BCYN Advocates for Women & Children’s Rights

Submitted by Felicia Browne
From left to right. Betty Munera, Karlyn Percil, Juliette Walcott and Vernette Eugene

From left to right. Betty Munera, Karlyn Percil, Juliette Walcott and Vernette Eugene

The month of April is celebrated as youth month. Across the world, the rights of children are recognized as fundamental human rights. In the US, April is recognized as Sexual Awareness Month and in the Caribbean the UN under the UNiTE umbrella has deemed Child Sexual Abuse a human rights issue. As part of this awareness,

Karlyn Percil (@Karlynpercil), President of Bellemoun Community Youth Network, 404 Media Group (@404mg) and  3 other members of the BCYN (@BCYNetwork)Team are launching a regional campaign to “Break the Silence” to advocate on child abuse in the Caribbean. The organization is leveraging social media with the hopes to gain 500,000 pledges to help break the silence and put an end to child abuse. Persons, parents and family members within the Caribbean and diaspora are encouraged to pledge against child abuse in the region. Participants are encouraged to join the BCYN Team for the online Launch here:


Pledging can be found at:  http://bellemouncommunitynetwork.org/pledge/

If you would like your pledge on our page, please send a recent photo of yourself and your pledge to end child abuse. Pledge photos can be sent to info@bellemouncommunitynetwork.org

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  7. What exactly is a “pledge” and in respect of what? Eg ‘I pledge I am against child abuse and won’t change my mind’, or ‘I pledge I won’t abuse a child’, or ‘I will report anyone I think is abusing a child’?

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