The People’s Manifesto of Barbados

Submitted by Heather Cole

Submitted by Heather Cole

On 31 October 1517, Martin Luther posted the ninety-five theses, which he had composed in Latin, on the door of All Saints’ Church in Wittenberg, Germany. At the commencement he stated the following:

“Out of love for the truth and from desire to elucidate it, the Reverend Father Martin Luther, Master of Arts and Sacred Theology, and ordinary lecturer therein at Wittenberg, intends to defend the following statements and to dispute on them in that place. Therefore he asks that those who cannot be present and dispute with him orally shall do so in their absence by letter. In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.”

His manifesto was the catalyst for the Protestant Reformation. The aim of this manifesto is to be the catalyst for governance and political reformation in Barbados; to protest against political abuses, against mismanagement of the funds from the public purse, against corruption, against inequality, against burdensome taxation and against obstruction to free and fair elections.

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140 thoughts on “The People’s Manifesto of Barbados

  1. “A COMPLETE reform of the Constitution….The ENTIRE legal system to be reformed…” Nice sounding hyperbole….but how? By whom? Let us get real if we are to get anywhere!

    I do appreciate your attempt at betterment of the current system, Ms Cole, indeed it shows thought, but your manifesto, in some places, smacks of a utopian unreality.

    Let us start small, speak softly, and carry a bigger stick!

  2. And at what cost social and economical price ? somebody has to pay the price ! It seems as if these intellectual gurus are living in denial with the belief that barbados is exempt from all external shocks that effect the global community ,
    the economica reality of pursuing these challenges are tied to how much mechanism Barbados have as a driver in their economic basket that provides long term growth and obs for its people

  3. Have to agree with Jeff.
    Another ‘Solutions Barbados’

    All we need is the simple ten-point plan…

    …Take control of governance from paid politicians and nasty lawyers
    …Ensure full public disclosure of all non-sensitive public matters and create an independent National Supervisory Committee – like the Cooperatives – to manage governance.
    …Advertise, recruit and hire PROFESSIONAL managers to manage the national economy and assets
    …Institute a NATIONAL POLICY of transparent meritocracy.

    Everything else will follow naturally…

  4. Bushy, your ten point plan is equally utopian reverie. How can you reform the entire Constitution, as your plan suggests, under the current system without a legal revolution of some sort that would serve to change the very GRUNDNORM [the basic legitimacy] of the constitutional order?

  5. Where does the 10-point plan call for ANY constitutional change Jeff?

    The whole point was for Caswell to create a BUP and, using existing systems and rules, including a MANIFESTO commitment to configure government in a particular manner that is modeled on the cooperative movement.

    Any changes to the constitution would then follow naturally – as dictated by the new philosophy.

  6. Heather’s suggestions are excellent.
    …just like many of Grenville’s…
    The problem is HOW we could execute them; WHO will guide them (we have a LOTTA brass bowls bout here hear?); and WHEN could they be implemented.

    The challenge is to execute a revolutionary coup, USING existing laws and systems, GUIDED by a reliable, knowledgeable and PROVEN revolutionary and using a philosophy that is known to work – even for brass bowls.

    But Caswell keeps playing the ass… 🙂

  7. Bushie, if you want to convene a BUP meeting to discuss the formation of a political party dedicated to reformation of our political system I would attend. Nobody needs to unmask themselves. All nom de plumes can remain anonymous. Since Caswell is already unmasked I propose him as the interim leader until one can be elected.

    Come on, people. Somebody has to take the first step to save this country.

  8. @ac “It seems as if these intellectual gurus are living in denial with the belief that barbados is exempt from all external shocks that effect the global community.”

    The global community has remained stable, with more improvement for ‘2016:

    So what shocks are you talking about? The only shocks come from the present governments ineffectiveness to govern this island.

  9. I see, Bushy, so you are plumping for a hopefully successful electoral outing for BUP where the party will acquire at least a 2/3 majority?… Good luck on that.

    Personally, I believe that those days are over in Barbados. Will your manifesto promises be legally binding and enforceable? All of them? Do you not realize that the Constitution already provides for a form of government. Hence, your constitutional change cannot follow NATURALLY as you suggest. Incidentally, will there be a referendum?

    David, I will opt out now since I am beginning to sound like a “wet blanket” on these grandiose plans for governance reform. It is just that this topic is dear to me and I do not like to see it reduced to fanciful sophistry.

    Popular change is gradual…not an overnight thing…unless we are suggesting a forcible overthrow of the current system

  10. @ racehrse
    Bushie is already aligned to a MUCH higher political cause. It was just that David challenged us for ‘solutions’ …and Bushie have those coming out his ears…. 🙂

    Caswell is the man you want…
    Bajans DO NOT RECOGNISE true talent ..because we have allowed ourselves to be misled by the greed, selfishness and callousness of the albino philosophy.
    In the circumstances, to have a man who has been as totally committed to the ‘small, poor, black man’ as Caswell has over the decades is a blessing beyond compare. That he is also intelligent, confrontational, able to ‘give AND TAKE’, and fully endowed with balls – is almost biblical…..

    He knows the all ‘ins and outs’ and rules of the current system
    He knows the cooperative system better than almost anyone else bout here (except bushie..)
    He knows most of the crooks in society…
    and he is convinced that EVERYONE ELSE is crooked until he is forced to admit otherwise…

    The man is IDEAL.

    Bushie has been already co-opted for service in another sphere – and all this is only pre-training for that role….besides…
    Wunna COULD NOT deal with a Bushman in charge at this stage….. it would be far too traumatic….

  11. I think the challenge is how we get the B’s or D’s to include in their manifesto serious commitments regarding a FOIA, integrity legislation, reform of the tendering rules etc … Very difficult to get people to go against their own interests. Maybe a BUP can shame them into it. Not likely. I despair for Barbados.

  12. “No one is to be above the law. It is the breeding ground for corruption and questionable practices. There are some glaring examples that the present administration has presented which have all ultimately been enabled by the Prime Minister. We need a fresh start away from this corrupt mode of operation.”

    The only people paying the price if the above is stopped would be the bribers, bribe-takers, corrupters and those who enrich themselves through corruption. The taxpayers will not have to pay a dime to see that corruption comes to an end. It will save them millions annually.

  13. Man don’t run Jeff – class dont start til 10…

    Are you serious?
    Without even trying, a coherent BUP comprised of genuinely decent citizens and willing to sit down with National GROUPS (like the Chamber of Commerce, the Churches, the Sports Bodies, the Cooperatives, BARP, Community groups etc) to EXPLAIN their mission would win 80% of the seats in the next elections.
    Wuh 60% of those seats would be won based ONLY on the total shiite and brass bowlery of the current BLP /DLP jokers.

    Genuinely Decent Citizens like :
    Jeff C
    Eddie Bushell
    David (BU)
    Mac Fingall
    Adrian Green
    Georgie Porgie (somebody to kick ass)
    De Ingrunt Word (he would come back…)
    Two Representatives from Cooperatives
    Two Representatives from Engineering
    Two Representatives from Medicine
    Two representatives from Arts and culture
    Two representatives from Sport
    Two representatives from the Bar
    Four Church reps

    Each representative would be subject to recall by their respective group annually, and to expulsion by the Supervisory Committee at ANY TIME for breech of governance guidelines.

    Such a plan would work now more than ever…
    In fact, it appears that Froon and company is DELIBERATELY facilitating such a coup…

  14. @ Jeff Cumberbatch February 5, 2016 at 6:54 AM
    “A COMPLETE reform of the Constitution….The ENTIRE legal system to be reformed…” Nice sounding hyperbole….but how? By whom? Let us get real if we are to get anywhere!
    I do appreciate your attempt at betterment of the current system, Ms Cole, indeed it shows thought, but your manifesto, in some places, smacks of a utopian unreality.
    Let us start small, speak softly, and carry a bigger stick!”

    Great constructive criticism from your academic armchair. Indeed we can agree with you that both HC’s and Bushie’s prescritive treatise for good governance is very much over the top (utopian)

    So we will side with you that ‘we’ should start small while carrying a bigger stick than Teddy-bear Roosevelt.
    How about ‘pressurizing’ the current administration into putting into effect the long promised ITAL and FOI legislation?
    Wouldn’t you consider these ‘easy’ steps to be practical enough to be considered contributory factors to the betterment of the current system?

    I could be wrong but I cannot remember you making any critical contribution on the present administration’s failure to live up to its promise for ‘better’ governance.
    What would you consider to be the factors militating against the realisation of these pieces of legislation for the betterment of the current landscape of governance?
    Are there Constitutional constraints?
    Are there major financial demands to be made on taxpayers?

    The same way you can present a ‘convincing’ case for Barbados becoming a fully fledged republic why not promote a concomitant desire to see FOI and ITAL become fully operational? How can you have a parliamentary-based republic based on the principles of democracy without these two legal pillars undergirding the system of governance?

    And Jeff you don’t have to worry about stirring up an ants’ nest or stepping on anybody’s toes while putting your altruistically grounded role of the Chair of the FTC on the line; for you have the motto “My word is my bond” behind you:
    Just remember Jeff, “the faintest ink is more powerful than the strongest memory”.
    It certainly does not require a polymath from the Rosetta stone period to decipher the following from the playbook of ‘truthful’ promises of ‘utopian idealism’ similar to those of Ms Cole Heather and Bush Tea from La la land:

    “Why Good governance? Good Governance is
    characterized by the principles of participation,
    consensus, accountability, transparency,
    responsiveness, effectiveness and efficiency,
    equity and inclusion, and the rule of law. It
    assures that corruption is minimized, the views
    of minorities are taken into account and that the
    voices of the most vulnerable in society are heard
    in decision-making and the allocation of resources.

    I invite the people of Barbados, therefore, to join
    the Democratic Labour Party on this exciting
    journey to the creation of a Better Barbados. This
    journey emphasizes hope rather than despair,
    light rather than darkness, and movement rather
    than stagnation. This journey aims at human
    fulfilment and development. It does not aim at
    numerical worship and statistical purity. This
    is the true way of the Democratic Labour Party. “

  15. millertheanunnaki February 5, 2016 at 9:00 AM #

    I must agree with Jeff re his small steps,changing the deck chairs on the titanic will not help,we have to put our heads together and change the mindset of our people in order for them to identify a brass bowl when they see one and decipher when utopian rubbish is produced for them to swallow.

  16. @ Vincent Haynes February 5, 2016 at 9:30 AM

    How big and utopian a step is the enactment and putting into operation the FOI and ITAL?
    What is so idealistic about asking the same politicians who promised such in exchange for the people’ vote of confidence in their ability to deliver such promises even if it means having to wait 7 years instead of 100 days?

    No one is asking for the moon; just the creation of a legal framework that facilitates improvement in the current state of governance.
    Are you, Vincent, implying that the people are asking for too much given the billions invested in so-called educating the same populace?

  17. And, exactly how many more decades will these “small steps” take, knowing of the snails pace actions and slower pace mental processing of all involved, intelligent people would surmise that more than enough decades have been wssted taking the wrong small steps.

    But….the practice of corruption took immediate long leaps and bounds, those politicians who were broke ass paupers are now Mercedes driving millionaires in only 7 short years.

    What “small steps” what…..positive actions and legislation can be implemented immediately, but only if they want to.

  18. Jeff said small steps NOT irrelevant activities. This call for fundamental changes in the Constitution would be an exercise in frustration. Very very ineffective. Pure hot air that bears no relevance to how the human mind actually works. When the Barbados constitution was being designed the then contributors were just as zealous and Utopian. But very human . Subject to errors and bereft of perfect foresight. My suggestion is to rejoin your political parties try to implement the intentions of the constitution . It is among the best in the democratic world. Yes it needs some tweaking here and there. Good luck to you..

  19. Besides….”small steps” can be used as an excuse by every wannabe politician going forward to feather his or her nest, build up their huge personal bank accounts and justify bribery, thieving and corruption by claiming that all the other political parties have done the same since 1966 and all the politicians around the world do it too, in the meantime the taxpayers will continue to be robbed blind for another 50 years……politicians should be given no more time for “small steps” that can be used as stepping stones to serve personal agendas.

  20. This blog can do without the expletives and name calling. They detract from what could be some meaningful debates on how we see our selves and how we would like to make a better Barbados.

  21. WW&C, you seem to have a low opinion of your fellow Barbadians. Are you not from the same genetic and cultural pool? Come on ,man. What is the real problem,?

  22. Bernard….don’t mind the genetic thing, it will tie you up.

    Here is what the problems are, re politicians, it is cultural with them and the people who accept and enable them. They look for any opportunity to justify not fulfilling their manifesto when given a mandate by the people for 5 years, both DBLP have done so for decades.

    Now intelligent people would let the present lot of politicians and the ones who are aspiring to public office know, that EVERYONE is on to their antics, plus reminding them the worldwide web will be available for decades to continue to expose those antics that hurt taxpayers and destroy countries, can only help.

    So you see Bernard, the problem is not mine, but lies with the political parties and their members. Is that not the topic on here and discussion right now.

  23. Bear in mind Bernard when answering me that I was accused on here of having a low opinion of all lawyers in Barbados, all though everyone knows it’s certain lawyers worked very hard and tirelessly for decades to give themselves that horrible reputation, now we have a book and everyone is running around like crazy.

    So with politicians who are maliciously and deliberately setting out to destroy the island’s good name and confidence of the people, you would do well not to give anymore potential authors any ideas, the next one might be a blockbuster.

  24. We need to deal with the Rights of the People ,
    The US Constitution is not a bad place to start for it deal with white Rights , but in Bim its will be All of our Right not based on race , We just to get basic right as for Health Care, non GMO Food, Clean water, Education, enforcement of law, Shelter, Keep the Queen lawyer out of office ,Put the crooks in Jail no matter their names or titles,
    Every one needs a least one year of law in the All schools

    When lawyers and Minister start going to jail for their crimes against the People all things will fall into place,,,, The CB showing that crime still holding Barbados down with no growth in the nation and with out white people at the posts air and sea we will be below the ZERO bar.

    • Can we try to discuss governance and forget the symptoms of the problem we already know. This is why change is being proposed to begin with.

  25. @ Jeff, it cannot be utopian to seek to change the Constitution or the entire legal system. They no longer address the needs of Barbados. The people who first read the theses that were nailed on the church door were probably just as critical as you are but there was a catalyst for change that it sparked. Instead of telling me that the entire legal system cannot be reformed prove to me that it cannot work. Hence, I am delegating that you being in the perfect position with all those law students come up with some ambitious and meaningful propositions for the transformation of the legal system in Barbados. The proof would be in the pudding that it cannot work. I will only accept failure after having tried.

  26. We wounder if Jeff Cumberbatch ever or even consider the roll and effect that fraud title deeds by lawyers , Ministers, police,,, when put in the equation of Mathematics of things , It seem people like that ,want things to add up with parts missing that the lawyer are the MAIN cause and Effect on this Nation,,, So all others looking to know why and want to walk away with the money and talk she-it as to the long talk of leaving the Main Point ,Like white people looking for fix with out including them self with racism , Any thing but them is the cause,

  27. Dear All, we must cross the Rubicon even if only in our minds, Julius Caesar did and changed the course of Roman history, Martin Luther did and started the protestant reformation even in our time the youth in the Middle East have when they started the Arab Spring. It just needs a spark to light a fire. There are 270,000 people in Barbados whom this manifesto may change the way that they think.

  28. Jeff Cumberbatch February 5, 2016 at 8:25 AM # We dont know any BUP but if that is your joke for the CUP then it shows you cant even say truth in this Blog,

    We see then you support the same maddness that is going on , for All lawyer in Bim seem to be only on the side of other lawyers

    All we need in BIM is for the laws to apply to ALL People and Persons, This We above the law we write and those laws only for the little people is the main Problem ,

    How come when the Black necks in White collar shirts want to call it “white collar “crimes to think they not to do jail time for crimes,

    Now these black necks from 1966 till now have been robbing , crooking , lying and now to celebrate 50 years of this crookery .. Before the British took a back seat and leave her Spies here as know as crown Agents , GG, ESQ, Ministers, AG, and others ,

    We can only get rid of the Queen as soon we get rid of her Agents from office, As you can see the more lawyers we have in this government the MORE CRIME WE HAVE,

  29. millertheanunnaki February 5, 2016 at 10:10 AM #

    As far as I can see the people like it,so as about 60% every 5 year swap the deck chairs on the Titanic,its only us malcontents grumbling,which is why nobody is paying us any mind.

    Like the Titanic,it would take many nautical miles before one could bring it to a halt,same way to change the thought processes of our fellow citizens,it will take us a couple generations to achieve what we want.

    We have to be clear in our mind what we want to achieve and devise the path to take to do it, bearing in mind that the world is not static and outside variables may impact our efforts.

  30. The average person usually “ask”….” what’s in it for me ?

    The haves will ask…what do I have to give up?

    The havenots will say ” once I gine get some uh wha is to get.

    In a year or two there will be an election in Barbados and either the DLP or BLP will win.

  31. Hants February 5, 2016 at 2:03 PM #@

    The D or B may win , but few may be IND,Even if you look at Owen and Agard as IND, , who will cross the floor? or even 14 and 14 or 12 and 12 we may see. We will not side with know crooks, last time we had 8 IND and 7 were on the side of the CUP, This time we have More, NO and they are not taking money from no one , All out of pocket , they owe all the same across the board , The will not be bought like slave.

    BU writers may have a voice but not a vote living in this PONZI mess of full Fraud,

    The people have more pain and living first hand on the land day after day, as Ministers and lawyer get rich from pain as Columbus,

  32. Listen to Bernard, his approach makes sense.
    No framework can avoid its unscrupulous use, if persons choose to be less than decent and respectful of their fellow people.
    Make America Great again….I ask you, how can any nation which lacks universal healthcare for its citizens even consider the word great? When some arrogant 32 year old, whose only value has been pumping and dumping stocks he shorts, is allowed to take something called the 5th, before calling elected representatives imbeciles?
    Bim isn’t all bad? Despite whatever derogatory terms some choose to apply to the historical basis of its framework, it has worked. And it can work. Bim has all the values and tools to be successful if used without malice.

  33. NorthernObserver February 5, 2016 at 2:31 PM @ You dont know JACK meaning Barbados,

    What ever you had in your head before you leave here its not the same , Come get a Slave job if you can find one and then look to pay the basic bills, , water, light, VAT , food, dont even add road tax have to be the most in the World, insurance, fuel , gas, inter net if you want to be connected to the outside world,cell phone and dont look for no data plan,, use your shopping list in America and then come here, Make sure you have 911 on speed dial with a plane ticket to Florida , but Jet Blue have cheaper tickets to New York

  34. @Hants
    shocked Bushie don’t have you on his list!!!
    Like he en know de very mild winter got fisherfolk crashing tru de ice all ovah de place. To besdies most a wha ya catch en got no taste and a lotta bones. A pair of shorts and flip-flops and a hand line wound round an old bottle is attractive?

  35. @ NorthernObserver,

    Bushie is a good judge of character. lol

    I went fishing this morning and there was no ice in the river. It was cloudy but fishable.

    A guy downstream from me landed a big (about 10lb) Rainbow trout but his dog knocked it back into the river. lol

    I am too old ( and sensible ) to go ice fishing but the weather in the GTA is almost like spring. Perfect for an obsessive fisherman like me who prefers to fish from the river bank.

  36. A full Canajun eh?
    I prefer trawling. And when I look back at de old 8ft fiberglass dingy, with 2 ole oars and the 1.5hp Seagull, and no life jackets, that my mother used to let us go out in, well “the Gods must be crazy?” But that was fancy? And we caught many a decent sized barracuda and bonita off a hand line.
    A 10lb Rainbow? you sure you weren’t at a fish farm?

  37. As I said earlier, once those so inclined are willing to change the way they currently handle the taxpayer’s affairs so as to up their game, make everyone comfortable, am sure the citizens will have no problem playing their part, as they well should… soon as they are elected the politicians start their us, the “political class” against them the citizens, unless it’s their yardfowls, or people who bribe or enable them etc, unless that comes to an end, there will be very little change, none that will be noticeable. That behavior has marinated into the culture and is not helping the majority, only a few.

    No one expects a political mandate to be totally fulfilled the first, nor the 2nd term, but legislation re transparency, freedom of information, anti corruption etc, should not take 8 years, it’s unforgivable.

  38. Back home now and I noticed that this blog has maintained popular interest.

    @ Bush Tea @ 8:50 am

    Thanks for including me in your list of “genuinely decent” citizens… though i am not sure that I want to participate in local electoral politics in the immediate future.

    I note too that you intend to have BUP contest the general elections with an electorate comprising, according to you, mostly “brass bowls” and yet you expect to get 80% of the votes. Really? What does that say then about the slate of candidates?

    Or are you saying that they are eminently electable because the electorate will perceive them as different? But why?

    @Miller at 9:00am

    Do you really still believe that we shall ever see ITAL and FOI legislation in our time on this mortal coil? If so, I have a bridge going cheap…hell, I will even throw in the river!

    There is no constitutional impediment…no negative tax implications for the citizens. It just is not part of the culture of the local political class. You view this as an essential element of democracy in a republican state. Is it not equally an element of the current system now too? Yet I hear no popular protest at their absence …indeed, no one talks about these matters except on BU.

    The representation you have quoted from the DLP manifesto remains just that…a mere representation. If you have acted on it… perhaps you may try instituting an action for fraudulent or negligent misrepresentation, but some free legal advice…You are bound to fail.

    @ Heather at 12:34

    I am not against changes to the legal system…indeed proposing them is part of my day job…but what do you mean by change the ENTIRE legal system…will there still be a tort of negligence? Will there be actions for breach of contract? Will employers still owe duties of health and safety towards their workers? Will we still be able to appeal to the CCJ? Change the entire legal system might sound good as a slogan…but it is meaningless without more specificity.

    @VB @12:36 -No, I did mean Bushie’s BUP. I have never heard of CUP.

    • You guys push CUP on BU and FByet there is no website like Solutions Barbados for example to disseminate your manifesto or philosophy. You are not on the radio shows, neither do you write articles to traditional media etc. How will people hear about CUP and know what you represent if you want to achieve mass appeal?

      On 5 February 2016 at 21:39, Barbados Underground wrote:


    • There is a disinterest in governance and civic type issues shown by Barbadians that makes it scary as hell. They will have to be brought kicking and screaming to the table. The state of things makes one question why do we bother to invest heavily in education. Was it Jeff who stated these types of issues are only discussed in BU on a regular basis?

  39. The problem with Barbados is that we have too many people interested in politics. We do not need more participation in political or civic affairs. People are not busy enough with their own lives. Moreover, everybody wants to be a leader, so there are no followers, or not enough of them. Everyone thinks that their own banal ideas will somehow improve the current situation, and the naivete is mind-boggling. To wit, who is so dunce as to believe we can “enact” integrity? What is this nonsense about the “people” of Barbados? There is no such thing as the Barbadian people. There are individual households that can be grouped into classes by income, education, occupation, geography, race, life-cycle stage, or whatever. But every political decision benefits some households and harms others, and the trick is to find reasonable ways for the winners to compensate the losers before they turn bitter.

  40. @ Bush Tea

    If you know you are good enough, start with self + David /BU + Walter + Heather and keep looking Bro

  41. It’s called “utilitarianism”, Chad, Well said.

    @WW& Cand David- There is actually an outfit called CUP? What does it stand for…and stand for? Bushy, you might be liable for passing off…Oh shirt!

  42. Cool article Ms Cole.Your heart seems to be in the right place but before you embark on your noble manifesto you need a couple items.An unfettered constabulary and court system.Its better to obey than to sacrifice.

  43. @ Jeff, I concede to the removal of the word “Entire.” The challenge still remains for the number 1 of the proposed reformations. I am looking for to you accepting the challenge.

  44. But Ms Cole, I will need you to be more specific. Which parts of the Constitution do you want reformed? The appointment of judges? The appointment off the Leader of the Opposition? A reduction in the powers of the Prime Minister? The abolition of the Upper Chamber pf Parliament?

    To mimic the meme….”One does not just….reform a Constitution!”

  45. I delight in reading the numerous contributions made to BU. Sometimes, it leave me with a heavy heart, but it is a pleasure to see good men and good women striving to improve the quality of life on the island.

    I am not in Barbados and so I am more of an observer than an active participant in the discussion,
    Could it be that after 50 years, the two-party system (D or B) is so ingrained in the consciousness of the average Barbadian that there is a fear or reluctance to let go of what has become a ‘comfort’ blanket and embrace changes.

    Having seen members of the losing party forced to wander the desert for at least four years, the average citizen has decided to hitch himself/herself to one of the two large bandwagons (political parties),

    I admire those who will urge others to cross the Rubicon, but can it be that citizens are afraid of the unknown that lies on the other side. This has made it difficult for a third party to gain ground as the electorate has adopted the philosophy that it is better to select ‘one’ of the devil you know than a devil you don’t.

    It is good to see that passion and patriotism exhibited by my fellow countrymen and to see the abundance of ideas that are generated by a desire to improve the conditions within the country, but are there enough men and women who have the courage and embrace and implement the required changes.

    Without the required numbers, there is only the two-party system.

  46. @ Heather

    One of the biggest obstacle to a better Barbados is the Civil service, start changing this and we will be on the way to a better Barbados, a bad politician has 5 years as it stands now, a civil servant can moved bad behavior across the civil service for many years

  47. Still exploring the idea of a third party.
    If we assume that they will not attain a majority in their fist contested election, then there are questions that they must ask themselves

    1) How long can we sustain this effort? One, two, hire or more elections?

    2) How will we support ourselves during this period?

    3) If we cannot achieve a majority, but have the numbers to be President-makers, do we align ourselves with one of the parties?

    4) If we align ourselves with one of the parties , what are we prepared to give or to ask for? (Animal farm alert)

  48. “Jeff Cumberbatch February 5, 2016 at 6:54 AM #

    “A COMPLETE reform of the Constitution….The ENTIRE legal system to be reformed…” Nice sounding hyperbole….but how? By whom? Let us get real if we are to get anywhere!”

    Thanks these were the words I was looking for to sum up Mr Skinners critique of the education system. your comments would have been useful.
    in this case however, the road though paved with good intentions would obviously have potholes in its way. Now is not the time for critique Jeff but using the vast intellect with which you are endowed to advance the cause.

  49. @ balance
    Never underestimate the value of intelligent critique…

    @ Jeff
    We all know that Barbados is blessed with an abundance of ‘genuinely decent people’ .. otherwise somebody would have burned down the Parliament right after the CLICO expose..

    The PROBLEM is that a minority ‘political class’ – comprised mostly of lawyers (empowered by those of your ilk,) have manipulated the system to their own advantage – and to the clear disadvantage of the vast majority.
    Every five years they present Hobson’s choice …and then laugh their tails off as the two set of yardfowls bicker ..and the BAFFY crowd of abstainers withdraw….

    Lotta shiite!!

    Actually, all that is REALLY needed for a MAJOR revolution would be for a group of talented, genuinely decent citizens (who can be trusted to keep their promises) to conceptualise a vision for the country, present a plan of action …and commit to executing on the people’s behalf…

    Bushie offers the vision in the form of a CO-OPERATIVE democracy based on the collective principles as espoused in the co-op (Credit Union) movement…


    Because NOTHING has been more successful FOR ORDINARY BAJANS over the past 40 years than has been the CREDIT UNION MOVEMENT.

    It really works…
    ..Excellent financial growth
    ..exemplary governance
    ..Strong Asset growth
    ..outstanding education in interpersonal and entrepreneurial skills

    …and look at Co-operator’s General Insurance – surely a model company – and OWNED 100% by Bajans…thousands of us…

    Cuhdear …. It the cooperative model has PROVED itself to be so acceptable to Bajans in Credit Union development – Why not bring the philosophy to even more important areas of national governance….?
    …mean we must keep on copying white people – even when the results are so shitty…?

    The 10-point plan simply outlines how, with the RIGHT people, the right vision and the right MESSAGE, BUP could offer hope to the brass bowls….. 🙂

    As Bob Marley says – brass bowls need to ‘wake up and live…’
    ‘RISE – ….you mighty people….’

  50. The situation we find ourselves is much like that of the frog who found himself in a large pot of water from which he could have easily escaped……………but he was comfortable.

    As the temperature of the water was gradually increased he was unaware of his danger……..but he was still comfortable.

    At last, and alas, the temperature reached the level where his enzyme proteins became denatured and he could not function.

    There was a time when we were poor, but generally content.We had little but we were comfortable with our lot. We adapted to whatever we had to face

    Then gradually things became better and we became more comfortable and our offspring less adaptable etc. We were reasonably comfortable….indeed so comfortable that we failed to notice that the tide of declining leadership was sweeping us out to sea.

    THEN SUDDENLY the temperature reached the level where OUR LEADERSHIP enzyme proteins became denatured and he could not function., THINK 2008 WHEN THE CURRENT TWITS CAM IN TO POWER.






  51. @ Jeff Cumberbatch February 5, 2016 at 5:28 PM
    “Do you really still believe that we shall ever see ITAL and FOI legislation in our time on this mortal coil? If so, I have a bridge going cheap…hell, I will even throw in the river!

    There is no constitutional impediment…no negative tax implications for the citizens. It just is not part of the culture of the local political class. You view this as an essential element of democracy in a republican state. Is it not equally an element of the current system now too? Yet I hear no popular protest at their absence …indeed, no one talks about these matters except on BU.

    The representation you have quoted from the DLP manifesto remains just that…a mere representation. If you have acted on it… perhaps you may try instituting an action for fraudulent or negligent misrepresentation, but some free legal advice…You are bound to fail.”

    That’s a serious pot shot you have taken at the political class.

    Are you implying that the current political administration disingenuously induced (tricked) the majority of the electorate into voting for it?

    The first occasion in the offer to implement FOI and ITAL might have been ‘coloured’ with the marketing guise of an ‘invitation to treat’. But after the last minute still-born attempt to pass some handicapped version of Integrity Legislation during the first term of office surely you must advance the contractual process to one of offer, acceptance and consideration in the form of reelection.

    Now if the failure to follow through on the inchoate act of implementation cannot be deemed a breach of contract and a disrespectful violation of the people’s trust what else can be said to clearly reject any proposal to take the country into formal republicanism (where the people reign supreme) with such an untrustworthy lot as the drivers of the necessary Constitutional change.

    As you quite rightly pointed out the two pillars of democracy- the right to receive good governance free from ‘significant’ corruption by State officials both elected and appointed and the right of access to information to monitor the suitability of these officials to hold office- are sine qua non whether under a republican dispensation or the current ‘regimen’.

    Now that weakens your case for any major thrust towards any change to republic statehood.
    As the saying goes: ‘if it is not broken why change it’.

    What additional benefits would accrue from the change? The country is already controlled economically, financially, culturally and legally (by way of the many treaties and conventions signed onto including the CCJ) by “foreign” agents so what would be a name change in the Head of State represent other than window dressing in the form of changing the title of a mannequin.

  52. You have stated better than I ever could, David. It is not discussed on the call-in programmes…not in the letters to the Editor…not in the rum shops…not in the streets…only here.

    @Miller, I must have said it a thousand times…there would be no inherent change since we are already a de facto republic in nature

    To use your language from last night…at least it will be OUR mannequin!

  53. Very powerful analogy of the frog and the pot of water…absolutely apt to the apparent psychology of the Bajan “disinterest in governance and civic type issues”.

    But how does Bushie’s or any other plan takes us purposefully out of our comfort zone.

    The merits of a cooperative movement are unquestioned … so any plan based on that must have much value. BUT, didn’t the modern financial cooperative movement EVOLVE from the work of the Honorable Errol Barrow and his chief cohorts like Sir Frank Walcott?

    Was it not their ability to harness that labor collective into a political and social power structure that set a tone for positive ‘people power’ ? Was it not their cooperative efforts that forged “group[s] of talented, genuinely decent citizens…” into a colossus.

    Change is needed. Plan A or Plan B could work in ‘principle’ but realistically there is absolutely no truly NEW governance model under the sun.

    @Bushie no plan can foretell the future — there are failed cooperatives worldwide and locally. Your plan is as sound as you want it to be or as simplistic as the newest reincarnation of ‘More Power to the People’.

    There will always be talented folks so the absolute need – as it has been throughout time- is “genuinely decent citizens” to take us from this pit…

    Did Grenada not show us that as enlightened and justified as we are to truly demand change from oppression, that we can just as quickly devolve into another cabal of oppressors too!

    We know well that decent people can be disguised as a Coard or a Gairy; or a Barrow or a Walcott. It’s the results from those powerful cooperative minds that tells the final story…

    So let’s look for our Bishops or Barrows but let’s us not forget that the Coards and Thompsons are just as charming and talented AND understand the cooperative power just as well!

  54. @ Bushie, reading the older posts I realize I was nominated to your ‘cabinet’…oh lawd..not me sir. At this stage of life I am too easily disturbed by BS and tend to speak too bluntly in response.

    I would likely not last beyond the first meeting…well maybe unto the second at which point someone will seek my removal on the grounds that my reality check was ‘out of order’

    Thanks for the pick, but I quietly remove myself.

  55. Same old, same old focus on the institutions rather than the quality and quantity of people running them. Of course there’s the ever present delusion, insularity and hypocrisy like the poster calling for ‘people’s rights’.

    • @enfull

      Not following your last comment. The focus here appears to be on building awareness of governance issues. The discussion maybe about achieving this by forming a new party but there is also the opportunity for existing parties to integrate the message based on advocacy from the society. Further, some are arguing the current model needs to be overhauled based on performance of government in the last 50 years. In fact, if you read the manifestos of both parties you see promises made (never kept) about implementing integrity legislation, breathing life into the PAC committee etc. The political class has shown itself to be very loyal a system that breeds mendicancy. We need to overhaul the system by inserting an ethos where accountability is an everyday expectation. It is good we are discussing this concern on BU, we are ahead of the national conversation but it must begin somewhere. What is disappointing about the local media, it allows itself to be led by popular news.

    Global economy trapped in ‘death spiral’
    Published: 10 hours ago

    A CNBC article posted Friday as the top headline on the Drudge Report warned that the global economy is trapped in a “death spiral” dubbed by Citibank strategist Jonathan Stubb as “Oilmageddon” – referring to the dramatic drop in world oil prices and the possibility of a global economic meltdown, or “Armageddon.”

    “The world appears to be trapped in a circular reference death spiral,” Citi strategists led by Jonathan Stubbs said in a report Thursday, as reported by CNBC.

    “Stronger U.S. dollar, weaker oil/commodity prices, weaker world trade/petrodollar liquidity, weaker EM (and global growth) … and repeat. Ad infinitum, this would lead to Oilmageddon, a ‘significant and synchronized’ global recession and a proper modern-day equity bear market.”

    Whether the economy is up or down, Dave Ramsey’s “Total Money Makeover” is a proven plan for financial fitness

    Stubbs noted crude oil prices have tumbled by about 70 percent since the middle of 2014. The dollar, meanwhile, has risen about 20 percent against an international basket of currencies, with the prospect the world economy will grow sluggishly, increasing only by 2.7 percent in 2016, half the growth Citi projected only last month.

    Minimum wage jobs and foreign workers

    Meanwhile, popular economic blog took the air out of President Obama’s announcement Friday that unemployment has fallen to 4.9 percent by pointing out that 70 percent of the job gains in January went to minimum-wage workers. further reported that 1.4 million relatively high-paying manufacturing jobs lost by the U.S. economy since December 2007 have been replaced by 1.6 million relatively low-paying waiter and bartender jobs created in the U.S. economy.

    Since December 2007, considered by many to be the start of the current prolonged recession that suggests has the possibility of developing into a second Great Depression, all job gains in the U.S. economy have gone to foreign-born workers.

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, since December 2007, the U.S. has added just 186,000 native-born workers while adding 2.5 million foreign workers.

    Reasons for the 2016 stock market crash

    What appears to be shaping up as the “Crash of 2016” is being blamed on a historic drop in oil prices and the fall of Chinese currency.

    The price of crude oil has plunged to $26.30 a barrel, its lowest since May 2003. The problem today clearly is a global oil oversupply that has discredited the “peak oil” fears of previous decades that the world was exhausting the supply.

    In January, China allowed the biggest fall in the yuan in five months, causing trading in its stock market to be suspended twice. China’s currency has continued to drop since a 2 percent devaluation last August touched off a global stock-market selloff that prefigured what global equity markets are experiencing in January.

    On Feb. 2, Bloomberg reported the Chinese government is stepping up efforts to ward off a potential economic crisis in which an estimated $1 trillion in capital outflows left China last year and mounting bad debts threaten to cripple the Chinese banking system.

    On Dec. 16, 2015, the Federal Reserve Open Market Committee decided to raise rates for the first time since June 29, 2006, increasing the target federal funds rate modestly, from zero to 25 basis points (0.25 points).

    WND has reported analysts’ warnings that the Federal Reserve’s quantitative easing policy – under which it printed money to buy U.S. Treasury debt – was an artificial means to contain interest rates at near zero that would backfire in a broad stock-market selloff once the Fed began to raise benchmark interest rates.

    As WND reported last month, William White, the Swiss-based chairman of the OECD’s review committee and former chief economist of the Bank of International Settlements, has warned that the global financial system has become dangerously unstable, facing “an avalanche of bankruptcies” worse than 2007 at a time when central banks have run out of “macroeconomic ammunition” to fight downturns.

    “Debts have continued to build up over the last eight years and they have reached such levels in every part of the world that they have become a potent cause for mischief,” White said.

    “It will become obvious in the next recession that many of these debts will never be serviced or repaid, and this will be uncomfortable for a lot of people who think they own assets that are worth something,” he cautioned.

    White noted European banks already have admitted to holding $1 trillion of non-performing loans.

    “The only question is whether we are able to look reality in the eye and face what is coming in an orderly fashion, or whether it will be disorderly,” he said. “Debt jubilees have been going on for 5,000 years, as far back as the Sumerians.”


  57. Question to ask politicians when canvassing

    What has led you to pursue the job of politician? What is Your educational background ?

    i believe that based on a democratic governance any one has a legitimate right to pursue the highest office in the land .
    Such questioning is obtrusive and hampers and retards the mechanism which is simplistic in its equality giving an assurance that no one is denied a privilege of being instrumental in shaping the system.
    Unnecessary questioning which smacks of classism and elitism a daily occurrence which needs to be weed out of the many so called intellectual in barbados society

  58. Bush Tea February 5, 2016 at 10:05 PM #

    @ balance
    Never underestimate the value of intelligent critique…

    Never Bushie would i ever underestimate the value of intelligent critique but Ms Cole challenge to Jeff to accept the challenge has merit and still stands.

  59. We live. We go to the eternity of death.

    A few very popular musicians died recently but with the news of the death of Maurice White founder of Earth, Wind and Fire it brought home a few truths…

    Age,being one but moreso I was reminded that like today’s youth who are into their genres of music that EWF was a seminal pop music sound back then as a lad.

    To reflect now on the utter banality – but then nirvana – of dancing or listening to ‘Reasons’ ‘Fantasy’ or ‘I Write a Sound for You’ shocks me back to the reality that life moves on so ‘rapidly’…

    The interesting Album covers with Afrocentric imagery and symbols…a strong message in pics and sound.

    To a time never to be recaptured. to the men and women who made sweet music that soothed our daily troubles and gave us joy, even as they educated us…rest in peace!

  60. Another question taking from the manifesto

    Are You a peoples person?

    To many of the lower class in this society this type of questioning is a turned off as it seems to imply and divides with indifference to what you have and what you do not have ,with a wrong message being sent to those in the lower tier of society who might not be intellectual savvy but might have meaningful ideas that can help reform and re build a society for better with a result one of shutting them out

  61. Laboring and Prospering WITH the Lord.

    “UNLESS the LORD builds the house ( Nation, family, economy) They labor in vain who build it; UNLESS the LORD guards the city, The watchman stays awake in vain.” (Psa. 127:1) Emphasis added.

    “Righteousness exalts a NATION, But SIN is a reproach to any people.” (Prov. 14:34)

    There is such a thing as corporate righteousness, which brings corporate benefit!

    Its not just our political landscape that needs radical reform; but our social and cultural behaviour that is in the gutter of debased immorality!

    I fear that we are in the season, generation, era, of the End-Times of God’s linear timetable, and, without a radical reform of RIGHTEOUSNESS, which can only be obtained through God in Jesus Christ, in ALL areas of our national consciousness, there, really is no hope for us to ENDURE to the soon cataclysmic END!

  62. @ Georgie Porgie February 5, 2016 at 10:46 PM,

    Your analogy of the frog who finds himself inside a large pot of water is proof to me that you remain a puzzling enigma and one of BU’S most formidable and controversial contributor.

    I agree with your comments that we need a paradigm shift in direction as to how Barbados is governed. Heather’s contribution as always is excellent. This lady is Barbados equivalent of France’s Joan of Arc and England’s Queen Boadicea.

    @ Heather,

    I do not have the time to give a full commentary on your manifesto. I read it and was impressed with your lateral thinking. You appear to be a genuine, serious lady with big ideas on bringing change to Barbados. However, your manifesto is grafted onto an existing corrupt political foundation which has been subsiding since the days of Errol Barrow. We can only bring real change to Barbados by undergoing complete transformation.

    How do we bring change to Barbados and show that we are serious players? I would suggest that we should critically evaluate the works of all of our Prime Ministers whilst they were in power. If it can be proven that they were corrupt and colluded with businessmen and women at the expense of her citizens then all parties concerned must be sentenced, and be stripped of ALL their assets.

    This would just be a start.

    There is only one way to bring change to Barbados: disassemble her structure brick by brick; dismantle her foundation and then rebuild the country.

    The Battle of Algiers:

  63. @ac
    Don’t you read the contents of a bottle or the label on a package a box or a tin to see its contents before making a purchase? Women shop around, checking prices and try on clothes before making a purchase. When investing in a car does not a person ask the salesman all the relevant questions and then test drive it and ask their mechanic for an opinion? When purchasing a house whether it is new or old, does not a person make all the relevant checks and inspections and ask all the relevant questions? Prior to conducting business or hiring a new employee it is a standard practice to interview that person and if they are suitable do a background check. Why should a politician that the people are hiring be an exception?

    • Many of you keep retreating to the comfortable arguments of blaming politicians. Look to strengthen the governance system to hold the actors accountable.

    • @Jeff

      Have we not had the very same ac questioning the qualification of Mia Mottley? Have we not had others questioning the qualification of Denis Lowe? Why not create an avenue to deflate these kinds of distracting arguments. All it does is to feed political rhetoric, polarize and soak up energy.

  64. What good is Reform when those seeeking change builds a framework to exclude the ordinary person views and ideas disguse under an umbrella of betterment

  65. Simple reason Hearther..politicians and their yardfowls do not see ministers of government as servants and employees of the citizens, they need stripping of the notion that they are “elites” a most stupid word that can ever be ascribed to a politician.

    Politicians need to be returned to their place by reminding them that when elected by the people, they are being hired, as employees, to work for the people, therefore they must be INTERVIEWED for their jobs, just like any potential employee who will be paid a monthly salary, with perks, by their employer……these particular jackasses do not see it in that light, it all gets lost in that arrogant glow of “victory” after they have been hired….elected….and have the new found status and new found friends which enables them to commit political mischief.

    Although we already know the politicians will lie and tell the electorate what they think they want to hear, to get that job.

    Yardfowls do not function in reality, they live in the comfort zone of delusions.

  66. @ Zoe February 6, 2016 at 9:24 AM
    “I fear that we are in the season, generation, era, of the End-Times of God’s linear timetable, and, without a radical reform of RIGHTEOUSNESS, which can only be obtained through God in Jesus Christ, in ALL areas of our national consciousness, there, really is no hope for us to ENDURE to the soon cataclysmic END!”

    Now when will the end come? On Monday 8th February, the start of the Chinese New Year of the Fire Monkey?
    The only end time from above will be in the form of a comet or a rogue asteroid ten times bigger than the one due to do a flyby of Earth around March 5th.

    But my dear Zoe if true “RIGHTEOUSNESS” can only be obtained through your Jesus Christ where does that leave the millions of Jews, dead or alive? After all the people whom you defend to the hilt are also your god’s chosen people.

    Zoe, you are sitting on a nest of hornets while being gored by the horns of your own dilemma.
    Can the Jews today be your god El’s chosen people even though they continue to worship the bull and the ram instead of the fish?

    One is indeed shockingly taken aback when you make reference in your cut and paste robotic style to anything to do with ancient Sumeria. But we would let sleeping dogs lie, unless you want to pull at its tail instead of its coccyx.

  67. @ ac
    You missed the section under communication as well as re the environment. Read the entire document again. At present your government does not talk to the people. If it did, there would never have been a Cahill WtE and I can go on. Stop nick picking.

  68. To defend one of ac’s points…what indeed would be a satisfactory answer to the question concerning educational background? Seventh Standard? High School? Associate Degree? UWI? Master’s? Doctorate? Post Doc? Academic? University of Life?

    Ms Cole, I clearly understand and sympathize with your concern for good governance, but you need always to be more specific…

    • There are those  words Governance and Accountably.

      Accountability and Good Governance

      Can a State bring an action in tort for misfeasance in public office? Florencio Marin v. Attorney General of Belize, [2011] CCJ 9 (AJ) highlighted that two former ministers were alleged to have transferred land to a company owned by one of them for something of sufficient value in return (consideration). Remedies include dismissal from office, disciplinary actions, prosecution, and the imposition of legislation for a breach of trust and integrity.

  69. David, I don’t think that we disagree. I do not think that governance is essentially an intellectual exercise,… just goodwill and empathy for the plight of one’s fellowman is needed in my view. Why then a question as to educational background?

    AC is just being AC and the others similarly!

  70. @exclaimer
    How many years , do you think it will take to prove the PM, Ministers, MP, PS, Top civil Servants or any top Businessmen/Women in Barbados is corrupted and who in Barbados will be the Commissioners? who will appoint then? the PM ,HA,HAHA, our Government establish systems from 1966 were asked to focused on a sketch of EWB imagination of a better Barbados, but that sketch over the years developed too many blurred outlines to defined, mainly because of the myopic persons that run this country

  71. David February 5, 2016 at 5:52 PM #

    I agree with you that for CUP to be relevant,they need to do more than the fb page,which I just looked at.Other than corruption and land fraud what else is it about?

  72. @ Jeff
    Generalization or not, it is time that the people take control of that political exercise where a candidate turns up at their door smiling sweetly, they tell you what the party is willing to do and you meekly accept without asking any questions. I hope my suggestions to question them and make them sign a legally binding contract with you will start the ball rolling for a new era in politics in Barbados. It cannot be business as usual.

  73. David February 5, 2016 at 5:52 PM #

    You guys push CUP on BU and FByet there is no website like Solutions Barbados for example to disseminate your manifesto or philosophy. You are not on the radio shows, neither do you write articles to traditional media etc. How will people hear about CUP and know what you represent if you want to achieve mass appeal?

    On 5 February 2016 at 21:39, Barbados Underground wrote: @@@@@

    By Now David BU , You may know that what we hold in our hands can change this Nation for the Better. Many of the sitting Ministers including the PM, AG, MOF, COP, DPP may have to see jail time for these crimes,

    Along with many heads of the Government Departments, Most of the Land holders including the CHURCH and many Banks like FIRST CARIBBEAN AND CLICO .

    When the power was placed in our hands, then to the COP Dottin under PM David,AG Freundel Stuart, The crook Ass PM NOW,
    The Nation,CBC, VOB, Brass tacs? Barbados Today, after Roy Morris leave for the Nation After the last Election of 2013 buying votes we were shut down,
    The DBLP and COW and family seem to SHUT us out “CUP”, CENSORED for all new media in BIM,

    What backs ALL money loan in and out side Barbados is based on Land titles, Plantation Deeds is root Title, So until People in BU and other Places stick this in their Bell Housings, Nothing they write or talk of can change.

    We do not have to re-write the laws , We just have to enforce them no matter the Pimp titles of the crooks,

    We can show more than 70 years of Clear Title lands, over 90% of all land dealings in the Media with the IADB 60,000,000$ in the City or even 160,000,000 $ dealing with FOUR SEASONS, NHC AND UDC lands. COW lands he move on and sold.

    Our records even say the MOH/ NHC will not pay out unless you can show CLEAR TITLE. But yet Barbados is run on good title , that is not equal,

    By the time you go to get your CLEAR TITLE land to be paid , these bitches REMOVE THE RECORDS FROM THE Archives and the land Registry,

    Best Lawyer posted on Naked Departure is Samantha Cummins, of NHC then to Land Registry then moved again as we were told? NHC again?

    SO this is DEEP BU< So dealing with the Most truth we know the CUP will push and apply the law before the ACT of 166 pages to launder land,, All Land have an owner ,,,Most of the People and lawyer today do not own what they have papers for, The BLP frig up this and the DLP looking to make this their turn to take what they can get,

    WHAT IS TAKEN MUST BE RETURN, WHO will benefit from this will be the People and not the lawyers and Ministers, So we are looking to remove them ,

    Beatrice Henry and Violet Beckles leave running Orders that We have to apply too,

    All those with us who look to sell out their plan , Now are All DEAD ,, even her Son Dennis,

  74. @Jeff and David.
    I have not finished reading through all the contributions, but when I read Bushies early comments, the first thing that jumped out at me when he’s said “…follow naturally”; which Jeff picked up also, i s the fact that ANY PROPOSALS FOR CHANGE TO THE CONSTITUTION (INDEPENDENCE ORDER) REQUIRES a 2/3 majority of Parliament, and approval in the Senate. It thus requires discussion in parliament and people of one mind. Difficult ,if the governing party is not sufficiently strong.
    More later.

  75. So what so wrong with questioning a framework that already has built in mechanism against the ordinary purpose. Yes that is the way the farmework is being built with more thought on selectiveness than inclusiveness

  76. @ac
    Are you afraid that these questions will cause your candidates to plead a “5th ammendment?” An established system does not mean that it does not contain flaws. If your candidates are men and women of integrity who have the best interest of Barbados at heart they will not only respond to the questions but sign on the dotted line as well. Why do you think that there is a word call ‘future’? It is for all that has not yet happened. The problem here is that your candidates want to continue to live in the past.

  77. @ac
    “Yes that is the way the farmework is being built with more thought on selectiveness than inclusiveness” This is a contradiction. Why even bother to go to the polls if the intent is to exclude the population. Why not set up a legal dictatorship? The sole purpose of an election is to select candidates by including everyone who meet the requirements to vote. The people must exercise their right to question any politician.

  78. Listen a democracy is not a dictatorship that,s why the system allows for checks and balances through a voting process and not this ad hominem idea that triggers
    a course setting a side that only a few can participate. So far your check and blaances are being set in a course of elimination and not one a man determination of individual choice before going to tge ballot box

  79. @ ac
    where are the checks and balances in the present system? Did you mean that flawed voting process that resulted in rampant buying of votes last election? Even your PM and the AG though they admitted this failed to even attempt to rectify the problem. If they were indeed serious about addressing that problem they would have at least started by enforcing the integrity legislation. If I understand what you were trying to write, you are right one man cannot determine individual choice prior to going to the ballot box but one woman sure as hell will try to make individuals make an informed decision on where their X is placed! Your comments make me laugh…

  80. @ David/BU

    Please don’t think I dislike lawyers, but, as it may 5 lawyers as Prime Minister

    The accountability for good governance in Barbados from 1966 is the responsibility of the Prime Minister, our system of government allowed the PM to share some,( but as it is today all ) of that responsibility, to who he like / think may be a trustworthy Ministers that will or should have integrity and be responsible to provide good governance for the people, perhaps as to the lawyers in government with knowledge of sharp practice and EWB gamesmanship at the polls, set the notion for skullduggery to developed and slide without a dismissal of a Minister, only shifting, or statement like I leaved him (the Minister ) to the people, P M. Adams use gamesmanship, and the skullduggery continued, Sir Lloyd had dismissals/shifting/resignations that were of personal bad natured, PM. OSA used dismissals of Ministers as gamesmanship but skullduggery got worse, the present PM, ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-.

  81. Heather February 6, 2016 at 4:10 PM #
    “Did you mean that flawed voting process that resulted in rampant buying of votes last election?”

    Heather, “that flawed voting process” has been facilitating vote buying since pre-independence days. By the time we came along, vote buying had manifested itself in the expression “corned beef and biscuits politics”. By the time Aaron, (or is it Arson?) passed along, the “corned beef and biscuits” had been replaced by fridges, TVs, stoves, paid rent, and paid utility bills. Today it has reached the stage of significant cash.
    Based upon what I have observed, I would conclude that the incidence of vote buying is increasing in Barbados. The last election showed me, not that the practice had become “rampant” for the first time, but that those involved had become brazen and open in their operations.

    It is against the law for a candidate or voter, to buy or sell votes in Barbados.
    No political party, in Barbados, instructs its candidates to buy votes.

    Let us manufacture a scenario.
    A candidate believes that he has a good chance in an election. He hears that his opponent, who holds the seat, plans to “give away” $100,000 in the constituency. He also hears, that if he manages to win the seat, and his government wins, he will get a ministry. Talk in political circles leads him to believe that If he gets a ministry, he can make as much as 5 million dollars per deal, and four deals per term.

    He doesn’t have any money, so he borrows $150,000 from friends and investors to “backraise” his opponent. The constituency is small, so the voters can see him and his opponent spending thousands in the rum shops, the fetes, and the Karaoke sessions. They see “old” house boards coming off, and “new” boards going on. New cell phones, I pads, and computers being paraded…..Mothers getting lunch money for their children…
    He notices how deceitful some of the voters are. How they are taking from him and his opponent. How they always want more..more…
    Visited by this viewpoint, he sees the vote buyers as repulsive parasites with whom he must now do business in order to become a millionaire. He reminds himself, that should he win, he doesn’t want to see any of them for another 5 years. They have already been paid for their services.

    On election day, he distributes his last $30,000 to voters. In an act of desperation, his opponent scrambles together $60,000 and comes with a final blitz.
    Convinced that he has lost, and going for broke, our candidate tells the authorities that he personally saw his opponent buying votes. “The law has been broken”, he asserted. But when the results come in, he is declared the winner. From that point onward, he keeps his mouth shut. “My opponent can’t do or say anything. He is crooked just like me”, he reasons to himself.
    He submits a candidate expense account showing he spent only $3,000. Therefore, he spent $147,000 on buying votes.The report is accepted. No questions are asked.

    He gets a ministry. “I don’t want these malicious natives to know my business. Now where can I find some people in China, Europe, or North America to make some deals with?” he asked himself.

  82. Lol…..from your post to the Divine’s ears….Walter, who already knows and saw, so did the PM & AG, according to what they said to the media..

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