Child Delinquency And Crime

Submitted by Old Onions Bag

Mary Mosely arrested on gun charge

Is it learned from our situations?

Why do we see so many young people involved in crime nowadays? Only today [13/07/2012] for instance, front page in one of our daily’s, is a young person being held for an alleged crime. Some people are quick to highlight the break downs in society…. “Why certain”Highs” in society are caught with their hands in the cookie jar, but go unpunished. Why must some be able to avoid punishment for crimes while others are remanded?  Are we unknowingly setting bad precedence for our youth to follow, only to reprimand them harshly, when they follow in some of our ways and clone on becoming adults?

The Alexandra fiasco has taken it to another level, that of the class room of some of our young infectious minds. We must be aware, the Nation’s next crop is watching. The outcome will subtly determine the psychological mindset of a next generation. So says noted German psychologist Dr. Kohlberg…his theory is that a child’s morals are set by prevailing conditions from as early as in the womb…and continues through teen years , via a set of  stages,up until adulthood ..contemplate some his views.

Stage 1: A person (usually a child) at a preconventional level is not motivated by social conventions, even though he may be aware of them. The primary motive is his own situation — whether a specific course of action is going to cause pain or pleasure. He may be aware, for example, that society does not approve of theft, but he may interpret a particular theft as “good” for himself. Negative reinforcers (punishments) help the child choose acceptable behaviour until he becomes aware of better reasons for being good. Parental commands often define good and bad, and might makes right.

A child at stage 2 is motivated more by reward than by punishment. She may behave well because it serves her own interests. She may share her toys with Sally because then Sally will share her toys in return. Other people are evaluated by what she can get out of them. Fairness means equal treatment. The child gets upset if adults get more ice cream or get to stay up later than she does.

As children grow, they learn that it is in their self-interest to conform to society. They transition into stage 3 thinking: “I’ll have more pleasure and less pain if I act like other people do, if I help other people, if I do things that they like.” Teenagers are usually in this stage11 — they are strongly influenced by peer pressure. They spend more time with their peers and seek the approval of that group.12

As people grow older, their circle of social interactions continues to grow. They interact with people they work with, people who live in the neighbourhood, people who have children the same age as theirs, people in the same church, people in similar business situations, people with similar hobbies, sports, entertainment, etc. They see themselves as members of society, and the pressure for conformity moves from peer expectations to the broader expectations of society, defined in modern societies by laws. Laws provide a basis for getting along with people we do not know and even those we do not like. Right and wrong are defined by the law, and stage 4 people work to do their duty, to respect authority, to maintain the social order.
If Kohlberg’s theory is correct, all does not look too rosy for our future generation…..accountability for their behaviour rests with us. We sow, they will reap.

46 thoughts on “Child Delinquency And Crime

  1. Mary Mosely photo and name is get drag over the coles. tonight i was giving the facts of this story. if i know, i’m sure the police know as well. i’m waiting to see if this young lady’s photo and name will be plaster all over news reports and the papers when she is set free in the coming days.

  2. The thoughts have often dawned to me, in this case, did Mary not open the box at the Post Office in front of staff? Why suppose I received a pink slip from The GPO asking me to collect a package coming from the US, eager to know what it is, gone and collect it, OPENING the package in front of the PO workers……we all would have SEEN the guns.Obviously, there and then I would be declaring it to the police,…even if I knew the sender or not. So what happened here? Were the guns not seen by the recipient, (because sometimes the whole contents are not examined) or was the box not opened ..which would be an obvious breach of GPO rules?What really went on here ?
    From another angle, one must be weary of accepting packages at the departure lounge of the airport (even from family)without opening them,to carry overseas for a friend.Serious implications here if that package contains contraband.

  3. it is obviously from these violent movies and music rap videos.the videos especially seem to express that crime is is in fashion.i call rap /crap by the way.a lot of the songs express that that you should cap the*%*%*(^@%@%and !$!$#$#$##! the mother&$%&&and the police.etc etc.
    not so?then look at the movies it is cool just to shoot some ))(&))&%%%% in the is fun.monkey see monkey do.pretty simple actually.
    and young people want to be cool//////////////

  4. Crime in Barbados more stems from poverty and needs. Videos and rap influence is secondary.In these hard times a youngster not working with a girl friend wants to attend Reggae shows, wants his girl in the latest and there we go……Drugs selling is easy money with drugs comes firearms..and so it goes on the circle.The young lady on remand is yet to disclose her story… I won’t comment.

  5. @ Old Onion Bags.. In times past there was more poverty and less crime,was there not?My thought is that as times have changed so have the people.There was a time when just the mention of the word police caught the attention of anyone who was on the other side of the law.Today these same people harbour so much contempt for law and order that even in the presence of the police they are willing to do what their sick minds tell them to.

  6. @ Hamiliton
    Back in those days we did not have police incarcerated for raping, did we Men like Sir Grantley and EWB didn’t have $3.3 Millon passing thru their law firms either.. nor Ministers offering Wuk fa Wuk…or overseas connections that would be banned on BU, nor Headmasters cussing off teachers and the Boards, nor Headmasters making students pregnant and having to resign, did we… what does this say for us as setting examples for our youths ?We say Jack but must remember Joe….

    • Here we go talking like if people who hold office are not made from the society we live. Isn’t obvious what has occurred? We have discussed it so many times on BU. The family unit does not exist in the way it did then. The support structures i.e. the school, the church, the several active community organizations etc. If we want to change things around in our society we have to go back to where it all begins, the family, the home, the district.

  7. All this talk about Integrity Legislation and nothing.Tell me under US system of Government do you think half of these so called politicians would be in Parliament today or somewhere else…as to IMPEACHMENT…… Lets not start with talk of the family…..lets start with the HEADS….Look a Allan Stanford, et al, fraudsters all of them….but like Kid Site song says…”Only Bout here “…But we ready to lockup and lockup long the nobodys.

    • @Onions

      Step back and take a deep breath. What are the causal factors? Address the root of the problem. Locking up is simply ‘maintenance’.

  8. I did my part…..forward the thread…let the BU family have their say…I know where I stand and I sure many others.But we have an opposite thread on Rhianna,who do and doing more than most positively for this place….but we ent hearing talk bout where to start…we ready to point ..know why ?HUH

    • @Onions

      Answer this question: if you have a child that you love/care about and you offer criticism should it be taken as constructive or otherwise? Do you know what happens when you (parent/the concerned) do nothing?

      Leave out the semantics and understand that nobody wants to see Rihaanna spaced out in Rehab.

  9. First of all Rhianna ain’t no child but a big hard back woman….they are a lot of women about here politically inclined and otherwise that doing D dog….but criticisms pun HUSH….Do you think Rhi Rhi is a johnny come lately or now fall off the turnip truck ?You think we are counselor or is this just an opportunity…to poke, a lil relief….fa real ..when we the people should be impeaching…..if it were possible some BIG HARD BACK men in suit and ties….who doing more damage to we and more importantly the youth….DEM is the ones want dealing wid!

  10. Only bout here…justice for one….not the same as justice for another….
    You have to be BIG UP…….then we lost we glasses …or can’t find them.
    Dodds for the small man….Paris for another…

  11. You have loved him well.He hath not … You may deserve of him through me, and wisdom.
    To offer … Why in that rawness left you wife and child, … More suffer, and in more ways than ever before…….set thee well the example before your child……
    Mc Beth. Scene III

  12. Just Innocent Children

    My own thoughts reject a living man from his sleep,
    My death carries on while his sleep matters,
    Justice has now entered the vile villa,
    Just peace staggers our abhorrent souls.
    The courts of supremacy shut our mouths,
    With death carrying a badge of distaste,
    The food inside refuses permission for the state.

    In this saying hides a reality of great moments,
    One heightened sight repels me after the moment,
    And then man has other mouths to feed and mother,
    To father the men and daughters requires this.

    Let the solutions to problems ensue and matter
    Like the daughters of our society,
    And like the innocent children,
    That blessed the nation of villas.
    Naveed Akram

    Weep not for that we pretend……where is the interest ?

  13. Ma Children Ma Children……Yes Ma Ma
    Where Ya Been ?…….At Deloitte Ma Ma
    What she give Ya ?……A report Ma Ma
    Where Ya put it ?……Pun D Boss desk Ma Ma
    And wha happen wid It…….Nutting Ma Ma
    How comes ?………..Musse Got in nuff treachery Ma Ma
    Oh I see…..ortite den come and guh Home …..
    We gine have to X it out.

  14. @ old onion bags | July 15, 2012 at 6:27 PM |

    Onions, man you got me cracking up behaving and laughing like the ordinary man in that calypso by the Mighty Charmer: “Oh lord, hold ma , ma belly, I gine dead”.

    Thanks, Onions for the laugh, ye ole cawmere wutless boy! I gine tell Harry Sealy on you when I see he in a few years (LOL!!)

  15. @ Miller
    A ring a round a roses……a pocket full CLICO roses…a tissue, a tissue ($3.3 Million)……thiefing duz fall ya down.

  16. Time Bajans take a serious look at some of these politicians and stop horse whipping poor lil voter people….time some of them pay for crime too…if not one dez good days the people go cry out they had enough , then all hell go break loose……no glasses my funny bone….somebody should pay for all those pensioners money….but ya mean NOT a wimp from a fellow…Madness !

  17. You know what? Before you take a stand on education you ought to read what you send out, full of errors

  18. 1. The parcel cannot have sent itself so unless this is a modern day miracle similar to that of water turning to wine, there is going to be some corresponding legal intervention at the end where the parcel was embarked.

    2. Years ago a friend of mine had a company that Corporate Affairs, in its infinite wisdom, and through is still operational DOS Foxpro registration system, had simultaneously issued the same name to an offshore US business. My friend used to get a lot of cheques destined to that company. If, instead of the cheques in the Fedex packages, it was guns, dope or anthrax i guess she would be appropriately rewarded for opening someone else’s mail.

    3. Poor Ms, Moseley, i hope she fahr or mudder is somebody, elsing she gine end up in Dodds and be somebody’s lawn mower, rubbing gardens. The imagery is meant to offend and may hopefully galvanize the righteous holier than thou, saved by the blood, parasites that comfy in dem beds to get up out dem beds tomorrow, and put the coffers of the church to proper use,

    “go ye out into the highways and hedges” has a more relevant interpretation than that ingrunce wunna does do pun sundays, monday nights at de women’s fellowship ( i nearly said a bad word David fellowshi*)

    4. Shapelle Corby get twenty years in a Bali prison for carrying drugs dat she claim wasn’t she own. see Doan go fun rings when you en know de person and mek sure dat somebody sign de shipping slip dat you know dem signature. If you don’t know dem down open it!!

    5. I know dat old onion bags going be concern fun me when i tell wunna dis story. I know we talking bout lock up en ting, but I nearly get lick up by a security guard at ** supermarket two weeks ago when i get a gas attack en tell de floor manager dat i gine go and get a bottle uh Dica but dat i gots to drink it befo i get to de cashier or else de gas did fine kill me.

    Man effing i din known as a maguffy roun hey dat big guts Tubby de guard wudda unfair me did he club tingy in dat supermarket causing he did think i was a tief.

    I feel dat eider OSA or Frundy sen he fuh me but judging from from de licks Frundy fine get from Noel Lynch i think dat it was probably Frundy causing misery loves company

  19. @ Victor
    Man you is a piece- a -toast or wha…? Read D damm ting and move on.. in hay look like 11 plus ? looking fa errors.. I could point you in all sorta directions…..CLICO , Ricey ride,and nuff more …..but is the substance and not the form you should be of concern…get it Vic ?

  20. On another thread about a horse…we got over 150 submission……yet for an outcry as to why this and the next generation’s future looks bleak because of what is going on today ….struggles to find 25.
    Surely that says something now doesn’t it.?…..Either we don’t care….or rather not see…..or discuss.

    Never mind next thread will be about Crop Over costumes….then we won’t have to dig too deep…..

  21. Hold fast Bro. Bob…….we got to chase those Crazy Jokers Outta Town !
    ………..brain wash education to make us fools…..we going soon do some chasing …Oh yeah ! watch…….

  22. @Onions,

    How can we comment specifically when we dont know the facts? Also, it has always been so, that the small man gets hit (drugs) when the financiers and behind the scenes men get rich. Small men get lock up and drugs keep a coming in, the real dealers get richer and richer.

    No? Pele killer still walking bout after all and we all know who he is.

  23. Or before I get questioned on this too much correction …’Pele killer still walking bout after all and we all SUSPECT who he is.

  24. We know how, to when to (AX), even when not to (CLICO)……none but ourselves can free our mind……How long shall they kill our prophets (truth ,morals, justice)..while just standby and WATCH……You go Lauryn HIll…young Marley…..excellent combo…

  25. Yo Crusoe
    Not nice…..dun know you got more sense than that..Is that how you interpret this thread….comment on the Mosley case ?That was but the intro….you dun know…..

    • @Crusoe

      To add this is a dark world which Barbadians including politicians and surrogates know exist but do nothing.

  26. @ Crusoe
    No? Pele killer still walking bout after all and we all know who he is.
    Nowadays… it don’t matter if you know who d body is…or where the money at……is just a case of …not reading it.

    Ma children Ma childrens…….wanna shut ya eyes.
    What wanna seeing……is nutting but lies
    Justice withheld is Justice denied !
    Them who is ‘somebody ‘…does move BIG RIDE
    People like we expendable, just like flies.

  27. Is time to save Barbados…..or is it too late ? We turning blind eyes….boy a real RAT RACE…..Bro Bob…”if night would turn to day…a lot of people …would run away.” Oh what a rat race..

  28. We condemning and locking up the young people for criminal activity, don’t think I am condoning the things they do but make the so called rich and infamous people in this society pay as well, and stop them from parading as untouchable men.
    I like the attitude of the big countries- fraud and embezzlement by the top executives etc. when caught mean long prison terms, not any President or Prime Minister indicating that the culprit is their friend and so no action is taken.
    There must not appear to be one law for the” thiefing” rich and one for the poor.

  29. I know of a lot of people who would like to see some CLICO movers n shakers in the free hotel in st. Philip HMD…But it like it ain’t made for them.
    Money talks…..others walk..

  30. Ma Children Ma Children………………Yes Ma Ma
    Where have you been…………………..Pun D blog Ma Ma
    What have you learned……………….There got 2 Babadoesss Ma Ma
    IS that all…………………………………No, Justice fa one ain’t justice fa all
    Orite den………………………………………….Lewe ga home.

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  32. Ma children Ma Children……….Yes Ma Ma
    You hear what happening………True Ma Ma
    What ya now saying………………..Retribution start Ma Ma
    You Think CLICO gine have bearing………OH YES Ma Ma
    I dun Know I din raising foolish children……..You also got that Right Ma Ma

  33. If Mary did not do what she has been accused of doing, then she needs a good lawyer fast.

    If Mary did do what she has been accused of doing, then she needs a good lawyer faster.

  34. I like the valuable info you provide in your articles. I’ll bookmark your blog and check again here frequently. I am quite certain I’ll learn plenty
    of new stuff right here! Good luck for the next!

  35. Some need to revisit this thread and read what Dr. Kohlber says….We set all kinda wufless examples and then so……find convenient scape goats…..sorry I cant stay and talk tonight…. I got a meeting.

  36. old onion bags | July 17, 2012 at 7:51 AM |

    Ma Children Ma Children………………Yes Ma Ma
    Where have you been…………………..Pun D blog Ma Ma
    What have you learned……………….There got 2 Babadoesss Ma Ma
    IS that all…………………………………No, Justice fa one ain’t justice fa all
    Orite den………………………………………….Lewe ga home.

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