Treasury Building Environmental Report Made Public, READ

The BU household is surprised at the Sunday Sun headline TREASURY SICK. We know circulation numbers have been tanking but to highlight what the trade unions have been asking government to address for many years and treat it as an exclusive? What about the report on the Immigration Building on the Wharf Road? What about the Ministry of Health Buildings on Jemmotts Lane? What about the many police stations and other government building which present an occupational hazard to employees every day of the year?

At the root of the problem is poor maintenance, like the Sewage plants for example.  A read of the Indoor Air Quality Report prepared by REA Envirohealth International reveals that there are proactive steps the government agency responsible for cleaning public buildings can take to prevent deterioration of public buildings but we like to build new building. It is only tax dollars right! The NIS Building in the middle of Bridgetown- a UNESCO Historic sight- remains closed because of the prevailing culture of mashup and build back yet we travel the world be it Washington, London or Amsterdam to sight-see building which are hundreds of years old in pristine condition.

7 thoughts on “Treasury Building Environmental Report Made Public, READ

  1. Every intelligent persons know that after a period of time, buildings become sick, you prepare in advance ….,,20 or 25 years for that eventuality, you do not let 40 years pass.

  2. The Supreme Court Building is also sick!!!!

    Been so from day one.

    Some areas are closed off because of mold.

    Violet Beckles perhaps!!

  3. ” Any building may have mould.

    However, buildings with a history of water leaks, floods, fires and problems with indoor air quality (e.g. poor humidity control, lack of fresh air) should be considered at greater risk of mould growth”

  4. Barbadians did never maintain their public buildings – and now they are out of money to refurbish them. Like the sewage system.

  5. It would appear to the average person that preventative maintenance is in the long run a cheaper alternative to emergency maintenance which as now, leads frequently to massive disruption to staff and the consuming public.Barbados can boast among other things to have more lawyers and more incarcerated persons per capita than most Caribbean States.Both constituencies are ripe for better utilization in the society towards making Barbados a more successful country and a better place to live.

  6. The Barbadian civil servants behave like termites: Moving from one building to the other, leaving behind a path of destruction.


    Some BU most strident characters were identified in the article above – which a reported commentary of King 👑 Freundel Jerome Stuart speech last Sunday at Lester Vaughn School !!!

    • FORTUNETELLERS – David of BU. , Prodigirl !

    • OBEAH MEN – Miller , Artax , Lorenzo , Enuff !


    Interestingly enough ,
    these were the same EIGHT doomsday creatures who were shouting the same rhetoric in 2013 !!

    A pity some students have to remain in the same CLASSROOM …….for 5 years to learn !!!

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