New York Mayor Bloomberg Slammed for Comments About Kimani Gray Shooting

Submitted by the Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID)
Mayor Michael Bloomberg (l) late Kimani Gray (r)

Mayor Michael Bloomberg (l) late Kimani Gray (r)

The Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID) Tuesday blasted New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg for saying the March 9 Police killing of 16 year old Caribbean teen Kimani Gray was justified because “all evidence shows” that he “had a gun.” Gray was shot seven times about the body by Brooklyn detectives. Autopsy reports allegedly show he was hit at least four times from the back.

“The Mayor’s comments were impetuous. Absent the findings of an independent investigation by the Brooklyn District Attorney, such hasty conclusions demonstrate a level of prejudice against Kimani Gray that is alarming,” the group said.

Bloomberg on March 15, during a radio interview, and thereafter, claimed that “There’s so far no evidence they (the police officers) didn’t do exactly what the book says.” The Mayor also asserted that “All the evidence says the young man had a gun…. We’ll conduct a normal, full investigation” of the shooting.

But the Institute says Bloomberg’s comments are erroneous. “No eyewitness evidence corroborates the claim that Kimani Gray pointed a gun at Police, the group contended.”  Police Commissioner Ray Kelly told a City Council hearing last week that no eyewitness said they saw Gray point a gun at Police.

The New York based rights group accused Bloomberg of making declarative and conclusory statements while in the same breath claiming that a “full” investigation into the shooting is underway. “If the Mayor has already formed a conclusion in this case without knowing all of the facts and circumstances, why then is there an investigation? Is it his view that the investigation will rubber-stamp the Police’s version of events?” CGID asked

“Apart from his baseless claims and biased assertions, the Mayor presumes the account given by the police to be factual. However, by now, Mayor Bloomberg should have been fully briefed on the fact that the officers who shot Kimani Gray were accused of manufacturing evidence and violating citizen’s human rights in prior cases. The City was sued in these cases. Mayor Bloomberg’s own administration did not contest the facts in evidence in the aforementioned cases. Instead it chose to settle these lawsuits for substantial amounts,” the organization observed.

CGID said that Mr. Bloomberg’s remarks are obviously as jaundiced as they are premature and have angered the family and community. “These are the inherent and predictable prejudices that fuel the deep-seated resentment and mistrust between minority communities and the City administration and Police,” the group asserted.

  • This comment by the Mayor “The Mayor also asserted that “All the evidence says the young man had a gun…. We’ll conduct a normal, full investigation” of the shooting” appears to be contradictory.


  • From eyewitnesses, report, the young man had just left his friends and was standing outside with some of his friends when the two police officer rushed them. The others ran but the young man stood his ground and the officers opened fire on him. Reports are that even after shooting the boy they then “cuffed” him and then called 911. What would be interested, is the report given to 911. And we still talking about South Africa?


  • Why are we surprised?? Until black people realize that their thread is not in America’s national fabric, then these incidents will only become routine. Note that unless Blacks in America gear themselves up economically and have the resources such as Lobby groups to push their interests into congress as with the Jews/Israelis, then people really shouldn’t be surprised that such atrocities are being waged against our youths well into the 21st century. Blacks the world over need to understand that the world does not pity us, SO WE SHOULD STOP the self pitying and get on our grind and avidly work towards bettering our economic situation so that we can AFFORD to make demands. Shouting and screaming while you have nothing but lint lining your pockets is admiral and all, but it won’t do SHOITE to solve anything. Not to sound apathetic, for my heart goes out to this young man’s family; but STOP COMPLAINING AND START ACTING! NOW!! Our future as a race depends on that fact!


  • I keep telling them they are now responsible for their own actions and deprogramming of the nonsense they completely mind wash and brain wash themselves with, cannot blame any other race for your own stupidity and dogged beliefs in the garbage (lies and misinformation) presented to you and which you love to believe and purchase, just because you are dumb enough to believe your god and jesus is the same color and hair texture as the con artist and snake oil salesman selling that idiocy.


  • David this Michael Moore documentary is interesting. Hope you get to see it if you haven’t already.


  • Thanks Hants, have watched enough of his interviews over the years to know where he is coming from.


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