Order granting leave to file judicial review in Afra Raymond vs Ministry of Finance and the Economy

We have started to hear whispers in Barbados about the need to  initiate Judicial Reviews (JRs) targeted at a few questionable decisions which have been taken by government. A JR is a “doctrine under which legislative and executive actions are subject to review (and possible invalidation) by the judiciary” (Wikipedia). Ordinarily such action should not be required if a relevant transparency legislative framework is enacted.

While Barbadians are thinking about it, T&T blogger and social commentator Afra Raymond has taken the bold step to ask the T&T court to grant leave to file a JR against the Ministry of Finance and the Economy. The only way to hold our governments accountable is for us citizens to fully participate in the avenues which our democratic system of government affords us.

BU and others will be following Afra’s progress with interest. Congrats Afra!

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9 thoughts on “Order granting leave to file judicial review in Afra Raymond vs Ministry of Finance and the Economy

  1. @ BAFBFP | April 1, 2013 at 6:13 PM |

    Agree. At least not in the East Caribbean.
    But we need to support and protect such persons from the machinations of evil people.
    We know what has happened to people like him over the ages. He may not be as lucky as Fidel or even Nelson Mandella. Chavez is the most recent case of liquidation by design.

  2. David
    This interesting as it shall have an effect on similar stances taken by ministries here. The difficulty in fighting these issues is that more often than not few legal eagles are philosophically bent enough to lend the needed assistance only if it the proper presentation of the documents to start the process. I am sure there are enough instance here in barbados to merit about ten of these cases.

  3. @Lemuel

    The challenge for us in Barbados is that the promised Freedom of Information Act has not made it from the draft table. You may recall Barbadians were promised this legislation early in the DLP last term.

  4. The operative word being “Citizens to fully participate”…………….Afra understands the meaning of civic duties………..how do we get a lawyer in Bim who is only bent on being a qc to understand that civic duties means protecting the citizens and and making sure governments do the same…………..forget the politicians, most of whom are lawyers, they would not understand civic duty if it bit them………….more citizens have to become involved.

  5. David, Colleagues…Thanks for your supportive remarks…every little bit helps…however, I do not agree with the assertion in the final sentence of your first para…”Ordinarily such action should not be required if a relevant transparency legislative framework is enacted.”

    This is the powerful paradox with which we are grappling, since we have all those laws in T&T – televised Parliament, Integrity Commission, Freedom of Information Act, independent DPP, Auditor General, Parliamentary Committees, Central Tenders Board Act – yet the bobol and commesse continue evermore. I am not even sure if the answer is easily available, but will continue to grapple as best as one is able within the laws and the media available to me.

    A useful background article on what my lawsuit is really all about is ‘CL Financial bailout – call for order’, published in the T&T Express on 14th September 2012…see the extended version with links at my blog – http://afraraymond.wordpress.com/2012/09/17/cl-financial-bailout-call-for-order/

    Afra Raymond


    • Thanks for the insight Afra. It appears we are witnessing the crumbling of Caribbean societies which bear some relationship to obvious flaws in our system of governance Whitehall/Westminster and all.

  6. As I was trying to explain quite a few comments ago, it is wonderful to have integrity legislation acts, FOIA, all kinds of laws to lock up corrupt politicians, however, these laws only makes more determined than ever to circumvent the law and get away with corruption……………….having citizens like Afra who understands the meaning of civic duties and is constantly reminding politicians that they are being watched, keeps said politicians on their greedy little toes…………..making it much harder for them to get away with their crimes. Panday is now saying laws should be put in place to sue (i believe it would be symbolic, not monetary) political parties who love to make those grandiose promises in their manifestos and who don’t deliver because they may have forgotten the promise in all the excitement of victory or whatever distracted them……………….his reasoning is to expose and embarrass them, I say lock them up for their fast and lying mouths.

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