The Blatant Disrespect and Abuse of the Barbados Supreme Court

Submitted by Well Well, Observing Blogger

Peter Harris

Some years ago there was a case that Henry Forde, QC and other attorneys represented their clients who are service providers on the island, Carter’s General Store was one and there were many other contractors, plumbers, electrical engineers etc.

The name of the property they built  and provided millions of dollars worth of services and supplies for is called Sandy Lane Falls, located in St. James, the owner of this property Peter Harris, refused to pay these service providers their money, this is a matter of public record, they all sued him to recoup their million dollar losses.

The matter was set down before the Supreme Court, but what  Harris did next was pure disrespect and evil and can be confirmed by others, he incorporated a shadow company, a separate company, his company, unknown to the Court or the Plaintiffs, as the First Claimant to the action, to be paid first upon a Judgement,, which means the real parties to the court action, although they too received a Judgement, never received a dime.

Fast forward to 2017 and he is at it again, because that first scam worked so well against the Supreme Court, against the Judges and all the Plaintiffs, he has now set up other shadow companies, secretly sold CGI Towers to Scotia Bank, who by the way have finally put up their Scotia Bank logo on one side of the building, but this time it’s to avoid paying any claims in personal injury cases, the scam against the Supreme Court, the Judges and injured claimants is bigger and there is much more at stake.

And then this happened recently:

Legal standards have fallen to an all time low at the Supreme Court, the bar is now set extremely low for lawyers who should not be lawyers, we have spoken about that on here ad nauseum in the last 4 or 5 years, it has only gotten worse, will only get worse, if there is no intervention.

It’s time for the useless attorney general to actually do some work and help the chief justice and judges, who can be seen as trying their best, to reel in these unethical law firms, their well known unethical owners and their  unethical junior lawyers who work for unethical  insurance companies, did someone say CGI Insurance, then they will be correct….and who continue to be destructive to the court system, showing blatant disrespect to the judges and injured people.

I understand that this law firm, it’s owner, it’s junior attorney and the insurance company, that I always complain about incessantly, which will be named at a later date again and will continue to be named until the corrupt, blackmailed government ministers and politicians do something about them…….and the lastest disrespect to the Supreme Court, the Judges and injured Claimants is making the rounds  in legal circles from extremely reliable sources that  they,  this month,  all concocted this cockamamie  scheme to not prepare for a personal injury trial and  lied to the judge and the court, in a bid to maliciously and unnecessarily prolong the personal injury case, in  a continuous years old bid to delay the outcome.

Apparently the judge did not think it funny or cute, was not amused and awarded the claimant costs to the attorneys in the amount of $4,000 for the waste of their time…not bad for a couple hours work that they did not have to do and I will hazard a guess that VAT will be included.

Good for that Judge.

Many plaintiff attorneys are complaining that defense attorneys who work for insurance companies are refusing to prepare for trials in an attempt to subvert the cases, to facilitate the insurance companies intent to not pay compensation to injured claimants.

In my opinion,  the attorney general can do much better than that by helping the  CJ raise that penalty to 15 or 20,000 dollars and it will beccome a definite deterrent for unethical law firms, their unethical  owners, unethical  junior attorneys and unethical insurance companies and their owners,  they will no longer feel the need to maliciously torture and  suffer injured clainants by viciously prolonging the cases, just because they have been getting  away with it for years, through the  David Simmons legacy of  selling out the supreme court to the same insurance company.

The same insurance company that,  because of his involvement with the despicable and morally bankrupt owner, I am told, Simmons lost his place on the CCJ because of his destructive and toxic relationship with the Harrises……… “despite Simmons being one of the brilliant architects of the CCJ.”…….were the exact words used.

He ruined that excellent chance to leave a lasting legacy and lost Barbados’ seat on the CCJ to run with these two indian beasts who are hellbent on destroying the lives of Bajans.

It is a good thing the CCJ holds itself to an extremely higher standard or Simmons and his toxic relationship, were they allowed on the CCJs bench, would have compromised every case sent to the CCJ from Barbados.

Immoral, unethical actions carry dire consequences..

Raising the tort will set a frightening  precedent for those who continue to engage in the evil practice of compromising the supreme court to protect their greed, for financial gain. They would all be too afraid to have to pay a 15 or 20 thousand dollar penalty for wasting the Court’s time.

I keep warning these politicians, government ministers and others who are currently being blackmailed by the Harrises to do something about them, time is running out.

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  1. What did Carson say as he plummeted from the top of the CGI tower?
    Carson: Listen, I’ve DEFINITELY fallen for BOTH Peter and Thomas Harris!

  2. Chad45 at 8:42 PM….The blogmaster said it perfectly when he noted that “The president does enjoy extreme power on matters touching national security. We will see how it plays out.”

    Not sure why it’s foolhardy to present an opinion with factual details.

    I actually do not have an anti-Trump bias. Rather I have an anti-lying, anti-assholerly, anti-strongman bias which is quite strong.

    There were many things Pres Obama did (his red-line remark was ridiculous and projected him to be ‘weak’, for example) which I disliked but he did not lie so blatantly to the US and world nor acted so stupidly so often.

    He may well win on the merits of the REVISED ban but be assured his opponents will paint his backside with the utter absurdity (nonsense really) of his words in 2018…his verbiage meant NOTHING and that was proven.

    It is crazy to suggest that “aliens with ‘bona fide’ ties to the US” should be banned.
    That makes no sense.

    The ban was poorly executed, vindictive and ineffectual.

    The mere fact that this president said that it was an URGENT need to enact this ban for 90 days to protect the US and 90 days have now elapsed and we have heard or seen NO PLANS of new special EXTREME VETTING is a clear indication that this was a totally BS ruse…campaign shtick upheld.

    Now sir, if that is being foolhardy then I plead guilty!

    And please note (again) that by the time the Supremes hear the case it would be almost 200 days since his fateful words of this needed ban!

    Your guy is such a wonderfully truthful man that I get teary eyed when I hear his wonderful honest testimonies to the US populace. Arrrg, as Gearbox would have said!

  3. @ WW&C
    Don’t let Dribbler distract your excellent whacking here on this blog with more of his lukewarm USA shiite-talk about Trump, Obama and other albino-centric losers….

    You are doing an excellent job of warning gullible Bajan brass-bowls about how they are being compromised by an underhand scam artist and his collection of bribe-taking pimps.

    ….mind you, the brass bowls will continue to welcome being pissed on – but at least now they will be unable to say that they were unaware of the pisser.. and that it is NOT rain falling in Sunset Crest….

    Bushie said from the very beginning that you HAD to have the ability to travel by broom ..and to move through walls…. Your information is indeed impressive… but you are only skimming the surface… when it comes to the lotta shiite going on in this place….

    Have you considered that Carson is REALLY so dumb that he actually believes the shiite that he writes…?
    …It is scary … but seeming more and more to be the case….

    • Dribs,
      Seriously–Obama did not lie so often???? Only about the most critical legislation that is the foundation of his “legacy”–Obamacare 1 keep your Doc 2 cost 3 –4—5

      Dribs you must be a Lawyer ie Professional LIAR or Self Delusionist.

      DEMonics going to pay a heavy price as their Collusion boomerangs pun dem—Loretta, Hitlary, Comey ++++++ Going Down.

      Obama said there was no Russian involvement in the election but he knew back in August 2016 that there was BUT he was sure that Shillary would win so nothing to worry about. lol

      Appoint a special investigative team of Giuliani, Christie and Gingrich and let the sport begin.

      The countries banned were chosen by the Obama Admin but I agree there are several more countries that should be on the list. This could be solved by re-assigning 95% of the Embassy immigration workers in these countries to the Trade section.

  4. @Mony you like to mek sport so carry on smartly.

    I wonder how Republican fathers rationalize to their daughters about a Pres who loves to grab the pudenda of lovely young women and repeatedly swoons them with ‘believe me, it will be the greatest ever’.

    But I suspect they tell their sons be like Donald, brazen, dashing and tell the ladies and people what they want to hear…don’t worry about taking your wife and mistress on vacation together because the pre-nup is tight and never admit any wrong-doing.

    And as long as you spell conservative and understand that the three-Ks your daddy worshiped can be spelled Alt-Right then one one day you could be surely president of the great land called the US of A.

    Yes MB Pres Obama did spin the facts on occasion…as all politicians do.

    Your boy spins the whole world on his heady merry-go-round to fit HIS facts. He is truly a master. Dat I can’t deny!

    The number of books that will be written about the psychology and skills of this man will fill an entire wing of his pres library. Another wing on the art of the prevaricator.

    Bare mock sport!

  5. Bushman…..I swear  Carson must habe been dropped on his head as a child, several times, he spent the day trying to convince me that I can be bought and sold by a drug dealing, money laundering, human trafficking, bribing family yesterday, thst I should be impressed by this family as he is and should call them good people, this corrupt family that runs insurance scams on Bajans, bribes  government ministers, compromised and destroyed the integrity of the supreme court, he is so enamored and impressed by them…and I should be too….that is not normal Bushman…it’s not….many Bajans know about the Harrises, but they only talk behind their hands….instead of taking charge of their country and put an end to these vicious greedy creeps interference and destruction of their daily lives.

    My trusty broom never fails me, I will have to fly into Carson’s house one night and give him a scare….lol

    As for Pedant….   After reading the article, he got immediately confused and had an information meltdown, it was ugly…..ah had to ignore him…lol….it was that bad. That iinformation has to come out slowly, in bits and pieces, to accommodate the fragile brains of the Pedants.

    All in all…..some serious damage has been done by this article, hopefully the greedy ministers,  blind slaves like Carson, and the authorities attempt to do something before more of their nastiness gets exposed. 

    This info has been traveling far and wide since Saturday, around the Caribbean and across the globe.

  6. To make the timing of this article even sweeter, that scam Harris has of incorporating shadow companies in other people’s names and using the supreme court to avoid paying creditors, has been shared throughout the legal fraternity.

    His current scam to incorporate shadow companies to launder the money from the sale of CGI Towers, the building, into offshore accounts  in other people’s names in Panama, Cayman Islands and other Caribbean jurisdictions, , to avoid paying personal injury claims that are still active in the Barbados Supreme Court, is no longer a secret….it has been shared with the relevant agencies.

    Read and weep Carson….read and weep.

  7. @ WW&C
    ….that scam Harris has of incorporating shadow companies in other people’s names and using the supreme court to avoid paying creditors, has been shared throughout the legal fraternity.
    Wuh you REALLY think that they did not know this before? …sorry for you!!!

    The only thing different now, is that they know, that the public knows, that they know….
    But even THAT reality tends to be meaningless in Barbados.

    Everybody knows that two prominent lawyers visited a woman and threatened her physically and verbally. That woman turned up missing and dead shortly afterwards.

    What has been the outcome of investigations….?

  8. Carson is MIA. If Peter Wickham’s polls are to be trusted, Carson will cease to be on the Harisses pay roll in the first 1/2 of 2018. This must be quite a disturbing thought for this brain dead attorney. For his income from his law practice never amounted to much and certainly would not be able to fill the income void, once the Harrises pull that plug. Carson’s five minutes of fame is soon to be a historical foot note on the pages of Barbados’ history. His legacy will be by no means a sterling one!!! Futher more, with the loss of diplomatic immunity, Trump will have the option of having him extradited to the US to face criminal charges there. Last night must have been a sleepless night for this loser.

  9. @BushTea, WW&C has whacker and thus must whack.

    The lovely thing about the lady, bless her soul, is that she perceives that her awareness of facts is often the origin of said facts.

    I am happy that she has the time and strong mental faculties to pursue the reading and research she does and no doubt she will offer some truly salient and damning factoids as part of her daily dump of generic public data and news stories.

    She is an excellent provacateur when all is said and done!

  10. Pedant….and where is your contribution, to help your bajan people escape the clutches of these corrupt demons…I am willig to help you help them.

  11. LOL….remember the last time Harris wrote a bribe check to pay off Owen Arthur for BLP election 2013, Owen lost the electionand Harris cancelled the…you know he would also have written one fir the skanks in DLP…a win win, to use them accordingly. 

    Carson dont stand a chance, they really believe their briber and master dont know they will lose the 2018 election, he jas to hedge his bets….Carson will soon be persona non grata.

    Bushman….you are right, they are a stinking bunch, they all know there was collusion in that lady’s death, they know that Vernon Smith and Hal Gollop colluded with the killer….since then the killer’s 12 year old son, unfortunately, dropped death of an asthma attack.

    Hal Gollop and Vernon Smith’ and all who colluded with them to cover up Mrs. Smith’s murder, their  Karma is just around the corner. ..they all think they got away with something….uuuh, uuh, it dont work like that.

    I remember the lawyer Carolone Herbert, a horrible and brutal botch….she died a horrible and brutal death…took nearly 2 years to die. ..they dont get away.

  12. Pedant….I am waiting for that contribution……most bloggers on here have done something worth while to expose corruption or disenfranchisement, or thefts frlm the people on the island, where is your contribution.

  13. Carson….we will take that diplomatic passport and haul you off to the US to talk about the Harris money laudering, drug trafficking, human trafficking rings….soon come.

  14. Question/ Observation: Has anyone else noticed in recent times, as Peter has aged, it is the more and the more he looks like a Kutappa (his original family name) and less and less like a Harris (his adopted family name)? Saw him close up a couple of months ago with his entourage at Martins Bay and a few weeks later at Blakeys, and Peter looking like one of them very old Indian men now.

  15. Since Trump has been mentioned a few times on this thread, thought some readers might find this interesting/enlightening.

    American Pravda: CNN Producer Says Russia Narrative “Bullsh*t”

  16. Sorry I had to stretch this out a bit folks, but some people cant take in too much infirmation at once….they get a psychotic meltdown…lol

    So Carson….what is said above is predicated on the event that Harris’ informant/snitch pilot brother with the RSS dont propose make a deal for  his brothers before you can and lock up everyone of you on the island who are involved with them in human trafficking, drug trafficking and money laundering.

    How ya like them applez.

  17. MoneyB….something real filthy is simmering in the back rooms of Washington, I am waiting, but impatient to here what….and smell the

    • Trump maybe no prize but at least he is a good Disruptor who will expose DC for the corruption centre it is. Build de Wall around DC!

      Expose Pizzagate. Inform the populace of the Real News and bury the FakeAss Presstitutes—- CNN, MSNBC NYT (Not Your Truth), Washington Compost or CONpost.

  18. I’m becoming worried about Peter Harris’ footstool Carson. No sign of him on BU for the morning. Hope he is well.

  19. Carson the bottom feeding slave will be licking Harris’ wounds today, a slave gotta do what a slave gotta do…lol, lol

  20. I just saw an article on Naked Departure about the Harris family pharmacies that can have deadly consequences on the health of bajans, I swear, I swear, I swear, I had nothing to do with this, my concern is the supreme court.

    I know nothing about medicine other than I hate them….they have deadly side effects, particularly when it’s fake medicine.

    Bushman…obviousky people who know even more than I do are coming forward about this deadly family.

  21. I smell a rat here. It seems as though there is an underground association of persons who strongly dislike Peter and Thomas Harris. This group or the members of this group seem to have started an all out social media war on these Harris brothers. The fact that so many stories are appearing on BU & ND in a relatively short space of time is not coincidental. I’m enjoying the popcorn while knowing that the Harris rats are deservedly squirming. Looking forward to more to come.

  22. Bushman…it sure aint…’s longer, much, much longer…lol

    LOL….I thought so at first, but now I am starting to think that Karma is doing her job.

  23. Looks like Carson’s nerves up and left him.

    You want to swim with sharks, you will have to bring more bandaid Carson boy.

  24. Pedant….I got a thousand pounds of crow for you to eat, it looks like you developed quite a taste for crow since the last time you dosputed the posts and demanded proof of the lawyers corruption and unethical practices in Barbados and Karma hand delivered it to you…

    ….,  dont seem as though you had enough crow  to eat then….now this.

    Ya should change ya moniker to…..The Crow

    bon appétit…Crow..


  25. Poor Carson, he underestimated the firepower on BU. He is currently licking his wounds. While Peter & Thomas hold a vigil for one of their most faithful employees.

  26. There is nothing poor about Carson the slave, he loves his slave status, his wounds need to be deeper, wider and never ending, he is enabling the death and destruction of his own people by aiding and abetting his evil, profiteering masters, the Harrises.

    Carson should be strung up or guillotined.

    All those stupid blacks aiding the Harrises in destroying their own people should meet the same fate.

  27. Knowing personally how Peter Harris loves to brag and boast about his untouchable criminal accomplishments on the island, when he:

    Stabs his business partners in their backs and uses the Supreme Court to steal their businesses away from them, which is well documented, several times.

    Uses the Supreme Court and fraudulent means to not pay his creditors.

    Uses the Supreme Court and fraudulent means to not pay compensation to injured claimants of CGI Insurance.

    Creates multiple businesses to rob Bajans of their money, health and life and the island of vital foreign exchange.

    Seeing as his mother was at one time an  Indian envoy to Barbados, which means the family has access to a large section of the Indian population, particularly Mumbai.

     I can just see Harris bragging and boasting to his country men in India how easy it is for him to manipulate and destroy 270,000 black people on the island by using the low class black governments,  the cabinet and opposition to help him in the destruction of their own people, because of their greed,, their hungry, hand to mouth, ugly and petty existence of selling out their own people to anyone who smiles at them or offers them bribes and corruption.

    The people of Mumbai must be having a great laugh at the expense of black bajans, I know I would….knowing all they gotta do now is pack their bags and wait for the Harrises to finish off the black population.

    Mission accomplished.

    Indians would have no problem populating Barbados, they breed like rabbits.

  28. Indians no where on this earth like black people. they don’t even like they own very dark skinned Indians. they look down on the Indians that came to the new world to work as indentured servants. My Indian girl friend calls them coolies. She say coolie means labourer. One Tambram (tamil brahmin) even forbade her daughter from marrying a Trini ‘coolie’. The daughter did anyway.

  29. That’s the indian caste system of hatred for skin darker than theirs, it’s an evil system, not unlike the british themed racist system of hatred for black people.

    Indians hate blacks, but will breed with them for the sake of money, anything for profit.

    Caribbean indians are not considered indians by South East Adian Indians.

  30. What does the Government and Authorities Plan to do about the Harris-Kutappa Family?

    We hope the government does not plan to continue accepting campaign financing from this criminal organization in 2018 to create more corruption and continue to put the health and lives of Bajans at greater risk.

    That is the question on the lips of people inside and outside of Barbados, now it is clear that the government, lawyers, politicians, ministers and fellow criminals will no longer be allowed to protect and cover up the crimes of this organization.

    What will the Fruendel Stuart government do to protect the health and lives of Bajans from the Kutappa-Harrises?

    What will the Attorney General do to protect the healthcare system so that Bajans don’t die from murder for profit schemes?

    He is the attorney general, being paid a salary by taxpayers, it is his job to direct the DPP and Commissioner of Police to open investigations into these matters, it is not the public’s job to bring them evidence and proof, they are supposed to go looking for the evidence.

    All evidence of the fraud used to abuse the Supreme Court and injured claimants to avoid paying compensation can be found in the public records of past and present active cases in the Supreme Court.

    All evidence of the fraud used to defraud creditors by incorporating shadow companies to pose as claimants  and robbing vendors  of  millions of dollars of payment for services rendered can be found in the public records of the Supreme Court. That is what investigators from a real attorney general’s office are supposed to do, find evidence.

    All the evidence needed to find the fraudulently  incorporated company  used as a Claimant  to deceive the Supreme Court can be found at Corporate Affairs, the name of the company is in the public records of the Supreme Court.

    All the evidence needed to find the various shadow companies used to launder money can be found at Corporate Affairs and through cross birder police investigations in the Cayman Islands, Panama,  Nevis and other islands. That is what Interpol is used for, cross birder criminal investigations.

    There is no excuse, this will not go away.

    What does Mia plan to do about the Kutpatta-Harris criminal organization, we hope she does not plan to take election campaign financing from them in 2018, to continue the cycle of corruption and continue to put the health and lives of Bajans at risk.

    • Racism, Shadism, Classism—Humans practice whatever suits them. The really critical colours are those on dead PMs. The Queen and Presidents ie $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

      “Leaders” / Humans will and do sellout their own, just study what went on within the Jewish community in the Concentration Camps—self comes first for most humans, the question is how far they will go.

  31. Dear Pedant/The Crow:

    Hope aĺl is well and that you make a swift recovery from your recent psychotic meltdown.

    The good news is, there is still 1000 pounds of crow waiting on you for your recovery, no way will you starve.

    Your friend, 

    Well Well


    MoneyB…we know you are a money man, but we dont want the greedy killing off a whole population to profit..that’s kinda crossing the line.

  32. Dead people ON dollar bills….fine, I would go along with that as blighted and demented it seems to me..

    Dead people FOR dollars bill….no es bueno.

    Ce n’est pas bien

    das ist nicht gut

    You got my drift…MoneyB

    • Many humans are blighted and demented.

      Racism etc is just to divide and conquer. Whichever party in charge of US or Bim they are likely to play games and promote division.

  33. MoneyB….centuries ago, divide and conquer worked to perfection…

    This is new age….divide and destroy for financial gain.

  34. Hal……..I think bajans losing their lives through unneeded radiation poisoning, through unneeded CT-Scans and the purchase and ingestion of fake medication at the hands of the Kutappa family so they can buy million dollar houses and sell fraud insurance to bajans in the never ending cycle of greed and profiteering……..does fall under the heading of IMPORTANT…

    Dont you think.

  35. The hostility that black people get from Asians in the UK is far worse than that from any white community. Why should we expect them to change when in Barbados? The worse is yet to come? Check out the demographics, that is the future..

    • Hal,
      Thanks for confirming what I have been expressing for years here—–other races Indians, Chinese etc are likely to treat black people worse than they are treated by most whites these days mainly because whites do feel a sense of guilt regarding history, other groups have no such guilt. Even West Africans have no love affair with American and Cbean black peeps, in my experience. SAD!

  36. Money Brain,
    That is one of the contradictions. Many people in the Caribbean want to go back to Africa. In the UK, large numbers of Africans came here in the 1980s and 90s and immediately started seeing Caribbean people as the enemy. They have gained from the struggles waged by Caribbean people in the 50, 60s and 70. I understand the same battle is now taking place in the US.

  37. Well Well

    You can not prove a single thing that you are saying.

    Lies, lies, damn lies. On the behalf of gender confused Mia and because of your lack of achievement , you are trying to pull down the Harrises.

    Not going to work. You remind me of John MCcain, all sound and fury signifying nothing at all.

  38. Well Well

    The thing about hiding behind handles, you can say whatever you like and none of it has to be even remotely true.

    You have no responsibly to what is truthful as you sit in your wheel chair at Shady Pines.

  39. Says Carson Cadogan…who hides behind a handle.

    Carson…the only reason it will not be proven is because the attorney general’s office will not do their jobs and investigate.

    …..all of you, because of your involvement in corrupt practices against your own people and criminal activities that can see ALL of you serving long prison sentences in prisons outside of Barbados…

    ……..all of you are now scurrying into your holes like the rats that ya are and the Kutappa-Harrises are the ones being exposed………as they…but you who enable and aid them, will eventually get what is coming to you..

    Ya see Carson….you do not know the half of what is really going on here…

    I pointed the authorities in the direction where all the evidence and proof can be found, but they already know where to find proof,  so if it’s not foubd, it because the attorney general and authorities not only do not want to find it, but should anyone present the evidence to them….they will disappear all the evidence in exchange for bribes, you know, free trips, or viagra, or abortion pills…….you useless negros.

    We got something much better for you though.

  40. Carson…dont think I have not heard the impact this has had on all you corrupt demons, it was a huge blow delivered to your criminal activities because the exposure was not just confined to Barbados or the legal and medical fraternities….it is wide ranging, covering a lot of ground.

    People enough had elevated cholesterol levels from yesterday…strokes and heart attacks are not far off.

    I am just here

  41. To make matters worse for you criminals and in so doing save the lives, health and money for the pooulation, they now know not to fill perscriptions, or buy any medication from the Harris pharmacies, not to have any CT Scans done at any of the Harris clinics, either always get a second opinion or better yet… not attend any of the Harris clinics…PERIOD….go to QEH, FMH or the new private hospital that opened in Belleville on Monday.

    Bajans now know to stay away from all Harris facilities and never buy insurance from CGI Insurance.

    Ah guess ya little pimping money and bribes will disappear Carson.

  42. I was pleasantly surprised to see a friend of mine had switched car & house insurance from CGI to ICBL. This is after being a faithful CGI customer for 12 years. When I asked the person why they switched, they indicated that it was because of what they had heard about Peter Harris & CGI from the blogs, BU & ND. Keep up the pressure folks. Keep bringing the horrible deeds of the Harrises & CGI to light. For with each customer that leaves CGI, it’s less money that the Harrises can invest in bribing politicians and public officials here in Barbados. Let’s financially strangulate Peter & Thomas Harris, as well as their almost insolvent insurance company, CGI. Continue to share the truth and facts as it relates to Peter & Thomas Harris.

  43. The chaos in the criminal and civil justice systems are not just restricted to the alleged fraudulent behaviour of some insurance companies. We have the case of Frank Gibson, a man who spent ten years on remand only to have the case against him dropped by the Guyana-born DPP.
    This goes against every principle of justice, yet there is very little said on social media sites or in the press. Our politicians are as deaf and dumb to this social injustice as the dead. In fact, why is this case in the court at all? Government should have settled this the moment they realised there was insufficient evidence to secure a conviction.
    And that it has taken ten years to discover means heads should roll. But, as usual, no one will be sacked and the main culprits will even get promotion.
    I have said before, drain the swamp of the incompetent lawyers. Get rid of them.

  44. A competent government would get rid of the DPP, he is a disgrace and the weakest link in the legal system because of his very well known, strong association with the same Harris.

    A real attorney general would fire the DPP to strengthen the court system, but he too is the weakest link in the attorney general’s office…..he never does his job.

    … any other jurisdiction, he would have been fired by the prime minister, but the PM is the weakest link in government, he too never does his job.

    They all suck taxpayer’s monthly for not doing their jobs.

    LOL…of course Harris has wrecked CGI Insurance, why do you think he so hastily and secretly sold CGI Towers and did not want Bajans to know anything, stealing money by the millions for years out of his own company, money that should have been going to policyholders who paid in the money…..and to settle claims from people injured on Transport Board buses,  is going directly into his pockets instead.

    His next step was to fraudulently declare bankruptcy for CGI Insurance while hiding millions of dollars from Supreme Court judgements….and laundering the money in other islands…..but now that scam too has gone right out the window….has been exposed oir the whole island to view…..and I mean the WHOLE island.

    Carson…ya have no clue what is coming next…ya better stay in ya rat hole.

  45. Harris’ next step is to fraudulently declare bankruptcy for CGI Insurance while hiding millions of dollars from Supreme Court judgements…..millions of dollars he received from Scotia Bank for the sale of CGI Towers….which means the insurance company is not bankrupt.

    Just to make this very clear for those who suffer information overload and meltdown easily.

  46. Harris is a life long con artist. A swindler. A trickster. A crook. A scammer. A deceiver. Have your pick. But at the end of the day, he is up to no good. He intends to get the better of you, regardless of who you are and the type of business you are doing with him. Because of his intentions, experience and his cunning nature, he is going to come out the winner 99 times out of 100. So, in order to minimize your chances of being conned by Harris, it’s best not to interact with him business wise at any point in time. If you choose to interact with Harris, just remember when the crunch times comes, and he is called on to full fill his side of the bargain, Harris is not going to be fair. As a matter of fact, expect him to be crooked and downright dirty.

  47. @ LOL

    If the shares are 50:50 Bailey/Harris, how come, according to the information revealed in this post, Harris has been seemingly autonomous in making decisions?

  48. Brilliant question Art….Edmund Bailey, Bruce’s father, was the one who put up the seed money to start an insurance company, a start up operated by both Peter Harris and Bruce, who were  classmates and close friends at Combermere, this started at the bungalow under another name Sun something, later  changed to CGI ….ya can even ask Grenville Phillips who also attended Combermere and whose father at one time sat on the board at CGI, though Grenville might not answer

    However, knowing Peter’s nasty nature of stabbing business partners in the back, something did go down which caused a falling out between him and Bruce, not clear on details so dont want to repeat until I get that clarity, but what  I know is, the Bayleys clearly saw that one day, Peter’s nasty practices would run the company into trouble….but they were already married to the partnership, with very profitable returns from having Peter at the helm and could not dislodge him…..but the building is now sold…so that percentage.., not sure if it was still 50-50 at the end, not sure the Bayleys are  still part of the insurance equation.

    At this point it seems everything is up in the air and information re the sale of the building is being kept from policyholders and injured people wuth active cases against CGI Insurance.

    It was by a fluke I found out abiut the sale sale to Scotia Bank, nit even the Blogmaster was able to access that information, such a big secret it was…

  49. Brilliant question Art….Edmund Bailey, Bruce’s father, was the one who put up the seed money to start an insurance company, a start up operated by both Peter Harris and Bruce, who were classmates and close friends at Combermere, this started at the bungalow in River Road….under another name Sun something, later changed to CGI

  50. That also fully explains why Harris was so desperate to take down all the social media websites in Barbados last year, so desperate, he sent his brother Thomas all the way to Mumbai, India…looking for skilled hackers who were willing to go to prison committing cross border cyber crimes for money…because social media had become a pain in his tail, he was in Martin’s Bay boasting about taking down Naked Departure, but that boast did not last long…lol

    A real nasty piece of work. 

    That secret of the sale of CGI Towers was never to see the light of day in Barbados. ..many of CGIs employees were not even aware of it for a long time and were forbidden to speak about that sale.

    Real nasty piece of work.

  51. Has the insurance regulator confirmed the sale of CGI? If not, why not? Are questions asked in parliament? What about the mainstream media? Is there a public record of company records – private or listed?

  52. @ Hal Austin: CGI & Peter Harris have the politicians, on both sides of the isle, by the short and curly. Hence, HIS NAME NOT CGI;S ARE HIGHLY UNLIKELY TO BE RAISED IN THE BARBADOS PARLIAMENT ANYTIME SOON. Successive Supervisors of Insurance have been compromised by Peter Harris, all in the name of making sure that CGI’s unethical, unsound and dishonest business practices never see the light of day. Have you ever examined the financial statements of CGI which are published in the press? Well, a declared asset in the financial statement are LOANS TO SHAREHOLDERS (Bruce Bailey/ Peter Harris). These “loans” are often very tenuous at best and non serviceable at worst, with little provision for repayment by Harris/ Bailey to the parent company CGI. In the process CGI Ltd’s risk of catastrophic financial failure is real and highly likely. The question is more like: WHEN? A major hurricane hitting Barbados in any given year, will most likely result in lights out for CGI. With 1000s of policy holders holding onto a worthless piece of paper – i.e. their insurance policy. With Bruce and Peter walking away with unsecured, unsupervised and unregulated funds which were TAKEN WITH IMPUNITY by these crooks, from CGI’s one healthy kitty. CGI POLICY HOLDERS PLEASE TAKE NOTE.

  53. Hal…..are you trying to get the insurance regulator FIRED by the government ministers who take Harris’ bribes, shares in his companies, free trips, viagra and abortion pills… lap dances at his nightclub….and whatever else…new negros live free things, even if they can afford to buy them.

    ….why is your head so damn hard…

    It is the same thing happened with the CLICO Leroy Parris scam… Leroy Parris’ close incestuous,  corrupt relations with government ministers of DLP got the supervisor of insurance sent on long term leave by the same government ministers when she tried to act…never to work again.

    All the infirmation needed about CGI Insurance can be found at Cirporate Affairs minus what he refused to fike as mandadted by law…many years of financial reports were never filed,  his never being sanctioned by regulators through government for that shoukd tell you a lot.

    I am thinking that is one reason one of the accounting firms Price Waterhouse Cooper is demanding tighter regulations, but again, bear in mind, regulatory bidues  are government controlled entities, they are not independent. ..corrupt government ministers control them.

  54. All the information needed about CGI Insurance can be found at Cprporate Affairs minus what he refused to file as mandadted by law…many years of financial reports were never filed,  his never being sanctioned by regulators through government for that blatant refusal to file what should be public information, should tell you a lot.

  55. Carson C. Cadogan… you care to  explain this, not many people in Barbados have the resources it will take to import 50 kilos of cocaine into Barbados.

    As a head pimp and slave to the known drug traffickers, you should be able to call names.

    Drug bust
    Added by Barbados Today on June 30, 2017.
    Saved under Local News
    Law enforcement authorities have made their second major drug bust in as many days.

    Barbados TODAY understands that lawmen seized  50 kilograms of cocaine and 160 pounds of marijuana last night during a joint operation off Maxwell coast, involving the Barbados Coast Guard, the Police Marine Unit, the Drug Squad and the Regional Security System, when they intercepted a vessel with two Barbadians on board.

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