CL Financial Bailout – Duprey’s Gambit

Afra Raymond

Afra Raymond

Last week we learned that Lawrence Duprey and his fellow CL Financial shareholders are victims of a badly-handled bailout. According to the Duprey version, the State must halt all asset disposals a…

Source: CL Financial Bailout – Duprey’s Gambit


  • Colonel Buggy,
    The ambulances on the Spring Garden do not belong to any of the services mentioned by Artax. The service is run by another individual. and are private. The ambulances of the Red Cross, the Sparman Clinic are housed at these other places.
    Artax has given you the necessary information.


  • Well Well,
    I should mention that my Parents” did not smell hell. My mother; my father died in Bermuda when I was about seven years old, so my mother alone raised us. She smelled more than hell, as a single parent, in those days. We had no welfRE AYATEM A THAT TIME SO ONE HAD TO MAKE DO WITH WHAT ONE HAD, AND DO WITHOUT WHEN IT WAS NOT POSSIBLE TO GET what one wanted. Education was, and always is, the key that unlocks doors


  • Thanks for the number. So the island would spend $27,000 to punish a man for stealing $360. worth of goods.


  • 2-4 good tamarind/ birch lashes and some training/ education would work for most of these miscreants, globally, instead of wasting $$$$$ by imprisoning where he might learn from the other Cons


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