Public Service Operators Have Asked Prime Minister Stuart to Intervene

psv-letterThe letter dated 22nd July 2016 reproduced below is self-explanatory. BU readers are encouraged to put aside the standard knee jerk reaction of emotional opposition in any matter concerning the PSV industry and to examine objectively the facts and the situation which it reveals. The further revelation is made that, two months later, the organizations which made the plea have not received a  response from the Prime Minister or any communication from the Ministry of Transport & Works.

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84 Comments on “Public Service Operators Have Asked Prime Minister Stuart to Intervene”

  1. Gabriel September 23, 2016 at 6:38 PM #

    The Prime Minister,his Minister of Finance in particular and the Cabinet are all reeling from the recent body blows they have been receiving from Charles Herbert of the Bdos Private Sector Assoc.,from Dr Warren Smith of CDB,from Dr Keith Nurse,Senior Fellow of SALISES and from Professor Moore of UWI.Is the PM still thinking Sinckler is eminent?Is he still thinking that S & P and Moody’s views on the Barbados economy are unworthy of his attention?


  2. Bush Tea September 23, 2016 at 9:14 PM #

    @ Gabriel
    As said before, Bushie has a lotta time for Charles Herbert.
    The man is a genuinely talented, and a very bright meritocratic manager.

    No wonder he did not stay with the ‘civil-service-like’ Sagicor….
    And no wonder Goddard’s has been such a shining example of what is possible.

    Bushie would be pleasantly surprised if Stinkliar was smart enough to accept his advice…


  3. Amused September 24, 2016 at 3:29 AM #

    @David. Thank you for posting the letters. I am deeply dismayed that the Ministry has not had the good manners to at least acknowledge receipt of each and every letter. On the face of it, they seem reasonable and non-contentious. I have to wonder what “urgent” considerations could have supplanted what appears to be a very simply-solved matter in the rumination of the Ministry. Every instinct we all have must now be screaming “scam” and “cover-up”. Unlike in court where the Minister would be innocent until proven guilty, politics is subject to the court of public opinion and the onus is on the Minister to prove himself and the Ministry innocent. So far, he and it are failing dismally. All it would have taken initially was a brief note saying, “I have your letter and many thanks. We will revert to you in due course. Yours faithfully”. Of course, “due course” if extended, as it has been, for too long, would later need to be explained. Seems that, “qui tacet consentire videtur”, meaning that silence denotes consent, has not penetrated the consciousness of the Minister and Ministry, rather like good manners are completely foreign to them.

    For the love of Mike, this is not a complex issue. Operators could not operate along a certain road, because of roadworks. Roadworks are now over and they are asking for normal service to be resumed. But somewhere in there, someone has seen a chance at personal benefit, meaning cash in their own pockets, and intend to milk it for all it is worth and to hell with operators and public alike.


  4. David September 24, 2016 at 3:43 AM #


    What is disappointing is that under Stuart we never anticipated debating these issues under the specter of corruption. It is all the same, doesn’t matter if B or D. Frankly, the people have trusted the system for 50 years, it is time for a new approach.



  5. Sunshine Sunny Shine September 24, 2016 at 6:23 AM #

    ”Barbados Transport Authority was set up to resolve many of these issues. ”

    David, a lot of these authorities are set up to put free money in loyals pockets. Hardly do we see anything effective coming from these boards and other political establishments, hence the only logical conclusion that a right thinker can reach.


  6. Amused September 24, 2016 at 11:06 AM #

    @David. It is too simple to say it is Stuart’s fault, or Owen’s fault or Sandiford’s, or Bree’s, Errol, Tom. No matter who the PM is, he/she will only be as good as the members of his/her MPs. He/she does not have the power to rule by domination, but only with consultation and consent. Otherwise he/she will face the same garbage that has already been tried on Stuart. So let us attack the relevant minister for his/her failings – as often and as loudly as possible. Maybe they may even be deselected by the DLP/BLP members in favour of people who are actually fit for purpose. Pipe dream possibly, but with BU around, you never know.


  7. David September 24, 2016 at 11:15 AM #


    Check BU pages for the last 9 years. Attacking ministers who have repeatedly exposed themselves as incompetent is what we do. At some point the buck must stop somewhere. If Stuart finds this lot ungovernable let him call the date and go home and read drink some Merlot.


  8. Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right - INRI September 24, 2016 at 12:40 PM #

    @ Amused

    One notes the “change” and the “anonymization” effort and for some of us, it is understood.

    BU has an unspoken rule so to speak that many of us observe.

    It is quite simple really, for those of us who are “known” that is the crew of the “Anonymice” for 99% of the encounters there is a “secrecy afforded”.

    The Rule of Thumb being “we know who you are but, BECAUSE YOU SERVE THE GREATER GOOD, or because your message suggests that you do, we will not expose you, AND IT IS EXPECTED THAT you will not expose us”

    The denouement that castrated Carl Moore here recently and caused that he will never return to BU with his medical condition known and the outside children was based on that rule.

    He sought to expose the identities of Batman and Robin.

    Even when you observe the gentle ribbing as per the identity that AC/Legion experiences, ALL FIVE OF THEM, people acknowledge and employ that rule as far as possible where “we, the people who care for our country” are permitted a sort of free passage to express our opinions about how we feel that “care” should manifest in BIM.

    Your statement about “he or she will face the same garbage that was tried on Fumbles Stuart” is surprisingly puerile considering the people that we are speaking of (even Stuart)

    It is puerile because, if there is one person in that party who, like Pitdog IsWhich-Ting-I-going-Protest (to mek my two-faced self look good) the mechanisms that currently exist, in both Parties, will cause their expulsion a la Maria Agard.

    So that pep talk about consultation and consent, in the face of a Mugabe handpicking all of their pooch suckers or an impotent Fumbles and crew unable to disengage because (a) their pensions were at stake (b) to final computation of that pension and (c) most importantly, not one of the 16, not Pornville nor Lil Caesar Lashes, even with their political aspirations to be Prime Minister, like Eddie Hinkson, or Dale Marshall, HAS THE BALLS TO STAND UP TO THAT RULE BY DOMINATION that you mentioned above.

    You are starting to talk pretty, actually prettier as one recalls you doing when you prosecuted quite fiercely the matter of Vernon Smith Marcelle Smith Affair here..

    It just goes to show each and every one of us that, irrespective of how good one may argue a series of matters when it comes does to it NOT ONE OF US IS WITHOUT SIN, NARY A ONE and we must not put our hope or trust in either of you lot because it is a fickle thing that quickly, like love unrequited, turns to hate.


  9. Gabriel September 24, 2016 at 3:06 PM #

    I could never expound upon such weighty matters like you do so I will simply say I support your views expressed @12.40p Neither Adams 1 nor 2,nor Barrow,nor Arthur would have truck with these unsophisticated ministers Stuart has the misfortune to husband and control.It proves the point that he is not a born leader.He is a school teacher cum survivor so none expect him to act even with this sinking DLP government.His is to hold on even when developments are suggesting that he summon the shareholders for their input.


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