17 thoughts on “BU Video of the Week – The KEYS to Sustainable Economic Development and Successful Entrepreneurship

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    • The most interesting observation by the presenter is that all of the successful entrepreneurs started off as a member of a team. It was about WE and not I.

    • @Hants

      The other interesting point made by the presenter is that planners need to appreciate that entrepreneurs don’t attend traditional style town hall meetings. The result is that the innovation and knowledge of this creative group of people is left out of the planning equation.

  2. The man of course is speaking from experience. He says it is impossible to find people that can “make it, sell it, and look after the money”. My mantra on BU was about “designing it, producing it, and selling it” … guess we are not that far apart. But the people standing in the way of “PRODUCT BASED Entrepreneurial Development” are the jackasses who are trained to “look after the money, and look after the risks, and look after the administration, and look after the legals, and look after the distribution, and look after every other infrastructural service that requires two or more levels of academic certification in order to be considered relevant.

    It is, as it has always been, a conflict of interests. What a crock …!

  3. David,

    Believe it or not, the politicians have nothing to do with anything, yet given the responsibility that they are paid to carry, they in fact have everything to do with everything … hmmmm. They change nothing, they speak alotta shite, but they change nothing … No, the guys that I am referring to are the people who sit in the agencies… the funding agencies, the overseas agencies, the development agencies, the CEO’s and Board Chairmen/women, the ones who do not exist in public, but asses from the armchair comfort of a tenured non-competitive role in either the private or public sector… and so on

    • @Baffy

      Do you want the cadre of persons in position to be replaced or is it we don’t have the right mix?

  4. As always David, there is never an easy solution. “Conservative” and “Risk Averse” is more than a buzz words, they describe a culture. Replacing may very well be equivalent to rotating tires. Maybe I am thinking about importing the right mix … 🙂

    I hope you understand …

    • You make a good point that decisions affecting how we want prefer to do business is contrained or fueled (depends) on our prevailing culture read conservative.

  5. @ Due Diligence. Barbados is not serious about praedial larceny. Everybody else are putting laws in place to combat this deterrent to food production. Trinidad has a comprehensive law and Jamaica is now about to implement one, but Barbados has been talking around the subject for the past 40 years.

  6. The term “praedial larceny” should not be used in the media. I prefer “robbery”.
    Stealing a farmer’s crops is equivalent to stealing his cash.

    The sentence for this criminal act should be the same as for robbery or breaking and entering.

    The only reason this criminal activity is allowed to continue is because Barbados can still import food.

    Wanna still waiting fuh “de economic recovery” to solve all wunna problems ent!

  7. @David. Effective policing and enforcement with penalties that can act as deterrents must be an essential part of any law.


    If the farmer is a trespasser on the land , How can he bring charges to court, when he/she self in the first place can be a fraud crook? Any person being caught taking from a Plantation need to have the farmer prove he have Clear Title to the land, The True owner for he/she is the one to bring a charge for the removing of items.The Person Lawyer need to do their work when hired , But then again the same lawyers on both side may already know the true , As said by Ex AG MIA, to Caswell , let sleeping dogs lie.

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