Coalition and Opposition Agree to Work Together- a welcoming sign

Press Statement submitted by the Guyana Trades Union Congress (GTUC)

The Guyana Trades Union Congress (GTUC) welcomes the meeting today between the Government and Opposition. It was a good and necessary sign of the times to see the Coalition united in its approach to meet with the Opposition.  It is encouraging that they are engaging even as they await the court’s deliberation on matters brought before it on the confidence vote. Both Opposition and Government have a responsibility to ensure the day-to-day administration of the State where peace and order prevail and the governmental functions are executed.

GTUC is reassured by President David Granger’s statement that neither the function of the National Assembly or Government- Legislative or Executive arm of government, can be allowed to fail and that the two sides- Government and Opposition- will continue to work together and engage GECOM. GTUC takes note of the President’s statement that “Government has no intention to derail the Constitution or Legislative process.”  A Demerara Waves’ report states Leader of the Opposition Bharrat “would only say preliminarily that ‘it was a good meeting so far’” (January 9, 2019). That too is good news. Today’s meeting is a step in the right direction, it has opened the door for continued dialogue, presents an opportunity to demonstrate political maturity and willingness to settle political dispute over the drawing table in a sensible manner.

Both sides of the fence have an opportunity right here and now to break out of the path of pursuit of conflict instead of working for the common good. They have an opportunity to go down in history to a peaceful process and resolution of our difference, down to the interpretation of the confidence vote. They have the opportunity to demonstrate to their supporters, the people of Guyana, and the world that we can change the course of history of un-necessary confrontation and conflict; that we recognise that power also lies in the arms of the Judiciary in whom we must place our trust at this time to adjudicate on matters pertaining to the confidence vote.

GTUC calls on society to give the Government a chance to do what is right even as the Opposition is encouraged to remain vigilant, which is what they are elected and paid to do.

GTUC looks forward for broadening of the national conversation with the involvement of civil society. As we call for the respect for the Constitution and its various articles, can we also call for and respect the importance of Article 13 which outlines the Principal Political Objective of the State that mandates an inclusionary democracy where citizens and their organisations will be involved in the management and decision-making processes of the State that directly impact their well-being. It is time to meet with civil society, the representatives of the people whose lives are to be directly affected by what is happening. They have concerns. Society must be included.


  • David

    This article more serves the requirements of political marketing than those of deep insights.

    More about supporting lies than about criticality

    Enter Jagdeo!

    Jagdeo cannot be president again, according to the constitution, but he also has interests in preventing the most likely person, on the opposition benches, capable of commanding a majority.

    It’s a Mottley/Arthur redux.

    Of course, the criminal Jagdeo would not have given the government such a free pass unless something was in it for him.

    We know with certainty that the government of Guyana expects to get some money from Exxon sometime early this year. They are proposing to use that money to fund social programs ahead of an election. We suggest that the bodies are there buried.

    Lastly, it is regrettable that people who label themselves ‘union’ are so far removed from the criticality to which they have been historically anchored.


  • He still controls the party Pacha.


  • Well …… I guess from now on things will be rosy in Guyana.

    Insert laughter here.


  • @Pacha

    You mention redux- you heard Corbyn’s Call for May to call elections to decide on Brexit?


  • “Of course, the criminal Jagdeo would not have given the government such a free pass unless something was in it for him.”

    pretty much…


  • Traitor and bribetaker ….

    Liked by 1 person

  • I did not even realize Charandass is a lawyer…just a matter of time before Canadian popo start asking questions…he is just like the Indians/minorities found in Barbados, arrogant, racist, uppity and believe they are above the law.


  • David

    Yes and yes

    He not only controls the party apparatus but also an opposition member’s right to remain in parliament.

    Not even his possible challenger, being leader of the powerful Indian association, dare make any moves which actively seek to remove him.


    Corbyn obviously wants to engage the government on a battlefield where winning would mean something. This is not unexpected, but May is also apt to disrespect the tradition unless pushed by a faction on her side.


    Sorry, we did not answer your last question on another thread

    Been out-of-sorts for about a week now, and continuing..


  • David

    Maybe I am wrong for assuming this hypothesis, but I honestly believe and still hold that the average Barbadian could care less about what is going on in the other islands of the Caribbean.

    And sadly enough, we learn more about ourselves abroad than we do when we are in our respective islands, but yet we call ourselves West Indians though we lack a true understanding of who we really are as a collective organism.


  • David

    It is not my intent to deflect from the topic before deliberation, but I’ve noticed that St. Lucians here in America have a closer association with Haitians, and the people from the African countries of Benin, Burkina Faso, than they do with Barbadians or Trinidadians …and this is probably related to the French culture and language…


  • Like

  • Yes … there are secrecy in our culture …and those experiences which the average Barbadian isn’t aware of…

    Like the horse or dog shows the white folks in Barbados held at the Mounted Police Paddock back in the 1970s … that where exclusively for white Bajans …and we Black folks had to peep over District Wall because we were invited even if we had the money to do so…


  • Throughout history Jews were known to undermined each others …. weren’t they accused of killing Jesus? Well you need to go back and do your research … because Jews and haft Jews fought for Hitler …they were called the MISCHLING … So go and get your facts straight…


  • The antagonist seldomly speaks of Dick Cheney whose company Brown and Root sold handkerchief valued a $100 a piece to the US military during the Iraq War … talk about a conflict of interest, and the undermining of the American taxpayer… his actions equates to nothing less than corruption …but who cares he was the Vice President of the United States at the time?


  • I was wondering when Caribbean governments were going to GET SMART…every criminal act these people perpetrated…they LEARNED FROM US…why accept them back in the Caribbean to continue the same…although some of them don’t….

    US loves to DEPORT their own citizens, they think it’s cute….lol..IT IS NOT THE FIRST TIME THEY HAVE DONE IT..

    “The 21 Guyanese deportees who arrived from the United States (US) Tuesday afternoon, after serving jail terms for various offences have been sent back to the United States.

    According to the Guyanese Immigration Department, the deportees had renounced their Guyanese citizenships and are Americans.

    “They are no more Guyanese and we cannot accommodate them.” – Director of Immigrations said in a statement.

    Head of the Guyana Police Force’s (GPF) Criminal Investigations Department, Senior Superintendent Wendell Blanhum said the deportees were convicted for homicide, narcotics, robbery and other offences.

    The plane landed at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport at about 3:30 PM and the involuntary migrants deplaned and were escorted by police and immigration under tight security

    They were to be transported under armed police escort to the CID Headquarters where it emerged that they were no more Guyanese.”


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