Elections Finally Coming

Submitted by Old Onions Bag
The Barbados parliament must dissolve on February 12, 2013

The Barbados parliament must dissolve on February 12, 2013

Hello hello! Did you hear of an elections date finally coming this week? It is widely being circulated now, that having completely boxed themselves in a corner, there is no other logical alternatives but to call it anytime now before the 12th February. Notwithstanding, Parliament will automatically dissolve and  the 90 days grace offered in effect. Come what may, facts remains the same, and  history shall not forget this suicidal derision. In reflection, what really went wrong here? Was there not enough time to deliver all that was promised? Certainly does not read well. Especially when being accused of sleeping on the job.

Should the Bajan public now be jumping for joy? But of course,  and give thanks too….a constitutional right is being ‘granted‘. In the reminiscence of a man who could raise the dead, alert thinking people, could not have  forgotten the reprographic days of  giants of hibernation and loss documents falling off trucks, even stolen. Now again we can look forward to old wine in new goat skins…. a repose collection of 100 day promises coming from a manifesto, bearing fresco examples of more breeches than promises.

Have they ever heard of the book Anything for Dummies? Surely by now somebody has obtained copyrights and or printed one. What any sensible thinking person should be doing (before swallowing fodder) given certain records of performance and promises of the past are yet fresh, is to tarry a while as to see what is in this new document worthy of remit.

Silly season or not, some should make more use of the gray-ey brain matter even if recovering from the long low air pocket swirl when giants were in battle (Ephesus) and Boeing Barbados was on auto pilot to nowhere. To hear cry of this lofty pronouncement must surely be good news. After all, ‘gifting’  a constitutional right  to the people is but a good chance to rebuild creditability  for fear there was none. Besides, of what was there to boast… a  $250,000 sign and walk over? An elections outside the 90 days is surely  worthy… . Give thanks people. Give thanks and more.

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  1. Come this Wednesday at the Espenade, should PM Stuart continue the drama and keep that expected large crowd in suspense….it would be scandalous…something must be in the offering.

  2. Who cares? I am sick of the petty childish games a hard back grey headed man is playing! Enough is enough. He HAS to call the elections! He think he is a dictator or what!

  3. Prodigal Son,
    Where did PM Stuart tell you or anybody he was not calling General Elections ?

    Why is the BLP hastening their demise ?

    Two simple questions : how come the BLP set up 2 COI – the St. Joseph Hospital and Glendiary prison – $$$$ millions spent and nothing came out of them ?

    This DLP gov’t in 8 months set up a COI – allowed it to gather the evidence – studied the report – acted on the recommendations – and Jeff Broomes says he is pleased to be Parkinson School.

    Sheer BRILLANCE !

    That alone will defeat the BEES.

    And to think Jamaica PEGASUS Hotel ain’t made public yet ?

  4. Last night on Of People and Places, Donville Innis informs the St. John polyclinic is scheduled to open in March 2013. Hint…..

    Question is with the St.John seat a dun deal…200 or so more votes..why the bother?

  5. It was not too long ago that David the blog owner was all over the blogosphere saying that the DLP government wasted money on the COI into the AX school.

    Then on the morning Jeff Broomes announced he is thrilled to be at Parkinson Secondary School…..that BLP accolyte (David of BU) is now afflicted with PARKINSONS DISEASE !

    In an earlier post, David, declared he is waiting on Caswell Franklyn take on the issue !

    I was not aware that Caswell Franklyn is more versed in the law than Broomes 2 QC attorneys (smith and Mcacrthy)

    I guess that is the result of when EGG is now splashed all over yuh face !

  6. Brain Less Pimp……………
    The politics of 2008 will not work in 2013. The people realised they were fooled and that the real fraud and corrupt person was the one who was shouting the loudest that he would not lie, cheat or steal at Haggatt Hall.

    Bring your filth, the people’s minds are made up. They know that they do not have jobs and no money in their pockets. It is the economy, stupid!

    But tell me this, you yard fowls said you were laughing at Mia’s proposal to spend 500 million on tourism yet I hear the doctor in hiding saying tonight he wants to spend 400 million in the sugar industry. Where is this money coming from?

    Then the low man now say he buying garbage trucks now that the SSA is down to few trucks. Sinkliar is pouring money into Four Seasons. The NIS gravy train will soon run out, over10,000 have lost their jobs.

    By the way, could you ask Mr Sinkliar to send out the tax refunds before the sleeping giant calls the election. I will ask the BLP to make that an election issue, government will not pay its bills. Ease the burden and the embarrassment on the UWI, please…..can you imagine this from a party who always want to lay claim to free education! When the UWI said that the government would not pay up, the Sinkliar said that his government did not owe the UWI all that money, now this!

  7. Onions,
    Doan sprain yuh brain. The elections will come and the DEMS will still be in office.

    Since last year when you were predicting election dates fuh 2012…we DEMS kept telling you we working for the people of Barbados.

    We bringing out the keys to the houses ….for the people the BLP overlooked through the years (some waited for over 30 years)

    We bringing out the title deeds to the land…..for the people the BLP refused to help even though George Payne boasted about a LAND BANK (still he never helped those that wanted land )

    We brought Jeff Broomes from AX school….while Owen and Mia refused to DIFFUSE the situation there.

    One more bit of information to come in from INTERPOL…..then you would see why PM Stuart kept telling the BEES….they can keep OWEN ARTHUR.

    It is over ONIONS….the dossier on OWEN will mek yuh weep !

  8. Bring your filth, the people’s minds are made up. They know that they do not have jobs and no money in their pockets. It is the economy, stupid!
    Prodigal yuh joker ,

    You gine bring back the millions you wasted on GEMS and GREENLAND….to put in their pockets?

    Or you gine privatise their companies and send them home with a pay out package….but no jobs to return to.

    I know the ghost of Owen Arthur’s signature on that cheque in 2008 still HAUNTS you…..GOOD NEWS for you….what we discovered since then is quite a SHOCKER !

    I am sure you realised that he never called the PAC together…..when told to bring the file on the Marine Pier head project ? WHY ???

    I am sure you realised that he lied on the floor Parliament during a budget debate about “not” being in Cabinet when the Dodds Prison contract was handed out ? WHY ???

    * Go back and check the budget clip from that debate….that is when PM Stuart first indicated about the Pegasus deal.

    I am sure you realised that it is a month now that he is unable to counter PM Stuart claim of ” Owen’s request to the DEMS to tek Mia Mottley off his hands (so much for BLP u. N ity) ? WHY ???

    Prodigal…..you have a TAINTED leader to present to the Barbadian electorate….who remembered only too well what they saw on the big screen in Haggatt Hall in Jan 2008 !

    GOOD LUCK in selling your SNAKE OIL salesman !

  9. There is a bajan saying an it is applicable to Fumble:’Yuh kin do as ya like but not as long as yuh like’The day of reckoning draweth nigh.Make way for the Barbados Labour Party and its revitalized visionaries.

  10. Fractured
    Man you are a joker……Nothing can save Stuart and the DLP now…you can attempt to spit and polish up all you want…everybody knows this was a TERRIBLE 5 yrs TERM that they cannot wait to see the back off….Even DLP executive cannot wait to pelt Stuart to the Bayland wolves….so D man was forced to crawl up on to the flag pole to the end…as the ship goes under….Fractured check the facebook ..raft scene with big belly geese…in a vest shirt….man ya wud bawl….lol

  11. Bring the flies on Dennis Lowe
    Bring the files on Michael Lashley, never mind the Americans have those
    Bring the files on Stephen Lashley
    Bring the files on George Hutson
    Bring the files on Ronald Jones, never mind the BFA will bring those
    Bring the files on John Boyce
    Bring the files on Richard Sealy
    Bring the files on Donville Inniss
    Bring the files on David Estwick
    Bring the files on Darcy Boyce
    Bring the files on Chris Sinkliar

    We aint frighten for your lies, bring them!

  12. @ Frctured
    Have you ever heard of the Swords of Damascus? They supposed to be real sharp swords….Wednesday night comin meeting is the beginning of the end….lol..

  13. Final Result as revealed to me on Sunday
    BLP = 26 SEATS
    DLP = 3 SEATS
    WHAT I WOULD LIKE TO SEE though is
    BLP = 29 SEATS
    DLP = 0 SEAT

  14. am sure you realised that it is a month now that he is unable to counter PM Stuart claim of ” Owen’s request to the DEMS to tek Mia Mottley off his hands (so much for BLP u. N ity) ? WHY ???
    Thiis sounds like CRAP to me
    What DLP tek what Mia Mottley offa his hands what
    This is pure goobledegook
    It does not make sense
    It is not logical .

  15. Housing Minister is huffing and puffing about all the houses that are being built. But I have a serious problem with all these houses being built and people unable to get a mortgage to buy a house costing over $200,000.00 due to the loan ceiling imposed by the lending agencies. How many potential home owners earn over $2,500.00 per month and will be willing to repay over $1,500.00 per month? That’s why all those Coverley homes are still unoccupied and we now talking about another 2,000 being built at Bushy Park, Notwithstanding the project signed by the Late Prime Minister in St. Lucy for another 1,000 homes. Come on people, even the talk about NHC rented homes have no substance. We keep hearing the demand for rented homes could run into the thousands, yet we are seeing a molasses movement with renters and buyers. I am stating openly that the NHC list probably contained potential renters for years who probably couldn’t wait and would have purchase they own homes long time ago. Not even countries with more capital availability risk building so many homes. A legacy might sound good building nuff homes, but can be a disaster if no one rent or buy. Nuff said.

  16. The Bushy Park proposed town is being financed SRL Limited which means “Society with Retricted Liabilites” Who are the local financiers behind this massive undertaking since the Minister refusal to state the names. I believed that this is a local entity since he would have mentioned “ISRL’ which mean it would consist of an outside financier. Remember these SRL have a 30 year tax break. Any views bloggers?

  17. Oh skite!!!!

    Moody’s Investors Service has downgraded the long-term credit ratings of six Canadian banks, including Toronto-Dominion, Bank of Nova Scotia, Bank of Montreal and CIBC. National Bank and Desjardins were also downgraded.

  18. UWI aint receive money from Government for 5 months, yet we give way all the NIS money 60 million smack-a-roos and plans to giv-a-way another 60 million to bury a dead. Sorry 4 seasons or should we say 60 season every year.

  19. Hants. If Moody get hold of NIS books, we might see a Credit Rating downgrade soon. Moody we call it UN-RECOVERY with double high risk. Transport Board, 60 Season and Salary Payments plus many unannounced loans

  20. @ Fractured
    Then on the morning Jeff Broomes announced he is thrilled to be at Parkinson Secondary School

    As some of us pushed for Broomes to do he did by reporting to Parkinson and redeeming himself in the eyes of many in spite of his wrong headedness at AX. He shows he is a real man and committed teacher. Brilliant action Broomes.
    Broomes return to duty unmasks the evil connection of Frost, Redman, Lett, Greaves and them for what they are selfish egotistical perps bent on wrecking the education system if they didnt get their way. Well they are not getting their way and to hell with them they are not bigger than the government and the people.

    The BLP pimps held prayer meetings pleading for the spirits to derail the COI and tranfers, it didnt work. A nice job done by GOB and MOE .
    The final chapter on AX debacle was written by Broomes today. After ten years of hell on earth peace returns to the northern school at last thanks to Fruendel’s insight and tenacity. Take a bow Jeff Broomes the public now knows who the real criminals are.

  21. @ Cannot be misled
    Amen to that …..
    You noticed how the blog owner (David) still waiting on his “girlfriend” Caswell Franklyn to explain to him why Jeff Broomes had to comply with the recommendations of the COI !

    I believe Caswell still in the law library looking at the “relevant clause”

    A pack of Jokers….if we ever wanted to see some !

    • @Fractured BLP

      The gutter positions you and your ilk bring to BU discussions is a turnoff to the BU household and others. Be warned that attacks on Caswell of a personal nature will not be tolerated.

  22. prodigal the DLP is putting country first something that the BLP was reluctant to do in times of plenty. as to where the Estwick getting the money from?.Good question! but when one look back mrESwtick should not have tobe seeking financial help to reinvigorate the sugar industry.a project which should have take precedence in times of plenty. so who are you to question. the DLP is now forced to use alternative methods financially to correct the BLP mistakes on projects which will help to generate more foreign exchange

  23. @ ac
    Having avoided the AX matter now for sometime, ( you ac know where I stand)….. we shall now split hairs on this one…do you think Jeff the MIX Broomes is done on this matter?….PLEEEEEASSSSEE…

  24. The last time General Secretary of the NUPW spoke on the matter of Broomes he hinted that his union (acting on behalf of Broomes) was in deep discussions with the Chief Personnel Officer and he will speak when said discussions were completed.

    We wait!

  25. I am sure Jeff the MIX, feels like a real luppy frog….not to have taken Ronald Jones offer $1mil + ( speculating) from the beginning….now wid all the fall out and negative publ….Jeff man you must learn to listen sometimes…..you come out soiled…ask your friend Bush Tea… lol

  26. Prodigal Son | January 28, 2013 at 8:12 PM |
    Who cares? I am sick of the petty childish games a hard back grey headed man is playing! Enough is enough. He HAS to call the elections! He think he is a dictator or what!

    9 Votesi’m very sorry to say this but u seem to be very silly ,we had a dictator but u and many others like had no problem with him,the pm is a good decent man and is well within his rights in not calling the election the pm as i see it has not broken any laws but if i’m wrong i’m sure u will put me right

  27. I guess traits of good decency extend as far as Deloitte and CLICO, and long nights with AX teachers?….. Granny used to say “a tief in pajamas is worse dan D one comin thru the window”…

  28. @ D duke | January 29, 2013 at 8:05 AM |
    “the pm is a good decent man and is well within his rights in not calling the election the pm as i see it has not broken any laws”

    You are legally right in saying that the PM has not broken any laws, yet. But decent leaders do not break the trust of their people.

    According to Hal Gollop, Morality is the Highest Law of the Land. And there is where the PM has gone astray including his unshakeable unapologetic backing of a crook and fraud called Greenverbs.

  29. Will someone remind ronald jones that his idiotic remarks about “non thinking people not knowing what government does for it” what governments do or are supposed to do is all done or not with taxpayers money, which pay idiots like him to do the job. i hate when they use elections to act like they take their own money and run a government. these selfish jokes don’t even want to take a pay cut to help the economy.

  30. You know what is the really sad part of all this….THEY really believe the did a great job……so remote den !

  31. Elections, in our system of government, are called at the discretion of the PM. Normally, the PM use that power to achieve a strategic advantage over his opponents hence the so called snap election. In the case, the PM has done everything to gain a strategic DISADVANTAGE over his opponents. How else can you characterise his failure to call election when David Thompson died, or his failure to capitalise on the open warfare that broke out between the Arthur and Mottley factions?

    I think that Freundel is behaving as though he has already been beaten and has thrown his hands in the air.

  32. I have had some limited legal experience with SLRs and the ones registered at Corporate Affairs is Bim which are public records you can go there and research them, are more often than not foreign entities,

  33. A pitiful leader called FUMBLE
    Continued to perennially stumble
    He stumbled and bumbled
    Causing the people to mumble and grumble
    Till he politically perished at the rumble!

  34. Listen to VOb 929 Brass Tack…..NEWS…DLP was a massive failure in the way of… not doing anything while in office for its supporters…..they pledge to stay home in retaliation….one lady says all govt workers wanted was appointment….Wesley pissin mad and want to be on a special program to divulge…..What will we hear next……warnings to all !

  35. That’s what happens when there are too many supporters, and the empty promises that were spread around from 2008 was more of money talks, bull walks, and not enough money to spread around.

  36. @ Well Well
    The real problem was that not that ..fatted calves were not slaughtered and distributed….but most lion shares went to high rakings and better offs …the common ordinary got squat….The St.John polyclinic man for instance was almost unheard of ….all can remember his contribution before….he was one also most vocal about this…..only Bushies ac’s and ! seems to have gotten belly fulls…whalosss..look licks comin…lol

  37. In order to make the claim that they had more people than the BLP’s last meeting, the pathetic Dems has to rent a crowd by hiring Krosfyah to perform. Poor Dems!

  38. Still won’t change things…..if a date is not given on Wednesday…those DEM present will realize….they have a real problem on hand

  39. And that’s another part of the problem the politicians always find it necessary to give more land, money, scholarships etc to those who already have, leaving the have nots to fend for themselves. Let’s see how much longer Bajans plan to put up with that crap.

  40. @ David

    The shit has hit the fan for the DLP.

    At the political meeting tomorrow, the Prime Minister is going to turn over the leader of the party ( and Prime Minster) role to Mr. Chris Sinckler, his caretaking duties now being over and the deal made on a dying mans bed in 2010 would have been honoured and fullfilled.

    The DLP will be split right down the centre with Sinckler on one side and Estwick on the other. Notwithstanding who wins between these two, the clear loser will be the DLP.

  41. Did Wickham not say…..it would only get worse the longer Stuart procrastinated?…..So why did Stuart not heed? This was definitely a sinister plan which like an exploding canon ball has all but destroyed the DLP. …..Wow give me my bond !

  42. If Chris was the real Gorillaphant he proports….we wudd have been able to silence Mr. Agriculture imposte’…problem was neither studied economic…one got 14 in maths…..the other zero.

  43. The House has adjourned until Feb 05, 2013 amid speculation the PM will ring the bell in hours. It was with sadness that BU monitored the House session today because it may have signalled the final curtain for Hamilton Lashley and Rawle Eastmond. The fact that two long serving members of parliament should be exiting parliament with so little a ripple speaks volumes for how we do business. In fact Eastmond was not even present in the House today.

  44. Is it sad the way this PM has upset the whole country with his childish behaviour over this matter of calling an election. The big secret was out as he made his way to see the GG.

    Having boxed himself into a corner, he had no other way to go. Tried as they wanted to lay the estimates before February 11, it seems as if it could not be done. So the election call it self! Brilliant, Freundel!

  45. Onions….since when peter wickham was elevated to be PM of Barbados that he can determine when General Elections are to be called ?

    Doan mek yuhself look so foolish with such crappy statements.

    The DEMS know full well what they waiting on (within the tenets of the law )

    It is the BEES ……who are scared about being exposed…so they want polls called…..in hurry.

    Too bad…for the BEES !

  46. @!
    Try as you may…you cannot hide your stoicism….but is ok….some we win , some we lose……Go now like ac and cut off a good staff to accompany you in the wilderness 15 hard dry bitter years…..I shall still be there to offer you drink and solace for…
    “we are still but men,
    though sometimes we may take the wrong end..
    and are subject to follies like play things of children”..

    You should seen this coming from the beginning…. ” mr.meretricious.”

  47. I thought the politics of blood sport died with the king. I can see it is well entrenched in the bowels of the DLP!

  48. One word..aptly describes all……meretricious…..Is this the best that can be offered as an anti-climax?…..elections suspense? Where has all the Ovid and Horace gone?…Lest I forget, there is still Krosfire and Wednesday…lol

  49. 1 Corinthians 15:32

    “If I fought wild beasts in Ephesus for merely human reasons, what have I gained? If the dead are not raised, “Let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we die.”
    …maybe a explanation coming…B there….

  50. @ Prodigal Son | January 29, 2013 at 2:52 PM |
    “Is it sad the way this PM has upset the whole country with his childish behaviour over this matter of calling an election. The big secret was out as he made his way to see the GG.”

    The silly man has been hoisted by his own petard. The silly cat and mouse game is over given the swansong speech by Hammie-La, the biggest traitor and political prostitute Barbados ever produced. The arrogant fool who refused to listen to genuine political advice to call elections before May 2012 now finds himself boxed in a corner.
    He tried to exploit the constitutional flexibility but got trap by its paradoxically enshrined constraints regarding the people’s real financial business aka the Estimates of Revenue & Expenditures.

    His personal legal-political advisor Hal Gollop was certainly out of his depth when he foraged into areas way above his finance and accounting pay grade.
    Moving from a teacher of classical academics to the banal area of Law does not automatically make you an intellectual and guru of everything under the Sun especially in the area of business and finance. The mere fact that there over 700 lawyers in this small island should tell you that even idiots can qualify as experts in the law.

    Now Hal G, tell your friend the Molasses man that the game is up and over. Wednesday here we come!
    Let us see if this Party breaks the law of the land again by going past the watershed period of 11.00 PM or even Midnight just to announce a date of the general elections everyone in Barbados knows is well past overdue.

  51. Micoud Madness | January 29, 2013 at 12:42 PM |
    @ David

    The shit has hit the fan for the DLP.

    At the political meeting tomorrow, the Prime Minister is going to turn over the leader of the party ( and Prime Minster) role to Mr. Chris Sinckler, his caretaking duties now


  52. his DLP gov’t in 8 months set up a COI – allowed it to gather the evidence – studied the report – acted on the recommendations – and Jeff Broomes says he is pleased to be Parkinson School.

    Sheer BRILLANCE !

    That alone will defeat the BEES.
    —————–YOU ARE RALLY


  53. onions you need to muzzle your leader. clumsy statements by him could very well have swayed the floating vote to the dlp in the last elections. his unnecessary attempt to justify his nonabsenses from parliament was to say the least feeble, illogical and nonsensical. who are these young parliamentarians of whom he speaks and on which side? when a good batsman starts to drop catches in the slip, it usually means that he is not picking up the ball and his batting begins to suffer as a result. mr arthur should not be allowed to speak off the cuff.

  54. Seriously, it looks like Fruendel plan to throw way everything. He call the election two days after the total wipe out that will be Grenada, a week after Valentine’s Day (think red), during Lent and at the last minute when he had no choice.

    To top it off, he chose to make the announcement via a GIS press statement instead of announcing it in he House or better yet tomorrow night at the big rally.

    What is he thinking?

    Is it that he really intend for heads to roll?

  55. Wunna be glad that Frugabe didn’t call elections on the 29th Feb….he ignorant enough to do that! Stupse.

  56. hi onions the games have now begun. show the DEMs what the BEES got to offer , No more time for BUMPER STICKER mentality. and puddin and souse jokes, the clock is ticking away, TICK ! TOCK! OSA sick days and sick jokes have run out now he got to go to work for his supper.THE voters not going to forget his receiving a paycheck for a job not done. NOT a sign of a GOOD LEADER >

  57. AC; I wonder instead how the electorate will view the person who could not get a simple matter like capitalizing on setting an election date right, given the buzz about that date all around the Island. Please explain how the leader could rationally announce an election date a day before a massive meeting at which the expected highlight would be the announcement of that same election date. The crowd might still be massive although somewhat depleted from what was possible, but the main atrraction was killed by the PM himself.

    Perhaps Caswell is right and we are seeing a replay of the final actions of Sandiford who in 1994 pulled the whole house down on his detractors and all.

    Something ain’t right here. Or is it typical Stuartian logic at play here?

    • Checkit-Out & David

      You might recall that I informed the country on Brasstacks that the elections must be called so that the next Parliament can convene in order to pass the Estimates. You would also recall that I was challenged by Hal Gollop on the Estimates issue and some with inferiority complexes, who couldn’t think for themselves abused me. Maybe, I have some vindication in today’s announcement.

      Sent from my iPad

  58. Stuart left the members of his poor rakey parliament colleagues so high and dry that none of them knew he was going to call the election today.His honour the speaker was shame faced by the slight shown by his leader Freundel,such that he adjourned the house until next Tuesday Feb 5th at 10 o’clock in the forenoon.Statements to the effect that Stuart does not trust any of his DLP colleagues is borne out by his action today.Not a good omen for the DLP.Many are hoping for a cleansing of the stables and that the next parliament will be a more enlightened representative body of men and women consumed with putting the interest of the electorate first.There must be no consideration for self interest.That’s what is to be found in a dog pound,not parliament.

    • @Gabriel Tackle

      You are correct that the House completed the session today in a poorakey manner. If Arthur was in his office in the precinct of parliament as he has suggested in a press conference on the weekend he would probably felt vindicated…lol.

  59. I regret the Not Wanted ads ended if let run they would be the last nails in Owen coffin. The two ads run were devastating to the BLP exposing lies, deceit, waste, corruption, greed , disunity and a party with nothing to offer. Here’s hoping the DLP uses the Not Wanted ads as a template and bombard the Bees with the vile words and deeds of their leader and fractured followers.

  60. Now that the bell ring I cud as well hopon pon de bus. Look size roud deh an gi me uh scotch do.
    I ent no bout wunna, but none uh dis pappy show gine miss me. Leh muh ask wunna something before it slip muh mind…

    Wunna eva had up curtains, I mean real gud curtains dat you had fuh years and de only ting
    dat did wrong wid dum, is dat duh fade out lil bit, but udderwise dum did still good. Then sumbody cum tell you dat Everybodys got sum dat
    look real nice, and duh would gi de house a change and mek de place look lil betta. Now you did in two minds but dem insist that de place cud do wid a change so
    you went long and buy de new curtains. Next ting yuh befo de cat cud lick e ears, you realize dat de things et wurf wuh Paddy shot at.
    De curtains shearing out and falling apart. Duh get so bad dat you had to tek duh down and put back up de old ones. And all dis time you telling yuhself dat you
    barely waste yuh time when you went and buy dem. Dah eva happen to any uh wunna yet?

  61. kevin

    Why dont you deal with the fractured DLP party and stop trying to prove that the DLP is a united party?

    You certainly cannot say that after the stunt Freundel pulled today on his party? I mean, the man did not even tell the Speaker who seem to be loyal to Freundel, he made the man looked bad as he sheepishly adjourned the House until next Tuesday. I guess by then, they knew where Freundel had gone as he was not in the House.

    After all the foolish talk, Freundel could not even face the people. The coward got GIS to issue the statement. He played around with the people of Barbados for the last 6 months since he got up from sleeping. All the hiding he was doing, from the time he entered the GG’s gates, the BB’s went viral! LOL at the man!

  62. Prodigal LOL ….yuh mean we got change up we backside without the vasseline! Well the curtains got to come down because dem ent keeping out de sunlight no more. Frugabe got bajans real fed up and when people vex dem gine show it at the polls. Dis man Frugabe doing tings he way and in his time. He pon a different time zone from the rest of Bim. Right now I am turned off and vex. When a leader resorts to taunting the public it means that he doesn’t give one rass bout how people feel. We gine show he!

  63. This sequence of events is ominously like december 2007, in reverse.

    The BLP in 8 hours have outgunned, outflanked, outposted, outblogged and outmanouvered the DLP. And they were the ones who did not know the date.

    @check it out and davidB
    Your concerns are shared and they raise a greater fear. Time will tell.

    The size of tomorrow’s crowd will determine if the dlp have a chance. So far it’s not looking that way. Their uncertain seats aren’t down to speak, the performance card has just as much promises as performance, and it looks like it’s the DLP that were caught flat footed by the election date. Uh mean…a GIS statement at 4 ish in the evening??

    All is not lost for them, but 3 weeks is a VERY short time to make up ground lost. Telling the electorate “we will a,b,c when reeelected” just ain’t gonna cut it. It would take last ditch 4 seasons saviour, a barack payment AND a clico payback miracle to actually occur together and be completed for the DLP to be real contenders. A salary negotiation wouldn’t hurt either.

    For the first time in years, I’m completely baffled. And it’s not about someone of the opposite gender this time.

    Just Observing

  64. And the annoiuncement that some craved is now here…do we really believe they are prepared for what is to follow ?

    Let the debate begins……

  65. I so wish there was another party, all this blight has come down through the decades from the actions of the founding members of these two parties, some who practiced a lot of black magic and nonsense that it now seems so difficult to shake off the effects. The stories surrounding the origination of these two parties would literally make people who don’t know puke.

  66. observing are you fuh real BLP outgunned ! outfoxed! etc. Dlp . well let see how much ground can the BLP make up in three weeks. as of today the BLP with all the talk about ring the bell has not even made a response to the news . it is obvious they were caught by surprised .yet one must beieve that they were so ready and prepared for when the bell ring..

  67. Another indicator that the BLP has a more coherent marketing strategy: BLP jingle on Day 1 of campaigning in the prime time morning spot. voice over done by the popular Lil Rick.

  68. . the BLP is trying to capitalize on the youth vote .however it is going to take more than a jingle. i noticed that the ads on unemployment target the youth. however the question the youth would be asking is how can the BLP Correct the problem . the BLP might might treading water that might be too deep for them to swim in.

  69. @ Caswell Franklyn | January 29, 2013 at 9:01 PM |

    The miller was with you all the way. Hal was trying to make a real ass of the law in trying to justify the vacillating vacuous dithering incompetence of his pal. Hal knew full well that the PM was going down a Constitutional cul-de-sac that had in its path an impediment of a boulder called the Estimates that even a political Sisyphus would run away from and never attempt to touch far less try to circumvent. This oxymoronic sleeping giant of a boulder- if disturbed or tried to be circumvented- would have really triggered a legal dilemma that even shallow Hal would have jumped ship to avoid sullying his “pristine” reputation as el numero uno in constitutional law in the miniature Chancery called Bim.

    One can imagine the agony he must have experienced when he found himself on the horns of a high moral dilemma. Should he adhere to and obey the strict canons of the highest God-given law of Morality or pander to his pal and encourage him to exploit the weaknesses contained in the man-made law of this former Colonial Land?

    Should he ‘tell it like is’ morally is to his friend or should he sell his soul to the political devil hoping for QC status or the next promised AG position and back his pal to the constitutional hilt like how his pal protects his other infected friend in the CLICO leprosy asylum from the criminal arm of the same Law with its overriding objective of justice and fair play?

  70. We ready fuh de polls…We ready…we ready…..de DEMS ready !

    Added star power to tonight’s big meeting at the Esplanade….Bunji Garlin all the way from T & T .

    Wow…we ready …we ready …De DEMS ready !

  71. @ac 7:22
    I won’t bother responding. I’ll leave those with eyes and ears to decide for themselves.

    there are two radio ads running. 2 within 5 minutes at one point. Posters up in teh constituencies, specific “at last” ads in the paper, youth specific social media, ads and jingles, flooding the web, posts with photos of candidates rolling out posters, etc. I think saying coherent marketing strategy is an understatement.

    We’ll see if Bunji Garlin is enough as ! says.

    Game on.

    Just Observing

  72. @ ! | January 30, 2013 at 9:28 AM |

    You also plan to violate the sanctity of the Lenten Season by celebrating victory next month with Carnival?

    Is this the same party that falsely accuses OSA of selling out White Bajan owned commercial businesses and even the BLP PR elections campaign business to Trinidadians? Now it’s the DLP that is selling out (or should we say outsourcing) the Entertainment business to “foreigners”.
    What arrant hypocrisy!

  73. @CCC
    “Added star power to tonight’s big meeting at the Esplanade….Bunji Garlin all the way from T & T” …………………………………………………………

    But look at you hypocrites!!! During the last five years, you Dems have done nothing but curse the BLP for selling out Barbados to Trinis and lo and behold you got the gall to bring in a Trini artiste to pull a crowd to Bay Street tonight?

    You all better hold him and Krosfyah back to the end because I know that as soon as they have performed, the crowds will go!

    Look what the Dems come to …….they have to rent a crowd!

  74. @ Millwe
    “This oxymoronic sleeping giant of a boulder- if disturbed or tried to be circumvented- would have really triggered a legal dilemma that even shallow Hal would have jumped ship to avoid sullying his “pristine” reputation as el numero uno in constitutional law in the miniature Chancery called Bim.”……………..

    Another excellent post, miller. Can you imagine this same constitutional law expert was chief adviser to the BSTU and look how that so called solved matter has ended.

    I could not understand he could be so close to the PM, arrange for the BSTU to see the PM alone in the dispute, got the PM to have this COI, then the MOE and the PSC went their own way from the COI, all hell break out when the BSTU got busted all the while the PM is still his pal. Yet the PM allow this union busting all the while mr legal eagle is still advising the BSTU.

    Where is the integrity? No wonder the advice he was giving to the PM led the PM down the cul-de- sac he ended up in with no where to turn around.

    Remember the legal eagle was on Brasstacks flying the kite about Estimates can be laid and passed with very little debate. But what blew every thing out of the water for them was that try as the public officers could, even burning the midnight oil, they could not get the estimates finished.

    So the 90 day thing was then a big problem. This from a man who played he is a political guru and no one can read him! He outfoxed himself!

  75. @ David

    After the first 36 hours (including the DLP rally tonight) it will become very obvious that the DLP has no plan to win back the government.

    You will note David that tonights rally in the Espanade does NOT feature Dr. Hon. David Estwick MP as one of the speakers. Dr. Estwick MP has decided not to participate in this campaign given that the Prime Minister and Chris Sinckler have tag teamed him and tried to cut his throat at every possible opportunity.


  76. The BEES/have spent five years complaining on BU. Now that the bell has been rung one would think that the BEES would have been eager to promote a m.essage geared to economic and social issues instead of the same ole rhetoric

  77. To say that Stuart was not enthused about giving notice of an elections date is wayyyyyyyyyy past an understatement. By GIS notice?…Hey hey hey….what is this?…..We must all learn to conceal even in our saddest moments……Wonder what it will be like 21st February 1.45 am Bayland Pasture? The night of Dred……

  78. Where did the PM go after his visit to Government House?

    Is it true that he went back to Illaro Court and left his colleagues to hear about it by BB, GIS and word of mouth? He certainly was not in the House to tell his colleagues.

    Is is true that this is his version of heads will roll?

    Just asking??

  79. @ Prodi

    Stay tuned tonight for any hints……but the others no longer scared…he did his best to gather his 1lb flesh…..its now up to the electorate to do the rest….Wonder what goes thru a Shylock head at present ?…..for thing for sure… VEX !

  80. Anyone else noticed that they played “This Girl is on Fire” just before Ronald Jones came on to speak?

    And his mannerisms did not disappoint .

    • This might be a bit off topic but for what it is worth, several senators, including a Government Senator, turned up at the Senate for a meeting today.

      Sent from my iPad

  81. Trotman is a phucking fraud
    where is the apology that was supposed to come from LIME to the workers ?

  82. Listening to Onions , Observing , David of BU , Enuff , Miller et al , we always wondered what is the BLP concept of UNITY.

    Well before the BEES can host a political meeting for this 2013 campaign….they have to first explain to the people of Barbados what does UNITY between MIA and Owen mean .

    Before a stunned crowd of 14, 000 persons in Bay Street an attacking PM Stuart challenged

    1. Mia Mottley to deny that she asked him to call polls to get rid of Owen.

    2. PM Stuart repeated his call a SECOND time (outside the floor of Parliament) for Owen to deny he wrote to Stuart begging him to tek Mia off the hands of the BEES.

    Well before the people ” fire Freundel” , Mia and Owen have to explain to Barbadians why they both want to FIRE each other !

    And to think those crooks claim to be UNITED !
    We ready fuh de polls….we ready…we ready…we ready .

    DEMS all the way.

  83. @Fractured
    tek muh name out ya mouth.

    Do you really think unity is the factor? and even if it was that the either party are believed to be unified?

    Just Observing

  84. @ Fracture
    I keep asking you if you is that GOAT…that used to come in here under another moniker…that WANT TO PROSECUTE A DEAD MAN?…..I still believe you is he ya….lol ( only David would know)

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