13 thoughts on “Guarding the Guards

  1. Surely, with the residents of just about every country around the world concerned with the matter corruption within governments and the protection of perceived citizens rights, the matter of a desire to improve the design of the government structure, the “democratic ideal”, should be brought to the fore. Efforts at creating new regulations alone withing the present construct cannot be representative of this redesign imperative; the ease with which violations occur only bear this out.

    Nothing short of a complete over haul to the elective process can be expected to bring about the changes required. Again the desire has to be for a change in the process of “electing” the officials to determine how the tax payers purse is spent. The very first item in the process is legitimizing through a registration process, the clubs that operate as private entities that decide and promote the candidates for public office. They should at least be registered as NGO’s with an open book policy of internal financing.

  2. David,
    Do you know what happened in the House tonight prompting the sudden break in the Leader of the Opposition’s presentation?

  3. @David
    The deposit of funds to an account in the US is potentially a grave error, charges if any may could be laid there. If I was in his shoes I would stick close to home.

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