• David

    What will this video achieve??
    I recall when Hydroponics and Green houses were introduced by Gus in the early 80’s in St.Phlip,the Min.of Ag. laughed at him and said we had enough land.

    We have the land,knowledge and the ability….what we cannot overcome is the Elephant in the room.


  • @Vincie

    We got to keep preaching it.

    We need to hear loud mouth Minister Estwick on agriculture and not finance.


  • Dr.Estwick should be removed as the Minister Of Agriculture. It appears that he does not want to be Minister of Agriculture. Why keep a person in such an important Ministry who does not care about Agriculture. I looked around and I did not see any coverage of him at the biggest Agricultural show in the country. Now the Prime Minister will address BAS about Agriculture. Not even a plea to get the BADMA to apologize so that the burnt cane get harvested before the crop spoils.
    Agriculture is seen by most Governments in Barbados as the Ministry to get punished but really is going to be the life savior of this country in the not too distant future.


  • the video is compelling……….. showing the awareness and importance of self reliance when others stop doing or giving a helping hand…….with cuba dependance on Russia for financial support after its withdrawal ..the cuban govt and the people unified on one common cause one of self reliance and survival……….a video well watching with a lesson to be learnt .


  • A useful link:

    Free-sharing Our Sustainable Future

    The founders of One Community are consciously and conscientiously creating an open source and free-shared model sustainable teacher/demonstration village to benefit the entire human organism. We are excited to partner with other awake and aware individuals who agree that we as a species are ready to do better. In our opinion, an consciously creating a better world as our children's children's planethonest assessment of where we are as a conscious and ever evolving civilization shows that we can and are ready to do something different. For those of us already traveling in this direction the path is clear, and we are bringing together those who agree so we can all get there faster.



  • The MOA can only do so much, the people have to do the rest.


  • @ready done

    Somebody must lead.


  • one commuity………i get kinda a nervous when people tell me to pool my resources,,,,,,,i remember a time when a group of friends went out to dinner we decided to pool the money ,in other words dive up,,,,anyhow when the bill was tabulated those who order the less ended up paying for the those that ordered the most,,,,them things almost never work when greed is factored in


  • And then there is the “modern” and “up-to-date” Monsanto method of growing things using their high-cost, patented seeds with their accompanying poisons.

    Scientists find multiple problems with GMOs

    “GMO seeds have not been shown to definitively increase yield potentials” and “in fact, the yields of herbicide-tolerant or insect-resistant seeds may be occasionally lower than the yields of conventional varieties.”

    A February 2014 U.S. Department of Agriculture report declared what many scientists already knew: There are no significant differences in yields of GMO and non-GMO crops. When asked about the USDA report, the chief technology officer for Monsanto declared, “American farmers are smart and wouldn’t [adopt] a technology that didn’t have tangible benefits.”

    Are the USDA and scientists around the world wrong in their conclusion about failure to yield? No.

    Agro-economists have shown repeatedly that the best-yielding, most-affordable crop varieties, to “feed the world”, are those derived from conventional non-GMO hybrids (U.N Commission on Trade and Development).


    Norwegian scientists recently detected Roundup in 10 of 10 farms using genetically engineered soybeans. We had to also learn from these Norwegian (not American) scientists that the nutritional composition of soybeans grown on 31 Ohio farms differed depending upon the type of farm management system employed. Soybeans harvested from organic farms had higher concentrations of protein and essential amino acids, and higher concentrations of two minerals, and no Roundup residues (Food Chem. 2014).

    Now we know from the scientific literature that the same concentrations of Roundup residues in soybeans is sufficient in laboratory assays to: induce hormone disruptions during frog development (mixed-sex frogs), kill young trout and tadpoles, stop the growth of earthworms in soil, inhibit activities of beneficial soil and human gut bacteria, and stimulate the growth of human breast-cancer cells assayed under laboratory conditions.



  • according to the minister of agriculture there is a contingency plan in place to avert any further deterioration of the sugar crop in the event a final resolution due to strike action by the bwu is not finalized ,,i hope that govt would resort rather sooner than later by use of plan…..an apology of any sort can wait ,,,but in the meanwhile a country being held hostage at the hands of the bwu and 57 workers is unacceptable,,,,,and for what……


  • David…Just heard part of the future vision in Agriculture speech as delivered by the PM…would be useful if you could obtain a copy and share it so we can peruse it….sounded good but I must have missed the timelines for implementation..


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