57 thoughts on “The Great Conspiracy to Defraud the Treasury Vs. the National Social Responsibility Levy (NSRL) and the Next Tax

  1. Heather keeps claiming Barbadians are being squeezed by taxation.

    Yet the percentage of GDP collected in taxes is only a few points higher than in Trinidad (which has the advantages of oil and gas) and Jamaica (which is only now beginning to offer its citizens the unemployment insurance and retirement pensions Barbados has been offering for years).

    Barbados is not overtaxed! Tax me. I’ m Bsrbadian.

  2. The food prices in the supermarket are definitly higher than Jamaica and Tricksidad. I see it outside Barbados in the CARICOM that Barbadian products like milk and juice are phased out since they are too expensive. They are replaced by products from USA, T&T and EU.

    The Barbadian dollar has no value. What do you get from 1 Barrow? NOTHING, only national pride. You cannot feed your family with pride. In other countries of the Caribbean you get the family´s food for one week.

  3. The concept of ‘conspiracy theory’ was started by the CIA to cast doubt on those who were suggesting that the United States government was the central actor in the assassination of JFK.

    We would however prefer to consider the author as a conspiracy analyst merely because conspiracy theorizing has gotten a bad name, as intended by the CIA. Such a name detracts from substantial arguments and promotes the suspension of intuition, commonsense.

    The concept of conspiracy is well founded in law however. The RICO act, for example, was used to imprison many officials who were known to have worked with the same US government on covert missions, at home and abroad – the Mafia.

    Conspiracy in law merely means that more than one person planned actions considered to be unlawful. Such planning creates a crime separate to the unlawful avoidance of customs duties, let’s say.

    It is on this basis that we beg readers not to misunderstand the nature of the conspiracy. Not to be influenced by CIA propaganda.

    Once the conspiracy is properly understood we may indeed find that more than a little law breaking has been going on in Barbados for a long time and the requisite quantum of conspiracy to add to boot.

    However, we get the impression that law breaking has reached a new level under this DLP administration – inflation.

    This should not come as any surprise. For a bet that this trajectory will continue into the next regime is destined to pay handsome dividends, and the next one after, and so on.

    There may even be people who by having higher responsibilities, that may also be implicated. For example, the PM of Barbados, whoever he/she maybe, can hardly be considered not to be, at least implicated, in such criminal matters.

    Seeing that such a PM would not have brought these matters to public notice and cannot reasonably argue that he did not know or should not have known that crimes were being committed under his nose makes the charge of conspiracy to gains credence.

    In the United States there is a low bar in conspiracy cases. The prosecutor may not have to show specific knowledge but that the subject was part of an ongoing criminal enterprise.

    A time will soon come where something will have to give. A time when officials are properly undressed and their nakedness properly exposed.

    The emperor himself may show such

  4. The future of these Caribbean islands might be saved from self destruction by a Federal form of government.The sooner the better.

  5. Nation News: September 21, 2017:

    “MINISTER OF FINANCE Chris Sinckler has acknowledged that Barbadians can take no more taxes.”

    In other words, Sinckler has essentially ADMITTED that Barbadians are OVERTAXED.

  6. Barbadians will have to get up and vote these bastards out of office. We are heavily overtaxed and we cannot take it anymore.

    When Derek Alleyne could come out and say that they will have to do what it takes to win…….this scares me as we all know what this bunch of wildboys are capable of.

    Only a heavy turnout will counteract the plans that they are putting in place to win at all costs. God help us if these morons win this election.

  7. Bajan Free Party/CUP-PCP Violet Beckles Plantation Deeds from 1926-2017 land tax bills and no Deeds,BLPand DLP Massive land Fruad and PONZ on said:

    Nothing but Crooks, Liars, and Scumbags, The MOF needs to be in Jail, The DLP nor BLP need never hold the government again If the People vote for these crooks they need to go get a rope and a tree.
    We I, have been warning you all and telling over and over again, Look at the police fraud squad with Mark White and his female Sgt, How long before the CPL name is called,
    The lawyers in this government of both sides are long-term crooks,

    Yet you Ms. Cole have not dear to write about the Massive Land Fraud and the amount of money in this, The same group supple more housing that NHC and UDC,

    These nigger lawyers and Ministers also have a role in all things that take in more than 2 dollars per day,
    The MOF now have to put out a public tax so that the business doesn’t feel to bad, They have not been paying taxes for many years and the same Minister sign off to allow such,

    A full Audit needs to be done and an inquest to show all money missing MOHL.UDC, NHC
    Each year the MOF comes up with a new tax to feed his PONZI fraud you see the white builders and business crooks march up to his office and walk off tax-free, Well Election time is near so he now wants to act like he is doing some things,
    After elections they all will need lawyers if they can even get a real DPP on their asses,

    By the time you smell the rat the cheese gone,
    Vote Bajan Free Party/ CUP-PCP for Rule of Law that will apply to All, Lets not for get CLICO.CLICO CLICO,

  8. The NSRL was designed to keep the non-productive political class in a lifestyle that they feel they are entitled to. The fatted calf has been gobbled up by the non performing political buffoons, so they had to look elsewhere to sustain their thirst.
    We paying for nothing. Crumbling infrastructure, non-existent leadership, laughing hyenas & assorted miscreants permeating the landscape.
    We like it so?

  9. “How long was the Englishman importing vehicles for the Muslim Mafia?”

    That was onlyb one, the deceased, it was said on more than one occasion that Weare was not the only white out of UK importing these vehicle into the island and robbing the treasury with their local enablers.

    One would imagine they are all waiting for things to cool down, the Yard to ease up on investigating so the lucrative racket can resume again, but as long as foreign police are following the money outside, people will get caught in a net eventually, as they should.

    Bajans are overtaxed period…if so many hundreds of millions were not missing from the treasury, as outlined in the Auditor General’s report and from NIS pension fund, there would be no need to overtax the citizens. ..they have all been tiefing the tax and pension money…and running their usual extortion racket in exchange for bribes.

  10. “How long have the customs officers been taking bribes from the Muslim Mafia? Are they also involved in the guns and drug trade? Who exactly make up the Muslim Mafia?”

    Some are Indians but they are not all muslims, look at the insurance company head who bribe immigration, they import dishonest doctors from India and dishonest doctors and lawyers from acrosss the Caribbean, using bribed immigration officers fir that purpose and customs and police to ensure a successful criminal organization, he and his family are not muslim, but just ya garden variety indians from Mumbai.

    Citizens have been complaining about him for decades, one of his protectors the DPP recently croaked and the new commissioner cannot say he has not received written letters complaining about this pretend businessman and his criminal network, since he took over from Dottin….

    Ya have a mixed bag of organized criminals on the island, protected by politicians and government ministers who themselves should be in prison.

    That right there is the major problem the people and island face on a daily basis, both government’s protection of minority criminals, take away that criminal element and the island could start a clean up.

  11. Kailash Pardasi who runs a computer company is part of the India Mafia (bribes, drugs and criminal conspiracy)

  12. Had a dream New Scotland Yard asked Interpol to issue a Red Notice for Chris Sinckler. The police have communication intercepts and have access to all phones.

  13. Assuming the Bees, or another group, wins the next elections …… do you really think they will roll-back Sinckler’s taxes?? Keep hoping……… seldom in my many years have I seen a Government remove taxes. Our bills will still be there to pay & any new Government won’t have a choice….. they will keep all taxes to pay those bills.

    What we want is for the new Government to stop the wastage, stupid projects, bribery, etc…… and reduce spending!!!

  14. Any bajan living in Barbados who can make the statement that Bajans are not overtaxed is obviously blindly partisan .

  15. “The police have communication intercepts and have access to all phones.”

    I do believe ya right.

  16. The Nation Barbados shared a link.
    2 hrs ·
    NSRL ‘pain to kick in’
    Government’s newest cash cow may result in a not-so-merry Christmas for some Barbadians.President of the Barbados Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) Eddy Abed…

  17. As I’ve posted before, the average Bajan does not consider non-violent and financial crime to be real crime.

    Robbing the treasury through customs fraud is akin to digging a sweet potato from a field next to the road.

    Politicians teefin on gov’t contracts is like cutting a few sticks of cane to suck. Massa got plenty more.

    The average voter will never see how the corruption affects them directly. Just like they don’t understand all this talk about ‘downgrades’.

    That is why this country has always been ruled by the ‘high and mighty’ doing as they like to the exclusion of most, just like now. Except now, the rulers are blatant crooks and Fools.

    Animal Farm indeed.

  18. One of the reasons I posted the 30 Articles of International Human Rights that every man, woman and child on earth in every country has a right to demand from each other and particularly from slimy government ministers, arrogant deceitful priests, thieving lawyers and doctors and the nonfunctioning judiciary, because not only was it very clear to me that the majority population is/was unaware those rights even existed and are automatically enforced. …. but each and every Prime Minister, ministers, most lawyers, except for Commisiong….. and others who are well aware of the existence of those human rights because they signed the charters or have knowledge they exist…….. none of them saw it fit to educate the majority Black population about those human rights and misused and abused the judicuary and the people for decades, while colluding with minorities like Cow, Bizzy, indians, syrian, lebanese, foreign crooks and others in clear violation of the majority population’s human rights.

    They all should get interpol red notices, they all want locking the hell up, they are very evil negros.

  19. Ministers bribery scams with minorities and disappeared hundreds of millions as the Auditor General reported, could have fixed the deplorable roads. …they cant lie their way out of that like Dumbville is trying to do, how much duty did he pay on the six vehicles he brought into the island.

    Where is the money collected in annual road tax going, a good question to ask Michael Lashley or Carson Darson Yardfowl….

    …….since the island has more cars than people, it is safe to say 300k car x 400 = $120,000,000 in annual collection × 9 years = $1,080,000,000 billion dollars…give or take where did that money go, certainly not to fix the roads.


    “Too many potholes
    Pilgrim Place residents issue road complaints

    Added by Katrina King on October 5, 2017.
    Saved under Local News
    It has been a rough road to travel in recent months for residents of Pilgrim Place, Christ Church, who complain that a growing number of potholes in their roadway leave little road for pedestrians and motorists to manoeuvre.

    Equally frustrating, they protest, is the impact these potholes are having on their shrinking pockets due to damage to their vehicles.

    Car owner Peter Hunte told Barbados TODAY he had to fork out over $500 to repair damage to his vehicle caused by the craters, which residents said had become more plentiful since the passage of Tropical Storm Harvey in mid August.

    And Hunte called on the Ministry of Transport and Works to put the road tax he pays each year to good use.

    “We pay $400 to 450 [in] road tax every year and for what? To see this happening? They [Ministry of Transport and Works] need to step up their programme and deal with this,” Hunte argued.

    “Road tax is $400 per person and there are thousands of cars . . . they need to step up on this.”

  20. @ Heather Cole (our BU Joan of Arc):
    “Getting back to the Frustrated Business Man’s story, the Muslims have been importing stripped-down vehicles at the port of entry and they now control the trade. How long was the Englishman importing vehicles for the Muslim Mafia? How long has this conspiracy been going on to defraud the treasury of VAT and other import duties? How long have the customs officers been taking bribes from the Muslim Mafia? Are they also involved in the guns and drug trade? Who exactly make up the Muslim Mafia?”

    HC, you might be carrying the sword of justice in the ‘right’ hand but you are looking through the wrong lens in trying to find the demon of corruption where this alleged scam to defraud the Treasury is concerned.

    You should be asking whom exactly make up that cadre of black senior civil servants and politically-elected and appointed facilitators who- although well-educated free of charge thanks to the same Treasury- have allowed themselves to be so used by crooks, conmen, drug-and-gun dealers for a few material trinkets of luxury and paper-money beads similar to what their African brethren did to their enslaved ancestors in Barbados.

    How come those vehicles got on the Bajan roads in the first instance and who have been arranging their annual registration?

    You know very well those regulatory agencies (including the insurance companies) which allegedly were involved in the dastardly deeds of blatant corruption are not ‘managed’ by Muslim (or Hindu) insiders placed by there by the same Muslim Mafia.

    You might be barking up the ‘right’ tree but are holding on to the wrong branch to rest your covenant of hope.

    Let us hear what Leader all dressed in white plans to do about the recovery of thousands if not millions in VAT and vehicular taxes which have not found their way into the Treasury thereby contributing hugely to the current sad state of fiscal affairs.

  21. “Who exactly make up the Muslim Mafia?”

    For those who don’t know the local Muslim Mafia comprises both Indian and black players.

    They are heavily involved with drug trafficking, human trafficking, guns, fraud and bribing of Barbados Police, immigration and Customs etc with heavy ties to ALL local Strip Clubs.

    The top among the Indian community are below:

    Harris brothers, Peter, Thomas and Joseph the Pilot and former cricketer
    S Y Adams and his son who was charged with the container of drugs
    Hashim Delair, the owner of ProSales cell stores works closely with Peter Harris
    Kailash Pardasi Promotech Stores
    Bhanna and his son (they sell Fanta tobacco close to Biscuit Factory)
    All the Indian owners of CAR part stores used to import guns/drugs and a front to launder money

  22. “You know very well those regulatory agencies (including the insurance companies) which allegedly were involved in the dastardly deeds of blatant corruption are not ‘managed’ by Muslim (or Hindu) insiders placed by there by the same Muslim Mafia.”

    As some are saying…the indian criminal organization is one unit that support each other’s businessesm so CGI is supported in its destruction of the supreme court and other criminal activities by other indians of whichever religious variety on the island…and vice versa…

    It’s their enablers in and out of government who paved the way for them to start, maintain and continue their criminal industries on the island one needs to take a good look at….. from politicians to ministers to former CJ David Simmons to lawyers to doctors and all the other greedy pigs coming on down the line into their respective sewers….all Black….

    ….all involved are bound by bribery and corruption, the glue that binds them to each other.

  23. Dirty Dishes Exposed October 6, 2017 at 11:28 AM

  24. I love the fact that social media and blogs like BU provides us with information that the traditional media appears uninterested in publishing or for that matter even pursuing. What bothers me is the ease with which names are easily bandied about with accusations attached and not a single thread of evidence to support these abhorrent claims. I don’t know about you, but once I see or hear a name associated with a crime I have the devil’s job not marrying that person and the claim even if unproven. May I suggest that we hold the name calling until we can offer even a small hint of evidence? I mean to say Fair is Fear!

    • @Fearplay


      The challenge is that we have those who bring their personal agenda to every blog. Serious people will dismiss after identifying the approach.

  25. who at Scotia Bank is flooding their ATMs with counterfeit money, screwing up customers lies and circulating counterfeit dollars across the island…

    ATM machines do not fill themselves with cash, bank managers and other employees are the ones responsible for stocking ATMs.

    stay away from Scotia Bank since they do not want to accept responsibility and reimburse their customers for counterfeit money THEIR ATMs are spitting out.

  26. …I mean to say Fair is Fear!…

    that is exactly what makes it so easy for the minority members of the criminal networks on the island to flourish and get away with their crimes….criminals do not play fair…

    …in the future when it reaches the stage of even more dead bodies littering the island….look how quickly we forgot Weare…..you wont feel like marrying well known gangstas and thugs, all of that is presuming one of those corpses is not yours or a family member…Fairplay.

    none of these names are secret, they openly flaunt their criminality because they believe themselves untouchable., some are very boastful when in their own groups.

  27. @ Fear Play

    Whilsterblower911 is spot on with the Indian Mafia names highlighted above problem is you have a corrupt Barbados Police force with many officers and detectives working hand in hand for kickbacks.

    That is your Barbados 2017.

  28. @ Fear Play


    @ Dirty Dishes Exposed is spot on with the Indian Mafia names highlighted above; problem is you have a corrupt Barbados Police force with many officers and detectives working hand in hand for kickbacks.

    I am familiar with all the names mentioned on a business level.

    I don’t have a personal agenda.

    That is your Barbados 2017.

  29. the Commissioner of Police is also familiar with all those names linked to bribery and corruption of government ministers, politicians, other public servants….along with their crimes committed on the island, it`s his job to find cops whom he can trust and who have not already been bribed and corrupted by these minorities so he can shut these criminal networks down once and for all..

    it`s not our jobs to go out there looking for evidence to appease curious bloggers who would not do it themselves, we do the best we can because traditional media wont and one of them is owned by the same criminal….he just did not factor in social media when he seeked to also control news distribution on the island.

  30. These Indian criminals Harris brothers, Hashim and Kailash all want locking up.

    No more crooked DPP Leacock to protect them.

    With the exception of Hashim they all share the same passion Golf with the dead crooked DPP.

  31. Idi Amin had the measure of these people and unceremoniously kicked them out of Uganda from way back in the mid-seventies. Recently, the government of South Africa was been unduly influenced by an Indian family called the Guptas.

    We in Barbados are now getting a real taste of life under the influence of this minority group. We know their methodology: buy influence; monopolise the local economy; and to work outside the laws of the country.

    I would compare this minority group as a plague of locusts; once they move into a region they have a habit of devouring everything within their path.

    If our government remains unprepared to change this dynamic then perhaps the majority population may need to take matters into their own hands

    • It is a no-brainer that with a general election to come soon the government will release some policy measures to appeal to the electorate. At the top of the list will be salary increases and jobs. What else are they capable of doing? We have the track record of two terms to based our conclusions.

  32. @ Heather Cole
    Are you suggesting that it is wrong to tax
    those who make a decent living from
    what you refer to as “hobbies”?
    Don’t you know that when these people
    become old , the state has to look after
    them and give them old age pensions?
    Do you really have any idea how much
    money a well established “hobby ” makes?
    Don’t you think it is only fair that they give
    “a little something” to the treasury?
    Please desist from making these rather
    successful “informal” business people
    believe that they have no social

  33. William Skinner by the same token don’t you think it is only ONLY FAIR that the importers and all those who are part of this conspiracy to defraud the Treasury pay the customs duties and VAT. Please desist from making these successful formal business people believe that they have no social responsibility.

  34. When people decide to post scandal, they should at least make sure the names being scandalised are correct. #enuffsaid#anothernd

  35. @ Heather Cole
    Where on earth did I write that ” the importers and all those who are part of this conspiracy to defraud the Treasury …..” should not pay their taxes?
    If you have been following anything I have written in the past 45 plus years, you would know that I have gone after corporate Barbados and their stealing workers national insurance etc.
    You would want me to believe that anybody can start a successful business, declare it a “hobby’ or “informal” business and then escape the tax net. While that sounds good ; it is one of the reasons that the country cannot break the “free for all’ mentality.
    While i do agree with your position that the rich and affluent escaping their social responsibility via corruption, I feel it my duty to encourage those, in your words, “hobbyists” to do their social duty , so that they can DEMAND what is due to them when old age sets in.
    Please , in the future take the time to read what I say rather than twist it to gain high school debating points !
    Those who believe that all the corruption coming out now, started in 2008 and will cease immediately after the current lot is thrown out of office , will be terribly disappointed. It means that they know nothing about the forces of political/corporate corruption in our country.
    Corruption of the magnitude that you so brilliantly expose, cannot be cultivated in a period of ten years. The players would have to be in place for many years for such an acceleration to occur.
    To put it bluntly:It spawns both administrations and both political parties. And it is in the collective bosom of both the BLP and DLP that such corruption has flourished and will continue as long as THEY are our political leaders.

  36. This is what happens when a society only knows how to violate the human rights of each other others, respect for human rights should be taught in the schools of Barbados…

    Since when has the BDF trained it’s soldiers to take orders from civilians…soldiers do not take orders from civilians to violate the rights of others.

    Barbados has a reputation for human rights violations against their own people, from the prime ministers and government ministers on down need training in observing and respecting the human rights of everyone.

    The idiot civilian more than likely called out some useless title he has and a bajan was ready to get fired for a joker with a title..


    “BDF issues apology over incident in Dominica

    Added by Kaymar Jordan on October 6, 2017.
    Saved under Local News
    A Barbadian coast guard officer has found himself at the centre of controversy in Dominica after he reportedly “grabbed” a camera from a regional journalist on Thursday in a bid to stop him from recording footage of the post-Hurricane Maria relief effort.

    The incident occurred around 8:45 a.m. at the deep-water harbour on the outskirts of the capital and involved prominent Vincentian journalist Kenton Chance, who is in Roseau reporting for the Caribbean Media Corporation (CMC) and volunteering his services as part of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) humanitarian effort.

    Chance, who had gone to the harbour with members of the CARICOM Disaster Relief Unit (CDRU), was attempting to film disaster victims receiving water along Goodwill Road, when he apparently raised the ire of members of the official distribution team.”

  37. @Talking Loud,
    Stubbornness is part of our national cultural DNA. Only experience will change minds. I recall that a few days ago a respectable member of this blog mentioned that there was resistance to allowing hurricane-hit Dominicans in to Trinidad for fear that they would change the demographic balance. Not a word was said about it, not even from the rent-a-mob contributors.
    Somehow these very people believe that in Barbados things will be different. Another contributor also raised the issue of Guyana, which is not only bigger than England, but has more natural resources, from gold and diamonds, to bauxite and rice.
    London has a population of abut 8m, Guyana has a total population of about 750000. In fact, Greater Georgetown can easily absorb all six million members of Caricom with room to spare.
    These are some of the issues when it comes tod regional unity. As a kid I remember we imported rice from Guyana – Haiti also grew rice – now Guyana is a net importer of US rice.
    Loud voices and obscenities will not resolve our problems; what will be serious, objective thinking and the implementation of radical ideas – not the regurgitation of the same old, same old policies.

  38. Welcome to Britain 2017 – the real world.

    Graduates from ethnic minorities in Britain are less likely to be in work than their white peers, a study says.
    The Resolution Foundation found that despite a higher proportion of BAME (black, Asian and minority-ethnic) people obtaining degrees, they face “employment and pay penalties”.

  39. Extremist Material On The Internet
    By Jonathan Turley
    October 06, 2017 “Information Clearing House” –  For years, civil libertarians have warned that Great Britain has been in a free fall from the criminalization of speech to the expansion of the surveillance state. Now the government is pursuing a law that would make the repeated viewing of extremist Internet sites a crime punishable to up to 15 years in prison. It appears that the government is not satiated by their ever-expanding criminalization of speech. They now want to criminalize even viewing sites on the Internet. As always, officials are basically telling the public to “trust us, we’re the government.” UK home secretary Amber Rudd is pushing the criminalization of reading as part of her anti-radicalization campaign . . . which turns out to be an anti-civil liberties campaign.


    The Bullingdon Club

    • Your comment is not fair. Local journalists were to first to survey and report on Dominica. VoB held a telethon that has collected over $150,000 to date. Fair is fair!

  40. Talking Loud
    My Bajan compatriots still believe when it comes to our own Jihadists they are different. The one thing history has taught us is that Bajans never learn from history.
    Worse then that, if white Bajans believe their have an exemption pass they are living in cloud cuckoo land. Their shot guns and AK 45s will be useless when the Jihadists strike.

  41. What the …is Hal ranting about, the muslims and indians on the island are saga boys, materialistic to the bone, greedy as hell, love big rides, plenty women and lots of money, the threats they represent to the majority population are the drug dealing, gunrunning, money laundering, stealing from the people through insurance company scams and fraud, bribing of public officials, government ministers and the misuse and abuse of the supreme court to carry out same.

    If the attorney general would do his job and give up the tools the chief justice needs to do his job instead if joining with other corrupt ministers to enable them, no indian, muslim or hindi would be a threat to the majority population of Barbados or the island.

  42. @ David,

    The only reason why BU exists is primarily due to the Barbados media not doing their job. GP, recently, mocked Barbados Today as being unfit to carry out their duties as a media house. How do you bring change to Barbados when her media consistently refuses to publish what is really happening in Barbados?

    Lazy, frigging “journalists”.

    • We do what we have been doing i.e. citizens stepping up on social media. In the process we have to be still fair.

  43. I know everybody on her must be making double digit salary but wunna went in the supermarket lately. If somebody would have told me that things would be so hard in December 2007. I would not have believed it after the promise of first issue cost of living, second issue cost of living, 3rd issue cost of living. I wounder if I was interpreting it wrong. I thought the concern was to lower cost of living not kill the blasted poor man with cost of living. I actually have to choose between bills and food.

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