Wayne Willcok Speaks – Where Interest LIES

Wayne Willock

Wayne Willock

Are people really interested in what is going on around them? When I listen to the Auditor General’s last report and see that the government owes itself several billions of dollars, I know that it is something which will slowly be allowed to slide back under the carpet, I am amazed. Now, I thought about it, and between the “restoration” of MP’s salary and monies owing, I can understand why I have not received my income tax return for 2014 yet! Is anyone interested in the interest which the government is supposed to pay on outstanding funds owed to people just like when we owe? I hear that one has to apply for it by letter. Well I sent in a letter of application over a year ago for my interest on 2013. Nothing happened. Not even a response. Why is this being allowed to go on? Who is looking after our interests?

Is there any interest paid to the implementation of certain laws in this country? What about instructions from the Town Planner? Certain people get away blatantly and others get their little “shanty” or brick wall torn down. Who is interested in the many individuals, children and adults alike who have to leave home at odd times to go to the hospital to be nebulized? Why? Smoke morning noon and night. Up to this week I had to call the Police. I must say thanks to the Honourable Donville Inniss, who as Minister of Health, made strides towards the cessation of indiscriminate burning during his stint. Despite his efforts, and those of CABS (Citizens Against Burning Stuff) that matter has gone further back on the burner. GIS had put out a an educational documentary but it probably showed once. The current minister has done nothing in this regard. He is not interested because I spoke to him on it already. Someone else has to die from smoke? This is 2016 and, regardless of inappropriate traditions, we can’t talk about green this and that, and environmental this and that and have people burning stuff every morning right next to their neighbour with total disregard. So in whose interest is it when we get the run-around from Police to Fire Service to Health inspectors and back to Police and NOBODY is taking responsibility for enacting the laws of this country related to persons being a public nuisance. No interest lies here!

Is there interest in the issuing of licenses in this country? Why is there not a special test done for persons over 70 years who might just get a certificate of good health but can’t hear well, can’t see well, whose reflexes are so slow that an approaching bike looks far away. Then they swing. Then the biker is dead. My interest here is in the welfare of both the driver and all the other persons with whom he must interact on the road. Some interest must be paid in correcting this. Too many have gone already either as “victim or perpetrator”. Speaking of licenses, what about the older folk who get their firearm licenses renewed and can barely take the gun out of the bag; hands trembling; can barely stand; voice shaky. In this situation safety is of interest to me. The safety of that person as well as those who will be around him with that weapon.

Within the last few years, many persons have discovered that they are Gluten Intolerant or have been diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Who is interested? Those persons cannot use flour, wheat, barley, rye or spelt. That means no fried stuff, no biscuits, no bread, no pie, no beers etc. Wherever you go people are frying with flour. The people with this unfortunate condition now have to seek other forms of food that exclude these items. Those who impose the taxes on these items which have to be imported need to be interested enough to understand that such alternatives are already very expensive. The acquisition of such items can mean the difference between life and suffering! So, I am clamouring for reduced or VAT free taxes on items related to gluten avoidance. More interest should be paid to this area and suppliers of foods at various events need to include items that can be used by persons with Celiac disease, and indeed there are many.

Are some radio station DJ’s interested in the welfare of persons who attempt to contribute to the musical arena in this country? There is one in particular who should ply his trade in the open seas based on the name he chooses to use. For years he has been interested only in himself, claiming to be an expert on every kind of music, in particular Calypso, which he had very little interest in years ago. If he would only pay some interest in upgrading his knowledge and use of the English language and its grammar, improve his ability to read the news properly and pronounce people’s names correctly, he would be in a better to position to openly criticize people’s work in a public forum. When that criticism wreaks its initial havoc, others jump on his bandwagon, agree and then that particular song is dead. Musicians who spend time, money and energy on a project, writers and producers who make a valid contribution to the arena are totally discouraged when they are told that a piece of work is “crap” but the person who says so will still play offerings of a far inferior quality, even if coming from his offspring. Is it personal? What is his major focus or interest? Is it in the downgrading of others? In “killing off” an effort before it can even get off the ground? Well he has gone through the years doing it and seems only interested in perpetuating that kind of behaviour much to the detriment of some and joy of others.

Finally, has BAPPSS replied yet to the minister? A body of principals whom he has said should be locked up for doing their job as set out in the act? If they were really interested in calling a spade a spade, we would have had a huge response. I suppose in their own interest, they have to keep quiet and “toe the line”. I observe with interest.


24 Comments on “Wayne Willcok Speaks – Where Interest LIES”

  1. David June 10, 2016 at 6:26 AM #

    What is up with the several murders in recent days? There was a time when a murder in the country was so unusual an occurrence that it would provoke horror and a lot of discussion.


  2. June June 10, 2016 at 6:29 AM #

    Wayne, you sure read my mind!! None uh DEM int know nuttin! Talk yuh talk. You int got to worry bout job preservation like all de current frighten (used as an adjective) principals.


  3. Well Well & Consequences June 10, 2016 at 7:09 AM #

    That auditor general’s report is horrible…Fruendel and Co should lose the elections based on that report and their silence and refusal to explain the disappearance of so many millions of taxpayer’s……alone

    We all know the mijisters are hoping and praying that it is forgotten quickly, being well aware that bajans have short memories as it relates to their welfare and best interest……..between now and elections, but this blatant mismanagement of public funds is enough to topple any government.


  4. FearPlay June 10, 2016 at 9:25 AM #

    When will the Opposition Barbados Labour Party declare its HONEST intention to investigate and where necessary, criminally prosecute anyone found having been involved in misappropriation of public funds during this administration?…. AND THEN DOING SO WITHIN SIX MONTHS AFTER THE NEXT ELECTION IF SUCCESSFUL!!!


  5. Georgie Porgie June 10, 2016 at 9:28 AM #

    Fear Play
    Instead of waiting for the opposition to act why is not the populace taking the fight forward


  6. Hants June 10, 2016 at 10:44 AM #

    @ David who wrote “What is up with the several murders in recent days?”

    Crime has peaks and valleys. This is just a peak.

    However Barbados has changed.

    Increased population. Easy access to guns and drugs.


  7. Well Well & Consequences June 10, 2016 at 11:40 AM #

    Good question GP…is it not wonderful that the bribers and bribees were so focused on getting rid of the blogs to hide and protect their corruption and keep bajans unable to see or know what the politicians and business people were doing to the economy, that is has probably not yet occured to some of them…that Mia had no choice but to expose the bribery and corruption re Maloney and his dirty practices….therefore exposing all the politicians of DBLP and their decades old dirty practices….that is what it has boiled down to….it cannot be protected anymore…everything is now out in the open.., ha, ha.

    But the people are responsible for putting the screws to all these politicians. ..now that they know.

    The hardest thing is to know.


  8. David June 10, 2016 at 3:17 PM #

    What ever the endeavor, plan, project someone must lead.


  9. Observing June 10, 2016 at 4:14 PM #


    Will the real leaders please stand up?!?!

    Just observing


  10. David June 10, 2016 at 5:31 PM #


    Reminding you that hope springs eternal.


  11. Pieceuhderockyeahright June 10, 2016 at 7:57 PM #

    @ Wayne

    I have long been one of those who agreed with your statement about “…the older folk who get their firearm licenses renewed and can barely take the gun out of the bag; hands trembling; can barely stand; voice shaky.?”

    You ever were a cadet Wayne?

    If you were, you might remember the recoil of the weapon with each successive shot.

    Imagine me, shaky stephens, taking careful? aim at an intruder and busting of a few shots in his general direction, and killing another occupant in the house

    Did you say Bjerkham, no that was something else wasnt it?

    Some people get vex with what you are saying, me too. No not that i get vex with what you are saying, peeple get vex with me too.

    But you know something Wayne, most Bajans are not criminals, they may not have any spine but they are law-biding people and while they may not come out and say what you a saying, they appreciate what you say.

    People does be frighten to mention other people’s name here because, they fear the repercussions.

    Look how the Leader of the Opposition says that “the blogs are undermining the institutions that uphold the law”, she ent got a word to say bout the people who flaunting the positions that people hold in these institutions and are abusing, she pun she great horse and gold spoon bout “undermining the inanimate” and the inept!!

    So here you are talking bout asthma attacks induced by indiscriminate burning of leaves and stuff, slow murders of Celiac Sufferers, increases for a set of uncaring vagabonds who cant give a feller his income tax or sick benefits but cud tek up 3/4 million dolllars and give it tuh a DLP lawyer fuh an opinion.

    Up to now I ent too sure bout where dat feller accent come from dat you seem to be talking bout Dere was a ingrunt feller like him at the Invest Barbados who only went to Pelican Islan and was talking American for a really long time.

    Fellers like you who crying out for correct behaviors dont have to fear though because if they dont listen to you and implement the laws or adopt remedial measures, having sown the wind, we are not reaping the whirlwind which as you note, is no respecter of persons.

    I leave the Ronnie’s and the Ronald’s to continue their wejonesing strategies because the lesson that life teaches us is more impactful than any lesson that you or any of your teachers can deliver.

    “Hard ears cyan hear, own way gine feel”


  12. Former Po Po June 10, 2016 at 8:29 PM #

    @David, I remember how Mia was against the blogs and wanted them shot down. This is the same Mia who had Darwn Dottin to spy on ministers and the average citizen who was outspoken. Actually it’s still happening under DLP.


  13. de pedantic Dribbler June 10, 2016 at 9:17 PM #

    Not to be pedantic but the brother’s prose is absolutely sweet and full of interest…all the folks who were unnecessarily bashing that first work should come back and read anew.

    That first piece had a raw power though…this one is quite refined really. But the point is well made.

    Good stuff.


  14. Sunshine Sunny Shine June 10, 2016 at 11:27 PM #

    The Auditor General’s report, year after year, is a shameful indictment on the present and past leadership of the island. Failing to address the issues of the report in a big way is approving the inappropriate financial practices of government ministries and their respective departments. The long and short of the matter is, some people just like it the way it is.


  15. David June 10, 2016 at 11:31 PM #


    The scary part about the lack of a response by successive government is that there is no fear of being disciplined and therefore a it has bred a culture of non performance and mediocrity. Caswell will not agree but how can a public service be rewarded with merit increases when the AG report points to endemic corruption and malfeasance.


  16. Sunshine Sunny Shine June 11, 2016 at 1:31 AM #


    I am sure you are familiar with the phrase, ”When pigs squeal…” There is much fear that if you subject any servant of the crown to disciplinary action that such a one might pig squeal. This might result in that dreaded effect that is similiar to one domino toppling all the rest. Many of what ills Barbados, particularly what is reveal in the AG’s report, is not quantum physics. They are some, like the Prime Minister who wants you think that this is the fault of heads of departments and issues of Permanent Secretaries’ due diligence issues. This simply the fear of what would happen when pigs start to squeal.


  17. Sunshine Sunny Shine June 11, 2016 at 1:35 AM #

    To think i know what my next poster will be. Stay tune David


  18. Sunshine Sunny Shine June 11, 2016 at 2:19 AM #


    Caswell has a vested interest to counter the negativity thrown at the public sector. But, how do you explain away the dismal failures in service and efficiency. The financial malpractices might have its genesis in its poliical makers, but the execution of the crookery is specific. Any department or ministry that fails to produce financial reports should not even be spared the thought for thorough investigations.

    This is why I have no respect, whatsoever, for this poser we have for a Prime Minister. All that talk about the chief town planner is this and that only happened after he spoke privately with Maloney. He knows that BU and many others understand the relationship between him, Maloney and this government. So the PM comes out talk his usual, Maloney agreeds to have his structures torn down, and now many are persuaded into thinking that Maloney is not getting the preferential treatment after all. Not falling for that Maloney structure torn down veil side track. This is no victory this is just an agreement to throw the sceptics off guard.


  19. Well Well & Consequences June 11, 2016 at 6:28 AM #

    SSS…it would appear so , if any of them…Fruendel & Co were serious about sending a serious message to Maloney, it would be in the form of a lawsuit for that illegal obstruction he built which caused the death of a child, but we know from centuries back that house niggas with titles do not see the value of other back people’s lives.

    When that child lost his life is when Maloney should have held a criminal charge for building the obstruction, but they keep dancing around that issue of a dead child and dealing with other illegal things Maloney did….that is the one that should put his uppity ass in prison.


  20. Well Well & Consequences June 11, 2016 at 6:54 AM #


    This is what happens when both governments allowed corruption and bribery to flourish rage out of control for decades…this is what happens when taxpayer contracts are not distributed fairly and evenly amoong contractors, garbage haulers and others….this is what happens when governments have allowed one group of people to enrich themselves off the backs of the majority. This is what happens when governments have no confidence in their own people who elected them, but put confidence in a minority who are self-serving like themselves.

    Maloney believes the Chief Town Planner should be removed, in another few years, he would have had the power to do so…Maloney believes if he says the word, Barbados will get no new investors…in another few years, Maloney, Bizzy, Cow, Bjerkham, Tempro can succeed at this, if they are nit removed from controlling the finances on the island now.

    Both corrupt governments BLP & DLP caused this, both corrupt governments have to put an end to these crooks and clean up their mess. Mia started by outing Maloney, the current government can finish it by getting rid of all the parasites who continue to suck the island and bank their money offshore.

    All of them can say them same thing, they can go and live anywhere they have fleeced and bilked the island out of billions of dollars with the help of corrupt politicians of DBLP over the last 40 years….let them go live somewhere else.

    If these parasitic business people are not removed, it’s just a matter of time before they install their own prime ministers, own politicians, own judges…just as it is Peter Harris’ intent….then yall will really see….time to stop playing the role of dumb black people.


  21. Hants June 11, 2016 at 1:57 PM #

    “I don’t care about the backlash or the front lash,” the Minister of Education told the SATURDAY SUN “


  22. Georgie Porgie June 11, 2016 at 2:08 PM #

    he mans that he does hit or be hit both ways ….you can unnerstand?


  23. Donna June 12, 2016 at 2:07 PM #


    The murders are probably all connected. Gang violence. If we don’t address these pockets of hopelessness they will truly spill over onto our own usually quiet streets in a big way some day. Just a few weeks ago my brother had to run and duck from bullets going about his normal business. This happened within short walking distance of my house. The guys were driving on the main road and shooting in the air until they reached their side road destination.


  24. David June 12, 2016 at 2:18 PM #


    Will put up a blog latter for us to discuss this shooting matter although we suspect our preoccupation with US news will act up.

    Who knows, like Pacha stated it is likely all the events are connected.



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