Harlequin Property UPDATE…

Dave Ames, the beleaguered Chairman of Harlequin

Dave Ames, the beleaguered Chairman of Harlequin

5 March 2013

The Serious Fraud Office (SFO), together with Essex Police, is looking into complaints in relation to the Harlequin group.  The business activity of the Harlequin group includes the marketing, sale and construction of luxury off-plan property developments in the Caribbean and other resort locations.  If you have invested in Harlequin schemes, we would welcome any information you can give us.

We are particularly interested in hearing from people who invested in the following resorts:

(1) Buccament Bay in St Vincent & the Grenadines;
(2) Merricks in Barbados;
(3) Marquis Estate in St Lucia;
(4) The Hideaway in the Dominican Republic;
(5) Las Canas in the Dominican Republic;
(6) Two Rivers in the Dominican Republic and
(7) Garapua Beach Resort in Brazil.

8 January 2014

The SFO’s investigations into the Harlequin Group continue. It is not possible to release any further information at this time, but we will update this page when we are in a position to do so.

28 August 2013

The Serious Fraud Office, together with Essex Police, continues to investigate the Harlequin group of companies. We are not able to comment on the on-going investigation nor are we able to comment on an individual’s particular investment. Individuals who are concerned about their investment should seek independent legal advice.

Investors considering further investment in the Harlequin group of companies should be aware of information provided by the Financial Conduct Authority at


The SFO would like to thank all those investors who have completed our online questionnaire. We are unable to respond to each one due to the volume of responses received but we can assure all those people that responded that your questionnaire has been read by the case team.

Anyone who believes that they have information which may be useful to this investigation can contact the case team at this e-mail address. Please do not leave anonymous information – any information received will be treated in strict confidence. Please include the case reference (“HLM 01”) in the subject header of your e-mail to ensure it comes to our attention promptly.

32 thoughts on “Harlequin Property UPDATE…

  1. Before this company even came here, I read somewhere they were having financial problems in another island. I am no big investor. I ent got no big money. I am not au faire with the ways of the world. But I could not believe that these people (as those who started the other mess on the old Paradise property) could just come here with all their big talk and Barbados would take them in with much welcome and pour money into their shenanigans. The mess they have left behind is not only a sight for sore eyes, but a reminder of how foolish we are. Nobody else as foolish as we. Look at how we sell out to Emera when clearly from north to south there were warnings. Not only warnings but facts. I ent know about nobody else but anyone seen that brand new state of the art whatever they were supposed to build for us the foolish, hence our rates had to go up?

    Seems to me anyone can come here and we do not even investigate further than our noses and pockets. But let a local try to get a loan from a bank for a fantastic project that will not fail, and we are looked at with disdain even when looking for a few paltry dollars. The other day just to open a savings account, wanted nothing from the bank, just to open an account to put money into. I had to bring paperwork under the nehnen, from signed by a JP references, to as contract for rental from my landlady, to utility bills – it was totally unreal and I did not even want a bloody loan and I am Barbadian. Dah fuh’ lick all as I laugh about this. No laughing matter perhaps but fact is fact. We chuped to think that all that comes from above and beyond is betta.

    • One is left to wonder after the CLICO collaspe (regionally) the level of information sharing which occurs at a regjonal level to try and mitigate a Harlequin.

  2. David,
    I am still at a loss to understand why seemingly no due dilligence by Government was undertaken. A twice bankrupt former double glazing salesman, should surely drive a little prudence.

    • @Adrian

      Do we know what is the exposure so far far at individual level and government? What due diligence could have been performes by Barbados?

  3. Do you remember the various concessions that Harlequin held out for and were eventually granted. Apart from the unpaid contractors and suppliers, I was thinking about NIS, Land Tax, VAT etc., that Government has failed to collect.

    Surely, any concessions are only granted after some form of financial due dilligence is carried out? A simple company financial search costing a few dollars would have uncovered their precarious fiscal state.

  4. Thank you Adrian. This whole situation (again) begs for a real look into the behind the scenes how it all go or went, I should say. Before those people even landed on this rock there was trouble on others and the news had it out there, but somebody here, in some strange hallowed halls, chose for whatever reason to turn a blind eye – perhaps even two.

  5. Think “Bs”…….
    Bajan brass bowls and BRIBES……
    …..and a DPP who has a warped idea of what is a crime….
    ….and a bunch of lawyers, 90% of whom are KNOWN crooks…
    ….and politicians – most of whom are lawyers…
    ….and policemen – who all want to be lawyers…
    …and Ross 🙂

    Add a country of people who question nothing, excuse everything, bow down to anyone white, and dislike their own…..

    ….and you get Barbados….unbelievable stupidity.

    Emera gave some beds to the QEH. Perhaps that is the “state-of-the -art” contribution promised….
    ….and Republic Bank sponsors polo……
    …and Butch(er) buys some Mount gay (after Adrian outed him….)

  6. Imagine that it was reported in the Daily Nation newspaper of Wednesday, March 12, 2014, that the BLP member of Parliament, Mr. Glyne Clarke said – in the previous day’s sitting of the House of Assembly – that a new Barbados Labour Party Administration would rehire everyone recently laid off.

    If Clarke was reported correctly, it would – for the umpteenth time – be then showing why these two intellectually and politically bankrupt, discredited and moribund disorganizations – that are referred to by many people in Barbados as the DLP and the BLP, must – as soon as possible – be permanently removed by the broad masses and middle classes of people of this country from the political governmental landscape of this country.

    Rewind to 1991 when thousands of workers were sent home from the government sector by the then DLP government as part of the IMF/DLP government structural adjustment and stabilization programme and then when the Sandiford Administration was voted out in 1994, the subsequent Arthur Administration proceeded unwisely and illogically to take on over time thousands of workers in the said government sector rather than the then prime minister seeing it as a prime opportunity to properly continue with the redefining and reorganizing the size and scope of the government sector within the context of the repositioning, restructuring and redevelopment of the wider political economy and services industry sectors of Barbados.

    Indeed, it is that ill conceived ill advised strategy of swelling the ranks of the government sector and many other negative and destructive policies – like the implementation of the evil wicked VAT system in 1996/7 – the creation of a legion of government enterprises and commissions and commissions of enquiries – the reinstitution of the very backward regressive notion of the government led political economy and services industry sectors of the country ( contrary to Arthur’s 1994 general election campaign pronouncements ) – of that Arthur Administration that have helped to create – from 2007 until now – this very prolonged political economic depression that is terribly affecting Barbados and that is unquestionably pointing to the country’s becoming like Jamaica in many, many regards – on this current trajectory.

    Now, the reader of this PDC post should never be surprised at the reported comments of Clarke. For we know – and they ought to know too by now – that a great part of the wicked political agenda of these kinds of DLP and BLP people is to keep as many people as possible living in Barbados in a state of chronic dependency and despair.

    Thus, any one having been seeing or having been experiencing the magnitude of the destructive disabling effeçts of the Arthur Administration policies, and in recent time ( and up to this moment ) also the illogical addition to those political economic depressionary effects by the implementation of many more negative and destructive policies of the Thompson/Stuart Administrations, must realize that the reported comments are part of the brainlessness and visionlessness and backwardness of their self driven narrow political agenda to keep down as many people as possible in this country so that as many of them as possible will most likely remain at their behest.


    Is it that time already? March comes around so quickly but just like clock work and the great seer punxsutawney phil the Bajan criminal comes out of its hole to make sure that the economy can hit another new low. Well done.
    Keep it up boys and the only place tourists will go is the guarded all inclusives, Maybe the next harlequin will be a good investment

  8. Check out Adrian Loveridge bringing out the same old Harlecon crap AGAIN. The same crap that got a man sued and ruined.

    This is the same Adrian Loveridge who is a repeated failure in the Caribbean right? Maybe that’s why they failed: you like throwing stones in glass houses. Well done!

  9. To A..hole the non hotelier

    DD does not know Adrian; but as I understand Adrian has operated a small hotel in Barbados, employing people, paying taxes and contributing to the tourism industry for over 20 years; and now it is time for him to sell his property and take break from his seven days a week routine.

    Why don’t you shut you mout.

  10. @ Lawson

    “Maybe the next harlequin will be a good investment.

    The next Harlequin – Merricks is here at Foul Bay – Called PURE Beach Resort and Spa

    The Canadian promoters have been flogging this “investment” since 2008. The Attorney General turned the sod in 2011, and there has not been another shovel in the ground since then.

    Google PURE Beach Resort. Youtube Pure Beach Resort. Go to http://www.issuu.com and search Pure Beach Resort.

    It looks to be an equally good investment.

  11. Adrian Loveridge the failed hotelier

    Carson………is that you being Catty with Adrain, you just could not help yourself……lol

  12. Canadian promoters

    Canadian Lawyer Gary Walker
    Jamaican Canadian Mark Purai
    Korean Canadian Sang Park
    And a bunch of other hustlers/financial advisors

    See photos at http://www.purebeachresort.com/groundbreaking/

    The photo in the centre of the bottom row includes many of the most senior promoters/hustlers – and Dr. Leroy McClean who was Barbados Consul General to Toronto at the time of the groundbreaking in 2011, now CEO at Barbados Investment and Development Corporation.

  13. I seriously doubt the taxes were significant considering he’s failed to get rid of the dump for a few years now.

    He only became vocal about Bajan tourism and the hotel industry when his sorry little hotel was failing and all he wants to do is pin blame on Barbados and cut down his more successful rivals.

  14. To the person who posted at 9.08
    You are all garbage so you can only spew out garbage. One has to feel sorry for you political whores.

  15. I wonder if all the people that have been employed by Adrian and other business people over the years have the same opinion as the person at 10;26. I have had many jobs over my career and always appreciated the work that allowed me to feed, educate, and help my children. This person is the typical moron cannot see past …white man…I always wondered what was more threatening to the future of Barbados … an idiot with a gun or one that has computer access.
    Each time I come to the island and see all the bird cages ( houses with bars ) I have not once regretted not buying a villa. Like the hot potato game who is going to be holding the bajan villa when panic starts and has to take the haircut . Like beautiful sam lords the paros will have all the housing they need.

  16. Why are you assuming I am not white and racist when neither my race or attitudes towards race have been mentioned?

    Very strange defensive reaction. You must be Loveridge in disguise.

  17. To the A..HOLE who posted at 12:23

    The colour of your skin or race matters not.

    You are a moron (thanks for the word Lawson)

    Now go crawl under your rock, and shut you mout.

    And no, DD is not Loverige in disguise.

  18. Sorry I didn’t realize I had stumbled on Loveridge’s love nest! Please continue kissing his ass.

  19. Lawson

    I too have resisted the temptation to buy a villa or any other property in Barbados.

    I hope you are not correct about the hot potato and panic selling; but, since it happened in the US and other parts of the world, it could happen in the country where “real estate can only go up”

  20. I never said you may not be white, I never assumed you were Black. To be quite honest I thought you were a chick, since you have no interest in politics want to turn Peach and Quite into a home for cats and it is obvious you have no balls. You seem like the typical woman scorned…. vile and rude…Please don’t claim to be a man that would even be more pathetic

  21. I witness news in St Vincent has reported that Harlequin , owners of Buccament Bay resort and Merricks in Barbados , have filed in SVG that they are insolvent . Strange that no media houses have picked up on this , and run a story that should interest people who had business deals in Barbados with Harlequin /David Ames

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