Time for a Contractor General, Barbados

Submitted by Old Onion Bags

Greg Christie was appointed Jamaica’s fourth Contractor General in 2005

The call has been made umpty times now on BU for Barbados to have a Contractor General. For those wondering what are the duties of such a noble sounding  executive officer, in a nutshell….”to assist government in the fair advertising, soliciting, and final disbursements of contracts for services and purchase of major worth.” More detailed….

The Contractor General is given the onus to monitor the award and the implementation of government contracts with a view to ensuring that —

  1. such contracts are awarded impartially and on merit;
  2. the circumstances in which each contract is awarded or, as the case may be, terminated, do not involve impropriety or irregularity;
  3. without prejudice to the functions of any public body in relation to any contract, the implementation of each such contract conforms to the terms thereof; and
  4. to monitor the grant, issue, suspension or revocation of any prescribed licence, with a view to ensuring that the circumstances of such grant, issue, suspension or revocation do not involve impropriety or irregularity and, where appropriate, to examine whether such licence is used in accordance with the terms and conditions thereof.  (Courtesy Jamaica’s Office of Contractor General).

If we in Barbados are serious about stamping out all forms of pandering and corruption gotten via contract negotiations by governmental officials, the office of Contractor General needs to be legislated and functioning as soon as possible. Such will assist in highlighting transparency in all governmental contract dealings and will go hand in hand with our proposed Integrity Legislation Act.

Consider for more details this link. Time for showing we are serious about going forward, is present and awaits the true Sir Lancelot. Will they step up to the plate?

155 thoughts on “Time for a Contractor General, Barbados

  1. if one take a good hard look at the barack case one would see who lie who steal and for what reason a contract of that magnitude was awarded to a man who had very little experience in undertaking such a large project which in the end had to be finished by another contractor at thetaxpayers cost of an additional 100million dollars. leaving a question mark as to why was barrack hired in the first placem

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  3. Onins and milleryou guys got wunna work cut out trying to divide the DLP not gonna happen keep listening to back stabber hoyte. birds of afather flock together dat hoyte operson he bad mouth every body even OSA nothing he got to say only resonate with certain segments of the BLP yardflows .he not that important or entertaining POOR FELLOW tru “dog always return to its vomit.

  4. @ ac
    It real pathetic today on VOB…the way the DLP supporters calling in to BEG for another term….one fella had the temerity to say “BLP had 14 years and we cannot put them back in yet…..it JUST won’t be fair” …..LOLLLLLLL mercy me …call D elections Stuart…..

  5. DLP swan song maybe……:- Nearing the end

    When we feel we have nothing left to give
    And we are sure that the “song has ended”–
    When our day seems over and the shadows fall
    And the darkness of night has descended,

    Where can we go to find the strength
    To valiantly keep on trying,
    Where can we find the hand that will dry
    The tears that the heart is crying–

    There’s but one place to go and that is to God
    And, dropping all pretense and pride,
    We can pour out our problem without restraint
    And gain strength with Him at our side–

    And together we stand at life’s crossroads
    And view what we think is the end,
    But God has a much bigger vision
    And he tells us it’s only a bend–

    For the road goes on and is smoother,
    And the “pause in the song” is a “rest,”
    And the part that’s unsung and unfinished
    Is the sweetest and richest and best–

    So rest and relax and grow stronger,
    Let go and let God share your load,
    Your work is not finished or ended,
    You’ve just come to “a bend in the road.”

    Helen Steiner Rice

  6. That long contribution in support of the DLP today on Brasstacks sounded like Senator Worrell, but the person said he was not supporting government only ‘aquamarine and blue’. lol

  7. @ ac | September 24, 2012 at 12:43 PM |
    “if one take a good hard look at the barack case one would see who lie who steal and for what reason a contract of that magnitude was awarded to a man who had very little experience in undertaking such a large project which in the end had to be finished by another contractor at thetaxpayers cost of an additional 100million dollars. leaving a question mark as to why was barrack hired in the first place”

    If only you ac were to take a good hard look at the Pierhead marina redesign contract to SMI Solutions Inc (Another OSA henchman) you would see that the man resubmitted a photo shop copy of the original design. He along with his inside point man Darcy sailed away with over $40 million for computer graphics. Of course other DLP conmen like Chris, George and Deficit would get their cut of the deal. No open tenders for redesign hence lagan will make barrack award look like cut plate money. The original award of damages to barrack was $34 million but with a building to show in Warrens. Who allowed it to escalate to $75 million?
    Tell us, ac, what do we have to show for the $40 million print out? Not even a boulder drop in Carlisle Bay to tie up a ‘moses’!
    Of course we all know you will not respond unless you blame OSA for telling Bannister to trick the DLP into this scam. You might just be right there. No promised PAC meeting to discuss the Pierhead watery scam suggests that OSA has learned a lot from the DLP in how to lie with impunity.

  8. @ ac:

    Are you going to advise your DLP party to obey the law this time and settle with Georgie the Ramsay? The High Court just awarded damages of just over $800,000- a pittance compared to Barrack.
    What are you going to do? Dismiss the judgment out off hand in dictatorial fashion like a real banana republic? Appeal as in the case of Barrack leaving the BLP to kick the can down the CCJ street?

    Tell us ac what should the DLP do now that the tight burning shoe is on the other infested foot?
    We want to see what they will do so that a precedent can be set for the leery Leroy Mcclean.

    Of course ac, you will revert to your 14 year rant of OSA misdemeanours blaming him for everything under the Sun even if Georgie spent not 14 but 28 years in the public sector.

    • @miller

      This government will follow the precedent set and appeal the decision of course.

      Who pays for the games politicians play?

  9. The DLP falling apart……time to do the right thing people before is becomes more shameful……it’s dogging now !

  10. miller all that drama you spent so much posting still does not void out or eliminate 14 years of corruption and backroom deals loaded with kickbacks and friend and family jobs at the taxpayers expense by the BLP

    I said so already
    He is one of the deceitful ones who had a lotta shite to talk about Owen Arthur and now he come talking shoite about Freundel Stuart.
    Who Harold Hoyte think heis –Chelsea Clinton ?


  12. @ Just Asking ..

    Harold Hoyte is no more than what he has always been ..another mediocre man who had access to a newspaper which caused people to take him seriously . I would think that Hoyte’s main concern should be to use his “expertise ” to do something about the standard of the Nation Newspaper . It is nothing more than a rag . Check the last edition of the Sunday Sun ; about 90 % was anti government comment . Really disgraceful .

    • @Amazing!!!

      Even BIPA has gotten in on the act and endorsed the BLP’s message on their solution to the CLICO mess…lol. Everything in Barbados is now about stripes.

  13. @ Amazing !!!! | September 26, 2012 at 6:48 AM |
    “Harold Hoyte is no more than what he has always been ..another mediocre man who had access to a newspaper which caused people to take him seriously”

    So Harold is a mediocre man! A man who started a newspaper from scratch to be the number one on the local Fleet Street aka Fontabelle.
    So what would you call the man behind the Advocate? An exceedingly successful business guru with’ mercurial’ tendencies that Bajans take seriously?

    What would you call Freundel? A man of outstanding achievements and consummate communication skills that Bajans find most engaging and take him seriously? The man is the constant butt of jokes in the social circles (high society or otherwise) both local and overseas.

    You are really amazing. Most readers would find Harold’s analysis and conclusion most valid and a fair assessment of the subject of the newspaper article. Come to grips with reality and accept you have a leader that will be leading your party into a political battle that would rout, if not destroy, the DLP for a long, long time.

  14. @Miller
    So Harold is a mediocre man! A man who started a newspaper from scratch to be the number one on the local Fleet Street aka Fontabelle.

    Save your ammo for the big fish “amazing” is only an anonymous blogger who is frustrated with events beyond his control, I’m sure Harold wouldn’t lose any sleep over his comments.

    But….. and you know there is always a “but” with all of Harold’s considerable accomplishments didn’t your esteemed leader with all the weight of his office behind him insult Harold in a most demeaning manner? He used a word which sent the majority of wordsmiths and others scurrying to their dictionaries/thesauruses etc. to locate its meaning
    As I said before I hope vindictiveness is a thing of the past, revenge is a sword that cut both ways.

  15. People like Hoyte and Wickham. spare no time in being political cheer leaders for or party or another while in the meantime calling themselves representatives of the Fourth Estate a joB which should reflect the better interset of the country and not reflected by their biasis which are blantly evident and unabashdely shameful

  16. @ ac | September 26, 2012 at 11:19 AM |

    I need to borrow one of your techniques and ask of you the following:
    Could your statement be relevantly applied retroactively to their journalistic positions taken in 2007?

    Of course you will say that’s all in the past like the 14 years of OSA mismanagement and corruption even if condemned by a negrocrat and a pollster who is now fiddling (in your view) the results to make the DLP and its leader look bad.

  17. Hi David,

    Why are you stubbornly refusing to publish those photos a fellow blogger emailed to you about the O$A incident outside John Moore shop last Sunday ?

    Your bias seems to be showing !

    Come on, BU deserves better.

  18. Miller my comment stands as is however you are free to prove me wrong but note that i did say that ioth men are guilty of being cheerleaders of one party or anotherbut let me clarify that it depends whose ox is being goad. in the case of wickham his ox was goaded when PM stuart kick him to the curb and he is on a mission to desseminate and destry with Hoyte he like OSA being an “opportunistic a..sshole

  19. Man David I want to see the pics. NOBODY gave you credit for the letter, so they might think differently about the pics … I DON’T believe you man, publish the pics …!

  20. @ ac | September 26, 2012 at 4:50 PM |
    “in the case of wickham his ox was goaded when PM stuart kick him to the curb.. ”

    What are you telling us, ac? That FS kicked wick-ham up where the sun does not shine? But in peter’s case there is a lot of room and light up there.

    You better tell that to the Canadian Sargeant! After all, vindictiveness and revenge are not part of the DLP only the patent of OSA. Are you saying that wick ham is a very close and intimate friend of Sinckliar and hence not trusted by Freundel?

    We hope that ac and the other DLP apologists will not be buying the Nation newspaper this Sunday coming. What will be revealed will not be music to your ears since the poll was conducted by wick ham and doctored by Harold. Early warning to Fractured BLPNationNewspaper: Don’t buy the Sun on Sunday!

  21. @Miller…….It go be buss up shot boy…LOL….besides it is rumored PM gone a look for a knot…..fire in goat mout boi…..

  22. @ David:

    It seems Owen Arthur is a keen follower of this blog. One of the finest, most informative intellectually stimulation and proactive blogs this side of heaven.
    Congratulations for a job well done!
    OSA is taking on board all the recommendations posted on restructuring and divesting of a number of commercially-oriented sections of the public sector. Just hope he carries through with the miller’s proposals.
    Will expand as this area becomes topical.

    • @Miller

      You are too generous!

      Heard a little of the speech on the news this evening, not sure if BU has bought into some of the recommendations. He should be wary of praising the BNB for not sending home people. Did we hear a hint that he will be relying on construction to drive the economy? Is their a Youtube or text of the full speech?

      Watch the speech HERE.

  23. Is this the same Peter Wickham who was being revered as the pollster extraordinaire by all DLP supporters when he successfully predicted that the DLP would win the last election 20 seats to 10?

    It is also amazing that you contributors (and you know who you are) are quick to comment on the quality of journalism at the Nation, yet you seem quite comfortable with the level of biased journalism coming from the Advocate. Hypocrites!!

  24. @ David
    Owen is as lost as ever.
    What follow what BU what…. Unless he is as clueless as old Onions.

    Owen is talking about achieving 3% annual growth, selling off more state assets, and looking for outsiders to bring money here.
    Anytime a prime minister can have high praise for an institution which he previously controlled and which he sold to outsiders – as being now much better managed and efficient, he is condemning his own competence to be prime minister.
    He has no ability to lead in improving productivity so he targets attracting outsiders to do so….. SHAME!

    When will it dawn on him that succeeding nationally is about leadership, vision, efficiency and productivity?
    When will he figure out that by his appointing incompetent idiots to run important national institutions is what has doomed us?

    @ Artaxerxes
    The difference between the Nation and the Advocate is that while the Advocate is basically incompetent and mediocre, the Nation is a foreign owned, anti Barbados institution which was conceived to promote the CSME (One Caribbean) nonsense, and in the process to downplay and destroy anything that was purely Bajan.
    In that regard they have done an effective job.

    …the fact that they are anti-DLP would suggest that this party may well be the better choice of the two incompetent options currently available.

  25. onions word on the street that OSA planning on havimg a “fire sale” on barbados assets to pay off the high debt he left the country saddle with if he becomes leader again..

  26. The DLP has nothing to launch an attack. If Bushie is anything of a mouth piece…Poor fellas like fleas on a carcass…..left in the sun n rain to die. Imagine passing a Bill to allow gambling in the port….Why i always thought Integrity Legislation had priority …then their is the Waterman Commission Final Report…..that’s another laugh. What’s the hold up now? That too got stolen ?

  27. @Miller
    So you are ensconced in the Hive? Are you sure Owen was heaping praise on this Blog?

    Watch out! “Do not trust the horse, Trojans. Whatever it is, I fear the Greeks even when they bring gifts

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