Wayne Willock – Can You Imagine…?

Submitted by Wayne Willock
Wayne Willock

Wayne Willock

Can you imagine some of the things that go on in this country? And the lives that have been, and continue to be, turned upside down as a result?

The boss I had before I acted as his replacement for some 18 months is thought to be a very jovial joke-giving man. That is far from the truth. He was really quite vindictive, wicked and insecure. I thought that the talk of demons by a minister only applied to the children but many of those demons are in administration. And that nomenclature also involves its author.

But let me tell you about the man that fooled most people. Can you imagine that during a short period during his tenure I had to act and since it was end of term coming up decisions had to be taken. He had indicated that his evident friend was going back to a Caribbean territory to live so I engaged another person to fill the spot. That did not work out and when he came back that was reversed and the individual resumed duties. I got lambasted. At the end of that period I asked staff to criticize my work over the few weeks so that I can learn from my mistakes, something called “self- evaluation” which he had never done since dictators don’t do that. His lackies went back and told him how I paraded in front staff telling them to criticize me and were “offended”. At the next staff meeting he declared that I was the worst deputy he ever had and made sure that it was minuted. Can you imagine he asked me to read the same minutes? And when I thought that it was only me, I discovered that during his stint at Erdiston as the big boy he also lambasted the current principal in front of the staff. Such is the nature of a man who did not only love corporal punishment but seemed to have invented it since whatever a child did from cursing to weapons to drugs he would say “put some hard lashes in them and let them go along”. I wonder sometimes if he had any partners that suffered the same fate and left! The last straw was at his final speech day when he declared in front of everyone that the speaker would be the next principal of his school. Wow! Things were really brown.You know, insecurity comes when a subordinate seems to have more and better ideas that the person in charge, and more so, gets things done, leading by example and walking around.

Well here are some of the things I accomplished even after his running to the ministry to complain about me. I thank Greavesie for offering some consolation at that time, as acting deputy chief. Even he could tell you what happened to me when he was the pilot at a school in the north where I feel proud that I was allowed to benefit so many children, now friends if mine. Alleyne to the bone! But here are some of my facts from the east:


  • Computerization of the Timetable
  • Introduction of tabs on the senior girls’ skirts to improve deportment and tidiness
  • Attended to and stamped out the issue of children loitering in Six Roads on mornings and frequenting Emerald City, getting to school late.


  • Facilitated three buses leaving the school on evenings and a dedicated bus coming up on mornings
  • Increased the attendance of parents at Year meetings and PTA meetings
  • Put measures in place to unite and amalgamate the several factions of the Old Scholars
  • Facilitated preparations towards the full implementation of both the CVQ and CCSLC programmes as indicated by the Ministry
  • Revived the Incentive Scheme Programme (rewards to children for performance and punctuality)
  • Instituted policies to deal with several matters of discipline including weapons and violence (towards teachers too!)
  • Conducted Formal Evaluations of teachers and Administrators ( some of whom were never available to do it)
  • Reorganised the distribution of the in-coming first years to promote mixed ability teaching) to deter discrimination, low esteem and stigmatization (which was the practice for years). Classes were renamed.
  • Reorganised the curriculum in the upper school to facilitate more effective timetabling, use of resources and fulfillment of student needs.
  • Provided certification for those students leaving school in Cosmetology while allowing those who may have left school to return just for that purpose (to do CVQ’s in a different uniform)
  • Upgraded the general public perception of the school.

Thanks to the Almighty, I was able to accomplish those things even amidst the rumour-mongering, lies and deceit dished out to me by certain individuals there. Who was I to come into St Philip and disturb a dictator’s “den of comfort?” Daniel was in that den too!

Can you imagine that in this country persons get a phone call telling them to apply for a particular post? Can you also imagine that before the first question is asked by the panel at an interview the chosen candidate is well known? Can you even imagine that persons have boasted about having secured a post even before it was even advertised properly? Wow! What a system! And remember that this is not about any specific political party.

Can you imagine a minister had to go to court, was fined $1000.00 and thought it was too much for failing to comply with the laws of the road. Imagine also that the driver of the car that was struck by that person, poor woman in pain, almost crippled, has received few visits if any from the perpetrator? Imagine that the culprit was in a hurry to get lunch from Pug shop. He should have been locked up for assaulting the lady. Not corporal punishment but vehicular bashment . But then again he has worries and problems. Imagine that one week an article in the newspaper noted that he was quite disturbed at seeing young boys walking around with their pants below their behinds and exposing that part of their anatomy. Then the next week another article implying that it was time the society accepts same-sex marriages. A backward direction for the imagination. Social origins might be playing a roll. Let me leave that there for now.

Can you imagine that a kingly individual who recently retired was forced to do so because of the pressure applied by those best known for their “ bombastic nature”. And they tried to charge him with one of those things like “destruction of government property” so that he might not get his pension and gratuity. This place sick then! Ms Piggy on the loose!

Can you imagine building a brand new registry where so many people including the elderly, babies, pregnant women and others must frequent, and wait long without having any toilet facilities available to john public on the floor?

And finally can you imagine that the person put in charge of a certain tribunal to rule on a judgement for some unfortunate workers has clear connections with the top ranking persons in this country. Whom is the tribunal really representing? Notice that judgement is never reached and is being reserved. Till when? Till elections?

I gone again. Will raise a few more matters on other topics and then keep my mouth shut. Recluse? Maybe.

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15 Comments on “Wayne Willock – Can You Imagine…?”

  1. johnnpodmore May 31, 2016 at 8:37 PM #

    Thanks again Poonka. I fully support you in your flight. So let me add some from the Primary end: When the principal of Blackman & Gollop was about to retire, every teacher in Primary Barbados heard who was her replacement from within the ministry. An interview was conducted to make it fair and that individual somehow manage to pass the interview and get Blackman & Gollop. Just coincidental? Education Officers, who report on teachers are allowed to compete against the said teachers for head teacher position when these officers don’t have to deal with children on a daily basis…and they win. Don’t talk about the males. It seems to be a deliberate policy to rid the Ministry of Education of males in the principal’s office. Of the 13 principals appointed this year all have been females. No wonder the young boys are in crisis. that ministry stinks and the media must expose more. we will all watch to see who gets the Nursery School in Jones ‘constituency. The name is on most people lips just awaiting the confirmation.


  2. Pieceuhderockyeahright May 31, 2016 at 9:44 PM #

    @ Wayne W.


    You said that as one of your accomplishments that you were responsible for the computerization of the school’s timetable.

    I put it to you honourable sir that you have to be telling untruths.


    Because after spending US$236M on Edutech (under the tenure of one MiaM whom a certain man here whose name i will not call has said that she is known for deliverables) you mean to tell me that there was not computerization of the School’s timetable??

    Looka Poonka, get out of town, say it aint so man, tell de people de truffe man?

    ” Criticism” – the analysis and judgment of the merits and faults of *** work

    Wayne, if I recall you were a draughts man, a very skilled draughts man, like your father.

    One of the things about that game is that it develops, “spatials”, in mens rea, according to Heads marshall, “in the mind’s eye” so one is able to see and envision things that are not, myriad potentialities, because of that game and others that we were encouraged to play.

    Did you know that a laptop/computer does not use that part of the brain.

    Now I will go further with de ole man theory about spatials.

    If you live on a rock for nuff years and don’t go anywhere off that rock till you is 40 nuff and your experiences are limited and your “mens rea” calcified, it is virtually impossible absorb for such “small doggie mentalities” to absorb much subsequent to what is an enforced inbreeding which when coupled with the Peter Principle and self importance of us Bajans results in a special brand of idiocy.

    And Wayne you must be assured that that man’s world is inherently small, AND his experiences are limited BUT what is worse is that his “incestuous encounters” are shared by many similarly affected persons. In short dem is many, you is outnumbered.

    I still ent get to criticism yet, has I? (dat is bad english Wayne but, because you know proper english, and have been to places where so called 1st world people are backward Johnies, you can shift easily through the language/purposed bastardizations as i phase in and out our creole? By the way, that is not a ubiquitous skill.

    Criticism – the expression of disapproval of someone or something based on perceived faults or mistakes – synonyms: censure, condemnation, denunciation, disapproval, disparagement, opprobrium, fault-finding, attack, broadside, stricture, recrimination;

    We are the product of an environment where the “mens rea” has been destroyed systematically, and the advent of the computer WILL ENFORCE ITS atrophy,

    The issue and effort of self evaluation that you demanded is seen not in the light of the first Positive criticism but WITHOUT EXCEPTION, in the last definition.

    Such dissent abounds all over barbados and is not a thing that cretin or priest, garbage man or politician, doctor, lawyer Minister of Fine Ants or Prime Minister accepts and ass you see results in threats of invoking the 1966 Riot Act and “breaking some heads and killing/shooting a few people”

    The only people that you can change is the young ones Wayne, we old bembers MUST DIE OUT, EN MASSE, for the new world to get a chance to breathe.

    While you cannot name names, I wish that others come here and name the names of the incompetents so we can take a wide berth (nearly said birth) of their as*es.

    Let us Name them and shame them (with regard to the excitability of the Chilrun are is reading well when he say all those botsies exposed, you have to understand what stimulates his gonads.

    Mame them and blame them so that when the young people go into the voting booths, they say “he is a botsyist and I like soup.” simple statements which their attention defecit disorder selves will remember and vote accordingly


  3. Iverson May 31, 2016 at 9:45 PM #

    Thanks John. A lot more people need to speak out publicly.


  4. Simple Simon June 1, 2016 at 12:54 AM #

    @Wayne Willock “I thought that the talk of demons by a minister only applied to the children.”

    Not me.

    I always understood that a lot of the adults ’bout this place wicked, greedy and deceitful as sh!te.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. David June 1, 2016 at 4:03 AM #

    The Principal at Princess Margaret at the time was Dr.Butcher?


  6. Well Well & Consequences June 1, 2016 at 6:11 AM #

    It’s easier to sexually molest small children when females are around, they rarely notice the slick nasty things that adult males in position of power do…best to have a female outside the principal’s office door than a male.

    I make no apologies for saying this given all the recent exposures and people with titles believing within themselves that they are above the law.


  7. Observing June 1, 2016 at 10:25 AM #

    Good opening over but you’re “all over the place” now.

    Take a leaf from Caswell’s book on how to deal with misbehaviour among prior colleagues.

    Stick and move. Stick and move.

    Just observing


  8. Retribution-things that make me go hum! June 1, 2016 at 10:31 AM #

    I have said before and I will repeat. Women all over the world have fought for equal rights and for positions that men normally hold. But are women built emotionally and mentally for these positions? Was a surveyed carried out to determine if women are psychologically equipped to handle these positions?
    Most offices/ organizations in Barbados headed by women has been runned for the worst. Women cannot separate the personal.

    ” I always understood that a lot of the adults ’bout this place wicked, greedy and deceitful as sh!te.”

    I endorse this statement wholeheartedly!

    Might I add, a Paedophile registry is NEEDED since years ago. We tend to be waaaay behind in the necessary policies.


  9. Simple Simon June 1, 2016 at 11:32 AM #

    My life long impression is that men are far more likely to react emotionally (or maybe it is testicularly) than are women.

    Women (or at least highly intelligent women) are inclined to behave with razr sharp reason.

    The thing is tho’ men love emotional women (thinking with the testes again) and have no time for intelligent reasonable women.

    So yes we all run into trouble.


  10. Simple Simon June 1, 2016 at 11:39 AM #

    Ask Willock and his predecessors, and the political directorate too how come some of the women on the board of his school came to be sitting on the board.

    Was it intelligence?
    Was it excellent parenting skills?
    Was it excellent teaching skills?
    Was it excellent administrative skills?

    Or was it/is it something more emotional, more testicular.

    So if a woman walks into a school, Ministry, an office, a factory, a field in Barbados and says I have nothing to offer except my intelligence and my hard work” does she progress as well as a woman who is prepared to offer “extras”?


  11. Simple Simon June 1, 2016 at 11:41 AM #

    The truth is that our Bajan men “love” promiscuous women and as long as that remains so we will get exactly what we have now.

    We luv um so.

    I lie?


  12. Well Well & Consequences June 1, 2016 at 1:13 PM #


    The destructiveness of some teachers and the damage they can leave.


  13. The Gazer June 1, 2016 at 6:15 PM #

    “If you live on a rock for nuff years and don’t go anywhere off that rock till you is 40 nuff and your experiences are limited and your “mens rea” calcified, it is virtually impossible absorb for such “small doggie mentalities” to absorb much subsequent to what is an enforced inbreeding which when coupled with the Peter Principle and self importance of us Bajans results in a special brand of idiocy.”

    That says it all. I will add that some people live on the rock, in the same house for more than 40 years.


  14. Watcher June 2, 2016 at 10:14 PM #

    I think you guys are being hard on women. The BEST candidate did not get the job because people were concerned about women’s rights or female mobility. She got it because she was BEST at canvassing for Richard Sealy, she was BEST at helping her brother sell drugs in Marlhole and environs, she was BEST at carrying tales to an exorcist called Ronelle, she was BEST at being WORST Chief ever!!!!! Just ask her husband,,,


  15. Wismore June 5, 2016 at 7:53 AM #

    Dear Mr Willock,

    You are a disgruntled employee now retiree. Please join BARP and find time to do something productive with your time.

    It was not my fault that you did not rise to the position of Principal. You were simply NOT good enough.

    Your insinuation of domestic violence is as low as it gets.

    Best regards my friend.


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