DLP Sighting!

The Democratic Labour Party (DLP) Is about to awake from a period of political stupor since it was shellacked at the May 24th general election. For the sake of a practicing democracy many Barbadians wish the party success electing new officers.

Unfortunately we have not witnessed any of the third parties fight for the space left vacant by the DLP. We will have to wait to see if a reincarnated DLP does enough to recapture its position of one half of the duopoly.

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78 thoughts on “DLP Sighting!

  1. For DLP; A long wait! Mia = 10 yrs, then Rawdon Adams, another 10. And then the Goddard’s vault ( yacht – active for many years). DLP is looking at maybe 30 years with some being accommodated at Dodds. Looks like a long slumber from where I stand.Haynes Darlington.   

  2. Even the ad, the layout, the manner of marketing etc. speaks to an organisation that has fallen very far from grace and is clearly struggling in every aspect imaginable.

    Unless radical, drastic and swift measures are taken in August it will be some time yet before we hear a valid opposition voice in Parliament.

    Just observing

    • @Observing

      With the decapitatizing that occurred on the 24 May 2018 there is a reasonable expectation that the upcoming AGM would have been hyped with a more compelling inspiring message. We need strong read coherent dissenting positions. What we have in this space is incoherent and fragmented noises. The third parties are still trying – not hard enough- to evolve to become relevant.

  3. If bajans have any pride they would boycott this meeting. Send a clear message to the former treasury worms that no going until previous smelly rats are gone.

    Lorenzo and Enuff. Will be back shortly to engage you too BLP lap dogs.

  4. apart from this last iteration of the DLP being voted out and deservedly so, i cant understand why some bajans are relishing in their defeat and hoping that the party never rises again.

    that is quite disappointing from bajans who largely benefitted from the policies of the DLP

  5. @ David

    You keep saying the third parties are not doing enough. Yet, I am reading about meetings with the UPP and Opposition Leader, Joseph Atherley. Additionally, Solutions Barbados, is keeping its flame alive. You seem not to grasp , that it takes money and plenty time/volunteers , to be consistently active. Why do you think that David Commissiong has virtually given up on the Peoples Empowerment Party making a dent, and has opted to hitch his wagon elsewhere ?
    As for the DLP, it is folly to expect a party with its entrenched place in our politics just disappearing. The same would be said of the BLP , if it had suffered such a humiliating and deserved defeat.
    And , by the way, why do you really believe that some people opt not to use their real names on BU? Open public involvement , in such a small society , comes at a high price, especially in the political arena.
    The third parties cannot replace or take up the space of the DLP just so.
    Get real, David.

    • @William

      So you agree that the current state is that the third parties have not yet evolved to fill the space of a credible opposition voice?

  6. @ David
    I have not disagreed with your position. I am simply stating that you expect too much of them too soon.
    I would suggest they set up constituency branches and meetings with haste. They should also appoint shadow ministers/ Spokespersons on key ministries and matters.
    They also need a formidable presence on social media and should be unafraid to keep political meetings from time to time.
    Complete the foundation properly and forget the roof for the time being.

  7. The BLP won all the seats. Barbados is a now a de facto dictatorship within the confines of a traditional democracy.

    Atherley is the ” opposition “.

    The DLP should focus on rebuilding the party and give MIA and the BLP time to save Barbados from sinking deeper into the abyss.

  8. The DLP should not fall into the trap of being an un elected opposition.They have to be careful not to be seen as sore losers.

    They have a foundation on which to rebuild.

  9. @ Hants

    you said- “The DLP should not fall into the trap of being an un elected opposition.They have to be careful not to be seen as sore losers.”

    what is an un-elected opposition and how does it operate?

  10. @ James Greene

    You said and I quote “…that is quite disappointing from bajans who largely benefitted from the policies of the DLP…”

    I am a slow man and my reading skills do not permit me to read as prolifically as many of you wiser mense and wummens here on BU.

    You would seek to say by this misguided syllogism that because EWK, father of the nation, did all that he is purported to have done for the people of Barbados THAT BAJANS MUST NOW INDUCE AMNESIA and forgive the DLP and let that forgiveness manifest itself by?? giving them all a free pass?

    They need to be locked up and nary one of them should be allowed ever to darken the halls of the House of Assembly

  11. The tea lea leaves say you all talking s.hit
    Barbados is in the midst of an experimental program called the IMF
    Read recently that user fees for health care in Jamaica is going to rise again
    The same will happen here causing more pain and suffering
    Expecting people to undergo unbearable pain by this govt for ten years is living in a fools paradise
    Not going to happen

  12. @ James Greene

    You said and I quote “…that is quite disappointing from bajans who largely benefitted from the policies of the DLP…”

    Mentality of a slave.

  13. @well well and Piece

    this is what i said in addition to what you picked out- “apart from this last iteration of the DLP being voted out and deservedly so, i cant understand why some bajans are relishing in their defeat and hoping that the party never rises again.”

    if you are going to quote me, quote me within the context of my larger statement. it brings a certain cogency to the discussion.

    yes this lasted iteration of the DLP deserved to be voted out. but no the DLP should not disappear from the Bim political landscape altho that is ultimately left to the voters to decide. and yes the DLP has a proud history that they should cherish.

    if that is a slave mentality then i am a slave

  14. @Skinner, solid anslysis re third party evolution.

    A strong personality is needed at the start but as importantly a clear vision on how the party must evolve in the future…thus recruitment of bright, enterprising acolytes in obviously crucial. The party in many ways will be the appeasement platform of the charismatic original leader but it must purposely evolve beyond that while of course milking his/her Oomph and WOW factor to grow popular support…your NDP faltered in that regard.

    @JamesG, is it really that difficult to appreciate the utter displeasure many feel towards the current DLP leadership!

    A party is a progressive message and the verve, charm and energy (positive or negative) of its leader(s). The DLP folks had great positive energy and the other ingredients in bountiful bushels for much of its early life…in the last 15 years or more it has NOT.

    Unless there is a new cadre of DLP leaders to reformulate this party’s current recipe there should be no remorse or tears for its demise…NONE.

    You are recalling a vintage period of many years past when you wistfully reflect “that is quite disappointing from bajans who largely benefitted from the policies of the DLP”

    Stop and also reflect on the callous, disrespectful way the current DLP people stripped away policies, added more onerous ones and simply afforded largess to self and friends to the detriment of the average Bajan…

    …why pray tell should that mentality not be bannished never to return. Why not?

    In the UK the Labour Party of Wilson, Callaghan et al fused and ‘reformed as ‘New Labour’…not a totally different party of course… but the point being one of internal change as circumstances demanded.

    A slightly better example is the complete reformulation of the Democratic and Republican parties in US. Any 16 year old neophyte would be shocked to learn that the old Dems were pro slavery and that it was a Republican president who took his nation into civil war to fight that scourge…the current narratives of the two parties are the complete opposite re minority rights.

    Things change…parties change…people change!

    Yes it would be ironic and initially sad if the DLP became irrelevant due to internal warfare but we would all survive, grow and prosper and STILL revere the successes of Barrow, Crawford, Tudor et al of the once great party.

    I gone.

  15. The Democratic Labour Party will not disintegrate and die.The party has a legacy that all fair-minded Barbadians ought to be proud of. Present day Barbados was built by both political parties – BLP & DLP. This is a fact that cannot be denied.
    The last Democratic Labour Party administration disappointed virtually every Barbadians including your truly and deservedly was voted out of office.
    I want people to understand that in 1999 the DLP lost 26 to 2 and in nine years later was the government of Barbados.The great Democratic Labour Party will rise again.

  16. as well any party should rise (again) if its members were operating in the interests of their electorate.

    Right now we have a 60 day old government some of whose members are acting like the DLP acted with its salary restoration and increases WHILE WE PEOPE SUCK SALT

    Not one of those fvckers that brought this country to the point that we are today MUST EVER BE ALLOWED BACK INTO THE HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY!

    I dont know how loudly de ole man can shout this.

    THey almost killed the country and we only have to pray that Mia and her 24 degenerates DO NOT DO THE SAME with their 3 contracts for their friends UNDER THE NAMES OF DIFFERENT AGENCIES.

    Never again


  17. Rest assured, the DLP will rise again. That last group, and I use the term group loosely because it had a main faction, produced a pattern of arrogance and defiance, which unfortunately has been seen elsewhere. And they crash. Sadly, voters tarred them all with the same brush. Sad because a meaningful opposition is healthy.
    And for the sake of Barbados, find a new leader who has a few ounces of financial common sense, who even if not MoF themselves, has a strong candidate for that role.

    THey almost killed the country and we only have to pray that Mia and her 24 degenerates DO NOT DO THE SAME


    RECALL 2 TIM 3:1-7

    This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.

    2 For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,

    3 Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good,

    4 Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;

    5 Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.

    6 For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts,

    7 Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.

  19. @Northern

    The new leader doesn’t have to be a financial savant, he/she should surround themselves with competent people who are not yes men/women. Financial gurus don’t fall off trees, it will take sometime before the DLP can identify someone who can fill that role, is Mia a financial guru? Maybe not but she is prepared to listen and take advice, attributes that Freundel was sorely lacking.

    BTW folks who lean to the DLP and can handle the financial docket may not be too keen to identify themselves after all they have at a minimum 5 years in the wilderness and will be concerned about career and family.

  20. @ Dr GP

    I going try to get you ban.

    Every time I does be feeling hope, that things can get better, you will give me a rude awakening

    You and Pachamama.

    The two of you cause me much self introspection and when a feller thinking and hope springing eternal from this my heart, then wunna brings a reality check.

    I have not seen Pachamama for a while so I ent know what happen with him but you are here.

    I wake every morning with a song in my heart, to my GOD, and His Son Jesus Christ and the Promise that I have in HIS Triune Being and then I ask what can I do to do some good.

    I do the usual things, and sometimes come to “the job that BU provides” heheheheh and which they monitor how long you linger on their “property” heheheheheh

    But my hope is that, somehow, my comments, and statements and brimling in the rumshop might trigger something, no matter how small, in a kindred spirit which might help UP DE VOLUME.

    Sometimes while here I see some brilliance and or acts of kindness, most time though it weighs heavy on my spirit.

    But in spite ot this, I, more that most people, knowing what i know, and being where I am, have to have hope else there is no need to open my eyes

  21. @negroman “Present-day Barbados was built by both political parties – BLP & DLP.” Correction my friend, you should have said “Present-day Barbados was built by both parties and destroyed by one”. In deference to you, I will let you say which one.

  22. @Hal, LOL…you took a one line summary to wit “…fused and ‘reformed as ‘New Labour’…not a totally different party of course… but the point being one of internal change as circumstances demanded” and so assertively note my inaccuracy….🤣…seriously.

    So are u saying I am wrong because there was NO attempt to rebrand from Wilson/Callaghan’s Labour with the term ‘New Labour’ by Blair et al because of the pressures of the political play of the day?

    Am I wrong in that brief sentence because there was NO long term effectual distinction between new and old, thus it was a mere public shell game and nothing NEW whatever?

    Or am I wrong because I made a very succinct remark about a complex landscape which has impacts from the Liberal party, Salmond’s Scots and the various other players in your ‘Hackney’ political life up there…🤣….AND the comparative DLP link was a bridge too far…eh!

    Ok bro…I was wrong.

    So as we are on the subject, do give the blog your take on how Blair changed that Labour party and what the Dens can learn from him…if anything….just saying bro.

  23. Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right – July 26, 2018 1:10 PM
    at age 15 my girl friend taught me this verse that she had just learned in Sunday school

    Numbers 32:23 b
    behold, ye have sinned against the LORD: and be sure your sin will find you out.

  24. Mr. McDowall did not learn from Walter?

    McDowall to repay union monies spent
    Article by
    Barbados Today
    Published on
    July 26, 2018

    The National Union of Public Workers (NUPW) has decided not to pursue any serious disciplinary action against its president Akanni McDowall.

    However, following a six-hour meeting at its Dalkeith, St Michael headquarters, the National Council, the second highest decision-making body of the union, ordered the president to immediately return the union’s credit card, which is to be cancelled.

    The embattled McDowall has also been ordered to repay all union monies spent for personal use.

    Furthermore, a sub committee of the council has been set up to make recommendations on a new credit card use policy for the NUPW.

    In the meantime, no president can use any credit card belonging to the union, inside sources told Barbados TODAY.
    NUPW President Akanni McDowall (fourth from left) and other union members look on as General Secretary Roslyn Smith (second from right) reads her prepared statement.

    However, in a prepared statement issued to reporters just after 9 tonight NUPW General Secretary Roslyn Smith was short on details.

    All she would say is “the National Council met this afternoon at 2:30 p.m. and you would see that we had long, robust and animated discussions related to a number of issues. This type of interaction strengthens the union for the long journey ahead. We are confident in our leadership to guide this union, the union’s membership through the gripping times before us.”

    Smith, who has been publicly at odds with the president in recent weeks, in particular over his positioin on possible public sector job cuts, also said “the president remains buttressed by the members of the union to lead us on that road”, while making it clear that during today’s meeting no charges were brought against him.

    However, the meeting was adjourned until next week Thursday when the council will continue to look at the union’s finances.

    Earlier in the evening an attempt was made to issue a joint statement to the press. However, that was aborted after McDowall and Smith failed to reach consensus on the contents of the release.

    This mood contrasted somewhat to that at the end of the meeting with union officials, including Smith and McDowall, smiling and posing for photographs for the benefit of the press.

    Official sources have however told Barbados TODAY that the majority of the time was spent at tonight’s meeting discussing the credit card matter.

    Sources also said council members had decided not to go through the whole process of calling a special general conference to remove the president for fear that the process could turn nasty.

    “We really want the union to heal and go forward with a united front,” one executive member told Barbados TODAY.

    However, McDowall, though eager to pose for photographs and to create a sense of unity, declined to comment to reporters at the end of the night.

  25. The DLP will be hard pressed to announce itself as a relevant political force or a viable alternative for political office for many years to come.
    The scale and unprecedented magnitude of the loss at the last poll speaks for itself in terms of percentages.
    To not have a voice in the parliamentary affairs even though some of the independent Senators may be have some proximity to George Street; still is not enough to narrow the gorge that has emerged to separate this irrelevant political institution from the mainstream political presence in Barbados.
    The Dems essentially have self destructed.
    Freundel has mummified the institution a long time ago.

  26. The blogmaster saw one of the three ministers today that participated in the mini budget exercise on Facebook, there was no smile, no projection that we will be an energized party. It was all about maintaining a serious expression and hurrying out of the public space. It did not portend very well for a good response from the DLP at a time our governance is calling for more dissenting voices.

  27. Glad to hear that the DLP has called a meting for August 12. I wish them well.

    But I am not sure why they awarded themselves an 11 week vacation, May 24 to August 12.

    Simple Simon

    Neither “B” nor “D”

  28. @Sarge
    I agree fully.
    And a few ounces of financial sense does not imply a guru. Yes they were hard eared. They can hire all the gurus they require, but if they ignore them, we are no better off?
    While your observation re MAM listening seems accurate, I am more impressed by her ability thus far to make decisions. A quality I admire. It has become far too common in politics to appoint task forces and consult endlessly, when they could have made two wrong decisions and then the right one, meanwhile the consultations still going on! And then it’s a year to ‘produce the report’.

  29. de pedantic,

    Both your history of the change and analysis are wrong and out of sync with what is generally accepted by UK political theorists and thinkers. Books and numerous newspaper and periodical articles have been published on it. Look at the policy initiatives of the Blair/Brown governments since 1997 until tossed out by Cameron/Clegg.

  30. Why is the UK still doing this crap to Caribbean Black people.


    ..this man Collis Kiñg was born in the Caribbean before any of the islands became independent…apart from his service to cricket, he was born under the British flag as a british citizen..

    ..all the big talk UK always has for Barbados and the Caribbean about this “special and strong bond and reltionship” they have with Caribbean people they need to start acknowleding, ACCEPTING AND RESPECTING. ..the fact that black people born in the Caribbean before independence are STILL british citizens….and why are none of the shitehound lawyers on the island picking up this cause and exposing UK for clear travesty and disenfranchisement that UK is still practicing against people of that age group born as british citizens. ..most of them are still unaware, their parents did not know, their grandparents did not know they were british citizens so how could we know…we only found out because of the brutality against black Caribbean Windrush Generation…

    …..one would think..that Commisiong now that he is Caricom Something or Other….would take up this cause.

  31. Negroman

    When the DLP faced the elections in 1999 its was already 5 years in opposition. When the DLP faced the elections in 2008 it had already been in opposition for 14 years.

  32. And to think these greedy fckers are trying to get REPARATIONS off the backs of our deceased and brutalized ancestors but not one of them, including Beckles, are willing to challenge UK about acknowledging their BLACK CITIZENS BORN in the Caribbean under British CITIZENSHIP…before independence.

    How do they expect to move forward if this issue of UK disenfranchisement of Caribbean people born under the british flag is not addressed…wuh even the british created Barbados Constitution mentions it specifically and these Reparations seekers are pretending to be deaf dumb and blind to its existence.

  33. that 14 yer period between 1994 and 2008 is, in my opinion, what messed up Bim. land prices escalated, greed became good and Bim was sold off by those in power. a politician or political operative from the then government when asked about the sell off of the west coast boldly declared that land is only an asset. that period set the stage for what we have now and it is not pretty

  34. James Greene,

    I won’t do it again, what is important is to compere the 14 yr rule of Owen Arthur with global and regional economic performance. Remember this was the period when a few dreamers, including Marion Williams, went about talking about Barbados being a ‘first world’ nation; sadly, they actually believed it.
    In 2008, after the global banking crisis struck, Ms Williams, some Trinidadian doctor in economics and I appeared on the now defunct BBC Caribbean service. Typically, while I was saying the outcome of the crisis for the Caribbean was going to be painful, Ms Williams said it would not affect Barbados. I could not believe. I wanted to scream.
    In short, for over 50 years, Barbados has been under-performing the global ad regional economies, a period dominated by the neoclassical synthesis of Keynesianism and general equilibrium theory. The global financial crisis signalled its failure, but has this been reflected in economic policy in Barbados (just look at Sinckler’s failure to manage the economy and what is coming out of the university)?
    The intellectual cheating is to concentrate of juvenile party politics while the really serious stuff passes us by.

  35. I am sure all is reading or listening to what is happening .
    A drug story that would eventually fall into the laps of this govt
    A must read before the blp morons start getting comfy beliving that this govt would last five years

    A word to the wise is sufficient

  36. When will Bishop Atherly be legally and constitutionally be appointed leader of the opposition no he has formally resigned from the Barbados Labour Party. Mr Atherly’s decision opened a can of worms with respect to a one man opposition and arising from his resignation the issue of recall

  37. And dont forget that money from the alleged drug trafficker flow into the blp campagain which should give Mia concern and cause for some sleepless nites

    • Here is a warning to you. Your identity is known to regulars on the blog. You should curtail how you are running at the mouth.

      A word even to the ignorant should be enough.

  38. Say what.! Yuh mean that there are spies on BU. Well let me tell you something brother my hands are clean do not take drugs do not smoke nor do i associate myself with any drug dealers . i have better sense than that
    So there you have it

  39. @ Brother Hants

    As we are all noticing that the Institution that is Barbados Today has entered the fray

    And is duplicating all of the material that Barbados Underground is prosecuting

    Almost like clockwork!

    It is as if they have heard that BU is the “go to SOCIAL Advocacy” site in Barbados and is now seeking to use its popularity and its content to improve their newspaper sales.

    Maybe just maybe their Nubian Princess Kaymar may see de ole man grandson stoopid cartoons and give me a piece heheheheheh?

    What you think me Brother?


  40. PUDRYR

    You are so right.All of the media houses and don’t forget our brother the senator are indeed checking this site and using the information posted here.

    And that is a Good thing!

    David said yesterday that as far way as Denmark they were logging on.

    That is why I believe he should UP the game and start doing what the other brown nosers (journalists) won’t do.

    At least they could acknowledge Underground though.

    • @T. Inniss

      The traditional media will not cite or mention BU. Have you not noticed that VOB refers to BT as an online newspaper?

      Dennis Johnson use to post until he had to manufacture a reason to withdraw. He needs to hold on to the work.

  41. David

    No I didn’t know that but guess what – this is 2018 – they better get on board this social media train or they will be left behind in the train station.

    Social Media is where its at right now !

  42. Let me tell you Bdos Underground has the makings of a site that can be very,very influential

    Right now I believe that :

    The Police reading what’s on BU;

    The politicians reading BU

    The Media across the region reading BU

    The University lecturers reading BU but they are too embarrassed to come out and acknowledge the site like our own Jeff Cumberbatch and Justin Robinson

    The University students on this site too

    The U.S Drug Enforcement Agency,the CIA,the FBI,THE MI 6 (I think it is) in Britain reading BU

    The IMF and the World Bank reading BU

    The poor black man and our rich white friends are also reading BU

    I want this site to be a blog site of first reference and that is why we have to up our game.

    • Received an image of Caswell’s comment posted to the other BU blog where he asked the question if Herbert was influential in securing the job for Prescod at Goddards.


  43. Inniss… .dont think we will sot by and let you turn this into some propaganda machine of yardfowls for any lowlife political party or intellect difficient politicians…that has been your intent from May 25th when ya suddenly appeared, we dont do slaveminded here.

  44. This is the same blog all the then ministers, the then opposition and all their white/syrian/indian friends in the private sector wanted to get rid of….because the blogs educate the people and none of dem wanted that…on that they all agreed, combined resources and supported each other on taking down social media……all of a sudden they have developed a quick 360 degree about turn, none of them can live without social media, it has become their lifeline.

    I would watch everyone one of them for intent.

  45. The DLP didn’t destroy Barbados.The political duopoly did.To shut out the other parties into a 30 nil for the BLP is a sure sign that Bajans refused to grow up.I hope Bajans can accept the folly of our ultra conservative ways when the road tax kicks in come September and the Tourism taxes come December.

  46. Oh, Bajans have grown up, we are so grown that we KNOW we don’t want to see the shouting DEMS for years and years past. And DEM four – give me a break.

  47. Just in case any of wunna sight the DLP Larceny Crew wunna can send them this from Piece Uh De Badword heheheheheheh

    And tell dem dat I say dem is not to let Fumbles EVAH darken the HoA nor the DLP HQ in Belleville again.


  48. Given the recent “career Changing Move” by Pornville the Jailbird it seems reasonable to project that Verla Depeiza who, barring her declaration that people should be tried for treason for disclosing the contents of Fumble’s letter IS THE BEST CHOICE FOR DLP President.

    She is very articulate.

    She is intelligent

    Her name is not called in any adultery scandals

    She does not seem to teif client funds

    She is a good lawyer

    She is not a Lil Hitler who always at every Wuk Up festival

    She does not have to have her medicines/tablets or will go off

    And she ent in jail in Miami

    Verla for president


  49. @ THe Honourable Blogmaster

    Your assistance please with an item in support of Verla Depeiza’s campaign on Sunday

  50. Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right, another one for your poster.

    ” Former High Commissioner to Britain Reverend Guy Hewitt is in the running for one of the Democratic Labour Party’s (DLP) top posts.”

  51. @ Hants

    Is that the goodly reverend who tried to bad talk his junior when he heard that she was getting a pick with the BLP?

    You see why i does be frighten of these people of the cloth?

    Dem always doing things to discredit the name of the Lord

    I going look for his picture in the interim but here is a picture for another feller.

    Though he might not be good material given the sanity rather pressures required for this job, what you think?


  52. Hewitt in line for a top job in the DLP? Well a Bishop is LOO time for a priest to step in somewhere

    The Gov’t gave Hewitt time to get his affairs in order but my spies tell me that it gave the High Commissioner in Ottawa 30 days to pack up her Georgie bundle and leave, when the customary period is 3 months

    Finish the joke: A bishop a priest and a politician went into a bar…….

  53. @ Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right,

    Estwick should go quietly back to his real job.

    I am sure he can make a decent living.

  54. PUDRYR

    I noticed you’re all fuzzy with Verla DePieza and have resorted to a similar ” no one effing seat” strategy to campaign on her behalf.

    Kim Tudor would be my choice for the leadership of a revitalized DLP.

    • @Artax

      What about Simon? The DLP needs someone not touched by the May result. The mark against him is that he should have immediately disassociated himself from Blackett, a Estwick Mia attacks. But to err is human.

  55. @ Artaxerxes

    To be truthful (indeed an oxymoron of sorts) I only sought to use the four names that were advances here on this blog recently and then of the four, i chose Verla from Estwick, Lashley, Inniss and Depeiza.

    I did not do any analysis other than having seen all four of them speak and assessing her based on about 3 encounters and 5 and greater for each of the others.

    Her brother is someone that de ole man has grown to respect based on *** and the family’s discipline is also something that has currency for me.

    If it were a race that i had an asset in I would have done much more research as to the merits of each person but….

    I do not think that the DLP is ready for a female who is as articulate as she is but they do not understand the landscape of the bajan electorate sufficiently to comprehend that this is the time for the ascension of female leaders and to ignore that is to perish.

  56. @ Piece,

    I was warming to this lady, Verla Depeiza, then you mentioned that she is a lawyer! Another one!

    We have had our fair share of law professionals running this country. Yet, we have witnessed an explosion in the levels of corruption as practised in Barbados under their “Stuart”ship. The fact that she is young, articulate, attractive and intelligent should not alter the fact that she remains a member of the legal profession; just like the vast majority of her predecessors.

    Legal professionals are an aloof bunch who tend to be highly class orientated. They are not empathetic to the common man and woman; and they are not visionary people. We need creative leaders who value the arts, the sciences, culture and engineering, and not these narrow-minded legal professionals who are only able to focus on the narrow concepts of law and have the ability to talk well in public.

    The problem with the legal professional is that they count their worth – uniquely – on their hourly rate. They work within a profession in which the average citizen is unable to pay for the fees of a lawyer, whether they are good, bad our indifferent! Can we really have this self-centred group of people running our country?

  57. @ Talking Loud Saying Nothing
    Can we really have this self-centred group of people running our country?
    Shiite boss!!!
    You just put your hands of the EXACT reason why the BLP cannot reverse the sinking fortunes of SS Titanic Barbados.

    We insist on putting people – who have made a COMPLETE mess of their own profession; their own courts; their own association; their own judicial system; their own client-fund-accounting system…. IN CHARGE OF OUR WHOLE COUNTRY.

    These jokers now have all their lawyer friends on EVERY committee, …every board, …every bram and wuk up….

    Only a brass bowl goes for advice and guidance from a doctor who is HIMSELF sick as shiite….
    …or from a mechanic whose OWN car has been broken down now for DECADES….

    Far from putting these lawyers in charge of the damn place, someone intelligent should be INSISTING that ALL of their client-accounts be audited annually, and the findings published as a public service…

  58. @ Talking Loud and Saying Nothing
    @ Brother in Arms Bush Tea

    I am guided by your insights into the matter.

    The fact is that there is every likelihood that on Sunday the choices of persons who will present themselves for candidature won’t be from outside the traditional group which has repeatedly offered themselves for service.

    Mia Mottley at 2018 presents a classic scenario for your consideration

    She presents all the aforementioned afflictions but what is different here in the desolate state of our economy and the fact that IF SHE CONTINUES DOWN THE PATH OF NEPOTISM not only will she be a one term government but the Barbados economy will crash in 6 months.

    And there will be no package from the IMF.

    Barring Fumbles and his group I don’t think there could be anyone who could be that stupid to keep doling out positions to friends while we need though leaders and visionaries with track records

    But I could be wrong. In fact this Fumbles experience has left de ole man shaken by the superlative idiocy and my confidence in men is well…shattered.

    Is there any hope for Barbados?

  59. @the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please with an item for Talking Loud Saying Nothing and brother in Arms Bush Tea thank you

  60. We have and have had a cartel of lawyers who have facilitated the growth of corruption in Barbados over many decades. Mia has been handed a still-born economy by the previous administration. I feel for her.

    However, Mia is incapable of governing Barbados because she and some of her fellow cabinet team are linked to the Arthur regime. There is hope for Barbados but it needs a cabinet of fresh and not old blood. It also requires a cabinet that is representative of the people.

    Here is a part of the famous resignation speech by Geoffrey Howe in the house of commons when he walked out of Margaret Thatcher’s conservative cabinet in 1990. I believed that she was forced to step down within a week of this speech being made.

    “I believe both the chancellor and the governor are cricketing enthusiasts so I hope there will be no monopoly of cricketing metaphors. It’s rather like sending our opening batsmen to the crease only for them to find that before the first ball is bowled, their bats have been broken by the team captain. The time has come for others to consider their own response to the tragic conflict of loyalties with which I have myself wrestled for perhaps too long.”

    The team captain is the previous regime led by Stuart. The conflict of loyalties is evident: Mia is unwilling and unable to bring down those individuals from both parties who were corrupt. It is time for the country and others within her cabinet to ask themselves if Mia is the right person to be leading the country.

  61. @ Talking Loud Saying Nothing

    “If you lay down with stray dogs you will get up with fleas”

    The fact is that these parties, BDLP, are both the same, both “heads or the tails side”, duplicates of the same plague of corruption

    The prosecution of corruption cannot come from MAM because, with the effluxion of time, she is aware that this will lead to her prosecution by an incoming administration,

    She would have to be idiotic not to understand the Haman and the Gallows story.

  62. A former president of one of the island’s largest credit unions is calling for those financial institutions to help their membership create wealth.
    Maxine McClean, who once served as president and vice-president of the City of Bridgetown Cooperative Credit Union (COB), is suggesting that credit unions move to “stage two”.
    Delivering the Astor B Watts DLP lunchtime lecture today at the George Street Auditorium, the former Foreign Affairs Minister said customers were practically paying commercial banks to keep their money.
    She said despite low-interest rates and increased bank fees, the majority of Barbadians still kept their money in commercial banks with credit unions accounting for less than 12 per cent of domestic savings.
    “If we say to people to take some of the money you have in the commercial banks and put it in an investment entity where we apply the principal accrual, we can immediately mobilize significant sums of money which can form the capital base for an investment strategy aimed at making a difference in the lives of average Barbadians,” McClean said.
    She said in 2018 alone, COB mobilized over $419 million in savings while the Barbados Public Workers’ Co-Operative Credit Union, the country’s largest credit union, mobilized over $1 billion during the same period.
    McClean called for credit unions to form other entities, which would be used to allow members to earn additional money.
    “My recommendation is that credit unions need to move to what I call stage two of their development and that is to use the membership, more so than the institution itself, as a form of leverage, to create another institution or to utilize existing institutions related to the credit union movement to ensure that they are able to address the opportunities for wealth creation,” McClean said.
    “So what we can do is to take that money that belongs to us to invest in an entity which would allow us to make life better for ourselves and certainly for young persons,” McClean said.
    She however explained that while there had been suggestions that members move all their monies to their respective credit unions, that could prove to be problematic.
    “If there is high liquidity in the banking system and you were to move your money to the credit union in the traditional form of deposits, what that would create is excess liquidity in the credit union system and thereby affect your interest rates both on savings and loans,” McClean explained.(Quote)

    This woman, who was the key person responsible for selling the wealth of the nation to the Chinese, is now shamelessly talking nonsense.
    Why after ten years didn’t the DP introduce policies to sort out this problem? For 50 years the nation has been governed by DLP/BLP jokers, all with LLBs, MBAs, LLMs, MAs.

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