The Mad Rush for Dominance in Central Asia

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Central Asia

Central Asia

For years foreign policy aficionados have been thinking and writing about the ‘‘Great Game Theory”. Brzezinski for nearly 50 years has been theorizing that the relative winner of the stupendous resources of Central Asia will, to a large extent, determine global dominance for the foreseeable future. There are those who argue that most of what we have seen in the last half century was merely the movement of the lesser chess pieces to open up this grand chess board and for the checkmating of other interests in this geo-political, geo-strategic game for global dominance.

As we write some very interesting manifestation about the state of the game are appearing. These may indicate the relative positions of the contenders on this ‘Grand Chess Board’ are shifting. It may not be totally clear as to which side/s are in the ascendancy. This is the problem with intrigues, you see, we never really known on whose side the various forces are deployed until the game is over. However, we are persuaded that the power to control the world more generally and Central Asia in particular has reached, what is called in project management, a significant milestone. This has been the central project of the white power system for dacades.

Indicators include, the Iran/Western powers, rapprochement which is proceeding apace despite the pleadings of the Zionist regime; the stupefying tantrums from the Saudis to minimize the geo-strategic importance of Iran; the feeble efforts by Zionist elements in the US Congress to sabotage the Three-Plus-Three agreement, over the nuclear issue, with Iran in Geneva; the decision in Lebanon by Saad Hariri to, after years of obfuscation and hoping that the Saudi terrorist initiative in the wider region would lead to the destruction of his political enemies and Iran’s staunchest ally in Lebanon, Hezbollah; the coming agreement for the formation of a national unity government with the dominant Hezbollah; warnings from the US ambassador to Lebanon that prince Bandar al-Saud will be replaced as chief intelligence officer in Saudi Arabia by a committee of three; the failure of the USA to convince Afghan President Hamid Karzai to sign the so-called Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) with the USA by the end of 2013; raw tensions between the USA and the Zionist regime over the Palestinian issue; the weakening of Turkey’s President Hamid Gul and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan as Obama’s blue eye boys for the western region surrounding Central Asia – the so-called Middle East; the force acceptance by the Western sponsored terrorist elements in Syria to attend ‘peace talks’; the collapse of western sponsored efforts to remove President Assad of Syria as his government gains ascendancy over the Western-sponsored Takfiri-Salafist terrorist forces which continue to be cleanse from the Syrian countryside.

All these and more are happening as Western economies generally continue to slide. This collapse is characterized by the French, for example, reverting to colonial means to steal ‘other peoples’ things’ in Africa – Central African Republic (CAR). More importantly, Western nations need the resources of Central Asia to either grow their economies or prevent others from gaining access.
The countries of Central Asian are Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan. On the southern and south eastern borders we have Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and China. India is not too far away either. To the north we have the Russian Federation. A look at the map demonstrates how the United States and their European allies have been checkmated for the past 50 years. It tells us the reasons why the most recent war on Afghanistan was to be fought. It tells us why the USA continued to risk its ‘prestige’ in its Saudi-led initiative to expel the Soviets from Afghanistan and most importantly why the Islamic Republic of Iran was to be seen as a member of the ‘axis of evil’ and slated to be destroyed under the same pretext as used elsewhere. The attempt to destroy the Islamic Republic go back from its birth, had nothing to do with Islam but was always about resources. The largely landlocked resources of Central Asia. Iran is the proximate gateway to open seas for Central Asian countries. This is way the USA supported the brutal regime of the Shah from 1953 to 1979.

The Chinese and others have also been taking about a stupendous opening up of Central Asia. More specifically, they are taking about the reconstruction of the legendary Silk Road. This master plan will heavily impact global trade routes, shift power relationships, make other countries much more important than the Zionist regime and Saudi Arabia to Western interests, elevate Iran to the status of a world power as a function of its location, control of pipelines, population, production of scientific knowledge, military power and control of access of Central Asian resources to the market place. This plan will shift the center of global commerce to Asia and represent the tectonic movement we spoke about earlier. It represent the end of White dominated world.

But the USA is unwilling, thus far, to cede this level of power to a new Asia as the centre of gravity in the world and having a rising China at its heart. But it has few choices outside of thermal nuclear war as an instrument of foreign policy. However, It is virtually bankrupt and China has said it will not lend it any more money to fight foreign wars, especially aimed at the Chinese themselves. America has also lost the specter of Hollywoodism as the straightest arrow in its quiver to sell a false American exceptionalism to the peoples of the world. In the final analysis we judge, that like the Americans forced the British to get up off Empire after WW11, the Chinese may be sending a similar message at this time and sees Central Asia as its evolving backyard or it may better seen, as the birthing of a new multi-polar world.

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  1. “[Control of Central Asia] has been the central project of the white power system for dacades.”
    Please provide evidence for this statement. Without proof of intention, your post is unsubstantiated.

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  3. The “mad rush for dominance in central Asia” = “kiss your mother’s stinking pussy” = an idiot.

    The world does not apologise to you for your idiocy, idiot. Your idiocy is inherent. And it seems that your feeble efforts at self-education in the lands of the Great Satan haven’t helped to make you less preposterously dull.

    But best wishes to you.

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