An Angry Black Man

How does it make you feel that already one man can boast that he has the biggest solar energy operation in Barbados? Obviously it is his intention to replace the generation department of Barbados Light and Power.

It is only the sun and a few pieces of hardware and this is what it has to be?

How does this make you feel as a Bajan, black, white or Indian? (BU’s emphasis)

Every opportunity the same people feature. I am really worried this. While some of us are hurting and frustrated by the circumstances of our country, you mean we can have an elite that is getting on with securing their succeeding generations?

These thing don’t bother you, they don’t anger and demoralised you?

I have been crying out about this all year, only to hear Bizzy William’s boasting about his latest economic coup. He did it with desalination and sea water, now he is doing it with the sun, Jesus.

What will be our end?

Can see we are heading for a major political fall out over this. That I should have to rent my roof to some body to get solar power? Or for expats to turn up as investors. This model is wrong and it is time to speak up. Gov’t needs to revisit its policies as it relates to renewable energy and economic empowerment. Years ago the sugar industry was restructured but the white people were allowed to cut off the plantation houses and yard, and rent the lands to BAMC. Everything we do in Barbados, white people get the cream.

When is this all going to end man?

It is making me angry and frustrated man. And black Gov’ts always?

Everton Cumberbatch (with minor edits by the Blogmaster)

Everton’s comment is interesting because it highlights how Blacks in Barbados – for whatever reason – are grasping the opportunity to create wealth in an emerging new economy.

Who are the key players in the renewable sector as Everton observes?

COVID 19 has fast tracked movement of financial transactions to the online world, who are the key players in the electronic transactions space?

Who are the key players in technology and telecommunications in Barbados?

The time has come for ALL Barbadians to advocate for policies from our leaders that will unleash economic empowerment with equitable distribution in mind. We are an educated people, let us behave like it. Blacks resorting to blaming the problem will not help, blaming successful Whites and other minority players will not solve the problem. Can you guess who must solve the problem? WE must solve the problem if we want to create an equitable society.

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  1. @ Hal,

    10k Chinese, 10k syrian refugees, 10k Ghanaians, 10k Nigerians, 10k Cubans, 10k Venes, 10k Jamaicans and 10k Europeans. at 20k a person. that should do it

  2. @ Greene

    In the early 1960s, Barbados sent a delegation to Dominica to discuss transferring people from Barbados to Dominica. Since the abolition of slavery, we have always exported people: Panama, St Lucia (Vieux Fort was a home of Bajans), Brazil, Bahamas, Bermuda, St Kitts, Britain, the US, Canada, etc.
    Now this president, beside herself with her powers, wants to import white and coffee-coloured people. She is certainly not going to import Kenyans, Ghanaians, Nigerians, Morocco and Rwandans.
    She has no idea. These are all ideas from the Guyanese Persaud.

    • @Greene

      There you go, always keep an open mind, gather the all the information presented for consideration, then make a decision. Time will tell if this is a kite being floated for whatever reason.

  3. So with 40% unemployment we importing people to do exactly what?

    I would tell wunna before any grand ideas like this try and get the ecomomy working so that the 40,000 that home could get a pick and not have to compete with 80,000 foreigners for the same gardener job!

    You could imagine adding more people to this population with the economy where it is now? Wunna really looking for trouble.

  4. Nobody is turning this into a Trump shit show but a valid point was made wrt popular criticism of his immigration policies and our response to our PM’s and others seeking to amend our own immigration policies and maybe change our cultural and ethnic demographic.

    Self-examination is never a wasted exercise, I find. It keeps us honest.

  5. Hal AustinSeptember 9, 2020 12:02 PM

    These are all ideas from the Guyanese Persaud.


    So how come PLT is running about on BU claiming responsibility?

    … or am I missing something?

  6. A viral video on FB exposes Barbados’ backward 18th century classism, racism and segregation against the majority population that shite businesses still engage in thanks to ya useless black face governments…yall looking real good, ya will soon be pariahs on the earth, just like South Africa was, keep it up and know ya ain’t got shit…

  7. And to do it during the prorogation shows her mind set. Our democracy is in crisis.

    Hal Austin

    I noticed that you have been on BU talking about the president, as you call her, rushing through policies during the prorogation. So far, you have been proven WRONG.

    Instead of admitting it, you go off associating everything members of this administration say with the prorogation. You are dishonest and a liar.

    This is the same thing you did with the unbelievable claim that UWI removed an external examiner because he sent a proposal for a PhD candidate to do more work on his thesis.

    A man with your experience should be uplifting the discussion instead of engaging in dishonest tactics.

    Your hatred of Mottley should be of concern. You even tell lies to discredit her. I believe you may need professional help.

  8. @ Michael Campbell

    I am not sure who you are but you seem to fabricate things. This is a pattern familiar with other commenters. I have said that readers should be on the look out for policies being forced through during prorogation. Which is not the same thing ‘rushing through policies’.
    Further, I have said that a policy proposal such as an increase in the population should form part of the Queen’s Speech and be part of the parliamentary debate that follows, not an interview with some media outlet. This, to my mind, is a show of disrespect for parliament and our democracy.
    Plse cut and paste anything said by members of the administration that I have associated with the prorogation. I have referred to Mr Persaud, who the last time I checked was not elected by anyone in Barbados. I have not mentioned the name of any of the other 28 members of the BBLP parliamentary group.
    And, about the removal of an external examiner; I have simply repeated what I was told by the person involved. I also said I am sure he reads BU and if he wants to he is free to reveal himself. I am not going to. Again, I repeat I do not know anything about the UWI and how it supervises post-graduate courses, over and above what people say.
    Finally, what do you know about my experience? Experience of what? The idea of uplifting the discussion is silly and I will not comment on that. Dishonest tactics?
    By the way, I do not hate people. It is a word that is hardly used where I live and I certainly do not use it. It is an offensive and aggressive word. I may dislike, disagree, object, etc, but never hate. I am aware it is in common usage in Barbados. So be it.

  9. @ John A September 9, 2020 2:03 PM
    “So with 40% unemployment we importing people to do exactly what?”

    You have hit the nail on the head in fashioning the silver bullet to kill off any argument for the expansion of the Bajan population.

    And that “40 % unemployment” does not even include the ‘75,000 plus’ classified as permanently unemployed aka the ‘voluntary idle’ in the much politically massaged (un)employment statistics.

    This is just a load of bullshit and bluster from political jesters looking for diversions to distract the masses from the economic realities facing the country.

    Wouldn’t such a demographic adjustment put tremendous pressures on the country’s already crumbling infrastructure and the ‘efficient’ delivery of public goods and services which are already under severe strain like water supply and garbage and sewage collection?

    Barbados clearly does not have the economic carrying capacity to support any major increase in its population.

    What is required is for the “well–educated” section of the population (UWI graduates) to ‘reproduce’ at a rate needed to keep the population at a ‘steady state’ growth rate.

  10. i have discussed the dire need to increase the population in Bim with the wife. she is ok with the idea of me doing my civic coition duties for the country. all she asked is that she vet the candidates and that all the progeny (2.1) be raised by us.

    MAM could you please get this thing up and running?

  11. Greene, Miller,

    I think we are in agreement on this issue. According to my information, we now have 50 percent unemployed. How the hell are we going to feed any poor migrants?

    What is clear is that we need a few thousand rich expats to improve the balance of payments. Expats who work globally and only use Barbados as a residence and home office. But we do not need immigration into the local labor market. We already have enough civil servants, boarders, slackers, welfare recipients and other boys who do not want to work.

    Considering that we live almost exclusively from tourism, no more than 150,000 to 200,000 inmates should populate the plantation called Barbados.

  12. “What is required is for the “well–educated” section of the population (UWI graduates) to ‘reproduce’ at a rate needed to keep the population at a ‘steady state’ growth rate.”

    maybe after she dismantles the racism, segregation, classism on the island that they use as tools to pimp tourists…no one should bring another African child into that colonial-themed nastiness in Barbados……she will also have to remove that racist nelson statue that she so disrespectfully left in place with another lying excuse, then she can ban Lawson from Barbados and we will go to Canada and enslave his backside..

    Am glad Mia can’t see what is coming at her, I tried to warn her but negros with slave titles never listen….

  13. @Greene yours @6.25pm
    Now we know who has the brains in the family “all she asked is that she vet the candidates”

    Wuhlaus ,wuhluas muh belly,hold muh, she is in charge of vetting? Send us de pictures of the candidates she approves.

    In other news “one smart’ found dead at “two smart” door.

  14. Hal Austin

    Forced through, rushed through, so what?
    To-mat-to, to-may- to.
    Same meaning. Because I used rushed instead of forced means I fabricate things? You are just parsing words, nit picking.

    Whether I used forced or rushed does not change the fact that you have been proven WRONG.

    Or maybe you want to tell us how many policies were forced through during prorogation.

    As far as I read, it was Mottley’s opinion, just as Inniss and Ronald Jones did.

    You are the only person that is saying it is a policy proposal.

    Are you saying Mottley is not entitled to an opinion and
    anything she says must be a part of parliamentary debate?

    How is uplifting the discussion silly. Or is it silly as long you are not the one suggesting it?

    I too believe you fabricate things. Case in point the removal of the external examiner.

    Forget everything else and ANSWER this question. How many policies did Mottley forced through during prorogation?

  15. GreeneSeptember 9, 2020 6:25 PM

    MAM could you please get this thing up and running?


    If you are looking to the particular individual get your thing up and running the population is probably not going to increase.

  16. Hal Austin, you told me to plse cut and paste anything said by members of the administration that you have associated with the prorogation.

    Allow me to refer you to the blog “PHARTFORD FILES: Of Covid-19 Contact Tracing Registers And African Embassies.”

    Ironside wrote “Yesterday, according to Barbados Today, Minister Bostic announced that Barbados will be opening an embassy in Ghana.”

    You contribution on September 5, 2020 at 3:32 AM says: “Member states of the Commonwealth do not have embassies, but high commissions. Embassies are the diplomatic offices for none commonwealth nations. YET ANOTHER IMPORTANT DECISION MADE DURING THE PROROGATION OF PARLIAMENT.”

    Jeffrey Bostic is health minister and a member of the administration and he announced the opening of the embassy in Ghana, which you associated with the prorogation.

    I wrote rushed instead of forced and you said I seem to fabricate things.

    You said the announcement of the opening of an embassy in Ghana was yet another important decision made during the prorogation.

    The blog master, David BU told you that the decision to open the embassy was announced by the PM in June last year.

    That information was in the public domain since June last year, so don’t try to insult our intelligence by saying you did not know. You IGNORED it on purpose just to give credence to your chorus about looking out for policies being forced/rushed through during the prorogation.

    That id what I call a DISHONEST TACTIC.

    You know I am justified if I say you fabricate things too.

  17. @ Michael Campbell

    This is my last reply to you. I think I now know who you are. Let us go back to what you quote above. The statement about high commissions and embassies is a statement of fact, a correction.
    About an important statement made during the prorogation. Mr Bostic is minister of health; does a minister of health normally make a government statement on a new diplomatic mission? Why was it left to him and not the minister of foreign affairs, or the prime minister?
    Mr Bostic’s only involvement with Ghana, as far as is publicly known, was the recruitment of the nurses. Is that enough to make him the lead minister on the development of diplomatic relations with Ghana? You said the information was already in the public, so Mr Bostic was repeating old news?
    As to David saying things to me. I must apologise. I try not to have a rational conversation with David, unless it is about his gobbledegook. The same way I will no longer have one with you.
    Finally, saying people should watch out or be alert to an attempt to force through policy, is not the same as saying she IS rushing through policy, unless you earned your English at the stand pipe.
    I think I now know who you are. Plse go back to your little box and play with your toys.

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  19. @Hal

    who is this Michael Campbell chap. you sure have your fair share of enemies for want of a better term.

    it seems to me with this increase in pop trial balloon MAM is prepping for something along those lines in her Throne Speech

  20. @ Greene

    He is an idiot. What he does not understand is that the use of language is a kind of linguistic fingerprint. He certainly does not understand basic English.
    I believe this character has used four different pseudonyms on BU recently. Which tells you something. Why use a pseudonym to hide a pseudonym?
    Anyhow, what I am saying is simple. If the good Barbados electorate has given you a 30:0 parliament (later morphing in to a 29:1 parliament), then it is incumbent that you rule with caution and reason.
    To abuse that majority is to behave like a president, autocrat, or even dictator. Then, to add to this, ignoring the conventions of making major announcements in parliament first is undemocratic. He does not understand this so sees it as an expression of ‘hate’.
    But she is not the first. Sandiford announced his 1994 general election in New York; Arthur announced the sale of BNB in London; so Mottley is following a recent tradition.

  21. Hal Austin, you have a very serious problem when people expose you as a liar and being wrong. I don’t care if you think you know me or if that was your last reply to me. I just don’t care. You don’t know who I am, you are NOT THAT CLEVER, you can only ASSUME. That is a DISTRACTION to justify you not wanting to reply again.

    That is DISHONEST TACTIC #1.

    DISHONEST TACTIC # 2. You coming to tell me about the difference between a high commission and an embassy, which is IRRELEVANT when you know that the dispute was about you saying you NEVER ASSOCIATED ANYTHING MEMBERS of the administration SAID WITH THE PROROGATION. I showed you one of your post as PROOF THAT YOU SAID SO and put the statement in capital letters.

    DISHONEST TACTIC # 3. I am going to remind you AGAIN that the argument was ABOUT YOU SAYING YOU NEVER ASSOCIATED ANYTHING MEMBERS of the administration SAID WITH THE PROROGATION.
    The thing is that Bostic is a MEMBER of the administration and he talked about opening an embassy in Ghana, and you said YET ANOTHER IMPORTANT DECISION MADE DURING THE PROROGATION OF PARLIAMENT. My stand pipe English tells me that you ASSOCIATED what Bostic SAID WITH THE PROROGATION.

    You now want to force or rush through the point about WHO SHOULD OR SHOULD NOT make the statement about the embassy in Ghana, which too, is IRRELEVANT.

    DISHONEST TACTIC # 4. I said you associate everything members of this administration say with the prorogation. You said you never did that and asked me to prove it. I PROVED IT. Instead of ADMITTING YOU WERE WRONG, you CREATED IRRELEVANT ARGUMENTS AND THEN DISPUTED THEM.

    As to your insult to blog master David BU. If I were him, I would LAUGH AT YOU to see that although you like to insult Barbados Underground and him, with all the TV stations, newspapers, journals, magazines, books and restaurants you say you have, you still come on Barbados Underground EVERY SINGLE DAY.

    David BU must be doing something good to keep you here.

    The problem with you is that you think you are the most intelligent man on BU. YOU ARE NOT. Some days you would write good contributions and other days gobbledegook, just like the rest of us here.

    You also exposed yourself as DISHONEST and a LIAR.

  22. NorthernObserverSeptember 9, 2020 10:59 AM appears the topic has adroitly avoided EMigration. Seems a lot of us posters emigrated. In my own family, taking my parents and their siblings, of 12 offspring, only 2 lived their adult life in Barbados. The birth rate is directly related to the level of education for ladies and the type of social unions sought and practiced.———-

    THAT is the comment right there. Any young person with a brain needs to get out and make a life elsewhere. With the banks squeezing, the prices so high cannot save a penny, jobs scarce, what person is going to stay except those who have no choice re money or opportunity?

    Most are going to run to escape the plantation life. As you said that most of your family did. For education most cannot afford eight or ten children anymore. If the woman is working, then that applies too.

    But what will the imported people do? Many countries are trying to figure out how to deal with their unemployed, as automation takes more and more jobs. The subject of a universal basic wage is one tried option.

    So why would any country want to take even more on? It makes no sense.

    Mind you as Greene says, some of you fellows (my wife would not look too kindly on me doing so), may need to fulfill your civic duty and stand to assist the Barbados population with nubile liaison.

    I do not think that any race should be treated with priority, there are many beautiful women all over the world, of all races. From Africa, to the East, to the Nordic countries.

    However, if you so volunteer, please see one of the excellent cardiologists in Barbados first. Or visit Sagicor and ask about term life policies for the wife to have something in case you overextend your capability.

    • @Crusoe

      Some on the blog are trivializing and or politicizing the issue of growing the population. Suppose to use one example Barbados wanted to seriously push agriculture production in a 2 to 5 year plan. The question to ask is- do we have the labour force which includes expertise to achieve the objective? This is one sector.

  23. On the title subject, the electricity generation should be nationalised forthwith. Then put on the local stock market for local Barbadian people and companies to buy shares. No one to own more than twenty percent.

    Or put it under the ownership of the NIS investment fund. At least one investment that is not trash.

    That is a no brainer, for revenue generation and a local investment opportunity.

    The other thing is to remove any restriction on individual power generation. So if an individual has the money to invest in a home solar plant, or for their business, so be it. The sun is free, why should anyone have rights to it?

    ”Jah give it to us all”. Time to get real, people.

  24. DavidSeptember 10, 2020 10:25 AM

    But David, all of that has to be part of the assessment plan. You cannot just come and say, increase the population. Show why it is needed, explain the strategic necessity. To your example, get the input of people like the Honourable Richard Hoad, to offer suggestions. The people who have been doing it, when it was not popular because of a world calamity.

    Ask THEM, what they need. The idea that suddenly eighty thousand people are going to change the fortunes of the island, unless they are all Russian, Chinese or Arab billionaires, is nonsense. Unless it can be supported with a strategic assessment, documented to show the studies and explanations.

    So, is the trivialising merely lack of appreciation or is it a response to a trivial approach?

    I agree, I have no time for political posturing, however let us be real about this. The government is also throwing money at the hotels. Did that work with other ventures, such as Four Seasons, or was it just a hole for money?

    You need proper studies and support of the expenditures., In the case of a major change in national policy, you need support for this.

    If they are businesspeople, who will run businesses from Barbados, as in the one year program, that is a great idea. Because the spinoffs are obvious re rentals, local business support, revenues from international sources etc.

    But the increase in population needs a clear and supported explanation.

    • @Crusoe

      Which is why we have to wait for more information. It obviously is not a case where 80 thousand people will not be allowed in the country willy nill. It is a commonsense thing.

  25. @ Crusoe

    You are right. The president has called for a growth i population, but she has not said why? We are left to assume what she really means. They have got to put forward a case, properly articulated, with a full parliamentary debate, recorded in Hansard.
    As to the subsidising of the badly managed hotels. Government should do an equity for debt deal, wrapping all those assets in a Sovereign Wealth Fund, or let the free market run its course. Anything else is giving taxpayers’ money to the wealthy and well connected.

    • If the Prime Minister needs to add flesh to her suggestion then the call from citizens must be for more information before rubbishing the suggestion.

  26. Some on the blog are trivializing and or politicizing the issue of growing the population. Suppose to use one example Barbados wanted to seriously push agriculture production in a 2 to 5 year plan. The question to ask is- do we have the labour force which includes expertise to achieve the objective? This is one sector.*

    Surely you believe this. I’m reluctant to even comment on this population issue because I see it as a joke. It is not based on any sensible scientific or economic arguments. Much less good old fashioned 7th standard common sense.

    There are more reasonable ways to increase the population than mass importation of foreigners. The labor market shortages are a function of our poor educational system and bad planning. Start there.

  27. DavidSeptember 10, 2020 10:40 AM Commonsense??? Ouch. While you are right, I saw someone mention about commonsense being very rare.

    I do not assume anymore. Remember, what ASSuming does? Then too, you assume things, people take advantage of that, been burnt a few times by trust and assuming that people will do the right thing.

    Trust and assume. You been in life long enough you realise that those two words are ones that should make you sit upright.

    In business, it has to be IN HARD COPY. Right there to read. If it ain’t, it don’t exist.

  28. Leave here and go where? To the place where Hal says the doctors kill black people?

    To the US of A where recent studies show that black women die in childbirth at a rate at least twice as high when attended by white doctors as they do with black doctors?

    I guess that leaves Canada? Do they still want us there?

    Maybe Africa?

  29. DullardSeptember 10, 2020 10:49 AM

    Some on the blog are trivializing and or politicizing the issue of growing the population. Suppose to use one example Barbados wanted to seriously push agriculture production in a 2 to 5 year plan. The question to ask is- do we have the labour force which includes expertise to achieve the objective? This is one sector.*


    300 plus years of investment, capital and labour has been allowed to run to rack and ruin.

    It would take many years before any serious agricultural production could take place.

    Sugar is largely mechanised and does not need a large labour force.

    I would vote to bring some of those American women tractor drivers if we for some unforeseen reason actually were short on tractor drivers.

    The only trivialising and politicising going on here is from the 30 zeroes.

    They and others before them have trivialised and politicised agriculture and everything else.

    They just can’t do no different so all the population can do is laugh at them.

  30. Donna we have a merit based system in canada, We take anyone that fits in to guidelines plus refugees. Mostly indians and phillipinos To be fair 55% of black women in states are considered obese, high blood pressure obesity etc all play a part in the risks of pregnancy if you are suggesting white doctors do not treat there black yellow red or white patients the same I cannot agree . There has to be more to it.

  31. @ David BU

    The issue of increasing the size of the population is not a trivial one. It simply does not resonate with those who keep abreast of the economic and demographic changes in Barbados. Nor is it a political matter in the sense of party- political. The PM has proposed the suggestion and all Barbadians have a civic duty to examine the wisdom of such a proposal. I think it will impact all of us. It is not a private matter.
    Those who propose need to provide good reasons, of an economic nature, to support the causation between population growth and economic growth in today’s land scarce,water scarce country. They need to reconcile this with a proposed policy/ strategy of computerising clerical and administrative jobs in the Public and Private sectors.

  32. If the Prime Minister needs to add flesh to her suggestion then the call from citizens must be for more information before rubbishing the suggestion.¨

    No! The PM’s call must be dismissed for the nonsense that it is because it is not based on science or economics. A larger population will not solve our problems. In fact, it will make many of them worse. The call from citizens should be for decisions made in the best interest of citizens.

  33. Indeed on another blog there was a proposal to digitise Judicial decisions in the Law courts, in order to reduce the backlog of cases awaiting hearings and write-ups of judges decisions.

  34. @ VC September 10, 2020 1:17 PM

    Well said. The relationship between population growth and economic growth is non trivial and oftentimes counter intuitive. As I said before in order to increase the population, the government can very increase the fertility rate by simple means like incenting family formation and subsidizing the cost of child care. Why not fix the broken education education system to equip graduates to function in the Information Age and reduce of the uncertainty around the labour market?

    I don’t know why the Blogmaster continues to ingest the drivel that is spouted out by the PM and her horde of tsars/ consultants/ ministers/ advisors/ advisors’ advisors.

  35. LawsonSeptember 10, 2020 1:09 PM

    Donna we have a merit based system in canada, We take anyone that fits in to guidelines plus refugees. Mostly indians and phillipinos To be fair 55% of black women in states are considered obese, high blood pressure obesity etc all play a part in the risks of pregnancy if you are suggesting white doctors do not treat there black yellow red or white patients the same I cannot agree . There has to be more to it.


    Abortions have to be tough on a woman’s body … and mind.

  36. “RESULTS
    During the period from 1998–2010, of approximately 16.1 million abortion procedures, 108 women died, for a mortality rate of 0.7 deaths per 100,000 procedures overall, 0.4 deaths for non-Hispanic white women, 0.5 deaths for Hispanic women, and 1.1 deaths for black women. The mortality rate increased with gestational age, from 0.3 to 6.7 deaths for procedures performed at 8 weeks or less and at 18 weeks or greater, respectively. A majority of abortion-related deaths at 13 weeks of gestation or less were associated with anesthesia complications and infection, whereas a majority of abortion-related deaths at more than 13 weeks of gestation were associated with infection and hemorrhage. In 20 of the 108 cases, the abortion was performed as a result of a severe medical condition where continuation of the pregnancy threatened the woman’s life.

    Deaths associated with legal induced abortion continue to be rare events—less than 1 per 100,000 procedures. Primary prevention of unintended pregnancy, including those in women with serious pre-existing medical conditions, and increased access to abortion services at early gestational ages may help to further decrease abortion-related mortality in the United States.”

  37. I don’t know why the Blogmaster continues to ingest the drivel that is spouted out by the PM and her horde of tsars/ consultants/ ministers/ advisors/ advisors’ advisors…(Quote)

    Learning by rote. An inability to this outside the box. Barbados spends about Bds$7000 per child on education. This is a scandalous underinvestment.
    On the other hand,the middle class professionals do OK for themselves by sending their little Johnnies to fee-paying schools. As usual, it is the poor black people who suffer.

  38. Black women are more than twice as likely to die as Hispanic or white women during an abortion but the overall incidence is low.

  39. If you plan to increase the population through emigration, either you believe the new immigrants will be creating jobs or you believe that there will be shortage of job skills and the new migrants will fill the void.

    Which is it? And are they valid assumptions?

    • @Sargeant

      This is the point and it was discussed by Dennis Johnson on the afternoon talk show today. His explanation of the the PMs suggestion accords with the blogmaster.


      If you reread the blogmasters comment you will see the concern is that we should avoid politicalizing or trivializing the issue, never suggested it is a trivial matter.

      We need to hear more.

  40. First…copy something positive from South Africa, shut down your stink racist companies on the island or you are going nowhere, do not birth anymore African babies into that evil colonial shit, Barbados is well known as racist, not many immigrants will want to experience racism unless they are racist too…..i remember there was a halfassed brain-damaged racist on BU calling Black people ugly all the time…..years ago, it and I used to get into it all the time…

  41. Lawson,

    I am not suggesting it. The results of the study suggest it. The significant variable is the colour of the DOCTOR.

    Doctors can be racist too.



  42. Barbados merit based
    If you saw garbage on the ground would you
    a) walk by
    b) put it in garbage container
    c ) Kick it

    Your at a stop sign on two way road and a woman walks by would you
    a) honk your horn
    b ) yell gimmuh some of dat
    c) proceed to get out of car engage woman in conversation holding up rest of traffic

    The urinal at oistins is plugged
    a) you will use the ladies
    b) use it anyways
    c) use the sink

    Your neighbors dog jumps over the fence and starts humping your wife you will
    a) beat it
    b) shoot it
    c) tell him she wants it declawed

    Your going out for dinner you will
    a) get loan from bank
    b ) get loan from bank
    c) get loan from bank

    You see some tourists engaged in conversation getting ready to board the jolly roger you would say
    a ) its a nice day to be on the water
    b ) you should try a catamaran if your here for a while
    c ) TAXI

  43. Donna you make it sound like Mengele is alive and well, it has to be more maybe they dont have check ups because of cost, maybe as I said underlying health issues maybe it is the age (baby momma) maybe it is lifestyle but racist doctors everywhere I dont believe it especially they could just work for planned parenthood with no risk of accusations.

  44. SargeantSeptember 10, 2020 1:48 PM

    If you plan to increase the population through emigration, either you believe the new immigrants will be creating jobs or you believe that there will be shortage of job skills and the new migrants will fill the void.

    Which is it? And are they valid assumptions?


    The population has already increased and without Mr. Greene’s assistance.

    It should have decreased or stayed the same if 2.1 is the magic number.

    Why did it increase?

    Was it due to a reduction in the death rate?

    Fewer racist doctors?

    Recording errors?

    Some other immigration drive taking place unbeknownst to the inhabitants?

    All of the above.

  45. Lawson,

    So… those who don’t have check ups etc. somehow fall into the white doctors care.

    You didn’t do well in statistics, did you!

    The colour of the doctor is what is different. The other factors are the same.

    “All other things being equal” – do you understand what that means?

    One does not even have to know one is being racist. One suggestion is that the white doctors did not take the concerns expressed by the black women seriously. It does not have to be that they intend to let them die.

    Many factors influence how seriously a person takes another person. As a woman, I have often been brushed off by men who think I couldn’t possibly know what I am talking about because I am a woman.

    I know how that goes.

    To me then, it is totally believable that race could also be a factor in determining how seriously a doctor takes the words of a patient.

  46. @David

    You cant talk about grand plans of expanding the population without a massive growth in economic actvity, its that simple so leave out the political nonesence and be a realist.

    In an ecomomy with 40,000 people unemployed with little hope of future employment, where you finding work for 80,000 more?
    Look at basic maths now, if a 25% fall in activity caused 40,000 to be unemployed, what increase in economic activity will it take to re-employ the 40,000 and find work for 80,000 more? 60% or 70% maybe, so post covid where will you generate this massive amount of economic growth from?

    Politic talk is cheap but when it comes to the supporting numbers to support the grand statements, it aint as easy as talk.

    • @John A

      The mechanics of the plan has not been shared with the public. Over what period will this increase occur? What are the skillsets we want to recruit? Let us have the details please.

  47. @John,

    i make one tiny suggestion to do coition civic duties in furtherance to nation building and now my good name is being linked to pop increase? what gives man? like you getting a bigger rise out of this than slam bam MAM.

    anyhow unless there are specific jobs where it has been found that bajans arent qualified for or cannot otherwise perform or trained for, i cant see a reason for this pop increase. even if there are such jobs out there, hitherto undiscovered, do 80k of them exist?

    i understand that it may be wise to wait for an explanation but having racked the old brain- the other brain is being kept well varnished to do my coition civic duties- i still cant envision a scenario where Bim can comfortably (socially, environmentally or financially) support a large importation of people. but lets wait and hear what the Madam says

  48. @ David September 10, 2020 5:46 PM
    “@John A
    The mechanics of the plan has not been shared with the public. Over what period will this increase occur? What are the skillsets we want to recruit? Let us have the details please.”

    Come on David (BU), you already know this is just another load of BS or political gassing off or venting to take the people’s attention away from the Covid-induced economic debacle.

    You will never get that sort of “details” until Barbados is able to ‘build’ another Pelican ‘island’ offshore the West Coast.

    This stupid idea was touted under previous administrations. It is a mere theoretical talking point or a political conversation piece.

    Or is it just the precursor for an alibi for the massive restructuring of the NIS and the defusing of the time bomb underlying the pensions expectations of the 1950’s and 60’s baby boomers generations?

    Moreover, those ‘retired Bajans’ (like Hal Austin’s predecessors)- who earned a living by working overseas- are dying out and their forex remittances by way of pensions and property acquisitions are drying up; and fast.

    Those former ‘exported’ forex earners need to be replaced, tout de suite.

    There is principle called the Pareto optimality; and Barbados has already exceeded its demographic capability vis-à-vis its economic carrying capacity.

    You should listen to those political jokers when they are able to sort out the potable water woes of those ‘country’ folks who have been suffering for decades or those desperate souls who have been on the NHC housing waiting list for eons.

    Where are these ‘invited’ nouveaux arrivants going to live (and work)?

    In the shanty town of Bridgetown (like most immigrants did before) or squat in Rock Hall cordon sanitaire now that the Covid-stricken airplanes will no longer be a threat to their ‘Peace and Quiet’?

    Clearly there is a ‘niche marketing’ role to promote Barbados as a good place to retire and relax in the sun. But for heavens sake, not as a place where work opportunities are a dime a dozen!

  49. There is no research. There are no data. There are no data driven conclusions and recommendations. There is no plan.

    There is either an attempt to appear that one has answers or as Miller suggested, a set up for pension reform that will leave everyone but parliamentarians in dire straits.

  50. If you bring forex to Barbados to support honest economic activity and create jobs, welcome.

    If you coming to launder money and grease politician palms don’t come.

    We have already been on a black list and a grey list.

    Just stay to hell out.

  51. The thread has moved away from the posit by Everton Cumberbatch that government sets up opportunities which are always grabbed by same tiny group from the minority hence the poor get poorer and the rich get richer.

    The cry of discrimination will go up if the minority white elite are excluded from investment opportunities provided by government. Govt must be creative to ensure working class blacks can get a piece of the rock when such possibilities arise.

    The small man is historically crowded out by the same tiny cabal of selfish, greedy, racist tycoons.

    How you spread economic chances to include the working class without bringing sanctions from US, UK etc for racial discrimination calls for social engineering skills of the highest order.

    No space will be afforded by the greedy minority because black investment is not their concern. They are about building billion $$ bank accounts and property ownership.

    The majority are to remain at the permanent station of bringers of water and hewers of wood. Blacks are seen as consumers not investors nor owners.

    Fired tourist minister Kerrie Symmonds as new Minister of Energy says he is determined people at the base of the ladder are afforded chances to replace or supply BL&P with renewable energy.

    Symmonds states he will not support the tiny minority who for generations have commanded the heights of the economy to continue so to do by getting the lion share of renewable energy investments.

    Barrow and generations of DLP leaders tried to redress the balance and failed. The BLP never espoused any such policies.

    Were Symmonds to achieve his aim a grateful nation would applaud the effort to move blacks off the economic floor and into decision making board rooms along with upgraded bank accounts only enjoyed by the tiny selfish minority.

  52. Dont mind Kerry the Fraud, all those low crawling shitehounds for leaders have been saying the dumbshit that they know they will never do SINCE THE 1970s and if Bajans did not have such short memories, they would remember the lies from government ministers and if any of the parliament rats were really serious, they will SUE the dirty minorities for exploitation, oppression, discrimination, thefts and racism against the majority population, but they won’t do that will they because they condone and enable it each election cycle…….right along with tiefing and exploiting the same population too.

    It was bound to happen, Hilary finally realized that the islands are still colonies, he will also reach the conclusion that most are still mentally enslaved….colonization never ceased, not if the colonists are as intelligent as I know they are….now if he will drop the shite colonial title, I will take him more seriously.

    “We know that the Caribbean was the place where the business model for all the crimes against humanity were committed. It was the Caribbean that suffered the fundamental genocide of the native people. It was the Caribbean that became the model of African enslavement . . . . It was the Caribbean that had the longest journey with colonialism. . . . The Caribbean is still a place where there are colonies in significant numbers,” he added.

    To this end, Sir Hilary said it was not a surprise that the region was among the oldest and the poorest in the hemisphere.”

    he failed to add that with corrupt, tiefing politicians, lawyers, government ministers, their wicked actions make the region even poorer.

  53. That slave title was bound to act as a yoke around his neck at some point in time given the ongoing revolution, it’s starting to choke him with its weight, let’s see what he does about it….and it’s only because circumstances have drastically changed and finally kinda-sorta opened his eyes that he jumped out of his sleep with this epiphany, but he has a very long way to go and may very well never reach the intellectual heights that will really jolt him wide awake..

  54. Donks…most of the ministers are lawyers and they know well enuff that they can SUE, if not ARREST the minorities for their many financial crimes against the majority population and the country which is TREASON, a word Verla like…….. and.if they say not, they are LIARS but they know if they attempt to do so they are ALL GOING DOWN cause the minorities have evidence on all of those sell-out criminals in the parliament and bar association…that is why I have no respect for any of them and can see clearly what they are doing.

    They better all keep their fraudulent asses out of Africa cause they will not get away with spreading their cancerous diseased nastiness there without consequences…they have been warned. I dare them.

  55. Wasn’t there a ‘white shadows’ guy a few weeks ago; and now the mantle has passed to a next ‘freedom fighter’ .

    I think these politicians has a list of tasks to complete when the going get rough.

    Ass in a crack – white shadows’
    Rough going – black empowerment

    • @Greene

      What you are likely to see is one year or thereabouts from the election a more popular candidate will come to the fore. Usually that person remains close to the party but out of the day to day fray of the party. It is a difficult period to navigate and images have to be managed. We witnessed it with Thompson faction booting Mascoll and if you go way back Barrow took a break and Sleepy did some dog work. Willing to bet Stephen Lashley is sizing the opportunity.

  56. Theo…every parliament rat, except for the ones really closely aligned and benefiting from the toxic relationship have been vomiting “the white shadows” chant since the 1970s….but are yet to lift a finger to do anything about the albino cucharrachas…..

    ….just like the Minister of Hairstyles, talk a good game about the elderly being abused and exploited rah rah rah…but won’t lift a finger to enforce the San Jose Charter on protecting the rights of the elderly, nor open her mouth not even one time to expose all the thefts of estates, land, bank accounts etc from the elderly and their beneficiaries….which she is well aware has been happening all the decades she has been in the parliament in one role or the other…

  57. This article by Dr. Marshall is trending on Facebook again today, so what is Hilary doing about dismantling the structures of:

    racism against the majority Black population

    exploitation of the majority Black population

    oppression of the majority Black population

    destruction, marginalization and disenfranchisement of the island’s Black creatives

    all committed by a criminal syndicate of minorities aided and abetted by both toxic black governments….

    50 billions dollars from colonials will MEAN NOTHING, if the above crimes against the African majority are not addressed, confronted and resolved…because it’s not the colonials did any of that…neither are they the ones continuing the economic and social destruction of the majority population…it’s the black faces in the parliament responsible.

    “Successive govts ‘help pauperize’ black business – by Kareem Smith July 18, 2020
    Every government in an independent Barbados, including the two-year-old Mottley administration, has failed Black-owned business, said the head of a UWI thinktank who has pleaded with the two-year-old regime to break the cycle.

    Director of the Sir Arthur Lewis Institute of Social and Economic Studies (SALISES) Dr Don Marshall said he is hopeful that ongoing Blackout Day initiatives to encourage patronising of Black entrepreneurs can start a conversation about the role of the state in broadening the country’s economic base to include Black people in the struggle for wealth creation.

    Dr Marshall contends that Barbadian black business startups are often crushed under the weight of centuries-old White and later, Syrian-owned, wealth that was supported and maintained by colonialism. On the other hand, he argued that Black entrepreneurs, whose wealth dates back no more than three generations are often more risk-averse because they are in peril of depleting their entire family inheritances.

    He said: “Most of the Syrian and Lebanese came here with their wealth, but when you deal with the African-derived populations, we were victims of terrorism, banditry, denial of black humanity and these are the origins.

    “So you cannot have a state emerging out of that colonial and slavery experience that simply allows the market to exist with the private sector being the main engine of growth.

    “At some point, the state must intervene to do more than just correct a historical wrong. The only way to shake up the dominance of a conservative enterprise culture is to create an enabling environment for industrial deepening, new inventions and value-added approaches to business.”

    So excluded are Black people from the country’s “superficial” business culture of buying and selling that Dr Marshall believes a thriving business can only be achieved if capital is provided for investment in such new, innovate and production-based industries as solar energy, computer technology and advanced agriculture.

    He has accused administrations of maintaining the status quo which maintains generational wealth in the hands of a few and restricts blacks for the most part to the working class.

    “The state has effected a siege by allowing black entrepreneurial expression to flounder,” the.political economist argued.

    “The state needs to incentivize innovative design-driven economy instead of leaving Black people in Barbados who are only now experiencing a third generation of being just a middle class.

    “Do not leave them to pauperize their parents and grandparents by having to survive on the wits of the loan because their house was put up to start the business. It is vulgar and argued.”

    Black Tuesday and Blackout Day have been used as a tool of black empowerment, particularly by activists in the United States aimed to support Black-owned businesses that are perceived to be operating at the disadvantage.

    It has been rejected by the Barbados Private Sector Association and the Small Business Association as well as some social and political observers who claim that the Barbadian business climate provides equal opportunities.

    But Marshall explained: “The law of capitalism is jungle-like. If you enter an area that is dominated by established players, they are going to use their advantage and power to price you out of the market, and to have your business face considerable cash flow pressures until it collapses.

    “Whenever we are talking about race and business, it is important to understand the enterprise culture of that place and the enterprise culture in Barbados is that of commercial dealing business… and when Blacks try to get into those areas, they stumble upon a well-established wealthy class of persons who have experienced intergenerational wealth going back hundreds of years.”

  58. Scotia Bank is a disgrace, i guess these retirees were not a whiter shade of pale or close to it because I have personally seen how they bow and scrape to those who look nothing like the Black employees..

    … dumbass racists in Black skin is also a big problem in Barbados…and all of them lack proper training.

    “Kathie Daniel Fertur Lux
    1d ·
    This is a true story of returning nationals. (Some items changed or blocked to preserve privacy):
    “So XXXXX and I came with letters of recommendation from Scotia (other Caribbean island) and went into Scotia here (Barbados) to open accounts.
    They asked for proof of funds to furnish the account and I told them from our accounts in (other Caribbean island).
    They wanted job letters to which we responded that XXXXX retired in 20XX and I just retired in February, so we don’t HAVE job letters.
    Their response:- well if you don’t have a job letter you can’t get an account.
    I was mesmerized.
    As two retirees we can’t get a bank account in our homeland as returning retired residents.
    I blew a gasket.”
    In a nutshell, this is the kind of crap that is keeping us firmly in the Dark Ages. It seems that certain individuals and organizations (in public AND private sectors) are more enamoured of processes than results or outcomes. Certainly, as my son and heir says, common sense is so rare that it should be considered a superpower.
    We want to welcome remote workers from other jurisdictions but if this is the kind of nonsense they are going to encounter, I promise you that word will spread at warp speed that Bim is NOT the paradise it’s made out to be.
    Perhaps the challenge is lack of training. It’s one thing to have a policy and/or procedure in place, but quite another to know how to execute it successfully. As a result, Scotia will probably lose these potential customers and their business.
    My perspective is this: I want business, I want to make money, I want to sell my services/products, and to do so legally and ethically. Therefore, I will listen to my potential clients and do my best to solve their problems, earn their trust and respect, and hopefully, lifelong loyalty.
    As retirees, my friends would not have “job letters.” As the CEO of my own company, I guess I wouldn’t either! I could write said letter and sign it though! See how much sense that makes? We have to start with the end in mind, as per Stephen Covey. And that requires the most difficult action in the universe, a change of mindset.

  59. “Their response:- well if you don’t have a job letter you can’t get an account.”

    Note to self: Before retiring and returning get a job letter.

    “We want to welcome remote workers from other jurisdictions but if this is the kind of nonsense they are going to encounter”

    Barbadians already have in mind the race and color of these foreign workers. These workers will not have any problems..

    Perhaps someone realized that you cannot fix the island spit fixing the people. 80,000 fixes should do it.

  60. “And that requires the most difficult action in the universe, a change of mindset,”

    We are on the same page.. fix the natives

  61. ”dumbass racists in Black skin is also a big problem in Barbados ”

    This is the biggest problem facing Barbados. Sixty years of political power and the key players remain unchanged.

  62. Who the hell are these banks hiring? I guess they are getting what they pay for. Of course there are documents that can substitute for the job letter. Source of funds is all that is required.

  63. They look at who in front of them and make up new rules.

    It’s not the rules, it’s the people.
    It’s not corruption, it’s incompetence.

    Getting there.

  64. Looks like the population of statues in Barbados is set to grow in Barbados.

    There has never been a census of statues so the GOB is unable to tell us by what percentage but estimates put the growth at 10%.

    Hope the GOB has an economic plan.

    “A statue costing hundreds of thousands of dollars, bearing the likeness of cricket legend and former Government minister Reverend Sir Wesley Winfield Hall, will soon grace the landscape of the island.”

  65. Theo…white dude on FB said straight up, the Black leaders in the Caribbean not only work for the minority shitehounds who fancy themselves “white” slave masters, but they also do work for the descendants of real slave masters, someone else pointed out that the sell out leaders are the problem. that they never address the racism, oppression and exploitation of the Black masses and the people are not allowed to express their concern…..we always knew these black faces are the ones allowing all of it to continue..

    big open discussion on FB…everyone can see that the black leaders ARE THE PROBLEM…they are solely responsible for allowing these modern day crimes against the people, no one is going to sit quietly and allow these all out LIARS to blame anyone else while they are pimping reparations AND REFUSE TO MAKE ANY SOCIAL OR FINANCIAL CHANGES to the racist, apartheid exploitative slave society…SO THE BLACK MAJORITY CAN GET REAL JUSTICE…they want things to remain just as they are…NOT THIS TIME…you trash.

  66. I am actually less concerned with what colonists are planning, since I know what to expect from them and they will do what they want to anyway…, much less concerned about them than I am with what the wicked, sell-out house negros will do to cause more destruction, poverty and oppression in the lives of the majority Black population on the island in their intellect lacking desperation to maintain a racist status quo rather than make the requisite changes to promote and elevate Black people.. …

    .Barbados’ plans, the ones we know about anyway are at the beginning of the video..

  67. It’s a 13-minute video and i only caught the info on the live broadcast about 6 minutes before it ended, so the info on Barbados is somewhere in between there.

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