It’s Friday, Mia!

Submitted by Dougie
Mia Mottley, Leader of the Opposition

Mia Mottley, Leader of the Opposition

The Government of Barbados is pressing ahead with the people’s business. Whilst no individual would want to be laid off, persons have accepted that it is a necessity for the survival of the country and for their future and their children’s future. They have started looking at innovation, entrepreneurship, retraining and creativity in order to continue to make a contribution to their country and enhance their livelihood.

Contrary to the picture the fans of the BLP are trying to paint, i.e. laid off persons are now left with no hope and outside naked to the elements, persons who would have had to be laid off would have received and/or due to receive packages which would include necessary vacation and severance payments, gratuities where applicable, as well as the NIS to support them for 6 months whilst they put their skills and creativity to use to continue to make a living.

The Government has invested $10 million in a retraining fund as an option for these persons who were laid off and those who pursue it will receive a stipend, as outlined by the Prime Minister of Barbados in St Andrew last Sunday.

The Leader of the Opposition, perpetually living in her own world, in her usual bullying way of issuing idle threats, has once again called on the PM to remove the Minister of Finance, the Hon. Chris Sinckler or else she will then proceed to attack him.

Now the folly of the logic is quite laughable. Firstly, the BLP and their cronies do nothing but attack the DLP and the Prime Minister in particular in their forums and the print and social media. Therefore it’s not anything we are not used to. Secondly, she seems to have a very short memory of that horrible exercise she called a no confidence motion which in turn had the opposite effect of showing that her colleagues in fact have no confidence in her. We already have the public declaration of ‘Not me and Mia’ from the patron saint and saviour of the Barbados Labour Party, Owen Arthur.

This methodology of thinking of this political power hungry paranoiac as brilliantly described by the Prime Minister during the launch of the James Tudor Institute of Politics must not be taken lightly. Indeed it shows us just how dangerous her way of thinking is. An eminent persons group in her mind is a throwback to the glorification of the bourgeois class and highlights the oppression mentality that she has; illustrating that she does not believe that Barbadians are not fit enough to control their destiny and the ‘mistake’ made at the polls can be corrected by those who she would see fit to circumvent government and advise on how the affairs of the country should be run.

Additionally, the hypocrisy of Mia and the members of Parliament for the BLP continue to reach new levels of ignorance and show their motive each and every time. In Parliament on Tuesday they were challenged to table an amendment to the Constitution which would allow a reduction of salaries to be possible in order to help to save some of the jobs and the Government would support it. They refused. They spoke about showing solidarity with the people for Government to take a cut in their salaries and the Government in turn proposed to take a 10% cut in MPs salaries across the political divide and they refused to support it. Now, are these people who really care about their country or seeking cheap political points through rhetoric?

As the wise old people say, it makes no sense arguing with fools, because you can never do right in their eyes. It makes no sense arguing with empty rhetoric which still does not provide alternatives but simply relies on who can holler loudest and longest to try to convince persons that they are leaders. There has been no clearer indication in history of empty vessels making the most noise as what is currently going on with the BLP.

In times like these, we get to see the character of people. Those who would put their country first and those who are only out for themselves. We get to see those who would turn their backs and join bandwagons of perceived courts of public opinion (created by them for their own benefit), and betray their ideals like political prostitutes and harlots. But the future of Barbados is bright and there will be more to come from the greatest political party in the Western Hemisphere. We ask simply for the three of the most important features in human life – faith, patience and kindness. It is not the time to tear down the positives and cause confusion. We have made it through before and we shall again, and all hands on deck will be needed as we take Barbados forward.

So its Friday Mia! What will you do? Nothing again? Continue to bring resolutions to waste time instead of something constructive? Continue to commit political suicide? At this rate we can predict in the near future that there will be a political obituary titled ‘The Self Destruction of Mia Mottley’.

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  1. The IMF in their report are astonished the Unions don’t support the devaluation of the Barbados dollar as a partial monetary solution that could prevent the loss of thousands of their members’ jobs. It is unprecedented in their experience. And an attempt at an internal devaluation without the ability to lower public servant salaries without a constitutional amendment can only mean a large chance of failure and massive unemployment. Apparently they don’t care – economically ignorant and with their snouts in the same trough as all the other “elites.”

    • Didn’t the Prime Minister agree to meet with the BHTA every six weeks?

      Now it is being reported the promised meeting between the Prime Minister and the Student Guild of the UWI remains outstanding. This is the meeting promised to examine the policy of government asking students to pay part education cost.

  2. …not only the IMF..
    Everyone with a modicum of common sense must be amazed that Bajans would opt to layoff large numbers of brothers, neighbors, friends etc RATHER than all of us collectively tightening belts in an effort to get through this crisis.
    This is the typical “American way” – of greed and selfishness.

    First; who the hell in their right minds would pass a constitutional amendment to remove a possible cure, that has been successfully used before in a crisis? ….but they could not manage integrity and transparency legislation?

    Second, what jackass hires hundreds of workers to do “nothing work” when there is no money to pay them – and wages have to be borrowed?

    Thirdly, what foolishness is it with these unions talking shiite about not supporting salary cuts…?
    Wuh cuh-shiite, the same way that they demand salary INCREASES when there is growth, is it not LOGICAL to expect salary reductions when there is contraction? …Wuh they think money grows in the treasury?

    Fourthly, how can an elected government just throw up their hands and say that “they can’t do a shiite”?
    The WHOLE point of having leaders is for them to ACT in the best interest of the people (even when the brass bowl people can’t see that this is the case…)….if leaders can’t do what needs to be done, then it is time to for them to GO AWAY..

    Lastly, how can we, individual Bajans – just sit idly by, and not seek to be our neighbors’ keeper in this crisis? ….
    ….because brass bowls usually seek to cover their own asses and to not care what happens to other bowls… until they realize that it is just a matter of time before their own asses are in the grass too…

    Imagine the same jokers who espoused CSME now making arguments why we should not all sacrifice to support FELLOW Bajans….including family members and neighbors…

  3. Dougie not even you believe the nonsense you just submitted. Tell us Dougie, of these people who would have received packages of settlement how many would have worked for weeks without receiving a paycheck? Impress us Doug by giving lie to the claim that government was borrowing money to pay salaries, yet continued to support these stupid constituency councils. How long was it Dougie, before you guys realized that we as a country was in deep trouble? You talk about all hands on deck so I feel compelled to ask you this. Do you not think that the first hands should have been those of the policy makers who disregarded every warning sign so as to win an election and in so doing secure pension f for life? All of you should be incarcerated.

  4. This post is pure DLP drivel.

    Bushie, you are not making sense. Why the hell should any employer be allowed to cut the contractural wages of workers. It is against the law for a private sector employer to cut salaries without the consent of the individual worker. It is also contrary to law for statutory boards to cut salaries without the consent of the individual worker. The remaining workers are not civil servants not civil slaves.

  5. Douglas

    The first sentence in the IMF document posted at the top of the first page at (above the article you cut and pasted here) says “Under Article IV of IMF’s Articles of Agreement the IMF holds bilateral discussions with members, usually every year.”

    At Page 5/82 of the 2013 Article IV report @ item 1 in the INTRODUCTION to the just released 2013 IMF Article IV Staff Report reads:

    “1. THE LAST Article IV consultation with Barbados was concluded in December 2011. At that time, staff stressed that the widening fiscal deficit and debt were were the key policy issues, and encouraged the authorities to implement policies to deliver a credible fiscal consolidation plan. The authorities requested a delay in the subsequent (2012) consultation because of general elections, which were held in February 2013. The Democratic Labour Party was re-elected at that time with a one-seat majority in the House of Assembly.

    The main (2011) recommendations included:

    reduce the deficit by lowering the wage bill band cutting transfers to public enterprises;

    pursue a credible monetary policy by avoiding monetization of the deficit:

    reduce reliance on the NIS for financing; and

    maintain a positive interest rate differential vis-a-vis U.S. rates

    Despite some progress, many of the main recommendations were not addressed”

    Clearly the “authorities” (DLP Administration) had the annual Article IV consultation for 2012 delayed to 2013 to avoid having the IMF report circulating, and becoming an election issue, during the 2013 election campaign.

    This political maneuver was shameful; the only interests being served by delaying the next Article IV consultation were the re-election of DEMS; and not the interests of the nation.

    Now in 2014, after failing to address many of the recommendations in the 2011 Article IV report in the hope that things would get better, the 2013 Article IV report becomes, not a DLP election issue , but a national survival issue.

    DEM are unfit to govern.

  6. @Dougie
    For the last 6 years Dr.Estwick in his deeply trouble mind, quietly work on a vaccine for him and the rest of the DLP ministers and party faithful members because he saw what the viruses by the names of dishonest, mindless, and hypocrisy was doing to his beloved DLP
    Now the vaccine is call REDEMPTION . B
    he has taken it first to make sure it working
    with the help of the most high ,he is asking his Brother and Sisters to take the vaccine, so please take yours

  7. @ Doggie:
    “But the future of Barbados is bright and there will be more to come from the greatest political party in the Western Hemisphere. ”

    You see why the country has to be brought to its subservient knees by way of a steep fall in its currency, aka devaluation, just because of the jingoistic arrogance of bloody johnnies like you led by a blind cunt of a cat chasing a black rat.

    The only “more to come” from the current DLP administration are more layoffs and significant cuts in spending on social services.
    You lot of nincompoops cannot even remove the detritus from the roads and sidewalks within 48 hours how the hell can you deal with the pending economic crisis that is about to descend upon you like the perfect storm?

    We will not be surprised if there is an outbreak in diseases that will pose a serious threat to public health and destroy the only remaining lifeline to any economic recovery, i.e. tourism.

    • Miller

      These fellows can’t even remove the detritus from the Cabinet or there would be about ten vacancies.


  8. It would appear that many in the outside world believe that Barbados economy is doing well, very well. First we had the Bulgarians, followed by the Colombians, and not t be outdone, the British in upscale Sandy Lane ,has joined the queue at the end of the rainbow for their share of the pot of gold.

  9. Caswell
    There is a difference between “law” and common sense….who writes these laws?

    When employers are going bankrupt – what help is it In talking about what the law says or does not say….time for common sense skippa…

    Well, perhaps we can see why you continue to be poor and peaceful….

  10. @ Due Diligence
    …so are you saying that, put in the DLP’s position before elections, you would have invited the IMF, laid off staff, and cut out the pork like constituency councils, football, consultants etc…?
    HONESTLY…..?!? ….ya lie!

    Our problem is that we have a SYSTEM of government that has become obsolete and unsuitable.
    The BLP would have done the same shiite….to win ….and so to butter their own personal bread – just like the DLP did.

    What WE (well actually wunna) need is an arrangement that puts Barbados first….

  11. Today I visited my (large) local post office. The counter clerks are all lovely, friendly, hard working people. I discovered that their number is now reduced from four to two. The third, a temp who’s been employed for more than a year, has been sent home. The fourth, a full timer I think, has been sent somewhere else. One of the remaining two has also been seconded from somewhere else for two months or so now. Frankly I don’t see the logic of any of this. In any event morale is at a zilch level.

    For the post writer to say as he does in his first paragraph, and then in what follows, is to confirm Caswell’s kind description of it as “drivel”. I would say “insensitive, nonsensical, deluded bollocks”. Imagine: ‘I am out of a job for my children and my country. Yeah. God is great.’

  12. @Dougie, you have your head buried in the sand. It’s not about BLP or DLP, it’s about Barbados and bajans. You call members of the opposition and its supporters cronies, but what are you, Dougie? You have attempted to make the “Perfect, the enemy of the good” shame on you. Barbados is in dire economic straights, and rather than suggest ways to help all involved, you have drawn first blood by attempting to blame one particular political entity for this economic debacle. Mia, has never claimed perfection, and I don’t have to defend her political character, as it references her constituents and her service to Barbados. I will not attack Mr. Stuart’s service and dedication to our Island nation, for his shoulders carry a heavy weight. I will however, disagree with his economic vision for Barbados. His has been an acquiescent economic approach, at solving the current state of fiscal affairs in Barbados’ . Leadership cannot start from the back of the pack, it must manifest itself from the top, and have a trickle down effect. Let us attempt to move away then, from meaningless diatribe, with reference to manipulating the blame for the current fiscal crisis. Dougie, what then would you say, should be done to salvage the middle class of Barbados from fiscal decay, and allow Barbadians the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of their labour? Let us invest in the capacity, to at least think critically about the bourgeoning macro economic problems that exist minimally in our Island home, and uppermost in the global economy. I do not blame the DLP solely for this economic crisis, for I believe that Mr Arthur made some bad economic decisions as Prime Minister. Those problems were exacerbated by the Stuart administration’s inability to understand the economic indicators, and their value. Subsequently, we could play the blame game, but people will lose jobs and the slippage from middle class to poor, becomes systemically more characterized. I would suggest that all Barbadians muster the energy to think proactively about tightening down our spending, recommiting to Barbados more nationalistically, and believing that ours is a shared experience in planning for generations of bajans, yet unborn. Dougie, thanks for allowing us to converse, and for us to disagree, without being disagreeable. May god bless Barbados, and all Barbadians.

  13. “Ours is a shared experience in planning for generation of Bajans, yet unborn……”

    That is precisely what ‘Dougie’ said in his first paragraph – and it is an empty rhetoric. But yes, God help us. And so yes “I am out of a job for my children and my country. Yeah. God is great.”

    I guess when a cat kills a bird he does it for generations of cats as yet unborn.

  14. @ Victor Callender
    You are an intelligent blogger Victor R.
    Answer thus question for Bushie…..

    What do you think would have been the reaction of MOST Bajans if either Owen Arthur, David Thompson or Freundel had seriously and proactively started to apply the REQUIRED economic policies to the Barbados economy that would lead to long term stability and sustainability for all Bajans….?

    Perhaps you may want to spend a little time looking at iabingy’s video entitled “THE AGE OF STUPID” – if in any doubt as to the answer to Bushie’s question.

    Our problems are bigger than we think…we fight not against flesh and blood, but against spiritual wickedness in high places….


  15. @ Ross
    When a cat kills a bird he does it for dinner.
    What generations of what cats unborn what? !?
    Cats eat birds. It is the NATURAL order of things. Birds eat worms, and worms eat maggots…or some shiite…

    Why don’t you stick with the legal …and leave these epistemological analogies to Bushie and Pieceuhderock nuh… 🙂

    The difference with human beings is that we are meant to operate on INTELLIGENCE and intellect – rather than instinct…..we should be able to THINK…..
    ..obviously, based on what we now know, we would be more likely to survive as a species if we were purely instinctive like the cats and birds….

  16. @ Bush Tea | February 15, 2014 at 9:49 AM |
    “The difference with human beings is that we are meant to operate on INTELLIGENCE and intellect – rather than instinct…..we should be able to THINK…..
    ..obviously, based on what we now know, we would be more likely to survive as a species if we were purely instinctive like the cats and birds….”

    It is precisely because human beings kill and eat every other species (instinct) that they have survived so far. Without a wide ranging source of food humans could not exist in so many parts of the planet from the edges of the Kalahari to the Polar north in Eskimo territory (unless you don’t consider them human not created in your BBE image and part of the surviving family on Noah’s Ark).

    Your point about humans “being meant to operate on intelligence and intellect” is rather moot.
    What is human intelligence? The ability to screw up the environment and to disturb the natural order of Gaia thereby putting themselves at serious risk by eliminating other species on which their very existence in the food chain depends.
    There was a world before humans and there will be a planet minus humans who can be replaced in TIME by a species of higher “intelligence”.

  17. @ Miller
    You would not recognize true intelligence if it fell on you while canvassing….
    …so you are forgiven for you childish assumptions about what you think constitutes that attribute.

    “I thank you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and the intelligent and have revealed them to infants” (and bushmen)… 🙂
    Jesus. Matt 11:25

  18. The Bushman………..don’t fret, when you see AC again, just cut out her tongue, that will make you feel much better….lol

  19. Domestic Maids and Servants have been with us since 1834/1838. Over the years we were all made aware of the unfair treatment meted out to these workers. Cooking, washing, minding the babies, ironing, and caring for the mistress’s as well as the master’s doggies. Many started work at 7 in the morning and long past sundown they were still on the job, and had to walk home through the dark and rain. Some were accommodated on site. in little Shit-house type huts on the edge of the property. Its not much better today in the Heights and Terraces,
    The Barbados Workers union, knew and frequented every plantation and sugar factory in this country, and were well aware of the plight of these unfortunate women, but today now that the Government and the private sector have stared laying off workers en masse, and the BWU is loosing vital revenue due to this dwindling membership. all of a sudden the plight of the domestic worker , has come to the fore. Any port in a storm.
    The unions in Barbados should remember the old saying . “Remember those whom you passed on your way up, cause when the shit hits the fan, and you are ejected on your arse, these are also the same very people that you will speed past on your way down.

  20. Wait ……did the dealine pass for the called of the firing of CS and which should be extended to FS…..another of MIA bag of gimmicks…

  21. Bush Tea

    There is an instinct to self-preservation. It often entails blaming someone else, making someone else suffer, for your own folly for which you refuse to take responsibility. You then wrap this up with pious words about the value of sacrifice. Now apply the analogy – but include generations of sacrificial victims, the birds of the air which neither sow nor reap.

  22. Fellows I think that all political followers and architects are all working towards one prize; to be the rulers of the country. I am not fooled by the BLP nor DLP tactics and mouth frothing comments. They are all about themselves and party aligners. The BLP see this as a great opportunity to quickly recover the reigns of power and the DLP are bent on retaining Bay Street. The empty handed ones are always the masses. Just ‘last week’ we were fed up with the Bees and sent them packing. This week they are holier than Thou. Just ‘last week’ we decide to stay with the Dees but look how they deceived us this week. People are we missing something or what ? These politicians and their cohorts are some of the most vile, conceited, deceitful, self serving, cunning and janus faced bastards one may encounter in this sojourn of life. OSA did say that politics is a blood sport. It is all about power to the few and not the people. At the end of the day if the political and electoral system is overhauled and the following introduced ;the recall vote, term limits on prime ministers, permission for any citizen to run for political office without resigning during election time, politicians to vote in parliament concert with constituents, Office of contractor general and the auditor general with teeth then we the people will be on our way to controlling these parliamentarians who are really our servants. We must not let this opportunity pass allow them more of the same shite.

  23. Mia Mottley continues in her desperate ,nasty attempt to get Bajans to march and assist her power hungry ,self serving ambitions.
    She has told the BLP supporters to get out there and up the ante. So today, BLP yardfowl and Mascoll ass kisser was on Brasstacks crying that the government should resign, a few hours after he spoke on a BLP political platform.
    Then, Mottley’s cousin David Commissiong continues his nonsense about let them share power or else.
    This BLP temporary so called leader while offering no credible solution is out calling for people’s heads.

    At least, Dr. Estwick has put a plan on the table, so has Chris Sinckler but Mottley’s only offering is MARCH and PROTEST and help me further my political career.
    The solution to growing Barbados economy could never to put a meglamaniac like Mottley in charge. It would be a grave mistake. Ask Owen Arthur if you doubt me.

  24. To bring some credibility to this saga with Estwick and the cabinet, would be for Stuart to do as Sandiford suggested and take responsibility for Ministry of Finance, made either of the two gentlemen,(Estwick and Sincklar) junior minister of finance and the other Minister of Economic Affairs. Without this I see a break within the party and fresh general elections.

  25. David
    I asked the same question today. Sir Sandi has to be mad……….for a man who dithers and dithers, does anyone seriously think that Fumble look like someone who would want hard work? Does anyone think that Fumble take on the ministry of finance which would require him to work? Is Fumble well? The government voted recently for $800,000 to install an elevator and something else at Illaro Court, can he not climb stairs? What on earth does a 2×3 lawyer know about economics?

    No, the status quo is going to remain the same until this government collapses under its own folly and weight.

  26. I noticed on the back page of the Nation today that Cow and some Trinis are going to be building more malls and cinemas for Bajans to go and spend money.

    I thought we need manufacturing plants here to make things to export and make foreign exchange? Why cant these Trinis bring some of their manufacturing jobs here to help our economy? They are really convinced that we are a consuming society.

    To get concessions, government should hold them to a requirement to open a manufacturing business here before any more malls, no matter if we need construction jobs.

    (ac, here is a suggestion to help Barbados)

  27. people like u prodigal want private investors but want to tell them how to spend their money,,,,,wonder how wunna would cope when govt entities become privatize and these business owners decide to spend their money how and where ,for all u know they can buy and decide whatever the hell they want to do, with these business like cow and the trinis,,

  28. “Thirdly, what foolishness is it with these unions talking shiite about not supporting salary cuts…?”
    What Union worth its salt would support a salary cut for its downtrodden membership who have not received any pay increases since the last salary negotiations covering the period 2008-2010. What is the difference between a legislated salary cut and an unlegislated salary cut? why as I suggested earlier can’t the burden of trying to return the country to economic normalcy be shared equally among all the employed and self-employed citizens of the country by instituting a 10 stabilization tax across the board. In that way, those who earn more would pay more.

    • @Prodigal Son

      Agree with you that our inability to attracr investment dollars which promote/support our consumption happen is a concern.

  29. @ balance
    The would have done the same shiite because:
    1 – none of them have any answers to the problems that we face. Not the DLP, the BLP, the republicans, the democrats, the green parties nor the PDC

    2 – when they had the (extended) opportunity to do differently, they DID NOT.

    3 – even as we speak, the BLP – neither Mia or Owen or Miller have been able to articulate any different path …..only different brass bowls

    …so what would YOU conclude?

  30. @ Prodigal Son | February 17, 2014 at 10:02 PM |
    “To get concessions, government should hold them to a requirement to open a manufacturing business here before any more malls, no matter if we need construction jobs.”

    Excellent point, Prodigal!
    We shall see how obstreperously stupid the government can be. The IMF officials have warned the Barbados government NOT to grant any more fiscal concessions to investments unless the projects are geared towards earning or saving forex.

    Shouldn’t the government be concentrating on the refurbishment of the old Empire theatre building to remove the despicable eyesore from the visitors to the so-called Historic Bridgetown, a World heritage site?
    What about the much promised performance Arts Centre at Brandons or the Exmouth housing project?
    Is the promised Performing Arts Centre to be built with grant funding from the Chinese one of the many projects Sir Lloyd complained bitterly about that was put in file thirteen and labelled “Implementation Deficit Disorder”?

    • Miller

      I am going to answer your concerns as though I were a member of this DLP administration: It is okay for you and the IMF to say not to grant any more concessions unless they are tied to foreign exchange earning projects. But neither you nor the IMF is going to give us any money to run our campaign. Where the hell do you think that we get that money from, the credit union? Don’t make me laugh, you know how much a container if iPads and other electronic equipment cost. They don’t COST YOU LESS, rather they cost a lot more than you think. If I am lying, you can call me a stinkliar.


  31. Good post, miller.
    That was my point……………looking for investors who would be investing in projects which would generate foreign exchange and right on cue the brass bowl ac responds and insults my intelligence…………”we want private investors but want to tell them how to spend their money”.

    We have people living high on the taxpayers dime in diplomatic offices who are supposed to be looking for people to invest in Barbados. They only concern is when people from Barbados come to places like the UK on inward missions that the Bajans present a favourable view of this government and not to tell it like it is. Otherwise we hear the woman whom no one ever voted for, talking nonsense that people out there trying to bad talk Barbados to prevent them from investing in Barbados. These so called investment officers sit on their hinds and do very little to get investors.

    What is the role of Invest Barbados? What is Haynesley Benn’s role in Canada? What is Evelyn Greaves’ role as High Commissioner to Canada? To try to pad his own nest by looking for an investor for Pickering? By the way, has the investor been repaid?

    Caswell, I agree with your post. Do you think that any of these dems really care? How long can we go on like this? I notice today that the Duke of York is feigning disgust at the Nation’s back page story last Sunday, If the story turns out to be true, how will he spin the truth?

  32. SHAME ON DEM…..Leroy Trotman …..SHHHHHAME I dare say….You should give me and the 14,000 others every RED cent back of our union dues Ambassador what,

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