The CHALLENGE of Building a Home When You are POOR

Submitted by Ras Jahaziel
A home modest or otherwise is a man's castle - credit: Nation newspaper

A home modest or otherwise is a man’s castle – photo credit: Nation newspaper

Think about what it takes to build or fix a home when you are a low income family? and then against this background think about the severity of THE CRIME when you deliberately tear down and destroy a poor man’s house, and the chances of his ever being able to build one again.

See ARTICLE in Nation newspaper


  • What is worse…..Tearing down a poor mans house or tearing down his dignity?????
    My Grandpa didn’t live in a rich mans house….he lived in a tar paper shack
    My Grandpa didn’t drive a big fancy car…..he walked to where ever he needed to go
    My Grandpa didn’t have a big bank account…..He died without a penny in his pocket
    But my Grandpa was the richest man I ever knew!!!!!!!!
    His tar paper shack was filled with love and wisdom which he freely passed on to those who entered his humble door
    When he walked to where ever he had to go he always had time to stop and help a neighbor in need unlike those who drive their fancy cars who just passed in a cloud of dust
    And even though he didn’t have much to live on their was always a plate at his table for those who were hungry
    Yes my grandpa was a very rich man who held his head high amongst the many people who called him their friend
    But most of all my Grandpa had a gift that he gave freely to those who he came upon in his life and that gift was the dignity that he projected onto his fellow man and the greatest gift that he ever gave to me his Grand son.
    Yes you can tear down his tar paper shack
    You can look down your noses at him while tingling the coins in your pocket
    You can rush past him kicking up a cloud of dust with your fancy cars
    But you will be humbled at his greatest asset……The dignity that he had for his fellow man.
    My only wish is that I can have 1 percent of what that man had
    A very great-full grandson


  • Would the post writer expand on what he is trying to insinuate? The Nation link seems to have nothing to do with what he says.


  • Think about what it takes to build or fix a home when you are a low income family?
    With no fear of being labelled a Relic of the Past, yesterday’s people like Michael’s grandpa, were more low incomed than the lowest paid workers of today, yet they were able to do much more with the meager wages they subsisted on. They did not sit back and throw their hands into the air.They made sacrifices, doing without what was not really necessary. They supplemented the low income by, keeping, pigs, sheep and other stock,as well as working land which today would be deemed not fit for agriculture. Rocky land, gully land ,swamp land, land on the steep hillside,land subject to frequent land slippages. I knew of one such man who over the course of ten to twelve years built a home of coral stone. He used to keep pigs, and would often say, “these six pigs, when sold next year will allow me to build up the wall on that side.” This is how they operated.
    They had no government, member of parliament, welfare , credit union,drug lord or any such entity to call upon. They believed in the old maxim that God helps them who helps themselves. And it wuk for many!!


  • The only way out is for the taxpayers to give this family 3 houses. The TAX PAYERS HAVE TO STOP BEING SO CHEAP. . The taxpayers MUST give a house to every family in need. The taxpayer must give a house to the father and his girlfriend. The taxpayers must give a house to the adult son,. The taxpayers must give a house to the adult daughter.

    The taxpayers can’t expect the family to put together and build a 4 bedroom house. One room for the father and his girlfriend, one for the adult son, one for the adult daughter, one for the children, and to build 2 bathrooms one for the males, one for the females, and one large common room for cooking and eating.

    That said I see all kinds of government houses shut up for years at a time. so I don’t see why this family can’t be given three of these houses.

    Our late beloved Prime Minister promised that the “fatted calf will be slaughtered and shared”

    Was the calf really fat?

    Was it slaughtered?

    When was it slaughtered?

    Who slaughtered the calf?

    Who shared it?

    Who got some of the slaughtered calf?

    Why was this St. John family given none of the fatted calf??

    Who ate the share of the slaughtered calf which rightfully belonged to this family?

    Since the Parliamentary representative for St. John was in bed with our late beloved Prime Minister, and would have been privy to his pillow talk surely she can answer some of these questions.

    Time for this family to get their share.


  • A ‘functioning’ society must have a relevant social safety net because the poor and impoverish will always be with us.

    On 7 November 2013 10:06, Barbados Underground


  • Steupssss
    The REALITY is that there are consequences to our actions.

    Some of us work, and save, and study, and sacrifice, to get a roof over our heads….while many spend their youth on the blocks, work only enough for current basic needs, have fun and take on no responsibility in the days of their youth…..and when old age catch them, they lament the fact that they can’t have a house like Bushie’s.

    There are those who, through genuine unfortunate circumstances, have been INCAPABLE of doing their best, AND SOCIETY OWES SUCH PERSONS A DECENT LEVEL OF SUPPORT.

    …..but strong, healthy, lazy, unambitious jokers deserve the conditions that their bring upon themselves.

    One can see HOARDS of such future jokers everyday, sitting around domino tables with rows and rows of empty beer bottles…..
    Think Bushie will lose any sleep over them next few years when their old mothers die and leave them to find food for themselves, and to fix the FREE house she leaves them….. NOT FOR SHIITE!

    What a man sows, so shall his donkey reap…..(note that this does not apply to women) lol

    All those jokers who feel that you can do as yuh like and somehow reap the rewards of success are in for a SUPREME SHOCK at a time coming REAL. Soon….


  • There is no reason these people should be living open to the elements, years ago in Ottawa I met a fellow who was making geodesic domes ( just a bunch of triangles bolted together) for cheap housing in Africa . There is no reason a fairly large one for a family cannot be thrown up in a couple of days as a stop-gap measure till more permanent housing can be found for them


  • Determing who are impoverished will always pose a challenge, it is not a black or white issue to manage. There will always be a challenge here.


  • it is interesting to note that they are 5 persons o working age in the house which was inhereted. this tells me that the occupants did not pay for the house yet could not maintain or repair it as needed over the years. must the taxpayers do everything cant some people who have a job and are able bodied do a bit for themselves. there are genuine cases of persons who are retired and aged that cant help themselves that need help


  • where did the money earned by the occupants go over the years, not in building the house, not much in rent( tennentary land), clearly not much in building materials for repairs, not much for paint to water proof the boards. It is unfair for persons to spend their money on consumer good and enjoying life and then as taxpayers to cover their needs that they neglected while genuine people need help



    We all need to help each other when we can.
    Some need help with drugs
    Some need help with drinking
    Some need help with smoking
    Some need help with Children
    Some just can help them self.
    We need to help id we can , when ever what ever ,
    We are sure this man never think it would come to this,
    A storm can put most of Us in the same mess or ever a Fire.
    Just Help who ever needs Help , we know we all will feel better after helping.


  • @ Plantation
    Just Help who ever needs Help , we know we all will feel better after helping.
    So what exactly is your problem with all those lawyers who ‘helped themselves’ to some excess property titles….?
    Why don’t you feel better….?

    What help what?
    The best way to help some people is to let them lie on the bed that they have made. Wunna only encouraging mendicancy……


  • Jesus Christ can some of us have a heart and stop being so judgemental especially bushTEA who delights in kicking the poor man to ground while having no problem with the rich exploiting them for monetary gain. FUH christ sake Bushie have a heart even BBE got a big inheritance fuh the poor. u ole Goat!


  • lawson | November 7, 2013 at 10:50 AM |
    There is no reason a fairly large one for a family cannot be thrown up in a couple of days as a stop-gap measure till more permanent housing can be found for them
    Lawson, obviously you have not been following the saga when Government removes residents from places like Church Village ,among others, who were living in hovels for homes, only to have them complain bitterly about the new homes allocated to them,even refusing to occupy them,even when the NHS pointed out to them that the total floor spaces in the new homes are much more that what they previously had. For many a Bajan a stop gap is not acceptable.


  • @Bush Tea
    All those jokers who feel that you can do as yuh like and somehow reap the rewards of success are in for a SUPREME SHOCK at a time coming REAL. Soon
    Aren’t these the same jokers who are banking their future on winning the Lotto?


  • I have not been following the saga, although the govt stepping in and moving people out of one area to another with maybe more responsibilities can sometimes be unwelcomed, you and I know no good deed goes unpunished. That aside usually when someone asks for help they have hit bottom and appreciate any assistance given There is always going to be people that are never happy do you think we should stop helping at all because of this minority.And if in fact they are the majority how did this happen vote buying at the nth degree


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  • For many, if my party is in power and I am relocated and put into a dog house, I am happy. If It it’s not my party and they relocate me to Illaro Court, I am going to kick up a fuss. Lil Man Street Politics.


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