Food Biotechnologist Dr. Robert Lucas Comments on South Coast Sewage Mess

The management of Massy Supermarket Worthing refuses to close that outlet.

Dr. Robert D. Lucas

Dun-Low lane


Barbados, BB11157


11th, January2018

Barbados Underground

Bridgetown, Barbados

West Indies

Dear Sir/Madam,

Currently, there is a clamor about the health hazards posed by the condition of the South Coast Sewerage system. Indeed, the acting Chief Medical Officer (CMO) is on record as having stated that microbial assays of potable water and the environment were found to be negative for enteric organisms. His position was augmented by the Massy’s Group of Companies (MGC) in the print media. In the latter case, MGC claimed to have engaged the services of a firm and that between the firm and local government departments, the area surrounding its Supermarket was being disinfected thrice daily (I will deal with this practice later on). In all instances according to MGC, no indicator pathogenic enteric organisms were detected. No mention was made of viral or protozoan pathogenic causative agents of cholera, hepatitis, and dysentery and so on. Since the above pronouncements, the CMO has now acknowledge that there are thirty-five cases of gastroenteritis. Prior to this acknowledgement, it was reported in the local print media, that there were twelve cases of gastroenteritis in the affected area and that fish had died. Having admitted that there were cases of gastroenteritis, the CMO must concede that there has been some type of contamination on the South Coast. The CMO is now disputing the American claim that sewerage has been discharged into the sea. (I will deal with this later).

The following is written in the public interest. Let me start by saying that the authorities dealing with microbial assays are either remarkably incompetent or else they have been placed under gagging orders. The absence of disease causing agents signifies nothing. As I will now show. The assays alluded to above did not indicate the assay protocols used. The public is told assays were done, nothing-found end of story. Let me point out here that the microbial media used and protocol conditions all have a bearing on the detection rates. This particularly so under the following conditions:

  1. The causative agent is present in the environment in trace amounts. For example, testing seawater. If there is one organism per cubic meter of seawater, one has to do lots of sampling.
  2. Causative agent has been exposed to hostile environment and has been injured, thereby requiring special enumerating media and conditions. For example, “enteric (gut) organisms including coliforms are generally adapted to relatively high nutrient and solute concentrations, but low oxygen concentrations due to the nature of their natural habitat and when exposed to oxygen show an increase loss of viability”. Roslev, P. 2004 “Effect of oxygen on survival of fecal pollution indicators in drinking water”. Journal of Applied Microbiology .96:5: 938-945.
  3. The type of storage medium/diluent used. For example if samples of salted-fish are placed in sterile distilled water, lysis of microbial cells occur resulting in death, since cell have been moved from salt environment to a non-salt environment. As a result, no microorganisms will be detected.
  4. The timing and frequency of sampling. If sampling is done immediately after disinfecting, obviously there will be fewer organisms detected. MGC did not specify when sampling was done.
  5. The causative agent is present as an aerosol and sampling is done on solids and water only. Since vehicles passed through the area, one would expect aerosols to form and the wide distribution of the causative agent.

The practice of frequently exposing a microbial population to disinfectants is a hostile action. This type of activity is referred to as selective pressure and causes the microbes to undergo mutations and to develop resistance to antibiotics (if the hostile agents are antibiotics) or resistance to the disinfectant as the case maybe. If the microorganisms are exposed to moist, solid surfaces such as is the case of the local sewerage, biofilm forms. A biofilm is a thin layer of densely packed microorganisms encapsulated within an aqueous matrix of proteins, nucleic acid and polysaccharides. These characteristics combined with strong cohesive properties and sophisticated collaboration make biofilms highly resistant to conventional cleansing agents such as biocides and disinfectants. Bacteria use quorum sensing (use of chemical molecular signals) to coordinate certain behaviors of the cells in biofilm (exhibit resiliency in the presence of chemical and physical stressors such as pH values, oxygen, pressure, heat, and cold).

The CMO is keeping a lot of noise about the America’s claim that raw sewerage has been discharged into the sea. I wonder if the CMO has ever heard of the terms in geography “surface run off and percolation.” With all the rain the country has been experiencing recently and the lack of gutters on the roads, surely one would expect some kind of discharge into the sea. For his information, the Americans can use remote sensing from aircraft or from space to detect microbial growth in the oceans. “Remote sensing instruments exploit electromagnetic radiation to study surface processes on earth. Passive sensors use reflected sunlight or heat being emitted by objects along the earth’s surface, while active sensors transmit laser or microwaves that are then reflected back to and recorded by the sensor. Many orbiting satellites currently map ocean properties such as color, surface temperature, height, wind velocities, roughness of the ocean surface, and wave height. Salinity, as well as the vegetation canopy using active light detection and ranging (LIDAR)” Douglas G. Capone and Ajit Subramaniam.2004. “Seeing Microbes from Space.” American Society of Microbiology. 71: 4: 179-186. Fecal matter contains nitrates and phosphates and when discharged in rivers and the oceans algal blooms occur resulting in changes in sea color. Using algorithms the biochemical signals of a particular organism can be used to detect its presence from space. In any event, the DNA profile of microbes present in the sewerage can be extracted and compared with the DNA of the microbes isolated from the thirty-five suspected cases of gastroenteritis.


Robert D. Lucas, PH.D.

Food biotechnologist


  • even though haigh thinks that the sewage problem is going well, but if they cant say what will happen if it rains a lot, or when permanent repairs will be done she should not expect th uk,usa,or canada to recind their warnings on her hopes. Barbados will have to work to hard to gain peoples confidence maybe even spruce the place up.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ lawson January 13, 2018 at 8:07 AM
    “even though haigh thinks that the sewage problem is going well, but if they cant say what will happen if it rains a lot, or when permanent repairs will be done she should not expect th uk,usa,or canada to recind their warnings on her hopes. Barbados will have to work to hard to gain peoples confidence maybe even spruce the place up.”

    Well said, Lawson! The current crappy shitty situation (which was purposely allowed to fester) is one that they cannot find a scapegoat to pin the blame on.
    They cannot this time blame the international recession or even the BLP.

    Only the cabinet of shitehounds who were warned over and over of the ramifications of not fixing the festering problem.

    The place is in a’ terrible’ need of a sprucing up. The country has become very shabby and most depressingly off-putting over the last 10 years; clearly reflective of the fallen standards and quality of its current administration.

    There was a time when the South Coast of Barbados could have rivalled and even outclassed many tourist strips on the Mediterranean. That certainly cannot be said today far less brag about.

    Just a bunch of low(e)life vermin whose sanitation standards can be equated to the South coast sewer.

    That Low(e)down black mouth fella reminds us of a person who would use a public latrine to do a No.2 and purposely refuses to flush afterwards to annoy the next user.

    Just look at the lot! Just a herd of low(e)-class wild boys who need to be trained in basic sanitation habits.

    To use some of Archangel Gabriel’s colourful phrases to aptly describe the ‘cursed’ lot: Gorblinddemlot of summsofbitches. Look what they have gone and done to once sweet Bubadus!

    Now where are those garbage trucks that were supposed to arrive before December 2016 after collecting millions in NSRL to do just that and to clean up Barbados?

    Is it because the Low(e)down crook is being watched like bacteria under a microscope and his demands for “where is my cut?” have not been met?


  • Barbados won´t survive a 3rd blue term. We have already a blue admin heritage, if we look at the new GG, DPP, Gov-CBB and many other newly appointed figures. A new government will face 20,000 hostile blue civil servants.

    Solution: In 2019, we need a purge in the public service from top to bottom. We need to change the constitution to allow the firing of any person not working at least 45h per week in public office and accepting a reduction of salary and pension.

    Cause: The BBD is under pressure since the public service is a heavy burden for the whole island. We need to reduce the costs by at least 30 %.

    – Higher efficiency: nearly impossible, given the local attitude and work ethics
    – firing 10,000 civil servants: possible if one pays the cargo for emigration and gets some American or African to welcome their new citizens …


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Pachamama January 12, 2018 at 3:01 PM #
    “We doubt, that even in his field, Georgie Porgie does not even know who is the real father of medicine. He may know well who his racist friends have said is its father. To whom he has taken oaths.”

    Pacha, do you really expect the hocus-pocus quack GP (blinded by Judeo-Christian lies and plagiarized myths) to know of the Prince of Peace who was sent from Above to teach and show mankind the ‘Sciences’ far less of Imhotep the King for all seasons of human endeavour?

    Poor Dr. GP, taking an oath to a copier called ‘Hippocrates’ instead of his real Father from the land of Kemet but whose name has been ‘bastardized’ to “Imouthes” in the Land of the true hypocrites and plagiarists who did a similar job to the Bible.

    You must try to convince poor GP to retake his oath of allegiance; not to Asclepius but to the god whose works and knowledge given to benefit humankind will live on as long as the Sun shines and be eternally arrayed in that large but little talked about Constellation ‘Serpentarius’ (Ophiuchus to those who have not been schooled like GP in the art Western propaganda and cultural grave-robbing).

    We wonder if GP is aware that the well-known and often displayed ’Logo’ of his bastardized profession called Western medicine is supremely representative of the Snake-handler in the Heavens with the rod of correction of human maladies (the rod of Asclepius) in his hand?

    Let it be known to Dr. GP et al that the Constellation was first named after Imhotep to venerate forever His presence on Earth to whom modern man owes a lot.

    Akhenaton is pleased to inform that Amenhotep is still with us holding the Aten of knowledge and Yawheh the god of religious mumbo jumbo.

    Akhenaton! (he who is beneficial to Aton)


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Tron January 13, 2018 at 9:36 AM
    “Higher efficiency: nearly impossible, given the local attitude and work ethics
    firing 10,000 civil servants: possible if one pays the cargo for emigration and gets some American or African to welcome their new citizens …”

    Why can’t these ‘excess to requirements’ people be exported to Japan which has exported to Barbados thousands of motor Japanese-made vehicles (mechanical steel-donkeys) than any other country?

    Isn’t Japan badly in need of people to sustain its fast aging (and soon to disappear) population?

    Instead of learning Mandarin and Cantonese young Bajans should be learning Japanese.

    But as you quite rightly pointed out, given the culturally embedded local work ethic, Bajans would certainly be in for a total culture shock.

    Bajans only work under orders and direct supervision of whites and other ethnic minorities from overseas; just like the days on the sugar plantations.

    Just look around at how they are keeping their ‘fields and hills which were once beyond recall but allegedly now their very own’.

    They would never have done that to their old Massa plantations and great houses.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Shameful indeed, the IQ levels never rose beyond the level of educated slaves in the last 60 years, not even in the leaders.


  • However, there is hope for the future. If Barbados had a strong leader and strong cabinet ministers for 20 years, acting as true role models.

    The current attitude is no DNA thing and no inescapable fate. When there is a strong will, society will change.


  • Miller

    You are quite right, per usual

    This is not guess work on our part. We have irrefutable proofs of our claims

    Even Hippocrates himself, who learnt everything he knew over 40 years in training at the feet of the masters in Kemet, said so in all his writings.

    However, the criminals who constructed a Whiteness acili to make idiots of Georgie Porgie were not interested in any truths at all.

    Everything which Georgie Porgie thinks he knows is a lie!

    Which such a man then pretends to have anything to say about science or microbiology it is best ignored.

    But when you have a book of fiction aimed at promoting Whiteness as rightness the production of total illiterates like Georgie Porgie is unavoidable.

    They are however dangerous for their marketing of wickedness has the world in turmoil.

    When people like Georgie Porgie get as brazen to want to contend that some fictitious god appointed Trump he represents a level of wickedness which must be excised from the body politic.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Yes….npw to find a lawyer or lawyers who are not government pimps, lackeys or yardfowls and who would not maliciously sell out their clients and keep a class action lawsuit spinning around in the supreme court for decades.

    “Go ahead and sue the Barbados Water Authority (BWA). There is precedent, says social activist David Comissiong.

    Related articles
    BWA moving to reduce sewage overflows…
    Minister of Tourism optimistic…
    Lanterns: Pay us
    But he won’t be the one fighting the case this time.

    Comissiong said businesses along the stretch of the South Coast affected by the sewage spilling into the streets should take their matter to the High Court.

    “It is scandalous. This neglect on the part of the Water Authority and the Minister responsible for Water Authority is scandalous and the householders and businesses affected should definitely be seeking legal representation,” he declared.”



    Minister of Health and Member of Parliament for Christ Church South, John Boyce, during his press briefing yesterday.

    Minister addresses South Coast health concerns

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    Sun, 01/14/2018 – 12:00am Barbados1

    There has not been an increase in the number of suspected cases of gastroenteritis on the south coast of the island.

    The assurance has come from Minister of Health, John Boyce, who said that the figure remains at 35. He was speaking at a press conference at his Christ Church South constituency office yesterday evening, during which he disclosed that they continue to monitor the situation, as investigations continue to determine what virus they are dealing with and if there is an association with the sewage spillage.

    His comments came as he added that the potable water supply on that part of the island and the nearshore water remain safe.

    “The Epidemiological Department of the Ministry of Health, those who investigate and track disease in Barbados, do so on a regular, monitored basis. Every two weeks there is a report and a charting on how are diseases behaving in Barbados – what is the incidence of gastroenteritis, the common flu, the cold, Zika and that is why we can say to the public of Barbados whether is an increase, whether there is a decrease or whether there is none, no movement at all in terms of these diseases. It is not guessing, it is by way of investigation and measurement, that is how we survive and that is how we can assure the public of the continued efficiencies in that area,” he said.

    Speaking about the efforts of the Ministry of Health regarding the sewage situation, Minister Boyce indicated that they have increased the presence of Environmental Health Officers on the ground, to help ensure that residents and businesses, especially restaurants, are carrying out “certain basic important hygiene actions” to make sure there is no spread of disease.

    “As simple as it may seem, hand washing and keeping surfaces clean in the preparation of food are simple measures which we have encouraged so as to mitigate this situation. I dare say, from all the reports I have received, they have been working very well and the operators of business places have been extremely satisfied to welcome the officers from the Ministry of Health, the Environmental Health Officers, to help to train staff and to help to make sure that the situation is under control,” he said.

    Minister Boyce said his ministry started a further training programme for members of the business community preparing and serving food last week.

    He said the aim is to ensure that the food served is absolutely safe.



  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    There is only one answer to this idiot, vote him out, it is very obviously that the government ministers were going to use the shit flowing in the streets as a weapon and maliciously refuse to fix the sewage plant all in an elaborate and deliberate plan to blame it on the opposition and trick the electorate into reelecting them, like the syupid politicians they are…..

    …all of.that is until the US, UK and Canada cracked the whipped on the useless house negros, now they are running around pretending thry are doing ehat they should have done since 2008….fix and mqintaonnthe sewage system…

    Why do these mediocre politicians nelieve they are smsrter than everyone else.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    now they are running around pretending thry are doing WHAT they should have done since 2008….FIX and MAINTAIN the sewage system…

    Why do these mediocre politicians nelieve they are SMARTER than everyone else.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    It was indeed ugly to see taxpayer paid representatives in the house of parliament trying to deliberately drag out their nastiness surrounding non action in raw sewage on the streets for as long as they could until the election….to pin the blame on the opposition, they should all be in prison, they have no regard for the health of paying visitors to the island and even less regard for the health of for their own local people.


  • The channel is blocked again.

    The level is approaching 0.7.

    I saw a manhole by Big B weeping.

    If the tides and levels in the swamp are linked, there will be more manholes weeping come the end of the month with the higher high tides.

    Tidal predictions have the high tides on 31st January and 1st February at 0.9 metres, about 10 inches higher than they are now.


  • The bad thing is the manholes may weep, the good thing is that we may not be watching raw sewage but mostly brackish water issuing forth!!

    We will see by the end of the month, if not before.


  • @John

    And if one of the mitigation measures is dumping sewage in the swamp?

    Just asking for a friend.


  • There are two manholes by Tapas which are looking suspicious.

    We will know by tomorrow afternoon.

    There were three by Big B that were weeping which I saw just now, more than this evening when I passed and saw only one.

    If the tides are to blame then it will be tomorrow afternoon that we will see an increase in activity of the manholes.

    This afternoon at 2:27 pm the higher tide for the day was 0.77.

    This would try to force the level in the swamp up.

    Tomorrow afternoon it will be 0.79, slightly higher than the first high tide tomorrow around 3 early tomorrow morning, 0.64.

    We will see what happens, if anything, in the afternoon/early evening.


  • Unethical herpes vaccine trial in St Kitts reaches US Senate

    By Shawn Seabrookes
    BASSETERRE, St Kitts (WINN) — The fallout and implications of the unethical testing of a trial herpes vaccine on test subjects in St Kitts is more far-reaching than initially thought, as an article in the Washington Post shows.

    The discreet experimental project took place in St Kitts, over the summer period of 2016. The then chief medical officer for St Kitts and Nevis has gone on record, on several occasions, denying any knowledge of the testing.
    The matter of the herpes vaccine trial has now caught the attention of the United States Senate.
    According to a recent article in the Washington Post titled “Grassley Calls For ‘Corrective Action’ On Abuses In Herpes Vaccine Research”, Republican senator Chuck Grassley, of Iowa, who is the chair of the Judiciary Committee, has demanded that the Trump administration and Southern Illinois University scrutinize how a researcher was able to inject an experimental herpes vaccine into human subjects without routine safety oversight.
    The senator said he wanted to be reassured that “corrective action” was being taken to prevent similar research abuses.
    This entire episode illustrates a failure in necessary governmental oversight of vaccine research as well as a failure by SIU to properly oversee its research staff,” Grassley wrote in letters to the Department of Health and Human Services and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
    Grassley also sent a letter to the federal Office for Human Research Protections (OHRP), which monitors how human subjects are treated in trials.
    Southern Illinois University professor William Halford tested his experimental herpes vaccine in St Kitts without FDA or institutional review board oversight. Investigations done by the university concluded that Halford was in “serious noncompliance with regulatory requirements and institutional policies and procedures.”
    The St Kitts and Nevis government has indicated that there is an ongoing police investigation into the herpes trial matter; however, no recent update on the inquiry has been provided.


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