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Chris Sinckler, Minister of Finance

The Hon Christopher Sinckler is Barbados’ Minister of Finance.  He has a most challenging responsibility.  He must consider competing interests and prioritize the spending of limited funds.  He must also be careful to respect the concerns of sovereign rating agencies, creditors, and the International Monetary Fund.  Concurrently, he must defend his decisions in Parliament.

Mr Sinckler can be likened to a national boxer.  The main difference in this analogy is that whenever Mr Sinckler makes a bad decision, we suffer.  When he spends more than Barbados earns, we suffer.  When he increases our national debt, we suffer.  When he manages another downgrade, we suffer.  When he lays off productive public workers, we suffer.  When he will have no other option but to devalue Barbados’ dollar, we will certainly suffer.

At the end of each round, our beaten champion stumbles to his corner where he expects to find succour and strategic advice.  He finds us, all of us.  Our job is to fan him, to give him something to drink, to encourage him, to pray that God will grant him wisdom and understanding and keep him in good health.  Why?  Because he is the only champion that we have, and when he gets hit, we get hit.  We need him to succeed.  We need him to win.  So go Chris go.

The question that begs an answer is, why is he taking such a beating?  The answer is simple.  He is getting bad advice from his corner.  While I and others are encouraging him to keep his guard up to prevent getting hurt, and to make strategic jabs to advance Barbados’ economy, he is given the lunatic advice to simply go out there, put his hands by his side and take the blows.

The advice assumes that his opponent will either have pity on him, stop fighting and award him some climate change funds, or that his opponent will get exhausted from throwing so many unanswered blows, and award him reparations.

Why did he allow the European Union to beat him senselessly?  What sense is there in accepting perhaps the worst trade deal that Barbados has ever accepted, in the form of the Economic Partnership Agreement?  This deal will essentially give the Caribbean to Europe and return us to servitude.

Why allow Sandals to simply strike him at will?  Does Sandals automatically receive concessions that its competitors do not automatically receive?  If so, then they are permitted to legally and unfairly compete in Barbados’ market.  When he went up against Moody’s, and Standard and Poors rating agencies, it was a merciless slaughter, and they are still not finished with him.

Why won’t he defend himself, and us?  Why won’t he put up his guard?  Why won’t he even feign a jab if he has a conscientious objection to fighting back?  Why simply stand still and allow our opponents to knock him senseless in every round.  What are his trusted advisors hoping to achieve?

They seem to be hoping that the opponent will see that our champion has turned the other cheek and in response, will stop fighting.  So far, they have not shown any inclination that they will respect our supposed moral high ground.  They seem only intent on taking full advantage of our misplaced civility.

There is a time for Chris to turn his other cheek – but that time is not when he is fighting on our behalf.  Perhaps he needs to be aware of all of the harm that his passivity is causing Barbados.

We are currently in the 9th round of a 10 round match.  Our champion’s legs are wobbly from the constant unanswered barrage.  As he makes it back to our corner for one last round, we need him to fight back.  However, our Champion seems to trust the partisan bad advice that has not worked for us in the previous 9 rounds.

They are advocating a type of Muhammed Ali rope-a-dope strategy, where the opponent exhausts himself by punching a non-responsive target during the early rounds.  However, that will only work if our champion protects himself from the opponent’s relentless barrage.  It does not work if his hands were at his sides during the slaughter.

Right now our champion is reeling, he is hurt, he cannot think straight, and our opponents know this.  He needs to start protecting himself, and then fighting back.  But his trusted advisors are giving him contrary advice.

When I listen to the advice of boxing coaches during late rounds, they seem to understand that the time for niceties has ended when they are trying to get through to an exhausted boxer.  They tend to speak harshly in order to shock the pugilist into listening to his advice for one last round.  This is instructive.

Chris is our champion.  If he loses, then we all lose.  His trusted partisan advisors continue to whisper the same bad advice into his ear.  We need him to win.  Someone needs to shock him into the reality of what his continual losing means for us.  “Chris, put up your damn hands and fight!”

Grenville Phillips II is the founder of Solutions Barbados and can be reached at

36 thoughts on “The Grenville Phillips Column – Support our National Champion

  1. I read this column on line and all I can say is if after all the shyte this man has done for 8/9 years as Minister of finance for you to say……………..

    “Chris is our champion. If he loses, then we all lose. His trusted partisan advisors continue to whisper the same bad advice into his ear. We need him to win. Someone needs to shock him into the reality of what his continual losing means for us. “Chris, put up your damn hands and fight!”

    …………………you are so delusional it aint funny. Come to think of it, you should join up your party with Chris as you are in the same boat………….sinking!

  2. Prodigal

    Either Grenville Phillips’ column is “tongue in cheek” or he is a DEM whose party’s main aim is to “cut”, BLP votes.

    Because I cannot believe that after 8 years of consistent failure, he is suggesting Sinckler is our champion, and with only a few months before the 2018 elections, Phillips is looking forward to Sinckler succeeding.

  3. Or we could interpret Phillips’ column as his attempt to endorse the DLP’s tenure as deserving of another term in office.

  4. I got a different message from this post

    Currently Barbados has only one finance minister and it is CS. He is the man with his hands on the wheel. He needs our ‘support’.
    His decisions, god or bad, has an effect on all of us, but calling him our/a champion may be stretching it a bit.

    It is also a stretch to see this as support for the DLP.

    Without a doubt, this is perhaps one of Grenville’s better pieces. He is maturing and picking up speed; let’s hop he hist his full stride before the race finishes,

  5. Grenville is a typical West Indian. No matter what the UK or the EU does for the Caribbean, we curse and call it slavery, servitude, exploitation, or whatever.

    When we had a commodity trade deal with the UK, we denounced it even though we were selling our sugar at artificially high prices into a protected market.

    Now we have a free trade deal with the entire EU, we are still complaining. Grenville, why don’t you compare our trade relationships to the First World with China’s. You will find that the Chinese don’t have many of the trade privileges we do, and yet they find a way to export and prosper while we sulk in a corner.

  6. @ Prodigal Son September 20, 2017 at 7:59 PM
    “you are so delusional it aint funny. Come to think of it, you should join up your party with Chris as you are in the same boat………….sinking!

    We were of the view that Grenville was a bit whacky based on his proposal to ban adults from accessing porn over the internet and to impose a licensing regime to monitor those privileged few so bold enough to display their thirst for licentious depravity only to invoke the targeted wrath of Lord Grenville Almighty.

    But this time he has taken away the entirely insane kit and caboodle in the fine art delusion making Don Quixote appear as a real knight in shining armour guarding the funny farm.

    What we would like to hear from SB is who or what is this opponent wearing down his poor champion so much.

    Who is this imaginary elusive opponent in this long-winded match of shadow boxing?
    It has to be his archenemy of revenge called Dolos, the ‘mendacious’ god of lies and deceit.

    It sounds as if poor Christophe Stinkliar is having his just dessert of torment and torture for killing the economy of Barbados similar to what Lady Macbeth experienced in her dying days of guilt and concomitant hallucinations.

    But there is one last chance for Grenville to redeem himself and restore an iota of credibility if he were to review the numerous proposals and turnkey projects his champion has regaled and presented in his numerous promotional budgets and identify at least one that has come to maturation attractive enough to be picked as low hanging fruit to w(h)et the lying tongue of his punch-drunk champion.

    Let him choose from among the easy pickings ranging from:
    The Four Seasons restart to the Hyatt erection.
    From the Andrews sugarcane Factory to the Exmouth housing project; and also in his very own electoral backyard the Chinese funded Performing Arts Centre where the grant was secured since 2012.

    Come on, SB! Why not be honest with yourself and fair your defeated and discredited mock champion?

    Throw in the towel, man! No need for the political horse your are backing to commit hara-kiri in any powful-foolish attempt to be the vainglorious come-back kid from Garrison High.

    After the ring there will still be that ministerial place for him in the Church as has been his express desire where a six will always be a nine for the garrulous boy that never became a finance man.

  7. @Artax, if one considers that Phillips has denounced bloggers most gravely as trolls and opposition synchophants for simply offering reasonable criticisms of his Solutions or even mentioning his father by name, a man who was a very public Bajan official….then this column is acceptable BS.

    In short, anyhow already in with Phillips recognizes that he says and writes inane politicall piffle and will remain committed.

    I completely concur with your 8:51 and following.

    Rational people accept that AFTER an election you put differences aside and support the PM and cabinet for the good of the country but to sound this trumpet for this completely failed Min of Finance at this stage of the election cycle is nonsensical.

    People have repeatedly accused Phillips as being a decoy… I never accepted that as he fundamentally is not a dishonest or disingenuous person so I can only conclude that he continues to be clueless politically….

    AND right now that is as dangerous as being simply dishonest because the DLP achieves the same goal.

  8. @miller
    Guys, you have me feeling silly.
    I ‘kinda’ agree with you in a broad sense, but I thought the man was closer to earth on this one.

  9. Think it’s bad now, wait until all the information about Scott Weatherhead and his far from honest dealings on the island start filtering out, particularly since it was hinted that he is supposed to be Grenville’s minister of finance, ah guess Grenville is already paving the way to protect any crimes he may commit.,.that is presuming Solutions by some miracle is elected.

    That name Weatherhead alone will guarantee only voters who know no better will trust the party enough to vote them in only to be faced with a Weatherhead as minister of finance.

    By the way, has Grenville gotten a real attorney as candidate to be AG yet..

    Who in their right minds would support a failed minister of finance, even jokingly, he should have long been fired, he has now admitted to over taxing the island….maybe he should have listened to Worrell in those final days.

    He also knows bajans have very short memories when it comes to their own welfare and wellbeing so someone should remind him that he promised to resign if devaluation is forced on the country.

    “MINISTER OF FINANCE Chris Sinckler has acknowledged that Barbadians can take no more taxes.

    Related articles
    Sinckler to quit if dollar devalued…

    “We should look to find ways in which we can reduce those taxes, but in order to do that, we need to do some things as well. We need to be more productive as a country. We need to spend less time talking and more time doing. We need to be more conscientious.

    “We need to ensure that those things which are provided for us, like this infrastructure, the plant and everything, is kept . . . good . . . so that the Government does not have to continue spending money on it, when you destroy this and destroy that.” (YB)”

  10. Anonymice – Theophilus Gazerts

    must be smoking the same African hemp as Grenville Phillips II.

    I believe it’s stretch for him not to believe this article is not pro DLP, when so far ALL of SB’s articles have had a “heavy” emphasis on being anti BLP, when BOTH parties are responsible for our economic difficulties.

    Phillips II has been extremely critical of the BLP taking the debt to 80% of GDP in excess of his illogical bench mark of 40%, yet he has been barely critical of the DLP taking the debt to beyond 150% of GDP.

  11. The Caribbean needs the expertise of Grenville Phillips II more than Barbados needs him right now.

    For over 12 years, Mr Phillips has prepared and made presentations on multi-hazard resistant design, construction, and retrofitting for various regional and hemispheric organisations,

    Mr Phillips has worked in: Antigua & Barbuda, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Grenada, Guyana, Haiti, Jamaica, Montserrat, Panama, St Kitts & Nevis, St Lucia, St Vincent & the Grenadines, Suriname, Trinidad & Tobago, and Turks & Caicos Islands.

    Almost immediately following Hurricane Ivan in 2004, Mr Phillips was responsible for developing and conducting workshops in every parish in Grenada in order to train Grenadian artisans to rebuild to higher standards.”

  12. Bushie

    If Grenville has finally lost you

    Well, there will not be a single vote for a single SB candidate. For you have often genuflected to justify the SB relevance.

    Uh lie?


  13. We have oftentimes told Grenville how people around the world are fighting duopoly politics.

    We have suggested that he stages a fast, to the death if necessary, and invite Bajans to joint, even on a limited basis, to protest mal-administration and political corruption in Barbados. Among other suggestions.

    But Grenville would want to seek a political heaven, without dying

    Bushie, our professor emeritus, can better advice on how such an initiative could be best imbued with certain spiritual import. LOL

    Grenville’s failure to take on the duopoly as One and follow time-tested examples introduced will consign both him and his SB pressure group, because it has never been more than that, to the most ignominious political defeat in the recent history of Barbados.

    He certainly has not distinguished himself especially when other third party pretenders are lurking around.

  14. Bush Tea September 21, 2017 at 7:38 AM #

    Grenville has lost it…
    There is no way for Bushie to spin this one….

    HAhahahahaha…………….muh belly………wuhloss………..du…du….du….

  15. Trinidad which rarely sees hurricanes and Guyana which sees none at all are offering hurricane victims land. ..that is integration.

    Islands that are at risk of being wiped out by hurricanes at any time any year, should have options for back up land to remove themselves from destruction.

    “Guyana offers land for hurricane victims
    Guyana’s President David Granger says his country’s vast land mass can serve as “a gift” to all people from several Caribbean nations to relocate and rebuild their lives in the aftermath of devastating hurricanes Irma and Maria, the latter which is still carving a path of destruction in the Greater Antilles.

    CARICOM member state Dominica was on Tuesday left completely knocked out by Category 5 Hurricane Maria which caused significant damage to that country’s physical infrastructure, its tourism-based economy and even its communication capabilities. Eight people were confirmed dead with search and rescue officials still to reach areas cut off completely as roads were washed away or blocked with debris.

    UTTER DEVASTATION: In this photo, provided by the TT Coast Guard and uploaded to social media Facebook last night, people walk through debris which covers a road in Dominica which was struck by Category 5 Hurricane Maria earlier in the week.
    Speaking with the Guyana media yesterday in New York prior to pitching to the United Nations General Assembly, the need for the international community to put measures in place to protect the environment now reacting to man’s exploitation, Granger said Guyana is the largest CARICOM state which has to to consider its land space “as being the hinterland of the Caribbean.”

    Guyana’s land mass is 215,000 square kilometres with a population of just over 750,000. “We have to sit down and speak to other Caricom states to see how this gift could be utilised to give the Caribbean people a better life in the wake of these disasters.” In his lifetime, the 72-year-old Granger said, “I have never seen such a catastrophic series of hurricanes one after the other.”


    Noting Dominica’s Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit who reported that winds blew away the roof of almost every building owned by people whom he had spoken to, made it clear climate change was not something to be ignored, particularly for small island states of the Caribbean.

    “We’ve got to think of evacuation, where these people will go to,” Granger said. They cannot be moved from one affected island to another affected island and that it was largely it is a humanitarian situation. A man was reported killed in Guadeloupe and several islands were left inundated by floods caused by Maria’s outer bands. Though reports of the devastation were scarce yesterday, to contain the situation in Dominica, a state of emergency was declared and a curfew from 4 pm to 6 am, imposed.”

  16. WW&C

    If black people from Dominica or any other island started showing up in Guyana or Trinidad, the East Indians would riot.



      If you really had any doubts about the hapless clueless govt and PM, then you must erase all those doubts now. All this PM and his Cabinet can come up with is to invite homeless Dominicans to come to T&T!The PM thinks that will not cost T&T us?  Giving financial help will require money but taking care of all the needs of homeless Dominicans when they come to T&T will NOT cost as much or more ? Housing? medicines, healthcare, education, food,  basic services etc etc etc for years, will not cost us as much as helping them in their own country ? This man is the PM and he is so way uninformed, to put it politely.

      And, this is the best solution PM and his Cabinet can find to help these poor suffering hurricane victims? You could give a US$ 50 million loan or grant or gift to Maduro to take care of his soldiers, army, and henchmen, but you can’t do the same for these suffering hurricane victims? How about food & medicines for Dominica hurricane victims, allow the needy young people to come here for education at our cost, allow sick & injured to come here for treatment at our cost,  send medical and armed forces personnel to help them there etc ? Instead of helping these desperate hurricane victims to rebuild their communities and nation, you are creating thousands of hurricane refugees, asking these suffering people to leave their communities and nation to try to rebuild their lives in another country, to abandon their families and loved ones as well as their country ?

      Are you going to screen the potential hurricane refugees? Countries do that, ask US, Canada, Europe etc. How will you select a few thousands from tens of thousands who want to come to T&T? Do you have a system for this? Or, are you telling the suffering Dominicans to pack your bags and come to T&T via boat, ship, raft, planes, anyhow they can come? How will you prevent non_Dominicans – nationals from other Caribbean islands – from joining the influx into T&T? Will all of them have proper documents? What if the arrive here and say they have no documents?  Have you thought about all this before inviting desperate and suffering people to come to T&T?

      You now know why this govt cannot even implement a single new revenue stream or even attempt diversification because it too hard for them. They have no vision, no ideas, no ability to craft solutions and implement them, and they are mired in last century or the one before that.

      You can’t take care of foreigners held in detention centers here, who are begging to go home, but you want hurricane refugees to come here! You people for real?

      Creating a refugee community is a last resort solution, you try as hard as possible for them not to be displaced, and you try as hard as you can to help them rebuild and recover in their own communities and country. But this govt thinks the best solution is to make them hurricane refugees in T&T and this will not cost us as much as the amount we can donate!


      Homeless Dominicans invited to T&T

  17. Chadster…Trinidad is offering to allow a couple thousand to stay with their families who reside there, Dominica has a community there…..children must go to school, the schools were destroyed…they will work out the immigration details, Rowley said, they cannot afford to give the island money….so thst rightvthere is a solid solution……the PM is doing his part.

    Guyana is bigger than case you dont know, so large that the stupid, semiliterate, racist indians in the population would more than likely be too poor to travel across the country to show their idiocy and any insurrection can be put down by the military…, the PM is doing his part to help victims of a hurricane….it is a solid solution….he has the land space.

    What are you doing besides highlighting the divisions in the Caribbean among it’s people created by the savages you adore and honor.

  18. And what of Haiti. A country that has been ravaged over the years. You see any other caribbean countries coming to their aid. What does that tell you about our region?

  19. I think the population size of Haiti is the deciding factor more so than racism, they got 10.8 million or more people in Haiti, the islands destroyed this time around got 73,000 people, easily absobed in a country Guyana’s size…

    ……or even much less, in tiny islands like the BVIs etc.

    10 million people are a lot to relocate, they will need half the size if Guyans, their own country…,to rebuild.

  20. STATING THE OBVIOUS as politicians usually do…..

    “A leading engineer in Barbados believes that if a major hurricane were to strike, the majority of timber houses and roofs on the island would be blown away.

    President of the Barbados Association of Professional Engineers (BAPE), Grenville Phillips II, has estimated that a Category 5 hurricane would completely destroy over 75 per cent of wooden houses and 60 per cent of all roofs.”

  21. Both Irma and Maria could have done that to the island and gone merrily on their way creating further destruction to other islands…and only after the fact, would Grenville see the light.

    It’s only by a stroke of luck and unfavorable conditions, that both hurricances did not roar ashore with fury.

    Maria finished what Irma started in islands that were already demolished.

    People need information before, not after the hurricane s.

  22. Home Shapes And Roofs That Hold Up Best In Hurricanes

    June 21, 2007
    New Jersey Institute of Technology
    Certain home shapes and roof types can better resist high winds and hurricanes, according to new research. The researcher spent two years examining the findings of research centers that have studied the best designs and construction materials and methods needed to withstand extreme wind events and hurricanes

  23. This boy Grenville Phillips seem not to realize that there are no more vacancies for persons learning on the job in Barbados.


    I was expecting it………… the signs were there………… and I also expect the fiscal deficit to increase during the next few months, similarly to how it increased significantly during the lead up to the 2013 general elections.

    I wonder if Grenville Phillips II is still asking Barbadians to “support our national champion?”

    • 20 credit rating downgrade from the significant rating agencies. Barbadians have become numb at the news. Not even BU is interested to post the document.

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