Killing Hope, Middle Class

Submitted by Beresford

BLPIn dire times, while the society rallies in national survival mode, driven by personal crises, there is always that element that crassly exploits the desperate times for solely their own good.

As Barbados struggles and becomes daily weighed down under the onslaught […]of exploitation,punishment and inhumane treatment, its most unfortunate position is that those who should be the rescuers and protectors are its pillagers.

The DLP Government is presiding over the massacre of all that has held Barbados together, made it shine beyond compare and forged a country that was singled out universally as a beacon of excellence.

What has Barbados come to now? Forget the wiping out of the strongest economy in the region for years. Except that the ever decaying productive sectors have spawned massive unemployment, declining government revenues, never mind the increased VAT which is now manifesting itself in the collapse of our social sector and infrastructure.

As roads fall apart, there is bedlam in bus terminals as workers and parents are left stranded. All kinds of critical drugs are now suddenly disappearing from pharmacies. The least said about the QEH, the better.

Barbadians are now made to shed tears and to submit themselves to the shame, humiliation, of begging the DLP Government for their rightful due – payouts, severance.

The heart-rending spectacle of cut off Transport Board workers begging for money they should have received long ago – this is what Barbados has come to.

Government workers locked out of a building by Al Barrack, a man at his wit’s end, forced to padlock his building because the DLP resolutely refused to honour the Court – the Court judgment – and pay up.

Hoteliers still waiting for concessions. They are coming and coming, but never come.

As predicted, registrations at UWI tumbling directly as a result of the DLP’s cutting off of tuition fees for Barbadians. With the evidence mounting, the hearts of the DLP only hardening.

The cold hearted, calculated, cruel approach of the DLP is most vivid in the constant tissue of lies in which they have shrouded their wickedness.

There is just no way to believe the utterances of the DLP, starting from the Prime Minister.

He of no public servants going home. He of free education will not be touched. He of free health care to be maintained.

In every instance, Freundel Stuart has lied to Barbadians.

How does a country progress when no one can believe the leader of the country?

The heart of Barbados, the middle class, has been cut out by the policies and deception of the DLP.

The DLP has destroyed this group that has been the glue in Barbados, those that moved from poor to middle class, through sheer hard work and the programmes, mainly free education, and aspired to go further.

The nearly 30 increased and new taxes have been a straight punch to the face of the middle class. This wide swath of Barbados has been waylaid by the DLP as most so categorised have been the ones less able to withstand changes in economic or national circumstances.

And the loss hope of a majority of Barbadians is wrapped up in the waste basket of the DLP in which has been thrown the support that has transformed thousands of lives through university education.

The desolation and wiping out of the middle class is one of the more sordid outcomes of a DLP Government that has boxed itself into nothing else but surviving at all costs.

It is telling that people who a decade and two ago were themselves aspiring have crushed the dreams and mobility of people just like them.

Imagine Stuart is a Prime Minister! Could not have happened without his passage through free university education. Could not have happened without the social supports that aided his mother and allowed him to dabble in histrionics and whatever else without worrying about how he would eat, go school or even sleep.

Look at Dem! Not one can remove himself from this equation.

Pompous and Falstaffian as they now are, not a single member of the DLP Government could contemplate their outsize good fortune, which they are exploiting to the fullest, without the economic and social structures that have underpinned Barbados’ progress.

It is the worse patronage and height of deceit for Stuart and DLP Ministers to be fully engorged with their luck and plea empathy even as they, as the Trinis say, mammigua – lie to the public.

Many things in Barbados need an end putting to them or correcting. The court system. Economy. QEH. Transport Board. Water Authority. Tourism. Look anywhere, and there is a looming crisis or threat to Barbados as we know it, as we wish it.

Few are as excruciating and in need of reform now as the DLP penchant for spinning and lying.

A society without the example of good governance from the top is one that will descend into anarchy.

And one with no hope shared by thousands, drop outs, inertia, an underclass, a society stymied.

This is what Freundel Stuart and the DLP have wrought and are breeding.

In such an outcome, they will be no saviours and all losers.

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237 Comments on “Killing Hope, Middle Class”

  1. David November 9, 2015 at 6:52 PM #

    Surely Ben Carson reveals a certain naivete which says he can make public a sordid episode in his past that explains an epiphany of sorts an not expect the media to validate give his quest for high office.


  2. MoneyBrain November 9, 2015 at 7:38 PM #


    Albinos—you are so cruel! Once U dont kill them for obeah reasons like Africans do!

    I know U like me nuff but Bushie U dont have to cry when de Saviour of Bim arrives–U becoming an old lady already?


  3. MoneyBrain November 9, 2015 at 7:43 PM #


    Please read properly, you getting on lika fella who went to school at the Pipe during Saturday nights in August! U name Bromley or wha?

    NOwhere did I say that they were not AA that speak with Jamaican accents, legitimate Jammies or S Carolinians!

    Domps the discussion was about my use of darker.


  4. Bush Tea November 9, 2015 at 7:59 PM #

    @ Money B
    Since when is honesty ‘cruel’?
    …and are you sure it is for ‘obeah’ reasons?
    …or do they know something that we don’t….? 🙂


  5. MoneyBrain November 9, 2015 at 8:03 PM #

    I never said anything about Trump being Pres. I just would pay to see Trump and Hil going at each other that is all. I have no prob with Dr Ben but dont know how good he would be against Hil in a debate but have a feeling that at the very least Trump VS Hil would be great sport. Dr Ben would bring a calm, professional bearing to the WH and it would be interesting to have B2B Pres, one from each party.

    Trump behaves too much like a lil spoilt, schoolyard bully! He needs someone like me to stand up to him and tell him stop certain behaviors but maybe he surrounds himself with Yes men? However, he could be an asset in negotiations and management and like he says, “Making America Great Again.”

    U really think I am stupid enough to talk about any female in such terms in public or private? No matter how true! Hil should certainly not be the next Pres but a clever far more honest woman would be welcome. Servers? Emails? Benghazi? She should be in Prison! But not in a sty!


  6. MoneyBrain November 9, 2015 at 8:06 PM #


    Those Africans think they getting a white meat? Maybe Bajans know that a white meat is better? Witch Drs must be consulted.


  7. Sargeant November 9, 2015 at 10:28 PM #


    “Sow”? I think you better get with it who describes women this way in 2015? Benghazi? Even the Repubs have put that puppy to bed, guess you didn’t get the memo. McCarthy was tipped to be Speaker until he admitted it was all a “pappyshow” to get Hillary bad publicity and drive up her negatives and he paid the price, then the jokers summoned her to appear before the Committee and grilled her for 8 hours and couldn’t lay a glove on her. I’m not necessarily a big fan of hers but if she comes up against Trump in any debate they will have to apply the mercy rule, shouting “looser” and “I’m the best” does not a strategy make.


  8. Sargeant November 9, 2015 at 10:50 PM #

    What is an African American in this day and age?

    People will refer to themselves racially in whatever category that they believe represents them and their heritage, here is some food for thought.

    BTW the full article is much more expansive


  9. MoneyBrain November 10, 2015 at 12:46 AM #


    Anyone that trusts Hil is not too clever in my book, plain so! She could run but not hide her crookedness from me. That EVIL lil laugh she has is as FAKE as can be! Arranging to send her packing with ONT Lezzie Loser asap! WE need decent women and men in true leadership positions. This PC nonsense has to go also. I call it like I see it!

    U mean to tell me that all these Liberal types got U conned. Who trusts any Pol?

    Grilled her for 8 hours??? That was a love in half the time, with certain guys lobbing the ball like light breadfruits even Kraig B woulda hit for 6! De Doris gin pick she up!

    I am sure the best people to debate Hil would be Ted Cruz or Trump. That match up would be real theatre that I certainly would not avoid. DR B may not have the fire necessary, too gentle.

    Who said Hil is a woman??? U did’nt know that they told her not to bend over in the WH as she was exposing her nuts?lol

    She should be jailed over Benghazi! She FAILED to offer adequate security when it was asked for, needed and was available out of Italy or Germany in a few lousy hours. The joker had more security in Paris!


  10. Sargeant November 10, 2015 at 1:19 AM #


    Trump is not a debater he is a Carnival barker who should debate Cruz, will he ask for Cruz’s birth certificate? Funny how the birth certificate business has disappeared now that the Rethugs have an honest to goodness foreign born Tea Partier running for something. Harper should have asked Cruz to campaign for him in his birthplace. Funny how the cries for experience have receded now they have two tenderfoots in the Repub race who are on top of the polls.

    Hypocrisy thy name is politician.


  11. Simple Simon November 10, 2015 at 1:59 AM #

    @MoneyBrain November 9, 2015 at 2:29 PM “The media are joining in wasting time on his adolescent errors,”

    The thing is it appears as though there were NO adolescent errors…and the good Dr. Steve Urkel feels the need to pretend that as a youth he was a bad ass ni99@.

    The question is:



  12. MoneyBrain November 10, 2015 at 10:04 AM #


    Good point!
    Maybe he feels he needs to attract certain types and dispel that he was always a calm, thinker that those certain types hate? Repositioning is a Marketing concept that can work. Any media exposure is good for Dr Ben at this stage, as his weakness is that he is not as well known as Trump.


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