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Richard Pybus

ONE thing West Indians can be certain is that on the eve of an international cricket Test series there will be at least ONE controversy to serve to distract the team from the job of winning. And to expose the failings of our regional institutions.

The ICC Men’s Test Rankings support the view that #8 ranked West Indies out of 10 Test playing countries will have its work cut-out to beat a #2 ranked England team. The first Test is scheduled to start in Barbados on the 23 January 2019.

The question West Indians fans must ask therefore- why do our cricket administrators continue to debate issues that should be resolved in the board room and at the Secretariat? Perhaps there is a naive view held by the directors of Cricket West Indies (CWI) that shouting across island boundaries will not impact player performance AND the moral of a dwindling spectator base. The current state of West Indies cricket continues to spiral southward and it is worthy of note that although the current #8 Test Rankings positions West Indies above Bangladesh, we were beaten by them in the last series and they are just ONE point behind the West Indies.

What is the latest brouhaha?

The decision by CWI to appoint Richard Pybus has triggered a shouting match between two CWI Directors Enoch Lewis from Antigua and Conde Riley from Barbados. Lewis is critical of the process that led to Pybus’ selection. Riley has rebutted Lewis by sharing with the public on a radio show that the matter was discussed at Board and voted on.

At this stage of the argument it does not matter who is right or wrong. What matters is the inability of our cricket administrators to manage the cricket utilizing the best governance practices readily available.It has not gone unnoticed by the blogmaster that many of the Directors were educated in the region. We were unable to find a link to the CWI Board of Directors to determine level of formal training.

The blogmaster has held his nose to develop the view on the merit of appointing Pybus as Head coach of the West Indies team given his unflattering resume. 

Here we are – as a West Indian cricket fan – having to witness the spectacle of cricket administrators and supporting cast, embarrassing the hell out of a people AGAIN. Although Test cricket does not hold the high place on the list for sports fans in the former colonies compared to the past. Let us accept that our inability to efficiently lead cricket reflects a large failing by people of the region to effectively lead most things.


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  • One day,T20,instant gratification and Peter Short all combined to destroy Test cricket and West Indies dominance in the game.
    I have fond memories of my school closing half day to allow us to go to cricket and sit in a special area known as the school boys stand.There was a particular groundsman who,as he walked past the stand,would be pelted with any handy missile,just for the fun of it.He was never in a position to finger the culprit(s).Just boys being boys and enjoying Test cricket with batsmen down to no 7 and Shell Harris telling the world on ZNX32 to come to Kensington,that Garry Sobers’in full cry’ down here.


  • The text refers to “Ridley” shouldn’t that be “Riley”?

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  • de pedantic Dribbler

    Mr Blogmaster, I forgot a test series was about to begin!

    Lots of interesting cricket around and competitive in patches….what will this series be?

    Will it be about the continued growth of Shai Hope as a super WI batsman with Hetmyer a close second and of the quick Oshane Thomas doing a great imitation of Patrick Patterson and roughing up the English…and what of the last great hooray from the present day ‘genius’ Chris Gayle (is he even playing the Tests?)…as a fan there is still so many awesome on field attractions!

    But alas the BS board room noise takes the headline. On that… what do you mean about : …It has not gone unnoticed by the blogmaster that many of the Directors were educated in the region. We were unable to find a link to the CWI Board of Directors to determine level of formal training. ???

    Formal training in what exactly would be particularly beneficial or needed here to be more successful?…and where else were they to be educated to be supposedly better at what they do?

    You do know quite well I’m sure that Peter Short (why is HE the fall guy for WI cricket now tho?, but that’s another story time) was a big shot BS&T director…so what!

    The jamaican Pat Rosseau was a highly regarded attorney and businessman , then there was the trinidadian successful publisher and businessman Ken Gordon and then of course our own again Wes Hall, and with all these presidents there have been successful bankers (like Riley), business leaders, legal eagles, marketing stars etc as directors or key players…so what…same dishevel and fall into the abyss!

    Capt Jason Holder remarked last year in the press to the point that the continuous change of coaches has had a terrible impact on team dynamics …and that the behind the scenes issues can sap the team energy…but still the folly goes on. Something like five or six coaching changes (head coach, bowling and fielding combined) in last five years!

    Kudos to the young man for elevating his talent and skills to a higher level despite the leaden leadership cap he has to wear (he took his 30 odd Test wickets in 2018 at an average under 15. AWESOME). He can become a super all-rounder…this series is as good as any to stamp his authority.

    Kudos to Hope and Heytmyer and Evin Lewis and young Bravo and all our other budding stars also. Lets hope they can focus on their skills and compete mano a mano for run supremacy against folks like Kane Willamson of NZ or Root…master those type guys skill for skill and pile up some centuries and we will have a lot to crow about…and help forget this endless merry go round foolishness at Board level.

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  • @Dee Word

    Where in your comment have you made contact with the substantive point of the blog?


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    I took as my focus your substantitive issue to be: At this stage of the argument it does not matter who is right or wrong. What matters is the inability of our cricket administrators to manage the cricket utilizing the best governance practices readily available.

    Was it not the correct interpretation?

    I therefore focused on the aim for excellence from the budding stars….but in acknowledgement of the brouhaha I cited captain Jason Holder’s displeasure with the chopping and changing and it’s impact on team dynamics.

    I have no deep desire to get in WICB issues and personalities…I have had my time with some direct/indirect involvement and of course lots of talk on these pages in the past…frankly the fact that Cameron is there and once again going this folly is a bad reflection of people like me (fans) who have not maxed out their own opportunities to stop people like him from hijacking WI cricket…

    So Mr Blogmaster highlighting the continued flaws in WICB is to highlight my flaws too…not so…what have I done to prevent (assuming of course i could HAVE done something) is the hard question!


  • Last West Indian cricket Administrator left as he slowly goes down with the ship:

    “Who moved the bell from the Inchcape rock”? Gurgle, gurgle, glop…….


  • @Dee Word

    How can there be excellence from the stars if there is perennial map administration?


  • Talking Loud Saying Nothing

    @ David,

    I have never been in Barbados during the visit of a touring team; and I am looking forward to attending all the matches in Bridgetown.

    Listen my team is England, however if the West Indies win I will be equally delighted.

    We should not worry too much concerning the administrators who run the game in the Caribbean. West Indies cricket will find its natural level. At the moment W.I. cricket is punching above its weight. Bangladesh will leap above the Windies very shortly.

    We all have access to You Tube where there are many archives of the all-conquering West Indies team from yesterday. Let’s be happy for this.

    And yes you are right. We have a leadership problem throughout the Caribbean. In the scheme of things the game of cricket and its W.I. administrators are low down in the pecking order when it comes to solving the structural problems faced by our region.


  • @ Talking Loud,

    Is the state of West Indies cricket a reflection of the wider society?


  • Our regional institutions are failing us.

    Cricket has played an important part to infuse confidence in a people working to shed the vestige of a colonial past. It seems we have no desire to continue to do so given our love affair with fitting in.


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    Mr Blogmaster, not easily but it has been done in the past – recent and historical – and certainly can be done again!

    Thus when you asked How can there be excellence from the stars if there is perennial [bad] administration I say didnt Worrell overcome the worst forms of bad administration under racist regimes which discounted the human value of their players despite singing of WI togetherness?

    Didn’t the team’s under Sobers and Khahai excel in their way during bad administrations and then the holy grail was found when Lloyd and Richards moulded all conquering teams…even under Richardson there were successes and then we won in ’04 and the ‘other day’ both men and women T20 trophies.

    As I said I have no desire to get into a treatise of WICB admin as we have done that here too many times already ..suffice that it is now almost a given that there will be poor WICBC or WICB operations and it is equally true that on the field the teams can excel when they find that unity of spirit blended with a professional honing of their superior talents …

    Let me put in in English terms…a formidible array of talented players under the banner of Manchester United performed creditably under a turbulent adminstrator called Jose Mourinho in 2017-18 but they lost focus amidst all that turbulence this season and were way off their expected standards…he was terminated and seemingly they have regained some focus and are performing better.

    That’s a simplistic note of course but the point is inescapable: the professional players didn’t lose talent or skill they lost focus amidst the NOISE.

    Our players have the cricket skills so as their captain noted they really have to dig in and focus despite the NOISE.

    “That’s why I don’t get too caught up with people saying what they say, because within, I know what really goes on within the dynamics of the team. It’s not an excuse or looking for things to ease pressure, but at the end of the day you deal with reality. Anybody would say that the only way to get results as a team is by coming close together. But if the dynamics of the team changes quite a bit, it’s hard to build something. Every time it seems as though you’re building something, there’s almost a barrier, some kind of obstacle.

    “But that’s life…”*

    “…I just focus primarily on what I have to do and what the team has to do… The only way we can silence the critics -.or try to silence them, because I don’t think they’ll never shut up – is by playing [good] cricket.”

    Take out the word critics which was his reference to fans who just talk of the team’s poor performances and substitute POOR ADMINISTRATORS and the same sentiment should resonate.

    Nothing in a truly successful life is ever easy!


  • Talking Loud Saying Nothing

    Hal Austin said and I quote,

    “Is the state of West Indies cricket a reflection of the wider society?”

    Sadly, the answer is yes. Take a look at the cricketing link below. This is after all the Caribbean.


  • Throw your support behind the women


  • Those were the days when the Greats played for Country
    Now the so called greats play for Money
    I remember the era of Worrell. Griffith.. Lance Gibbs ..Weeks.. Sobers as if it was yesterday and find solace and comfort that i once lived in a barbados where country interest superseded the interest of greed and selfishness
    In order for the W.I to return to its glory days of winning the ingredients of unselfishness and a patriotic spirit are necessary
    Without those two ingredients the WI are doomed to total failure


  • I recall Garry with his customary big smile say he’s sorry he wasnt in the time of Kerry Packer.Those greats came along at a time when opportunities for earning a decent living were not available to them.A few relied on a part time out- of -test -season pick in the sports department of CF Harrison or a contract to play in the English County League.


  • The West Indies brought in white coaches to teach their team how NOT to win test matches,one days nor T20s.The irony of it all.We have the premier naturally talented batting and bowling stars of world cricket and some fools who are not mindful of that nor of the history of the people of the West Indies,fall prey to people who kept changing the rules of cricket when they couldn’t beat the West Indies and imported racist players as coaches.Assinity resides in WIC decision makers.When WIC refuse to even discuss the recommendations of Prof Barriteau and Dr Mitchell that is an indication we are dealing with people who are cavalier about the future of we cricket.

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  • Vincent Codrington

    @ Gabriel at 2:57 PM

    I am not too sure about the racist bit. But I share your view that most successful West Indian Players who switch to coaching would have a better understanding of how West Indian players think and understand cricket. There is always a cultural gap/ emotional intelligence that a foreign coach cannot relate to.


  • What is the official reason we opt for foreign coaches?


  • @Vincent

    Continuous assessment is discussed in the context of not relying on a final exam to support placement/promotion of the student.


  • Vincent
    If you don’t understand the underlying mentality that reinforces the belief that a white must always lord It over and manage the affairs of the black,clothe him in hand- me- down- rags,feed him salted meat and fish and the entrails of swine such that it is now engrained in him and is celebrated as his culture,the sine qua non of the plantation hegemony,then you are fit to be ordered “stand on the bench”.Or worse be told “siddown,prize goat”.White South African you say?Not a racist you say?


  • Talking Loud Saying Nothing

    @ Vincent,

    I am of to the UWI to watch some cricket. I see that we have poached one of your Bajan cricketers who is now eligible to play for England. His name is Jofra Archer –

    You cannot blame him for wanting to play for a professional outfit rather than the rag tag collection of islands masquerading as the West Indies.

    As for the West Indies new coach, I see no problem. Give the man a try.


  • Talking loud
    You see no problem giving a PART TIME coach such a serious duty to perform.What do they say of those who lack vision?Or those who don’t understand what exuding PRIDE and INDUSTRY means to national development?Failure costs the Region and there is a reason for the repeated failure of our cricket team.It starts at the top.Cameron playing with a Region’s psyche and we are to stand for it and say ‘there is no problem n giving the man a try’.I recognize we have a long way to go to rid the brethren of this 400 year old plantation mentality.It can start with the one institution that binds the Region.

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  • Vincent Codrington

    @ David at 3:53 AM

    What ever the official reasons, the outcomes do not support the hypotheses. The foreign coaches have made no difference in the performance of West Indies cricket.

    @ David at 5 :35 AM

    The point I am making is that the continuous assessment and the one off exams should yield the same result. If they do not then the continuous assessment alone provides opportunities for some one to tamper with the system. Why should you want to create another moral hazard?
    The so called interview system provided an opportunity to eliminate the lad who said he had for breakfast a cup of cocoa tea and two eclipse biscuits.
    If he was foolish enough to reply he had breadfruit cou cou and saltfish , he could also be weeded out . He was describing lunch, which the Plantocracy described as breakfast which they ate between 11:00 and 12 noon.


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