Two Down-to-Earth Bajan Scholars Making Waves

Submitted by William Skinner

Governor Delisle Worrell (l) CJ Marston Gibson (r)

Anybody remotely acquainted with Dr. Delisle Worrell, the distinguished governor of our central bank, would not be surprised that he is now being judged on such unimportant matters as to how he dresses and what he parades in during the Festival of Flesh that was once Crop Over.

First, let me state without apology, that both Dr. Worrell and our new Chief Justice Mr. Marston Gibson, represent a breath of fresh air blowing through the corridors of snobbery and intellectual arrogance, that passes as brilliance in our country. It is obvious, that neither of these two obviously brilliant minds have caught the eye of those intellectual frauds that masquerade about here as if this country is their exclusive academic playground. Lord Nelson will turn into Bussa ,and vice versa, before the likes of an Owen Arthur or his willing side kick, Clyde Mascoll succeeds in turning Dr .Worrell into” an economist of Lilliputian status”. Anybody, who has taken five minutes to research Dr. Worrell’s work, will know that neither of these two gentlemen is held in the esteem that comes close to the good Governor’s standing in intellectual circles. It simply does not merit any serious discussion.

We have long held Bishops, Chief Justices and Governors of the central bank in such high regard, that we sometimes forget that they are accountable to the people. And that in the case of Governors of Central Banks and Chief Justices, we are the ones who pay them, and pay them very well, taking into consideration our meagre resources. The same can be said of Commissioners of Police and other powerful professionals. By all means we must respect the office but don’t allow them to believe and act as if they should not or cannot be touched.

We should therefore be more than relieved, that we finally have two extremely high profiled and scholarly professionals, being paid by the tax payers who are prepared to at least communicate with all and sundry and be human rather than portraying themselves as almost gods.

As for the old argument of whether we wear jacket and tie or Nehru, we ought to be frank and admit that we seem happier wearing jackets and other outfits in our very unwelcoming climate. We are yet to “free our minds” that we should dress as our climates demands.

Those who have known our distinguished governor can attest to the fact, that he has always enjoyed driving mini coopers. As Mr. Barrow once suggested: we have champagne taste and mauby pockets. At least the Governor cannot be accused of living above OUR means!

Chief Justice Gibson, who does not come from the bowels of the new elite black political managerial class, can expect some harsh and unwarranted criticism as he ploughs through the backlog of cases and generally poor management of our justice system administration that he has inherited. The knives will be drawn because these two distinguished and down to earth gentlemen are not out there mingling only with the so called new elite of our island state.

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  1. The social elite and bourgeoisie in Barbados who feel that it is their right to tell the masses who to vote for and annoint Prime Ministers will have a problem with strong black leaders in our society from humble beginnings.
    They accept those leaders only if they feel that they can buy or control them.

    Imagine a BLP facebook page in 2012 in Barbados ridiculing the African Features of our current Prime Minister.
    And we have a holiday to celebrate emancipation day- people physically free but mentally enslaved still looking for a leader that look like “massa”.

  2. oh come on skinner! don’t worry about them haters they come a dime a dozen we know who there are and jealous to boot. they can’t even shine the shoes of the two highly respectable and distinguished men of whom you speak. the fact that these two men are articulate rub the haters the wrong way and especially when they are associated with reputable people.stuepsee Mascoll his name should not even be mentioned in the same breadth let alone been included in the same article as these two men attaching the word “economist”now that is really mixing apples and oranges . Mascoll economist! is like believing men are from Mars and women from ….venus.

  3. Well said Skinner a nice read I couldnt agree with you more. Mascoll and Arthur lackeys will not like your article.

  4. Sorry … How do you define brilliant minds again …? Have either of these two men ever been self employed? Have either of these two men ever designed, or helped develop and produce something, anything, a piece of anything that was saleable, you know, economically viable, you know so as to give them the ability to speak with authority on issues that are now by far and away the most important of them all, our ability to earn foreign exchange through the sale of product to the rest of the world? How do you define brilliant minds again …? Sorry, just tired of this ego stroking of academics by academics.

  5. This is bare shite. Delisle is constantly manipulating figures trying to discredit the Stastical department to make his party looks good.
    What has the Marston whatever his last name done since we change the law to give him a job? Pray tell. Not one ass

  6. quite frankly I thought that it was nothing short of laughable that any one would suggest that a crop over costume was demeaning to an an office.

  7. 28:56 Barbadsos the warrior says (left headless after the battle with the termites) “Don’t make my mistake kid. Don’t follow orders your whole life, deal with it (life) for yourself …!”

  8. Can anyone remind me of Errol Barrow’s words on dismissing John Connell’s (later Appeal Justice John Connell) political aspirations? Further can anyone remember that curious qualification in the opinion of Mr Barrow that aspirants of the Prime Minister’s office should have? I believe that he said of the members of the then House of Assembly that only he and Bernard St.John possessed that qualification.

    Let us not take trivia seriously. Messrs Worrell and Gibson are brilliant and accomplished men. Their work will be judged on performance and results not on their ethnicity, class origins, dress or recreational habits.

  9. Speaking of brilliant minds and wannabees.

    Hamilton Lashley is a shrewd politician one of the best in the business.

    Hamie la warns FS not to call elections early, it would be political suicide, he says.

    Wickham who couldnt garner a vote not even in Nelson ST. is throwing is a hissy fit screaming for FS to call elections immdiately or lose- wait for it- the votes of his own Dlp supporters.

    I going with Hammie la.

    A school of thought is the BLP promise Wickham a big pick something to do with legalising a certain thing dear to his heart.. Poca poca Ah gone.

  10. Hamie la warns FS not to call elections early, it would be political suicide, he says.

    I going with Hammie la.
    Sept, Oct, Nov,Dec, Jan???……a real BIG DEAL…..You jokers are pathetic…you cannot run forever from the inevitable…but know this…. you shall go down as the most pathetic bunch in history… EVER….It is most shameful when these sorta tactics have to be relied on for largess and free trips.

    Shame on you

  11. @ William Skinner:

    The beef about the Governor ought NOT to be about his looks, academic achievements, involvement in Kadooment, perceived political party preference and affiliation or bout any other petty matter or idiosyncrasy. It’s a sad day when our people can sink so low as to discuss a person looks and make stupid personal attacks the topic of discussion on Facebook or otherwise. The BLP ought to censure such outrageous behaviour given the fact that the majority of their members are of similar African genetic heritage and would only be looking in a mirror laughing at themselves.

    What should be of concern to citizens is how this senior public official performs in his job.
    The acid test of judging the man is whether he has compromised his professional integrity.
    So before we can judge him or even seek to cast aspersions (or even KB’s “aspirations”) on his character the Governor needs to clarify the matter regarding the treatment of the Al Barrack debt.
    Is it included in the reported fiscal or national debt position? If not, why not? There may be technically justifiable reasons for its omission if indeed it has been overlooked. We are sure the governor would not allow any political bias to cloud his professional judgment even if so instructed by his political master.

    Maybe you Mr. Skinner can clear the air regarding the Al Barrack debt since it seems you have access to enough evidence to take a very ‘informed’ position on the governor’s abilities.

    There is no long knife drawn to spill the governor’s intellectual blood or to decry his idiosyncratic lifestyle but only a well honed scalpel to cut a vein in his professional integrity to test for any infectious bacteria or viruses in his circulatory PR system.

    We would be most grateful, even surprised, if you were to respond to the above.

  12. My position is that once the Courts of Barbados had made a decision and the legal avenues were exhausted, Mr. Barrack should have been paid. I am appalled that any citizen should have been treated in such a callous fashion by any administration of our island state. My position is based on what is right and not who is or is not the Governor of the Central Bank. It is also not based on which party was or was not in office when this sickening episode was hatched. I therefore publicly urge the government to settle its business with Mr. Barrack. It is a national disgrace of monumental proportions.

  13. @ millertheanunnaki

    You always up and down the blogosphere complaining about Barrack. You is Johnny Cheltenham?

    Listen the DLP ain’t paying out that perverted deal and they certainly ain’t going to do now just before elections. You really feel the DLP going to pay any of that money and thereby fill the war chest of the BLP???


  14. I do not like a pompous man;
    I would not wish him for a friend;
    He’s built on such a gorgeous plan,
    That he can only condescend;
    And when he bows his neck is sprained;
    He walks as though he owned the earth–
    As though his vest and shirt contained all that there is of Sterling Worth. With sacred joy I see him tread, upon a stray banana rind,
    And slide a furlong on his head and leave
    A trail of smoke, a mile behind.

    Walt Mason

  15. @ Secretariat | August 29, 2012 at 1:13 PM |

    Read William Skinner’s contribution above and tell us if you agree with him.

    Well if you, Secretariat, are the representative mouthpiece of the DLP expressing the position of this administration’s attitude towards the rule of law and the canons of good governance no wonder the country’s has been marked down to junk bond status. Keep it up, Secy, time will be

  16. @miller what “rule of law” are you reffering to the BLP”rule of law” spoken like a real pigeon maybe you should have sent that message to OSA when the courts first order the BLP to pay him. now go find some thing to do with yuh time like shine OSA boots i hear they need a good cleaning soles(souls) and all.

  17. | @ac | August 29, 2012 at 3:02 PM

    Have you sunk that low? Is that cry of desperation? The rule of law means nothing to you. Do you also agree that Al Barrack should NOT be paid by the government? The OSA led administration exercised its right of appeal and the appeal court decision was made during this present administration term in office. That still does not mean anything to you.
    Will you take a similar position if the Lagan Pierhead marina design marina case is decided not in favour of the government although the DLP will not be the ruling party?

    I will not join you in the gutter but would rise above your level and be magnanimous, if you know what that means. You can always look it up or ask hubby and next time you speak extremely ill of OSA think about its meaning. OSA soul might need cleansing but at least he is alive and still has a chance to beg for forgiveness. Can you say the same for your dear departed friend of CLICO infamy?
    Now to something more interesting: What about the debt that inkwell drew to your attention or is that to high for you to address, gutter sniper?

  18. @miller

    fuh almost 4and half years wunna been trying to give advice did not DLPsay they don’t want wunna advice, Fourand a half years talking cat piss now it is elevated to dog dumplings stop worrying wunna selves abut the DLP and start worrying about telling the cuntry how wunna gonna pay off that ugly debt. all that campaign rhetoric ain’t saying pang.

  19. miller whats mst interesting is that you say you not gonna join me in the gutter wuh dam everyday i see you flating closer and closer to the top.

  20. ac You have miller by the short and nappy they say they will borrow money, raise the national debt to pay Clico risk takers, a political statement if ever there was one. The blp must tell us if they borrowing $100 million to pay Barrack. It is owen who refuse to pay him in the first place allegedly because he thought the money was headed straight to Payne pocket

  21. @ ha ha ha | August 29, 2012 at 6:14 PM |

    OK Lord ha ha ha, ammm, “ac”, so you have finally come to the realisation that your political party will lose the next general elections. Confession. is good for the soul and is the first step to recovery from any bad addiction; incompetence or otherwise . It will be a challenge for the BLP and we all hope for goodness sake they do the right thing this time around and get rid of at least 25% of the parasites called public sector workers and you know those who have been taken on in the last 4 years would be “LIFO”.

    But for some strange reason one is wishing for the DDDDLP to win back the government as punishment for their sins of deceit, destruction, degradation and damnation (4 Ds) of a Lying Party. Why not deal with the mess you have created and go down in infamy to sully the name and memory of EWB who had to deal with more challenging situations but was never so incompetent and disliked.

  22. @ha! ha!

    miller and onions and the rest of the yardflows have avoided that big BOO ! BOO! that OSA uttered de uudder nite. i almost fell off my chair when OSA declares he gonna BORROW to pay a few and make the majority including THE CLICO policyholders pay back the debt. Any body wid one iota sense can see that is an Indian giver approach to solving the clico problem and it only compounds the issue because on one hand the policyholders get pay and on the other the policyholders along with the all the rest of us got to repay the loan with interest. and god forbid if things get even harder no telling how much interest would accumulate on the loan because of our inability to pay .man if that is the way he plan on solving the high debt god help us all .

  23. @ miller

    wunna make a lot of noise WIN ! lose! or DRAW we wil run the coarse .wunna spend more time telling the DLP what to do than telling the public what wunna plan on doing.
    Question ask osa how he plans on repaying the CLICO loan if he becomes leader . oH! NIS

    • The court has ordered the man be paid full stop. The fact that we have turned this issue into another partisan affair shows how politically divisive we have become – some may say ignorant.

  24. I am convince that Peter Wickham has a deep hatred for Freundel Stuart the Prime Minister. His premise is that the PM should call election now because the DLP supporters will not vote for him if it is call later. That is the most ignorance I have heard for a long time. In joins a discredited UWI pollster lecturer who was always anti DEMS to say that the DEMS would be under pressure to win because people want someone who can get us out of this financial trouble. He is insinuating that Owen Arthur is the one who can do that.
    As a UWI lecturer he should question Owen Arthur who said he would increase the National Debt by borrowing over $100 million US dollars to pay the CLICO policy owners. It was this driver who borrowed for a rainy day and to keep our high standard of living that got us in this trouble. A car in every garage and a graduate in every house should be part of Dr. Belle concerns as he may not get pay because UWI has no money.

    Civil servants got back some of their money this month from a reduction in the tax rate.I can certainly say I am grateful for that .I am not a DLP member but for sure will be voting for the DLP if the election is called tomorrow or next year.

  25. @ Clone
    His premise is that the PM should call election now because the DLP supporters will not vote for him if it is call later.
    Clone man ya playing short stop here…..he gave a reason and a good one too…You all should be aware by now that each day, the economy gets worse because Darcy’s MTFP is not working….S & P proved this..Wickham wisely pointed to Moody who is around the corner and watching….STOP Playing aarson man….clowning is yours to master….why trespass on Carson’s territory?

    • Why are we arguing about the election date? We know it has to be soon, just get ready and be done with it. PM Stuart will not be moved by the BLP’s call for election. He will not be moved.

  26. clone
    I am not a DLP member but for sure…..snip
    I put this pass you….stupessssssssssss….ya gettin soft.

  27. @ Clone | August 29, 2012 at 7:46 PM |

    Well Clone, if you are so cocksure about the DLP winning the elections why not call the BLP and its deadbeat supporters and Stuart haters bluff by calling elections in say October , November or early January just before EWB birthday celebrations as implied by Freundel. Please don’t wait for the Moody’s report or the Central bank delayed report.

  28. @ David
    CBC is pigeon money man ……I dun know you don’t believe such stupor….
    Wickham probably on this second million… for all the work he sees over n around the hemisphere…

  29. Hear the latest of Kellmanomics today on Brass Tacks….when asked by Wickham… why the PM is slow to accept invitations spontaneous public forums like Brass Tacks…..Kells put forward that the boss is like a CEO and they (MPs) are like managers….hence they MPs are the frontline to the tackle…..Oh what rot…Kelly man….just say taffeta and suga bags don’t mix well or mingle…..just keeping you honest….we oh too well understand.

  30. Standards or Moody’s would also be down Owen Arthur’s neck if he attempts to borrow that kind of money to pay CLICO policy holders. It is not about the DLP or BLP. Those agencies are run by some criminals, full stop. They encourage the Ponzi schemes that caused this economic crisis.

    I thought Owen was such a genius that he would come up with something more creative onions. I always get the feeling that he take too may drinks before he speaks.

    Onions you have responded to the $300 that civil servants saw extra this month

  31. @clone

    question OWEN.

    Waste a time . OSA would blame the DLP for that outrageous comment he made de udder Nite! just like de one Mia made about letting the people who lived in NCH for twenty years have full owernship man yuh got to give it to dem. wunda wuh Mascot think of all this freebies. he better buy some harwood because he might have to cover a lot of holes after oSA and Mia done talking.

  32. Man Clone I thought you had something to bowl hard at stumps….The rating agencies place a lot on CONFIDENCE….the mere fact that a proven competent man is in charge for starters … gives Moody & co. latent positive assurance….notwithstanding Owen will DUMP all of Darcy’s rot that even I a lil school boy economist find hard to see any sense in…..As for the $300 ….how many getting this?…a few Govt will be collecting more taxes from others (higher 35% bracket)….so where is the equity? Congrats if you fall in the category…you could now buy onions and miller a

  33. @ miller

    call what election. wunna ought to be glad because fuh sure wunna need more time to get “REAL” after de udder nite i am convinced AFFTA is living on mars or a planet far away from reality . Miller say something to defend yuh manHIGH DEFECIT ,i heard when he made that statement the crowd went silent.

  34. @ miller
    It will be a challenge for the BLP and we all hope for goodness sake they do the right thing this time around and get rid of at least 25% of the parasites called public sector workers
    Confession is truly good for the soul miller isnt this exactly what everybody been saying all along the strategy of the BLP’s owen and mascoll is to fire a big chunk of the civil service to bring down expenditure. what took you so long to fess up.

  35. @ ac
    I go ask you a few questions….you really believe the DLP will regain this Govt?
    Do you honestly believe Stuart’s (Dlp) cause is realistically being helped by postponing?… how about the country’s economic positioning ?

    So why ya keep dogging like a hooked barracuda, on its last leg before being gaffed to the boat ? I am convince you like to hear yourself…is time you find the knitting needles or something…lol

    • The reality for the DLP and government is that the reason which goaded some to form the E11 remains several months hence.

  36. @ onions

    HA!CHA!HA! i

    igot some questions fuh you wuh OSA going get the mney from to pay off de CLICO policyholders and who gonna foot the bill !Honestly!

  37. @ David
    Dented pride is a funny thing.
    But fa real… is way time the DLP stop playing possum or hide and seek when the country’s future is at stake…ELECTIONS got to come…why postpone it? Four months of dipping in the NIS…what for? Don’t you hear of the ever increasing computer glitches, as excuses for late payment of salaries? We need to move on from this STABLE (enclosure) and start making waves that can only positively benefit this country….If these MTFP are the only solutions you can come up with, why let us here from the others…. as we all in this tub together….stalemate only beckons trouble.

    “Postponing the solution does nothing for the problem.”
    Chairman Smith to Sen.Daley

  38. @ ac
    I do recall the late PM Thompson, the current one Freundel, the Minister of Finance and the Governor of the Central Bank all saying the policyholders would be repaid too. Did you ask who would foot the bill then?

  39. knew sooner or later the BLP wid motor mouth affta was gonna hung wunna self wid the CLICO rope one dat FS Stuart had threw in wunna direction it was only a matter of time . the clico matter is being handled collectively by the countries involved and OSA pandering to the voters should know being a former PM how matters of legal concern takes time especially when so many parties and especially governments are involved he ought to be ashamed of himsel for giving the policyholder falsehope shades of illusion. but being the deceiver he is things like that doesn;t really matter. truly a master of PERCEPTION. Onions see why the DLP can’t take any advice from the BLP because it is all generated by one grand illusion.

  40. @ ac
    igot some questions fuh you wuh OSA going get the mney from to pay off de CLICO policyholders and who gonna foot the bill !Honestly!
    If Stuart can find $600,000 for AX Commission…wait why we cant help the elderly and disenfranchised? Honestly…

    Sure ting….I now post OSA Haggat Hall video in March 2012…but for the benefit of all a precis’ …there are many ways of addressing this one..The ELDERLY….attend to them first….then there are many ways such as relief on Land Taxes, Corp. Taxes for others….listen to the video babes..

  41. @ ac
    ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Barrack being handled too, the fishing agreement, the Eager 11, Alexandra, flooding, cost of living, duty free cars, FOI, Integrity legislation, cultural industries bill, agri land protection act, new QEH……………. You get my drift?

  42. @ enuff

    if one folow the clico debacle one would understand the process that is taking place that would eventually led to where the policyholders would be compensated in one way or another, but for OSA to talk that drunken gibberish as if he talking to little children is ridiculous bordering on lunacy. the man has been a pM for 14years and there was not excuse for him to be so blatantly opportunistically political when it comes to dealing with a subject as sensitive as the policyholder. he ought to be more sensitive in his style and manner in addressing the issue instead of looking for votes his believability has reached a record low and his intent to misled and deceive was obvious in his comment.the fact is the national debt should have been foremost on his mind when he address the Clico issue and how it would impact the national debt from borrowing to pay the policyholders.

  43. Owen is becoming an embarrassment to your party and Mia is laughing all the way to 2018.He made another slip of the tongue gaffe down in Deacons Road when he said that yah know we have to lay off some of those civil servants but he tried to recover by saying something to make people laugh.
    When Freundel hit he with those letters and files that he deny knowing about then Bajans would see that we do not need an arrogant(as describe by people working in Government Headquarters during his reign of terror)spiteful, dishonest Prime Minister again.
    Onions Freundel framed his arguments on HONESTY at the DLP conference and so you can believe that is the argument he would take to the Barbadian public when the bell is rung.

    By the way David, Owen Arthur knew who the most money was going to if Barrack was paid and so did not pay. The law should be followed by the BLP and DLP but it was only the DLP who offered from reports in the press to pay in installments and he refused. He will have to wait or take the building which the government can give him now because the new building in Warrens is finish and ready for business.

    That whole Barrack contract involving Glyne Clarke and George Payne should be investigated by a Private International security company.

    Can you imagine a new government with Glyne Clarke, George Payne and Noel Lynch again? LORD HAVE MERCY ON US

  44. @acClone
    I thought the two of you wanted to debate tonight with sense…..I was wrong.

    David you are so right….”it is hard to get over dented PRIDE…”
    Time you two (above) come to accept it…..

  45. enuff @ ac

    @ ac
    ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Barrack being handled too, the fishing agreement, the Eager 11, Alexandra, flooding, cost of living, duty free cars, FOI, Integrity legislation, cultural industries bill, agri land protection act, new QEH……………. You get my drift?

    yeah you ar reall adrift.

    in the mean time do your maths and tell me how many years AFFta had to correct them.then when you finish figure out how many years Stuart has to fix them/

  46. @acClone
    I thought the two of you wanted to debate tonight with sense…..I was wrong.

    @ onions

    it is only when you can control the topic. not this time . you guys like to talk CLICO now talk yuh talk look that Affta made a fool of himself on this one wuh yuh think>

  47. Freundel Stuart could frame he argument in a bowl of shite–we aint voting for he and the hapless DLP.

    In 1999
    BLP = 28 SEATS
    DLP = 2 SEATS

    BLP = 29 SEATS
    DLP = 0 SEATS

    WUNNAH really think that we gwine vote for a LAZY Slothful Prime Minister who dont read reports or pay attention to current affairs

  48. Just Asking
    When Barbadians wake up this morning and see the Dean’s speech in the Senate in today’s’ Nation newspaper.
    They will be just like the Dean be asking these questions
    What has the BLP done in four years to make us believe that they will not do what they did just four years ago?
    Will George Payne return to not speaking if he doesn’t get his favourite Ministry?
    What role will Mia play?
    Will she who is not worthy to be a leader in this country because of her lifestyle be elevated over the spiteful four?
    Just asking?

  49. Man Clone
    What ails you lad? Like you went to sleep and had a dream…..curtains coming .What ya gone lambasting poor Just asking for ..when is me ya really want? You did mean Dean Harold?…(I ent see my paper yet) what he sayin?He shooting from d hip too? Well well signs are wonders… As my gran mudda usseded to say “If Hott would wait,he mout won’t get burnt”…ya rushin d brush man….tings gine pan out just fine , you just watch n see….

  50. The Prime Minister on a recent radio program, is referred to as a CEO. What absolute foolishness. These shights that have been running these countries for years have been creating definitions on the fly to explain away their relevance. Who is the CEO of the Government, the PM or the Civil Service Chief …? (Ask Mr, Minister …) Either way they both are doing a shitty job at making money for Barbados preferring instead to tax the shite out of their own and service their egos in the process. CEO’s my ass …!

  51. Onions wunna guys been bolting to the head of the line wid empty promises and plenty long talk now i see MIA was on a rampage teaching the crowd about TRUTH i hope AFFTA was listening cause he is a stranger to truth .

  52. The reas why wunna mudd f…king arsssss is being tax is because in the good times wunna live high off the hog and nobody thiought about saving for hard times now the chickens have come home to roost and everybody crying foul. look the old fool AFFTA who help to create this economic dinousour still looking to pile on more debt of 100hundred million dollars not counting interset. and guess who gonna pay .YOU

  53. Clone
    Can you imagine a new government with Glyne Clarke, George Payne and Noel Lynch and Owen Arthur again? LORD HAVE MERCY ON US

    If this happens it will be the darkest nay the saddest day in Barbados post Independence. My family for the very first time will consider migrating.

  54. Barry
    Start the process now….Immigration passports now done on line….I hear the prices gone up too….and no longer are they renewable…

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