An Angry Black Man

How does it make you feel that already one man can boast that he has the biggest solar energy operation in Barbados? Obviously it is his intention to replace the generation department of Barbados Light and Power.

It is only the sun and a few pieces of hardware and this is what it has to be?

How does this make you feel as a Bajan, black, white or Indian? (BU’s emphasis)

Every opportunity the same people feature. I am really worried this. While some of us are hurting and frustrated by the circumstances of our country, you mean we can have an elite that is getting on with securing their succeeding generations?

These thing don’t bother you, they don’t anger and demoralised you?

I have been crying out about this all year, only to hear Bizzy William’s boasting about his latest economic coup. He did it with desalination and sea water, now he is doing it with the sun, Jesus.

What will be our end?

Can see we are heading for a major political fall out over this. That I should have to rent my roof to some body to get solar power? Or for expats to turn up as investors. This model is wrong and it is time to speak up. Gov’t needs to revisit its policies as it relates to renewable energy and economic empowerment. Years ago the sugar industry was restructured but the white people were allowed to cut off the plantation houses and yard, and rent the lands to BAMC. Everything we do in Barbados, white people get the cream.

When is this all going to end man?

It is making me angry and frustrated man. And black Gov’ts always?

Everton Cumberbatch (with minor edits by the Blogmaster)

Everton’s comment is interesting because it highlights how Blacks in Barbados – for whatever reason – are grasping the opportunity to create wealth in an emerging new economy.

Who are the key players in the renewable sector as Everton observes?

COVID 19 has fast tracked movement of financial transactions to the online world, who are the key players in the electronic transactions space?

Who are the key players in technology and telecommunications in Barbados?

The time has come for ALL Barbadians to advocate for policies from our leaders that will unleash economic empowerment with equitable distribution in mind. We are an educated people, let us behave like it. Blacks resorting to blaming the problem will not help, blaming successful Whites and other minority players will not solve the problem. Can you guess who must solve the problem? WE must solve the problem if we want to create an equitable society.


  • Who the hell are these banks hiring? I guess they are getting what they pay for. Of course there are documents that can substitute for the job letter. Source of funds is all that is required.


  • They look at who in front of them and make up new rules.

    It’s not the rules, it’s the people.
    It’s not corruption, it’s incompetence.

    Getting there.


  • Looks like the population of statues in Barbados is set to grow in Barbados.

    There has never been a census of statues so the GOB is unable to tell us by what percentage but estimates put the growth at 10%.

    Hope the GOB has an economic plan.

    “A statue costing hundreds of thousands of dollars, bearing the likeness of cricket legend and former Government minister Reverend Sir Wesley Winfield Hall, will soon grace the landscape of the island.”


  • Where is the statue of this wonderful lady, who was born into slavery and worked her way out of it.

    A hero as any other.


  • Theo…white dude on FB said straight up, the Black leaders in the Caribbean not only work for the minority shitehounds who fancy themselves “white” slave masters, but they also do work for the descendants of real slave masters, someone else pointed out that the sell out leaders are the problem. that they never address the racism, oppression and exploitation of the Black masses and the people are not allowed to express their concern…..we always knew these black faces are the ones allowing all of it to continue..

    big open discussion on FB…everyone can see that the black leaders ARE THE PROBLEM…they are solely responsible for allowing these modern day crimes against the people, no one is going to sit quietly and allow these all out LIARS to blame anyone else while they are pimping reparations AND REFUSE TO MAKE ANY SOCIAL OR FINANCIAL CHANGES to the racist, apartheid exploitative slave society…SO THE BLACK MAJORITY CAN GET REAL JUSTICE…they want things to remain just as they are…NOT THIS TIME…you trash.


  • CrusoeSeptember 12, 2020 5:01 AM

    Where is the statue of this wonderful lady, who was born into slavery and worked her way out of it.

    A hero as any other.


    Not a former Government Minister


  • I am actually less concerned with what colonists are planning, since I know what to expect from them and they will do what they want to anyway…, much less concerned about them than I am with what the wicked, sell-out house negros will do to cause more destruction, poverty and oppression in the lives of the majority Black population on the island in their intellect lacking desperation to maintain a racist status quo rather than make the requisite changes to promote and elevate Black people.. …

    .Barbados’ plans, the ones we know about anyway are at the beginning of the video..


  • It’s a 13-minute video and i only caught the info on the live broadcast about 6 minutes before it ended, so the info on Barbados is somewhere in between there.


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