The BEES Swarming DEM

Owen Arthur, Leader of the opposition (l) Fruendel Stuart, Prime Minister (r)

If is expected that it would be a hard job for the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) to hold on to government next general election, the recent downgrade by Standard & Poor’s just made it a whole lot harder. Even if the government was known for its top notch communications strategy, it would still struggle to convince a public whose pride has been battered in a way that it has never been. BU Election Picks currently has the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) leading the race to win the next government 17 to 7 with 6 undecided.

Tonight’s assault by the BLP at a political meeting held at Deacons,  the heart of Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler’s constituency, was more than a symbolic act. It was at the same location the late Prime Minister Prime Minister David Thompson, Sinckler et al  prosecuted BLP’s chief spokesman on economic matters Clyde Mascoll.  Many political pundits opine that it is the Hardwood issue which has relegated Mascoll to light-weight status in the local political space.

The make up of the political platform at Deacons should also be a warning to all that politics can be an unpredictable business. It was not long ago a rift between Arthur and Mottley appeared to be irreconcilable. Now the BLP speaks with one voice as they sense the real possibility of regaining the government.  Should the Arthur led government succeed, it would make for political history. The Stuart government would  become a one term government for the first time in post-Independence history.

The political battle being waged on the government is reminiscent to the epic boxing encounters between Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali of the 70s. The government appears to have adopted Frazier’s role by taking what seems to be punch after punch. In spite of the fighting words issued recently by Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart that Arthur should expect the battle of his life come next election, many are wondering if the government has what it takes to deliver the counterpoint punch for which Frazier was known.

The countdown to the next general election has begun bell or no bell!

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  1. @ Enuff
    Sadly them all HELL will break loose….

    @ Radio
    Can the food in Germany be compared to the food in Barbados? Can the gasoline? Can the air? ….so why do you find it hard to see there will be DIFFERENCES?….
    Just as a down grade to nearly Junk different to Junk.. A BIG DIFFERENCE….

  2. well why wunna don’t let the BLP yarflows have they JUNK PARTY all to themselves they love JUNK they used to it. if they can’t understand that 14 is more than 4 you think they will understand world economics to them it is all the same . 4 = 14 and 14 =4 in other words don’t confuse the BLP yardflows they already confuse enough OSA have them drunk with selfishness. ME! ME! ME! ”””””””””””””””””””’

  3. you know it really sicken me to hear these DLP lap dog talking so much shite. so you get a downgrade from stable to negative. we are now JUNK!!! if we had gotten a downgrade from stable to negative without going to JUNK we would of cool but the fact is that investors can still invest in all those countries that went from stable to negative. what they CAN’T do is invest in JUNK.

    get that in wanna DLP dumb ass heads. that is what it means for Barbados you asses.

  4. Whether Moody’s & S&P downgrade Germany is only partially relevant to our actions towards the recession.

    All those agencies are doing is confirming the declining fundamentals of the European economies. That is what we expected after all.

    That does not change the fact that we need to act to enable structural changes to produce more locally and create incentives for both local production and incentives to buy local, especially obvious areas like food and clothing.

    That is the relevant bit for us…our actions hence.

    Nor does it change the fact that the current administration has been stubborn in its approach, playing the ‘waiting game’, a game which can only wait for the Euro to implode.

    A good captain reads the field, changes the strategy, under changing conditions.

    That is the relevant bit, for those interested in the potential outcome of the coming elections……what actions or not have been taken thus far.

    In summary, the elections are, as much as one can expect, a foregone conclusion. The increasing volatility of the economic storm, is an expected conclusion. Our fate, resulting from that, is dependent upon our actions now to balance the winds, and hence, conclusion to be decided.

    Only the Almighty knows (don’t mind the Bushman who claims that he does too…!!).

  5. @@ Crusoe
    Sounds like a swan taking its last breath. have you given up. as for the almighty Bushie has been saying that for a long time. But then again a public looking for quick answers can’t wait for the Almighty to some of them it is OSA!

  6. @ ac BEFORE YOU HELP A FELLA…decide on a date… too in denial…what so big about losing an elections anyway….that a real man cannot accept?…..” It will be a fight of his life” …That is so lame Stuart..knowing your ass will be GRASS…

  7. A day in politics is a long time.

    You BLP Jokers are going to have a hard time explaining powerhouse Germany down grade.

    Germany is at present where Barbados was, the very spot where the corrupt Barbados Labour Party left it after receiving the country from the Democratic Labour Party with an A rating from S&P. Somehow, I still cant understand it, the Barbados Labour Party Gangsters managed to rope in three down grades in what some called the “boom times”.

    That is why you all are in a hurry for elections. A lot more is going to unfold soon.

    The mighty Germany down graded. I bet the politicians in the opposition party in Germany are not delighted at this outcome as are their counterparts here in Barbados. They certainty will not break out the Champagne and throw a party to celebrate the down grade of the country as the Barbados Labour Party has done in Barbados.

    The German opposition has far more common sense than the Barbados opposition!

  8. @ac | July 24, 2012 at 8:05 PM | @@ Crusoe Sounds like a swan taking its last breath. have you given up.

    I dunno ac. I tired of all the BS, selfishness, greed and sheer ignorance, every man looking fuh heslef, and that includes voters.

    Looking more and more like we gotta carry this here ‘cyper Parliament’ to the voters….

    But that would involve getting Yardbrrom to duss off the suit, Bushie to get out de shirtjack, David to push he attenshun tuh writing speeches and learning the Parliamentary rules, BAF tuh leff he bidness, Moneybrain tuh leff he big pick, AC tuh tell she hubby dat she got nuff work tuh do, Sargeant and Onions tuh put retiration pun hold and lil poor Crusoe tuh tax de lil brain e got and gain more grey hairs.

    Too besides, I aint tuh sure I got de constitutionality tuh deal wid that guvment stuff. Tuh busy and tired.

    So, whuh tuh do, nuh?

    As Bushie going say, let de Almighty deal wid it, or he BBE’s.

  9. Eurozone crisis saves Germany tens of billions

    Germany has emerged as one of the biggest beneficiaries of the European financial crisis.

    While other countries in 17-country group that use the euro have battled against investor fears that their economies are buckling under the pressure of too much debt, Germany has managed to save tens of billions of euros thanks to its reputation as a safe place for investments.

    Read more here:

    Read more here:

    Only a few days ago this was published.

    A day in politics, boy.

  10. “Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government said Germany will remain Europe’s haven during the financial crisis, pushing back against Moody’s Investors Service’s decision to lower the outlook on the country’s top credit rating.

    The risks in the eurozone are “not new” and Germany remains “in a very sound economic and financial situation,” the Finance Ministry said. In counterpoint to Moody’s, it cited the verdict of financial markets that have rewarded Germany with record low borrowing costs.
    Germany will, through solid economic and financial policy, defend its ‘safe haven’ status

    “Germany will, through solid economic and financial policy, defend its ‘safe haven’ status and continue to responsibly maintain its anchor role in the eurozone,” the Berlin-based ministry said in an e-mailed statement. “Together with its partners, it will do everything to overcome the sovereign debt crisis as rapidly as possible.”

    Euro-area bonds fell today after Moody’s lowered the outlook to negative for the Aaa credit ratings of Germany, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. Moody’s cited “rising uncertainty” over Europe’s debt crisis. It left Finland as the only country in the 17-nation euro region with a stable outlook for its top ranking.”

  11. Prime Minister Freundel Stuart

    Sit tight, Barbados has nothing to be ashamed of.

    We are where we are because of the Barbados Labour Party.

  12. Out of the 17 nation euro region Finland is the only country with a stable outlook.

    17 huge, powerful nations, in Euro zone and only one is stable.

    Maybe those countries need the services of Seethru and corrupt BLP?

    What say you, onions?

  13. @Crusoe | July 24, 2012 at 8:46 PM |
    “So, whuh tuh do, nuh?”

    Start a World war with Syria/ Iran/Lebanon/Israel being the flash point and nexus. Then all European debts would be wiped off the books.

  14. 2011 Stats
    Unemployment: Barbados 11.8% Germany 6.1%
    GDP: Barbados 0.5% Germany 3.6%
    Inflation: Barbados 9.4% Germany 2.2%
    Investment grade: Barbados ‘junk’ Germany Aaa

    What you really trying to say?


    Here’s a closing summary of another lively day in the euro crisis.

    The eurozone has been shaken today by rating agency Moody’s threat to downgrade Germany, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. Moody’s warned overnight that all three AAA nations are at growing risk from a Greek exit from the euro, or a bailout for Spain and Italy. All three countries are now on negative outlook.

    City analysts believe that Europe will be hit by a swathe of downgrades in the months ahead, unless real progress is made in fixing the crisis soon

    And you Barbados Labour Party jokers hoping for a downgrade by Moody as well.

    Please note that the whole of europe will soon be down graded by Moody.

  16. Scout

    Do you think we open branches of the Barbados Labour Party in the 16 euro countries not doing so well?

    Do you think Seethru would do wonders in europe and “restore and rebuild?

    Just asking.

  17. I think what ought to be done is to open a branch of the Barbados Labour Party in greece and put onions to run it, a branch of the Barbados Labour Party in Italy and put millertheanunnaki(neitherBnorD) to run it, a branch of the Barbados Labour Party in Spain and put Prodigal son to run it, I think these are the worst off euro countries and have them all report to seethru and in no time everything will be Hunky dory.

    What say you onions, scout, some blp person?

  18. Aarson

    I think Mr.S needs to cut you loose… and let you retire …cuz all that wasted space you took up on BU…..substantiates one and only one point…”it is sometimes better for a novice to keep his mouth closed on issues he knows nothing about …than to open it and deliver what was always touted ” At least He Haw….the calypsoian would be proud.

    For the last time ..the two situations are not comparable..

    Good night Carson.

  19. @ millertheanunnaki | July 24, 2012 at 9:11 PM |
    @Crusoe | July 24, 2012 at 8:46 PM |
    “So, whuh tuh do, nuh?”Start a World war with Syria/ Iran/Lebanon/Israel being the flash point and nexus. Then all European debts would be wiped off the books.


    Yeah, plus it would be the ‘cull’, all the unfortunate people sent to fight while the wealthy and powerful play in ballrooms. Frightening indeed what some would do but the likes of you and I would shudder at.

    Oh, and they WOULD do it.

  20. Hold the ship Robinson Crusoe…
    I got some men to put on the front line…….cud you guess who ?

  21. Any feedback on the picture of Prime Minister Stuart on page 18A of today’s Nation newspaper? It is reminiscent of the picture taken by the Nation of the then ‘just resigned Owen Arthur’ after election defeat in 2008.

  22. “Our concern for the debt ratings is because downgrades in the ratings will
    mean that future borrowings by Barbados on the international capital
    markets would be at significantly higher interest rates and so make our
    overall debt more expensive. Further, a downgrade could mean that some
    institutions that are able to buy our international bonds may now find that
    the lower-rated bonds do not qualify for their portfolios and so our access to foreign private capital markets could be reduced.” Budget 2009:37

  23. @ Enuff | July 25, 2012 at 11:43 AM |

    Tell us that we are wrong.
    Is this an extract from the DLP administration 2009 Budget presentation?
    If so, it only goes to show what a bunch of hypocrites and incompetents the present administration is made up of.
    Are these the same people who are currently vilifying and dismissing the rating agencies and local people who speak out? How come there were concerned about the ratings then but don’t give two hoots now the downgrade is to junk?
    We just can’t have such dishonest incompetent people running the affairs of out country!

  24. “Again, by comparison I include the movements in Standard and Poor’s ratings and outlook over the last ten years:

    1. 1999: rating change to A- in good economic times.
    2. 2004: rating DOWNGRADE from A- to BBB+, stable outlook in good economic times.
    3. 2005: rating maintained at BBB+ but outlook changed from stable to negative in good economic times.
    4. 2008: rating maintained at BBB+ but outlook changed from negative to stable when international predictions by IMF and others were still fairly positive for world economic growth.
    5. 2009 April: rating maintained at BBB+ but outlook changed from stable to negative in the worst economic times in eighty years!”
    Budget 2009: 40-41

    What happened post 2009?

  25. WE LIVING IN JAIL…… THE THIEVES RUNNING FREE>>>>>.all this Thiefry and not a fellow ent gettin HOLD!

  26. @miller and enuff
    not only can’t they bluff properly, but they also can’t remember their own statements and propaganda of months and years past.

    Can’t even be good at “bluffing” and truth stretching.


  27. @onions,miller & enuff.

    Fellows, the nonsense spewing from these desperate Dems like ac, arseson and the newest one, BLP yardfowl have me so tired that I admire you all for taking the fight to them.

    I would like to know what would be the expectations of CLICO from the DLP when they pumped $34 MILLION into their campaign, yet these yardfowls could come here talking about a $75,000 donation not from CLICO as they did not own the bank at that time. We now know that that hypocrite Maxine McClean was a director of CCB at that time and it stands to reason if she was the leaker of this info and we can question her integrity. She was rewarded for her treachery!

    Yet that $34 MILLION was put in Families First account which only the dead king controlled. The DLP hacks have no problem with that no wonder they are now catching their royals to raise money for the campaign. Maybe this is why Fumble cannot call the elections. But the reality, Fumble is, you HAVE to call the elections, this is not communist country!

    • SEC, Department of Justice investigating S&P
      (AP) – 5 hours ago
      NEW YORK (AP) —

      Regulators are investigating Standard & Poor’s over some of its ratings, according to a regulatory filing by the S&P’s parent company.

      The McGraw-Hill Companies Inc., which owns the S&P ratings agency, says the Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission are investigating whether the S&P broke federal laws when rating certain investments.
      McGraw-Hill says the accusations are unfounded and that it will vigorously defend itself.

      The company didn’t give details, and analysts didn’t ask about the investigation in a conference call about McGraw-Hill’s second-quarter earnings. But ratings agencies like S&P have been accused of giving improperly high ratings to some investments made of mortgage loans that had been packaged together and sold to investors, helping fuel the financial crisis.

      Last September, the SEC told the ratings agency it was considering filing a charge over S&P’s ratings on a particular investment offering from 2007, just before the meltdown in the housing market imploded.
      McGraw-Hill disclosed the latest development about the Justice Department in a regulatory filing related to second-quarter earnings. Investors were unfazed: Shares rose almost 3 percent in afternoon trading, climbing $1.29 to $46.28.
      McGraw-Hill is in the midst of splitting into two companies, McGraw-Hill Financial and McGraw-Hill Education. The financial company will include the S&P ratings agency, the Platts energy analysis unit, the J.D. Power rankings and the S&P Capital IQ research arm. The education division includes tests and other materials for schools and colleges.

      Revenue in the financial unit rose 5 percent, but revenue in the education unit fell 12 percent. The company blamed state budgets slashing funding for textbooks.

      Overall, McGraw-Hill revenue fell 1 percent to $1.55 billion, below the $1.59 billion predicted by analysts polled by FactSet.

      But cost cutting helped boost net income by 2 percent to $216 million, or 76 cents per share, from $211 million, or 68 cents per share.

      After excluding one-time charges, mostly related to money the company is spending to prepare for its split, per-share earnings were 85 cents. That was higher than the 76 cents predicted by analysts.

  28. If the Parliament Buildings were to burn down tonight Carson would blame the BLP!!!!
    I do not think that the DLP will call elections before they are due next year as there are too many negative issues. I think it will be a close election as frankly voters realize how limited their choices are.

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