3 thoughts on “The Elephant in the Room

  1. Perhaps Enuff is correct. If T&T is ahead of us in the implementation of transparency legislation and continue to struggle what says us? They have a bigger pool of citizens to draw their integrity commissioners from and it is a Republic which should bring national pride and other indigenous qualities to the fore to drive transparency. Yet…

  2. I’ve learned that no amount of transparency can prevent an individual who is motivated enough to beat the system. Even with legislation that is designed to deter impropriety and an ethics committee that is bent of rooting out corruption, politicians in America still find unique and inventive ways to beat the system.

  3. So much for transparency and accountability! Now wasn’t’ it a couple years ago that the former Democratic Chair, Nancy Pelosi and members of the Republican Party as well as the Democratic Party, were caught purchasing land that Congress had sole of and which was to be used to construct a highway.

    Pelosi, as well as members of both parties knew that through Eminent-Domain the federal government would have paid big bucks for this land, so they jumped at the chance having prior knowledge of the construction of this highway. This kind of conduct is defined as ethics violations by the American standard.

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