Ineffective Opposition Has Given Rise to a De facto Dictatorship

Since the shellacking the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) received at the polls in the last general election held on the 24 May 2018, the citizenry has had to make do with a contrived opposition.  The Reverend Joseph Atherley who presented himself as a Barbados Labour Party (BLP) candidate was influenced by a divine intervention- the blogmaster suspects- when the 30-0 result was careening towards a constitutional crisis to cross the floor.

The adversarial nature of the politics practised in Barbados has quickly exposed the passive political persona of Atherley. Under his style of leadership the People’s Party for Democracy and Development (PPDD) will struggle to compete in what is popularly referred to as a blood sport. To Atherley’s credit he was able to lure trade unionist and social commentator Caswell Franklyn to his team, who to date has been the member of the party equipped to bare visible political fangs. He is supported by a youthful but inexperienced Crystal Drakes. Drakes continues to grow in stature as time passes.

The 30-0 now 29-1 has created a vacuum in Barbados politics.  Our system of government was designed to accommodate an inquiring opposition IN parliament.   What cannot be refuted is that an elected opposition represents an alternative government in waiting. At the time of posting this blog  there was no evidence the  PPDD had announced 30 candidates, therefore, if something unforeseen were to demand a general election there would be concern.

It gets more interesting.

The Democratic Labour Party (DLP) – the other half of the two political parties to have dominated elective politics in Barbados – continues to struggle since the 24 May 2018 to win hearts and minds of Barbadians.  Like Atherley, President Verla De Peiza of the DLP lacks the charisma- in her case add support from the party base to do what is necessary to transform the DLP.  Like the PPDD the DLP is in the process of selecting candidates to represent all 30 constituencies. A good critique is that De Peiza as shadow person for finance has been ‘outspoken’ by both Senator Crystal Drakes and of recent former Senator Maxine McClean. To hear from deputy Irene Sandiford-Garder one has to visit her Facebook page.

The ideal position is for a third party movement to emerge to create viable options for a fedup electorate. Despite a record number of third party registrants contesting the last general election, they have flattered to deceive. Not one has differentiated itself by advocating policies that resonate. It should be clear to new political parties they must have an all-encompassing approach to winning the hearts and minds of the electorate.  One cannot turn up six months before an election with a realistic hope of winning. To Atherley and De Peiza who have been unable to deposit representatives in ALL the constituencies, this must be regarded as an insult to the people they want to represent. Have we reached a point where the needs of the party trump the needs of the people they want to serve?

Come on you other political parties, get your act together!

The 24 May 2018 result has created a situation where we have a de facto dictatorship.



  • Dentistry Whisperer (M. Pharm. D) LinkedIN

    Thanks! The Nation News would never publicly admit that. Haynes Darlington.


  • Points hard to argue against
    Not everyone can be a Barrow or Adams
    Give or take! the resounding defeat at the pools was unexpected by the party
    Hence the dlp has now been put in a bare bones position of rebuilding
    Unfortunately in the minds of most people Verla does not seem to have the political appeal that is of great importance in winning the hearts of the people and to make it even worse the silence of her voice only adds fuel for fodder
    As for Atherley he definitely has a character problem given that he used the blp to garnish a tailored made seat for winning
    Then as if he instantaneously forgot flew the coop under a guise of forming an opposition
    His voice too in many ways rings hallow amongst his following


  • Barbados is not new to dictatorship.

    We have contended for decades that it has always been an elected dictatorship.

    Certainly, the rearrangement of the duopoly forces hardly changes anything foundationally.


  • @David
    Our system of government was designed to accommodate an inquiring opposition IN parliament.
    That is incorrect, people vote for a Government, they don’t vote for an Opposition, If voters go to the polls hoping to elect a strong Opposition they will elect a Government by default. The only way that one can ensure that there is an Opposition is to change the Constitution to one which accommodates Proportional Representation.

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  • @Sargeant

    Have another read of the statement in the context of the system of government we practice and come again.


  • The 24 May 2018 result has created a situation where we have a de facto dictatorship.(Quote)

    This is the reality. Add to the mix a poor and largely insecure Cabinet, the impression that most decision are not made at Cabinet, even if they are rubber-stamped at meetings, and a Presidential style of leadership, we are on a road to disaster. It will end in tears.


  • It is amazing how simple math cannot be understood by so many!!

    30-0 is a null, a void result.

    The election produced a void result and needed to be redone until at least 27 -3 was achieved!!

    That is all you need to know.

    No amount of creative doctoring can change this simple fact!!

    Ms. Mockley is in charge of a mock government!!


  • @David
    I stand firmly behind what I wrote, don’t mistake luck for design, an Opposition may arise out of a first past the post system but it is simply a matter of luck. The present situation gives the lie to your statement.

    Your premise about “enquiring Opposition” is based upon the fact that even in the wake of lop- sided Parliaments a minuscule Opposition was still able to hold its own, even the Thompson/Moontown duo when Moontown charted a solo course.

    The last election exposed the flaws in the design.


  • Vincent Codrington

    @ John at 4 :23 PM

    One would have expected that by now you would accept that life is not about Maths. Maths is a man made contrivance that aids in decision making, if we agree on the premise(s). 30 – 0 is not a void. The result of the election meant there was no opposition. It only became dicey when the Senate had to have members nominated by the Leader of the opposition.
    I agree with Sergeant the function of the Electorate is to elect a GoB.


  • Piece the Legend

    De ole man wonders if any of them are reading this Honourable Blogmaster

    De ole man understands the rationale behind the article and how it would draw lesser humans to comment and expose heheheheh

    But we are NOT LESSER MEN heheheheh

    You made a few generic statements that de ole man will comment about

    You said and I quote

    “…At the time of posting this blog there was no evidence the PPDD had announced 30 candidates, therefore, if something unforeseen were to demand a general election there would be concern…”


    She would lose 12 seats merely because of the 30 – 0 position.


    SHE HAS DELIVERED nothing but suffering and taxes.

    You suddenly are concerned about the PPDD and its candidature and its campaign strategy and its currency.

    You have started profiling their candidates AND THIS IS A GOOD SIGN.

    Senator Caswell Franklyn is reading this so de ole man will explain to him what your fishing expedition means.


    There is a mutual respect between you and Reverend Atherley (note I did not use my usual disrespectful titles for him. That is because it seems he may genuinely be embracing his leadership role)

    You as a party seem all to have recognised that Mugabe is eavesdropping on your offices at Parliament and on your phones so they are now trying to get some information on you.

    From now till General Elections in 2022 you will need to be vigilant in safeguarding your phones, you homes and your conversations in the Office of thd Leader of the Opposition.

    Private Numbers must be private!!

    Listen to de ole man.

    I gine show you how to win

    There is a power behind the Throne greater than the King Himself

    You need this power

    The Minister of Disinformation continues and I quote

    “…The ideal position is for a third party movement to emerge to create viable options for a fedup electorate…”

    He is fishing again by stating the obvious.

    But de ole man will help him fishing

    He should have said

    “…The ideal position is for a third party movement to create a situation where one of Mugabe’s 7 ministersvwho are fedup of her leadership cross the floor and thereby disclose to the electorate THAT SHE IS A DICTATOR!!!


  • The voters wanted to flush the cesspool called DLP and they succeeded. I really don’t know why this is a dictatorship. It reminds me of the reinterpretation of the words in Orwells 1984. Democracy = dictatorship. But we live in a democracy with a freely elected prime minister who is loved by almost everyone.

    The government only needs to wisely use its great power, for example by investigating corruption against well-known opposition politicians, to lock them away for the next 20 years. All this, of course, in the path of democracy and the law.


  • Moreover, it is always omitted here that many civil servants have the blue membership card and do everything in their power to ensure that the democratically elected government fails. If there is a dictatorship, then it is the dictatorship of the non-elected officials with DLP membership.


  • @ Pachamama August 11, 2019 3:15 PM

    You are correct. Barbados is governed as though dictators are calling the shots .I do not see what the hue and cry is all about. Why is there all of this hypocrisy when the facts were known to all and sundry? There is the defense force waiting to quell any civil disturbance aided and abetted by the para-military police force.


  • i remember years ago when i suggested to the Bushman that an actual wipe out of one political party to force a coalition or some such is possible…he could not envision such…UNTIL IT HAPPENED…lol

    ah remember he cussed me for suggesting something that he could never, ever see happening in Barbados in his lifetime,….ah guess he will get to see more because…MANY BAJANS HAVE AWOKEN…so gear up for changes…not everyone are dim yardfowls….and BLP is not as comfortable as they are pretending to be cause they cannot fool anyone except for dim yardfowls…


  • The Reverend Joseph Atherley who presented himself as a Barbados Labour Party (BLP) candidate was influenced by a divine intervention- the blogmaster suspects- when the 30-0 result was careening towards a constitutional crisis to cross the floor.


    How can Joe Atherly cross a floor when there is no parliament and no floor to cross?

    It is even simpler than math!!

    There is no opposition as defined in the constitution, no opposition leader either.


  • Ah take it yall really FEELING IT now John..but don’t worry, we got this…yall got a ways to go…lol


  • WURA-WAR-on-U
    August 11, 2019 7:28 PM

    Ah take it yall really FEELING IT now John..but don’t worry, we got this…yall got a ways to go…lol


    Just restating the obvious as I did back in 2018 … or was it 2017 … whenever!!

    The new is wearing of the crystal chandeliers and the marble statuettes are standing stately in Parliament.

    The question is will it all come crashing down”

    …. or will some adults stand up and do the right thing?.

    Problem is they have to figure it out for themselves and most Bajans ain’t too smart nowadays!!


  • Oh Bajans will stand up…did they not SHOCK EVEN YOU…in May of last year….as i was confident that they would…don’t for one minute think that the intelligent ones in the majority population trust Mia OR Rev. Judas…

    ……they certainly never want to see DLP again…

    So watch out for radical changes ahead…..we got this.


  • So, if DLP is to be no more, then someone with half a brain has to step forward and I ain’t seen nothing yet!!

    There will continue to be no opposition in Parliament!!

    Debating whether the opposition is effective or not misses this simple self evident point and is a waste of time!!


  • Barbados has been essentially a one party state for almost sixty years. In reality it has been a dictatorship. So even if it were 16/14 it would actually in real terms be the same as 30/0 or 18/6 or 28/2 or 27/3
    Atherley’s party is a coalition with the BLP ; nothing more than a corrupt extension of the Duopoly.

    The Duopoly Rules


  • Question
    What are the main problems facing the people of Barbados?

    How to overcome poverty and technological backwardness.

    Can Barbados overcome poverty and backwardness as a multi-party democracy?

    Yes, but it’s hard. Too many chefs in the kitchen. Too many different recipes for success.

    Can Barbados overcome its poverty and backwardness as a one-party state?

    Yes. It’s easier when everyone is following the same (doctor’s) prescription. Look at Singapore and Rwanda. Anyway, in a small island with a tradition of Westminster parliamentarism, any prime minister who is an energetic, capable manager inevitably concentrates executive and legislative power in the PMO. That was true with Eric Williams in Trinidad, Edward Seaga and Michael Manley in Jamaica, Eric Gairy in Grenada, the Bird family in Antigua, etc., etc.

    Why do West Indian elites spend so much time spreading a fear of dictatorship and trying to enforce the dilution of power by adopting legal and constitutional arrangements that may impede economic progress? Don’t these arrangements unravel anyway as soon as a capable, forceful leader is elected?

    Diluting power is one of the things constitutional lawyers who graduate from British schools are trained to do. In fact, they aren’t trained for much else.

    If Barbados were led by engineers or economists, more attention would be paid to the main problem of economic development. Less time would be wasted preventing leaders from accumulating the power they may need to accelerate the modernization of the economy.


  • @ Ewart Archer

    Are you saying that the best form of government is therefore a benevolent dictatorship?


  • William Skinner
    August 11, 2019 10:41 PM

    @ Ewart Archer
    Are you saying that the best form of government is therefore a benevolent dictatorship?

    Have any of the named Caribbean countries overcome poverty under a one party state?

    Isn’t Barbados just one more failed one party Caribbean state?

    Isn’t it all to do with merit in Singapore?


  • William Skinner



  • Ewart Archer
    August 11, 2019 9:46 PM

    What are the main problems facing the people of Barbados?
    How to overcome poverty and technological backwardness.


    Isn’t it true to say that one party or not, a country can still be poor and technologically backward??!!

    If instead of Singapore the US is used the conclusion would be a two party state works best.

    If GB were used one might come to the conclusion that a multi party (>2) state doesn’t work!!

    Then there is India with parties out the wazoo.

    It went through the same colonial rule as Barbados.

    From wiki – India is the world’s most populous democracy.[164] A parliamentary republic with a multi-party system,[165] it has seven recognised national parties, including the Indian National Congress and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), and more than 40 regional parties.[166] The Congress is considered centre-left in Indian political culture,[167] and the BJP right-wing.[168][169][170] For most of the period between 1950—when India first became a republic—and the late 1980s, the Congress held a majority in the parliament. Since then, however, it has increasingly shared the political stage with the BJP,[171] as well as with powerful regional parties which have often forced the creation of multi-party coalition governments at the centre.[172]

    Slavery still exists in India so one might conclude that slavery is the answer to poverty and technological backwardness!!

    … but hang on a minute, besides slavery in India poverty and technological backwardness exist as well.


    Overcoming poverty and technological backwardness is not the main problem facing the people of Barbados.

    Perhaps it is about working together for a common goal … and we don’t need a Government to do that.

    Or put another way, one party or multiple parties don’t work if the people of a country don’t have a common goal!!



    Barbados doesn’t appear!!!

    Trinidad and Jamaica do!!


  • @Sargeant

    Disagreement is healthy to balance positions.

    You are saying our system of government/democracy is not designed to accommodate an opposition?


  • “Barbados doesn’t appear!!!”

    slave socieites like Barbados don’t count….no one can be happy being kept as mental and economic slaves by evil leaders who look just like them..

    it was never easy to physically or mentally enslave Jamaicans or Trinidadians, it still isn’t without much blood running… they have a shot at changing into a much happier society.


  • .. an Opposition may arise out of a first past the post system but it is simply a matter of luck.


    Since 1966, in the numerous elections held, only once has an opposition not materialized.

    Luck is not an issue!!


  • Not only de facto but de jure as well


  • @John

    As a scientist you are comfortable citing the World Happiness Report?

    What is the methodology used to based conclusions?

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  • @John

    You have made your point, let us try to hug the substantive issues related to this blog.


  • Just making sure they got the message…and ah know they have…. that ALL EYES remain on them, something the average Bajan never knew they COULD OR SHOULD do before…..and at ALL TIMES…..WATCH EVERYONE OF THEM..all politicians, all lawyers, all minorities…

    ……..instead of watching each other all the time…which is counterproductive to progress…..or any upward mobility….that is the KEY to working together..


  • Unfortunately topics like these are not fully or regularly discussed and highlighted. One of the major failures of UWI is its reluctance to have community based programs to discuss these issues.
    Perhaps we are comfortable declaring the country a “ mature” democracy (Liz Thompson).
    Quite frankly with the amount of cool aid in circulation, which is more than the water supply, sewage and garbage combined, we can expect the baseless inferior party posturing to continue.
    People like John A must find the discipline to ignore those jokers. They are just not worth replying to.
    Perhaps Pacha has a point when he posits that the Duopoly will destroy the country and we all will be included. I know dozens of progressive men and women who were destroyed and marginalized by the Adamses, Barrows and those who have come after. Within the Duopoly are found some of the most accomplished political assassins in the Western Hemisphere. Our society has never been comfortable with progressive voices.
    I have also witnessed some progressive comrades giving into the Duopoly and one went so far to compare a leader of the Duopoly with Fidel Castro. I offered to pay a therapist for him and has avoided him since then, not knowing when in an attempt to harm himself, he might kill a few others.
    Pacha, Hal Austin and I suspect a few others on BU , know Comrades who have fled this country because they were basically being deprived of making a living.
    When I read the nonsense written by the apologists of the Duopoly, I don’t have to utilize the tv for comedic relief. And I sincerely thank them for that!

    The Duopoly Rules


  • “Perhaps Pacha has a point when he posits that the Duopoly will destroy the country and we all will be included. I know dozens of progressive men and women who were destroyed and marginalized by the Adamses, Barrows and those who have come after. Within the Duopoly are found some of the most accomplished political assassins in the Western Hemisphere. Our society has never been comfortable with progressive voices.”

    All summed up in one paragraph…but what Pacha is saying…this is the point of no return…after decades of destroying progressive voices…it’s done…all destroyed….it’s the REBUILDING we are now attempting…without all the known culprits involved to wreak more HAVOC in the lives of the majority….with their MUCH LOVED CORRUPTION……and….ring fence them in a way they will never understand.

    Hence they must ALL BE WATCHED BY THE MAJORITY…going forward….NEVER take your eyes off any of them…and watch them CRUMBLE….THEY CANNOT OPERATE IN LIGHT…..EXPOSE EVERY ACTION THEY ATTEMPT TO THE LIGHT……shine a spotlight on them and they are effectively destroyed..


  • It is instructive that not one of these so called opposition members will highlight the fact that wicked Bizzy sits on over 30 boards of director on the island..,..including CROOKED FORTRESS…where they are once again trying THEIR HARDEST.. to get their dirty thieving hands on the majority population’s PENSION MONEY AGAIN..

    ,……someone on Facebook had to expose them as crooks for the world to see….and WARN THEM..not to ever invest their money in Barbados…..and not a word from the pretend oppositions….ah wonder why not,…despite they all knowing that as long as these thieves cannot rob the treasury or pension fund they willl have nothing….yet they REMAIN SILENT..

    The goal is to keep the majority population as permanent paupers….in case people are still missing the poiht..

    Not one useless politician/minister, opposition PRETENDER…would tell their people…DO NOT INVEST ANY OF YOUR PENSION OR ANY OTHER MONEY…in any of these companies that the known local crooks sit…….OR YA WILL BE ROBBED….they will all say nothing and wait for it to happen, in hopes of getting SOME with their licorish ass selves..

    You have no FUNCTIONAL OPPOSITION ON THE ISLAND…just resign yaselves to that reality and ACT ACCORDINGLY..

    And they really expect people like myself to take them seriously….steuppss..and call them a damn opposition too…

    Wuh i know Bajans who have investments in other islands and other countries and dont have to worrry about being robbed of everything….the message here…stay away from the crooks calling themselves business people on the island, do not let them near your money or pension…FIND OTHER WAYS…


  • @ Ewart Archer August 11, 2019 9:46 PM

    Good thoughts in the beginning. I also propose that the elections should be postponed for ten years, so that the necessary reforms can be pushed through against the resistance of an unreasonable population.

    Democracy is good. Prosperity is better.
    The common good is stronger than democracy.

    So it is time to declare a state of emergency and to change the constitution.

    Foreign investment in Barbados must be protected at all costs. Also against those sections of the population who oppose reforms.

    The new order should first remove the Senate. We do not need a Senate. It only costs money and delays necessary reforms. We also need an alteration to the statutes of the Supreme Court so that emergency laws cannot be repealed under any circumstances.


  • Try that evil shit and i will PERSONALLY make sure the international community come down on you stink cretins…like a ton of bricks…ya think being labeled human traffickers is something….keep it up….ya still aint getting it, but ya will.

    THE PEOPLE….will make the appropriate changes…not YOU CRIMINALS AND VOTE BEGGARS..


  • @ William.

    You are correct some of the party faithfuls clearly live in a different world and I have realised to try and discuss anything with them based on facts is a total waste of time. I am making note of them and as you suggest will simply omit to entertain them going forward.

    What is worrying though is that some are so hell bent on drinking and sharing the Koolaid that they have lost the ability to think for themselves. When this happens one ends up with a bunch of “political zombies” simply trolling the blog and being more of a nuisance than a contributor.

    Alas I shall dig deep within and try to find the strength to ignore these clowns as It is clear to me they have long lost the ability to think for themselves.


  • David
    August 12, 2019 6:05 AM

    As a scientist you are comfortable citing the World Happiness Report?
    What is the methodology used to based conclusions?


    “World Happiness Reports were issued in 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016 (an update), 2017 and 2018. In addition to ranking countries happiness and well-being levels, each report has contributing authors and most focus on a subject. The data used to rank countries in each report is drawn from the Gallup World Poll,[21] as well as other sources such as the World Values Survey, in some of the reports. The Gallup World Poll questionnaire[22] measures 14 areas within its core questions: (1) business & economic, (2) citizen engagement, (3) communications & technology, (4) diversity (social issues), (5) education & families, (6) emotions (well-being), (7) environment & energy, (8) food & shelter, (9) government and politics, (10) law & order (safety), (11) health, (12) religion and ethics, (13) transportation, and (14) work.”

    Gallup World Poll … only reason you might doubt it is if it predicted Trump would lose!!!

    Look at the table in the link .. all numeric measurements.

    (1) business & economic,
    (2) citizen engagement,
    (3) communications & technology,
    (4) diversity (social issues),
    (5) education & families,
    (6) emotions (well-being),
    (7) environment & energy,
    (8) food & shelter,
    (9) government and politics,
    (10) law & order (safety),
    (11) health,
    (12) religion and ethics,
    (13) transportation, and
    (14) work

    Even Venezuela gets on!!

    … just not Barbados and Guyana!!


  • Jeff Cumberbatch

    We also need an alteration to the statutes of the Supreme Court so that emergency laws cannot be repealed under any circumstances.

    So what makes them EMERGENCY laws?


  • “………..ya think being labeled human traffickers is something…….”

    On several occasions, I’ve been seeing comments in which the author is suggesting Barbados has been labeled a human trafficking country.

    I believe we should desist from trolling social media sites to copy and paste information to BU, only because it fits within our narrow agenda. Some are quick to believe everything they hear certain people say on Facebook and repeat it as fact, WITHOUT first substantiating or verifying the authenticity of the comments.

    As for as I recall, Barbados has been placed on the Tier Two “WATCH LIST” for human trafficking, (which is quite DIFFERENT from being labeled a human trafficking country), simply because the island did not fully meet the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking but is MAKING SIGNIFICANT EFFORTS to do so.

    These efforts include enacting harsher penalties for offenses related to human trafficking, conducting raids on nightclubs suspected of trafficking, screening vulnerable individuals for trafficking, providing anti-trafficking training for immigration officials and the police force, and conducting public awareness campaigns, especially with people working in the tourism sector.

    Unfortunately, however, prosecutions are low, and both government agencies and NGOs that work on trafficking-related issues are poorly funded.


  • No one can be happy in designed racist, slave societies of which Barbados and Guyana are high up in those Human Rights abuses index.

    Particularly Guyana, the way those vile racists treat the African population there is beyond ugly. Have u seen their ghettos, i did not even want to walk past any of them when i saw one am like, u really expect me to walk near that place, really.

    christ, Barbados got a Human Trafficking designation and label within the last 2 MONTHS…that will not go away WITHOUT SIGNIFICANT CHANGES…to how the majority population are treated…

    those people are not crazy… they know who is abusing their powers.

    There is still a lot of work to do to educate the masses in both countries as well as other islands that it’s their wicked leaders keeping them in that state…and that is despite KNOWN influences from some bigger countries… but the leaders are the problem.

    First and foremost they gotta stop listening to lying ministers and politicians and stop being yardfowls..that has been their downfall for over 70 years as the victims of DBLP evil …the people of St. John will tell ya.

    The same can be said for the plight of Afro-Guyanese.


  • Thank you Jeff.


  • The bottomline is the island needs real opposition leaders, with strength of character and mental strength and not just a bunch of hand to mouth yes men and women, eagerly waiting in the wings to become bitches of the business people who rob the treasury and pension fund with such gust. And ya certainly don’t need any idiots who will keep their eyes shut tight in pretend prayers while their people are being robbed.

    Am so not impressed.

    Jeff…they are testing the waters, but leave them to it, they dont know how badly some of us want to see them in chains, handcuffs and ankle monitors.


  • “Since 1966, in the numerous elections held, only once has an opposition not materialized. Luck is not an issue!!”


    I believe you’re attempting to “intellectualize” a simple issue, perhaps to indicate to BU that you’re some sort of “brainiac.”

    It seems as though you’re suggesting eligible voters go to the polls to elect an opposition and a governing administration. And in cases where the results are similar to what happened in the May 24, 2018 general elections, where the BLP won 30-0, you seem to be also suggesting elections should be held repeatedly until such time an or the opposition is elected.

    ALL the political parties contesting a general elections, start on a “level playing field.” In other words, there isn’t any governing administration or opposition……. just political parties.

    People go to the polls to ELECT a government, NOT an or the opposition. Those individuals who voted for the BLP, DLP, UPP, Solutions Barbados, BFP, BIM, PDC and Kingdom Government of Barbados, voted with the hope the political party of THEIR CHOICE would form the governing administration.

    However, more people voted for BLP candidates, causing that political party to will all 30 seats in the process.

    If the electorate voted for “Party A” as the opposition, would there not be a possibility “Party A” would win the elections……. then what?

    Do want people to hold a town hall meeting so they could get together to consult and decide “who voting fuh who,” so that, for example, 55% would vote “Party A” for government, 45% would vote “Party B” as opposition and 5% votes distributed amongst the other parties and independent candidates?


  • “Barbados got a Human Trafficking designation and label within the last 2 MONTHS….”

    Once again, you are MISLEADING the forum. Your above comment is NOT TRUE.


  • Rather than focusing on who or what constitutes the Opposition, it would be more beneficial to this society to focus on the rampant bad behaviour of this present administration.

    Only last week the Senate passed legislation to write off VAT for people who collected and stole it during the period 1996 to 2000. Mind you, the VAT Act only came into force on January 1, 2019 but they wanted to remove the burden from friends, family and campaign donors that they did not check. This Government wrote off more than $1 billion in VAT arrears, penalties and interest, while penalising the poor with increased taxes and levies and it seems not to bother the average Bajan.

    Collecting VAT and not paying it in to the Government is a crime. Rather than prosecute those criminals, this administration has usurped the powers of the Director of Public Prosecutors and forgive crime. This is contrary to the Constitution but we are not hearing any outcry from the populace.

    Government is systematically legislating without circulating the bills before passage. Most of the time when the country finds out that a matter is before Parliament, it has already been passed into law. Everything seems to be an emergency but the Integrity in Public Life proposed legislation. But the country spends its time focusing on the Opposition.


  • Caswell…we beat that topic to death recently…and what did the Mia government do…said nothing as usual…and continued to do the same shite as usual because she wholeheartedly believes SHE CAN GET AWAY WITH IT.. because who is stopping her. Opposition parties have access to certain agencies we should not have to also tell yall how to go about using that access to REPORT government criminality and cover ups.


  • Caswell…ya see the same way Dale Whistleblower can claim that he is bringing in outside agencies to investigate corruption in this clip, am sure it is to investigate DLP corruption and NOT BLP corruption…

    well it’s the same way the official Opposition can contact outside agencies to investigate government for writing off 1 whole BILLION DOLLARS in debt both…vat and income taxes for their friends family and BRIBERS….when the majority population can LEAST AFFORD IT, when pensioners and disability pensioners…ARE SUFFERING BECAUSE OF THIS SAME VICIOUS GOVERNMENT..because their income was cut drastically…because as you are saying…MIA DON’T CARE….because they are not even paying thei rinternational creditors, when if they had collected the Vat and tax arrears…they could pay international creditors…something..



  • So as the official Opposition…what are yall going to do about that….


  • BTW…don’t tell me yall will pray…cause that will NOT help anything, never helped before cause the country only got worse and it certianly will NOT help now….

    ya smart ENUFF to see my point.


  • Outside agencies only respond to requests to investigate wrongdoing from governments or government agencies like the police.

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  • In 1962, after the collapse of the Federation, the UK government was reluctant to back the Federation of the Eight (minus Jamaica and Trinidad) because of the fear of corruption and the absence of poor statesmanship. The Brits were prepared to back the Federation on condition that more power went to the central government, away from corrupt little islands, but little island parochialism prevailed. That was 57 years ago. Nothing has changed. Plato’s Allegory.


  • Those who follow the siren song of the opposition should take a close look at the situation in Argentina: There is a new left-wing populist government on the doorstep, which resembles the DLP strikingly. The pesos has already slipped dramatically.

    If the naive masses vote for the DLP again out of nostalgia, this island is in danger of final demise.


  • Caswell but the opposition voice is to hold govt feet to the fire
    Why do u think taxpayers monies are dolled out to you the opposition
    Surely not to sit on the side lines and watch the parade pass by
    The opposition is closer to govt actions and behaviour
    Most of the time the people rely on an the untrusted media
    Coming on BU to be crtical of what people say or think is ridiculous when all the people have is the blp news media to rely on


  • “Outside agencies only respond to requests to investigate wrongdoing from governments or government agencies like the police.”

    but ya can make reports, if not requests…and give those agencies a headsup…because Mia and her gang will not be in parliament forever…people want them GONE NOW…

    ya will wait until they are kicked out to then say ya contacting agencies, by then they would destroy all the evidence…reports CAN BE MADE…and they can be WATCHED….as you can see, she has no problem doing shite that goes against any benefit to the people who elected her…


  • Caswell

    Thanks for your contribution. However, even if there were a genuine opposition, which there is not, it would result in no difference.

    We trust that your current exposure would result in that determination.

    When you arrive at that ‘overstanding’ maybe the only way out will thusly present itself.


  • @Pacha

    You beat the blogmaster to it.

    If an election were to be held tomorrow the result will be the same.


  • “When you arrive at that ‘overstanding’ maybe the only way out will thusly present itself.”

    a way out always presents itself, all Caswell has to do is look for it, because the modus is to hide information that will allow people to make the requisite changes…..but the info is there, given what i know about those slugs.


  • What many are missing is that the Vat was ALREADY COLLECTED AT POINT OF SALE…you pay vat at cash registers as consumers etc…the businesses that collected the vat…REFUSED TO PAY ANY OF THE MONEY TO EITHER GOVERNMENT…and that was ok by both governments…when it is a clear case of THEFT…and they should all have been arrested..

    i believe we have been saying this for YEARS..


  • And David

    You must also mean in whichever way/s that that new government produced from that election is made up.

    Therefore then, the problem we have always been discussing is primarily systemic.

    That no set of variables can produce a different governing ethos.


  • And imagine an old vulnerable man got a year in prison for stealing a 99c nail clip, people go to prison for stealing food because they are hungry…and this alien in parliament is allowing thieves who robbed hundreds of millions in VAT…public funds……to walk freely.

    and we have not even talked about the family, friends, bribers, who got away with paying no taxes to the treasury..


  • Piece the Legend

    @ Senator Caswell Franklyn

    You said and I quote

    “…Government is systematically legislating without circulating the bills before passage.

    Most of the time, when the country finds out that a matter is before Parliament, it has already been passed into law…”

    Might I suggest something?

    Where is the official website of the PPDD?

    HAS IT BEEN LAUNCHED YET? Not to worry that is not really the issue here.

    What IS THE ISSUE is your statement which confirms what de ole man has been saying

    Mugabe Amin Mottley IS A DICTATOR!

    MUGABE AMIN MOTTLEY AND her regime are systematically changing the laws to introduce her dictatorship

    this is what I expected AND IT IS NECESSARY SO THAT NEXT TIME AROUND the electorate elect your party!

    De ole Man suggests that you create a site FOR THE SHEEPLE AND THE PEOPLE called


    De ole man would do um for you if you asked .

    Here you will list 1. The date of the infraction 2. The name of the Law 3. A summary of what the Mugabe criminal is doing through the Law 4. The name of the criminal who introduced the crime

    Remember that you are writing for people who can understand and Sheeple whose reasoning skills are “Mugabe how much you giving me for my vote?”

    Pretty soon Senator Franklyn what that site will have is

    1.Every single illegal law that Mugabe has enacted AND WHAT IT MEANS


    Meet me outside!


  • @Caswell
    Rather than focusing on who or what constitutes the Opposition, it would be more beneficial to this society to focus on the rampant bad behaviour of this present administration
    You are making David’s point about an “ineffective” opposition. Societies must be led and usually it is the Opposition that leads the charge in bringing these issues to the public’s attention, any focus on “bad behavior” is not generated organically, the political machine is usually the catalyst that gets the ball rolling. I am not faulting you as a member of the “Opposition” but the spotlight must be directed at your Parliamentary leader.


  • Piece the Legend

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    You asked and I quote

    “…If an election were to be held tomorrow the result will be the same…”

    Every day you intone the same hymnal which, WHILE NOT ENTIRELY TRUE, is pretty much obvious

    There is no Democratic Labour Party and the people kicked them out and would be real RHs to vote for those rapists for the next 15 years

    Is there another viable alternative? @ today?

    We have answered that question 5 time a day, 7 days a week for the last year.

    @ today there are few alternative persons FAR LESS PARTIES

    But, give it time, and you WILL SEE a change a’coming that going either mek you very happy or give you the bowels AND GIVEN THAT YOU ARE THE Minister of Disinformation, we dun know what dat means heheheheh


  • Piece the Legend

    @ Sargeant

    “Ours not to reason why, ours but to do AND DIE!” speaks to the life of loyal soldiers.

    We follow orders TO THE HILT a d Senator Caswell Franklyn IS A SEASONED SOLDIER.

    HE is not going to betray his Commander.

    The Chain of Command WILL PRESCRIBE what Senator Franklyn does and when he does it!

    He is not like the Judases Mugabe Mottley nor David Thompson,he will wait and in due time you will see how he will speak.


  • Excellent article David.

    Keep pressing on.

    Just observing


  • I have read here what some see as the limits of the opposition in government, fair enough that is their view. What about the responsibility of the opposition to enlighten and educate the public? Surely they are not limited there by political restraint.

    Why did this party when in opposition not alert us we were about to lose access to the car park at Accra when The Blue Horizon deal was taken to parliament? After all they were in opposition then were they not?

    Why has this opposition not brought to the public’s attention that the current central bank report is grossly misleading as it speaks to reserves without making any provision for debt service on the defaulted debt?

    The opposition has a responsibility to us at the very least to dissect information and put it into the public arena for discussion. It must cut through the political propaganda and glossy publications and bring to the public our true reality.

    If that is done then your battle to convince us the voters is on its way to being a reality.


  • While their heads are bowed and they are in some kinda pray session…there is a plan afoot…to ROB THE PENSION FUND AGAIN…

    so keep bowing yall heads and praying…

    yall think i was joking this morning when i plainly exposed who plans to rob the pension fund…just be aware that they cannot rob my pension…lol

    it’s yalls that will disappear ….AGAIN..


  • The opposition does not inform voters sufficiently. Perhaps the opposition has become too tired. Or corrupted. Take a look at the saturated characters in the Senate. I would be very interested to know whether senators also have advantages when importing (tax-free?) and whether there is a banquet at every session. If we had a decent opposition, they would long ago have abolished the Senate instead of imposing costs on the taxpayer and living like all other bureaucrats at the expense of others.

    We need the senate as much as we need the seaweed on the beach. So not at all. If anyone deserves the word “dictatorship”, it is the opposition that sucks the taxpayer out.


  • At the heart of the matter has to be we select representatives who are going after a job rather offering themselves for public service.


  • I had seaweed with sushi recently….it is more useful than government or government ministers….

    we need seaweed much more than we need politicians/ministers/senators…all parasites on the public purse.

    and when yall get robbed ya PENSIONS AGAIN…the scamsters will sell ya backsides into slavery cause that’s the only way yall will survive when ya end up with nothing…call it new age slavery…every cycle got some kinda scam to enslave black people all over again, particularly small island crooks……ya leaders are always ready to enslave yall as long as it fills their pockets…and some people will never even know they are slaves…

    i always knew there was something wrong with that damn insurance company as it is with all insurance comapnies..


  • Caswell u a joker for real
    Now telling all and sundry what u think they should talk about .dont you think that having your ears eyes and hands closer to govt gives the opposition the ultimate opportunity to put govt on full blast in full view of the public
    Yuh got to be joking talking about what people should be discussing as if Atherley is doing a good job of being transparentand accountable to the for the back door laws and policies this govt is passing
    I will bet that your retort on things that this govt have done is the first time most have officially heard
    What u need to do is to make it your business to use the soap box of VOB just in the same way and manner Mia did when in.opposition


  • NorthernObserver

    Malarky. All majority governments are essentially dictators until the next election. Bajans should know, as the D’s only had a single seat majority post 2013. No amount of opposition voices did a damn thing. But a March did. That still sticks in the craw of the D’s. But most in a small society, are like mice, they don’t wish any light shone on them. For even if they are passionate about an issue, it will be interpreted as being either a B or a D, should they step out and voice an opinion. So they ‘hush up’, and engage in a lot of long talk between friends, who are similarly sheepish to take a stand. Too risky.
    The opposition here in Ontario have been barking, but it is the demonstrations and ‘people outing’ which gets the pols attention. It also grabs the media attention.


  • At the heart of the matter has to be we select representatives who are going after a job rather offering themselves for public service.


    I must hand it to you boss.

    Either you are a masochist or you are a patriot par excellence!

    I’ve been lurking on BU since day 1 (the slug video) and while the actors change, the themes repeat year after year, govt after govt.

    Surely by now you see what Pacha, BT and GP have been saying in their different ways?

    The ‘good ole days’ are done. Societies everywhere are deeply penetrated with corruption and evil. Chaos and destruction is really the only logical end to all this. Our discussions on BU – though useful – are merely tinkering at the margins of some very deep-rooted, intractable problems.

    Liked by 1 person

  • @Dullard

    And what must good people do for the cause?


  • Caswell is very happy making his contribution as a member of the BLPPdP coalition which is an extension of the Duopoly. He must be complimented for his biting and often blistering contributions in the senate. He is earning his cheques. Keep up the hood work Brother Franklyn.

    The Duopoly Rules


  • Good work not hood. Thanks


  • Very well, Sir William.

    Now, you must tell us what, in your view, would be the end result of this ‘good work’.

    And if it will have no material influence on the duopoly, is this ‘good work’ any good at all?


  • Caswell Franklyn August 12, 2019 10:25 AM

    One of the saddest things that I read here. I almost started crying.

    I weep for my country and its people
    I pray for the leaders who would yoke them as if they are beast of burden


  • Caswell Franklyn
    August 12, 2019 10:25 AM

    Rather than focusing on who or what constitutes the Opposition, it would be more beneficial to this society to focus on the rampant bad behaviour of this present administration.


    No opposition = no government

    Waste of time!!


  • @ Pacha
    Caswell is paid by the taxpayers. Since entering the senate, he has highlighted some topics and issues that others have opted not to touch. The general consensus is that the public that pays him benefitted from his contributions. That’s where the “good” comes in.
    We ought to remember that Caswell was once a very strong supporter of the BLP. I therefore said he is “happy” within the BLPPdP coalition, which is an extension of the Duopoly.
    Like it or not Caswell is really at home politically.
    The Duopoly Rules


  • And to make Barbados look even worse on the world stage, ya having the most evil, THIEVING lawyers coming out of the Barbados Bar Asdoviation…..THE BIGGEST THIEVES IN THE WORLD…….Vonda Pile is where she should be safely locked away ..IN PRISON…but ya will hear of her fellow thieving lawyers wailing and knashing their crooked teeth because she got caught and is locked up….but not one tear for the MANY PEOPLE SHE ROBBED..

    But it gets worse…yall should see JUST HOW MUCH PAIN &TEETS HAVE BEEN STEALING FROM VULNERABLE PEOPLE…it willl make ya CRY…someone had to put these bitches to tief FOREVER…..for robbing them…this is NOT NORMAL….this level of thievery coming out of parliament and bar asdociation…AND NONE OF THEM IT SEEMS CANT STOP ROBBING PEOPLE..

    Have a read.

    “, this Vonda Pile & Rosemary Lane requires urgent attention., Rosemary’s mother died without getting back her $200,000 whilst a brother had given up. Is it not amazing from the Bar Associstion and Police Reports that this matter was not even mentioned in Vonda Pile’s recent court case with all this material evidence. This is certification of the unworthiness of Barbados’ Disciplinary Committee.

    The police fraud squad needs to explain why this matter was not taken before the law court, with all this unquestionable evidence OF VONDA PILE TAKING the $200,000 from the accounts and refused to hand over the money to her clients after deducting her legal fees.”


  • Here is Dale Whistleblower showing us that both corrupt governments’ skill sets are EXCLUSIVELY as follows:

    tiefing from their own people..

    helping their bribers tief from their own people

    helping criminals tief from their own people…

    AND protecting all the criminals AFTER they have robbed the majority population of BILLIONS OF DOLLARS….and then CLAIMING…that NO ONE IN BARBADOS…has the SKILLS SET…to INVESTIGATE and PROSECUTE corruption…..their skills set STOPS AT TIEFING…only.



  • Have a read and see if any of you black faced criminals in the parliament have the skills set to run paralells between the brutality practiced back then on your Black people …in and outside of Barbados……AND THE BRUTALITY YOU PRACTICE AGAINST THEM NOW….with such delight and glee just to fill ya greedy pockets…….try not to invite in any outside agencies to help train on how to spot the paralells…


  • I was determined to get this to you RATS tonight…see if you can spot the paralells….yall wannabes should be shipped out.

    “From island to continent

    The Barbados model then spread to British North America, sometimes via word-for-word cribbing of the 1661 laws. South Carolina in particular was as much a colony of Barbados as it was of England. Its haughty elite invited whites to see themselves as members of a ruling race whose manifest destiny was to conquer the New World.

    But dangling such unlimited powers before the whole Euro-American population turned out to be self-defeating for the British colonists.

    This was especially true for those who later spurned the Crown and declared themselves to be entirely free and independent. Refusing any limits on their pursuit of wealth, the most ruthless owners eventually took over the best lands and the most slaves, leaving many whites with little more than their racist sense of entitlement.

    This moment came quickly on tiny Barbados. As one wealthy planter noted in 1666, men like him had already “wormed out” the humble colonists. Many poorer merchants then moved on to other colonies, where they gained a reputation as both proud and bitter.

    Things were different in the new United States, because even before the Louisiana Purchase it was some 5,000 times larger than Barbados. But no matter how much land they stole from the Indigenous inhabitants, the spectre of Barbados and South Carolina — places with enslaved Black majorities — haunted American citizens.

    Many opposed slavery but not out of sympathy for the enslaved. They opposed slavery because they desired an all-white nation, where everyone was equal because everyone was superior.

    These fears and fantasies of white supremacy in America have pushed many people to vigilante violence and racial terrorism. This happened in the 1860s, as Black Americans emerged from slavery, and again a century later, as racial minorities demanded real equality. It’s happening again today.”


  • @ David

    Recognize that the system is working as it was designed to. Corrupt and an inbuilt tendency towards ever greater inequality.

    Recognize that these quaint notions of democracy are all lies.

    Recognize that the situation in Barbados has to get worse and that the government has zero answers.

    In fact the govt creates and magnifies many of the issues.

    The tone of the blog may change from one of only highlighting the growing list of problems to one of how to navigate the broken and farcical absurdity that Barbados has become.


  • Have a good read…negro sellouts….read where the brutality started and see if upon self reflection…yall can see…WHO IS CONTINUING THE BRUTALITY AND THEFTS AGAINST YA OWN PEOPLE…

    “The roots of America’s white nationalism reach back to this island’s brutal history
    August 12, 2019 6.17pm EDT
    J.M. Opal
    Associate Professor of History and Chair, History and Classical Studies, McGill University

    Disclosure statement
    J.M. Opal receives funding from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

    The vicious ideology that allegedly drove a gunman to kill 22 people in El Paso, Texas last week could be traced back to a tiny island on the eastern fringe of the Caribbean Sea.

    As England’s most famous and profitable colony in the 17th century, Barbados shaped many of the rules and ideas of the future United States. That includes the toxic mix of white privilege and resentment that has plagued the United States ever since.

    From servants to slaves
    The planters who came to this island in 1627 treated everyone badly. As one English overseer recalled, “I have seen such cruelty [done there] to servants, as I did not think one Christian could have done to another.”

    Most of these British servants had agreed to work for five years on the island’s tobacco and cotton farms. But in the 1640s, during Britain’s civil war, thousands of POWs, vagrants and orphans were also “spirited” to Barbados and sold to the highest bidder. Very few returned.

    During that same decade, English merchants gained access to west African slave depots. Responding to the island’s insatiable labour demands, these merchants sent ships full of people from Angola, Guinea-Bissau and Cape Verde to Barbados. The planters put these slaves to work making sugar, which resembled cocaine both in its power to addict users and to enrich producers.

    The big planters soon calculated they could wring the most profits from Africans. Many of the Black slaves had previously worked on Portuguese-occupied sugar islands in West Africa and were less susceptible to the deadly yellow fever that killed thousands of white servants in a 1647 outbreak. Growing criticism in England and some colonies of the practice of “spiriting” freeborn Englishmen to the Americas also shaped this decision.

    Read more: The resilience of Barbados counters Trump’s ‘sh-thole’ remarks

    In 1661, the island’s assembly passed two historic acts, one that rejected bondage for “any Children of the English Nation” and one that embraced it for “brutish” Africans.

    Henceforth, white meant freedom. Black meant slavery.”


  • @Dullard

    We have to discharge our civic responsibilities.

    We have to hope for change.

    We have to align to the cause, to give life to adding value to the space about us.


  • @ Blogmaster

    In what or whom are you placing this hope?


  • In ourselves and for our children to force the change required to aspire and sustain a quality existence.


  • First…you have to get rid of ALL the EXISTING SLAVE LAWS ON THE STATUTE BOOKS….

    ….the Mia government will NEVER want to remove them because they have all benefitted from keeping those evil laws in place AGAINST THEIR OWN PEOPLE….for far TOO LONG…


  • Is this any different than the financial, military and economic dictatorship that the whole world finds itself under?

    Who runs the world? Ultra wealthy and hedge funds. If you think otherwise, go and research some more.

    From controlling massive real estate holdings and running up the cost of housing and rents, to controlling the movement of money, hedge funds are holding the strings.

    What governments need to focus on are:

    Major building schemes to increase the volume of houses available, thus bringing supply closer to demand and removing the stranglehold that hedge funds have on the real estate markets. This is true of the USA, UK, Canada.

    Barbados, not so much in the private housing area as the others, but the commercial rents are what is killing business.

    More, the governments need to tax the income from the commercial owning of residential properties for lease and rental purposes at a higher rate than regular business tax. This is not a tax on developments for sale, but a tax on those hedge funds that hold much needed residential properties in their portfolio and create the stranglehold on the market.

    The other thing that governments have to do is to remove the stranglehold on the money markets, lending etc, that the hedge funds have.

    That is what is creating a super elite today, the hedge funds run by ruthless people who only care about another dollar.

    No D,B , E or F can change anything unless the status quo of hedge funds controlling much of daily activity is reduced.


  • I think getting rid of nasty, corrupt black governments…comes first…

    Then ya get rid of the crooks posing as hedge fund managers and pension investors and business people….the PARASITES…THE VERY NEXT DAY….clean up the FILTH…now POLLUTING the island and sucking it like leaches..

    ..get rid of the FILTH…WHO ARE STILL ROBBING THE PEOPLE…who have been living off the backs of the majority population…FOR FAR TOO LONG….

    Living off Black people is NOT A REAL JOB..


  • WURA There is nothing wrong with business people. From the sno cone man to the manufacturer, they earn a hard living. It is the hedge funds that are screwing up the markets and real estate internationally.

    They also hold heavy sway in politics, by pumping money into public perception, such as Mercer did using Cambridge Analytica with Brexit. Mercer being US based, but pushing for Brexit for financial gain, mainly to get his tentacles on the UK health scheme., which has tremendous potential for financial gain for individual investors.

    Hedge funds are the worst thing to happen to the business world. Where the real businessman is squeezed out and these stranglers grab control.

    Make no mistake, they are just as much an enemy of the regular businessman as they are to the average working man.

    The regulators in developed countries stringently regulate most corporates. Hedge funds are loosely regulated but need to be regulated and restricted in the same way as large corporates and treating them as oligopolies.

    They are extremely dangerous in view of the immense power in the hands of a few, unelected individuals.

    Urgent action needs to be taken internationally to curb their influence and regulate their activities.


  • The smell of sewage along Hastings has made its presence known once again
    The minister in charge says there is no breach in the sewer system
    It cannot be a figment of imagination that have people speaking of the stench
    There got to be a problem related to how and where the effluent is disposed with a resulting process of leaving and annoying smell of stench in the air
    The problem could as well be the swamp filtration has become overwhelmed and blocked


  • Mariposa
    August 14, 2019 5:33 AM

    Should EVERY household and business on that coast be instructed to install a septic tank?

    Maybe that is the direction that needs to be taken. With the low land level there abutting sea level, maybe that is the issue?

    Also any strong earth tremor is likely to break a concrete pipe. So individual septics may be smarter.

    How about the government getting a quote on special pricing (that does not mean overpaying and a man getting a ‘lil pick) for properly constructed and installed septic tanks, per usage units? One to five persons A, six to ten B etc.

    Then give the cost off as tax relief over ten years to those businesses and houses on that corridor, over a ten year period. That is, straight cost against tax.

    The businesses / houses will bear the cost of periodic sewage removal by the septic cleaners.


  • @Crusoe

    What is obvious or should be it is not business as usual. There is a more vigilant public who appear to be awakening from a passive state to voice concerns. We have to keep at it.


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