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Submitted by Bood Sam (unedited)
Pedro Shepherd, Barbados Union of Teachers (BUT)

Pedro Shepherd, Barbados Union of Teachers (BUT)

Pedro is part of the indiscipline at Alma. He and he left hand men went to de school one day and keep the teachers near half hour after the lunch time. Dah is how the children get unruly without supervision. Shame on you Pedro.

De trained teacher wid de degree in English who ain’t want to teach English should give back the money  because she is paid for qualification. This is wastage MOF or she in competemnt?

The woman in de board office advertise wha she want although the principal gi she the right ting. Now dah ganging upon de principal because he take a position on principle. Ask de Ministry if dah true?

Da same woman dis come work when she like and left when she like cause  de manchair said duh is he staff . Ah wonder  if it is she who dis mek the strive in de back to cover she? cause the teachers writing the Chairman about timetable issues. He is de principal?  Ah lie? Sir Frank Alleyne like he write good managers wid lots of interference in the public service.

Ah hear dat duh breaking down de CVQ  at de school so de students can’t get nah cvq bench-mark records of achievement.  Dah pushing social studies although de head ah department tell de principal dat the children can’t handle the cclsc exam.  Ah lie? Yuh could ask de principal but he ain’t gine talk but  ask certain honest  teachers at the school and they gine tell you.

Pedro anyting here  is a lie? Mr. Minister check these fact wid de principal and see.

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  1. It seems that there is always tension in the workplace . The clash between females and females and females and males has to be addressed. I blame the DLP Government for this

    • Interesting to listen to Mary Redman in the news last week pointing out that recommendations from Waterman Reports are still to be implemented.

  2. Bood Sam is clearly an insider.

    I would send Bood Sam back to school, because Bood Sam can’t write good English, nor good Bajan. Simple


  3. There are people who have degrees and teaching subject that they do not have the degree has always been so

  4. BY YVETTE BEST | SUN, SEPTEMBER 08, 2013 – 12:10 AM

    The Barbados Union of Teachers (BUT) will be at Alma Parris School in Speightstown tomorrow morning.

    After giving the Ministry of Education until last Friday to resolve the “clashing timetables” and other protracted issues, union president Pedro Shepherd told the SUNDAY SUN that a faxed letter he received from Chief Education Officer Laurie King at 6:28 p.m. on Friday had done nothing in terms of a resolution.

    A meeting at the ministry with the deputy principal and the senior teacher at Alma Parris on Friday ended with a request from the ministry for the finished timetable to be ready by next week Tuesday, in the second week of the term. It gave no indication how classes would proceed from tomorrow, the start of the school year.

    The letter also informed that a full inspection of the school, starting September 23, was to be carried out and the BUT had been invited to nominate someone to serve on the inspection team. The team is expected to present a report to the ministry no later than October 25.

    Please read the full story in today’s SUNDAY SUN, or in the eNATION edition.

  5. John 199v3

    You are correct when you say that there have always been teachers who taught subjects “that they do no have the degree for”. However, you should be honest enough to continue to say that the Principals always had the right to call upon them to each the subject in which they qualify.

    This nonsense at Alma Parris has more to do with getting rid of the Principal whose appointment did not find favour with some at the school who went on a mission to destabilise. They refused to co-operate from day one and started a campaign to rid themselves of Francis.

    The net has now widened and they do not only want to be rid of Francis but they want to sweeten the pot by adding in Laurie King. King did not find favour with the BUT because they wanted Karen Best to be Chief Education Officer, so the clowns at BUT have been set loose.

    Francis, my advice to you is simple, you are a head of department and if they refuse to follow your instructions suspend them from the performance of their duties and report them to the Public Service Commission.

  6. David

    Ask yourself how would Pedro, the candidate, Shepherd know what is contained in the “clashing” timetables before they are issued.

  7. It is amazing how much persons assume to know hat is going on at the school; but, they know so very little. No one wants Mr. Francis job, they want him to do his job. With light of the teacher with the degree in English that do not want to teach it, there is something called common courtesy, ask a question if that is what you want, do just do it. The teacher is trained in another subject, why hinder the children if she can work better in that area. You already have English teachers at the school and there is really no need for another, when other subject areas at the school are lacking. Furthermore, who wants to stop CVQs? They were never at the school. You can’t stop something that never existed. With regards to the Union meeting at the school the ministry and the principal was well aware of that meeting. So who ever wrote this piece get your facts right before writing propaganda about things you know nothing about. STUPSES!!!

  8. The is trying to go through the right channels to avoid anything like what happened at Alexandra. The question is what is the MoE doing? They have asked to carry out all these different inspections at the school, all the results are the same, yet they can’t seem to solve the issues at the school, even though recommendations have been made. As it drags not nothing changes and the public seem to think it is the teachers who do not want to work or don not care. If they did not care they would not be fighting for the benefits for the children at this school; because in the end it is the children who will suffer.

    • If Alexandra has thought us anything is that unless you are willing to embarrass the principals here by coming together nothing will change. The BTU gave a January ultimatum, we will see.

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