‘Vote Buying’ Tactic!

This week Barbadians were treated with the news that the government released five million dollars to the account of the Barbados Revenue Authority (BRA) to settle income tax returns. And that an additional five million dollars will be disbursed in the coming days. If public comment is to be believed, outstanding returns go back many years.

Clearly the government- like any citizen- has a responsibility to honour financial commitments in a timely manner. The minister of finance has offered the explanation that government’s cashflow is the reason for the delay issuing income tax rebates.

The blogmaster is happy for those Barbadians who will be FINALLY receiving tax returns.

What piques the curious mind of the blogmaster however is why now. Clearly the saying that ‘timing is everything’ appears to ring true in the scenario unraveling in the light of day.  The idea the Minster of Finance and Cabinet may have orchestrated the payment of outstanding tax returns days before Prime Minister Freundel Stuart will be forced by law to declare the date of the general election – or have it done for him – is mindboggling. Not because it is to be expected from politicians, after all, political parties are in business to win elections. Are we not an intelligent people endowed with basic reasoning and observation skills to appreciate the rush to settle outstanding monies due to Barbadians? Does anyone care to question the political morality of the Cabinet of Barbados?

The blogmaster will be following the debate we hope this matter will generate in the coming days as a barometer to measure the  ‘citizen maturity’ levels in the Barbados space.   The media- traditional media to be clear- has a role to play because we know by its track record the Fifth Estate will continue to play the leadership role by sharing unfettered perspectives on all issues. The role of the Fifth Column will be vital to shore up the political efficacy which has move to a slow drip to a free flowing leak in the last decade.

What the blogmaster found appalling is Commissioner of the Barbados Revenue Authority Margaret Sivers being coopted by the government to issue a public statement on the matter.  This is a government with a legacy that will be defined by stealth in its communication strategy.   The BRA as far as we recall has a public relations officer in its employ if BRA’s management was minded to publicize the boost to its cashflow.

We are tired already.

Give us a Rh break!

48 thoughts on “‘Vote Buying’ Tactic!

  1. Why would bajans even consider allowing these loitering ministers to bribe them with their own income tax return dollars, which they are legally entitled to anyway, in exchange for selling votes, that is taking insults and disrespect to the citizens to a whole new level and way too far.

  2. 6 moths to a year before elections, work is found for hundreds of Bajans. Make work programs are created and the army of occupation is expanded.

    This is called political strategic planning.

  3. Election still on or attention span expired?
    Shit still flowing or attention span expired?
    Beach problem over or attention span expired?
    Coverly fixed or attention span expired?
    Is that all or things past my attention span still ongoing?

  4. Thanks to those of the ‘ Windrush Generation ‘ the government and people of Barbados were able to receive millions of dollars in remittances – from persons living in the U.K

    So the BRA can now pay income tax refunds from 2014

    Who can beat that ?????

  5. It is usual for any govt in power in the dying days of an election term to do what they can to (for lack of a better term) “sway” the electorate. In this case though it is just plain hilarious!!!!..They are doing this AFTER the 5 years due to this DLP govt!!!!. so they plan to do everything else within the remaining 44 days too!!! Like finding buses and garbage trucks!!!..I hope the raise\ restoration of the RTC is retroactive i.e. people would be getting their $1300 PLUS INTEREST for each of the years owed and not $650!!!!. And where did they get this money from all of a sudden when it is almost four years that they couldn’t find the money to pay it!!!!. Seriously though, in the whole scheme of things, how much money does it take to pay people their RTC!!!!…the people that qualify for the RTC are the real working poor….but yet they can find money to replace a PM’s car, build headquarters for the BWA and the SSA. I tell people that the DLP could not have any strategists or economists in it!!!!…..if so the leadership ignoring their advice!!!!!, which is not hard to believe when yuh hear de iggrunce( ignorance) coming from Fumble Sport’s mouth!!!!!!! I also observe that they seem to be fast tracking the completion of the River Road Van\ Mini Bus Terminal also!!!!…The DLP just making me laugh now….Bajans just shaking their heads….Does the Democratic Labour Party think that the rest of Barbados born yesterday and DEM the day before!!!!…But Bajans will do what Fumble said and take the money…dey ent gine vote for DEM though!!!!!

    • Can a private members question be tabled in parliament on Tuesday to ask from where the MOF made the allocation to the BRA refunds?

      #hignorance #democracyunderthreat #dlpdoingdeedog #barbadiansneedtoupdeeting

  6. Freundel my boy, you can call the election now. It seems as if those thousand of old UK Bajans with vision of Errol Barrow dancing in their heads will not be kicked out and coming home and voting. No sense waiting..

  7. “She further explained that after disbursement of the 2014 refunds is completed, BRA officers will direct their efforts to income years 2015 and 2016, in so far that the necessary funding is available.”
    Hence this new injection(s) may not cover all 2014 refunds…..and are these outstanding refunds being paid with accumulated interest…and are they corporate or personal refunds, or both. $5M isn’t a lot money.
    Be blessed the treasury is bare, or they would have given away/promised much more.

    Journalists may also take the opportunity to ask Ms Sivers about Clearwater Bay, as she was a Director during the time of the reported sale to Pharliciple.

    • @Northern Observer

      You are aware interest is paid if there is a claim submitted? Not dissimilar to what must occur if a customer wants reimbursement for out of service by the Utilities.

  8. You mean interest “may” be paid…..because my claims for 2012 and 2013 remain outstanding…even ‘without acknowledgement’ said claims were filed. Finally in 2016 I did not pay taxes due, just told the BRA to put the funds owing for prior years to cover that amount.

  9. Do not have a clue. For accounting purposes it works fine in “my records”. Rule of thumb,,,never pay any entity who owes you funds longer than one year in arrears…ie BRA.

  10. Mirror on the wall

    Who’s the smartest of them all ?

    Freundel Jerome Stuart has the ball ⚾️

    But he ain’t bowling , till MAM ….bawl !!

    ” The BLP under MAM has lost it’s soul ” Former leader of the BLP Owen Seymour Arthur , July 2015

  11. David of BU

    Artax , Well well, Miller , Prodigirl etc

    Are truly what the British would call ” Ole Farts ”

    You mean to tell me that for years – day in day out – on this BU site they hurl tonnes of vitriol at PM Stuart.

    They say he is the WORST::

    Do little

    And yet – Stuart with little effort to date – is able to keep these Ole Farts guessing his next move – is truly a lesson in – political strategy of the highest order 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

    From a PM – they claim is WEAK

    There’s a thing though !!

    BU FARTHOLES !!!!! 🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊

  12. Fractured, my grand father had a jackass that used to keep the whole village guessing when he would next bray. He did this with little effort. Would you say that was truly a lesson in – jackass strategy of the highest order too?

  13. Lol @FearPlay…@ Frac-turd DLP…here is a tip you clearly didn’t learn from school…..say no to illegal drugs. Yuh getting a serious high from DEM

  14. @ Fractured BLP April 21, 2018 11:54 AM

    We must admit that your man Fumble does have an iota of ‘smarts’ still left inside his ‘screwed’ cranium.

    At least he smelled the blowback rat and ‘proudly’ excused himself from making himself look like a downright common-class right ‘Royal’ jackass by not attending the CHOGC.

    He will never be able to shake old Queen Lizzy’s hand in order to ‘make history’ as being the last Bajan PM to be accorded such a ‘unique’ honour.

    What a path on a social journey of ladder climbing he would have undertaken as Lord Black King Stuart.

    From the sun-drenched cane fields with the haunting memories of Bussa to the cold royal chamber of HRH.

    Oh, My Dear Dying Deaf Phil, doesn’t that dark fella from Our West Indies remind you of the reincarnated version of a gorilla you once shot on our Safari days back in Kenya in 1950?

    We guess you are not a totally incompetent ‘personal’ aide after all. For ‘He’, Lord King Jack Ass Fumble, dressed or naked, can still find a PR (Premium Ratboxcy) in his corner behaving like a pure bred yard-fowl.

  15. Miller

    You sound like a rat who has seen the writing on the wall !!!

    For all your ranting & raving

    King 👑 Freundel Jerome Stuart still have you frothing at the mouth 👄 !!

    The King has an ACE …,.,he can call the General Elections next year ( if he wishes ) and humbugs like you still have to wait ……..until he decides !

    All hail the King 👑 !!

    MAM is finished…,,,,politically !!

    The Saturday Sun article of April 21, 2018 declares that the ” Dems have an ACE up them sleeve ”

    Miller when it is released……it will cause more damage than hurricanes Maria & Irma – combined !!

    Watch & see !!!!

  16. @ Fractured BLP April 21, 2018 1:15 PM

    Why don’t you ‘read’ what you have just written?
    Are you turning poor King Fumble into both a de facto and a de jure dictator so supreme as to disregard the Constitution?

    Are you lot planning to declare a war against sewerage rats and garbage flies?

    Here we go again! From Pegasus Hotel secret tapes dangerous enough to have created an electoral earthquake in 2013 to pussy-biting video-tapes in Cancuan!

    What’s it this time around? That MAM and Fumble are in tow like two of a kind in the same suite?

    Or that Lowedown is found dead on the ground with a condom up his backside and MAM is being accused of pegging the bastard.

    So what if MAM is found to be holding a ‘short’ card like David? There is always something worse, like Devaluation, not so?

  17. Are you all buying the BS posted by a frightened JA?

    The man Fumbles has over played his hand…..he is like a cornered rat with no way to run. He has run himself into a corner. If he had planned to go to the CHOGM, he had to change his mind as had he gone, the Queen would be brave enough to ask him what he was doing her since he was no longer a legitimate PM.

    There is a lot of unrest brewing in the DLP and he was afraid to leave………listen to the words coming from Donville’s lips a few weeks ago………the PM has too much power and as far as he was concerned, the election should have been called months ago.

    Fumble is afraid and the election will call itself. The man is a dangerous rat!

  18. @ David,

    The building was obviously NOT properly maintained. There likely was water damage that was not repaired.

    Barbados has highly qualified Engineers and Architects and I have met a lot of Bajan workmen who are competent

    so I can only put these problems down to mismanagement, lack of leadership and plain old Bajan wutlessness.

  19. Anyone really feel that if they are lucky to get back a refund……..I need mine as well……..that that stunt will change people’s minds.

    Some three or four years ago, the stinking liar Chris Stinkliar said in a budget speech that “as I speak….envelopes are being stuffed now with tax refund cheques”……….(dont most people opt for direct deposit?)

    Years later when there is clearly no longer an elected government……….just think of this my fellow Barbadians…….the cheques will now be available? Do they think we are so stupid?

  20. What is 5 million dollars when Ms Sivers said that the government owes over 100 million dollars in VAT refunds and tax refunds…………when ever will these morons have been able to pay off this debt?

  21. Prodigal, it would be interesting to get an idea of which refunds will be paid first. I’ll bet that those who are due small refunds will the first ones receiving cheques during the coming weeks. Five million dollars will not influence enough voters if big refunds are those that are settled.

  22. The date of the election is a non-issue as we enter the last full week of April and an election due by the first week of June. With 21 days required by law for nomination day and a poll, the date has actually been somewhat self-appointed. Will Lowe be able to canvass so soon after “knee surgery? Is it not normal for one to undergo physiotherapy etc after knee surgery? Looks like Froons fooled himself.🤣🤣🤣
    Civil servants like Sivers are worse for Barbados than the politicians. Is Walcott-Denny still on paid leave?

  23. Your Master Fruendel Stuart said that you should take the money so your people will take it. Your Master Fruendel Stuart has not called the election so your people will blindly accept all that is handed to them. Your Master Freundel Stuart pardoned his servant Michael Carrington the sinner. God has warned your people and there is no coming back for little Barbados.

  24. “April 20, 2018
    Barbados Labour Party (BLP) St Michael Central candidate Arthur Holder has urged party supporters to heed the advice of Prime Minister Freundel Stuart and take money from vote buyers.

    Page 3 BarbadosToday.

  25. The trajectory of the debate seems to ascribe a perverse credit to this DLP

    Well, we are talking about a mere 5 millions, maybe another

    The DLP ‘s lackeys would no doubt rejoin and say something like …………..

    ‘Over, or near, one hundred million dollars were paid to the man who built the NHS building on the ABC Highway.”’

    ””And that all that money had its genesis in the last BLP regime”’

    As counter narrative, we imagine. So these payments are chicken feed, they will say.

    Our point is that none of these claims and counter claims have not gotten us anywhere in the past and are unlikely to be any different in the future.

    We are not satisfied that money which is so clearly the property of certain taxpayers, including HNWI and corporations, for overpayments etc, could be defined as for vote buying in the regular sense. We would have thought that such monies would be coming from other pockets, more directly, and distributed in other ways – vote buying.

    But clearly, the DLP intends to invite open dictatorship in a last gasp effort to re-impose itself on the people. In these circumstances nothing is beneath them.

    In doing so they have invited the duopoly to embrace the thinking ‘that the strong could take what they want and the weak must bear what they must’. That is what the Athenians said to the Mellians. FJS is an Athenian.

  26. “If he had planned to go to the CHOGM, he had to change his mind as had he gone, the Queen would be brave enough to ask him what he was doing her since he was no longer a legitimate PM.”

    So sorry that did not happen, it would have given me so much ammunition to work with..lol, lol.

  27. This money in refunds will bestir the retail trade which will now be buying lots of advertising for national Heroes Day,May Day and Whitsuntide sales.Abed would likely be a happy man so also Cheffette,Bizzy de Burger King,Kentucky and such like.

  28. @ Gabriel April 21, 2018 6:41 PM

    You have to hand it to the Dems when it comes to political strategizing for electoral dirty profit. They are way ahead of the BLP.

    How else can you explain the move to bribe Bajans to vote for them by giving them back their own hard-earned long overdue monies in the form of income tax refunds?

    For the Dems to even consider such a move (as our own “Well ,Well” alluded to earlier)
    Bajans have to be the brightest coloured jackasses on God’ green Earth!

  29. Exactly what do you expect the DEMS to do ?

    Elections are to be won by any means necessary as has been done in Barbados since I can remember.

    The BLP will win the next election and after 2 terms (10 years) they will do the same shiite to win a third term.

    Can’t wait for de Political Wrasse meetings to start.

  30. King 👑 Freundel Jerome Stuart is the boss !

    Miller & Prodigirl are his loyal subjects !

    What more we want ?

  31. https://barbadostoday.bb/2018/04/20/make-me-pm-please/

    Mia Mottley has already read the tea ☕️ leaves 🍃 !

    She had begun her 2018 campaign on the very same spot she began her 1993 campaign – and LOST !

    Has she answered the allegations about voter fraud leveled against her as yet ?

    Has she found her LEC as yet ?

    The comments that followed the article above are very – spot on !

  32. Fractured BLP – “Who can beat that ?????”

    Who can beat an ignorant yardfowl like you – one that needs its head chopping off so it makes more sense running around in its circles before disappearing up its own rasshole?

  33. PM Stuart had said some time ago that the Bees are like a horse 🐴 at the Garrison training by itself and looking sharp…..that is until the other horses 🐴 turn up on race day!

    So using that analogy and more horse 🐴 racing terms ……giving that we have reached April 22, 2018 and no date has been set yet ……

    Let’s continue the horse 🐴 racing terminology

    ” And there’s no more turns left in this race ……as all the horses 🐴 head for home “

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