dirty in the ground, they don’t even speak. I guess that they thing that my dirtiness will rub off on them.

    My old people taught “get up and get fah yaself. Don’t depend on anybody. Don’t expect anything from anybody.”

    Blessed are those who expect nothing from anybody, for they will never be disappointed.

  5. My mother taught too don’t depend on wunna men. She always said “I don’t want to raise daughters who always putting out their hands to men and saying “gimmee, gimmee” because when you are a “gimmee, gimmee” woman men feel that they can disrespect you.

    So we are not “gimmee, gimmee” women.

  6. A beautiful and wonderful day to all of Barbados.

    Good lessons, cuhdear. Indeed, every parent should urge their sons and daughters to strive for independence. Not only disrespect, abuse can also become a part of the mix if you rely on others.

    A happy day to the sensible and practical cuhdear.

  7. Cuhdear Bajan,

    One of the topics discussed in the salon on Saturday in the presence of the young people was the “gimme girls”.

    My mother raised me to be independent. There is no man on this earth who can say what he has given to me.

    And I was unofficially a foster parent for several months. Unfortunately, I am a person who is accustomed to enjoying my space. The young man was too invasive and did not appreciate that he needed to stick to my rules. I told him before he moved in how things would have to go but he thought I was kidding.

    I wasn’t. I cannot stand males who do not take my words seriously.

    So he, just like all males other than my son, had to go.

    But he’s doing quite well still. He is basically a good person whose father was useless and mother frustrated.

  8. So Cuhdear, seems like you and I have tried much more than walking and talking.

    But walking and talking is also a good thing, I find.

    I wish Marsha Hinds well. She works for immediate change while others work to sustain it.

    “A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.”

    If she manages to force the necessary changes in the system, they can only be maintained if there is a corresponding change in mindset.

    That can only be accomplished by meaningful conversations.


  9. @ Cuhdearbajan
    I was being tongue in cheek. I have suffered severe professional victimization. It was actually under the Democratic Labour Party. Yet some remarkable jokers come here accusing me of being a supporter of the DLP.
    The Duopoly isn’t easy when it’s ready to deal with you. I know where several bodies are buried.
    They even eat each other when they are ready.
    Anyway, I was taught that whatever good I do is between those I have assisted and myself only. Dozens of people have helped me along the way. I thank them every day.
    I was told that if you give a man a glass of water with a bad mind , it would not quench his thirst.
    Continue to do what you do; we are all on the same journey just different paths
    in getting there.

  10. @ WURA
    Escaped Saturday; we are told on Monday. Those children suffered some great distress that would probably shake the foundations of our country. It’s going to be an elaborate cover up in the end. Just wait………..
    Remember how they were brutalizing young adults at the Fun Ranch. Well that went away and the owner ended up in parliament.
    Who do they think they are fooling
    They ain’t fooling me

  11. William….check out the Strange Bedfellows thread…i don’t know why I AM THE ONE who have to tell politicians/lawyers/crooks and all the inbetweens who claim to be more intelligent than everyone else WHEN THEY HAVE REACHED THE END OF THE ROAD….

    yall are DONE…ya have to know when ya reached the end of the line without being told…

  12. This situation has created a life of it’s own that must be extremely embarrassing for the Minister. Pray for the girl who ran again that she would find a safe haven. She is a survivor and a freedom fighter. What she has done speaks volumes about the institutionalization in Barbados.

  13. They are going to pay a VERY HEAVY PRICE for what they do to these children…..

    William…there is no escape this time…no slithering out using fancy legalese which they ain’t too good at anyway, except for covering up previous corruption and evil deeds, but now that will no longer work or hold water just like the diplomatic immunity rug that got PULLED FROM UNDER THEM…

  14. The P M seems focused on creating a ” LEGACY “.

    This is a glorious opportunity for her change the way young girls are treated at GIS in Barbados.

  15. Conspiracy Theory alert..
    Do you think someone under suicide watch should be able to escape? We throw around terms but they mean absolutely nothing.

    The next part of this story will be that the girls were taken off of suicide watch.

    Do you know that Jeffrey Epstein was taken off of suicide watch and then killed himself. By escaping, this young girl probably delayed ‘being suicided’.

  16. Black people, men women and children are always seen as expendable by those with shite titles when they want to cover up their own horrible crimes…

  17. Listening to Brasstack…
    One part of the solution that I have not heard…. Hammer the adults who are seducing the young women/men. Looking only at the youngster is like putting single patch on a tyre with two holes.

    If the adults are made afraid of the law, they will not encourage wandering.

  18. @ TheOGazerts,

    glad you listening to Brasstacks. Igrunt wrasse whole idiots talking shiite.

    There are a few intelligent contributers.

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  20. @ Hants, the PM is missing an opportunity. She has not u picked her teeth to the public about this saga. It is about to get worse.
    I salute this girl. She has alot of courage.
    How can one be injected with a drug at the Psychiatric Hospital when you do not have a mental illness? Was this to make her mad? What is the mental state of the other 4 girls now? Have they too been injected with an unknown drug?

  21. “How can one be injected with a drug at the Psychiatric Hospital when you do not have a mental illness? Was this to make her mad? What is the mental state of the other 4 girls now? Have they too been injected with an unknown drug?”

    Heather…from what can by relayed that’s decades old, they have been admitting children to that psychiatric hospital even if they are not incarcerated at the GIS, them and their half assed psychologists love to play god with children’s lives…and injecting them with drugs…this is nothing new, these negros want locking up…they violate Black rights at every turn, that’s all they are any good for…

  22. Anyhow when the PM un picked teeth it would be a little too late since the social and political damage has already been done
    Putting square pegs in round holes never work or as Dr. Ronnie Yearwood stated recently govt Ministers are now in training as being exemplified by the twist and turns at GIS and now at the physchiatric hospitals
    Less than a week after the girls return another one escapes painting a picture of inmates running both institutions ( those being the staff ) and the children running for their lives

  23. the first case i knew of in the 70s was the 15-year-old daughter of a popular businesswoman…..another wandering case, and they took that child to the psychiatric hospital and drugged her, these been doing that crap for donkey years..they tried it on others who put up a fight but not everyone is that fortunate, and made worse when the children are in their custody……it’s second nature to them…everything negative targeting vulnerable people is…

  24. Watch how you evil doers are spreading your rumours everyday
    Q. Will DLP capture a seat to have an Opposition again?

    Freedom Must Be Taken

    Burn Down Town

  25. @cuhdear
    “And has anybody on this blog besides me spent years being a foster parent? Or am I the only one, who has talked, walked and done?”

    Ditto here.

    Your mother was just like my grandfather: don’t take money from men; don’t take jewelry from men: don’t take clothes from men. Save your money and buy what you want. That way, no man can embarrass you in public by ripping the earrings out of your ears, the chain from your neck or the dress off of your back. I had an old boss who told me, to take only what I can carry in my stomach. He was a Danish closet nazi. hahaha. I had to put him in his place with a good telling off. Then he respected me.

  26. Another thing that old Danish nazi told me was never to confide in friends that they always turn out to be your worst enemies.



  28. Today questions and no answers here gives more reasons as to why this ongoing investigation should be televised
    The staff as well as the board members needs to be held accountable in full view of the public
    After all this issue runs on a track of Humanitarian abuse and those knowing or having answers are paid by the taxpayers of Barbados
    How many investigations are the taxpayers Barbados be asked to carry the cost

  29. Don’t know any thing about medicine drugs and matters pertaining to mental diagnoses but this I know that the PM needs to open her mouth and put some words that can input meaningful measure to this embarrassing situation being leveled at govt feet
    Two escapes judge saying her court carries no weight of responsibility on the matter and a Minister drifting out to sea with out having a life raft
    The embarrassing twist and turns of questions leaves one to ask how much worse can the situation get
    The PM needs to open mouth and answer questions

  30. The very thought that a year and counting this issue has worsened is mind boggling
    Hope it does not reach the level of the Alexander Saga and the Barack Saga all which started
    under the blp reign and took almost 14years to solve
    Human rights violations are serious indictments of govt and the PM should take control of the issue since the Minister seems to be clueless
    How many new boards
    How Many investigations
    Inquiring minds want to.know PM

    • Unfortunately you despite your effort twisting this into a political issue, majority of sensible Bajans are aware issues at penal/reform institutions in Barbados straddle both political parties.

  31. No to moving girls

    Matter over to Appeal Court after ruling against rehousing
    by MARIA BRADSHAW mariabradshaw@nationnews.com

    OPERATION SAFE SPACE has lost its bid to get two children who are wards of the Government Industrial School (GIS) removed from that institution.
    But founder Dr Marsha Hinds said they were already in the process of taking the matter to the Court of Appeal as well as other international agencies to which Barbados is a signatory.
    “We lost the interim application for these girls to be rehoused,” she told the DAILY NATION hours after High Court Judge Barbara Cooke-Alleyne had rendered her decision.
    Hinds added: “The opinion of the judge was that she didn’t have jurisdiction to overturn the decision of the magistrate who placed the girls at the Government Industrial School. She indicated that it was a matter for appeal.
    “Our contention is that the parents were not initially opposed to their children going to the Government Industrial School because they recognised that their children needed help and they needed support.
    “What has changed their feelings about their children being at the Government Industrial School is the abuse they faced as wards there,” she added.
    Hinds, a former board member of the GIS, said the parents “trusted the state and the processes of the state to be able to get assistance for their children”.
    She said: “What changed their relationship with the GIS is that their children reported abuse. So we could not anticipate that at appeal before it happened but what we must ask ourselves as a nation is that now it has happened, how do we treat to it and that is a part of the question that we went to the court to have answered,” she said.
    “We have no choice but to take the matter before the Court of Appeal as well as to our international partners that we have signed commitments with because we feel as though Barbados is acting outside
    of international best practice when it comes to this matter.”
    She revealed that the appeal process was “already in train and we have already sought audience with the international partners for an independent review”.
    In terms of the 13-year-old girl who absconded from the Psychiatric Hospital on Saturday night, where five of the wards were taken two weeks ago and placed under suicide watch, Hinds suggested that the child was being denied access to her attorney.
    Being silenced
    “My question to you and my question to Barbados is you are a child, you are saying in your voice I am being abused; I am being hurt and at every turn that you say that, you are being silenced. What would you do as a child?
    “When you have a constitutional right to speak to your attorney but you cannot speak to your lawyer within the institution [where] you are being housed and your rights are arbitrarily being removed from you, what would you do?
    “This is one of the questions that you have put one of our most vulnerable citizens of Barbados to answer and she has answered and I think it reflects more on us than on her because we are the ones that are supposed to be protecting her and providing a safe environment and we are obviously failing that.”
    When contacted, Minister of Home Affairs Wilfred Abrahams said he would not be dealing with the matter of the GIS in the press.
    In terms of the committee which has been set up to conduct a six-week independent investigation into the reform school, he said that committee would soon communicate to the public how it would function.
    “We have said what we are doing to get to the bottom of everything and I am letting the committee do [its] work. The committee is organising its business and as indicated there would be facilities for persons who are interested in the enquiry to be able to make representation. And at the appropriate time all of that information would be put in the public domain,” the minister said.

    Source: Nation

  32. DavidMay 10, 2022 8:41 AM

    Unfortunately you despite your effort twisting this into a political issue, majority of sensible Bajans are aware issues at penal/reform institutions in Barbados straddle both political parties.

    There u go blaming me for the issue becoming a political issue
    Even a blind man on a trotting horse see and knows the political ramifications of this issue
    Reason why the outrage and calls abound for the school to be closed and the Minister resign
    Yes it is a political hot potatoe which the PM needs to reign in
    Not my fault by now u should realize you umbrella cannot hold shade over the PM head on this issue

  33. Meanwhile yuh got judges and magistrates unable to make any decisions when issues involved citizens and govt
    The whole place has become dysfunctional and at a stage of asking who is in charge of this madness

  34. @ TheOGazerts and David the blogmaster

    Listening to Brasstacks caller.

    “children trying to get arrested to escape abuse at home.

    Parents prostituting their children.”

  35. HantsMay 10, 2022 11:48 AM

    @ TheOGazerts and David the blogmaster

    Listening to Brasstacks caller.

    “children trying to get arrested to escape abuse at home.

    Parents prostituting their children.”

    Nothing new here
    Now govt PR machine goes into full throttle
    Not unexpected however the push back against the loud outcomes would be hard for govt to manage since the GIS issue covers wide areas of abuse some allegedly attached to govt hospitals and govt schools which house abused children

  36. @Hants
    It is possible.

    But who are the clients? Locals? Sex tourists?
    A little extra – half of a conspiracy theory

    Given the very high visibility of this case, I thought the young lady who escaped would have been quickly found.

    One mud ask … Is the frequent disappearance of young girls for an extended period of time the product of a well organized scheme? Is there an ‘underground railroad’ or is it just for nefarious purposes.

  37. Looks like another walk coming up on June 7th from Cheapside to Independence Square.

    Protesting the illegal BLP GOB!!

    I never thought Bajans would twig to the obvious but clearly someone has.

  38. Home affairs minister says GIS and prison bosses only replaced to ensure no bias in ongoing probes
    Article by Kareem Smith
    Published on
    May 14, 2022


    Minister of Home Affairs Wilfred Abrahams has made it clear that the move to replace the leaders of the island’s prison and juvenile correctional facility is not indicative of wrongdoing on their part.

    He said the decision to place Superintendent of Prisons Lieutenant Colonel John Nurse and the acting principal of the Government Industrial School (GIS) Ronald Brathwaite on leave was simply part of a wider plan to improve the country’s system of incarceration and rehabilitation.

    In an interview on Friday, the Home Affairs Minister explained the two were sent on leave to protect ongoing inquiries at the institutions from even the slightest presumptions of bias.

    “This is not prejudging the outcome of the inquiry, this is not saying that anything has been found at this time in relation to either person or that anybody is guilty of any wrongdoing. This is simply a matter of protocol and propriety,” he told Barbados TODAY .

    On Monday, Nurse went on leave and was replaced by DeCarlo Payne, while Barbados TODAY was reliably informed on Friday that Catherine Jordan was introduced to staff at GIS as the new acting principal.

    Jordan, who is also chairperson of the Child Care Board (CCB), is based at the boys’ unit of the juvenile reform school, Dodds, St Philip.

    When contacted, she referred Barbados TODAY to the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Home Affairs who was unavailable for comment.

    “Yes, it is true that the Superintendent of Prisons and the principal of the Government Industrial School are on leave. There is no mystery in that,” Abrahams confirmed.

    “That is because a departmental inquiry is ongoing into both facilities and, obviously, as a matter of protocol and to assist with the smooth running of the inquiry or to remove any suggestion of bias or influence, it is necessary to remove the persons at the top of those institutions to be on leave,” he added.

    The girls’ section of GIS has been at the centre of controversy for weeks, following an attempted escape at the institution which was followed by two successful escapes and numerous calls for the Barrows, St Lucy school to be closed down.

    In mid-April, Abrahams said investigations into operations at the institution had shown no evidence of abuse. But two weeks later, following further scrutiny in the wake of the wards’ escape, he announced that there would be a full departmental inquiry expected to last six weeks.

    The Minister also promised a wide-ranging inquiry at Dodd’s. At the time, he spoke of complaints about the recruitment processes, promotion processes and the treatment of staff at the St Philip prison.

    On Friday, Abrahams said the leaves of absence of Brathwaite and Nurse were facilitated by the Ministry of the Public Service to guarantee a “full and fair inquiry so that we could get to the bottom of everything”.

    “In the initial press conference, there were some complaints in relation to the prison and it is just an opportune time, as we are dealing with the Government Industrial School, to actually look into all aspects of the prison to address those complaints.

    “At the end of the day, this Government is about reforming what people perceive as our penal institutions. The philosophy behind the Government Industrial School and what informs the creation of our prison, those philosophies have changed, we have modernised our thinking and we need to get with the programme,” he added.

    He said the ultimate intention is to implement the best possible practices and operating procedures as a model for others to follow.

    “We are deconstructing and reconstructing so that at the end of the day, recommendations can be made and going forward we have institutions that are best catered for the purposes for which they were set up,” the Home Affairs Minister said.

    “We are looking at a parole system, we are looking at electronic monitoring as an alternative to incarceration and remand, we are looking at rehabilitation of offenders. We are looking at all of these things. It has been made clear from the very beginning, we keep saying it.

    “A lot of things are in train right now and these investigations allow us to get to the bottom of everything, to view everything with a clear picture, to decide what is the best way forward and the way to put things in place seamlessly, so that we can move to that,” Abrahams added.

    Source: BT

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