School Children Fighting is NOT the Problem

Sir Richard Branson called for inspiring leaders in the Caribbean to stand up!

Almost every day a video featuring pupils of one of our schools is posted to sites on social media and to coin the description by traditional media, it goes viral. The BU household does not intend to post the latest video of students attacking one of their own like a pack of wild animals making the rounds to support the point. While it is constructive sometimes to post the odd video to awaken the concern of a public that has grown numb to growing violence among a segment of our youth population. We observe that many of the videos and pictures featured by many in the traditional and social media is to ride the popularity that being sensationalistic generates.

It is evident if we are forced to listen to the talking heads featured in the traditional media the reasons offered for the bad behaviour seem less than convincing and steeped in emotionalism. The growing trend of violence in the society- especially in the youth population- is worrying to BU because it acts as a reminder of our inability as a country to effectively manage the PSV sector to recall one example.  Many have warned for the last 30 years that there was a need for the stakeholders including the government, insurance companies, PTAs and other NGOs in civil society,  to sensibly address the sub culture that had emerged. Sadly the negative aspects of the sub culture has interwoven with the way of life for many of our school children therefore adding to the complexity of the problem. How we have allowed this sub culture to take root over the last 30 years does not lend confidence that we will be able to effectively wrestle the incidents of rising violence in schools and related behaviour being given wings on social media.

First the traditional media sought a quote from the ineffective President of Barbados National Council of Parent Teacher Association (BNCPTA) Shone Gibbs “There is no need for anyone to take the law into their own hands, but it must be prosecuted to the hills by the family of the victim because we cannot allow these things to happen, this level of bullying and intimidation, because someone could have easily lost their life yesterday”.  Why has his organization that is suppose to represent all PTAs in Barbados not mobilize by arranging a national march to bring focus to the issue of violence in schools and other related issues affecting the school population? Why not collaborate with the BUT and BSTU in a full court press to challenge the many issues swirling in schools? Stop being so damn politically correct!

WE the citizens of Barbados sit on our behinds and offer platitudes when one of these graphic videos is posted which confirms what we already know. The time has come to act to win back the minds of many of our children who are challenged because of the lack of parental guidance in the home and positive role models in their lives. What are the NGOs like the BNCPTA and the ministry in government responsible for youth affairs to cite only two doing to convert words into action plans designed to work to materially attack the problems?

There are enough signs that the traditional values and structure to our society that undergirded it in times of yore are no longer effective. We live in times when the political leader of the country refused to condemn the immoral and unethical behaviour of the Speaker of the House. We have the  incident where a senior minister of government is reported to have brandished a weapon within the precinct of Parliament and the political class conspire to squash the matter.  There were promises made by the Attorney General and the prime minster that they would investigate a matter and report to parliament …

Our county is crying out for leaders and we didn’t need Sir Richard Branson on a recent visit to Barbados to make the observation.

Will our real leaders please stand up!

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  1. We live in times when the political leader of the country refused to condemn the immoral and unethical behaviour of the Speaker of the House. We have the reported incident where a senior minister of government is reported to have brandished a weapon within the precinct of Parliament and the political class conspire to squash the matter.

    That above encapsulates the core problems of……the lack of a leader understanding their role as the keeper of the moral fabric of the country as established over centuries and the upholder of the laws of our country.

    How did we get here and what do we do to extricate ourselves from the bog that is slowly pulling us under?

    In order for us to move forward the first question must be truthfully answered…..we must learn from our past.

  2. Leadership starts within the home. The bible clearly states Train up a child in the way it should go and it would never depart for that training. Parents today have allowed their children become lords queens and rulers of the home enviroment and for that reason many of the escalation of violence seeps out into society.
    Parents today have given up or forgotten the role they should play leaving the children to make decisions that are complex and complicated.
    The end result is that of sowing the wind and reaping the whirlwind

  3. We have lost our moral compass. Women dress in Kadooment with next to nothing on. These are the mothers raising sons and daughter who emulate what they see and hear. Lack of morals and values today have been replaced with materialism e.g. Phones which can video everything mostly sordid BEHAVIOUR and showing bystanders looking on and enjoying pornography rather than stepping up and stopping it.
    No consequences for your actions. The MOE wants cell phones allowed in school and wants to remove flogging. Well I wonder if there will be any consequences for cheating? Hardly! A parent said to me he feared his father when he was growing up and did not want his children to fear him. I feared letting my parents down, because I respected them and the two go hand in hand. I feared the consequences so tried to avoid doing the wrong things to bring disgrace on myself and family, but that seems not to matter to this generation.
    A large number of parents today seem to think that giving their children money and and possessions is more important that teaching them manners, morals, boundaries and giving them love and self esteem. My parents told me my boundaries stopped before someone else’s began. Sadly not today.
    Anger management Councellors are desperately needed in schools and most sections of society as the violence that is going on in Barbados is a sure indication of discontent and disillusionment.

    These things need to be addressed immediately before this sore erupts into a volcano. Barbados needs to have clinics for children who can receive councelling etc. and not be suspended from school for two weeks or two months. This will worsen their situation as they will probably be home alone if parents work and have more time to be destructive.

    Finally, with all the empty buildings owned by Government we need to use a couple of them for rehabilitation of Drug and Alcohol offenders. Right now they have to admit themselves to the Psychiatric hospital and because of the stigma the majority do not go. It is a ridiculous situation that these two addictions have to be treated in Black Rock. We are losing young men and women because of this.

    • Yes Angela, we have a problem because of growing parental delinquency and there is no extended family to shore up family support these days.

      Here is a quote attributed to Redman of the BSTU:

      Earlier this month President of the Barbados Secondary Teachers’ Union (BSTU) Mary Redman warned the Ronald Jones-led Ministry of Education not to allow cell phones in schools, saying these devices would only exacerbate the problem of gang activity and pose a major security threat to schools.

      Redman had told Barbados TODAY a troubling trend had emerged where students affiliated with gangs from various communities were using their mobile devices to call for backup whenever there was conflict with other students.

      She also said then there were many examples on social media of students engaging in brutal and barbaric fights, spurred on by their classmates, in a bid to garner likes.

      “Cell phone use is contributing to the ill-discipline because as soon as there is a fight now children whip out the cell phones and the ones who are fighting know they are being recorded and they are performing as well,” the BSTU head said at the time.

  4. Those like the person in the ministry whose contribution to the incident is she has requested a report from the principal…..finito….my job done….nothing to do with my stewardship…nothing to do with my portfolio…..nothing to do with my office.the wigs have it.

    • @Gabriel

      We have to fight the problem on many fronts, one way is that enforcement must be swift. Why after several days the management of Lester Vaughn should not have been able to identify the students, have them suspended, parents called in,counselors assigned etc. And a statement issued to the public.

  5. @ angela Skeete May 20, 2017 at 10:07 AM
    “Leadership starts within the home. The bible clearly states Train up a child in the way it should go and it would never depart for that training”

    It seems then that the parents or guardians who ‘trained up’ the likes of the ‘speaking’ crook Michael Carry-away-a-ton, the nasty Stinkliar and the corrupted Lowedown did a perfect job in following the instructions of your conveniently quoted Bible.

    The Bible also condemns thieves and liars and those who are hypocrites like the Lowedown who likes to bat right and bowl left while salting away $5 million of taxpayers’ money in his dead mother’s untouchable bank account.

    Children do what they see adults do. And your deceitful lying party has produced great role models for the schoolchildren currently involved in the kind of immoral behaviour you are witnessing.

    Your deceitful lying party of chickens have now come home to roost right at the top of your immoral tree.

    Leave the children alone!

    Let the adults in Parliament lead by example by first taking the mote out of their own eyes:

    “If children live with honesty, they learn truthfulness.
    If children live with fairness, they learn justice.
    If children live with kindness and consideration, they learn respect.” ~ Dorothy Law Nolte.

  6. Parenting starts within the home. The blame game that is played in society is just as much a part of the decay. People rather focus on other peoples mistakes than correct their own. Hence we are now inundated with loud noises instead of placing blame where it belongs at the feet of those who bring these children in the world then abandon them and expect govt to take up the slack

    • The problem you have is your lack of comprehension and the ability to exercise good reasoning. The problem emanates from the home yes however we have too many children who do NOT have responsible parents and come from stable homes and therefore as a society we have to establish support to protect the society as a hole. Especially where the traditional societal structure of the family has shifted. You only have the ability to define every problem through a political lens.

  7. @David …. You struck a number of pertinent notes in your piece on the school violence song and alas the core problem still remains the actions by the authorities which in turn is driven by supposed legal constraints and an enhanced ‘political liberal’ approach to education…the two most glaring bad notes.

    at 10:45 AM …The problem of “growing parental delinquency” has been slowly metastasizing in the Bajan body politic well over those 30 years you mentioned… so that is surely also another long standing concern.

    How can we solve this problem of school violence when on the one hand we have a Minster of Education supporting a ‘free speech’ construct and ‘unwittingly’ perhaps touting the free enterprise model of cell phone sales and usage and on the other hand the school professionals seeking a common sense approach viz Redman’s : “Cell phone use is contributing to the ill-discipline because as soon as there is a fight now children whip out the cell phones and the ones who are fighting know they are being recorded and they are performing as well.”

    That too is an obvious other plank of the problem. Dissonance in education leadership.

    So call me a cynic but when I read the lovely words of blogger @Angela like ” I feared letting my parents down, because I respected them and the two go hand in hand. I feared the consequences so tried to avoid doing the wrong things to bring disgrace on myself and family” I smile and smirk.

    Because as you allude to above, apparently MP Sinckler’s parents didn’t give him that fear lesson nor Fruendel’s nor Thompson’s….And certainly Amor and Elliot didn’t have that session with Mia either…

    What then can we expect from this generation!

    Until we step back from the overarching pedagogy and legal constraints embraced from some of our first world fellow nations this malaise will continue and drag us to the abyss of despair.

    We have to use draconian measures to bring order to our overlapping society…we do not have the luxuries of the big nations: no phones in school or kept in a locker during school (the phone companies can pay for those lockers!); harsh punishment for fights (with suspension not the most important), mandatory attendance at a summer school demanding on severity of fight, one example. Putting a greater burden on parents to become more effective (pie in the sky hope)…

    We can continue to blame the current generation but they merely are REFLECTING what their parents and political leaders have taught and ARE teaching them!

    For example, I often ask myself: How is it now possible to truly affirm to any 10 year old American kid that after getting a profession or developing a skill that lying and subterfuge is not the most excellent addendum to their success in life!

    For my part I am eternally happy that I was not at school in an era of cell phones…oh my gawd!

  8. I was with the author until he mentioned politics. Why not stay on topic? Anyways, school fights is not a new phenomenon. The only things different from when I was going school is that there was no gadgets to record these fights.

    • @Kevin

      The problem you have besides being a political yardfowl is that once all issues are compartmentalized you are fine. You forget that the political class represents one of the single most important and influential actors in civil society. You cant grasp for example how by mismanaging the PSV sector the political class has added to the problem we are battling now?

  9. David, concentrate and stay on topic. If you can provide for me a plausible explanation as to why school fights occurred when I was going school in the mid 90’s to early 2,000’s I will yield to you.

    • According to history there was crime from the time man was able to report on events so guess what -there is no need to engage in crime prevention especially if social scientists and scientific data confirm that there is a deterioration in the social landscape. Continue to bury your head up your rear.

  10. In the article in BT, former head of the BFPA George Griffith blames flogging in the children home, as this helps cultivates at atmosphere of violence in the schools. How come the LW can only quote Shone Gibbs from that same BT article and not George Griffith.

    • @Kevin

      This is how nothing in the society in disconnected including politics. Over 1 year ago the Attorney General suggested the following, can we have an update or should we treat this like the other promise about Mia’s LEC.



      Parents of delinquent children could also end up in court


      Added 25 February 2016


      Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite (Picture by Reco Moore)

      PARENTS MAY SOON find themselves in the same dock as their children who end up in the juvenile justice system.

      Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite says he will be bringing an amendment to the present juvenile justice legislation that makes parents accountable for the actions of their underage daughters and sons.

      Invited to address a meeting of the Men’s Educational Support Association (MESA) at The St Michael School last night, Brathwaite made reference the large number of girls at the Girls’ Industrial School and recent reports of delinquency among young women.

      He blamed a lot of their difficulties on the lack of responsible parenting.

      The Attorney General also fielded questions from several men in the large audience, concerned about areas of the Domestic Violence (Protection Orders) Act 2016 passed in the Senate yesterday. (GC)

      – See more at:

  11. Interesting to note that no comment has been made as to the reason for being at this particular juncture.

    The way out can only be found through creating a stimulus by way of a plan of action/a way forward/a vision for the next 30-50 years with plan A being achievable/doable in the first ten year period with one of the first objectives to be met is the revamping of the educational system….one can look at the Dutch or Finnish models for guidance…. .

    Suggestions for the plan…..
    community tourism and caravan sites,
    all lands brought back into production for niche crops including hemp,
    find uses in our niche manufacturing area for our high sillica sands,quartz,clay and manjack,
    solar panels on every house and building to feed the national grid,
    cement all of our roads using our own cement,
    restore the reefs,
    create new tourist attractions in the Scotland District………the list goes on

    Busy hands will not have the time for idle endeavours.

  12. Deal with the most important issues in front of you of which the violence among children is a priority.

    There should be qualified officials who can handle this, it is important to end this before it gets worse.

  13. Unfortunately there are very few, as in less than 3……inspiring leaders in the Caribbean.

  14. Guns ,chicanery ……..telling people to suck
    or kiss their mothers’ private parts…..
    oh what great examples our kids have

  15. The following is being circulated on social media as well.:


    Just typing this and tears are building.

    I didn’t want to be on Facebook but this is too heavy on my heart.

    As a husband, father, Barbadian and educator……….. my heart grieves for my country…..😪

    What Barbados and the world saw yesterday of the beating of the student was shocking to many but those in the teaching service can testify this occurs weekly in many and in a few cases daily in our public secondary schools.

    Most have condemned the gang of girls and the few boys who physically abused the girl but very few have condemned the scores of students who cheered on the beating, seeing it as entertaining – they are equally as guilty.

    We are failing our young people and as a result have been consistently setting up the failure and destruction of Barbados in the near future.

    The culture of a nation is shaped within the home and within the school. As a result, we need to be very careful what is established, taught and practiced in each of these "wombs".

    The Bible says that people will perish because they are "ingrunt" (lacking knowledge). The Ministry and the Minister refuse to reveal to the public what happens in schools. I guarantee you that NOT ONE SINGLE secondary teacher was in any way shocked by yesterday’s events. Some teachers have become so numb to these recordings due to dealing with situations like these DAILY. Oh and there are many more videos like these.

    I am praying for the day when teachers as well as students are bold enough to openly reveal ALL that occurs in schools – even if it is anonymously.

    Unless we tell the truth and are humble to share the good, bad and ugly, we will never be in a position to truly make a change. When the truth is revealed, we will then understand how ALL , yes ALL of US are contributing to the problem and as a result how ALL, yes ALL of us play a part in the solution.

    The problem with our young people is multi-dimensional but here are the main 6 (not in any specific order)

    1. Home (Parents)

    2. Community (adults)

    3. Church (spirituality)

    4. Government (leadership)

    5. Education (cognitive,emotional,intellectual,relational development)

    6. Media & Technology (serious threat)

    Man(Woman) is three dimensional – body (flesh), soul (emotions, mind, will) and spirit

    We as a society only focus on 2 – the soul and the flesh – we are living an unbalanced life and have an unbalanced society. Anytime a tripod stand has one leg that is weak, is ignored or missing, whatever that stand is supporting will ALWAYS fall over.

    What people fail to realize is all the anger, rejection, violence, abuse, selfishness, greed, ungratefulness, shame, guilt etc bound up in the hearts of our children will be magnified in the adults of society in 10 years.

    If this is our youth generation today, think about what the adults of the future will look like. These are the adults who will teach our children, be the politicians, the civil service, the business community, the tradesmen, the barristers and legislators and the list goes on.

    We adults are a bunch of hypocrites. Our children mimic the standards we set and then we seek to condemn them – that makes no sense at all.

    All the violence, robbery, theft, shooting and drug abuse we complaining about in today’s society are as a result of the home and community environments they are a part of and the music and entertainment we allow them to partake of, which encourages them in the same behavior. All those young men in the court pages every day, were school children. Many are just a product of their upbringing, community, educational system and system of governance and leadership.

    When female students can tell you if they done school with no CXCs they will be like Natalie and mek nuff money – you know what time it is.

    When you have young ladies that gladly broadcast and are proud to be a "rat-boxy" (a girl who does sex she best friend man and any man dat want it – as they explained to me) – you know what time it is.

    When you call a parent to a school because their 1st form child have been reported to be involved in "sexual" activities and the parent tells you to your face, well she got to learn sometime – you know what time it is

    When you call a parent to ask them to come to the school because their daughter made a sexual pass at a male teacher and open she legs and say sir I got this for you and the parent responds – "wuh I got to come up by the school cause if my daughter mek moves pun you, you got tuh look real good" – you know what time it is

    When you tell a fourth former that it is after 5pm and she needs to make her way home and she responds that she waiting on her 5th form boyfriend because they go home together and you tell her he can find his way home because it is late and she goes on to explain they go home together because he sleeps at her – you know what time it is

    When a forth former can tell you her boyfriend was beating she from 2nd form and she accustomed and after doing some digging find out her father use to beat her mother, then they separate and not her father does beat he girlfriend and her mother does get beat by her boy friend – you know what time it is

    When you ask over 4 classes at different schools, how many children live with both mummy and daddy and in all the classes less than 5 hands are raised – you know what time it is

    When you ask in all the classes above how many parents married and living together with them and two or three hands are raised – you know what time it is

    When you got lesbians in a school that does control the female bathrooms and got junior girls holding their urine until they get home because the lesbians does hold the girls in the bathroom and sexually assault them – you know what time it is

    When you have a primary school girl caught in a bathroom with 4 primary school boys and the girl charging 5c to see, 10c to touch – you know what time it is

    When you have a boy coming school with his books in a ladies clutch bag and a junior boy bragging how much man he does take – you know what time it is

    When you have students who don’t know the Lord’s Prayer, Psalm 23 or have NEVER been to Sunday School – you know what time it is

    When you have a first former coming school every day around 10:30, falling sleep in class, aways depressed and you sit with them during lunch to talk and he says he doesn’t sleep at night because the police always at his house cause my mother and father does fight like dogs – you know what time it is

    When a forth former comes to you and says sir I need to talk to you cause I hate my life, I don’t fee like living anymore and you make time for them immediately and that student tells you my mudda say she don’t like me and I want killing and reveals scratch marks in her neck as a result of the mother chocking her and she further communicates she watch her mother throw hot water on her father – you know what time it is

    When a parent send you a message that she aint got no money to buy a $21.49 calculator but give the child $700 to buy clothes and shoes to wear to the school cruise – you know what time it is

    When you have boys coming school with mauby bottles full of mount gay and lick back the whole bottle at lunch and in class drunk – you know what time it is

    When a parent is called up to a school and she attempts to discipline her daughter and her daughter takes away the belt and gives she mother some licks and reminds her that it is her man (school girl) that does support she (the mother) and pay the bills – you know what time it is

    When a 2nd former can say with boldness and pride that she gave 3 forth form boys heads in the bathroom – you know what time it is

    These are but a few of the situations I have heard directly from students and teachers and these aren’t the worse. I don’t know if you can handle the worse. I am one former teacher, imagine what other teachers have to say.

    It isn’t time for political victimization. It isn’t time for laptops, tables and chairs. It isn’t time to be at war with teachers.

    It is time to LEAD. It is time to prayer. It is time to upgrade and modify the school system based on the needs of the students and the national agenda and plan for a developed and relevant Barbados. It is time for social workers, psychologist and psychiatrist to be attached full time into each school. It is time for parents to be held accountable for failing as parents and they incooperated into programmes to help them. It is time for adults to accept responsibility and recognize what they do as parents and adults have a direct effect on what Barbados is and becomes. It is time to tell the truth and reveal the facts so we can work on adequate solutions. It is time to get rid of educators and administrators within the education sector who don’t love children, who are in teaching only because they can’t get another job, who are just waiting out their time to retire and who using positions in the Ministry and Schools for selfish gain.

    An education system and program should represent and support a country’s national goals and agenda and the desires, strengths, weaknesses and culture of its people. It should prepare the next generation to be relevant to a globalize degree World and provide them with resources to develop themselves and the country.

    Here lies a HUGE problem – I don’t know any Bajan, who can outline for me what Barbados’ goals and agenda are in the short, medium or long term. Its just SAD, SAD, SAD

    I want everyone to remember these four points.

    1. The thing in which you are a part of, is more important that the individual role you play.

    2. Be very careful how you treat the people you think you don’t need. You have no idea what the future holds and how inter-connected we all are.

    3. If we don’t find the balance of Spirit, Soul and Body – things WILL get worse.

    4. Behind every attitude and behavior there is a story. The children and parents have a story. Find out where the story begins, then you have the key to begin to find a solution.

    Young people are the heartbeat of the earth, the pulse of our nations and hold the future of the world in their minds and heart. FAIL the youth, prepare to DESTROY your future

    My name is Corey .L. Worrell, I’m just a servant who wants to contribute to making people’s lives better and developing my Barbados for my benefit and the benefit of my children and family and the benefit of others.

    I WILL NOT BE SILENT OR SILENCED – I love my country too much and my desire to see my people prosper and achieve is too great to fear man or political victimization. There are more for me than against me, I know who I am and whose I am and a time is coming……………..

    Barbados TodayoThe Nation BarbadosaLoop BarbadosaCBC News BarbadosaThe Barbados AdvocatecMia Amor MottleytGrenville PhillipslLynette EastmondmNeil HolderlWendell Callendernder

  16. Kevin

    Your thinking is a bit narrow or politically schewed when you are incapable of seeing the nexus between a countries lack of articulated direction and the behaviour of its citizens……note the entire population both adult and juvenile are caught up in this delinquency

  17. How wonderful: Now we have an incident involving student violence being seen through our politica/party lens.
    i can recall more than one incident going back fifty years where a parent turned up at school to beat a headmaster or teacher for lashing his/her child.
    School violence has occurred under every administration, prime minister and minister of education.
    For decades teachers have been threatened, beaten and have endured destruction of their property such as slashed car tyres.
    These things happen in good and bad economic times. The new media have been in the forefront exposing them in recent times. Years ago many of these acts were covered up or kept out of the press.
    Just saying that it is not always in our interest to analyse everything from narrow political association.

  18. If parents are prohibited from disciplining their children, how then can they be held legally responsible for the behaviour of their children when they at e under the care of in loco parentes? Are we now criminalising parental/teacher failure? Was thre ever a time when children and young people did not fight? Even the initiation at my old school used to be a slapped head; Ivy boys and Pine boys used to clash every weekend; and that had nothing with individuals fighting..

  19. The children of today are products of social media and television training because of the parents dependence on listening to the talking heads telling what moral standards and rules are correct and are considered normal
    Instead of looking to past generations of good parenting where the abilities relied on basic commonsense enforced by morals and decency and discipline.
    How in the world can children leave home with objects with a purpose to do harm and the parents are clueless to there children activity and who there friends are
    Todays parents have no idea about parenting in some households the children have mental issues and parents pretend as if the matter should be treated lightly and refused to seek treatment for the child because of fear of stigma

  20. Geez why do you think you have problems…maybe because the drinking age is eleven, where is that lady that batted her unruly kid with the 2 by four… I want her for police chief. The fella is correct the parents should pay the price for their shit assed kids, maybe then they will may make sure they act accordingly. If the kid is under 16 the parents get double what the kid gets..if they are older than 16 the parents get half what they get.

    • You, William et al sit behind a computer and type nonsense clueless about what is happening in our schools. You need to listen to senior teachers and principals who work in the service that are better placed to comment.

  21. The children in this society are being abused in the homes and in the schools. As a result, they have become angry and act out their anger.

    They are not trained in the homes and parents seem to rely on teachers to do the parenting. But when they get to school, they are being victimised by teachers and bullies from among the student population. At school everyday, children have to fight off sexual advances from teachers. Sadly, many cave in which contribute to their anger. When teachers are caught, very often nothing happens. Recently, at the Foundation School a teacher got one of the students pregnant. Rather than jail him, he is allowed to marry the student since a wife cannot testify against a husband in court. At the same school a male teacher was caught in the act with a student. He went on sick leave and sometime after he returned he was promoted.

    The child molester from St. Michael School could not help himself so the decided to transfer him into the Ministry of Education to protect the children from him.

    At Queen’s College a teacher was accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a 14 year old girl. Rather than prosecute, he is compulsorily retired with his pension intact.

    At Garrison School at the beginning of this term a female teacher told a third former that she is a ten-cent whore.

    This term during a staff meeting at a secondary school, the principal told the staff that he went to the Ministry and he was told that rather than run the school, he is in his office having sex with Mr. Carmichael. Guess which school?

    No wonder the children are angry and acting out.

  22. To use Obama’s word ‘bullshitter’!

    Crisis meeting


    Added 20 May 2017



    Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite (FILE)

    THE KEY STAKEHOLDERS in education and those who work with children will be going into a huddle to come up with a plan to deal with the escalating violence among schoolchildren.


    The move comes after videos making the rounds show girls from the Lester Vaughan School and the Grantley Adams Memorial School unmercifully beating one of their own. There were also reports of flare-ups at other secondary schools and at least one City primary school.

    Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite, who has oversight of the Boys’ and Girls’ Government Industrial Schools, says he is willing to help convene such a meeting because the extent of the problem needs an “overarching plan”.

    Brathwaite, who spoke to the SATURDAY SUN after officially reopening the Arch Hall Fire Station and Fire Academy yesterday, said there was a memorandum of understanding with the ministries of Education and Home Affairs, the Government Industrial Schools, the Probation Department and other like departments. (HLE/AD)


    – See more at:

  23. fyi

    Thugs robbing students


    Added 20 May 2017



    A NUMBER OF schoolchildren are being targeted by a gang of teenaged thugs from the Gall Hill area who are robbing and in some instances beating them after school.


    To make matters even worse, it seems the gang is getting the inside scoop on who to rob from children within the school itself.

    Yesterday, a parent of a student who was robbed told the SATURDAY SUN that on Thursday evening around 2:40 p.m., her 13-year-old son was walking home from the Deighton Griffith Secondary School with a friend when the incident took place.

    The mother said that when her son had reached the spot of the old Montrose Supermarket on Kingsland main road he noticed two boys walking behind him. (AD)

  24. Why is it that the scbool children have become so difficult to manage. Why are parents and students and teachers always locking horns as to who is right or wrong.
    My assesment being that many parents send their children to school with a set of home made rules although aware of the fact that school has specfic rules and guidlines which all children must adhere but for some parents the school rules does not matter and their is where all the conflict begins as to who is right or wrong
    The child develops an attitude of disrespect towards the system prefering to belive what the parent says over what is principled to guidlines for a better learning enviroment

  25. We have a serious problem with discipline in some homes and it seems to manifest itself in the schools and much later in the workplace.Teachers have said it’s not only at secondary but at primary level.Its a far cry from my experiences at both levels.At that time there was separation of the sexes,in addition to which the society was more disciplined and respect was taught.There was a huge framed document which was headed Manners Maketh Man and each student had to record those words and commit to memory.There was one incident only at primary level which I can recall and which was dealt with by the head teacher in the presence of the boy’s parents and the school.He was whipped ‘hugely’.Similarly at secondary school strict discipline was enforced all through the school by prefects, masters,the head boy and the final arbiter when the offence merited, by the Major.There were 2 boys who were regularly whipped in our presence in the form room.A speech by the Major would be followed by a terse order “bend over” and 6 of the best were administered.These 2 miscreants were repeat offenders,always those 2 guys.They would sometimes be suspended from school and their well to do guardians would somehow prevail on the Major to give them one more chance.One wonders if separation of the sexes would not reduce the tension in which the boys appear subdominant,some would say acting like sissies and the girls dominant acting like gorilliphants.
    The story in this incident is that word got to the top that an assault was planned and a strategy adopted to thwart the plan however it required the cooperation of the student.

  26. @Caswell Franklyn at 4:20 PM # You always speak with well detailed ‘evidence’ of these cases of sexual ‘harassment’ or alleged criminal activity in school but has there been any attempt by you or any other concerned group to create a force to fight this scourge??

    Situated as you are as an advocate for rights and having said that you have refused to represent a teacher whom you considered to be a sexual deviant (or something to that effect) it seems reasonable that along with like minded persons you could set up an organization and seek some funding in order to bring these most egregious cases of teacher harassment to civil court at least.

    And if the student’s parents are unwilling to bring a civil matter then you as a third party can surely press the case strongly to the Min of Education based on the predator creating a toxic and ‘stressful’ workplace for your other member clients.

    That at least puts some fire under the do-nothing bureaucrats.

    You have great familiarity with the local legal codes and whereas I can only presume that there must be some relevant statute under which the ‘immoral’ behaviour can be prosecuted you surely can cite said legislation.

    But easy for me to say…you and family would be getting serious death threats were that to come to pass!

    This is a woeful situation and with no one able to bell the cat we will continue to opine as another generations is shamefully corrupted!

  27. @David 7 at 4:27 PM …Yes you are correct. “[We], William et al sit behind a computer and type nonsense…”

    However, although I can only talk for myself it’s not about being “clueless about what is happening in our schools.”

    For some years now I have been ‘regaled’ by a senior teacher on problems of the type described in the lengthy text and by Caswel.

    In his case he also works diligently to offer support with a type of food program for several of the kids at the school.

    But then others speak of the story of a teacher at one school being a callous and deliberate AIDS carrying stud to a bevy of teacher lady colleagues left weeping in despair after the fact.

    The overall situation is of course totally out of control and just as clearly the legal and education policy makers have no desire – it seems – to address the results and work steadfastly towards redressing the underlying causes.

    You are correct the noise from the AG is BS!

    And that segues to @Skinner’s point and what you said above: these issues though out sized are not new. No one here I believe of a certain age forgets that a student died in a school washroom here in Barbados…or should that be…was killed by another student!

    And I am sure that Caswel can take his mind back to his school days and conjure up some tale of teacher’s peccadilloes or some grand fight…surely girls were not throughout that school then I presume so likely it was more a fight thing!

    And@Gabriel it would be interesting to know that today those boys could likely sue for ‘brutality. Moreso though what became of the two boys who were obviously likely very high spirited and adventurous having their youthful zest so roughly and embarrassingly corralled!

    • @Dee Word

      It will always be about the degree of separation. The excuse offered that we have had fights through the ages is a cop out. We must always seek to improve based on new challenges a different time presents. Living is a dynamic process.

  28. The problems are in the homes, in the government, with business people and across the length and breath of the adult world…children see criminal actions perpetrated by all the aforementioned, without any consequences, children tend to live what they learn, what they see and what is being shoved down their throats by adults who are sadly lacking in discipline or leadership.

  29. @ David
    Which part of my contribution are you
    questioning?For your information, I was
    heavily involved in the BUT in the 70s and
    I am very familiar with the political pressure
    that teachers have experienced and it
    has continued to this day.
    You must stop assuming that you are the
    fountain of all knowledge.
    I do not sit behind no computer uninformed
    I have been commenting publicly on issues
    For the last forty plus years long before
    computers. Please if possible find the
    archives of the Barbados Advocate or
    Nation newspaper. I did not wait on BU
    to arrive. You simply believe that many of
    the problems are of recent occurence and you
    are wrong to make unfounded assumptions
    about those who may not always agree with
    your point of view.
    You have no idea of the genesis of many
    of the problems that are now manifesting
    themselves in our society.
    Discipline in our schools took a dive when
    the teachers were wrongly accused and
    blamed for everything that was wrong
    within the system. The political class
    succeeded in driving a wedge between
    the parents and teachers. What you
    believe started last week , has actually
    been boiling for almost forty years.
    You need to understand that the children
    today are the children and grandchildren
    of those who saw the teachers being
    whipped by their parents.
    You have no idea of the dozens of teachers
    who suffered from hypertension and
    Other ailments brought on by being
    ignored when they tried to express that
    things were beginning to fall apart. You
    know nothing of what the profession
    suffered at the hands of parents and
    politics. You know nothing of the
    Professional injuries inflicted by some
    headteachers and high handed tecnocrats
    at the ministry of education.
    Please learn to read what others say
    critically and rid yourself of excursions
    into the land of Mumbo jumbo.

  30. Why is it that the school children have become so difficult to manage. Why are parents and students and teachers always locking horns as to who is right or wrong.
    My assesment being that many parents send their children to school with a set of home made rules although aware of the fact that school has specfic rules and guidlines which all children must adhere but for some parents the school rules does not matter and their is where all the conflict begins as to who is right or wrong
    The child develops an attitude of disrespect towards the system prefering to belive what the parent says over what is principled to guidlines for a better learning enviroment

  31. Angela, what you and some of the other bloggers here don’t seem to understand and forgive me if am wrong; majority of the parents today are mere children themselves. By the time a child enters school it’s value system is already form. The Teachers hands are tied.

    Pass by any of the Governmnet primary schools a morning and see how many of them drop off their children scantily dress – some of them look like their just got out of bed and put on shoes -we know this, we see these things!!! Why are we not talking about these things?

    Now here is where the problem starts: A child come out of school with no certificates and no support system. She gets with child, have to move away from home and in all that mess gets two or three more children unable to support these children they fall into the system; breeding children into poverty………… the cycle continues until you have a whole generation of idiots- ah lie? This is where we are at.

    Neglect in this country is a MAJOR concern yet too many of us – (neighbors/pastors/teachers/God parents) turn a blind eye. Oh how things have change!
    Too many children in this country is left alone to fed for themselves and we know it. They are on the roads at all hours doing nothing constructive- Practically homeless but with shelter.

    Some of the young people who are employed are creating headaches for employers with their entitled attitudes, their non-professional behaviors, their lack of email etiquette, their lack of manners and the list goes on.

    We HAVE to some how address the issue of parenting in Barbados by getting into the homes and assist with these children. Child care services have to step up and follow up, follow up, follow up.

  32. dpD
    Both those boys always had money in their pockets.They were from different parishes but they both shared a love for the cinema and could regale you on what’s ‘playing’ and who is starring where and when.One perfected the john wayne gait.In later life one became a member of the disciplined services,attaining a senior rank and the other rose to the top of his chosen field teaching his acquired skill to others.To be sure, today’s challenges require today’s solutions which are there if only those mandated to find them take the time to seek help from the experts and even from the not so expert.Throwing up one’s hands and surrendering to vagabonds is not an option and failure to act is the way of the coward and which way it is evident is in abundant supply in this administration so called.

  33. Please do not tell me what i understand and dont i am highly aware of the multiplicity of problems that have manifested in society.
    However many of the kids who get into trouble at school are not products of teenage mothers some are from established homes where there are two parents but have been lacking in discipline and disrespect for the rule of law.
    Many of them are lazyminded and feel entitled and when none of such give way to their expectations resort to abhorrent behaviour as a way of revenge or getting even

  34. @David at 6:46 PM…Again we agree that “It will always be about the degree of separation” but we disagree on how we got here.

    Where we disagree is that “…we have had fights through the ages is a cop out” and “excuse”.

    No sir. No cop out intended. It’s a very salient fact that our current situation has been long in gestation and now a lot of that food is appearing as vomit all over the place….there was vomit prior but less pervasive!

    @William chronicled that inability to properly eat and digest our ‘social’ food well at 6:48 PM.

    I can only smirk when bloggers above cite EWB as a counterweight to a current MAM regime.

    Considering the tales told (about his CJ) and the facts known – as noted above – re his indispensable homosexual lieutenant it’s simply ridiculous to use him as a bastion of moral rectitude or even as some prudish phobia-panting snob.

    Similarly it’s an absolute nonsense for us to speak of the fortitude of our upbringing and yet have one of the most corrupt governments in the last 50 years being successors to the previously most corrupt government in the then last 40 years.

    Where is heaven’s name were those folks birthed and given their moral marching orders if not by parents who had such great morals and ethics. What happened …was the morals shredded as adults or where a lot of households as palpably deficient as many are today!

    Maybe there were a litany of wife beaters, womanizers. down-low purveyors, skimmers from the office cash flow, predators ‘feeling-up’ young relatives …all the while singing lustily and proudly at church every Sunday and maybe at Men’s Fellowship on Wednesday too.

    So yes I agree with you that : “[w]e must always seek to improve based on new challenges”, because ‘living is a dynamic process” but if we refuse to address major issues years ago there is absolutely no practical way for us to disown the piles of vomit 30 years on.

    Its OURS…no one else’s!

    Caswell’s tales will continue because conveniently we forget the allegations of ‘ Boys in the Band’ going back 35+ years or the clear evidence that drug and gun trafficking is accorded a rite of passage by the pillars of society, some of whom sit on church councils.

    We Bajans are a pious, proselytizing bunch of hypocrites.

    @Gabriel…as I suspected two otherwise worthy lads, bored by school rules treated with rather callous disdain by a domineering principal who should have known better. Frankly if either one had emigrated and gone on to be a serial killer it could also have been blamed on those harrowing experiences. LOLLL!

  35. Who said anything about teenage mothers? Define an establish home..

  36. For years the cess pool of domestic violence has been brewing from one generatiion to the next as the percentage of abusive homes and abused children increased. The system sugar coated its approach to dealing with societal problems by immersing themselves in nothing but talk to the point that they did not see the failings of the Child Care Board or the welfare department that never lived up to its name. The writing was on the wall when the unemployment figures rose due to the incompetency of the DLP mass layoffs and subsequent neglect of the citizenry made obvious by their insane increase taxes and introduction of new taxes. This situation along with the skyrocketting cost of food and other essentials just provided the right circumstances for people to lose their minds, and their sense of duty to doing right by their families. The response by the DLP who are responsible for all the shite that happening in Barbados was to ignore the problem by talking shite that bajans still flying to disney land and shopping while the incompetent brutes increase arsenry as precautionary measure should there be an uprising or surge in criminal activity due to high unemployment figures. You can talk all you like about the problem starts in the home, but external factors that are impacting a family’s ability to feed and cloth their children are major contributing factors to the decay taking over the Barbadian society. Its too late to turn back clock, too many in society are damage towards anger and hatred.

  37. Retribution-things that make me go hum! May 20, 2017 at 9:09 PM #

    Who said anything about teenage mothers?

    YOU infer that some of the parents today where children when they had babies

    Define an establish home..

    an establish home which has the traditional two parent home //// high earners and can afford much of life luxuries

  38. David

    I do not understand the reason for the boycott. Yes, a child was beaten and indeed is a sad state of affairs, but how is publishing a photo a huge mistake at this time? I know the nationnews paper is a paper that easily gets its strings pull, but I see nothing wrong with posing a picture of a disgusting societal ill gonna change anything, when we have been sitting back and doing nothing as usual. What is sick and disgusting is that we continue to allow every single piece of rot affecting the island to develop into a canker life sore. Then when is really bad and a picture comes up to paint a thousand words, we try then to see if we could heal and fix it. What needs boycotting or even pigotting is the lack of response to marshal the problem with serious approaches and draconian solutions. No more darn talk.

  39. “Maybe there were a litany of wife beaters, womanizers. down-low purveyors, skimmers from the office cash flow, predators ‘feeling-up’ young relatives …all the while singing lustily and proudly at church every Sunday and maybe at Men’s Fellowship on Wednesday too.”

    That was and is the staple and level of depravity, hypocisy and lowlifeness that socialized and culturized 2 generations of bajans.., hence the point of no return.


    Add to that blatant neglect of constituencies by the prime ministers and government ministers who greedily take a monthly salary and do not do their jobs…..there will always be dusaster lurking.

    Billie the goat Miller and others created and left the city a stinking dump, now Fruendel Stuart is doing the same by continuing the tradation while taking taxpayer’s money.

    “No bed of roses for St Michael South residents
    Added by Katrina King on May 20, 2017.
    Saved under Local News
    Residents of St Michael South say life in the constituency has not been a bed of roses. Today they joined the man who wants to replace Prime Minister Freundel Stuart as the Member of Parliament for the area in highlighting the issues plaguing them.

    Kirk Humphrey, the Barbados Labour Party’s (BLP) caretaker for the area, accused Stuart of ignoring the plight of constituents.

    He said the lives of women and children are under constant threat, especially at nights, because of poor lighting in the communities. He added that roads and drains in the area are also in a deplorable state.”

  41. and this is what i say

    but David BU why do most articles on BU always focused on the negative. There are children in barbados society who have excellent attributes and are exemplary in their activities of giving back to the country but mentioned of these children is selodom or never heard of
    David BU are you mindful of such things or like the Nation newspaper thinks that salacious banter and controversy is sufficient and newsworthy for the reader

  42. @ David May 20, 2017 at 1:20 PM
    Corey is right about everything …except the solution.

    Placing counsellors, psychologists, guidance officers …even police, in the schools is a waste of time – even if we had the money to afford it…
    You don’t have to look too hard to see that ALL these various people have the same, identical problem that affects the school children.

    The Devil is literally running things bout here…through a multitude of agents.

    National sackcloth and ashes is the ONLY solution…..
    Everything else is SOS..
    (Same old Shiite)

  43. David

    Absolutely! Teenagers getting gundown and kill in execution style but these are so common now that they there is no more shock and awe to upset the soul unless it is in your neighbourhood and relative of yours. Why the call for a boycott on the showing of this picture and not one for the young boy ( I think) from Princess Margaret school who was killed by a vehicle while fleeing from a bully. What the nationnews should do is start to branch out in various fields of news presentation. They can get involve in documentary production. Do a piece on violence in the schools. Go into some of the depressed communities and compile information to get a better understanding of the various forms of abuse and some of the reasons behind the abusive situation.

    • @SSS

      Agree with you, as the largest publishing outlet it needs to return to its roots where Harl Hoyte, Al Gilkes et al had it anchored before it was sold for 30 pieces so that a few can now enjoy a golden parachute in retirement.

  44. It all depends on content. While the Nation tends to bury anything positive on the inside, it has always opted to the less positive on the front pages. In contrast Barbados Today dedicates much of its paper to what the younger folk are doing in entertainment and the arts. It also covers a fair amount of the social scene .
    The point made by@ SSS in relation to the Nation presenting some documentaries is well taken. However that is really the job of CBC as a government agency. The BLPDLP has used CBC as a political organ therefore it does not seek to go beyond that in any real sense.
    The Government Information Service should be used for more informative and well researched programs but that has also been poorly utilised over the years.
    I really cannot understand why Hoyte and Gilkes are being pilloried for making money because they made the investment if they had failed they would have been ridiculed for the rest of their lives.
    The easy access to guns would have been known to the authorities since the mid 70s. This increase would have been the result of the emergence of the drug culture. Failure to take the same steps that we are promoting today is the real problem. We simply swept too many serious negative threats under the carpet.
    We have encouraged too much lawlessness and in effect have now hit or at least about to hit a wall doing a 100 miles per hour.
    We , the most “literate” people in the world saw the trends in other countries and the region but we comforted ourselves with our favourite refrain: “Dah can’ happen hey.” Well………..

    • @William

      I really cannot understand why Hoyte and Gilkes are being pilloried for making money because they made the investment if they had failed they would have been ridiculed for the rest of their lives.

      It seems you are of the view your opinion must be left to carry sway. You share your and we will ours. The same reasons a group of patriotic got together to establish the Nation newspaper all those years ago we suggest was not motivated by solely by dollar signs.

  45. William Skinner

    CBC is not independent. If you have not notice, the nationnews has an online news edition with a video segment that presents the days news. If they should ever decide to venture into the 22 century of news documentation and undercover reporting, we will really see the horrors that government tries hard to protect from seeing eyes and listening ears.

  46. How can we discuss the business history of the Nation without mention of the late Trevor ‘Job’ Clarke? There is still a need for a legal resolution of the claims Job had made on ownership of equity in the Nation.

  47. We need leaders that can act and put love for country first, not just stand up.

  48. Without a doubt we must take action and do so NOW! How long will take for these angry young warriors to grow up, enter the workforce and become disgruntled with the manager or a coworker. After being disciplined and possibly dismissed the angry school child, now a man or woman, leaves and returns with a gun to take vengeance on other employees and management? Or is it too great a leap for this situation to take place right now while they are still at school. Remember Columbine? Oh I forgot, it can’t happen here.

  49. @David the blogmaster “attacking one of their own like a pack of wild animals.”

    Dear David:

    Please stop insulting the wild animals. I live on a gully-side and I have never seen the monkeys treating one another so.

  50. @David the blogmaster “is to ride the popularity that being sensationalistic generates.”

    And this is a part of the problem.

    None of the youngsters–and most of their teachers and parents–don’t know the difference between notoriety and popularity.

  51. @angela skeete “Drug and Alcohol offenders. Right now they have to admit themselves to the Psychiatric hospital and because of the stigma the majority do not go. It is a ridiculous situation that these two addictions have to be treated in Black Rock. We are losing young men and women because of this.”

    i can’t think of a better place to treat severe alcohol and drug addictions, that within a therapeutic institution, which the Psychiatric Hospital at Black Rock is.

    So when we open a new place or new places don’t you know that the stigma will go there too? It is the addiction (or mental illness) which is stigmatized, not the buildings in which the treatment takes place.

  52. @David May 20, 2017 at 12:11 PM ” You cant grasp for example how by mismanaging the PSV sector the political class has added to the problem we are battling now?”

    David unlike you I actually take PSV’s everyday and have done so for decades. I’ve witnessed a single act of violence, when a woman armed with a very, very large knife entered a PSV apparently with the intention of inflicting serious bodily harm or death on her conductor boyfriend. Sensible and athletic fellow he leaped off the bus and in through the gates of the much maligned Psychiatric Hospital. He did NOT put up a fight with the crazy woman.

    Maybe people who do not take PSV’s witness violence on PSV’s everyday, but somehow I do not.

  53. @Corey Worrell “When female students can tell you if they done school with no CXCs they will be like Natalie and mek nuff money – you know what time it is.”

    It is time to tell them that prostitutes don’t make much money, and what little money they do make must be spent on clothes, makeup etc.

    I have an acquaintance who spent many years working as a prostitute. Now in her 50’s she lives in a single poorly ventilated room, and is dependent on welfare.

    But as you said there is always a story and that story includes a teenaged uncle who started regularly sexually abusing his niece from the time she was 8 until she was 16 and decided “if my uncle can do this to me for noting, then strangers can do it to me for money” It included her mother who did not want to be a parent, and gvae up custody to a grandmother who did not want custody either. It included a very, very wealthy father who denied his role in her conception.

    Some of these children need years of intensive therapy…some, maybe most never get it, and so we have another generation of very troubled people.

  54. @Caswell Franklyn May 20, 2017 at 4:20 PM “Recently, at the Foundation School a teacher got one of the students pregnant. Rather than jail him, he is allowed to marry the student since a wife cannot testify against a husband in court.”

    Wrong Caswell. A wife can testify against her husband. However a wife cannot be COMPELLED to testify against her husband. So this child wife can testify. If the girl was younger than 16 when the adult impregnated her, she can testify now or at some time in the future. Although I don’t know if there is a statute of limitations for the rape of a minor.

  55. @Retribution-things that make me go hum! May 20, 2017 at 7:45 PM “majority of the parents today are mere children themselves.”

    People keep saying this as though saying it will make it true.

    But in fact the age of first birth in Barbados has remained virtually unchanged for more that 100 years.

    About half the women give birth for the first time before their 19th birthday.

    And the other half give birth for the first time after their 19th birthday.

    You can check the Barbados’ census to verify this.

    Or you can ask your grandmothers, you mother mother in law, your aunts and sisters what was their age when the became pregnant for the first time.

    So we have always had mere children tasked with parenting.

  56. i agree with one of the bloggers here. Some of these school kids and even the adults, will tell you where to go and what and where to suck out. Some of them cant even spell or decode words or comprehension, and the ones that can read, just wait until they enter the workplace, and their boss tell them something they dont like. Will you tell your boss to go suck out her or his mother, you know what. One of these days these same girls and boys that use their tongue to insult and curse people, god will deal with you all, just wait and see . Karma will get you, they think they young and beautiful and they are immune to the viles of life, but wait and see. Even though you may have a mother or father to run too, when you go in the workplace, you will never hold a job, because what goes around comes around. You will get a boss that will be breathing down your neck, and if you want the job, then you have to hold your tongue. I saw a supervisor told this guy to pick up paper off the ground, he pleasantly agreed, but when the supervisor turn her back, he kicked the paper until a desk. Thats what you have to do, he didnt talk back or get an attitude, and he didnt pick up the paper either. In the end he won. I thought that was a smart action.

  57. I know some fathers forbid the mothers from chastising or training the kids, so the kids go to school with the attitude that they can do as they please. When these kids get to be an adult, no one is going to pamper you like your parents did. You have to be the same as everyone in public, so dont think because your parents told you , your are a queen or whatever and no one can tell you what to do, that its necessarily true. You will grow up with an egotistically attitude, and one day that behavior will come back to haunt you.

  58. david the problems with school kids cant be fixed, because Barbados dont have the resources to help all these kids. The government will have to provide lunch, dinner, clothes , housing and safety for these kids. Some kids go to school hungry with nothing at home to eat because usually the single parent dont have a job. Also teachers should not look down on kids because the parents or mother is not married, Married people fight and have disruptive homes also. I know many married homes where the father want to have sex with the girls or girl that dont belong to him, or he would abuse and lie on the child or children that dont belong to him, so its not who is married or who is not married. Its the upbringing of the child. if the single mother is working and can spend some time with her child or children, most of this bad behavior wont happen. Some kids immune to listening to rules at home, so sometimes they either have to attend another school where they will get proper teaching, or let them learn the hard way. Hopefully they wont get 2 or 3 kids in the process. I think all these school problems was happening from years back, but only nowadays life is harder, jobs hard to come by, so how is the government going to help when they dont have the resources. So they left the problems up to the mother. One time kids use to get breakfast at school, like milk, bread or biscuits. Nowadays kids dont get nothing. All the problems you mention comes from bad undisciplined, or massive poverty. Some girls are sexually active at the tender age of 14, and if the mother is out working,then the girl have all the time to have boys having sex with her, what is the mother to do. Hopefully she can send the girl at a family member to watch her until the mother get home from work. If the mother dont have a family member or a friend to watch the girl or other kids, then the kids are left on their own. The girl that is sexually active will only have to learn the hard way, but the mother should talk to her, so the girl cant say her mother didnt give her advice.

    • The Attorney General promised today to enact juvenile legislation to hold delinquent parents accountable.
      Bear in mind this is the same person who promised to report to parliament on Mia’s LEC.
      And the same person who joined with the prime minster after the results were known after the last general election to promise reform to the electoral laws based on ‘irregularities’ they witnessed.

  59. @ David at 6:26 PM

    Are we looking for persons to hold accountable ?
    I think we want the unacceptable, violent and uncouth behaviour of our youth to stop. It is a question of inculcating a system of values in the young. This is precisely the reason that I posit that parents and the education authorities must establish a code of conduct and the parents and educational authorities must be given the moral support to enforce the rules. We all know what is acceptable behaviour. Can legislation enforce it ?


    Where did these kids get it into their heads that it was Ok to batter another pupil over a $15.00 can of hair spray? Are we paying taxes for them to have fancy hair styles that require olive oil sprays during school time?
    All the schools that my sisters ,daughter, and grand daughter attended /s required them to have simple neat hair styles that allowed the teachers to see their faces and read their foreheads. Time to get back to that.

  60. Some of the pre-independence rules and regulations made sense.Political interference in state funded secondary education for all is partially to blame for the chaos that exists in our schools.Just as political interference in the public service has seen to it that stooges and incompetents are placed in decision making positions,to the benefit of the stooge and the minister but the country suffers eventually.
    One continues to marvel at this PM speaking at functions most of which have the mandatory TV camera in attendance.Are people are listening to him?it doesn’t seem that way.They would prefer to hear gearbox.At least they would know he was a clown and a ‘mock stick’.

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