Donville Inniss Pilots Fiscal Order to Give Tax Incentives to Del Mastro, convicted of election fraud in Canada


Donville Inniss, Minister of Commerce

The fiscal order was made by Minister Donville Inniss on June 6, 2017


131 thoughts on “Donville Inniss Pilots Fiscal Order to Give Tax Incentives to Del Mastro, convicted of election fraud in Canada

  1. Dumbville has to be kicked out of the people’s parliament permanently, he knew that Del Mastro was convicted BEFORE he went to Barbados with his scam plan, instead of allowing members of the majority population who have solar plans to progress with those plans, he is giving tax incentives and concessions to a convicted Canadian criminal.

    How much in bribes were involved Dumbville.

  2. Is this the same Dean Del Mastro, the former Conservative MP for Peterborough and former ethics spokesman for former PM Stephen Harper who, while running for re-election in Peterborough, spent in excess of the $92,567 spending cap, when he secretly paid $21,000 on election calls with a personal cheque, which he failed to report, filing a false report during the 2008 election; made attempts to cover it up by requesting back-dated invoices totaling $21,000 for vote polling software from a former company called Holinshed; was subsequently convicted on 3 violations of the Canada Elections Act; found guilty of election fraud in October 2014 and was sentenced to a month in jail along with four months of house arrest and 18 months probation in June 2015?

  3. @Artax, probably not…Canadians do not, let’s repeat, do not engage in corruption or any such misdeeds 😂. Only us bumbling islanders.

    @David and all, a quick non cricketing trip Down-Under. Their deputy PM conniption reminds me of MAM legal certificate issue in one very narrow sense.

    So the Australian courts have ruled that the MP is illegible to be elected a representative because at the time of voting he had dual citizenship (was born in NZ apparently), therefore he has been kicked out of parliament.

    The context to MAM is this: was any legislation passed during his tenure or actions completed over his signature now null n void?

    If a bill was passed by a slim majority (the ruling party had a ONE seat majority) is that Act even valid?

    Just as the question would be re MAM authority without her legal certification (if she doesn’t have it). Of course MAM’s situation is contrived by DLP apparatchicks whereas the Aussie’s issue is a very real wrangle.

    It’s so refreshing to see bobol in other places besides lil Bim. Lol.

  4. Is this the same Donville Inniss who recently made a song and dance about having revoked the licences of four international companies. How is the granting fiscal incentives to this Canadian jail bird consistent with the strong stance he was projecting?

    Mind you, when he made the announcement about revoking the licences of the four companies, he actually jumped the gun. The process that could lead to revocation was under way but when the minister spoke no such revocation had been done and I am still not aware if the licences have been revoked.

    Is this a case of the Minister misleading the country to boost his profile, in order to upstage Freundel?

  5. Why should any Minister of government be able to grant such a fiscal order on a whim? It simply encourages coruption.

  6. PLT..that’s the idea…because each successive tag team government knows this….

    And none of them plan to fix the legislation and turn it into law,

    And just imagine Dumbville is fighting tooth and nail to become prime minister, so it’s only white, indian, syrian local and foreign criminals will control the island, the only Blacks benefitting will be the house negros of parliament, it will be worse than with Asot Michael of Antigua…..

    If it wont put the country so far behind and destroy the lives of the majority population and generations of their children and grandchildren, I would say , let them go for it, so they could all end up in foreign prisons later and for 100 years minimum…..especially Dumbville and his fellow house negros.

  7. Caswell….he made the song and dance but never called their names and if it’s the shadow companies in Barbados, part of those Canadian companies, with long tentacles extended from vicious, merciless countries that are under broadbased still ongoing investigations in much larger countries and around the world….and he took bribes from them as well…..he better give it back.

    There is no turning back with these people.

  8. de pedantic Dribbler

    Your witty response is true and noted…….

    While the DLP and its yard-fowls keep dangling the Mottley/LEC issue to distract our focus, these issues are slipping through the cracks un-noticed.

    Perhaps the argument the DLP may offer for the LACK of TRANSPARENCY in granting the tax incentives, is that they are fulfilling a commitment made on pages 31 & 32 of their 2013 manifesto re:

    (1) Seek to reduce the country’s cost of imported energy by $150 million over the next five years

    (2) Reduce CO2 emissions, reliance on fossil fuels, and cut electricity consumption by significant amounts;

    (3) Install photovoltaic panels on the majority of government buildings, thereby producing electricity for these buildings and selling the excess to the national electricity grid;

  9. Caswell

    What become of that matter with the 15 workers at the BWU that forced to take ‘voluntary’ separation packages? I thought you were representing them and said as much in the article in Barbados Today?

  10. So the Australian courts have ruled that the MP is illegible to be elected a representative because at the time of voting he had dual citizenship (was born in NZ apparently), therefore he has been kicked out of parliament.
    What makes a joke of these rules and regulations is that the goodly gentleman is eligible to contest his safe seat at the bye election that has been called……..presumably he has rectified matters……his opponent has stated he will not be contesting the seat this time either.

  11. de pedantic Dribbler October 27, 2017 at 7:57 AM #

    So the Australian courts have ruled that the MP is illegible to be elected a representative because at the time of voting he had dual citizenship (was born in NZ apparently), therefore he has been kicked out of parliament.

    Should foreigners be allowed in to our parliament? Should there not be offices of state that foreign-born people are not allowed to occupy, similar to the US president?

  12. Boris Johnson was born in USA…not UK.

    Mara Thomas, though Caricom Citizen was born in St. Lucia…

    Michael Lashley, born in UK…

    …David Thompson, born in UK…

    …Liz Thompson, the politician and former minister, not his sister Liz….born in UK.

  13. Hal Austin October 27, 2017 at 11:19 AM #

    “Should foreigners be allowed in to our parliament? Should there not be offices of state that foreign-born people are not allowed to occupy, similar to the US president?”

    @ Hal Austin

    Could you please explain your above comments?

    And if you answer, please take into consideration that foreign-born Peter Morgan was a minister of tourism, so too is St. Lucian Mara Thompson who is the parliamentary representative for St. John…….. and UK born Irene Sandiford-Garner contested general elections as the DLP’s candidate for St. Andrew and is currently a DLP Senator.

    Your reference to the “US president” is also interesting, if you consider that David Thompson was born in England and was PM of Barbados.

  14. @ Artax October 27, 2017 at 9:18 AM
    (1) Seek to reduce the country’s cost of imported energy by $150 million over the next five years
    (2) Reduce CO2 emissions, reliance on fossil fuels, and cut electricity consumption by significant amounts;

    Do you know about any recent developments regarding the off-shore oil drilling programme which was once touted as an economic game-changer for the country facing serious forex challenges?

    If Barbados is seeking to reduce its reliance on imported fossil fuels why would this administration orr any future administration for that matter think that there overseas markets greedy for Bajan oil and don’t two hoots about reducing CO2 emissions?

    Where are these overseas gargantuan consumers of fossil fuels waiting on those offshore puddles of heavy Bajan crude yet to be found and extracted when Guyana is swimming in billions of better quality reserves ready for easy drilling?

    Maybe the Bajan planners have seen the coming demise of the tourism industry about to be swallowed up in sewage and are proactively placing the country’s golden egg in the offshore oil basket.

    Remember the old axiom: Dirty Oil and clean ‘tourism’ water just don’t mix.

  15. I even forgot Sandiford-Garner..

    And Peter Morgan


    I think it’s either McConnell or Session’s wife, foreign born….secretary of something or other in trump government….born in an Asia country.

    One other WH official…born in some Eurpean country…just resigned from WH.

    Bush was going to change the constitution to allow Schwarzenegger, born in Austria, to become US president.

    First US Secretary of Treasury, Alexander Hamilton, born in St. Kitts.

    Ted Cruz, born in Canada, just ran for president of US…

    What’s the big deal.

  16. @ Hal Austin October 27, 2017 at 11:19 AM
    “Should foreigners be allowed in to our parliament? Should there not be offices of state that foreign-born people are not allowed to occupy, similar to the US president?”

    One, therefore, can conclude that if the UK Parliament introduces such a policy people like West Indian Hal would not even get the opportunity to clean the toilets at the palace of Westminster.

    Your perceived xenophobic rants (including you regular attacks on the Bajan Muslim community) are just unsubstantiated outbursts of an inferiority complex engendered while growing up stupid under the Union Jack in Barbados.

    No wonder it took Clement Payne- once deemed to be a trouble-making foreigner but now a revered national hero- to be the catalyst for the now much prized political and social reforms in Little England.

    The black British MP Guyanese-born Bernie Grant (like your dead DPP Leacock friend) must be turning in his grave to hear such xenophobic crap coming form the mouth of a fellow West Indian with similar genetic and Bajan ancestral backgrounds.

  17. Apparently NZ citizenship by descent is automatic.., and the deputy pm Joyce did not know.

    Some relatives of mine did not know but found out just lately that if you have grandparent born in UK…you are entitled to apply for ancestry visas, I did not know that myself.

  18. Some relatives of mine did not know but found out just lately that if you have GRANDPARENTS born in UK……..

  19. Artax,

    I believe the US, Australians and some other countries are right in restricting who can and cannot become members of their parliaments and, more important, who can become heads f state.
    I have always found it strange, and have written against it, that people can come from all over the world and become MPs in the UK, and even members of the Lords. In theory there is nothing to stop them becoming prime minister.
    In normal times, this is no problem, but what happens wen two states are in conflict: Britain and Germany; China and the US; Barbados and Trinidad?
    We have had numerous examples of split loyalties, the most notorious of which was Jonathan Pollard, but we have had ethnic Chinese working in US intelligence caught spying for China, and others spying for European nations.
    It has not happened yet, but already in Barbados we have had a UN representative trying to attach the problems of the Palestinians to Barbadian foreign policy. In Britain it is a constant problem over the UK’s Middle East policy.
    I would no like to see a UK-born governor general, or Chief Justice, or ever again prime minister. I was a great admirer of the late David Thompson, but having a UK-born prime minister of Guyanese heritage, with a St Lucian wife, says a lot to the nation. Either that we are open and welcoming, or something else.
    Culture and heritage are important in the formulation of policy, that is why the UK/US always talk about their special relationship; that is why the UK and Australia, Canada and New Zealand always talk about their close ties.
    I am all for extending our Caricom ties, but we cannot go at it alone.

  20. so it`s just too bad that you will see even more globalization going forward.

  21. @Artax October 27, 2017 at 7:25 AM “Is this the same Dean Del Mastro, the former Conservative MP for Peterborough…”

    The same.

  22. @Caswell Franklyn October 27, 2017 at 8:17 AM “Is this the same Donville Inniss who recently made a song and dance about having revoked the licences of four international companies.”

    The same.

  23. Artax October 27, 2017 at 9:18 AM “While the DLP and its yard-fowls keep dangling the Mottley/LEC issue to distract our focus…”

    We don’t care whether or not Mia has an LEC.

    We are voting for a government.

    We are not hiring a lawyer.

    If we wanted to hire a lawyer we would hire Michael Carrington.

    Would we not?

  24. @Hal, I am shocked at your analysis at 12:58 and would love to read one of your essays supporting your position….do send a link if available.

    I am shocked because Mother England by her sheer might and preeminence was the mother that never slept according to her wry tag line. How can the one who took so much from her colonial subjects NOT facilitate her off-spring by offering them pathways to her legislative chambers or peerage.

    Amazing analysis good sir. Just amazing.

    And let’s not mislead the gullible…for every treasonous soul who happened to be an expat I can back-rise you another expat whose dedication to his adopted land is unparalleled and beyond reproach. Know anyone like that! 😁

    Then I would rise you again with devious traitors who were born and lived wonderfully all their life in the land they betrayed…the crime committed for money, sex, social views or whatever.

    The issue cannot be whether a foreign born person can sit in parliament…. it must be that you CAN’T sit there unless you have renounced any citizenship ties to your land of birth (if you had any).

    Had this same foolishness in Jamaica in recent years. In all cases, very poor judgement or an attempt at fraud.

    And surely the Presidency of US, Russia, China or PM of UK, Australia et al or any other major power should apply to that dictum too….notwithstanding, of course their constitutional directives…. Even if said person is born at Dunsinane Hill (or Kenya or Canada) BUT of woman born, a US citizen mother that is!

    Alas, we all admired Davey boy….ALAS.

  25. @Hal Austin October 27, 2017 at 11:19 AM “Should foreigners be allowed in to our parliament? Should there not be offices of state that foreign-born people are not allowed to occupy, similar to the US president?”

    We have t be careful. Note that the U.S. Constitution does not prevent foreign born people from sitting in Congress, or from being Vice President, or Chief Justice, or Speaker of the House or many other high offices.

    None of us chooses our place of birth.

    In fact none of us know for sure our place of birth, we know only what is written on a piece of paper.

    Truly should a person who is born in for example the U.S. [which recognises birth right citizenship] while the parents were visiting auntie in New York for a brief holiday, and should such person who then lived in Barbados all of his life, except for the first three weeks, should such a person be prohibited from holding an elected office 40 years later?

    Sometimes people who seek to exclude others from elected office are nothing but rascals who are seeking to exclude others and to elevate their favourite party/candidate.

    Remember the government pf the day deported Clement Payne because “he was not a Bajan” when he had lived on Barbados since he was a pre-schooler.

    This is a much wider question of identity.

    What is a Bajan?

    What makes a person Bajan?

    It is also a question of integrity.

  26. Oh before I have to go one quick one re this wife thing…

    Believe it or not as a young boy I thought it was also a standard prerequisite to be PM…you had to have a non Bajan wife 😂😂

    Of course that wasn’t so, but it seemed all our PMs or top boys vying to be had married non Bajans.

  27. de pedantic Dribbler October 27, 2017 at 2:10 PM #

    The issue cannot be whether a foreign born person can sit in parliament…. it must be that you CAN’T sit there unless you have renounced any citizenship ties to your land of birth (if you had any).

    I can agree with this.

  28. Ted Cruz…born in Canada, has all the rights and entitlement to be US citizen.

    when they switch to global citizenship, ah wonder what those born, at that time, with narrow minds will do.

    the current ones who swallowed the fraudulent insularity of colonialism…are pathetic.

  29. Ted Cruz…born in Canada, has all the rights and entitlement to be US PRESIDENT.

    maybe not now with his porn scandal though…lol

  30. Browne finally speaks out on Asot Michael..ah guess he better pray there is no recording of a conspiracy to bribe.

    “ST JOHN’S – Prime Minister Gaston Browne has described the investigation involving his former tourism and investment minister Asot Michael as “a serious matter” insisting that Michael “was actually arrested on a serious issue” in the United Kingdom earlier this week.

    Browne, speaking on Observer radio here, said that after he was briefed orally on the situation regarding the arrest, he immediately requested that law enforcement authorities in Britain submit the information in writing to Antigua and Barbuda’s High Commissioner to London, Karen Mae-Hill.
    “I was told by the high commissioner that he was actually arrested on a serious issue…we were told it was not a frivolous arrest, that it was a serious matter, that the international police, INTERPOL and the metropolitan police [were] actually following.

    “And, I also understand that it included the local police as well. And, as a result of certain information they would have gathered, that is what led to this action,” Browne told radio listeners.
    Earlier this week, Michael in a statement, said he was “sorry” that Prime Minister Browne had not contacted him prior to making public his removal from the Cabinet.

    “I propose to speak to him as soon as possible, and to explain the situation,” Michael said, adding that he had also been informed that a local radio broadcast had indicated “that the police in England informed me that I would be required for further questioning.

    “This is untrue. The police did not say this to me,” he added.

    Michael has since said that he has been advised by his lawyers not to make any further comment on the situation regarding his detention in the United Kingdom.

    Prime Minister Browne said he is still awaiting a document from the British authorities explaining why the National Crime Agency (NCA) took Michael into custody.

    “I am aware. I and the one who requested the high commissioner to get what they told her verbally in writing. This was done after I received information and took the necessary action to relieve Minister Michael, or former minister for that matter, Michael of his ministerial position.

    “My understanding is that former minister Michael was arrested for conspiracy to bribe. My understanding is that the bribe action may not have taken place and this is what I have been told – conspiracy to bribe involving a UK national.”

  31. Someone is on facebook saying Cow was on brasstacks exposing things, now who could Cow be exposing in Barbados, besides those he could.

  32. They news just keeps getting better and better….sigh.

    “On Friday, a federal grand jury approved the first charges in the investigation led by Special Counsel Mueller. This is according to CNN sources briefed on the matter.

    The charges are still under seal by orders from a federal judge and no announcement has been made as to when they will be unsealed. According to those sources, the charges were prepared on Friday and the suspects could be taken into custody as soon as Monday.

    A spokesman for Special Counsel Mueller’s office declined to comment.

    On Friday, top lawyers assisting Mueller in the probe were seen entering the courtroom in DC where the federal grand jury meets for hearing testimony in the investigations.

    Mueller was appointed back in May to head the investigation into meddling by Russia in the 2016 presidential election.

    Special Counsel Mueller has the authority to investigate “any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation.”

  33. With all the talk of MAM not qualified to practice in accordance with the law,yet was admitted to do so by high ranking legal luminaries of the day,QC’s in all,the top brass of the High Courts of Judicature of Barbados,the best the Dems can do, if we are to believe them, is to embarrass their own legal top brass including EWB in being part and parcel of the sham being high lighted by the corruptest black lipped man ever to be elected.
    On the matter of Australian members of Parliament having to give up their seats because of an illegality of which they were unaware,is not our top legal adjudicator of law not also subject to a foreign power namely the USA?And did not this Freundel Stewart administration,like a thief in the night massage the laws of Barbados to permit this gross indiscretion to put it mildly?Really,do we need to remind all and sundry that Pornville was involved in a court matter in the US when he was in the business of peddling Pornville goods?Are these decent folk?

  34. @ Gabriel

    It is so sad when one goes to a cocktail reception and hear foreign businessmen talking about how easy it is to bribe local people.

    We are doomed!

  35. @Hal Austin October 27, 2017 at 12:58 PM “I was a great admirer of the late David Thompson, but having a UK-born prime minister of Guyanese heritage, with a St Lucian wife, says a lot to the nation. Either that we are open and welcoming, or something else.”

    I was not a great admirer of David Thompson. In fact I did not admire him at all and did not vote for the DLP while he was party leader, but even so, I regarded him as Bajan. Aren’t his mother’s side of the family, the Laurie’s as Bajan as they come? Wasn’t he raised here from the time he was 4. If you believe that he wasn’t sufficiently Bajan, then when and how in your opinion would he have become sufficiently Bajan?

    How does one become?

    And who is to be the arbiter of whether one has become?

    And can arbiter be you Hal? When you have lived outside of Barbados for more than 40 years?

    Are you still Bajan?

    And who decides your Bajanness for you? Me? You? Some committee made up of real-real Bajans?

  36. And are we to have 2 classes of Bajans? Those born here? And those born elsewhere?

    Is a person a Bajan if they were born of Bajan born parents elsewhere, moved here at less than one year old, and has lived here for more than 50 years. Does their foreign birth make them less Bajan?

    And how about a Bajan who was born here, and moved away from here at less than one year old, and after 50 years returns. Is that person Bajan? More Bajan, or less Bajan than the foreign born Bajan mentioned above?

    Why do we pretend that a person cannot love more than one country at the same time?

    Don’t we all love more than one parent at the same time? Aren’t we capable of loving parents, siblings, spouses, children and grandchildren all at the same time?

    What is this about divided loyalties?

    We know that native born people commit crimes, just like the foreign born.

    We know that native born people commit treason, just like the foreign born.

  37. @Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger. October 27, 2017 at 5:20 PM “Browne, speaking on Observer radio here, said that “My understanding is that former minister Michael was arrested for conspiracy to bribe. ”


    What shall it profit a man if he gain the whole world and lose his own soul? And what shall a man give in exchange for his soul? Matthew 16:26

  38. Yet another hijacked thread……
    Why would they set up here? The cheap labour, the low taxes, “a medical system which is the envy of the world” (Jester Ince, Fri talk at George St), the low NIS premiums, the CCC credit rating, the marijuana supply, the availability of guns, cheap land?
    Of course they got concessions.

  39. Simple…the ministers of government have for decades been as treasonous to people and country as they could be without it turning into a disease and killing them.,…..yet ya dont hear how treasonous they are….. would be called treasonous for talking about it or threatened with a lawsuit….first..

    Assbackwards….one wonders what is wrong with them mentally.

  40. WW you are so disingenuous, it wasnt like sandra day oconner was deep throating cruz someone hit a like button.
    SS just like when you go to jail it is a classroom for people who are intent on a life of crime where they can hone there skills in the direction they have chosen. A university of sorts. The thought process is if you have lived off the island you have learned a whole new set of skills and will take advantage of the simple minded.
    Thats why people send their kids away to be educated.

  41. Lol…Lawson….but it was funny, ya acting like I was the one had the story out there for about 3 weeks with plenty jokes and everyone giving their 2 cents worth, I just enjoyed the enttertainment is all, just like everyone else…and it will follow him to his grave, so what do you want from me…lol

    If ya google Ted Cruz porn scandal…it still pops

    Strength by strength, everyone who is against corruption is getting involved.

    ‘Come out tings!’: Corruption must be exposed

    LOOP NEWS CREATED : 26 OCTOBER 2017 BARBADOS NEWS Communications specialist and spoken word artist, Adrian Green.
    Communications specialist and spoken word artist, Adrian Green.

    It will take radical action to strip away the cynical view many people have about successfully stamping out corruption from Barbadian society.

    This is the belief of communications specialist and spoken word artist, Adrian Green, who says the Caribbean needs a revolution of its institutions, tools and mindset in order to root out the corruption that is at its very core.

    “If you are a part of the system, if you have been a Member of Parliament or in any way involved in governance at those levels and you ain’t coming out calling names and taking scalps, a lot of people ain’t want to hear you!

    “The perception is, ‘You were there; you were in the belly of the beast. If you were not in it, you know what’s going on; you are guilty by association. Unless you talking and coming out – you know they say, ‘Come out tings’? Unless you bringing out things, people ain’t really want to hear you.”

  42. I just wish one of weistein’s women would say …yeah I screwed him… got the role I wanted, used his fat ass to become a star that would be more empowering than he forced me etc.
    Most peoples favorite mythical creature is an honest politician.

  43. now that people more visible in the society, Alicia Archer, Adrian Greene, Heather Cole etc, have taken over the roles of watchdogs and pressure groups…making sure all politicians, ministers and leaders of the society are kept in continuous check….

    … long as these younger people sustain those roles and never become what they are fighting…..that means, they get it…

    …..that is a direct spinoff from BU…who fought for 10 years…and other recent blogs who continue to expose the filth that those in charge have turned the island into for financial gain..

    which will take immense pressure off the blogs and genuine posters who fight corruption.


  44. Seeing this comment “hijacked thread”.
    Trying to figure out what the hell it means
    a) Some people should not comment
    b) Some people are talking about what they like and not what you like
    c) The conversation is not following a linear trajectory

    Looks like I have to support Ha and get rid of anonymice. Once we have their identity we could pressure them to stay on topic. We might even silence them.

    I may be a little of topic

    Wuhloss! Mi belly!

  45. Ahh, Mr Lawson seriously funny for a change at 7:30 AM rather than just funny!

    Tie your remarks to those by @Prodigal at 10:48 PM when he said “It is so sad when one goes to a cocktail reception and hear foreign businessmen talking about how easy it is to bribe local people.”

    Did he say that US businessmen are contravening their Foreign Corrupt Practices Act with Impunity and the Canadians, Brits, Jamaicans, Euros et al that same to their nations’ anti bribe legislation….

    Just as you are stating the obvious that many folks go along to get along when it comes to sexual harassment.

    Unfortunately for every female or male who has the fortitude to come forward after they are brazenly defiled by unwanted attention in Hollywood, Silicon Valley, the Church, the offices of the Fourth Estate or wherever men roam powerful and wanton, there are several who acquiesce quietly because they have little choice.

    Of course like those bribers on the cocktail circuit there are also those who seek aggressively to play that game and get the spoils of stardom, career advancement and big contracts.

    Maybe we are doomed, but it seems many of us learn fast how to handle a Black and Decker rotary device to screw and de-screw life!

    We surely elect politicians all the time who use multiple drill bits and we accept the screwing every time!

  46. Lol…..if the blog were to require IDs tomorrow most commenters would run, especially the ones who like to complain ad nauseum, particularly when they are forced to live on the same island with those who they been yammering on about….lol

    I could care less, am flexible, can live in more than 2 countries, ya will have to follow me….hahaha.

    BU has done half it’s job, it has produced active pressure groups and watchdogs…intelligent younger people who knows what time it is.

    “Online petition launched against Govt
    Added by Ryan Gilkes on October 27, 2017.
    Saved under Local News
    An online petition has been launched in a bid to get Attorney General and Minister of Home Affairs Adriel Brathwaite to take action on a number of pressing issues.

    It is being led by United States based Barbadian investment banker Heather Cole, who is also the woman behind for the Barbados Lobby’s Facebook page which emerged at the height of the Cahill Plasma Gasification Plant controversy over two years ago.”

  47. TheGazer October 28, 2017 at 9:39 AM #
    Seeing this comment “hijacked thread”.
    Trying to figure out what the hell it means

    It refers to the rum shop nature of BU. Bloggers talk about whatever we desire, whenever we desire, and wherever we desire. And it can change on a whim. A beautiful thing. You can find any topic on any page. Hijack, in one of its meanings, is to alter destination. But when there is no known destination, how can it be altered? As such, every thread is hijacked. Hence my tongue in cheek comments which followed.

  48. I gotta bone to pick wid David

    How cum there is only a “like” button after each submission? Why not a “dislike”, or “hate” or even “love” so much wud you marry me after each post?

    Fuhget dat last one ah don’t want to start a luvfest fuh Bushie.

  49. MAM “made clear that once elected, her government has no intention of selling the Transport Board”. So the BLP will follow the socialist path of the DLP with the many ministers, judges, bureaucrats and other civil ants working from 9 AM to 3 PM at the taxpayer´s expense.

    Some African countries already overtook Barbados. More will follow.

    There is no hope for Barbados.

  50. @Tron October 29, 2017 at 5:00 PM

    Look on the bright side of reality. What you are hearing is just electioneering posturing just like the DLP anti-privatization mantra in the last general elections.
    Just another case of being once bitten and twice shy.

    That decision on the future of the Transport Board (TB) rests with the lender of last resort; and we know who that is sitting behind the doctor’s desk in the IMF office.

    The fate of the T B and the other statutory corporations like the CBC has already been taken out of the hands of the local apparatchik which have deliberately ‘cannibalized’ the Bajan Transport Board for private and political gain and turned the entire public transportation system (the sine qua non for a modern functioning economy) into a free-for-all fiasco of pure indiscipline and chaos.

    • Interesting position the BLP forced to take since Straughn shared his position. Clearly a very uncomfortable position for the BLP if a key advisor’s position is not aligning with the party position? A case of political expediency trumping post election position.

  51. Still trying to figure out what an LEC gotta do with bad governance from DLP….for 10 years.

  52. @ David October 29, 2017 at 6:02 PM

    It would be most disappointing if MAM’s so-called ‘covenant-of-hope’ administration on assuming office conveniently forgets to conduct a searching tax audit into the financial affairs of the politically abused Hal the galloping god-horse and his deep-pockets financial alms giver Greenverbs Parris.

    The principals involved in both of these ‘flagged’ tax cases have ‘manufactured’ invoices to justify receipts of large sums of income that ought to attract the attention of the BRA to see if both the VAT and income/corporation tax requirements have been duly met.

    Then we will all see who is really fit to be called a “QC” or a ‘qualified crook’; LEC or no licence to engage in con-artistry to make the same Law look like a jackass in a police uniform and banging a gavel against the jail gates.

  53. @ David,

    The poster above is politically titillating but the people of Barbados need to know.

    Is Mia Mottley qualified to practice as a Lawyer in Barbados ?

    Just in case the rest of you don’t know I can say with absolute certainty that she is qualified.

  54. Miller

    Your MAM in BIG………TROUBLE !!!!

    She must produce the following :

    • Her LEC certification from a Law School in the region !

    • Her evidence of certification to practice Law in the United Kingdom 🇬🇧 !!!!

    • Her evidence of having INTEGRITY……in this and other matters !!!!

    Failing which

    The penalty is $ 5,000.00

    One (1) in prison

    Or BOTH

    The ball is in MAM court from now …..till she produces the above evidence.

  55. Well well

    Given your last posting on this thread

    You & MAM gine have a rock road ahead .

    I got the files pun MAM

    It is going to be a slow political death 💀!!!

    And Owen ain’t hit the platform yet …..!!

    Dems NOW……..Dems AGAIN……!!!


    Well well

    Read the above case going on in Australia 🇦🇺 in 2017

    And understand why you are not properly certified to be in the House of Parliament -,that is what happens.

    By the way. – since you believe MAM does not need a LEC…..,.then you go to the Court Tomorrow and ” defend your client ” without your LEC too !!

  57. @David

    And this is where civil society groups rather than 3rd, 4th, 5th and virtual political parties come into shaping decisions in Barbados. But everyone is about power and or vengeance, when a better informed electorate is the answer. Imagine if a professional organisation did a series of public meetings picking apart the pros and cons of a privatised transport system to better inform the population? The selling of a privatised TB may not be such a hard one and political hara kari. All now the two newspapers should be doing some research on the topic instead of simply reporting what was and was not said.

  58. Steupsss @ enuff
    Imagine if a professional organisation did a series of public meetings picking apart the pros and cons of a privatised transport system to better inform the population?
    That is about as useful as an investigation into whether or not water is wet.

    The ONLY issue with the transport system is whether or not it is professionally structured and managed.
    There is no good reason why the TB could not be professionally structured and managed as a public sector entity….. unless you are saying (like Bushie) that Bajans are all a bunch of BBSHs …who must get foreigners to wipe their donkeys in order to get a proper clean…

    …in which case it needs to be a FOREIGN private sector company. Anyhow…. we are french connected (UK) ….ed.

  59. Fractured…ya still flagellating

    The Joyce case is clear cut, h was not aware that as his father was from NZ, he was automatically, without having to apply for it, NZ citizen by descent, he already renounced the citizenship…2 completely different cases.

    So tell me…how many cases are going on in the Supreme Court with yall …. Mia and her LEC or lack of …pet peeve….

    ….I personally saw only one “case”…..already in trial, took a mere month to get there re barbadostoday, Mia’s friend’s newspaper hinted in certain language about her qualifications and she “sued”……

    ..,..dont you think she would have to provide ample proof to the judge to keep that “case” going….or file an application to the court stating WHY she does not have her qualifications in her possession as PROOF….that barbadostoday is defaming/slandering her….

    …..unless she is professionally suicdal.

    The judge is not a stupid woman, as a lawyer she will know what a genuine law degree looks like and can always check UK temple records or london school of economic records herself….via a request..

    You and/or Angela Yardfowl can go pimping around the supreme courts in the next few weeks for a verdict and post the results to BU….. if Mia loses the “case”….ya got ya proof….and we get to laugh.

    If not yall will look real foolish and be laughingstocks on BU for months to come…lol

    …..or a real journalist can do their jobs and publish the outcome of the “lawsuit”….for the whole country to laugh one way or the other…..anywhich way…. we get to laugh….a win win..

    So why flagellate yall self like this…lol

  60. Kevin Rudd: “The West, by and large, has no idea what awaits it as China continues its rise. The United States, under President Donald Trump, has become a global laughingstock in less than a year. Europe, with the notable exception of French President Emmanuel Macron, remains a rolling seminar on itself, oblivious to its declining relevance to the rest of the world. And the less said about Britain’s collective act of national political and economic suicide in last year’s Brexit referendum, the better.
    In short, the West has turned decisively inward, while China, breaking with its 3,000 years of dynastic history, has turned decisively outward, so that today few corners of the world are untouched by its influence. Deng Xiaoping’s maxim, “hide your strength, bide your time, and never take a lead” has already been dead for some years. The just-completed 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) was its state funeral. Xi is now proclaiming explicitly to his own people and the world that it is time for China to take center stage within the global order, and to create a new type of international relations……….
    When China does become the world’s largest economy over the next decade, the global system will be led by a non-English-speaking, non-Western, non-democratic state for the first time since George I ruled Great Britain and Ireland. The current rule-based international order will not remain immune from this fundamental geo-economic and geopolitical change. Nor will the conceptual foundations of the West – Judeo-Christian values and the Enlightenment principles of science, liberty, and universal human rights – be immune from challenge. To believe otherwise is willfully to ignore the deep changes that are now afoot.”

    This is a first rate assessment by the former Australian prime minister, a fluent Mandarin speaker.
    Are we going to debate these issues in Barbados, or continue to borrow Chinese cheap money?

  61. Well well

    The facts of this case Law case with MAM is beyond your level of comprehension.

    And I don’t necessarily BLAME you and others who have doubts about this matter.

    But here is what you all have to prove :

    • Evidence of her certification to practice law in the UK 🇬🇧

    • Evidence of her LEC from a Law School in the Caribbean to practice law in the Caribbean

    • Is her degree a pure Law Degree or a Degree with another subject and Law ?

    If you and others CANNOT satisfactorily address the 3 points above……then the penalty for IMPERSONATING an Attorney at Law

    Is a fine of $ 5,000.00

    A year in prison or BOTH

    So the ball is in you & MAM court .

  62. With all the hype Fcuktured BLP was giving, I thought this morning the electronic & print media would be filled with “breaking news” relative to the DLP meeting at Deighton Griffith school.

    This inept DLP administration cannot defend its 9 year/8 month tenure in office.

    But for reasons of political expediency and to distract our focus from the real issues affecting Barbadians, these idiots are on about a LEC, which everyone knows that Mottley does not have.

    If they had a neutral lawyer, the discussion of the issue would have some credibility. However, bringing Stuart’s legal (and otherwise???) partner, the dishonest Hal Gollop, (who received$ 1.5M in legal fees for services rendered in connection with the Barbados Water Authority (BWA) new headquarters in the Pine under mysterious circumstances), to speak on the matter, is “playing politics” to appease gullible yard-fowls.

  63. Fractured…….I already addressed the date discrepancies 2 years ago on BU …go take a look back at my posts.

    Yall are the ones up in arms about LEC, go break out the handcuffs and put them on Ma if yall got a case.

    Today is Meuller Monday in US where people are being indicted with the potential to go to prison for decades…..for real…

    So excuse me if am

  64. Fractured BLP October 30, 2017 at 7:16 AM #

    “Who help MAM commit this EGREGIOUS act ???”


    Clearly for reasons of political expediency, Fcuktured BLP is purposely and conveniently ignoring an important point.

    Mottley did not wake up one morning and admitted herself to the Utter Bar of Barbados.

    Her admission to the Utter Bar was FACILITATED in 1987 by a DLP administration and DLP Attorney General, Maurice King.

  65. Dont mind…Fractured….while they are playing political sissy election games with Mia and an LEC…, in the real world indictments are coming out this morning, the first one who has been asked to surrender to FBI…a trump stooge, is tied to money laundering in St Vincent….also…

    So let them play election games until some handcuffs start manifesting in Bim….for the criminals of parliament and their dumb yardfowls….

    “NewsWorldAmericasUS politics
    Trump-Russia investigation: Paul Manafort ‘ordered to surrender to authorities’ in first charges of Mueller probe.”

  66. Fractured BLP October 30, 2017 at 7:16 AM #

    “Who help MAM commit this EGREGIOUS act ???”


    Fcuktured BLP, don’t post a précis, of the news article.

    She and her DLP yard-fowl friends are essentially IMPLYING that the people who were involved in process of ensuring Mottley possessed the requisite qualifications to be admitted to the Utter Bar either FAILED in their duty or MISLED the Bar.

    Marie MacCormack, who was the Registrar of the Supreme Court at that time, would have been “responsible for preparing the file and noting any irregularities for then Chief Justice Sir Denys Williams.”

    According to Sir Henry: “It was the duty of the Chief Justice to ensure that the applicant meets the legal requirements for admission to the Bar,”……… “if there was any doubt he would have referred the matter to then Attorney General and Leader of the Bar, Sir Maurice King, QC.”

    “It is therefore in the public interest that the outcome of this investigation is publicly revealed so that any slur cast against the late Chief Justice Sir Denys Williams, the former Attorney General Sir Maurice King, and the former Registrar, Madame Marie MacCormack, and of course Miss Mottley and myself, may be removed,” added Sir Henry.

    And look who the DEMS brought to speak on the issue…….. the dishonest Hal Gollop who received $1.5M in legal fees (under mysterious circumstances) from the BWA and who sold out the former NCC employees, preventing them from being paid their total amount of severance payments.

  67. My Little Jonnie earned a bachelor’s degree by age 20, with high honours too.

    A nephew earned a bachelor’s and a master’s by age 22.

    Some people are not laggards.

  68. Allyuh wont stop helping white local and fpreign criminals commit crimes in Barbados and the Caribbean….

    ……allyuh wont stop tiefing from yall own black people and giving to whites and minorities…..the same poor black people who paid for allyuh “free” education so allyuh can boast about being the “best” educated the the Caribbean…and be ungrateful and tief from them.

    ….allyuh are treasonous…

    Mueller’s Monday = 5 counts of TREASON…among money laundering and other crimes….

    allyuh going down too…lol..just time.

    High crimes and Felonies…lol

  69. Allyuh wont stop helping white local and FOREIGN criminals commit crimes in Barbados and the Caribbean….

    And they still got Asot Michael in UK.

  70. David of BU

    Well well of cesspool

    Artax or Arthole

    Wunnah could stop there and FRET !!!

    Keep calm ……I’m a LAWYER

    Wunnah would see soon ENUFF……..that MAM is an IMPOSTER

    The build up to the next general election will be a………..Long Exceptionally Cold (LEC)……..winter !!!!!

  71. Chuckle……if MAM has a case to answer over any infractions of the laws of Bim……Why has the AG not instrumented charges being brought againsts her and let the Courts decide.

    In the absence of that,one can only assume this is a load of political,play,play foolishness.

  72. Again I can say with absolute certainty that MIA is qualified to practice law in Barbados.

    The DLP demand for her to produce a LEC is just politically motivated bull spit.

    Expect more bull spit as soon as the political brass meetings start.

  73. Vincent Haynes October 30, 2017 at 10:53 AM #

    “In the absence of that, one can only assume this is a load of political, play, play foolishness.”

    @ Vincent

    That is exactly what it is.

    Rather than waiting every Sunday to combine two constituency branch meeting to give people the impression a crowd is following DEM and then wasting the evening talking about a LEC, the DLP should me confident enough to defend their 9 year/8 month tenure.

    But speaking of a LEC…… check out how these DLP associated LEC lawyers managed to dupe the tax payers of Barbados:

    Hal Gollop LEC………. if the BWA bought the land at Lot E, in the Pine under the NHC Act, why did he include in his 1.5M invoice to the BWA, fees for regularizing the title to the land?

    Richard Byer LEC……charged Caves of Barbados a fee of $766,855.24 to PROVIDE a LEGAL OPINION on a $25.7 million loan………… a service that was similarly provided by another lawyer for $19,550 associated with a loan agreement of $33.7 million.

    Michael Carrington LEC……charged BIDC $1M for services rendered in connection with the sale of a building at Newton Roundabout, in Christ Church.

    Michael Yearwood LEC……. charged the SSA $1.5M for the CAHILL project.

    Guyson Mayers LEC…… the DLP Cabinet agreed to hire him for 15 months and pay him $300,000 to oversee the National Risk Assessment and Mutual Evaluation Exercise of the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Financing of Terrorism Regime of Barbados, when the Director of the Financial Intelligence Unit should be the person for that job.

  74. There have been lawyers practicing law for over 40 years on the island and not paying bar fees or members.

    Don’t ask me why..

    Washington is hot today and facebook is hotter.

  75. @ Enuff

    You are correct!!!

    We all know that the DEMS are engaging in acts of “political distractions,” “political grandstanding” and “political expediency” as it relates to this LEC issue.

    It’s only the blind DLP loyalists and yard-fowls that are buying into this shiite.

    My argument is……… similarly to how Stuart, for purposes of political expediency, used the note from Arthur, in which reference was made to Mottley…….. if the DEMS had information about her lack of the requisite qualifications, they would not hesitate to bring it to the public’s attention.

    Given all its hype, I thought yesterday’s meeting would have revealed information relative to Mottley practicing law illegally in Barbados.

    Instead, the DEMS used a silly strategy that LEC shiite would be more convincing if the rhetoric was endorsed and repeated by a lawyer.

  76. Artax

    If the DEMs were so sure and wanted to make case with some credibility,why did they not bring in Sir Maurice King to claim that a mistake was made when he accepted her,for that meeting.

    This was started in a court of law 30 years ago,so go back to court if an error was made and prove it………simple.

    It is a silly strategy being put forward by from all accounts a desperate floundering govt.

  77. @ Enuff October 30, 2017 at 12:29 PM #
    “Isn’t membership, and therefore a payment, of the Bar Association compulsory under the Legal Profession Act?”

    You have hit the LEC nail right on its legal head!

    If Ms MAM is practising law ‘illegally’ in Bim why not automatically revoke her licence which has to be renewed each year or so?

    Will she be given a renewal next year or would the AG advise the relevant authorities to follow the law as required under the Legal Profession Act?

    Why is the Bar Association allowing such ‘utter’ nonsense to pass as ‘informed public debate’?

    Doesn’t such an important professional body have a role in informing the public about the validity of such outlandish claims against the professional standing and personal integrity of one of its longstanding members who served in one of the highest legal public positions as enshrined in the country’s Constitution?

  78. Well I am thoroughly enjoying how the BLP apologists on this thread & site are eating up this LEC issue ?

    Rest assured, the Dems have nothing to prove but will – in due course to reveal the mess – that MAM carried ?

    Stay there and sweat

  79. Fooling Angela Skeete, Cox, ac or whatever name they choose to use is a “simple and easy” task.

    The LEC shiite is just a distraction………

    When we should be focusing this “discussion” on why Donville Inniss piloted an Order to grant FISCAL INCENTIVES to a man convicted of election fraud……. we are wasting time discussing the LEC.

  80. “No. Case No.
    2:30 p.m 1 CV1218A/2017 Mia Mottley v. The (Barbados) Today Inc.”

    If the yardfowls hurry…they can catch the trial today re Mia v. Barbadostiday….they got 2 minutes to get diwn to the Suoreme Court.

  81. Justice Richards is presiding, but I did not tell you…if ya luckly the trial will finish today and ya will hear about the Mia qualifications, cause the judge will have them.

  82. RE: “Artax October 30, 2017 at 12:49 PM #…@ Enuff
    You are correct!!!
    We all know that the DEMS are engaging in acts of “political distractions,” “political grandstanding” and “political expediency” as it relates to this LEC issue.”

    Absolutely a big distraction.

    This topic is as annoying as if I presented an aside to this blog that Pres DT’s hold on the White House has finally started to show its first real slippage with these indictments and that to distract he shouts loudly that the real collusion with Russia is Clinton and her paying for an oppo research dossier or her husband getting $500Gs to talk BS in Russia.

    Artax, you would cuss me going and coming…LOL.

    The DLP fellows should definitely get wash way in cuss too.

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