Race Issue: Barbados and Everywhere Else

During the sitting of the Senate of 25 March 2021, Senator Rev. Dr. John A. Rogers delivered an interesting presentation. He referred to the heinous event history recorded as the Atlantic Slave Trade and its relevance to Barbados formulating fit for purpose policy to protect our future well-being in a volatile global space. The blogmaster recommends those interested in pursuing serious discussion to take the time to listen to Roger’s presentation from around 30 minutes of the video.

…it revealed that the top one percent of households globally own 43 percent of all personal wealth, while the bottom 50 percent own only one percent. That top-tier one percent amounts to 52 million people who are all millionaires in net wealth (after debt).

Top 1 percent of households own 43 percent of global wealth

In a related event this week President Joe Biden had reason to say in response to Georgia’s new suppression law that it is antithetical to who Americans aspire to be. The issue of race is not a Barbados condition, it is a human condition, a condition that has created an US versus THEM condition. It is also a zero sum condition that benefits the capitalists. When we we learn.

The Senate – Thursday 25 March 2021

The blogmaster has been around the block long enough to know the divide and conquer mentality of imperfect humans based on gender, class AND race will be with us until the end of time. However, as a people we will be forced to co-opt creative approaches to mask and contain the prejudice, bigotry and yes- racism of many who will walk beside us because the establishment is vested in the system.

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  1. says the fraud who POSTS VIDEOS…24/7…i always said yardfowls have short memories, but it appears nobodies also suffer from short memory syndrome too….🤣🤣

    “”The Supreme Being in Igbo mythology is addressed as Chukwu or Chineke. Chukwu is a compound word from Chi (“personal guiding spirit†) and ukwu (“big†), which can be translated as “the big or great Chi.†Chineke is also a compound word from Chi (“personal guiding spirit†), na (“who†), and eke (“to share out†), which can be translated as “supreme being who shares.†The Igbo traditional and ancient religious system is centered around the belief that there is a single, unique, and individual spiritual being who is the foremost provider and on whom, as a result, all living things are ultimately dependent for guidance, blessings, love, protection, support, and so on. Chukwu is not categorized as either a male or female spiritual entity.

    This, in turn, allows inclusive spiritual space for both genders, especially for women, who are excluded from the highest pantheon of spiritual force(s) in other religious expressions. Actually, all living entities, known and unknown, seen and unseen, are connected to and are from the same spiritual force. Nothing and no one is given priority or special consideration based solely on superficiality or physical characteristics from the Supreme Being, only those who are positive and perform good deeds that add to the forward progress of humanity.”
    -Ibo Changa, “Igbo”, from The Encyclopedia of African Religion”

  2. “”In his quest for gold, Columbus had the hands cut off of any Arawak who did not bring in his or her quota of gold. In a short 40 years, the entire race of people in Haiti, a half million native Americans, were wiped off the face of the earth by Columbus and the Spaniards that followed him….The destruction of the Caribs and Arawaks in the Caribbean Islands through disease, rape of their women and sometimes out-and-out murder, destroyed the labor supply on these islands and made it a necessity for the Spaniards and other Europeans to create a rationale for the enslavement of the Africans….from 12 to 25 million Indigenous Americans were killed on the islands in the Caribbean….I still think there will be a need for Columbus Day but it will be a justifiable day of mourning for the millions of Africans and so-called ‘Indians” who died to accommodate the spread of European control over the Americas and Caribbean Islands.”

    John Henrik Clarke
    Christopher Columbus & the Afrikan Holocaust

  3. Couple of healing meditations

    The light scans your body searching for something it is so beautiful the rays of light that stretch out and reach your body are warm and gentle and you understand that they are individual points of consciousness small particles of healing without words the light communicates with you that it is searching for areas of cellular imbalance disease and any part of you that is in need of health and healing the centre of the light is as bright as the sun the light is attracted to the area of your body which most needs balancing and restoration the light fills this area of your body and on its rays travel the words of the mantra it is as if you sudden;y speak an ancient language or perhaps are remembering a forgotten language which you spoke a very long time ago for you understand what is being sung

    Journey into Stillness: Guided Meditations with Kundalini Mantra
    Journey to the Golden Temple

    The Body Temple: Guided Meditations for Radical Self-Love
    Guided Meditation: Journey to the Body Temple

  4. Still a lot of information to be archived.

    “This provides an interesting analysis of how ancient Afrikans viewed homosexuality as unacceptable. Our ancestors were close to Nature and knew 2 individuals of the same sex could not procreate. Thus, homosexuality was not a part of Nature.
    Baba Olatunji Mwamba uses The Contendings of Set and Heru :The Lettuce Incident as one example. He also uses quotes from Dr. John Henrik Clarke and Herodotus to further prove his points. Last year, I ordered this from his organization Raising Awareness Group.”

  5. This is the reason black-on-black self-hate was introduced to African population socieites and leave them as slaves societies with wicked, ignorant, slave title wearing negros keeping the people in a state of flux..

    “Four things ATRs emphasize that have nothing to do with manifestation

    Let me first start by saying that I am extremely happy to see such a large number of people, especially millennials, interested in returning to ancestral traditions that have been, for far too long, demonized and ridiculed. As African spiritual content floods social media, I can’t help but notice an overemphasis on manifestation.

    Let’s define manifestation as the practice of using spirit to bring one’s thoughts or desires into reality. This can include rituals aimed at bringing love into one’s life, finding

    a new job, becoming successful in business or anything else one desires.

    While “manifestation” is a major part of many ATRs (African Traditional Religion), focusing on manifestation solely, leaves out some of the most essential and powerful components of these traditions.

    Here’s a short list of other important aspects of ATRs to consider:

    1 Character

    It’s impossible to separate ATRs from the cultures that birthed them. Anything having to do with Òrìṣà comes from Yorùbá culture. Yorùbá culture, like the parent cultures of most of the ATRs we are familiar with, has clear definitions for what it means to operate with good character. Yorùbá culture emphasizes humility, respect, patience, honesty etc. As a tradition Ifá speaks extensively about good character. While we focus on using Yorùbá spiritual technology to “manifest” the things we want we should also focus on the Yorùbá cultural understanding of righteous character. These teachings can help to guide our lives in a very useful way.

    2 Destiny

    While manifestation is a part of many ATRs, it is not an isolated component that stands on its own. Most of the ATRs I’ve studied share the idea that we all come here with a unique destiny. The explanation of how we receive or choose this destiny varies from tradition to tradition. For example the Yorùbá believe that we choose our uniquely shaped Orí (head) before coming to earth while the Akan believe that we meet with Onyame (the creator) to choose our destiny. This is important because as ATR devotees most of the spiritual work we do to manifest things must take into account what aligns with our destiny.

    3 Our two-way relationship with spirit

    Another core tenet of ATRs is the idea that our connection with spirit (ancestors, Ifá, Òrìṣà, Ẹgbẹ́, Abosum, Lwa etc.) is strong in both directions. We pay homage to our guiding spirits, feed them and communicate with them constantly even when it has nothing to do with a request or petition. In the Yorùbá spiritual practice we have a calendar which directs us to feed our shrines on specific days. We also perform divination regularly. In the Akan spiritual tradition we feed our shrines regardless of what’s going on and we regularly drum, dance and sing for them as well. When we focus too much on manifestation we ignore the fact that we have a “relationship” with spirit and that relationships work BOTH ways.

    4 Family and community

    It is extremely hard to practice ATRs in isolation for several reasons: (1) Family and lineage are key parts of the ritual work that we do. (2) Interdependence is enforced at many levels. In ATR communities around the world (Nigeria, Cuba, Haiti etc.), families are connected through an intergenerational web of student-teacher relationships. (3) There are so many unique roles that go into the spiritual rituals that need to be done. One person can’t possibly play the role of drummer, dancer, singer, hunter, herbalist and priest/priestess of every single deity. We have to get along with each other and rely on each other to get things done spiritually. Community building and maintenance are core components of most African spiritual traditions.

    It’s good to embrace the power of African spiritual technologies and their usefulness in manifesting the things we desire in life, however we must also embrace other important aspects of these traditions as well. Learn how to work with the ancestors to get that new job you want but also take time to study what African spiritual traditions have to say about good character, family and community.”

  6. “”Certainly, Ourstory and History must be studied and studied as thoroughly as possible, so that the ways of thinking and patterns of behavior of friend and foe can be ascertained and thoroughly comprehended. But how much knowledge of self and enemies is required in order for a potential warrior to feel compelled to act on our behalf?” Mwalimu Baruti”

  7. You have to admit that it is a much more peaceful place now.

    I am missing the string of invectives by HA and the exchanges on SSS. All I have left is John and without the stable genius for ideas, he makes up nonsense.

    Let’s get this place rocking again
    “Free the BU 3”
    “No SSS, no peace”

  8. Theo…that’s the problem with the slaveminded and yardfowls….it don’t take long for them to reveal themselves and their wicked intent against Black/African populations……then when they RUN OUT OF THEIR pretend intellectual status they resort to yardfowlism…we know the drill….but no one counted on the VOLUMES AND VOLUMES of information for the INTELLIGENT TO DISSEMINATE and DIGEST…they never knew it existed but now here it is in all it’s glory…

    this level of organization ..can’t be beat and is unstoppable.

  9. Even those of us here in Barbados have to take a break from sweeping.

    My Rasta cousin has finally arrived!

  10. Disfunction Junction
    the big put down smack down
    BU is not a place to come to speak it is full of nasty bitches who do not wish to speak
    as DK said “This topic seems to have run its course. Some of you do not know when to stop.”
    the so called internet tek info wars became about races and places putting maces in faces

  11. Soulful Resect. Back on Decks. Music like Dirt.
    Every Friday there are brand new releases of top DJ edits remixes of remixes of old hit tunes
    Dancehalls may be closed for a while but the music never stops with the sounds from the underground
    Change my pitch up and smack my bitch up. Afrohouse it goes a little something like this.


  12. WURA-War-on-UApril 15, 2021 7:57 AM

    The problem WARU, is that not all white people, Indian, Chinese, are bad, nor are all good. The same way that not all black people are good, nor all bad.

    The vast majority of people are good, but there are some, of every race, who are bad, or just plain evil.

    That is why I cannot support you in your widespread hatred of people, whether white, Indian or Chinese.

    Pick people for who they are, not for the color of their skin or their creed.

    A brotherhood / sisterhood should be based on moral beliefs, not creed.

    Most of those people who use race, religion or creed as a way of attacking others, use it ONLY for power and to destroy. Most of them also have no regard for their own race or religion, it is just a means to an end, for them. They will skin their teeth and drink with their own, but just as they treat other races and creeds, they are being snakes to their own too.

    Evil has no color or creed.

    THAT is the issue.

  13. Ms. Mitchell,
    I will take the opportunity to have my say off the back of Crusoe’s Satsang (Sat means “truth” means “community”) which the literal meaning is “finding the truth together” meditation practise, and try to squash the beef that you have built up with me.

    Reaching almost a year ago when George Floyd was murdered and youths started protesting as part of the BLM movement in USA, UK and other countries. UK started looking at it’s legacy of slavery and companies started talking about reparations, albeit limited to looking at UCL database of reparations paid to slave owners for emancipation to cover their “Loss of income”.
    This falls way short of the collateral wealth and income they had accrued over 20 generations of slavery, were girls were forced to breed from age of 14 up to 15 children and slaves were forced to work for free, this was the foundation of the British Empire.
    The Crown was responsible for the heinous slave trade at national and international level, and all colonies were forced to pay tax to the Crown as were all industries that profited such as banking shipping insurance factories for manufacturing products from raw materials for sale in Global markets of International Trade and all small businesses where slaves became tradesmen such as carpenters, blacksmiths, stone masons, builders and their owners charged people for their services.
    I suggested a fund set up for Barbados and other nations to make a legal claim for recompense for all descendants in African diaspora which offended you and you started a never ending grudge against me for speaking about anything at all. After patiently trying to inform you you were deluded and mistaken you still did not stop. So using the analogy if someone is going to wrongly criticise you with false claims based on ignorant stereotyping, you may as well act like it and cuss them back the same way and spank them in the ass until their flesh bleeds and if they want to fight back after that you hit them in the face with a bat yes I know this approach may seem violent but it keeps suckers silent always talking what they can do so you just hit them with a heavy beat.
    So stop your warring and stop your fussing and fighting, after war comes peace and after the storm there must be a calm and some sunshine.
    Barbados should put a claim against GB Crown’s assets in the same way that Jeffrey Epstein’s victims are claiming against his estate. The Queen has massive wealth from ill gotten gains of robbery piracy slavery colonialism such as Diamonds Gold Art Monies Properties Antiques and UK business own resources such as Oil and minerals from other peoples lands.
    I’m not sure if you know about brainwashing techniques, but sexual and physical abuse is one way to change rewiring of peoples minds and force them into submission and likewise people need to be desensitised to commit acts of brutality which is also achieved by dehumanising people and saying they are sub human animals. Nazis did this with jews and their own soldiers and prison guards, the SS their special forces were trained with sexual perversions.
    So call a truce I am not your enemy and just want justice and racism to be killed dead so it cannot spread.


  14. “The problem WARU, is that not all white people, Indian, Chinese, are bad, nor are all good. The same way that not all black people are good, nor all bad.

    The vast majority of people are good, but there are some, of every race, who are bad, or just plain evil.

    That is why I cannot support you in your widespread hatred of people, whether white, Indian or Chinese.”

    Really? So show just ONE post i made in the last 8 YEARS…that saud i hated any if the above JUST ONE…ALL my post are ARCHIVED…i specifically said i walk around with 25% slave master bloodline, my family is RAINBOW including Chinese….and not one of you say a word when am saying the same ABOUT BLACK PEOPLE…so ENUFF THE HYPOCRISY….and do and say something about whichever TOXIC group you are in and believing you are protecting
    …my narrative WILL NEVER CHANGE until they do and that also goes for BLACK PEOPLE…

  15. I REPEAT UNDER CORRECTION…for those coming with the same lame bullshit excuse over and over…

    Really? So show just ONE post i made in the last 8 YEARS…that SAID i hated any OF the above JUST ONE,…ALL my posts are ARCHIVED…i specifically said i walk around with 25% slave master bloodline, my family is RAINBOW including Chinese….and not one of you say a word when am saying the same things ABOUT BLACK PEOPLE…so ENUFF THE HYPOCRISY….and do and say something about whichever TOXIC group you are in and believing you are protecting
    …my narrative WILL NEVER CHANGE until they do and that also goes for BLACK PEOPLE…

    i await the archived posts that say i hated anyone…don’t take too long…

    AGAIN…hate is not part of vocabulary or personality..

  16. Yall just dont like to see ya nasty shit spread around…but…TOO LATE, IT’S EVERYWHERE NOW…..it’s been covered up for CENTURIES…especially in the lasy 60 years…but NO MORE, it’s done, so sit ya ass down.

  17. Yep MFs…SUCK IT UP…the same way yall sat on ya asses for 60 years GLEEFUL at the disenfranchisment, demoralization and OUTRIGHT THEFTS from the Black/African population and every generation born and UNBORN…AND SAID NOTHING, because most of you benefitted and even tried to blame the mental and social TYRANNY on the Black population……

    so enjoy the show…

    the question is not how many people know…it’s HOW MANY DON’T KNOW…trust me, from coast to coast and continent to continent….IT’S OUT THERE what you FRAUDS and LOWLIFES have done, so make it all about me, see if it helps…

  18. wannabe slave masters

    btw Crusoe…all that has been posted on here regarding the same subject by myself and others was INVESTIGATED OVER TIME and found to be TRUE…so not only does NO ONE BELIEVE YALL…ya succeeded in EXPOSING YA OWN SELVES AS ENABLERS of crimes AGAINST black humanity……can’t blame me for that one….🤣😂

  19. So did someone else get served..asking for a friend.

    “TO: The Honourable Mia Amor Mottley, Q.C., M.P.
    Prime Minister
    Government of Barbados
    Minister of Finance, Economic Affairs and Investment
    Minister of National Security and the Civil Service
    Emergency Injunction Immediately halting all “COVID VACCINATIONS” [GENETIC
    BIOWARFARE] in your Jurisdiction as Genocide and Crimes against Humanity.”

  20. Which time
    I was drinking negronis and thinking of each time I am on the island , I am introduced to someone white or black with a nickname . It seems everyone has one. I was thinking of a caring mother with two teenage sons asking……. fannose why does your brother tripod seem to have more girlfriends than you.

  21. waru as NO said a campari martini I didnt name it but its just a name just like all this other crap that people are getting torqued over today Black mail, black death, black arts etc just names doesnt mean anything just a way of describing something ..I dont think you are able to put a curse on me …not like I married ya lol

  22. These Africans never stopped practicing their ancestral culture, i saw them showcased on Sesame Street about 2 decades ago.

    “”New World Slavery
    During the West African Enslavement Holocaust, a million or more Igbos were captured by warring rival groups who handed them over to enslavers of humans, who forcibly sold them into an unthinkable nightmare when the hate boat arrived in the Western Hemisphere. An oral legend has passed down through time that a group of Igbos was taken to St. Simons Island, Georgia, which linked to the Gullah/Geechee Sea Lands culture, which runs parallel with the South Carolina and down to the Florida coastlines.”
    -Ibo Changa, “Igbo”, from The Encyclopedia of African Religion”

  23. An enslavers theme park would be better,TO HIGHLIGHT for thousands of years into the future who ENSLAVERS are and how the WORLD is in danger because of their LINEAGE…Africans and everyone else must be warned of the risks involved via exhibitions etc, the statues of ALL slavers from the 13th century and EARLY and their countries should be ON PERMANENT DISPLAY…


  24. Africans and everyone else must be warned of the risks involved via exhibitions etc, the statues of ALL slavers from the 13th century and EARLIER and their countries should be PUT ON PERMANENT DISPLAY…

  25. A BU commentator, recently, expressed slight antipathy towards another BU commentator’s supposed racism towards other races.

    The black race should never lower his/her shield towards other races. Our history informs us to be on alert as we have always been in a state of war vis-a-vis other racial groups.

    We as a people should always be reminded of this. Let’s never be complacent.


  26. Aw Snap! Mrs Mitchell is spiralling again. Did someone say Well Well was not feeling Well and must have woke up on wrong side of bed again. Slowly sipping a tall glass of water followed by some deep breathing meditation is good for emotional balance and feeling hydrated and oxygenated in every cell of the body.
    Continuing running with the theme of Theme Parks… There could be an African Theme Park World (Phase II) plus an African Diaspora Theme Park World (Phase III) specialising in Black Music and Arts and Crafts and double heavy Earth Rocker Lightning and Thunder Sound System Clash.
    2 Decades of Rebellion
    Rebels of 2000 Vs Rebelz of 2021


  27. Nobody on BU really hates all white people, Chinese or Indians. What they hate is THEIR HATRED OF US. And more specifically, the systems they have set up against us.

    Individual white people, Chinese, Indians who treat us with respect are treated likewise.

    But we would be foolish not to be aware of how they have most likely been raised to think of us and keep our guard up.

    The IPL is currently being played. Even a decent, level-headed guy like Darren Sammy recently discovered that the name he was being called by teammates was a derogatory racist one.

    They smiled in his face while mocking him with their secret joke!

    For couple of months every year they got away with it!

    “Every skin teet en a laugh!”

    • @Donna

      So true. We will precipitate change by embracing the approach we are fighting against. Where is the victory in such an approach?

  28. FYI “Reverse Racism” means giving opportunities to people have been racially discriminated against aka anti-discrimination / equal opportunity / equal rights / fair hiring / affirmative action / colour conscious programs for redressing racial inequality

  29. “A BU commentator, recently, expressed slight antipathy towards another BU commentator’s supposed racism towards other races.”

    don’t pay much attention to the FRAUDS on BU…they seek a platform to DISPLAY THEIR IGNORANCE…

    Donna…at least you are giving the clowns a logical explanation…i won’t even enlighten them, let them continue and be EXPOSED as the evil enablers and ignoramuses that they are…let the world see them…in all their glory.

  30. What they don’t know is that no one needs their racist input about theme parks to highlight slaves for racist tourists to swell up their hate filled chests at…. or anything else….BLACK/AFRICAN GENIUS MINDS are DECADES AHEAD OF THAT…

  31. “That pesky “.”reverse racism” invention of the white man strikes again.”

    they got a brand new one introduced on the island by Mia claiming the Black police are discriminating when she knows SHE IS LYING, while i watched for months as others formulated the most evil of all….claiming Black men are racists……flipping the script.

  32. The complacent yardfowls/SLAVES will die…but that’s their choice..let them continue to coddle, embrace, tolerate and enable racists. even the half-assed wannabe slavemasters on slave society islands are at HIGH RISK…and as for the black face corrupt, sellout mothafuckas in the slave parliaments….PRISON AWAITS THEM…

    The thieves are gearing up.

    “The Economist

    A new hypothesis
    The French armed forces are planning for high-intensity war
    After a decade of counter-insurgency, plans are changing

    Apr 3rd 2021 edition
    Mar 31st 2021

    In the forests and plains of the Champagne-Ardenne region, where once the great powers went into battle, the French armed forces are beginning to prepare for the return of a major conflict. Planned for 2023, Exercise Orion is a full-scale divisional exercise that will last several days, based probably out of camps at Suippes, Mailly and Mourmelon. It will involve the full range of French military capacity on a scale not tested for decades. The drill will include command-post exercises, hybrid scenarios, simulation and live-fire drills. Around 10,000 soldiers could take part, as well as the air force and, in a separate maritime sequence, the navy. Belgian, British and American forces may join in.

    There are other signs that the French armed forces are in the midst of a generational transformation. In January the general staff quietly established ten working groups to examine the country’s readiness for high-intensity war. French generals reckon that they have a decade or so to prepare for it. The groups cover everything from munition shortages to the resilience of society, including whether citizens are “ready to accept the level of casualties we have never seen since world war two”, says one participant. The spectre of high-end war is now so widespread in French military thinking that the scenario has its own acronym: hem, or hypothèse d’engagement majeur (hypothesis of major engagement). The presumed opponents are unnamed, but analysts point not only to Russia, but also Turkey or a North African country.”

  33. What they don’t know is that no one needs their racist input about theme parks to highlight slaves for racist tourists to swell up their hate filled chests at…. or anything else….BLACK/AFRICAN GENIUS MINDS are DECADES AHEAD OF THAT…

    Are you saying that a Slave Park would be like a horror movie like Antebellum*
    translating ghetto speak


  34. nCrusoe need to stop using the blog to enable racist, thieving, money laundering, gunrunning, drug trafficking minorities to continue their human rights abuses and THEFTS AGAINST THE BLACK MAJORITY…..they need to stop MOOCHING off the Black populaiton and living generationally on the backs of BLACK LIVES..

  35. FYI ” reverse racism” is now being used as a term to beat black people over the head with when they seek to point out racism and racist systems.


    Did you read my entire post?

  36. The above video consists of several……it’s inspiring to check out the total self-confidence the Djembe drummers have in their abilities in the Paris subway…..

  37. Oops…put this the wrong place..

    ” Let’s kill all the lawyers ” is a line from William Shakespeare ‘s Henry VI, Part 2, Act IV, Scene 2. The full quote is “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers”. It is among Shakespeare’s most famous lines, as well as one of his most controversial.

  38. “Our elected representatives being in the public eye are looked upon by citizens (most importantly our youth) to set the country’s ethical standards. Unfortunately, many of our politicians from all political parties have failed in this duty over the years.

    In my experience, many Barbadians tend to resignedly accept that this is expected and normal behaviour of those in power and this to my mind is regrettable.”

    NORMALIZED…because it’s ALWAYS HAPPENED…there was/is never a time when it hasn’t/doesn’t.

    “I would like to ask the PM and all Barbadians this question: “Is it now alright for anyone with whom the police force attempt to carry out what they consider lawful enforcement of Barbados’ laws, to call the PM, an MP or anyone with some authority and then that person in authority questions the police officer(s) regarding their actions while they are actively carrying out their duty? To my mind, there is only one answer to this question.”

    this is so ugly, people who live on the island don’t even know what’s really happening so no one expects those who live in other jurisdictions to know.

  39. I could never see the logic behind the DISCRIMINATION and BACKWARDNESS…especially coming from TAXPAYER FUNDED ENTITIES like the SUPREME COURT/REGISTRY etc….I witnessed one day a lady had just the top button in the back of her neck undone, nothing was showing or out of place and this $5.00 an hour security guard had the nerve to tell the lady her back was showing and she could not go in the court like that….the woman rightfully said, wish they were so observant when the elderly are being robbed and their human rights violated in the supreme court, or the people with personal injury cases could get them finished as quickly as they can tell people about NOT wearing this and that and stupid shit….ignorance kills people and can get the wicked locked up….i see it as DOWNRIGHT wickedness and misdirection coming from the fools in parliament and the supreme court…and pure hypocrisy….given the alleged crimes of which THEY ARE ALL ACCUSED…and no, it does not happen everywhere….the backwardness is a trademark found in Barbados.


    “Pray tell me, how does it help or hinder this democratic country, if a man or woman seeking entry to these facilities to do business wears slippers, sandals, or “boots and stockings”? How does a sleeveless shirt, blouse or pencil straps adversely affect the quality, efficiency or consistency of the service being sought? And why should a woman’s cleavage disrupt the professionalism of service providers? There is a line in a song penned by the Draytons Two which reads “Ah come hey to drink milk, I in come hey to count cow”.

  40. Hopefully, government’s in the Caribbean do not let this develop into a situation where sex slaves, sex tourism, exploitation or any nasty shit thrives.

  41. You mean more than usual, then they will definitely have to go to prison, because that’s all they same to know.

  42. “That was how Terry Ince, founder of the Cedaw Committee, felt about Antigua and Barbuda Prime Minister Gaston Browne’s statement about sending pretty young St Vincent women to his country.

    In a Facebook comment, Browne said he “jokingly” told St Vincent and the Grenadines Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves to send only young and attractive Vincentian women.”

    like they don’t have enuff problems for the last 60 years with Vincy rapists…the negro has no respect..that’s why small islands always have financial problems, the leaders are too focused on their sex lives.

  43. I expected Lawson to contribute but not understanding his last post. We can see his mind began to wander as he begin to speculate about size…. Over time you will see “a wasted mind” at work….

    It would not surprise me if he changes his destination to Antigua and start bragging about his buddy Gaston.

  44. started a fire ??? kill an elephant ??? do you think he was ordered to do that ??? get real see what he meant and how it came about.
    Theo you are one stupid fuck
    Waru you are right about the negronis a horrible tasting drink that you can become accustomed to, last year 400 white people were
    shot by police in states 5 unarmed 200 black people 3 unarmed over 50 cops were murdered please explain how you are being hunted down by police

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