Soccer and Global Racism

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...A time when Blacks have made some progress but where the majority of peoples of colour, throughout, the world are still largely dispossessed...

A time when Blacks have made some progress but where the majority of peoples of colour, throughout, the world are still largely dispossessed

The World Cup is just around the corner and as Brazil prepares for this signal event of soccer, Brazilian players, of distinctively African origins, continue to face the leading edge of racism in all of Europe. In fact, all Black or African soccer players have been facing, increasingly, incidences of overt racism in the seat of the White race. When we say racism we mean the system as scientifically defined. We are not particularly concerned about personal likes or dislikes, we are here defining racism as the recent and historic power of White people to enforce social, legal, economic; cultural systems; which are anathema to the interest of peoples of colour. It is a system, or a set of systems which attaches more value to White people based entirely on the colour of their skin. This is the vast phenomena that we are interrogating, in broad terms and as it relates to soccer. We shall use Dani Alves as a case but there are tens of thousands with similar import.

This galloping rise of racism in Europe is associated with the rise of anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, ultra-rightism, and White nationalism. It comes at a time when the economic circumstances are getting worse for large numbers of White people. Black people are more used to these deprivations which Whites are now starting to feel, in greater numbers, for the first time in many years. It continues to appear as though White people in much of Europe see hopelessness as the order of the day. It comes out of the long pretence that we were moving towards a colourless world.

A world where race is to be of little importance. A time when Blacks have made some progress but where the majority of peoples of colour, throughout, the world are still largely dispossessed. It seems that White people, generally, could always find a resort to racism as the answer to changing circumstances. The Black soccer players are monkeys who are eating their lunch, or the lunch of a not so good great White hope. So they are calling for White supremacy today, White supremacy tomorrow, White supremacy forever!

But Brazil is essentially a Black country and its internal institutional racism is no less pervasive. So while we defend soccer players in Europe from racism we are minded that the global character of this phenomena remains as present as ever or can be called upon at short or little notice as a potent weapon in the quiver of the international Whitey. So this weekend we could have Barcelona’s Brazilian  wing-back, Dani Alves, joining the long list of players to whom bananas were thrown. This event is so normalized that Alves took the fruit and had a bite in his feeble attempt to respond. This is just an example. Of course, we can talk about the racist chants, fears of Black players going to some venues, the missiles thrown at Black players. There is also evidence of disparities in rewards systems between White players and Black players, and so on. However, Alves represents Barcelona. Barcelona is from the Basque region of Spain – Catalonia. The Basque have long sought separation from Spain. But it was Spain which was occupied by the Moors for several centuries. The Moors have indeed left their presence on the landscape of the Iberian Peninsula. So we here argue that institutional racism is culturally bound, has entered the DNA of White people, has been imbued by Blacks and maybe impossible to excise from the body politic. Some will however seek conform in the delusion that racism does nor exist or that it must be Blacks’ fault, the victims that are to be blamed, or that there is such a misnomer as ‘reverse racism’.

There are also some parallels between global soccer and global slavery. Of course, the wages bill is far higher. It provides an avenue for Black players from South countries to make a good living, has transformed world soccer by bringing together some of the best players in the world to play in the professional leagues. But all these contributions to White ‘civilizations’, as it is, can never remove the 500 years old mindset of White people that Black people are inferior to them. It matters not that Africans are their mothers of all people on earth. It matters not that there is now certain knowledge that Africans peoples gave Europe everything it now has of value. It matters not, regardless of the persuasiveness of arguments we may make. Racism is here to stay.

We are here making a critique of Europe but the Unites States is no better. In recent weeks we have had a White illegal farmer posturing that Blacks would be better off in chattel slavery. Los Angeles Clippers owner, Donald Sterling, who makes his money from his ownership of Black basketball players making the most racist of comments. Comments that show the crypto-racism which is deeply engrained in the American society. It is a racism that is highly scientific. It has become so effective that people like Magic Johnson, regardless of their notoriety, are not to be in an Instagram with a women. A women who appears white but has a mixed parentage. This is the argument from the demented mind of a White popular cultural stakeholder.

We have cited the case of Dani Alves but racism in European soccer is so unremitting that the players’ association and FIFA had some time ago started a marketing campaign to ‘say no to racism’. That campaign continues but racists have determined that there shall be no retreat, no compromise. But the game will go on, it must. Too much money is at stake. The industrial exploitation of Black soccer players and other peoples of colour is essential to this here plantation model. FIFA, as chief overseer, runs a world of its own. It is a world where FIFA rules do not represent treaties obligations but are however outside the preview of national courts.

The anatomy of racism in soccer extends to the Russian Federation. This is by no means a Western European reality, alone. Even in the wider Russian society there has been a rise in membership of skin-head gangs. We could die on the Streets of Moscow or St. Petersburg for being Black. So even 80 years of communism, with all its faults, could not keep racism at bay, though through all their songs and marketing was predicated on the universality of mankind and Russia is not generally known for having involvement in the slave trade, though there were other atrocities to peoples of colour and indigenous peoples committed by these White people. Readers should see the statements of professional players at Russian clubs or make a study of the relatively fewer Black players in Russia as compared to Western Europe.

The flags raised, the anthems sung, the heart tugging rhythms, the music, the emotional outburst of the crazy Brazilians soccer ‘fans’, the energies from the Coliseum, the gladiatorial fights to death, the euphoria directed to Brazilian cities, the national prestige gained, the stadia renewed, the cup won, the money made or lost. After all of this, and more, of the World Cup Soccer 2014, racism will continue to be the constant companion of Black soccer players in Europe and African peoples everywhere.

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  1. @Hants
    I played sports and can honestly say that all races play the card when it gives them a chance for unsettling the other player. From my perspective I admire a player on my team regardless of colour or shade.

    RAPTORS WIN Tonight! But dont try throwing away 26 point leads! That was insane! KYLE is the man! Talent is one thing BUT Kyle goes HARD in every respect! Who the hell cares what shade he is???

  2. What I want to know is, are you lot going to welcome Jeremy “N-word” Clarkson to Barbados with the Top Gear show, or are going to show the typical hypocricy that abounds here by welcoming him because, in Barbados, cars are more important that people?

  3. @ Peltdownman
    Bajans are the quintessential lackies. They will find all types of rationales to justify the unjustifiable. Some Bajans will watch the tape and fail to hear anything, although this bloke is apologising to today. Don’t fail to remember that Barbados was/is known worldwide for breeing the best slaves in the empire.Business per usual, brother.

  4. Pacha……then you have jackasses like Billie ‘the goat’ Miller reiterating that Bajans were/are the best slaves in the Caribbean., i swear, some of these pimp title holders should be drowned.

    Back in 2004, i passed through Barbados and.i met this British guy who was recruiting people to work at the newly built Hilton, he was only looking for a certain type of black employee, they must be subservient, complacent and docile or he was not hiring them, by the way, this is a white guy I am talking about…..he said to me ‘the top 3 most racist countries in the world are as follows…..the USA, Barbados and South Africa”, my reply to him was “well then England must be #4”..

    .Barbados has a nasty reputation for racism and discrimination, even among whites, time to clean up that image, what makes it even more embarrassing is that’s it’s a BLACK MAJORITY COUNTRY, so it’s easy to see the spill-over where blacks practice racism/discrimination on each other…….

    by the way, where is that ASS AC, hope she is recruiting members for that organization to stamp out racism/discrimination in Bim…

  5. Domphey it has been said by many people that you are a moron (not me yet) but you don’t perceive yourself as that even though things you say may be indicative that you are.
    Is it possible that sterling doesn’t see himself as a racist even though his comments show him to be.
    Now do you think Well Well would be chasing me if I was a typical bajan, no domphey she knows the benefits that a white Canadian with a pension and most of his real teeth can offer So I why on earth would you think I give a rats ass about the white bajan machinery let alone apologize for it.

  6. MoneyBrain wrote “I played sports and can honestly say that all races play the card when it gives them a chance for unsettling the other player.”

    How is this relevant to 17,000 racists tweets being sent to a black hockey player?

    I have a lot of admiration for this young man and his family.

  7. Forgot to mention that the Hilton Hotel is Barbados government owned, which means it’s Barbados taxpayer owned, and that crap is still allowed to happen to the majority on the island.with the full knowledge of DLP/BLP governments.

  8. @Hants
    17,000 Racist TWITS!!!
    We will never change some people!

    I have had people make racial comments against Orientals NOT realising that my wife is one! Let’s just say that most were White but not all!

    I have lived and worked among many people of different races around the World and there are Racists among all racial groups.(Indians, Chinese, Japs, etc my wife’s parents did not want me a Whitey) Remember 50yrs+ ago what Seretse Khama’s mother said,”how can you wake up next to that White ghost on a morning”

    Personally, I have always “understood” why Blacks would be a tad racist with Whites and in Bim growing up saw some very nasty White racists that were plain cruel.

  9. Well Well | May 2, 2014 at 5:36 PM

    by the way, where is that ASS AC, hope she is recruiting members for that organization to stamp out racism/discrimination in Bim…


    ac was busy spending some hard eraned money with the black businesses ,,and yes sending off a small check to a black organisation who is funding homeless people in the black communities through out north america,,,, now that you know what ac was doing…… please tell the BU household what YOU have done today that would be helpful in empowering or being of assistance to one black individual or community …..JACk ASS.,,,a,,,,,,,,,,,

    the problem with the vendors is not a simple one as others would want us to believe,,,,,,,there are a lot of social issues involve ,,,,health issues ,,,,,,,,enviromental issues…….and also the ugly racial and racist attitudes towards blacks being involve by those who see black business as a threat to big business survival wether small or control…… is interesting how abed maps out the area that he thinkks fit best for the small vendors,,,i wouldnow ask if he would like to move his business to such an area and give that space to the small vendors,,,,,, i bet he would say HELL NO< however he has the answer ,,the one that makes him feel less vulnerable ….the govt is batting on a sticky wicket,,one which if not careful could throw out the baby with the bathe tub……….houston we have a problem….

  10. Lawson

    You’re an apologist and that the honest truth. And why are you so concern about what others thinks about me? Now, you’re beginning to show others here that you’re a bigot, who continues to make pitiful excuses for the racist like Sterling. Now piss off!

  11. Lawson

    And who are you to render an opinion on sterling’s thought- process at the time he made these atrocious racial remarks? Lawson, are you a psychologist/ psychiatrist/ psychotherapist/ behaviour- specialist, that we should accept your qualified-opinion regarding Sterling’s’ mental state? lol Man crawl back into your little hole… you stiff dick.

  12. Lawson

    You a pitiful creature who cannot make a valued decision unless there is a consensus. Shame on you old man because when all else fails you resort to shooting the messenger. Now, do I have to insult what’s left of your intelligence, to reiterate for the third time that you’re an apologist of the worse kind?

  13. Lawson

    I think that it would be within your best interest to cease and desist from maligning me with your limited vocabulary. And who are you to pontificate on the issue of racism, when you’re obviously on the opposite spectrum of the issue? You better ask Bush Tea and PG about me, before you endeavor to engage me in any kind of a confabulation.

  14. Lawson

    This is the final point that I’ll render in response to what you think others thinks of me. ( this is quite laughable and childish to say the least) Practical application: now, if we were persuaded by a majority opinion, Adolf Hitler would have been justified in exterminating the Jewish populace during the 1940’s. Because arguably, the majority of the German people felt that what Hitler was doing to the Jews at the time was morally justified. So you see Lawson, history has taught us the very valuable lesson: the majority opinion is not necessarily the correct opinion in every instance. Listen! It’s becoming more and more apparent that Georgie Porgie and you yourself are cut from the same piece of fabric because the both of you are devoid of the critical thinking skills.

  15. AC……for the past 2 days i have been trying to pound into your head the role you can play in Barbados to bring about positive change, that alone is a gigantic task, why you can’t see it, SEARCH ME, but if you would just take some time, go into a quiet room and think about it, you will see how useful you can be in bringing about that change and turn things around……what’s the use talking about all the problems and not showing anyone that you have the drive, ambition, you certainly have the power withing the DLP, and if you do not use that power, ii will continue to call you pure shit without any qualms at all. What’s the use of the DLP/BLP saying THEY ARE IN POWER and cannot show anyone how much power by stop kowtowing to the minorities and make sure the power and money is redirected to their own people.

    • Donald Sterling in new tirade against Magic Johnson and African Americans, Tuesday 13 May 2014 06.45 BST

      Donald Sterling during his interview with Aderson Cooper of CNN. Donald Sterling during his interview with Anderson Cooper of CNN. Photograph: Reuters

      It was billed as an apology for racist comments that created a firestorm – but the Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling has unleashed a new row by launching a searing attack on Magic Johnson and wealthy African Americans.

      The tycoon used an interview aired on Monday to apologise for the tirade against black people caught on tape last month but then depicted Johnson, who has HIV, of being a womanising disease-carrier.

      In what may become a case study in how not to defuse a crisis, Sterling, a national pariah who is battling to keep his basketball team, also accused wealthy black people of being stingy philanthropists in contrast to Jews such as himself.

  16. @Exclaimer
    Surely U meant DESPICABLE EXCUSE for a HUMAN; not our man?

    No wander the young woman wanted to TRAP his ass because she appreciated that he is DOTING and just a sniff of the goodies= $$$$$$!
    NO back breaking wuk required!

    How do we know that this was NOT a total set up, given his history and the NBA Rules, to CHANGE to more favourable ownership???

  17. @MoneyBrain
    What a murky and truly horrible story. Does it surprise me? Absolutely not!
    In the second programme, Julia Carneiro examines the issue of race. Brazil has long presented itself as a country which enjoys great racial diversity. It has the largest black population outside Africa yet under the surface, race is a taboo. Why is race such a difficult thing to talk about in Brazil? What does that say about the country?

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