Two Poorakey FORMER Prime Ministers


Verla De Peiza, Leader of the DLP


@David,what rot are you talking? the DLP will be out of govt for at least 10 years. do we really think any person from the last bunch will be around politically at that time? your admonishment is a nonsense under those circumstances. Barrow and others were rejected too. politics is a strange game and the rejected can become the chosen in a wink of an eye politically

The comment quoted was posted by Greene in response to criticism of Verla De Peiza’s leadership of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP). It reveals the electorate’s biggest problem.

There has been a lot of chatter about the decision by former prime minister Freundel Stuart to speak after two years of silence. One of the characteristics of Stuart’s tenure was his unwillingness – some suggest reluctance – to engage the public on the many issues of the day. This detachment from an electorate he was elected to serve permeated his team. The ethos which shrouded his tenure provoked his reference to a sleeping giant who others should be fearful about awakening.

This blogmaster has no intention to be prolix on this matter, the BU family has sliced and diced Stuart matters to bits over the years. Those who prefer to drag a political carcass across the trail to stink up dispassionate analysis, it will not work.

For some time progressive BU pundits have opined that the Bajan electorate has ceded its civic responsibility to the political class.  Key tenets upon which our so called democracy is built require a strident advocacy by the PEOPLE to act as a whip to the political class. What we have is a situation – referred to as the duopoly –  where the Opposition party pays its penance for two terms and is re-elected as the de facto government in waiting.  Some of us have exposed the fault line in our governance system, however, the majority of people have become intoxicated by the games politicians play and do not know B from bull’s foot as it relates to civic engagement.

The last two prime ministers Freundel Stuart and Owen Arthur represent about 25 years in office between them. Is it too much for the electorate to expect them to add value to the governance landscape – post prime ministership – with the objective of making our democratic systems better? For this reason elders in ancient societies have been allocated pride of place and  were pivotal transferring knowledge to mould societies for the better. Instead what we have had is Arthur demonstrating a level of bitterness not worthy of mention AND one Stuart outburst labelled by political pundits as froth over substance.

Some of us have had enough!

it is in this context the blogmaster states categorically there is no merit to Stuart given airtime under the banner of the DLP, if it wants to be taken seriously as being in the vanguard of change. Stuart is free to mirror De Lisle Worrell by posting his thoughts on a website or vblogging on YouTube. The political class has no problem disrespecting the electorate by demonstrating arrogance in office, breaking promises (manifestos), however, the electorate – according to some – must extend all courtesies to Stuart by being receptive to his mouthings on his descension from Mount Olympus. This blogmaster says no!

Two years on it is evident no credible third party movement has emerged. Although disappointing, it is a reflection of the scant regard quality citizens hold for aspiring to be members of the political class. We are what we eat, our governments are composed of poorakey members.

A reinvigorated and reborn DLP is important to a well functioning governance setup in Barbados. One does not have to be blessed with the acuity of the best political pundit to know Verla De Peiza lacks the gravitas in personality to lead the emergence of the DLP.  To have allowed Denis Lowe, Ronald Jones, Adreil Brathwaite et al to hijack her agenda- if there is one -is the biggest indication she does not have control of the party.

Three more years to go Verla, or less!


  • You do know that, long before the 15th comment here that this article is going to descend into a shy$e throwing match THAT WILL INCLUDE YOUR HERO MUGABE MOTTLEY, THE DESPOT!

    Some will say “As it rightfully should” since your amnesiac rendition of the history of Barbados over the last 25 years CONVENIENTLY FORGETS THAT Mugabe Mottley was well entrenched IN THAT TRAVESTY INFLICTED UPON OUR COUNTRY.

    One of the major problems with the revisionist history task of Barbados Underground IS THAT A FEW OF YOUR READERS are not poochlickers and can remember clearly what these now ascended criminals, A FEW STEPS AWAY FROM BEING LOCKED UP IN AMERICA, have all done.

    All of them are thieves of funds from the Treasury

    But their comeuppance is on the doorsteps WITH THE CORONAVIRUS

    This WILL BE THE FEBRUARY DISASTER for the government of Barbados that will show who is truly poor rakey

    De ole man has spoken AND NO JACKASS HOWEVER EMPOWERED can erase me words


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  • That idiot Dennis Kellman seems to want to make a come back. Was on Brass Tacks yesterday according to the with a proposal to solve the transportation problem. He, like Glynne Murray seem to have all the solutions now that they are out of office.


  • David,

    what was the reason for using that quote at the top of your piece if you weren’t going to refer to it in the body of the article?

    to be clear i have no issue with using the quote.

    now let me ask you, why do you think that Verla lacks the personality or as you say, gravitas, to lead a resurgence of the DLP? and then you seem to think that that would be hampered by having the recently defeated speak under the banner of the DLP?

    all parties must have a base and it appears to me that the loyal base of the DLP wants these members to speak and i agree with them talking.

    if nothing else, it serves as a kind of political catharsis from which Verla and the DLP could put behind them the ghost of that administration while holding onto a base from which she could solidify her leadership.

    let’s hope she recognises this and seizes the moment. Go Verla

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  • @Greene

    If you do not see how the quote meshes with the thesis of the blog then the point is truly made. Verla will not be responsible for the resurgence of the DLP.


  • @David,

    do you have some kind of animus towards Verla, political or otherwise?

    BTW- you didnt answer my questions

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  • If the DLP hope to ‘make a comeback’, they must rid themselves of ALL of those of the past 10 years. We were completely fed-up with them, as 30-0 indicated …. Verla must sweep them out…. we never want to see them in any government office again………… let them band together and form a 3rd-party…lol…… it even feels disrespectful that the media gives them exposure …. let them fade away…. please!!!


  • @ Greene

    Steady on, old chap. Never forget even fools must have their say.


  • @ David.

    You speak to the absence of a Third party but what is most worrying is there is not even an active second party.

    Basically we have no opposition.


  • Why on earth is the blogmaster driving another debate about Stuart. How about the efforts to remove the criminal eleven plus . I totally for its removal. What about the dissenting views of Ralph Thorne and Glyne Clarke?
    Let me repeat: I have supported the removal of the eleven plus since the late sixties.
    Last I heard Freundel Stuart is no longer a factor in the management of Barbados.

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  • @William,

    unless i understand what is its replacement, i am against the removal of the 11 plus. Clarke seems to have grown some balls and Thorne seems, like me, want clarification of the replacement and how it will be implemented.

    but you are correct, a topic worthy of debate, again.

    David seems to like to discuss Verla. dont know why? i remember him favouring Guy Hewitt in the DLP leadership battle. i must say Hewitt would have been an interesting choice tho.

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  • @ KS

    What you have said summarises the status of ANY AND ALL OF THOSE MPs deservingly rewarded 30-0


    What though is more concerning to me about the DLP posturing is that THE PEOPLE WHO GET BEAT 30-0 doing more than the Reverend Joseph Atherley!

    He and his party are inordinately silent


  • @ Greene
    I find it strange that the Minster of Education would announce its intended removal before coming to the public with at least some idea of its replacement.
    Removing the eleven will be the most significant development since the introduction of free education.
    I can’t understand why two government MPs seem in the dark about the issue.
    This is not the best start to the process. I hope Ms. Bradshaw, who has the correct tone, as a MOEdu. realizes that this is a very sensitive / emotional issue with the public. While I support her efforts, I will urge her to be more concrete and precise on this issue before making further public announcements.


  • (Quote):
    For this reason elders in ancient societies have been allocated pride of place and were pivotal transferring knowledge to mould societies for the better. Instead what we have had is Arthur demonstrating a level of bitterness not worthy of mention AND one Stuart outburst labelled by political pundits as froth over substance. (Unquote).

    Oh what a way Father Time has of sending its watchdog Karma to bite political poker players in their “poorakey” butts!

    Are these the same two politicians who played a card game of political horse-trading by trying to turn the aggressively upstart filly called MAM into a gelding to be sold down the river flowing right through the imaginary divide in Parliament?

    Haven’t they both succeeded into turning a loquacious firebrand into a history-making political heroine who some consider to be the mother of Bajan economic salvation?

    Now what should be HM MAM’s ultimate method of double-dealing humiliation of them both?

    Why not make them both knights of the roundtable of political scraps?

    Rise, Sir Arthur Stuart; Ye both ‘pretend’ kings of the duopoly of double dealing in the republic of Barbados!

    Those whom the gods [employed in the Service of Lady Justice] want to destroy are always allowed to get drunk from the poisoned chalice political power.


  • @William

    By getting rid of the 11+ are we not dumbing down, right at the point when we should raising standards? Is this not a flawed response to the middle classes worried that little Johnny and Keisha may fail to get in to a top school?

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  • @ Piece the Legend,

    Your destructive posters reveling in the 30 to 0 defeat of the DLP

    and with no viable alternative NEW political party, you could be helping to create a one party state.


  • @ Hal
    @ Greene
    Removing the 11Plus is the first step to a new ethos not only in education but the country. The pedestrian argument about stopping “ bright” children from developing academically is a red herring. I believe strongly in continuous assessment. We are simply not measuring our Human Resources properly because our educational system is flawed at its foundation. And that foundation is the 11Plus.


  • @William,

    they got rid of the 11 plus in the UK and the results, from what i have heard, are no better. if anything, they are worse, but Hal can speak to that.

    we have to get this right.

    no sense getting rid of a system unless we have an equal or better replacement with equal or better outcomes.

    i think they should focus more on returning secondary schools to single sex and introduce more technical and vocational studies in the system


  • A master plan for the removal of the 11 plus and replacing it with ZONING was created by the then Minister of Education Billie Miller in 1981.

    The basic principle of the majority of children going to school near to where they live seems logical.

    Improving the quality of education and creating a ” level playing field ” is possible.


  • All Barbados’ governments have been poor rakey, none of them ever managed to FREE their people from colonial blight and bondage, not that they would want to given their thirst and envy for shitey colonial tites since they feel that they ent nobody without them… yes, poor rakey is a kind description of these educated backward.

    Greene.. you are just as useless as Hal, what have they doped you clowns with in UK….it was specifically said by Santia i believe that this is THE LAST DAYS OF THE 11+…but there you are with your lying ass claiming that they stopped the 11 plus but the results are still the same….you stupid, brainwashed clowns just cannot help yourselves..

    You and Hal are proof beyond doubt why the 11 plus gotta go, it produces too many dumb people unable to be rational or analyze the truth… produced 3 generations of mostly idiots like yaselves…


  • not that they would want to given their thirst and envy for SHITEY COLONIAL TITLES since they feel that they ent nobody without them


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @Skinner, u speak of your desired removal of the ‘screaming’ test since some 40+ years ago.

    Surely therefore you and like minded folks have offered several workable alternatives … in that regard why do you think this MoE and her ministry Chief Ex officer et al are not full of options and simply are waiting to roll out their choice!

    As surely also they have talked it to death, gone on endless knowledge tours to other systems and modelled their intent …ONE MUST EXPECT!

    But all that aside why do YOU not take the opportunity to update one of your essays on the subject and provide some substantive info to be posted here so that the Blogmaster does not need to regurgitate on Stuart and his asine remarks about ‘waking a sleeping giant’.

    For a leader who stood at the helm of the last administration repeated eff-ups, blatant lies and cover-ups it is hubris shrouded in shameless disdain for Bajans that he could consider himself a giant of anything worthy of being awakened!

    Put pen to paper in a memoir and just shut up, again. Let sleeping giants SLEEP… He dallied while the nation suffered … go and dally more!

    So pease unfurl your proposals and let the blog discuss something with positivity, do.


  • Vincent Codrington

    @ Hants at 10;08 AM

    Zoning is neither logical nor effective in a vacuum. It all depends on what social/national objectives the society is aiming to achieve. Only the society as a whole can state what they want from an Education System. We live in an interconnected world. We have to communicate,compete and interact. Education cannot be parochial.


  • @ William

    I am all for education reform, but dumbing down is not the answer. We want to level up and turn Barbados in to the educational hot spot of the Caribbean – really world class.
    It is interesting that the president, a former education minister herself, has made no public input in to the argument since winning the election. Young people are not all academic; many do not show their abilities at the normal school age; many are talented in other ways and it is the job of government to provide those opportunities for those young people.
    Whatever we do, as long as we have a tiered system of education there must be a form of selection; if we are not going to select by exam, how then are we going to select?
    By the way, last week in the UK there was a big debate about the importance of teachers in young lives. It followed an appearance by Ian Wright, a former England footballer, on Desert Island Discs, a Radio Four programme. It led to lots of tears in public by people recalling how special teachers played a role in their lives..
    I was lucky in that sense. Lots of old Waterford boys on here will mention Harry Sealy, a very special man. And, as you know, I have mentioned JO Morris at St Giles on numerous occasions.
    My one great regret is that I never had an opportunity to say thank you to him. Schools are important and we must not mess up this opportunity.
    @Greene also mentioned improvements in the UK. I suggest that the president and her ministers should look at under 16 education in the UK 20-25 years ago, and look at it since the reforms.
    When is the ministry of education going to publish the CXC results of individual schools?

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  • “….it was specifically said by Santia i believe that this is THE LAST DAYS OF THE 11+…but there you are with your lying ass claiming that they stopped the 11 plus but the results are still the same….you stupid, brainwashed clowns just cannot help yourselves..”

    I know Mr. Greene is quite capable of defending himself, but, in the interest of fairness, perhaps the author of the above quoted comment, may be willing to indicate where in any of his contributions to this topic so far, he claimed the 11+ was stopped in Barbados, “but the results are still the same” and how has he LIED to this forum.

    Because, as far as I read, he wrote at February 25, 2020 10:01 AM:: “they got rid of the 11 plus in the UK and the results, from what i have heard, are no better. if anything, they are worse…..”

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  • Vincent Codrington

    Hants cont’d

    Can we seriously consider zoning in an island 21 miles in length and 14 miles in width as an improvement to the delivery of utilitarian education?


  • @ de pedantic Dribbler
    I have long expressed my views about the 11 plus in an article on BU. I see no need to republish or update it at this time. As stated, I am for continuous assessment. My views are well known and I informed the then government in a paper I wrote to the Task Force on Unemployment. I think that was around 1987. Where I looked at the educational component of unemployment. Nothing has changed since then yo change my views.

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  • @ Hal
    Your belief that abolishing the 11 plus is “ dumbing down “ the educational system is very incorrect. I would argue that the 11 plus is the real dumbing down system because it declared thousands of our children dumb at age eleven .


  • @ William

    Various other methods, continuous assessment, modular etc impact differently on boys and girls. Boys prefer to cram for an exam then have a big exam; girls are generally more diligent and prefer to keep notes through the year, working on projects. It is the same with post-graduate work: some are based on exams, others on assessments, others on a series of long essays.

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  • @ William

    No. Plse re -read what I have said. Because a boy or girl has failed the 11+ does not mean they are failures. There must be other opportunities post-secondary education, even for bright kids to transfer from comprehensive schools to grammar schools. Education is lifelong, not just for 11 years.
    In the UK there are further education colleges and different forms of admission to university apart from A levels, , including work experience.

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  • @Artax,

    thanks. if you didnt respond i would not have known she said that- i dont read her comments all the time. i have no more to say on that issue

    @ William,

    zoning is a joke like Vincent contends


    spot on. Harry Sealy was small in stature but a giant personality. Mr Combermere he was. all persons are not academic in the traditional sense and why should they be. to this day i am sorry that i wasnt in those E forms that would do technical drawing. i am v good at designing and it is now a hobby of mine. instead i was steered and allowed myself to be steered in a certain direction.

    zoning is a selection process but the better secondary schools are in the Bridgetown area so how would that work. If zoning existed in my time i could not have attended Cawmere.

    continued assessment is still a form of competition/selection and could be manipulated.

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  • @Hal

    even to become a lawyer (barrister or solicitor) one can take many different routes, some of which are unknown in the Caribbean

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  • @ Greene

    I knows. I think the conversion is brilliant. Look at Lord Sumption. When employing reporters I always preferred people who had done a second degree in a different discipline, rather than a post-graduate in the same one. You develop a broader vision.


  • @ Greene
    Where have I written that I am a supporter of zoning? I specifically said I support continuous assessment.


  • @ Greene February 25, 2020 10:01 AM
    “no sense getting rid of a system unless we have an equal or better replacement with equal or better outcomes.
    i think they should focus more on returning secondary schools to single sex and introduce more technical and vocational studies in the system..”

    With those of wisdom, you might just be onto a more pragmatic and potentially effective alternative to the abolition of the 11 plus.

    The current socially dysfunctional landscape might have been cultivated inadvertently, but in an unusually large measure, by the abolition of single sex education at the Secondary-School level.

    Let them (the two sexes) compete at the ‘getting-to-know-you’ Primary and Tertiary levels.
    But not, on average, at the Secondary school level where males are running (in blinkers made of distracting colours) in the academic derby for donkeys with the females competing in the Gold Cup for ‘upper-class’ fillies.

    Raging hormones in a biological crucible of contrasting mix make for a toxic war of competition in a one-sided academic pursuit.

    The more maturing ‘Girls’, in too many cases, will outperform the ‘physiologically-delayed’ boys on this uneven academic playing field at the secondary level.

    However, the tertiary level seems to change the odds of excellence more in favour of those ‘young men’ who have managed to stay the distance.


  • What children need is real education about REAL LIFE EXPERIENCES that are inevitable…and not the backward fantasies that have been brainwashing them into being victims and then into unaware helpless adults for the last 3 generations….

    what Caribbean children, particularly Barbados, need is more AFRICAN HISTORY taught to them and not the outright lies and fantasies created and handed down by the UK.

    What the children don’t need are a bunch of empty suits and talking heads for politicians/ leaders with their contrived titles, pretentious attitudes and nothing intelligent to offer, not even progress because all they are …imperial puppets, same imperialism they are pretending to fight..

    “The inquiry, launched in 2019, saw 505 witnesses called to evidence, including 10 bishops, three archbishops, one cardinal, 31 chief constables and other senior police officers, 13 lords and ladies, six former government ministers, a former director general of MI5, two ex-prime ministers and the heir to the throne.”


  • @John A

    This is the concern. If there is no credible third pet movement and the DLP does not reinvent itself to be relevant what then? A dictatorship?

    All the changes being requested will not occur if our system of governance is not relevant. At the moment Mia can do what the hell she likes.

    It seems a few geezers on the blog want to dictate what the blogmaster should post on. Good look with that.


  • How many times has the 11+ and related issues been discussed on BU. Some times you need to make your points and leave the editorializing at the door. What is preventing you or one of the other moaners from making a submission.


  • @William

    that was not meant for you. my apologies.

    however my bit on continued assessment stands. isnt continued assessment a selection process to the extent that there will be some type of competitive basis for grading?


  • @Greene

    Your simple conclusion is that a critique of Verla connotes animus? Piss in the blogmaster pocket do.


  • @David,

    how does the DLP reinvent itself to become relevant?

    and you havent answered my questions re Verla? or Guy Hewitt?


  • As usual we have those in the blog who retreat to name calling if there is disagreement. How immature does this make you?


  • Nothing to answer. The blogmaster shared an opinion based on observation on the ground. It did not capture Guy Hewitt.


  • @ David.

    It is time the DLP come out and tell us who their slate of candidates are or whether they even intend to contest the next elections at all. After all elections are 2 years off roughly.

    Secondly if there is enough quality candidates to raise a Third party who understand the pickle that we are in, then they too need to come forward and SHARE THEIR WORKABLE AND PROPERLY THOUGHT OUT ECONOMIC PLAN WITH US.


  • in my own estimation, if they play it right, the DLP can win 5-8 seats in the next election. in agreement with David, they need to get their act together tho.

    i believe they are, with this political catharsis that we have seen. Verla has to seize this moment. she needs some good advisers and a social media presence


  • I wonder what would happen if every young woman and man were optimally nourished before a pregnancy occured, and if each child was optimally nourished until adulthood.


  • @ Hal February 25, 2020 10:48 AM

    “It is the same with post-graduate work: some are based on exams, others on assessments, others on a series of long essay.

    I take it you are not talking about post graduate science courses. The one-year masters’ by exam in the sciences is just a continuation of the first degree. You go to lectures and take notes. There might be a small research project a few months in duration. The one-year masters’ in science is not worth the price of the paper the diploma is printed on, Every one passes unless they are dumb. There is no originality of thought on the part of the student. The research masters’ program is a different ball-game. One is not sure that one will get one. It depends on the initiative of the candidate and the ability to be original. The effort of two years work goes down the drain, if one is not up to scratch There is always the factor of the supervisor: if he /she doesn’t particularly admire the candidate’s work ,it is hard to get it.


  • Once I was driving a 25 month old. I did not take my usual turn-off because there had been a traffic diversion because of very bad weather. The child became extremely agitated telling me “wrong way, wrong way”

    About 6 moths later the same youngster was entering my sister’s home. The doormat was askew, the toddler stooped and straightened the mat. My sister said “did you see that?” Neither of us had ever seen a chlld, and only rarely an adult, stop and correct something which was spatially WRONG. The child went on to secondary school and despite being the only girl in the technical drawing class was always first in that class, would also withut being told spend hours on art homework projects The child is now working as a designer.

    The fact that the child was bright in things spatial was noticed just after the second birthday and that gift was nurtured and honored. Fortunately 2 teachers at secondary school [for my friend Miller etc., both to those teachers are MEN. Let us hail allthe wonderful MEN teaching in our system] also noticed that gift and gave great encouragement.

    Kid would have made a lousy doctor, lawyer, politician etc.

    Our job as parents, as teachers, as educators, as policy makers, is to help our children discover the gifts with which they have been blessed, and then to nurture those gifts.

    And that sort of nurturing require tremendous attention to detail.

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  • @ Silly Woman February 25, 2020 1:33 PM

    There would be lots of children being born since the woman’s eggs would be highly viable. Lots of sperm cells knocking around. Maybe be lots of twins. As for the offspring,: very healthy all things being equal.


  • Froon and OSA are like two brothers. Both believe in socialism and that prosperity comes from a sprawling, fat welfare state that feeds as many civil servants as possible. Both cannot and will not intellectually understand that it is the private sector that generates wealth, not the state. They are both excused in that they are children of the plantation where the masses have been exploited.

    I therefore very much welcome the fact that we finally have a female prime minister who is taking a completely new course with her intelligence, dynamism and financial independence.

    This is not about DLP or BLP, but about a struggle between the male domestic servants of the plantation and modern self-confident women who lead Barbados and its society to true emancipation. It is the contrast between the old belief of the plantation that the Lord provides food and clothing, and modern civil society, where people are free and can act freely regardless of their skin colour. It is the contrast between the welfare state, which has degraded Barbadians to tax slaves, and the dawning of a new era.


  • Tron what sort of petticoat man are you?


  • @Greene and John A

    There is this mindset out there that preparing for a general election and the X is all that it takes to represent people. It is an insult we have not seen opposition parties actively courting constituents. In the case of the DLP, the slate of candidates not declared. We are happy with more of the same. More of the same in the governance system, more of the same to change.


  • The categorical error of all discussants on BU is the basic assumption that politics could improve economic conditions in Barbados. Every government’s hands are tied due to the island’s overpopulation, low productivity, poor work ethic and lack of natural resources.

    All this chatter about diversification of the economy cannot work on a small, remote island in the Atlantic Ocean. We are no longer on a major shipping route (unlike Singapore), we have no natural resources (unlike T&T, Guyana or Surinam) and the soil is not suitable for large-scale agriculture.

    It is only a matter of managing the decline, pacifying the naive masses and liquidating the issue of independence in an orderly manner.


  • @ David.

    So Basically we inherit a government by default then? I maintain we are treated the way we are because we demand no better. We ask questions are given no answers. We are simply told drink the Koolaid and hush, yet we accept it year after year. All like now i expect to hear from ALL courting my vote their growth plan. It must be put out their well ahead of elections so it can be discussed and scrutinised. Don’t think you coming on the eve of elections with a pretty manifesto with pie in the sky generalisations and I going vote for you election day!


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    Fair enough @Skinner… but 1987 is a very long time in terms of education practices ..

    Yes the model of continuous assessment is as practical now as it was then but by itself that says little. In fact, a simple assessment of current CXC practices reflect that process as a key testing module.

    This invariably becomes a six – half dozen debate because testing is needed at some stage and doing so initially at 11 if managed properly to reduce the stress and anxiety can be effective for a small nation like ours.

    Doing away with that 11 plus exam itself solves nothing.

    The evidence of Bajan life does not support the view that a ‘fail’ at 11 plus doomed anyone … No more so than failing a promotion exam at HC or QC would have doomed a child.

    Of course there is peer pressure stigma but that’s a social problem and diminishes as time passes.

    There are many boys and girls who did not do exceeding well on the 11 plus who are very successful today as tradesmen/women, entrepreneurs or professionals in the ‘traditional’ corporate world!

    I can agree with you that the entire focus of our educational process needs to be changed but the angst about testing at 11 plus is misplaced.

    There should be a better support process for the kids for the exam (whether single day, over a few days or over their last term aggregate of tests) rather than presuming that another elimination/promotion process will salve the problems.

    We will still have very smart kids at an early age and those who develop later… Is the new system going to BETTER at getting the best from our best and developing late bloomers to be their best?
    What of developing tech skills as noted … Will a new process address that purposefully ?
    And what about the action by the last admin to close the ‘specialized school’ (Alma Parris) and place the children back into the mainstream. Our process needs to address that also. It’s disadvantageous for those kids as it is for the teachers and other studenst.

    The world is a very different place than it was 35+ years ago and the ‘simple’ matter of how we move our children through an education system to enhance and develop the naturals skills of high IQ kids while educating all others by nurturing skills and talent should not be an problematic debate.

    It’s important to have a strong process to push those with the ability (academic and technical skills) .. and of course properly educate all us others to grow in this electronic/mechanized world..


  • @ Robert 1.47

    Yes. Social sciences and law. The MA, MSc research is rarely original.


  • @John A

    What is the saying again – one gets the government one deserves?

    The blogmaster was at a watering hole recently and a senior academic from UWI was present and made the same point. The DLP has ten years to ready itself and 70:30 they will return to government. The DLP understands the rules to the game. In other words they are playing the long game.


  • Odd.
    Who gives one (bad word) if a former politician speaks, upon what stage, under whose auspices. Many in other countries even get PAID to utter a few words, after their days in office are over.
    One can be upset with the ‘political class’ in general, but are we marching and protesting?
    Are we forcing the agenda, or following theirs? Like one aptly named blogger “poorpeacefulnpolite”.
    We generally expect too much from Government, (their fault for they want us to believe they have the power), but we can otherwise be holding them to account for which they are responsible.

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  • David,

    i told you that didnt i? is that why you chose that quote? lol

    at any rate they still have to be prepared and come with solid plans with workable, relevant, practicable ideas. young people know the deal. and in order to win hearts and minds it cant be the usual political nonsense


  • @Green

    They cannot come with those plan if as a party they are not ready read have the skill set in place. Have you observed that Verla is shadowing finance? She is not possessed with he same political energy to match Mia.

    Did you listen to the Brasstacks program last Sunday? How many times was Verla discussed or referred to?


  • @ David February 25, 2020 3:20 PM

    I fully agree with your analysis that we will soon see another DLP government in power. Baloney, Bizzy, COW, Kyffin and the other lords of the island always need a handful of servants to do the dirty work and oppress the masses. The businessmen, diplomats and expats do not care who runs the government business for them, as long as the masses do not become rebellious like in Jamaica or Guyana.

    The only difference to the time until 2018 is that then they won’t find any more idiots from Canada and Switzerland to grant them a syndicated loan.


  • @ de pedantic Dribbler
    We need to move the debate further. One will scarcely see the real results of progressive educational reform under two generations. The real effects of the introduction of free education is what built the solid black upper class and middle class.
    We should be focusing on the symbiosis of education socio economic policy and human resource needs and management. In other words where do we want the society to be in the next twenty five to fifty years while exploiting any immediate benefits.
    Any other thinking/ discussion is pathetically pedestrian.

    Liked by 2 people

  • If a 32 yr old cohort had entered a reformed educational system at the beginning of the Arthur years they will now be world class. Instead we are dumbing down. If our future is going to be based on tourism, all we need is an education for bartenders, waiters and taxi drivers.

    Liked by 1 person

  • @ Hal Austin February 25, 2020 4:03 PM

    That’ right. I’ve been preaching that for years. All the training in academic professions close to the state has only led the government to inflate the state apparatus beyond measure to create jobs for people who would otherwise have to emigrate or be unemployed.

    We have far too many academics for the small and underperforming economy who can’t even hold a brush or cook properly. We have more lawyers than the number of annual property transfers and more economists than companies.

    What our panelists here classify as the local upper and middle class are completely overindebted households without access to foreign currency. 95 percent of all households in Babados live from hand to mouth and would be insolvent after a month without a salary.


  • @Greene

    Further Verla has some challenging issues to deal which calls for her to be confident the party is behind her:

    • Guyson Mayers, does she have the influence to keep him in check? So far he has been making some unhelpful statements
    • the Donville Inniss matter is showing to be protracted, may well progress into late in the year, if she is unlucky and he gets prison time…

    • Stuart promised to decend from Mount Olympus for part 2, if he continues along the same path as per 1 …

    • she has the Lowes, Brathwaites, Jones, Kellmans from the old guards commanding media space and there is little to nothing coming from the new guard with the exception of Simon Alleyne. Will give Andre Worrell a pass.

    You get the drift.


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    No dispute with the line of thinking @Skinner and that’s why I feel this ‘aged’ debate about the 11 plus per se … is in your words : “pathetically pedestrian”.

    Right now as we speak as compared to late 1980’s there are at least two companies
    (3 really) ACTUALLY well on the way with the development of space ships for ‘citizen’ travel to outer space.

    That is mind blowing in my estimation … and I mention it to say: where is our deep rooted science programs for our bright boys and girls to hitch onto as engineers on one of those ‘Star Ships’ or be leading such an adventure

    We need to be energized about those who can develop the ‘out of this world’ constructs … The late bloomers will bloom given time so let’s not get caught up in a false argument about failures and leaving folks behind … that’s not the problem we make it out to be… it’s an issue yes, but a quite manageable one.

    Consider, as one pol has said, that in the near future we will be ‘paying’ folks just to live … because there is the REALITY that robotics will take over so many tasks that some of us will simply not be needed to actually be on that job!

    All of us know of the electronic evolution, movement to cashless systems and so on… a ‘scary’ future.

    Why do u need bank tellers or even bank branches in an electronic money environment…

    That means no maintenance staff for building, no lunch counters to feed the missing bank folks etc etc etc.

    Multiply that out re the other ancilliary services that service bank branches …

    Nothing new there of course as we knew this dynamic over 10 plus years ago…but it’s here now: one of the Benelux countries or is it Sweden.. has announced the intent to do away with hard cash in next four years: cashless only.

    So to ur point .. yet we still debating how we test our kids at eleven! … folks going outer space and others doing every commercial transaction via some type of chip but we still trying to figure out HOW best to maximize our talent!

    So yes we can agree the debate long ago needs to get past pathetic to: let’s get our kids on the real FAST TRACK !

    Liked by 1 person

  • @Dee Word

    You do not get it yet after all the years?

    Why was former BUT president Karen Best appointed Chief a Education Officer under former Minister Ronald Jones former BUT president?

    What was she replaced under this government?

    You have to fix systemic issues to enjoy sustainable outcomes.

    Liked by 1 person

  • @ Tron

    One year, when Reg Farley was a minister, there were 1200 property sales in Barbados, just over one per attorney. As we know, certain old firms tend to dominate at the top end, which meant that there were lawyers in Barbados who did not get a single conveyancing job that year.
    If someone was unfortunate to go to one of these young lawyers, it would have meant they would have to depend on their law notes to carry out the job. Incompetence is a major problem in Barbados. Not just property, finance is anther area where there is a noticeable absence of experience, and knowledge.


  • @ de pedantic Dribbler
    Agreed. That’s why it is important to think beyond politics and rhetoric at this point. We talk a lot about economic growth but we need to recognize that to reform an economy, we need to reform the educational system. Don’t forget this is our third visit to the IMF. We are doing the same thing and expect different results. The truth is that the Duopoly is completely out of ideas beyond the cosmetic and it has been like this for over a half century.


  • @ Hal February 25, 2020 3:19 PM

    Depends on the area of research. The doctorate is a completely different ball game: originality is the name of the game.


  • @ Robert

    I said the Masters programmes in social sciences and law.


  • @ David February 25, 2020 3:36 PM

    So where is Sinckler (the consummate bullshi**ter) in all of this resurrection of the DLP zombies?

    Why has he (a relatively young man in political age) disappeared like RIP Van Winkle?

    Verla first have to position herself to become electable to the HoA.
    She needs to court, tout de suite, the still ‘safest’ DLP seat of St. John.

    Whoever is nominated for that constituency stands the greatest chance of becoming the substantive (real) leader of the DLP and next Leader of the Opposition in Parliament in 2023 or before.


  • Vincent Codrington

    @ dpD

    You have made out a case for retaining the 11+ exam. Can you imagine going into space with a captain of a space ship who cannot read or count? Who is going to program these robots?


  • @Miller

    Correct, if she is able to win the St. John riding above Andre Worrell then and only then we can start to assume the party is serious about allowing her to lead the party full time.


  • @Miller

    You have noted BU commenters ignored the heavy criticism of Stuart and Arthur in their roles as former PMs?


  • David,

    when next you hear a man with a British type accent talking about matters previously not discussed in the political arena in Bim you will know that i am on the scene.

    i am of the view that Bim will only change when those who have spent time overseas are taken seriously in Bim and not just for our foreign exchange.

    DLP here i come. in what role i knoweth not.

    i am too outspoken to be a candidate. i am not paying anyone’s light bill or buying them groceries or sending them for a job. i will tell them where they can go to get help and try to provide meaningful changes to the Bim social and economic landscape so that if they are willing to work they wouldnt have to beg politicians. that is v demeaning and give politicians too much power over people’s lives.

    the DLP needs help and i am willing to be another Cammie Tudor in the regard

    every races is in this fight and we must pull together and understand our symbiotic relationship for us to succeed. there is no white bajan, no indian bajan, no black bajan. we are all bajans

    Liked by 1 person

  • Vincent Codrington

    @ David Bu

    Perhaps the BU commenters realize that their comments can only affect the present and the future. Criticizing past leaders who did their jobs to the best of their abilities is counter-productive. We cannot move safely into the future by looking into the rear view mirror.


  • @Greene

    An infusion of new ideas much needed. Good luck with your aspirations.


    Are you serious with that last comment?

    Liked by 1 person

  • Vincent Codrington

    @ David BU

    In case you did not notice there is a new Sheriff in town. Do not be disrespectful by ignoring her. The Vox Populi has spoken.


  • @ de pedantic Dribbler February 25, 2020 4:29 PM
    “Consider, as one pol has said, that in the near future we will be ‘paying’ folks just to live … because there is the REALITY that robotics will take over so many tasks that some of us will simply not be needed to actually be on that job!
    All of us know of the electronic evolution, movement to cashless systems and so on… a ‘scary’ future.”

    What a “Brave New World” awaits us humans!

    And the very young are being prepared and ‘programmed’ to meet it.

    The question is whether young Bajans are prepared to become ‘humputers’ (cross between a human and a computer) to benefit from this crossover to the field of transhumanism.

    Liked by 1 person

  • Vincent Codrington

    @ Miller

    Brilliant. Have you noticed how BU has taken over the lives of the Septuagenarians?


  • “i am willing to be another Cammie Tudor in the regard”
    is that rear guard?

    Liked by 2 people

  • All i can say is that it’s going down, the longest day has an end.


  • @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    You honestly confuse me, seriously!

    Over the last year I have submitted a number of “political” articles some of which sought to promote this 3rd party Movement AND WHICH WERE NEVER POSTED!

    my point is quite simple and is that FOR ANY THIRD PARTY MOVEMENT to develop IT HAS TO BE NURTURED!

    You, the Original Blogmaster should not need to be told this!

    You were a haven for Senator Caswell Franklyn and a nursery of sorts where he, even though adamant at first, has blossomed into what he is today.

    Talk what you must about Walter Blackman, he would have made a good 3rd party choice (dont mind certain rough edges) he brought a skill set that is needed.

    But back to your statement here!

    When you began here with this long overdue topic you said and I quote

    “…Two years on it is evident no credible third party movement has emerged.

    Although disappointing, it is a reflection of the scant regard quality citizens hold for aspiring to be members of the political class.

    We are what we eat, our governments are composed of poorakey members…”

    And this volte face has left brake marks in the road so to speak AT LEAST FOR SOME OF US!

    Why would you undermine the discussion for 2 years and now make the observation that THERE IS NO THIRD PARTY REPRESENTATION?

    You David King have been at this for 12 years and you know what it requires!

    So what is going on that has you on edge?

    You fear that the same old lot will come back dont you?

    Then why then have you fought de ole man so hard?

    Even Ironsides could not understand that, WHEN YOUR GUERRILLA FORCES ARE FEW, you band together.

    Wunna starting to see the nepotism AND HEAR THE MEMBERS OF HER CAMP bringing out tales and saying what SSS (who is now a Mummy) and de ole man and others here have been saying for ages!

    And now people starting to fear PRESIDENT FOR LIFE!



  • Your assistance please


  • And when they bring in their fellow tiefing, money laundering lawyers from outside to help them rob the dead, dying and their beneficiaries of their estates on island and their bank accounts off island…….when they have done it one too many times…..well shit, hello fan.


  • @ The Green giant Kingmaker: February 25, 2020 6:41 PM
    “…the DLP needs help and i am willing to be another Cammie Tudor in the regard..”

    Be careful what you wish for!

    The political fraud fraulein Frundel(le) was also a creature of Lord Cammie, his ‘adored’ mentor.

    Instead of another Stuart king from the land of Nod you might just end up with a Bajan Frankenstein fiend on your hands.

    By that time of your DLP electoral success same sex marriages may just be au courant and there would be no need for your concocted creature to hide inside a closet.

    What we would like to see you do before you return to George Street is you using your ‘green’ fingers to grow a new image (re-brand) of the Don from Pornville; and, with your Midas touch, turn him into a saint called “Peter-must-pay-for-Paul”, the patron saint of DLP conmen and convicts still ‘lying’ in George Street.


  • @Vincent Codrington February 25, 2020 6:04 PM “@ dpD. Who is going to program these robots?”

    Other robots?


    And dpd mentioned something about lunches?

    1,000 years from now human beings will still be eating lunches, just have we have been eating lunches for millions of years.

    And don’t forget the elder care thread. 1,000 years ago elders needed care, and 1,000 years from now elders will still need care.

    Interesting the other day I read that the United Kingdom is going to be training nurses to do surgery. Will nurses make better surgeons than robots?

    I don’t know.

    Liked by 1 person

  • When I think about all the lamenting and whining in conversations, in newspapers and here on BU, then I come to the conclusion that a little artificial intelligence would be really good for the island. At least then we would no longer have corruption and childish national pride, but rationality and manpower 24 h/7 days a week.


  • @Nothern and Miller,

    ok lads. i know about Cammie but not in that regard- lol


  • @ Tron February 25, 2020 8:02 PM

    And there goes the ‘Art’ of creativity through the human window of Imagination!

    Then who would be around to be tricked and robbed by political bandits and charlatans called priests?

    Which robot would want to die to go to heaven when they can ‘evolve’ like Data from Star Trek and create a hologram of heaven on Earth?

    When mankind can ‘create’ a pill to replace the eating of other life forms then we know he has reached the pinnacle of planetary technology and ready to travel to the stars.


  • I am here looking at the U.S. Occupational Outlook Handbook. Of course the U.S. is not Barbados. BUT I don’t see any high demand for robotic jobs. In the U.S. the high growth jobs are as follows:

    Food preparation and service workers [remember we no longer like to cook at home, or we don’t even know how to do so. Lunches DPD. lunches]

    Computer user support specialists

    Construction labourers [strong tough men, my favorites]

    Cooks [remember we no longer like to cook at home, or we don’t even know how to]

    Financial managers[we are spending so much eating out or ordering in, that we will all need financial managers to help us manage the few pennies left]

    Health specialties teachers at the post secondary level [aging society,, and old people get sick a lot, people need to learn how to look after the elders. Also brand new diseases, we will need people who can train care givers]

    Home health aides [again an aging population. I guarantee you that old ma and pa will be just as miserable as they have always been. Who wants to listen to miserable ma or pa? So contract out the sh!ty work to somebody else]

    Licensed practical and licensed vocational nurses [same as above. Hardly anybody likes looking after miserable old people]

    Management analysts

    Market research analysts and marketing specialists

    Medical and health service managers [older, sicker populations]

    Medical assistants [not brain surgeons, because after all how many people actually need brain surgery in their lifetimes?]

    Medical secretaries

    Personal care aides [more and more women in the workforce. Free in-home female labor is gone, so now ya havta pay somebody to do the caregiving WORK. This is good. GDP will rise, becausin’ now somebody getting paid to do the free work.]

    Physical therapists [every one of us older than Harvey Weinstein will need a therapist for our old body aches and pains. Me? I still use musterole]

    Plumbers, pipe fitters and steam fitters [tell the truth now. How many times have you flushed the toilet today? How many times have you needed brain surgery?]

    Registered nurses [again caregiving. The robots are not up to it yet. A good woman who can work on her feet 8 or more hours a day is just the right fit]

    Social and human service assistants

    Software developers and app developers [but not as much in demand as laborers or nurses]

    Substance abuse, behavioral disorder and mental health counselors [yes people will still experiment with exotica and will need help getting back to normal again. People will still get depressed and anxious]

    Taxi drivers and chauffeurs

    First line supervisors of food preparation and serving workers

    Here is the link:
    Last Modified Date: Wednesday, September 4, 2019

    Today I needed the services of food preparers and servers, and of an electrician. Little Susie and her colleague needed a driver, but I gave free labor for that. Friday I needed a landscaper. Yesterday a friend needed housekeeping services (and I brek a job doing that. Got paid well too. Lol!)


  • BTMI issues statement on Canadian visitor

    Officials at the Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc. (BTMI) have expressed regret at the incident which resulted in a Canadian visitor being shot and paralysed.

    In a statement issued today, the BTMI said such an incident was not representative of the “founding values” of the country, which has traditionally been a safe destination for visitors.

    As the country’s tourism marketing entity, our highest priority at this time is to reassure everyone that this regrettable incident is not representative of Barbados or our Barbadian people.


  • @ Miller February 25, 2020 8:32 PM

    In the age of AI much suffering will disappear and with it irrationality, impulsiveness and false feelings. Even love is only a chemical process, not a logical way of thinking.

    The machines will either replace us or we will experience a new renaissance. I assume that AI could catapult many developing countries forward as they have the sun to power machines and many other natural resources.

    In any case, the current order in Barbados is highly irrational. Barbadians are sticking to the dollar peg 1:2 for emotional reasons, although the peg is obviously extremely damaging to the economy.


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    But @ David, isn’t it bluntly accepted that ‘interference’ or heavy handed personal bias is the par reality on our political course…. So indeed maybe I don’t get it … but very few ministers of Education over the years have fixed those types of “systemic issues” but yet they have aimed grandly for “sustainable outcomes.”

    I put it to u sir that the latter – in fits and starts- HAS to be achieved without the former…. as that will never change!

    @Vincent, I am agnostic re 11plus or any other system… whatever is done must deal with the realities mentioned by many above and by others over these many years . The simple fact is that the 11 plus can be managed better to be fit for purpose.


  • @ Hants

    Why is the BTMI getting involved in law and order issues? Is this a further example of a craven tourism organisation selling the soul of the nation to WHITE visitors for 30 pieces of silver.
    I remember some young people going missing on a jet ski; did the differential tourism officials get involved? I remember Natalie Crichlow’s mysterious death, did the grinning tourism officials get involved? What about our media?
    Kow-towing to the tourism ay master will end in tears. Genuflection to white people is not the answer to a lack of ideas and policies.


  • When both poor rakey, corrupt governments allowed the drugs and guns to rule roost because their pockets got fat from allowing their minority criminal friends to traffic in both and destroyed the depressed areas with poverty and crime…they oppressed generations of the young and vulnerable and …this is the outcome…both wicked governments are responsible for the crime, thinking it was a nice big joke as long as it was only their own people killing each other, but now a white tourist has taken a bullet, they have talk.

    The tiefing, dirty minorities are totally complicit in what the island has become, they and their sell out house negros in the parliament and bar association.



  • Video.


  • Stop Googling and cutting and pasting crap and seek counselling. It is grinding. Nine years of saying the same thing virtually everyday is a serious mental problem.

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