The Caswell Franklyn Column – Akanni McDowall Kicked to the Kerb


Akanni McDowall, President of the National Union of Public Workers

A Nazi era pastor, Martin Niemoller is credited with having said of the German authorities,

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out – Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out – Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out – Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me – and there was no one left to speak for me.

Now in Barbados, they have come for Akanni McDowall, President of the National Union of Public Workers and I won’t let history repeat itself. I am therefore forced to speak out because I am a trade unionist.

When I first heard the rumour of Akanni’s impending reversion to his substantive post, I called his head of department, who happens to be a good friend of mine, to ask what they were doing with Akanni. I warned my friend that it was a criminal offence, under section 40A of the Trade Union Act, to dismiss a workman or adversely affect his employment or alter his position to his prejudice because that workman engaged in trade union activity. Mind you, the penalty is only a small fine not exceeding $1,000 or a term of imprisonment not exceeding six months or both.

My friend insisted that my sources would have misled me since, as head of department, he would be required to write a report on Akanni’s performance before any action is taken and so far no one had even mentioned the topic.

After that interaction with my friend and now that Akanni has been reverted to his substantive post, I could be wrong but I am convinced of three things until the contrary is proven. Firstly, that my sources are unimpeachable; secondly, that his demise is as a direct result of his trade union activity; and thirdly, that his demotion was ordered from a very high level.

My understanding is that Mr. McDowall was acting continuously on a series of short term contracts for over two years in senior established posts. Further, his latest one was due to expire on October 31, 2016, however before its expiration, he was abruptly reverted. It would appear that they, whoever they are, couldn’t wait to take him out.

The original 2007 Public Service Act required the Public Service Commission to fill vacant posts within three months but they never met that standard. The Personnel Administration Division (PAD) argued that the period was too short and Government responded by amending the act in 2010 to extend the time to one year. Even with that extension, PAD continued to give workers successive three-month contracts some of which have been extended for years, despite the upper limit of one year that is mandated by the Recruitment and Employment Code.

The sinister thing about the authorities’ refusal to follow the law and make the appointments when due is that they revert officers, who are acting in higher posts, and terminate temporary officers without going through the disciplinary procedure. To my mind, their behaviour amounts to an abuse of power since temporary officers who are acting in established posts; and appointed officers, who are acting in higher posts, have the same rights as the substantive holders for the duration of the acting or temporary appointment in accordance with section 94 of the Constitution.

When I was growing up and suffered a stroke of bad luck, my grandmother would say that all things come together for good to those that love God. I thought that it was one of hers but subsequently found out that she was quoting the Bible. Therefore, I can only hope that some good can come of this martyrdom of a young trade union leader. The heavy handed action against him is nothing new. Countless other public workers have suffered similar fates. It is just that he is the most high profile victim to date. Maybe his celebrity might bring attention to the wide scale avoidance of proper procedures in the Public Service.

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  1. They cannot seem to rise above the crab in the barrel mentality, dont care the level of education, a serious indictment on adults, how do they expect young adults and children who watch their every move to act…after all, they are supposed to be managing the country.

    None of them in the governmet departments seem to be good role models for the younger generations, they cannot seem to rise above themselves.

  2. You got to love Caswell Franklyn though because he talks about speaking out against the wrongdoing that is perpetrated against the common working man, which he has done here on BU for quite successfully for a number of years.

    But one sees a distinctive pattern in his discourse because although her pretends to champion the causes of the working man, his true vendetta is directed at DLP administration.

    So here is my pronouncement regarding Mr. Franklyn, I unequivocally and categorically prognosticate that if and when the BLP regain power, that Mr. Franklyn time here on BU would have been well spent, because he came to BU with a personal vendetta against the DLP, and not to advocate for the rights of the working man.

  3. Well Well

    So you’re in essence saying that Ronald Jones the Minister of Education and Human Resources Development, doesn’t stand as a good role model for the young people to emulate? Wasn’t Jones advocating for the rights of the young people earlier this year, when he challenged principals not forced parents to have to pay for their children graduation? Why wouldn’t Jones be the kind of role model a parent would want a son or daughter to emulate?

  4. Dompey…would you want Ronald Jones to be a role model for your children, young family members, especially your sons.

    It’s a simple question, a yes or no question…..a simple answer will do.

  5. In the meantime the streets of Barbados are being made clean while the trade Unionist continue to spread lies and propaganda about the govt efforts

    Put country first

  6. Well Well

    To answer your question yes! What is it in his character that makes him unfit to be a role model for my son or daughter?
    Listen! My Bible tells me that all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. Now would you want Caswell Franklyn to be a role model for your grandchildren? And do you know enough of the man to determine whether or not he is a pedophile, or man of high morals and character?

    • Some of you must be illiterate. Caswell composed an article about an issue which should concern any civic minded Barbadian but instead we have to observe this idiocy. This government will reap the whirlwind. All it has promised about transparency has come to nought. Is the former president of the NUPW still sitting on the NIS board is it? Is he still in his role at the NHC?

  7. David

    Several months ago Barbados Today wrote an article on the very man Caswell Franklyn is trying to defend because the majority of his union membership were dissatisfied with his performance.

  8. David

    The yardfowl imbeciles are at it again. Their role is to divert attention away from issues that appear to be critical of the current administration. It would be much better if other commenters would simply ignore them, as I do.

  9. David

    The more important question is: What would NUPW do to defend its president? If they can’t take action to defend the president, then they should not be in business as a trade union. Remember BWU and the David Giles issue against the telephone company.

    The major problem is that NUPW is politically compromised and does not have the heart to fight the DLP. Another problem is that Akanni is a son who step out of the DLP household and the Dems are inflicting what they see as a suitable punishment. The DLP does not tolerate dissent.

    • @Caswell

      That is a good question also. From a distance it appears Akanni has not always been on good terms with his management team. The signing of cheques comes to mind and the tension dealing with the matter at the airport.

  10. David

    I’ve been in an union for over three-decades now and I am cognizant of a union leaders who are genuinely concerned about the affairs of the membership, and those who are and have been there with ulterior motives and hidden agendas. And an imbecile can look at Caswell Franklyn discourse throughout the years and see that this man has a personal vendetta again the DLP administration coupled with his self-serving agenda.

    • @Caswell

      Time will tell, time will tell.

      What is the status of the Buyers Club touted during the old dispensation?

      There is the bastardized saying, a membership will get the leadership it deserves.

  11. Caswell Franklyn

    You have proven my point by asking the readership here on BU to ignore an opinion whether intelligible or unintelligible because it does not coincide with the prevailing orthodoxy. And you claim to be a man who defend the rights of the worker, but fall short of recognizing that those rights are intricately interlaced with the right of freedom of expression, and ideal upon on which our democratic system of governance has been erected.

  12. Caswell wrote a one sided article to make an argument without having all the facts, How then can Caswell be portrayed as being evenhanded , He says he goes to a friend for information , The information he received does not satisfy his perceptions so he takes pen to paper and writes an article derived from sheer speculation which reminds me of the ongoing feud in the american election and so called outside sources to influence
    Unless Caswell can document both sides providing detail information as to how the decision to revert was made he is liken to a blind man throwing darts at a bulls eye

    Now in the public interest an issue which has brought to table the govt efforts to Keep Barbados Clean, This was no secret as the Unions has stated! as memory serves to remember that MOF in his budgetary statement stated on the floor of Parliament that EVERY effort would be made to clean up Barbados! now such effort is being made the Unions have become agitators and bitter but who knows what alternative plans the Unions might have had to give such cause to such bitterness one is led to believe that govt decision was a testing of waters towards a bigger game plan , However i am lead to believe the the NUPW outrage might have given reason to a bigger game plan of their own one which was thwarted a plan which could have embarrassed govt during the 50th anniversary with another SSA strike
    There are many things govt have to be wise and concern taking no chances after seeing the force and level of actions Unions would take against the nations best interest to satisfy its membership
    Most notably the govt has the majority of Barbadians on its side with this new initiative to clean up Barbados in the meanwhile Mcdowall spins the political wheel across the length and breath of barbados looking for foot soldiers to do his dirty work which poll revealed would be few and far in between

  13. When this story first broke the David Giles saga came straight to mind. I remember when a manager sought to make an example of yours truly, a young and enthusiastic Shop Steward and the late Billy Straughn made it clear to that institution that in the eyes of the union it matched and merited the same response the police make to a crime against a police officer.
    I kept waiting to hear of a plan of action from the NUPW, instead all I heard was how please it was with the direction the talks with GAIA were going. The Freundel Stuart administration does not expect to be returned to office, and are driven to accomplish whatever they deem important to them, without regard for what is said about them. There needs to be a sit down between every trade union in Barbados. That is the first step at exposing the George Street yard fowls embedded within the movement. Restoration of confidence in Trade Unionism must be made a priority. The erosion of progress made over the years needs to be halted immediately. That progress must no longer be traded for duty free concessions.

  14. International Labour Law regards it as A Very Bad Thing to interfere with the working conditions of workers’ organizations. I suppose the argument would be that Mc Dowell has not been demoted but has merely been returned to his substantive post. The burden of proving anti-union discrimination would then be on him and the NUPW.

    -Can an employer fire a worker’s representative?

    “A worker cannot be fired for his or her trade union or worker representative activities carried out in accordance with the law or in conformity with collective agreements or other jointly agreed arrangements. However a worker’s representative may be fired on other grounds, where justified, provided procedural safeguards are in place to protect against wrongful dismissal based on trade union activities. In some countries, it is necessary to get permission from the labour ministry before dismissing union leaders or candidates for union leadership”.

  15. The NUPW is a spent force.
    It has suffered the folly of too many political lackies who were in position of authority because they wanted to serve themselves firstly, and their political parties secondly…
    That the numerous members sat back and allowed this to continue speaks to the QUALITY of the membership – and as we all must now know, the membership gets what the membership deserves….
    Once Government is able to vindictively embarrass the president like this, then the Union could as well close shop.
    In a REAL union, not even a lowly assistant shop steward could be treated like that without SERIOUS NATIONAL repercussions…. far less a president.

    But then again, the NUPW is just a microcosm of Barbados …. with such a large majority of people of the mental capacity of Dompey and AC, (who are so idiotic that they could not see the point on a pencil) that the jackasses in charge can do anything they wish…

    • On a peripheral note can Caswell whisper to his friend at NCC (Keith Neblett) that plausible deniability does not cut it.

      Ref: Sunday Sun p.13A

    • David

      Neblett seems not to know much. You remember that he was in a similar position when it came to changed the list of persons who were sent home by NCC.

      Sent from my iPad

  16. Bush S hit. You have the solution/s to every dam thing .why dont you take time out of your comfort zone and solve or repair all damages. At this point your are sounding like the bombastic egostitical dunderhead running for the president of USA long on bombas and lacking in solutions. The only difference between you and him is that he had the balls to test the waters while you sit with you tail stuck between both legs talking

    #old gas bag.

  17. Bush Tea

    Yap I got it Bushie, i mean wat you tryin tah sah, dah de hole of de BU household is smarter dan de rest aa Barbados because dem don’t listen tah wunna.

    Bush Tea, the entire lot here on BU, have failed miserably in its endeavour to aroused the collective conscience of the Barbadian people and rally them to stand up and fight against the improprieties of the ruling government. And when yall failed to accomplished this objective, yall pulled a Donald Trump, by turning around and denigrated the collective intellect of the Barbadian people.

  18. Dompey October 23, 2016 at 6:52 AM #
    “Several months ago Barbados Today wrote an article on the very man Caswell Franklyn is trying to defend because the majority of his union membership were dissatisfied with his performance.”

    So if it really was a fact that a majority were “dissatisfied with his performance” why wasn’t he removed?

  19. Nostradamus

    Go to the Barbados Today blog and ask my good friend Wade Gibbons the journalists why because he might have written the piece.

  20. Hal Austin

    The some unions do it in this part of the world, and it is called the Rainy Day Fund. And this fund is also distributed to members who actively picket on the strike line for an extended period of time.

  21. After a second try he won. But so far Mcdowall only influence has been those driven through political lenses. He has yet to stand on those grievances that has merited overall popular opinion.
    Again on the issue of the SSA he used perrogative jestures absence of truth to whip up unwarranted frenzy to cause division and confusing.

  22. Not in this part of the world though. We do not wish to assume any risks for our convictions. We expect the employer to pay whether we work or strike.

  23. Trying to understand the practice in Bim, if you are a Trade Union leader do you still work in your substantive position? If the answer is the affirmative I can see where Gov’t might have an issue with a leader occupying a sensitive post.

    My nickels worth.

  24. I recall Donville Inniss calling Brasstacks and making some caustic observations of what he thought McDowell should be doing during working hours,the tenor of his message being that the man should get off the radio and for once go and do the work for which he is paid in the ministry of health,instead of wasting time on union matters.
    One is therefore not surprised that the mantra…….The lord giveth and the lord taketh away…. is still the rule of thumb of this PM.
    The gloves are off but going forward,the man must protect his ass from the quislings of the DLP.

  25. David

    I know the brother is into sports. I was just kidding, but an article was written regarding the ousted of this young man.

  26. Sergeant

    In this part of the world and I am quite sure you are acquainted with the title union president rather than union leader? And I know of no such person occupying such a position being actively employed in the private or governmental sector, and I have been in the union some three decades.

  27. Caswell Franklyn

    Your members pay union dues every week, biweekly or monthly, so you can use of of those dues to establish a fund for striking workers who have been on the picket line for a minute.

  28. The General Secretary is probably the union president here and union leader is probably the foot soldier the union delegate here.

  29. “The trade union should make up any loss of wages.”
    This would be the most cowardly and idiotic approach to be taken by the union, but at the same time, it is the most plausible …for brass bowls.

    The whole philosophical purpose of an organisation like a union should be to stand up for RIGHT ….. and to fight against SHIITE.

    What the union SHOULD do, is give the government one week to reinstate the man to the previous acting position, …failing which, various government agencies would begin strike action ….with a new agency joining every day.
    SIMPLE … this is how one deals with SHIITE.
    Making up the loss to McDowel would be like wiping the DLP’s ass with your handkerchief.

    When a set of people lose focus on righteousness, then all kinds of folly creep into their agenda, and when we have ‘intellects’ of the order of AC and Dompey in leadership positions, it is no point bringing logic and reason to the table …. no one reasons with a donkey – it takes a whip to his ass to get results.

  30. David

    There isn’t anything a small island like Barbados can teach a man who lives internationally, and I am not trying to be disrespectful. David, you need to get your hands on Mark Twain’s quote: ” Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow mindedness…!”

  31. Bush Tea

    Your disasterous suggestion would break the back of union because what if the government replace striking workers with the thousands that have already been layoff. I have seen it happened in the 1990s, where the union called a strike and the governor brought in workers from neighboringt states to take the place of striking workers and the strike lasted about five months, and almost break back of the union because the governor was determining not to giving to union demands. Plus his strategy was to break the back of union by holding out as long as possible.

  32. Btw word on the ground is that in the matter of the Pension Rights for clergy of the Anglican Church, Chancellor Leacock and Bishop Holder were handed a defeat in the High Court last week.

  33. Bush Tea

    So you think that the government is as dumb as you not to put contingency plans in place, in view of an impending strike?

  34. David

    Listen and learn from a man who had been on the picket line for more than five months and who watched many of his coworkers being hauled off to jail because their resorted to violence because of the governor’s reluctance to give to union demands. And many my my coworkers during the 1990s, lose they homes, apartments, cars, and hope because of the governor’s determination to break the back of union. So union President Jerry Brown at the time brought in Jess Jackson to speak on the union behaft, and unfortunately, Jackson national acclaim did little to sway an ever determining governor.

  35. NUPW has no option but to follow Bushtea’s advice or even to escalate that advice to having the other Unions join with them in extremely strong strike action against the relevant Government departments.

    Failing that action, the treatment of Akanni MacDowall would betoken the absolute death knell of responsible Trade Unionism in Barbados following a long sickness in the last few administrations.

    What a pity that we could have reached the stage where a Government of Barbados could have even considered taking such action. Looks like I might soon have to retire my pen name.

  36. Are we there yet

    Not always a winning strategy on the part of the union especially, when you have a conscientious government that is cognizant of the economic vicissitudes, and willing to put contingency plans in place, coupled with workforce that fears the idea of losing its jobs because of the escalating unemployment rate, this obviously will pose a challenge for the Union to get its membership on the picket line, especially whew you have a government that is pushing the narrative of replacements workers.

  37. It is going to see the response of the NUPW and other unions.

    As Bush Tea has suggested that action and solidarity PARTICULARLY AT THIS TIME, would result in reinstatement because it would affect the Independence fiasco and waste foop.

    That it will not happen lies in the fear that the act has caused among the so called sheeple who as we know have no balls.

    None of these small minded persons have the fortitude proposed by Bush Tea nor the vision required by Are We There Yet and me-ism is going to decide if people make a stand

  38. Piece

    If the government surrender everytime the union call a strike, the union would amount to nothing more than a dictatorship in our democracy. That is why it is important that govenment put contingency plans in place to militate against the unreasonable demands of the union.

  39. Dompey
    You seem to be more of a gadfly than a contributor
    A misguided missile whose purpose is to confuse instead of inform

  40. anonymous

    Misguided missile LOL I hear you boss, but that not my problem though because if your small calcified brain can’t decipher well too bad fah you.

  41. Bush Tea

    Your limited belief system and toddler’s view of reality has caused you to be tunnel view focus and this in essence, has continue to befouled the collegiate discourse here on BU.

  42. Ms Redman, our forceful teachers’ representative, is now attacking he government for creating sixth forms, not that she is proposing anything better.
    If we are to be a knowledge-based society then young Barbadian must go through further education.
    Why is this woman trying to undermine the quality of Barbadian education,? Even more important, why do normally sensible Barbadian teachers allow this woman to try to destroy our society, and in the process allow St Lucia to now become by far the best educated English-speaking Caribbean island?

    • @Hal Austin

      Is she against Six Forms or worried about the lack of infrastructure and other support a ministry low in financial and other resources is suffering.

  43. Barbados claims to have a literacy rate of 99%, and this is amount the best in the world but yet, St. Lucia has two Nobel Prize winners and Barbados zero.😂

  44. the govt did well in its operation having a a better game plan that the Union one which has serve the people well , The only solutions that Union has proposed are those to break the backs of govt and show disrespect for the people and those issues that are problematic to the entire nation , How can one forget in the height of Tourism season when the Unions took the advantage of refusing to pick up garbage and close the airport.
    Now what supposed govt should do after the Unions show of hands in their offerings, one cannot logically expect for govt to have a repeat of the same
    Since the inception of Mcdowall a day has not gone by without the NUPW stretching an issue to a point of no return. If a double barrel shot gun is constantly
    pointed in one face the alternative for safety lies in the hands of those whose the gun is pointed.
    Govt already knows who Mcdowall takes his order and as the good saying goes No man can serve two masters at one time he either loves one or hate the other ,govt made a decision on a matter which involves servitude an action which is worthy and principled to good governance

  45. David

    I don’t get it with you all people because you are bitching and moaned about every little thing, as though Barbados is the only country in the wworld that is experiencing economic difficulty. The state in which I live is some two hundred million dollars in debt and the governor is laying off teachers, closing courts closing prisons, negotiating Union contracts, bus routes are being cut, cutting funding to State hospitals,closing state departments because it could be done cheaper in the private sector,and what makes it worseis the fact that the state is going to be 400 million dollars next year.

  46. What AC is saying in all of its collective rambling is that they have determined that the only way that they can get at the Union(s) is, for those entities where they employ the union man/woman, they are gine to make you life a hell on earth.

    In other words FIRE YOUR SCVUNT.

    Now that you have been demoted, the next step is that they will reassign your scvunt to an office in St. Lucy where the matter of reaching work early AND BEING ON THE JOB, & PAYING FOR THE GASOLENE DAT QUISLING BOYCE GOT OVERPRICED, WILL TRUNCATE ANY AND ALL OF YOUR UNION DUTIES.

    De ole man however has a suggestion for you to be able to supplement your income.

    It is the ole man T-Shirt campaign!!

    $25 for every Tshirt which we will split equally (using STINKLIAR MATHEMATICS or DOWNLOWE COMPUTATIONS where you will either get 0.7 or 0.07 % of the income OR I will get the first $5,000,000.

    If this is agreable to you text me with the words “Where is my Cut??” at 1-246-DOWN-LOWE

  47. Look Dompey

    I dont know how long you were begging the Honourable Blogmaster to get back here on Barbados UnderGround.

    When you were banned the last time you were doing the same effing stupidity.

    (1) Posting bout every effing topic

    (2) while being totally oblivious to the subject being discussed

    (3) While talking bout American politics because your ass get beat by a teacher in the 1970 because he interpreted your dypslexia and ADD as being dumpcey.

    The fact is that you have now learnt how to differentiate singular and plural nouns and have a good understanding of subject verb agreement but that does not make you an Einstein.

    You will note that even AC is avoiding commenting on your dribble which is indicative that even she, the brighter one not the doufus, is afraid to entertain you.

    Try this

    (1) if a post is over one sentence “DO NOT RESPOND TO IT” because that will mean that you cant grasp the topic anyways.

    (2) If you are going to rely on American Statistics IT MEANS THAT YOU GOING ENRAGE MANY UH DE POSTERS HEAH cause Akanni and Caswell and Miss Moore and Miss Redman all is Bajans and dis is a Bajan issue

    We frankly does not give a shyt##e bout American matters and generally we only comment pun de blogs devoted to that dog pup like (a) Grabbing People Pokkerts (b) white people killing niggers as a rite of passage and (c) West Indian Nannies eating de baby food and unfairing de white people dem kids or west Indians trafficing in drugs or West Indians arsonists burning down dem house for insurance money OR DEM NEIGHBOURS TRYING TO GET RID OF DEM INTOLERABLE SCVUNT.


    Let about 20 posts go up BEFORE YOU RESPOND TO DE OLE MAN PLEASE!!!!!

  48. Piece

    Did you final understand the difference between phenomenon and phenomena? And the singular and plural usage of criterion and criteria? Don’t worry bout Dompey because he gine move onto tah de Atheists, Agnostics and Free-Thinkers blog of Barbados soon old man.

  49. ac October 23, 2016 at 6:30 AM #
    In the meantime the streets of Barbados are being made clean while the trade Unionist continue to spread lies and propaganda about the govt efforts

    Put country first

    So the retards you work for thought that demoting the man was going to stop him speaking out against SSA privatisation? Not to state the obvious man but: “never pick a fight with a man who has nothing to lose”.

    It is his job to represent all public workers, even if I don’t agree that SSA shouldn’t be privatised.

    Further, this action just makes the cabinet look even more vindictive and childish. You lot were never fit to run a country and you prove it every day.

  50. “What the union SHOULD do, is give the government one week to reinstate the man to the previous acting position, …failing which, various government agencies would begin strike action ….with a new agency joining every day.
    SIMPLE … this is how one deals with SHIITE.”

    This is the BEST suggestion so far on this thread.

    The Govt. would then get the opportunity to break the back of this Barbados Labour Party controlled entity

    And lets hope that the strike is long and protracted. The Union would then have to pay all the striking workers from their “Strike fund”. We all know the state of these Trade Union strike funds. The funds were used to buy Mercedes Benz and BMW’s for the Union upper class. Akanni and Roslyn would find themselves at Scotia Bank trying negotiate loans to pay striking workers.

    For the NUPW it could well be a Pyrrhic victory.

    Also it would give us the opportunity to invoke emergency powers and use them to good effect.

    • We are investing in education and significantly so. We must invest yes but it must be relevant to a national plan.

  51. The more bush shit open his mouth tge more he sounds like Donald Trump with his illogical meanderings and irrelevant crticisms
    Also the govt has done what it supposed and results are showing the Unions are dizzy garbage is pick up with regularity and the bees are in a tizzy and Annaki has been cut at the knees
    The three strike method of disposing of your enemies

  52. ahhhhhhhhh

    And there we have it!!!

    Michael Lashes now enters into the fray.

    But here is the thing that the “drunken mouth” has revealed.


    The Emergency Powers Act – The Secret Sauce and the Power Play that Freundel Stuart has been discussing within his sanctum sanctorum on how the DLP can invoke this act prior to or during the Period leading up to the General Election and therby deny constitutionally due elections.

    This is not rocket science.

    It is obvious that this administration, aware that it is incapable of governing, STILL, IN THE FACE OF SUCH INCOMPETENCE, will not relinquish the reins of government without some skullduggery for example the suspension of the constitution of Barbados UNDER THE EMERGENCY POWERS ACT !!

    But hold your horses Carson read Michael Lashley, let us have a read of the first section of the act together. (Note that the ole man did not say “come let us reason together’)


    An Act to make exceptional provision for the protection of the community in cases of emergency.

    This Act may be cited as the Emergency Powers Act.

    (1) Where the Governor-General is satisfied – that a public emergency has arisen as a result of the imminence of a state of war between Barbados and another state or as a result of the occurrence of any 1967. earthquake, hurricane, flood, fire, outbreak of pestilence, outbreak of infectious disease or other calamity, whether similar to the foregoing or not; or

    (b) that action has been taken or is immediately threatened by any person of such a nature and on so extensive a scale as to be likely to endanger the public safety or to deprive the community, or any substantial portion of the community, of supplies or services essential to life, the Governor-General may, by proclamation (hereinafter referred to as a proclamation of emergency) declare that a state of public emergency exists.

    (2) A proclamation of emergency shall, unless previously revoked, remain in force for one month or for such longer period, not exceeding six months, as the House of Assembly may determine by a resolution supported by the votes of a majority of all the members of that House:

    Now you are the person who threatened the Emergency Powers Act see Carson C Cadogan October 24, 2016 at 9:22 AM # where you said

    and I quote

    “Also it would give us the opportunity to invoke emergency powers and use them to good effect…”

    I would like to know how in the absence of “the votes of a majority of all the members of that House:…” how wunna going get dat do???

  53. I heard Dr. The Honourable Esther Byer-Suckoo on the 4:30 edition of the Starcom Network News LYING to the public about Akanni McDowall’s abrupt removal from his acting appointment. She claimed that the period of acting had come to the end because the time had expired. I don’t know why that woman wouldn’t keep her mouth shut. That is an absolute lie. Delcia Burke, Deputy General Secretary of NUPW was forced to come on air and explain that McDowall had six more weeks to go before that authority expired.

    • @Caswell

      Heard her as well. Hopefully she will issue a clarification statement if not there is legitimate grounds for the NUPW to add to the grievance list. The point though is that minister Suckoo is in no position to challenge the widely held belief that McDowall’s demotion was political. By her admission the matter does not fall under her purview.

    • She should learn to keep her trap shut. Air head!!

      Sent from my iPad

  54. Wow, Caswell Franklyn, you are getting very bold in your comments towards the worst DLP administration in the history of DLP politics. Why don’t you keep it professional, you sweet thing? I understand fully how you feel when jackasses like ”the politician formally known as Byer-Suckoo,” speaks out of context when the blood comes rushing in. By the way though, what did she say?

    • SSS

      I would not say bold, it is just that these ministers of government have so little respect for the people of this country that they feel it is okay to come and tell any lie, as long as it sounds good, and that annoys me.

      The amazing thing is that they know that they are lying but they persist in the certain knowledge that Bajans are docile and would take it.

      In yesterday’s Barbados Today, Sinckler is quoted basically lying about the BRA situation. When will the people of this country demand respect?

      I am not being harsh; I’m merely calling a spade a spade in reaction to the disrespect that this Government is meting out to us as a people.

      Sent from my iPad

  55. Caswell

    I can understand your frustration. It is the very same reason why I cuss dem little high and little low. I thought that the arrogancy of the Barbados Labour Party and their many shades of wicked could not be surpassed. I was totally wrong. These people that make up the Democratic Labour Party to whom I was once loyal are operating at a different level of horrible. What has made me even more upset is that the arrogant, despicable, immoral, nuff words silent bold face deceiver for a Prime Minister, rebuke press intervention during his tour of the controversial building of the Hyatt Hotel on a designated world heritage site. I mean this man can only be either in a world call Freundel or think his role as Prime Minister makes him immune to any charge of wrongdoing. He seems not to care that whatever little credibility he had gone up in smoke during the lies he told when the shady deal call, Cahill was going down. I honestly hope he gets what he deserves.

  56. Dearest Suzanne,

    All of them going get what they deserve.

    Not one badword seat my dear.

    You starting to see your remarks/fliers on the Facebook blogs yet?

    Looka my dear you should ask your Daddy (if he is an internet buff) or ask Sandra and Lynette.

    Man dis is like Nelly’s song “It’s getting hot in here, so hot, so take off all your clothes
    I am, getting so hot, I wanna take my clothes off”

    Those fliers got tings hot!!

    Just keep up the pressure.

    I lovedddd your Akanni McDowald flier, t’was de bomb!!

    De ole man got to learn Twitter and Instagram heheheheheheeheh to expand de coverage.

    Instagram is much better than Twitter it has 140 times the impact and is 52:1 against Facebook

    The 25 – older age group do not subscribe to it like in first world countries but de ole man has to deepen the penetration, any suggestions?

    I sent you my email 8 times so far dear you like you dun wid me in trufe!!

    I feel it is Walther PPK who bad talk me doah heheheheheh

  57. @Caswell Franklyn October 25, 2016 at 9:40 AM “these ministers of government have so little respect for the people of this country that they feel it is okay to come and tell any lie, as long as it sounds good.”

    The thing is Dr. Byer’s words did not sound good.

    As soon as I heard her i said to myself “I do not believe a word that she is saying.”

    So I was not at all surprised when Delcia Burke subsequently spoke on Brass Tacks, and said that Mr. McDowall has another 6 weeks to go before his acting position came to an end.

    I believe/believed Delcia.

    Dr. Byer’s words sounded false.

  58. @ac October 23, 2016 at 6:30 AM “Put country first.”

    Dear ac: I am all for putting country first.

    But my question to you: Is this DLP administration putting the people first?

  59. @David October 23, 2016 at 8:41 AM “On a peripheral note can Caswell whisper to his friend at NCC (Keith Neblett) that plausible deniability does not cut it. Ref: Sunday Sun p.13A.”

    I was surprised that Keith Neblett of NCC said that he was unaware [or that none of the security staff had brought it to his attention] of sexual activity taking place in Queen’s Park…way back in the 20th century when my little Johnny was a student of Harrison College I was told that there was a general awareness by the students of Harrison College that sexual activity was taking place in Queen’s Park. I warned Johnny to stay away from the area. The chair that appeared in the photograph of the Sunday Sun is very likely a HC chair.

    I wondered if Neblett’s staff do not talk to him.

    Or if his staff is afraid to talk to him.

  60. @Hal Austin October 23, 2016 at 9:09 AM “The trade union should make up any loss of wages.”

    The matter is not principally about the loss of wages.

    The issue is that the government is seen as cutting off the head of the union.

    If the government feels at liberty to disadvantage the union president, understand what they would do to the rank and file.

  61. @Sargeant October 23, 2016 at 9:28 AM “in Bim, if you are a Trade Union leader do you still work in your substantive position?

    Answer: That is often the case.

    Question: I can see where Gov’t might have an issue with a leader occupying a sensitive post.

    Answer: Except that Mr. McDowall does not hold a particularly sensitive post.

    I see the action as bad mindedness on the part of the government.

  62. @Carson C Cadogan October 24, 2016 at 9:22 AM “Also it would give us the opportunity to invoke emergency powers and use them to good effect.”

    I hope that by “invoking emergency powers to good effect” that wunna don’t plan to arm de police and send them out to break some heads and shoot some people.

    Becausin’ i ain’t really ready to de’d just yet.

  63. For the information of your readers in the form of a question. Isn’t Carson C. Cadogan Minister M. Lashley’s facebook pseudonym? As youngsters we always heard that when the well diggers set their explosives and lit the fuse it went “Cadogan”. Whats in a name?

  64. my sweet piece I am not getting any emails from you. I sent you emails as well and they are not getting through. Where on facebook can I find this information? I am not a facebook person. I do not even have an account. Not on twitter or Instagram either. I am only on here and Barbados Today. DO not have the time for all that facebook exchange stuff. Work is my life and my living.

  65. David

    Do you remember that the authorities promised to investigate the circumstances surrounding Akanni’s demotion before they meet with the NUPW to discuss the matter. Well I believe that the union is being played for a fool since I understand that Akanni’s replacement took up duties this morning.

    • @Caswell

      Then it is next move NUPW.


      You have returned with your hard head to BU? Didn’t the membership elect Akanni or was it Barbados Today. Do not bother to respond.

  66. Caswell Franklyn

    Irrespective of Akanni McDowall’s demotion, Barbados Today Facebook blog run a piece several month ago in which it describeed the dissatisfaction and ineffectiveness the membership had had with this man leadership, and their wanted him gone.

  67. Pingback: Akanni McDowall’s Removal Was Politically Motivated | Barbados Underground

  68. Seems as if Akanni has come to a sensible relization that his bullying tatics towards govt were taking him on a course of self destruction and has somewhat retreated in his effort of unreasonableness of a 23 percent wage hike

  69. A real union leader knows when to hold them and when to fold them. Unfortunately Annakani was willing to drop his bone and catch at his shadow
    The truth of the matter being. given the economic constraints Annaki was playing Russian Roulette with the lives of the many workers his organization represents
    In so much that if the wage hike was agreed upon the overriding factor would have been devastating for those workers who might have lost their jobs
    Good leadership requires skill and by all means an avoidance of political posturing that renders no gainful rewards

  70. Simple Simon,
    If it is not loss of earnings, then what is it? Pride? Arrogance? Abuse of office? He was acting in his position and has been removed to his substantive office. That is perfectly legal – except in Barbados. It is the obstinacy of youth.

  71. Chuckle…….I still awaiting the answer posed by Akanni……

    Why is it so important for this govts operatives to win this election.

    • @Vincent

      Tou heard Fabian in the news today complaining about the high ranking government operatives canvassing for the Greenidge team? And on the other side the BLP operatives are openly backing Macdowall’s team. What have we come to?

  72. David

    Yes,I heard him……all the cards are on the table…..both sides have gone for broke…….we await the results.

    • @Hal

      Yes it is, lines have been drawn. The government has done all that it can to remove Macdowall. In return Macdowall has done every thing to rub the government’s nose in the brown stuff. The result, a level of disharmony that has adversely affected the IR climate.

  73. Roy Greenidge can’t be backed by the DLP ministers otherwise he would have been made Chief Immigration Officer when that position was vacant. Greenidge is a career officer in that department having started out there after leaving kolij.A colleague said he’s not a noise maker like Akanni but is a needler who pursues his quarry wherever it leads.

  74. @ Angela Skeete

    “Akanni McDowall has been RE-ELECTED as President of the National Union of Public Workers (NUPW) following today’s election.” [Barbados Today, April 5, 2017]

    Wunnuh DLP yard-fowls bellies mussee hurting wunnuh all now.

    After two failed coup de’ etat planned by DLP goon Derek Alleyne, all the political interference and insults heaped upon McDowall by you and the other BU troll Carson C. Cadogan, as well as Ronald Jones and the other DLP members, and using Walter Maloney at the DLP’s Friday lunch time lecture to cast aspirations upon his character, he came out of the election victorious.

    Like McDowall, agree with his leadership style or not, his re-election sends a message to DLP that its chances in the upcoming 2018 general elections is questionable.

    I know exactly how your script will read in the days ahead.

  75. Anankani has been given another chance of redemption. Would be very interesting to see how he utlised this chance in being a good union leader instead of being a carrying the weight and burdens of a political orchestrated agenda
    Govt have nothing to worry concerning Annakani election. It is the membership who should be worried

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